Sarah Palin bans Levi’s family from seeing grandson, calls them WT

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Former Vice Presidential candidate and current Alaskan governor Sarah Palin is involved in a bitter feud with the family of her daughter’s fiance and is actively blocking them from seeing her six week old grandson, Tripp. Sarah’s daughter Bristol, 18, is engaged to 18 year-old Levi Johnston. Levi’s mother Sherry was arrested in Wasilla, Alaska in December on multiple felony drug counts involving illegally selling the prescription drug Oxycontin. Sherry Johnston claims that the public has the wrong impression of her and told People Magazine that she had a hysterectomy eight years ago and seven subsequent surgeries and that she uses the drug to deal with the constant pain. She didn’t quite explain how she was caught dealing, though.

Sarah Palin is said to be adamant that Levi’s family stay away from her daughter and new grandson, Tripp. She hasn’t let Sherry or her daughter Mercede, Levi’s sister, meet the new baby:

Bristol Palin, 18, gave birth to Tripp on Dec. 27, but neither Sherry nor her daughter Mercede has been allowed to see the baby, say sources.

A furious Mercede, called Sadie by friends, has complained on the Internet that the governor is snubbing the family.

“We aren’t Palins so therefore we are white trash,” she wrote on a Web site.

Sadie told a pal: “Sarah Palin is breaking our hearts. She won’t let us see the baby.

“Bristol doesn’t want us around either, and Levi’s too weak to stand up against them.

“Mom’s arrest was just was Sarah was looking for to freeze out our family. They’ve always looked down on us and went into shot when Levi got Bristol pregnant.”

A family friend confirmed to The Enquirer that since Sherry’s arrest, Palin has shut out the Johnston family.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 16, 2009]

In October, Sarah and her husband Todd told People Magazine that they wanted Bristol to marry Levi soon. All those plans went out the window when his mom got busted, and according to the source quoted in the Enquirer “[Sarah] definitely doesn’t want to see Bristol marry him at this point,” although she’s said to be “accepting of Levi.”

Sherry kind of made her own bed by dealing drugs out of her house and although it must be heartbreaking for her not to be able to see her grandson I can kind of see why Sarah is being so adamant about it. An hour supervised visit doesn’t seem like it would hurt, but maybe Sarah doesn’t want to open that door and would rather her daughter have nothing to do with the family. It’s kind of too late now that she had a baby with their son, though.

Levi Johnston is shown meeting John McCain at the RNC Convention in September. Sarah Palin is shown holding her son, Trig (not Tripp) and kissing a then-pregnant Bristol, also at the RNC. Credit: UPI/Newscom

UPI POY 2008 - Campaign 2008

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42 Responses to “Sarah Palin bans Levi’s family from seeing grandson, calls them WT”

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  1. bros says:

    this is absolutely ridiculous. if her daughter is old enough to have a baby and get married, and levi is old enough to be a dad and get married, they are old enough to make decisions about whom they let see their child and make decisions for their new ‘family.’ why the hell is sarah palin calling the shots here?

    the whole entire fued/family strife is white trash, including the palins. not just the johnston family.

  2. Kaiser says:

    Oh. I thought Palin actually called her soon-to-be in-laws white trash, but Levi’s sister said it about herself. Hmm.

    There’s enough “WT” to go around.

  3. Flour says:

    Way to go, Sarah. Not only is your daughter a young mother, she now has to deal with your drama of power-tripping over who has the right to see her baby. Not your baby. Her baby. Will you ever learn?

  4. Celebitchy says:

    @Kaiser – supposedly Sarah called them WT and they’re just saying either that’s what she called them or that’s how she’s making them feel – at least that’s how I interpreted it.

  5. sissoucat says:

    I thought she was accepting of the American underclass (aka regular John-six-packs), but not of unwed mothers ?

    Perhaps if Mercede were rich enough, she would be able to meet her nephew ?

  6. J-Lin says:

    Does she let the family see their other granchild Trig?

  7. Kaiser says:

    CB, yeah, that sounds about right. I can only imagine what Sarah Palin would say and do if (and when) people call her “white trash”… something about you-betcha-also-i’ll-get-back-to-you-liberal-conspiracy.

  8. Chiara says:

    I understand how Sarah feels … we worked diligently to keep the white trash out of Washington by voting last year 🙂

  9. yeepers says:

    isn’t sarah and the palin’s being hypocritical? she has no room talk or call the shots. That is not her baby so if the parents allow them to see his side of the family then that is up to them. the whole situation and everyone involved sounds white trash to me.

  10. Rosanna says:

    We are all sure it’s SP’s fault, right? These two kids couldn’t possibly be afraid of seeing a ***dealer*** around their baby, right?

  11. aleach says:

    ack, thank god i dont have a mother like sarah palin…

  12. DEO says:

    Well, that´s rather HARSH! Palin let her daughter get close enough to them to get pregnant. What did Levi´s MOM just develope this problem the day before she got arrested? Palin SHOULD have had an idea BEFORE hand.

    Palin is a CHRISTIAN, RIGHT? No forgiving?

    …and it´s BS anyway, IF they wanted the two to marry they WOULD have married BEFORE the baby was born, so it wouldnt be born as a bastard child technically. They were never going to be married, and Levi will be the next to get totally shut out. Palin plays with lives big and small. Horrific hag that Palin is. Now she can use Sheri as an excuse …and WHERE ARE PHOTOS of the baby, the public hasn´t seen any either.

  13. Dan says:

    How flimsy is this whole thing? A comment on a web site?
    Sadie told a pal?
    Very weak
    I am actually the one keeping the baby from them!
    Love cheers all

  14. DEO says:

    Sarah has put Levi in a position that will wreck his life…that´s his Mom. He has to choose between his baby, TRAP, and HIS MOM? Sarah has the vindictive underdeveloped mind of a teenager herself.

  15. Annie says:

    Don’t you know that her notion of “Christian” means slandering other people and then advocating an outright ban of another group’s right to happiness?

    Silly readers.

  16. HEB says:

    If she’s not careful this will turn into another scandal like that one with her brother-in-law. If she tries to use her position to keep them from seeing the baby, it will hurt her political career

  17. barneslr says:

    “Does she let the family see their other granchild Trig?”

    Trig is Sarah Palin’s son, not her grandson. Her only grandchild is Bristol’s son Tripp.

  18. Baholicious says:

    Palin just wishes she could shoot them from a plane too.

  19. Orangejulius says:

    We can only hope that it’ll ruin her political career.

  20. Jill says:

    I love how people are saying palin’s wrong for keeping the baby away from his family.

    His mother was charged with dealing from her house. The have her talking on tape and she has admitted to a prescription drug problem.

    I wouldn’t want my kid around that either, at least not until she gets help.

  21. Flour says:

    @ Baho & @ Annie Spot on. Gotta admit I get caught up in other people’s BS and all their wtf moments. This made me laugh. <3

  22. barneslr says:

    “Palin SHOULD have had an idea BEFORE hand.”

    So now she is in the wrong for not being psychic? People usually try pretty hard to hide their problems, not flaunt them, so it is entirely likely that the Palin family had no idea that Levi’s mother was a drug dealer. Heck, it is possible that Levi himself didn’t know.

    Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy to judge another person, another family, when it is not you.

  23. Diva says:

    I could have swore I’ve read on other stories on this site that there’s NEVER a reason to keep a child from their grandparent…

    I guess the rules change when you’re the pillar of family values, Sarah Palin.

  24. L says:

    Hello Celebitchy…When exactly did Sarah Palin call the family “WT” as implied in your heading?

  25. L says:

    “supposedly Sarah called them WT and they’re just saying either that’s what she called them or that’s how she’s making them feel”

    supposedly? lol. you are surmising that maybe she called them WT or maybe she made them feel like it?

    Seriously?! If she called them that then screw her, but it certainly seems here that you are drawing that conclusion with nothing to back it up, but are using it as a heading because it sounds good and you don’t like her anyways. If it was someone who you admired you would definintely hold out for harder evidence before pinning those words to them. I guess I always figured that regardless of this being a gossip site you had some standards for the evidence you used to support the details that you publish…

  26. NotBlonde says:

    Diva: I don’t recall this site ever saying there was “never” a reason for a grandchild not to see their grandparent. Families all have their own particular circumstances. Personally, I’d let 1 hour supervised in my home when she was definitely not on the stuff. But that’s just me.

    The whole bunch are hicks and hillbillies. Get them out of the public and political arena, PLEASE.

  27. sparkle says:

    Meh, I cant stand this woman but I cant really fault her for this one (if its true). My mom would do exactly the same thing.

  28. DEO says:

    We can only hope that it’ll ruin her
    I love how people are saying palin’s wrong for keeping the baby away from his family.

    His mother was charged with dealing from her house. The have her talking on tape and she has admitted to a prescription drug problem.

    Like I said, Sheri Johnston didnt acquire the problem the day before she was arrested. It was going on FOR YEARS she said. Young Brisket Palin was DATING the boy? The parents KNOW eachother? The police ARE INVESTIGATING HER? Hindsight is 20- 20, how about giving a fling about who your high school daughter is spending her time with?????
    Now Palin wants to fix everything by braeking families connected by a LOVE CHILD, well yeah to her I guess hindsight IS 20- 20. Palin is adjusting everyone´s life for them. She´s a day late and a dollar short.

  29. prissa says:

    LOL @ Dan

  30. Diva says:

    Sarah DOES realize this one isn’t HERS, right? This one belongs to Bristol and Levi, she needs to let go of the iron grip.

  31. Cowbell says:

    Sounds like Bristol said no way you dirty white trash, Levi obeyed and they think it’s the evil mom.

    Maybe Greta can get up there and investigate for us.

  32. vdantev says:

    Takes one to know one, Sarah.

  33. JMC says:

    Despise the woman, but if the drug allegations are true, then she is wise to keep the kid away.

  34. hello says:

    I understand not letting the mother who is a drug dealer not see the baby, but what did the sister do to be denied access? Why is she being punished for her mother’s actions?

  35. Goddess711 says:

    This is going to be the BEST reality show when the Cyrus’ move to town. I can see it now: “The Klondike Hillbillies” !!! Wooohoo! Can’t wait! (unless it’s on Monday through Sunday at any time of the day…it’ll probably be on at the same time as the AJ/ Serial Baby Hatcher reality show “8 Isn’t Enough!”

  36. becca says:

    So Sarah ‘supposedly’ called them white trash?

    Let me get this straight. She’s disdainful of “the liberal elite,” yet she married a husband who made a couple million AND she’s banning her in-laws from seeing the grandkid?

    Hey Pot, the kettle’s calling for you.

  37. pookynut says:

    Hey Sarah – there’s this crazy new thing the kids are all talking about. It’s called birth control. Yeah, and also they talk about the Iphone, but this birth control thing is really cool. See, ya take it, and you have about a 92 – 99 percent chance you won’t get pregnant when you have sex with white trash. All in just a little pill! you can also get this crazy new thing called a “condom” that costs about a buck or so, that will help keep you from getting knocked up with a white trash baby as well. Of course, you have to acknowledge that you’re having premarital sex, and that may cause some cognitive dissonance.

    Here’s something else – 75 percent of all babies with Down Syndrome are born to women over age 35. Think about that, you betcha!

  38. daisy424 says:

    From The March of Dimes;
    The risk of Down syndrome increases from about 1 in 1,250 at age 25, to 1 in 1,000 at age 30, 1 in 400 at age 35, 1 in 100 at age 40 and 1 in 30 at age 45 (6). Women over age 35 have been traditionally considered most likely to have a baby with Down syndrome. However, about 80 percent of babies with Down syndrome are born to women who are under age 35, as younger women have far more babies

  39. Diva says:

    God, Daisy, that’s about the scariest thing this 35-year-old praying to finally be a mother someday soon has ever heard.

  40. blind item reader says:

    I sure hope they’re helping poor little Trig, who needs therapy for his Down’s.

    I was reading down, wondering if anyone would clue in the others to Diva’s comment. He/she meant that there have been many rumours surrounding the true identity of Trig’s mother. Some say Bristol is his mother because she disappeared from high school with “mono” for some time before Trig was born.

  41. blind item reader says:

    Ooh, I meant J-Lin’s comment.

  42. pookynut says:

    Thanks for correcting that Daisy424 – I was tired and mishandled some stats. Women over 35 have a 1 in 400 chance of giving birth to a DS baby. Your chances are greater as you get older, but of course younger women have more babies and thus a greater number of infants with various condidtions including DS.