Chris Brown will stay in jail for the next 5 weeks, he might stay there for 4 years!


As we discussed on Sunday, Chris Brown had a bad weekend. First, on Friday, he was kicked out of his second rehab. Immediately following his exit, the judge overseeing his probation ordered Chris to jail, which is where he spent the weekend. His lawyer managed to arrange a hearing for Monday afternoon to figure out if Chris would be allowed to stay under house arrest for a month while awaiting trial for an assault case in Washington DC. The news came late yesterday – the judge refused to let Chris out of jail! Chris will be spending the next month in jail. Before I get to that, let me backtrack a little. When Chris was kicked out of rehab on Friday, TMZ reported that it was because Chris “violated internal rules” of the rehab, rules that did not include assault or temper tantrums. Well, TMZ found out what really happened:

Chris Brown was thrown out of the Malibu rehab facility Friday for violating 3 internal rules … including a special rule imposed specifically on him — STAY AT LEAST 2 FEET FROM THE WOMEN. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … the rehab facility imposed the 2-foot rule because of the Rihanna case — specifically, that he beat her. The people who run the facility imposed the highly unusual rule, and we’re told Chris violated it by touching elbows and hands with a woman.

As for the 2 other violations, we’re told Chris left the facility last week on an authorized outing, but when he returned he was told to submit to a random drug test and he refused. Our sources say he later took the test and the results were negative, but the initial refusal was a violation of rules. And the third violation … the facility claims Chris made a mockery of rehab during a group session with some harsh comments.

Our sources say Chris was also in some sort of sexual encounter with a woman at the facility at the beginning of the month, but for some reason that is not part of the basis for booting him.

TMZ broke the story … Chris was arrested Friday because he violated the order of the judge in the Rihanna case … the judge required him to stay in rehab for anger management until mid-April, when his Washington D.C. assault case ran its course.

He’s currently being held in jail without bail. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, will appear in court Monday with Brown in an attempt to get him freed. We’re guessing Geragos will ask for house arrest until the D.C. trial.

[From TMZ]

Some of the urban blogs claimed that Chris was kicked out because he was having sex with some of the female patients at the rehab, but I guess that’s not the case? He did have sex with someone, and I think the prevailing theory is that he banged a rehab employee and that while he broke the rules, they didn’t kick him out when he did that. But he still got “too close” to some women… close enough to touch elbows?!

As for the judge’s order keeping Breezy in jail… the judge apparently said that Brown has “an inability to stay out of trouble.” Chris will be in jail until April 23, and the DC assault trial will begin April 17 – TMZ doesn’t know if the judge will let Chris even leave jail to attend that trial. April 23rd is the probation violation hearing in LA, and worst/best case scenario, Chris could go to jail for 4 years for violating his probation (which stems from the 2009 assault on Rihanna). Wow! The California justice system actually doled out some punishment.

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  1. Welldun says:

    Jail suits him and I bet he actually likes it there

    • coe says:

      Of course the “justice system works” when it is a black male involved. But Lohan, Hilton, etc, etc, forget it. #overtheideaofequality

      • Miz Misanthrope says:

        Sorry but there’s no playing the race card here. CB earned all the shit he’s getting now plain and simple. We would cheer just as loudly if the Cracken or Herpes Hilton got their legal comeuppance.

      • Kroll says:

        I read your comment before I actually read the piece (I try to avoid Chris Brown and all his f*ckery when I can) so my first thought was “here we go with the race card”. But now having read the TMZ piece, yeah, theres a race bias playing out here. How many times have the pretty princesses of Beverly Hills refused to submit to testing in a rehab? Can we even count the incidences on one hand?

        I want to celebrate that this moron is where he belongs but honestly, if he got there via some racial double standard then I just cant. It would be like backing a messed up ideology for short term gain.

      • He beats women. The end.

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        I agree with you. Chris Brown deserves to be in prison, but I think it’s quite obvious he is being treated differently than other celebrity career criminals, especially Lohan. And, before anyone says Lohan has never hurt anyone, not true at all.

        Again, I think Brown should be in prison for 10-20 years minimum. I think he should have been charged with attempted murder in the Rhianna case. He’s a sociopath. But he’s also a black male, so he was treated harsher. That isn’t a “race card,” it’s factual.

      • Merritt says:

        The people you mention did not violently beat another person. Brown has been given chance after chance and continues to have violent outbursts.

      • Seriously?! says:

        @Sappho–CB got a bunch of slaps on the wrist, too. His punishment for beating Rhianna was laughable. Getting probation was not an acceptable consequence for the severity of his actions. Instead of thanking his lucky stars that he escaped a 5+ year prison term the first go around, he has violated his probation more than once and been in several more violent confrontations. A judge finally saying, “ENOUGH!” is not racism, it’s a much-deserved result of his actions.

      • Dani says:

        Apennnyfeather – he beats women and Lohan runs people over with her car while intoxicated. Both are harmful to others yet only CB gets jail time? He’s a disgusting POS for all the stuff he’s done (aside from Rihanna) so he definitely deserves everything he’s getting but there is a major race thing going on that’s hard to deny.

      • Kroll says:

        @Pennyfeather and Merritt

        I cant believe I am about to argue on behalf of this slimeball, but the problem with letting prejudice slide in the interest of the “greater good” is that eventually, that same prejudice will be applied against others. It will be harder to fight the systematic persecution of young black men if we let this one slide for the sake of expediency.

        You need to remember that he is being held in violation of a Probation Order and not the actual Domestic Violence Incident. The only pertinent question here ought to be, do these things that he is said to have done really constitute a violation in both a legal and a colloquial sense? In other words are these 1) violations and 2) violations that ALL persons would be (and have been) held accountable for? The clear answer to number 2 is no.

        And thats a problem.

      • Our whole justice system is completely biased. Each case is treated differently, even if by the same judge. THAT is the problem. And CB has $$$. ‘May the odds be ever in your favor.’ Because that’s about how fair our ‘justice’ system is.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        This is not necessarily about Chris Brown, because I do believe he should be in jail. I find it interesting, though, that whenever a FACT is brought up about the difference in the way black people are treated in various situations, someone ALWAYS mentions how people are trying to play the “race card.” More often than not, race IS involved. I really wish people would stop using that phrase.

      • brionne says:

        Funny how the only people who talk about “playing the race card” are those that don’t have to deal with race on a daily basis. Not to mention trivializing sociopolitical context for people of color as nothing more than a game.

      • Merritt says:


        The probation violation stems from the domestic violence case.

        There is another racial issue here, that people seem to be ignoring. This man beat a young black woman. Violence against black women is rarely taken seriously.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Seriously, race card? Wow. Well, when you have to live in a town where you are pretty much the only representation of a black person to all of the (white) people who live there, and have to watch EVERYTHING that you do, because you know that if you do anything out of line, then they’ll be thinking/saying that that’s how all black people are–crazy.

        When you get followed around in a store, because a few minutes before, a few other loudmouth black people were in the store, then let me know.

        When you have people making faces at your hair behind your back–because you happen to look white, but are actually mixed race–let me know.

        F-cking race card, my ass.

        Black women are rarely taken seriously, for anything. My mom was in the Navy during the eighties, nineties and early 2000. She started dating anyone who would be with her, because she realized early on that she was at the bottom of the totem pole, as a black woman.

        All of the black men she worked with would sleep with her, but they wanted a white girlfriend. They were fine being friends with her, but she was only practice in the dating department.

        My mom’s friend, who is a black woman, works in the Navy right now–she’s in California. She works with men, who are all married to every other race, other than black women. And they all told my mom’s friend–who, remember is a BLACK woman, and she ain’t light skinned like me–that black women were good for practice–you date them, but you don’t marry them.

        I’m starting to think that I only have a chance, because I’m light, and my hair is now sorta kinda straight…..God. What the hell is wrong with men?

      • littlestar says:

        How about he’s an entitlted *sshole who has no empathy for others? He does and says horrible things to people, and yet he sees NO wrong in what he does. He has an inability to self-reflect and see what HE has done wrong with his life. It is always someone else’s fault for what he does. So far nothing has helped him or changed him. He deserves jail. I am sick of people like him and Bieber who truly believe what they are doing is okay and socially acceptable, and that we are all “haters” because we think they are nothing but pieces of sh*t.

      • Original Lee says:

        @Merritt. You are absolutely correct. I volunteered at a domestic abuse shelter during my undergraduate years. I would estimate 8 out of 10 black women who sought shelter would say they felt like they couldn’t or shouldn’t press charges because it wouldn’t matter. They weren’t going to be taken seriously. In general, domestic abuse gets the brush off from the justice system, but from what I remember white women felt like they had more judicial options.

        On that note: CB’s original punishment was disgusting and showed how little the court system thinks of domestic violence. Time and again the court shows (IMO) what little regard it has for crimes against women – look at the slap on the wrist CB originally got, the Steubenville rape trial, Justice for Daisy, Rehtaeh Parsons, so on and so fourth. I think that women feel like they don’t have options or that their options are so limited that what is the point?

        Going through the legal process of pressing charges against an abusive partner or sexual predator is lengthy and invasive. Even if you do go through this process it’s highly likely the accused will get probation, minimal jail time, or some kind of fine. The punishment does not fit the crime. Women are not taken seriously.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        The nature of privilege is that you don’t have to think about privilege. The concept of “white privilege” is very hard for many members of the privileged class to understand. It doesn’t exist in their minds, and they can’t fathom how significant it is. The people who aren’t in the privileged class live with it every day.

      • prayforthewild says:

        I detest the phrase “playing the race card,” it’s dismissive. No one person has the right to say when race should or should not be applied by others in certain situations. People will see this situation in varying ways due to their personal experiences, the experiences of those they’ve known, and Real Empirical Evidence.

        PS: Charlie Sheen, anyone? I am not experiencing cognitive dissonance here, the difference in the way both men have been treated by the law is real.

        PPS: I can’t stand either one of these men.

      • Blackjack says:

        As far as I’m concerned, if he does get 4 yrs., it will be for the 4 yrs he should have gotten for almost killing Rihanna and leaving her for dead. He’s played his ‘pretty princess,’ card that he was given over and over and over again – so leave his race out of this scenario. His last incident, the one that broke his probation, was his beating up someone else, after already skating on the Frank Ocean beatdown, the lying about driving a car that he wrecked to authorities, the violent temper tantrum at the GMA studios, and the bar brawl w/ Drake. How man probation violations is he allowed before you believe it’s not about his race?

        You want to know what WAS about RACE? Him getting a smack on the wrist for beating and choking black woman out, being allowed to resume his career and make millions and never lose his fanbase. Just what does THAT say about society that they would so easily dismiss what happened to Rihanna? You think Brown would have been out of jail, and back on the charts had he beaten up Taylor Swift?!! GMAFB

      • Blackjack says:

        Also Virgilia, that’s funny you’d say that your Mom’s/your experience wherever you live, is that ‘white women are for marrying,’ thing because where I’m from, it’s the exact opposite. Everyone knows you don’t bring anyone but a sistah home to Mama. The brothers that are married to white women, for the most part, have been shunned for whatever reason by many black women themselves (usually for superficial reasons also, like looks) and end up usually with really obese white women from trailer parks. (See Clarence Thomas) But hey, that’s just my experience. My suggestion to you is that you MOVE girl, you sound like you live in a depressing place not friendly to women of color. There are great diverse cities, where people will respect you for you no matter what the packaging – seriously pack up and high tail it out of there, Life is too short.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well, my grandma can’t really talk, because me and her are the same color–she’s part white, Native American, and black—it’s HER side of the family that has the blonde hair and blue eyes. Which is probably why she married the darkest man she could find.

        I live in Michigan, but my mom’s from Tennessee, so there’s that. And the only reason we have more than a handful of black people where I am is because I live near Michigan Tech (an engineering college), and it’s like one of the top ten in the country. But here’s the sad thing–my mom’s going to Finlandia (a local college), and there are a few black teens that go there—only ONE of them will talk to her–the others turn their heads when they see her. And YES, I hate to be mean, but whenever I see a black man with a white girlfriend, she’s always really fat. I don’t know why, but they are.

        I was never really raised to think that I have to marry or date a certain race. Probably because my mom and one of my aunts married/had kids with white men, a few cousins are dating white girls, and one of my uncles has a mexican wife. They certainly never cared about race.

        My mom told me that she wasn’t particularly attracted to white men as a whole–she prefers black men. But she realized that she wasn’t going to get a black man–and I’m not even talking about marriage or anything serious. My mom said that the black men that she worked with basically showed her that she was fine to hang around and have fun with, to have sex with–but if you wanted to go out on a date on a Friday night? Something as little as that? Hell no. I was telling my (white) french teacher this–he was in the Navy as well, during that time, and he said that was true.

      • Kroll says:


        Its a well known fact that black women are generally held at the bottom of the social pyramid, there was no need for the illustration. If you reread my comments you will find that the consistent sub-text is that Chris should have served time for that beating. That he is even on probation is evidence of the hierarchy of value attached to gender and race.

        What I am pointing out is that the time he serving now is only remotely connected to what he did to Rihanna. The Probation Report will not say (to paraphrase) Chris is bad because he beat a black woman. It says, Chris is bad because he did these things which we allow from white women but never from black men.

        Fighting the systems marginalization of black women can not and will never involve approving the system devaluing a different demographic – the black male (even if he is the perpetrator). The law must blind to that social pyramid at all times, even when it is inconvenient for us. Rihanna should have had her justice back in the day, the system failed her (even if she didnt know it). But that same system is now failing in the same way except this time its failing Chris. And our black fathers, sons, brothers and husbands. Unacceptable.

      • meh says:

        I tend to agree with your sentiment. Not that he doesn’t deserve to be in jail because he absolutely does at this point. But so do many other celebrities trouncing around LA. Of course the one time the justice system comes through the celebrity fits the “violent young black male OMGSOSCARY” type. Ick.

      • Blackjack says:

        To Kroll, I understand your disappointment if you’re a young Chris Brown fan, but the sad reality is, he only got community service and probation for almost killing a young black woman. So let’s talk about racial inequities as it pertains to the devaluing of black women, and while you’re at it, tell me why the communities (music/minority) who should have stood up and stood behind Rihanna first and rallied to see her attacker held accountable, threw her under the bus, and awarded him more grammys, money and hit records?!

        …and people wonder why Rihanna seemed to cave and start hanging with him again (would it have been smart for her to rail against the music business and immense fandom he had protecting him at all costs, or on the surface ‘seem’ to forgive and forget? Her career has suffered none and maybe that’s because she’s played along w/ society’s dereliction of duty. ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ = pardon the bad pun )

        Now, if Brown ruins his life, his rabid fanbase can’t point fingers at her, she along with the rest of the world, gave him chance after chance. He is to blame for his current predicament.

        It’s simple, while you are on probation for having almost killed a young woman, stop trying to continually assault others, stop making stories up to legal authorities about traffic altercations, stop doing the drugs we all know you’re doing, just stop breaking the probation designed to keep you out of jail. Now, he’s victim of his own cumulative effect, a judge can decide because he’s thrown away the free pass he got for beating down a young black woman.

        To Virgilia, I can’t speak to your Mom’s Navy experience, I do know the military has one of the highest rates of interracial relationships/marriages for black women than any other community. Maybe it was just that base. I wouldn’t let it sour me on men in general, nor would I assume that’s the norm. Like I said, in my experience it is not.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        My mom was on a ship, and has also been stationed in Italy and Japan and Guam….she wasn’t ever just on one base. She was in the Navy for over twenty years. It hasn’t soured me on relationships, but I think that it’s something to keep in mind. This same friend of my mom’s that I mentioned has a son my age, and he told her that he didn’t think that black women were attractive. Not that he preferred a white, mexican, or chinese woman–that black women were not attractive. At all. And he’s just as dark as his mother.

      • littlestar says:

        Virg – this is kind of off topic, but I love reading your personal stories and life experiences on here. You are a very intelligent young woman and I agree with the other posters, when/if you are able to, get the hell out of the town you are in!

      • yoyo says:

        People are comparing apples and oranges. Lohan never beat anyone to a pulp and doesn’t regularly get accused of beating up people while on probation. CB was given a ridiculous number of chances to clean up his act (miney can buy lots of things in California), but instead of being greatfull it made him feel invincible and even more entitled! So he kept on with his non-sense. So now, FINALLY, he’s paying the price. So no it has nothing to do with race. Tommy Lee actually was sent to prison after getting various chances at probation over the years. And he was caucasian and a huge star at the time. Even druggies (Downey Jr) will eventually get sent to prison if they overdo it. So no, no race card; he got all his chances allowed to him by his money , now he’s gone over board, time to pay the piper. It actually saddens me that after all these years he STILL hasn’t gotten his sh*t together. He is so talented and it’s all being wasted. At this stage he would have been better off just going to jail, he would have been out by now!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oh don’t worry littlestar, et al–I plan on getting the hell out of dodge as soon as I can. I’m tempted to stick around for a few years longer because the adoption laws are nice…… mom told me she wants me to adopt a little baby girl so we can dress her up….

        Also–that is exactly why my mom hates it here.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        He should have been in jail when his fists hit her face. Lohan, Hilton and all the other people, famous or not, should also be in jail for DUI. The end.

      • Tubie says:

        Sorry, totally agree with this. I don’t condone his actions, but there is bias. Period.

      • Kroll says:


        I cant tell you how flattered I am that you would think me anything than the embarrassingly out of touch middle aged woman I am. The only Chris Brown song I can think of is the one where he massacred Michael Jacksons “Human Nature”. MJ may not be here to put the beat down on him for that mess but SWV should have socked him one. In any case accusing those you disagree with of being his fans is not a smart argument.

        I think this debate is circular, mostly because you guys arent reading the comments fully. We are acknowledging an inherent bias in the system against black women but we are also saying that we wont accuse a bias if it targets black men, even though it would be expedient to do so right now. Thats it.

        The argument that Chris (beating gf) did worse than Lohan et al (DUIs, hit and runs etc) doesnt work because probation violations are never about the originating offence anyway. None of you addressing the excellent points made about Charlie Sheen below btw.

        The argument that Chris has had many shots doesnt wash because Lohan et al also had many shots and continue to have many shots.

        Thats all.

      • Annie says:

        Lohan also assaulted a (black, female) staffer at Betty Ford and nothing happened.

      • Anna says:

        @ Annie, I never knew about that, interesting..

    • goddesslove says:

      Charlie Sheen beats all his women which means more than one incident and has never received this same harsh punishment. Race card is real. I’m sure Sheen was brushing elbows and talking ish as well. As well as refusing drug test but for some reason he always gets to go home. Hmmm just an observation.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Sheen also gets new tv shows offered and his older show is in heavy syndication (despite his violent behavior) Another observation.

      • MSat says:

        True, but none of these women call the cops on him in the state of California. The one time Charlie was charged with DV was in Colorado, the time he held a knife to Brooke Mueller’s throat. Charlie did do jail time over that, back in 2010.

      • goddesslove says:

        True but NOTHING. Rihanna never called the police either yet this was taken to trial. Thank you for proving my point.

      • Merritt says:


        That is actually not true. Sheen was arrested for violence towards Brittany Ashland in the 1990s. This happened in LA. However he was given a plea deal and probation.

      • Oh my god…guys. I mentioned this on another post but R. F*CKING. KELLY.

        How’s he doing? He behind bars?
        Ok then.

        Why can’t people apply critical thinking in these kinds of situations. OF COURSE, race plays an issue but not in the privileged world of the Hollywood Elite.
        Hell…don’t even make me bring up mother*cking OJ Simpson, ok?
        Oops, too late.

      • Anna says:

        @ TheOriginalKitten why do you keep bringing up RKelly? Race does play a factor once again in this case, like many users mentioned above. Quite often black woman are at the bottom of the totem pole, that’s why no one cares about what R Kelly’s done, since it’s only affected black women. So please stop throwing around R Kelly trying to prove a point that “race doesn’t matter” when it’s been continuously been brought up by industry insiders that if the girls had been white, he would’ve been in prison.

      • @Anna-Why am I bringing up R. Kelly? Because it’s pretty damn relevant in the context of this conversation.

        So people don’t care because his victims were black women?
        …..and with OJ? How does that work here?

        So why would the above examples (Simpson and Kelly) not fall under the category of sexism?
        I mean, since some of the people here are more concerned about male perpetrators getting equal treatment than the women that they victimize.

        People are confusing racism with classism and in the instance of Brown or Lohan, bias in favor of the privilege that comes with celebrity (um, remember when Snoop Dogg and the whole ‘murder thing’?). In my opinion, it’s not helpful to the discussion, in fact it’s a distraction. Instead of fighting for Chris Brown, we should be condemning ALL men-regardless of race-who victimize women and continue to do so without facing repercussions.
        You guys are so busy arguing about double-standards that you forget about the women who were treated like trash.

      • To add, Terry Richardson’s victims have been white, why isn’t he in jail? Why doesn’t the general public even know the extent of what he’s been accused of? Frankly, you could make a better case of institutionalized misogyny being beneficial to Brown, Kelly, Sheen, and Richardson, over institutionalized racism.

      • Merritt says:


        R. Kelly is relevant because he has been accused of multiple instances of sex crimes against young black women. But he has not been arrested for rape. Read the Village Voice article. It is absolutely horrifying that this man has been in a position to prey on young black women for so many years and very little has been done.

        I would agree with TheOriginalKitten that Simpson is also relevant. He plead no contest to a domestic violence charge in the late 1980s against Nicole Brown Simpson, who was white. However he continued to get endorsements and small acting roles. Up until the murders the domestic violence was basically ignored.

        The race of the victim is important in the Chris Brown case. Rihanna is a WOC. But in post after post here people only are concerned with Brown’s race and not that of his victim.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The fact is, Brown is on probation for beating someone and is currently facing NEW charges for beating someone else.

        The fact that he was even allowed to be in a rehab and not IMMEDIATELY sent to jail shows his privilege The fact that he got KICKED OUT of his first rehab facility and was sent to a second instead of going to jail is further proof of the privilege that his class provides him.

    • wtf says:

      I really resent the term “race card”. It is infuriating to people of color to see blatant double standards and then be told that we don’t see what we see. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Keiffer Sutherland
      And let’s not forget when Olivier Martinez beat the crap out of Halle Berry’s baby daddy. But these celebrities faced little if any punishment. And for the most part it hasn’t affected their careers.
      Racism is ugly and irrational, and thinking about it makes people uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And accusing black people of racism (or playing the ‘race card’ whatever the hell that means) whenever we point it out is an insulting and aggressive display of privilege and ignorance.

      • It’s a stupid phrase most commonly employed by the conservative right.
        Saying “playing the race card” is way to minimize racism and avoid addressing serious and very, very real issues involving the way blacks and PoC are mistreated. I’m sick of people playing the “oh they’re playing the race card” card so there.

      • fairyvexed says:

        How blatant. You’re complaining that people who didn’t commit the same crime as this a-hole get the punishment that he might get now. And I love it when people bring up cases from ten, twenty, whatever years ago. I say throw the fucker in jail.

        Why is it that the solution to way too many people here seems to be not, “Put all of these f-ers in jail,” but instead, “Nope, you have to arrest all the white guys first,” because fuck women, it’s a pissing match between groups of men arguing about the biggest piece of cake.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I am sorry, but Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton committed VERY different crimes. I don’t understand people comparing them to Chris Brown. He beat Rhianna until she was unconcious and left her at the side of the road.

        They ignored how he violated his probation when he got into a fight with Drake, they ignored how he violated his probation when he beat Frank Ocean. They ignored how he violated his probation when he got kicked out of the first rehab facility. He is now getting charged with assault WHILE ON PROBATION FOR ASSAULT. Yes, it is time for some consequences for violent crimes.

        There is racism out there, yes, and it is horrible. However, it does the battle against racism no good when you tie your argument to Chris Brown. Legally, if he is being treated unfairly, it is because he is getting more passes than your average person would if they had such a record.

      • lrm says:

        Well, even though there is a double standard, and CB may therefore be treated differently, he STILL deserves jail time!

        Just b/c Sheen, Lohan and others did not get jail time but should have, is NOT a reason to just say ‘meh, everyone gets a pass b/c of racism and double standards’.

        It’s two separate issues. People here seem to be implying that CB’s punishment is unfair. Really??? Do you really believe that?

        I don’t think we should write it off just b/c others who should have been punished appropriately were not.

        This is illogical thinking on this thread. Work towards justice in the justice system, sure. But not excusing people’s crimes b/c it’s not fair that they were punished fairly????

        Also, I am very sorry about the social pyramid and racial dating dynamics re: not valuing black women, etc. Truly.

        But that is not relevant in discussing CB’s violations for VIOLENT behavior and parole violations for the same VIOLENT behavior towards others. CB repeatedly has shown lack of remorse and no change in his choices and actions. For the same violent actions.

        Sheen by all means but he seems to operate just enough under the radar and manipulates/threatens in a way that just ensures that o thers would have to spend millions and months or years in court to address it. CB does his stuff in public with tons of witnesses!!!! Hello!!! Lohan shows no remorse but her actions are all over the map. It’s not one consistent thing. And stealing from others is not the same as violent beating mulitple people. Yes, she has hit someone in a vehicle. But her other crimes are all over the place.

        I”m not condoning. Just looking logically at this situation. CB getting appropriate consequences is not a negative, even if others who should have gotten them did not.

    • Kroll says:


      Probation proceedings rarely if ever go into the initial conviction and a violation order is given solely on new developments. Now if the system is looking at Chris recent behavior is treating him differently from how it would a white female, we have a problem. And that problem goes by the name “institutional racism”.

      • Merritt says:

        I’m aware of that. However the fact remains that the probation stems from the domestic violence case. He also has another assault case going on. He has repeatedly shown that he will intentional harm other people. There has been incident after incident.

      • Rainbows says:


        Perfectly stated. Peple who think that Chris is being punished for beating Rihanna are ignorant of the system. He is sitting in jail for “touching elbows” not beating his gf. If his initial offence was spitting on the sidewalk he would still be sitting in jail for these bs probation violations. How can anybody not see how dangerous a trend this is??

      • Merritt says:

        @ Rainbows

        He is not in jail for simply touching elbows. He also refused to take a drug test. That alone is a huge violation of probation. That is hardly a bs violation.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        He isn’t in jail because of touching elbows. He is in jail because of a long line of violent choices. He was given rehab as an alternative to jail for the DC assault charge , which is a violation of his Rhianna-related probation, whether or not he is convicted. He was kicked out of two rehab facilities, so jail is the 4th step.

        Options Available to Chris While on Rhianna Related Probation:
        Option #1 – Don’t break the law.
        Option #2 – Court mandated anger rehab (facility #1) after he violated his probation by being charged with assault
        Option #3 – Court mandated anger rehab (facility #2 after getting kicked out of facility #1) after he violated his probation by being charged with assault.
        Option #4 – Jail.

        He was given many chances. Most of us would have chosen Option #1. He managed to avoid Option #2 for a while, even though he was in brawls with Drake, Frank Ocean, breaking windows at GMA. Only after the 4th violent altercation (that we know of), was he forced to move on to Option #2.

  2. AlexandraJane says:

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Lucy2 says:

    He had every opportunity to avoid jail time, probation, rehab, community service- and he messed up each one and continued to have anger and violence issues. I’m glad the judge had enough.

    • V4Real says:

      Maybe this is his wake-up call. It’s not too late for him to get his shit together. Now if we can only get Lohan and Biber locked up as well.

  4. Dani2 says:

    We’ll see if he actually spends five years there. I would be VERY surprised to see that happen.

  5. blue marie says:

    While I think the best place for him is jail, I’m not sure what put him there was fair? If one of the violations was “2 feet rule” then he violated that by having sex with an employee, why wasn’t he thrown out then? As for making a mockery of rehab, surely he’s not the only one to have done it? I get that maybe they gave him a lot of chances and finally had enough, it just seems like the reasons listed are so minor?

    Please don’t think I’m trying to defend him because I’m not, but the story just seems odd..But, what do I know?

    • Erinn says:

      See the sex with the employee thing screams to me that the employee should be immediately fired. I don’t see that as something he should be fully responsible for, as the employee should DEFINITELY know better, and know that their job is at stake. This is likely the reason he wasn’t kicked out of the place.

      I still find the reasoning really weird. I’m assuming the 2 foot rule came AFTER the employee thing, and like you said, they finally got sick of the chances they were giving him, and found a way to get rid of him. Can’t really blame them, but they kind of got themselves into that situation too.

      I hope that if he has a long term sentence he gets severe mental counseling.

    • starrywonder says:

      I feel torn too since he had sex with someone and that was okay but touching elbows and hands was not? Are you kidding me?

    • People irk me... says:

      It does seem really odd…

    • megs283 says:

      Eh. While obviously having sex with an employee was bad, I’m thinking it was consensual. But he was probably pushing the boundaries with a fellow female rehab member – harassing her, intentionally touching her elbow to cause fear, and thinking he could get it away with it…at least, that’s the only theory I have!

      • elisa says:

        That’s what I’m thinking too – that is an employee vs patient situation. Having sex with the employee was bad enough (and I think probably led to that rule as someone upthread said), but crossing a boundary with a patient was beyond the pale.

        Of course, there is the drug test issue as well.

        I’m actually hoping that he will actually face consequences this time!

      • msw says:

        even if it was technically consensual, there is a huge power imbalance in a relationship like that, no matter what position employee held. I really hope that part isn’t true. I used to work in an inpatient rehab and I can’t imagine any of our staff members engaging in sexual relationships with patients, although it does happen. It’s wrong, and should never happen.

    • swack says:

      I would think that the fact he refused a drug test would be enough to get him kicked out. The 2 foot rule is weird though and talking trash is probably expected. So I’m thinking there is more to the story about the 2 foot rule or the real reason was because he refused the drug test.

      • moot says:

        Didn’t Lohan also refuse a drug test in rehab and get into a physical altercation with an employee?

        I don’t care to defend CB, but really, why didn’t Lohan get a 5-week layover in jail? I agree it smells of race card even if there are justifications. It just seems too arbitrary.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “I don’t care to defend CB, but really, why didn’t Lohan get a 5-week layover in jail? ”

        I really don’t like Lohan, for the record. I think she should have received far more jail time, especially with that many mug shots! But she was not being charged with assault. She was in jail for a substance abuse related crime (DUI). They try to avoid jail time for substance abuse related crimes, but assault charges are very different.

        Secondly, this is the 2nd rehab that Chris Brown has been kicked out of. Just like Lindsey, he got a chance at another facility when the first one didn’t work out, but the consquences for failing at that 2nd chance are more serious for two reasons: 1. because the initial crime was violent. 2. rehab was an very kind alternative provided by the court, since he should have been in jail when he was charged with assault in DC while on probation for assault in LA.

    • Rainbows says:

      I cant stand this punk and the assault 4 years ago should have landed him in prison and not rehab/probation, that sent a horrible message on how the courts view female bodies in my view.

      Having said that, what nonsense is this? He trash talked rehab. He touched an elbow. He refused to ge tested (ok, that ones pretty bad). And who is this employee sleeping with patients? I’m side eyeing the rehab centre over this whole thing.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree that he should have served time for the initial crime, probation is a joke for physical violence charges, but I disagree that this is nonsense. He was given very clear cut instructions for his probation, which I believe he originally broke with the incident a few months ago. He was then told rehab or jail. He’s been in rehab for a while, but was enough of a problem for the center to finally remove him. He’s not in jail because he misbehaved at rehab, but because, like in every other step of this process, he didn’t take it seriously and didn’t meet the rather easy obligations he had to. He didn’t even bother to actually do the community service he was initially given either. Touching an elbow didn’t land him in jail, disregarding everything the judge has allowed him to do INSTEAD of jail did.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Question: can we be sure of the accuracy of the reasons for his leaving rehab? This could all becoming from Chris’s legal team, as the facility itself would probably be governed by HIPAA laws about patient privacy.

    • Leahmommy says:

      As much as I loathe CB, I was reading this story last night and thinking that those reasons they’re giving for him being in jail are ridiculous. I’m glad I’m not the only one who think so. The part about him saying something bad at rehab is apparently because they ask him what he thinks he’s good at in a group session and he said “I guess I’m good with guns and knives” or something and they took it bad. How can a man be thrown in jail for sharing their feelings in a group session? Makes no sense to me and the other two reasons are just as odd, touching elbows? A drug test that he eventually passed? It’s like they don’t get that their clients maybe beligerent or have some anger issues at this rehab facility. It feels like they were just ready to throw the books at him and they picked the stupidest reasons and yes he IS being treated differently than all the other spoiled, entitled hollywood criminals. They made me defend this pos. ugh.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think as long as he keeps getting away with breaking the rules, he’s not going to change. He’s been given every opportunity to do this the easy way. This is maybe the best thing for him and everyone else.

  7. Kiddo says:

    Kaiser, I’m guessing that they gave him a pass on the sex, if he was doing it with a rehab employee, who would have had authority over him, but then enforced the 2 ft rule on him after? Second chances, benefit of the doubt, and all that, but perhaps he screwed up by pursuing another patient?

  8. mzizkrizten says:

    I hate to say it but… how racist LOL. Whites like Lohan and Bieber are consistently wrist slapped and the man (term used loosely) of color is feeling the full effect of the law. Fishy.

    • Marigold says:

      I’ll admit my mind went there too but he did beat the shit out of someone. Lindsay and Justin are both a POS but they didn’t mangle anyone’s face. And yes, I know, particularly with Lindsay, she could have (with her DUIs) hurt someone badly but she didn’t. Brown should have been in jail to begin with for what he did. All these drawn out shenanigans have done is allowed his ego to multiply and wasted a lot of money.

      • queenfreddiemercury says:

        Lindsay also shoplifted too! She stole a$ 2,500 necklace which wasn’t even counted as a felony. She served days for that.

    • megs283 says:

      If I recall, CB got his wrist slapped plenty of times too. Didn’t he throw a chair out the window while in NYC? Pretty damn dangerous…just because it’s been quiet lately doesn’t mean his other stuff didn’t happen.

      (That said, Bieber and his ilk need to be feeling the full effect of the law too!!)

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      The full effects of the law? He nearly killed someone and got off with probation. Generally speaking, I think you’re right about uneven sentencing, but in this case, I think CB’s celebrity has protected him from any real consequences until now. He should have gone to jail for what he did to Rihanna.

    • Littlewood says:

      I don’t think egging someone’s house and beating your girlfriend are the same things and that fiasco in Florida was royally screwed up by the police. Lohan has been to rehad and jail on numerous occasions if I remember correctly and that Oprah show shows what she’s really like. That girl is done and gone.

    • jess says:

      Not everything has to do with race. Paris Hilton was sent to prison. Lindsay was sent to prison a couple of times. Chris should if went to prison for what he did to Rihanna years ago. I think it all depende in your judge. My brother in law was shot a couple of yrs ago during a robbery. The guy who did it spent a month in jail and is now out even though he had a criminal record that was 2 pages long. Chris deserves to be there. He cant even handle rehab which is what every celebrity does when they get in trouble. Im sure Justin will be in rehab soon too.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think Lindsay should have been locked up after her parole violations too, but she always managed to crack hustle her way into a new rehab to keep the judge at bay, and awful as she is, her crimes weren’t violent in the way that his have been.
      I know that there is inequality in the justice system for sure, but in his case, I truly think he deserves it. And he was given so many chances and ways to avoid jail and blew each opportunity.

    • fairyvexed says:

      Lohan and Beieber? Since when did either if them beat women up? Shows how much you care about women.

  9. Sonya says:

    I hate to go to this place, but I am going: So the CA justice system will dole out “justice” to an angry/aggressive/dangerous black male but not to a equally or more so dangerous (driving while intoxicated again and again) white female? Does this seem wrong? They are both spoiled and rich – so I don’t really get this. Is it all luck of the draw with judges, is it the nature of the crime? Should Chris be hiring Lindsay’s lawyer.
    BTW – I think he should have gone to jail a long time ago, I just also think that LiLo should have as well…

    • qwerty says:

      Here we go again. Yes, courts are tougher on black males than white females. No, Lindsay Lohan is not a good comparison. Equally or more dangerous, are you f***ing serious?

      • I am very serious. Yes, he is dangerous – but to think for one second that DUIs are not as dangerous or more so than a violent person is sad and untrue. Innocent people die everyday due to the poor and often repetitive choices of people who drive after drinking or getting high.

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        Sonya is right. There is a reason why the majority of people in jails and prisons are black males, and it isn’t because they are the ones committing all the crimes.

        Chris Brown is a loathsome, disgusting person So is Lohan, and Lohan is more of a career criminal than Brown, and has assulted people, committed grand larceny, BEEN CAUGHT WITH DRUGS ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS, DUIed, assaulted people even more, hit them with cars, been in possession many more times, etc. She has been kicked out of rehab and broken probation so many times.

        Chris Brown deserves to be in prison for many years, but so does Lohan. He gets this for breaking probation and she gets a reality show.

        It isn’t the race card, it’s the truth.

        I hope Brown gets the entire four years in state prison. It should be 15.

      • moot says:

        Absolutely serious! Driving while under the influence of alcohol and mind-altering drugs is attempted murder. Just because she managed to avoid killing someone doesn’t mean she wasn’t just as much if not more dangerous than CB–CB might’ve killed one person, but Lohan might’ve killed a bus load of people.

        You’re ignorant of the damage DUI can do, then I’m very happy for you. Anyone who’s known someone killed or paralysed by a DUI would’t be as cavalier about the danger as you are.

      • Katy-did says:

        Moot – I don’t see anyone being cavalier about the danger of driving while drunk. It’s a very serious problem in our society. But the bottom line here is that the law does not dole out punishment for what “could have happened”. Yes, LL could have killed or hurt someone badly, but she didn’t……the bitch got lucky. By the same token, CB could have killed and almost did kill Rihanna. There’s a HUGE difference here and I think Chris is now finally getting what he deserves.

      • meh says:

        Do you remember the story where Lohan clipped a stroller with an infant in it while driving irresponsibly and erratically? I do. I think about it every time I cross the street with the toddler I take care of. And how if things had been different by a fraction of a second she could have killed an innocent child.

        Lohan is absolutely a fair comparison.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Sonya, I strongly disagree. Chris Brown choked a woman until she passed out, threw chairs through the window at GMA, got into a bar brawl with Drake, beat Frank Ocean, and is now charged with assault again in DC.

        Lohan is a danger, but absolutely not on the same scale that Chris Brown is. Tell me who Lohan sent to the hospital.

        Meh, the charges against Lohan for the stroller incident were thrown out by the court. Apparently they were without merit.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Moot wrote, “CB might’ve killed one person, but Lohan might’ve killed a bus load of people”

        Why are you ignoring the fact that CHRIS. BROWN. KEEPS. BEATING. PEOPLE.

        Does he need to beat a bus load of people before you take assault seriously?

    • Lena says:

      I agree and I think Chris Brown is a piece of crap. Think how many tax dollars were wasted in hauling Lilo in and out of court and her constantly abusing the probation conditions.

    • fairyvexed says:

      Lohan MIGHT have hurt somebody. She did not. Her offenses are substance-related, not violence-related.

      Nobody else has pointed this out but Lohan, Hilton, etc., —–they were all busted for DUI.

      But Brown acts violently WHILE SOBER. That means he can’t claim it was the booze or drugs that made him do it. It’s a choice.

      • queenfreddiemercury says:

        Lindsay also shoplifted too! She stole a $2,500 necklace which should have gotten her sometime in the pen.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Didn’t she hit a baby stroller, with a baby in it?

    • Seen says:

      There’s a reason violent offenders are treated differently. VIOLENT offenders. Meaning an offense of a violent nature. DUI while repugnant is not a violent offense. Period. Lohan would have served time had she committed a violent offense. California in particular doesn’t tend to jail people unless it’s a violent offense. Race is not a factor here. The nature of the crime is the determining factor.

    • fairyvexed says:

      The law tends to take it seriously when somebody is willing to get their hands bloody while they beat some body into a pulp—-especially when sober. That kind of hands-on violence is a very very bad sign.

  10. QQ says:

    Hahahahhahahabahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahah Couldn’t have happened to a better asshole

  11. Sarah says:

    How do we get crackhead Lindsay in front of THIS judge?

  12. BNA fN says:

    I’m guessing Chris B did not take the drug test when first asked because he knew he would fail. However, with his money, he got another patient to sell him clean urine to pass the test later. You may not believe this, but pts sells their urine if the price is right, and they have clean urine. These things happens all the time in drug programs. Never trust a drug addict. Next I guess the employee was fired for breaking the rules of the facility, and Chris was given a warning that this behavior will not be tolerated.

  13. dahlianoir says:

    and Bieber is still free :/

    • Seriously?! says:

      I hate to defend the brat, but did Bieber assault someone and I miss it? Egging someone’s house and being an obnoxious little shit are not on par with beating the hell out of people for no reason.

  14. Amy Tennant says:

    I agree that race is an issue here, but celebrity is a bigger one. I don’t see how the punishment Chris has actually faced in comparison to his numerous offenses is harsh. He’d have already served time for mangling Rihanna if he weren’t famous. As for his doing serious time, I will believe that when I see it.

    • BNA fN says:

      I agree with you. If Chris wasn’t famous he might have done his time already for beating the crap out of RiRi. However, his lawyer kept him out of jail for four years. Now, with his anger problems and bipolar illness it was just a matter of time before he screwed up.

      Btw, about Chris making a joke about knives and guns in a rehab center, the staff and management don’t take that as a joke. With his anger issues he might have gotten a gun or knife in the facility and do a lot of damage to both pts and staff. Management is not going to wait until he goes off again. Remember at the first rehab facility he threw a brick in the window of his mother’s car breaking the windshield. The brick could have hit his mother in the head killing her.

    • mzizkrizten says:

      Pretty much… Money talks bullshit walks…

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Agree completely.

    • Seriously?! says:

      I don’t think race is a factor here. I think Chris finally got a judge who was tired of the BS and realized the severity of his crimes. Chris Brown mangled a woman’s face in 2009 and has been in multiple violent confrontations since then. He’s had his slaps on the wrist and his opportunities to reform himself, and all of that has been a failure. Good on this judge for doing what needed to be done.

  15. Skins says:

    The world will move along just fine with this wanna-be thug behind bars for a few years

  16. Nicolette says:

    Boo hoo, shall we break out the Kleenex now?

  17. Karen says:

    I don’t want to comment on whether this punishment comes down to race, who knows. But I can’t help thinking it’s a bit harsh IN COMPARISON to what others receive. It’s certainly fair and it’s what he deserves. BUT it seems people usually don’t receive these kind of orders, celebrity or otherwise. No bail, seriously?

  18. kara says:

    Martha Stewart is no black man, and she got the book thrown harder at her for a nonviolent crime. Just saying. In the broader world, the unequal treatment of black males is a serious issue. Not so sure it applies equally to celebrity justice – where 99 out of 100 times, people skate, and the other time, unduly harsh consequences come down. Just ask Martha.

    • wtf says:

      Martha Stewart’s harsh sentence had a lot to do with sexism. If you look at other white collar convictions during the same time period, she definitely got the book thrown at her. I also don’t think that this is a proper comparison. You should compare violent crimes with other crimes and look at the outcomes

      Charlie Sheen – How many women has he assaulted? and How much time has he spent in jail?
      Sean Penn – How many women has he assaulted and how much time has he spent in jail?
      Josh Brolin hit Diane Lane and spent 4 hours in jail
      Tommy Lee only got 6 months after his 4TH! domestic violence charge
      Sean Connery has gone on record TWICE about how he thinks it’s okay to beat women, and he was knighted in 2000.
      Are you seeing a pattern here?

      • goddesslove says:

        Thank you. I see the pattern clearly!

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        Don’t forget Mel Gibson.

        Robert Blake took his DV all the way to murder, and where is he right now? That’s right.

      • fairyvexed says:

        How OLD are those cases?

      • lucy2 says:

        Just looked it up – Sean Penn once served 33 days for violating his probation (60 day sentence).
        Charlie Sheen got a probation/rehab/anger management combo, and somehow managed to complete it, I guess. I have no idea how!
        Josh Brolin was released after Diane declined to press charges.
        Tommy Lee was sentenced to 6 months and told if he broke probation he’d get 3 years. I guess he managed to not hit anyone while on probation.

        I am in no way trying to defend those disgusting guys, but most of their initial sentences were quite similar to what CB got. The difference seems to be that CB broke the terms of his probation, and now is paying the price. If he’d behaved himself, done his community service, stayed out of trouble, he wouldn’t have served any time in jail either.

      • I would love to see all of them in jail personally.

        But I still don’t see that the above instances are indicative of racism.
        For example, the celeb privilege applies to athletes as well-Ahmad Brooks punched a woman in her face, Brandon Marshall also punched a woman in the face and police were called to his house SEVEN times for domestic violence, Jason Kidd, Chad Johnson, Dennis Rodman all guilty of repeated domestic violence….all black and NONE are behind bars.
        On that note, plenty of white athletes get off with a slap on the wrist too-Matthew Barnaby and Pistorious come to mind.

        These men all have two things in common: all of their victims were women and all were protected because of lucrative careers (well, we’ll see about Pistorious).
        When you have celebrities or athletes who make a lot of powerful people a LOT of money, the powerful people find ways to protect their investments. Again, I see this as classism, not racism.
        Just to be clear: I’m not trying to argue that racism isn’t prevalent in the judicial system when it comes to us regular folk, though–just not among the rich and famous.

      • Dennis Rodman:
        “On November 5, 1999, Rodman and his then-wife, Carmen Electra, were charged with misdemeanors after police were notified of a domestic disturbance. Each posted $2,500 in bail and were released with a temporary restraining order placed on them.

        In December 1999 Rodman was arrested for drunken driving and driving without a valid license. In July 2000, Rodman pled guilty to both charges and was ordered to pay $2,000 in fines and was required to attend a three-month treatment program.

        He was arrested in 2002 for interfering with police investigating a code violation at a restaurant he owned; the charges were eventually dropped.
        After settling down in Newport Beach, California, the police appeared over 70 times at his home because of loud parties. In early 2003, Rodman was arrested and charged with domestic violence at his home in Newport Beach for allegedly assaulting his then-fiancee.

        In April 2004, Rodman pled nolo contendere to drunken driving in Las Vegas and was fined $1,000 and served 30 days of home detention.
        On April 30, 2008, Rodman was arrested following a domestic violence incident at a Los Angeles hotel. On June 24, 2008, he pled no contest to the misdemeanor spousal battery charges and was sentenced to one year of domestic violence counseling and three years probation. He received 45 hours of community service, which were to involve some physical labor activities.”

        …and people say LiLo has gotten away with a lot? Damn.

      • Theoriginalkitten says:

        @E-was your comment directed to me? If so, how does that invalidate my point? The point is that celebs, regardless of race, rarely face the same repercussions for their crimes as average people do. It wasn’t meant to be a contest of “who’s committed more crimes”.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        E, he isn’t in jail because of “touching elbows”. He is in jail because he violated his probation by being charged with assault in DC. Rehab was a goodwill gesture from the court, but according to the terms of his probation, he should have been in jail months ago.

        He blew the goodwill gesture by being kicked out of TWO rehab facilities.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      That was a Federal crime, which is a big difference. The Feds handle things very differently.

      Also, as other posters have stated, there was a VERY large component of sexism in her entire case, going back to Spitzer, and in the media reporting.

      But, Federal cases are apples and oranges to local and state cases.

  19. MSat says:

    What is up with this rehab facility? First off, someone who has already been kicked out of other rehabs shouldn’t be granted offsite visits, period. Second – and this is huge – NO sex. None! Not consensual, nothing.

    Someone mentioned up thread that CB being punished worse that LL or PH – take a look at California’s domestic violence laws and you’ll have your answer. Convicted DV abusers do not get as many chances as drug/DUI offenders. That’s the way the laws are there. If LL or some of these other starlets had beat up their boyfriend or child, they’d be sitting in jail, too.

    • kboston says:

      The DV laws there are no joke. My brother’s (soon to be ex) wife decided in a drunken rage to call the cops. Even though she told the truth as soon as she sobered up and there was no evidence, no marks etc… it took almost 4 days just to get him processed and bail set so we could get him out of jail. The actual court process took months and the judge issued an automatic restraining order that the wife couldn’t get lifted so he had to live out of a hotel. She has documented psychological/alcohol problems and there was still no leeway with the system. It is definitely not on the same level as the DUI/non-violent offenses.

  20. Chauncy says:

    Those are some crazy rules at the Rehab center. He got kicked out because he touched elbows with a woman? And he mocked rehab (really? nobody else has?)? I feel sort of bad for this guy but maybe prison may be a better place for him after all. Maybe that will scare him straight. OR make him a bigger a**hole.

  21. original kay says:

    I do not believe for a moment the reasons given for his dismissal even come close to his true behaviour in the rehab centre. They are simply the watered down versions given to the public to deflect from the real issues.

    I do not think this is a race issue. I think he has a continued documented history of resorting to violent behaviour/language, whether it be during an interview (throwing a chair out a window) or actually physically assaulting someone (more than a few people, apparently).

    He has also demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the rehab process, as documented with his dismissal from his first rehab. He made the 3 months, but that does not mean the rehab facility was anxious/excited to have him return. I fear his behaviour there stretched even their patience.

    I also don’t believe everything I read (the sex with an employee situation). Is there documented proof this occurred?

    His free passes have expired. He was given multiple chances to seek help, to make changes. He lied about his community service, which was what started this whole process to begin with, I believe. Probation violation, yes? He cared so little about what he did to Rihanna he lied about the CShours. He was arrested AGAIN for violent behaviour. This is a serial offender who needs to now pay for his chosen behaviour.

    Calling this a race issue deflects from the true situations where race IS the factor in the arrest or sentencing. And we all know what happens if “wolf” is cried too often.

    • original kay says:

      Not particularly, as I don’t see this as a situation where race is an issue.

      If we call “racism!” every time something happens to Chris Brown, it deflects from the people it truly happens to, because in his case, I don’t see this as a racial issue.

      How that makes my opinion invalid is in your head 🙂

  22. skuddles says:

    Buh bye douche! Enjoy jail 😀

  23. Anna says:

    I am thrilled that this asshole is going to jail for any length of time and yet I can also recognize that his race very probably did affect the outcome. The California “LOLjustice” system sucks on its own merits and so does Chris Brown. Team Everyone Sucks.

  24. Ms.Martin says:

    He looks evil …..

  25. Davy says:

    Ok…..I’m no CB fan and absolutely thought he should have done jail time for the Rihanna incident.

    BUT…. If he has in fact been diagnosed with both Bipolar disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, could we not apply a modicum of compassion that his emotional responses and outbursts could feel uncontrollable to him if he has no coping tools? If he does suffer from these disorders that is serious, likely requiring medication and observation from experts in the field.

    He made terrible mistakes, likely stemming from untreated serious mental disturbance (and a past in which he was abused himself and watched the abuse of his mother). Then he is constantly berated and attacked for his mistakes, never being allowed to experience any redemption. What he did was terrible, but if you were suffering from major mental illness and the entire world spewed hate in your direction for your mistakes, would you not potentially “snap” at some point too?

    His rehab offenses seem minor (touched elbows & hands? That does not sound intrusive on his part, and establishing a “special” rule for just him seems against the facilitation of a safe and open group therapy in my opinion). Are patients in rehab not afforded the odd verbal outburst in group? We are acting like most rehab patients are a joy to be around – they are challenging a major problem head on in an environment of people who may trigger their issues, it is common for behaviour to be less than ideal. Also, if I was super famous and the entire world mostly hated me, I don’t know that I would feel comfortable in tackling deep seeded issues in a group rehab format, where most hold a preconceived notion of my character and the option of selling me out to the press.

    As for his DC assault, it wasn’t life threatening or disturbingly violent, how many young guys do you know who have got in bar fights while drunk?? Although highly unappealing, most guys have gotten into a fight – we aren’t sure the provocation here (not that it excuses his behaviour). Again – remember his diagnosed mental illnesses and lack of treatment at that point.

    All I mean to say is that we cannot eradicate abuse towards women by ONLY offering treatment and compassion to abused women, we MUST educate & rehabilitate the abusive men if this cycle is ever going to stop. Jail will NOT produce a better functioning well adjusted man or help him with his mental illness. This boy needs some love, compassion, professional help and possibly medication.

    The entire world could use less judgement and more compassion 🙂

    • BNA fN says:

      CB offense is not minor. All treatment centers have rules and regulations. Whenever you are admitted into a program you are given a list of rules you are required to read, discuss with the team and sign that you understand the rules and the reason for rules. CB has a problem following rules all his life it would appears. Another reason for this rule about standing two feet from female is because of the beating Chris gave RiRi. The facility can be sued if Chris put a beating down on a female staff or patient, so they have to cover their ass. Next CB threw a brick into his mothers car windshield breaking it at his previous treatment center. That brick could have killed his mother who was in the car. It was reported he had some kind of inappropriate relationship with a staff at this treatment center. I’m sure that staff was fired for inappropriate and unprofessional contact with a PT.

      Next CB saying he is good with guns and knives is a big red flag for the treatment center. Can you imagine, with his violent past the rehab facility was afraid he might have a friend bring him a gun or knife. The rehab center was not going to take that chance of having a blood bath at their facility. For someone not in that kind if work it seems like a minor offense, but it’s a big offense. Did you noticed that was what the judge focused on? Also, CB refused to take the drug test at first. As someone who understand what happens in those settings, cb might have paid another PT for their clean urine, hid it and then pretend that urine. I believe that CB was a very difficult PT to treat, did not follow rules, believed it did not applies to him, and the last straw was talking about guns and knives. The Rehab center first responsibility is the SAFETY FIRST to the other patients and staff. Send his ass to jail where he belongs.

  26. wtf says:

    I don’t understand what the date of the offenses has to do with anything. Because they did it ten years ago, then they shouldn’t have been punished?

    And don’t mistake my point, I couldn’t care less what happens to CB. Throw that sorry piece of shit under the jail. My point is acknowledging that neither our justice system nor our court of public opinion treats people of color the same way they do white people.

    These offenses will and should follow CB for the rest of his life. Every time his name is mentioned, the next sentence should reference that he is an abusive psychopath. The thing is, it should be the same for Sean Penn, and Josh Brolin etc.