Jodie Sweetin’s drug tests are clean; ex details her past drug use


Jodie Sweetin and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Cody Herpin, have made one important step forward in the custody case of their baby daughter. Both of them have tested completely clean for drugs. This is actually a bit of a surprise to me, since Us Weekly’s print issue just had a fairly convincing interview with Herpin where he detailed all of Jodie’s drug problems. But for now it looks like she’s doing better in that regard.

Jodie Sweetin has tested clear of drugs, her attorney Wilma Presley tells PEOPLE. The drug test had been ordered by an Orange County, Calif., court for both the Full House star and her estranged husband Cody Herpin. “Her test is good, it’s clear,” Presley said.

Herpin also tested clear of drugs, his attorney Robert Benevente said. “Cody voluntarily took a hair follicle test and tested clean.” Both Sweetin, 27, and Herpin, 31, accompanied by their lawyers, arrived in court for a custody hearing Monday. The judge asked that the attorneys for both sides briefly meet in private before resuming the hearing.

After the hearing resumed, Sweetin’s lawyer argued that the court should be sealed for Zoie’s privacy. The judge postponed that issue to a Feb. 25 hearing. Presley said that by mutual agreement with Herpin, Sweetin is changing her legal separation filing to a full divorce.

Herpin has made repeated allegations in media interviews that Sweetin, a recovering meth addict and alcoholic, has abused drugs before and after their marriage and may still be a risk to their daughter Zoie, 10 months. Sweetin told PEOPLE last month that she was “100 percent sober.”

[From People]

According to Herpin, he and Jodie had a very soap opera-esq love affair. He admits to the magazine that he smoked weed with her when they first met, but that she was into a lot of hard drugs, which he initially shrugged off as just being part of Hollywood. He detailed lots of Jodie’s drug issues for Us Weekly.

Driving drunk with their baby in the car:
Herpin claims in court papers the harrowing incident occured in May 2008, “when Zoie was only 1 month old.”

Had a drink and smoked while pregnant:
The night they found out she was expecting, he caught her with a cigarette and a Jack Daniels and Coke. Twice.

Rampant drugs:
Sweetin often used Ecstasy, cocaine and crack premarriage, and Ecstacy after, says Herpin.

She once nearly died:
“She just wouldn’t breath,” he says of a June 2007 overdose.

She hid vodka in Coke cans:
Seeing her with a can in summer 2007, “I realized, wait, she doesn’t drink soda. I took a sip. It was vodka.”

[From Us Weekly, Feb. 16 2009, print ed.]

Herpin also says Jodie can’t be alone and has to surround herself with people all the time. He also caught her doing cocaine off a toilet seat in a restaurant bathroom. After most of the incidents he threatened to leave her but she always begged him to take her back. He also told her he’d ask her to marry him after she was sober for two whole weeks. When that date came the pair eloped. And then quickly headed off to a bar to get drunk.

If his story is true Jodie has had a problem more recently that she’s admitted. And it sounds like it’s as bad as ever. It doesn’t sound like she makes good decisions, but frankly it doesn’t sound like Cody does either. He’s a borderline enabler. He made a lot of empty threats that he never followed up on, and he always took Jodie back because he felt badly for her when she’d talk down about herself. He said that he regrets their marriage but not their daughter Zoie. Hopefully the court will make continued drug tests a requirement for both Sweetin and Herpin, for their daughter’s safety – and their own.

Here’s Jodie and Cody at the premiere of “Swing Vote” in Hollywood on July 24, 2008. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. vdantev says:

    Someone wants the kid and a HUGE divorce settlement.

  2. Baholicious says:

    His blather is more telling of his poor character than anything else.

  3. whatevs says:

    I don’t know why, but I just don’t buy it. It sounds to me like he’s just regurgitating rumors he’s heard about celebs with drug problems (ex. the Lohan).

    And how the hell was he able to “catch” her snorting lines off a toilet seat in a restaurant bathroom? What, was he IN the ladies room, IN the stall with her? And apparently everyone in Hollywood has done that at some point, which makes no sense to me. Can’t they afford a compact miror? Shit, they give those things away at Sephora.

  4. val says:

    #3 poster- exactly what I have always thought about these snorting of toilet seat stories. LOL Why wouldnt you use a compact, or just about anything in your purse, why the toilet seat??? Does not make sense….

  5. Roma says:

    Alright – I’ll admit it. I’ve done coke off the back of a toilet, but not the seat. Just the easiest place to make a long enough line.

  6. Aspen says:

    Honestly…I still think he’s full of crap.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    @Aspen agreed, and that crap probably came from their drug toilet of choice.

  8. Bodhi says:

    I believe him.

  9. orion70 says:

    Drug tests need to be taken with a grain of salt…there are ways to (transparently) beat them, and besides, some drugs metabolize so quickly that they don’t show on drug tests.

  10. Alecto says:

    He always seemed greasy to me.

  11. Diva says:

    I have a question that’s been bugging the shit out of me….

    Why is Stephanie Tanner in the news again? One day she just showed up, after a decade of never hearing from her, saying she used to be a druggie but she’s clean now. Now I see her on red carpets, being invited to celebrity shin-digs… and why, exactly???? Did I miss something?

  12. Rodney Bone says:

    Who cares about the drug use ? Any chick who is hiding vodka, constantly popping X and doing coke off a dirty toilet seat is clearly also into some kinky shit: sucking off strangers for a hit, doing ass to ass with Jennifer Connely for a fix, taking Lexington Steele in the ass just because. THAT’S what I want to hear about.

  13. 88modesty88 says:

    LOL, totally off-topic, but he said she wouldn’t “breath”… That should be “breathe”.

    And yes, I agree, why is she suddenly on red carpets?!

  14. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  15. alonzo says:

    You are about to read a comment from a man who is a recovering alcoholic with 6.5 years of continuous sobriety and who has lost all 3 of his brothers to drugs and alcohol.
    Jodie Sweetin is still a liar and still full of crap! She obviously will do ANYTHING to get back in the limelight. Get bigger breasts (much bigger); get new teeth to replace the ones she rotted out with drugs; go on a speaking tour about recovery in order to finance the habit (and limelight); Lie on TV shows; And now, write a book about all of it. Sorry folks but, she is still lying.
    I don’t even have to go very far to prove it: She did an interview with Matt Lauer. First let me set this up. She is on the show from ages 5-13. She says that she started drinking during the 7th season & continued thru the 8th. O.K. then Matt asked her when she started drinking and she said (and watch her body language during this) ‘when I was 14’…’…ah. ah. when I was 13…14…in there’. Man she can’t even keep her story straight long enough to do an interview. I have plenty other reasons for my opinion but she is a fake. Lindsay Lohan is just like her. They also are both washed up.