Nadya Suleman before plastic surgery; gets food stamps, child disability

Radar Magazine has photos taken of octuplet mom Nadya Suleman back when she was pregnant with one of her other many children, and she has a normal size nose and regular non-painful looking lips. Suleman had people assuming she’d had extensive work done after she sat down with Ann Curry for her first interview on the day she was released from the hospital last Thursday. Her lips curled up in an obvious-looking trout pout and her nose was so thin it looked comical. Suleman cuddled with her babies in the neonatal unit in footage aired on The Today Show yesterday. She had on filled nail tips that looked entirely out of place on a new mother, even one in the media spotlight.

Many outlets are noting Suleman’s facial and coloring similarities to Angelina Jolie. The comparison is not a diss to the actress as she seems to be having children she can take care of, and is more of an observation about Suleman’s assumed obsession with Jolie. It’s interesting that Suleman’s first interview was with Ann Curry, who is one of Angelina’s favorites.

If Suleman had it right she’d adopt some children and work hard so she could take care of them, not foist them off to her parents and try to have as many as she could at once. This is a woman who is primarily concerned with herself, and seems to see children as an extension of her own needs despite all of her self-righteous statements to the contrary. Many people are wondering how she could afford such obvious and expensive plastic surgery procedures when she was living on disability and never helped her mother with any of the household bills.

Suleman receives food stamps and child disability payments for three of her children, her publicist has confirmed. She told Ann Curry “I’m not receiving help from the government. I’m not trying to expect anything from anybody,” and added that money was “superfluous” and “paper.”

Although it was previously reported that Suleman did not get paid for her NBC interview, Jossip has a source that claims she received at least $300,000. I wonder if her mother, who has been caring for her other six children for years and had to declare bankruptcy after supporting Nadya, will see a dime of that money.

Thanks to Radar for the before pictures.


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  1. Nel says:

    I never saw Angelina as much as Chloe Lattanzi.

  2. ~t~ says:

    see, and i was thinking she was going for an Alanis Morissette look! This woman is just unreal to me – and yet, like a bad train wreck I can’t stop looking!

  3. Flour says:

    How did this woman afford plastic surgery? Her folks must be half insane by now. No wonder her mom has finally vented and is threatening to leave. I feel so so sorry for all of those kids. Where’s their stability going to come from after the grandparents leave. :(

    • Candy says:

      Maybe some of you people who have nothing to do but to pick at others can volunteer to do some home repairs and help care for the children. She seems to be the first person to have used poor judgement. Maybe she should throw the kids off a bridge, including the dr. who fertilized her eggs.

  4. Len says:

    she’s crazy. Looking at the mess she is living in with her six other kids…she has no money of her own…she lives off her mom and spends her money on her appearance. This is very very distubing. these kids need to be taken away from her. I’m sorry to say this but they should never have been born.

  5. BellaB says:

    For the record, I have been following this story on the internet. I won’t tune into any TV show that promotes this person.

    Money is paper? So are food stamps, and they make sure your children have enough to eat.

    She reminds me of an animal hoarder.

    I wish people would stop giving her the attention she craves. The only people that should be up her ass are CPS.

    I am going to make a wild prediction…I bet she sues the IVF doctor in the end when she realizes paper is not superfluous.

  6. Enonymous says:

    It seems that it is easy to look like Angelina Jolie these days, just get lip injection and colour your hair black and VUALA. What is the point of that lady getting all these plastic surgery anyway, goes she do it just to get a man or what? because I think that ship has long sailed.

  7. sissoucat says:

    Yeah, delusional narcissist all right.

    She sounds like my ex-husband in those interviews. She seems so utterly convinced by all the nonsense she’s saying, that I have to pause and say what ? to believe that I’m actually witnessing such dishonesty.

    Manipulative self-centered person. This one is exposed, good for her kids.

  8. javelin says:

    actually, money is linen, not paper, and a more accurate statement might have been, “I don’t care about making money; I don’t care about other people; I don’t mind being a huge burden on society.”

    One can only hope her money supply will be cut off and she will be forced to reconsider this skewed perspective.

  9. Sauronsarmy says:

    She does resemble Angelina.

  10. Diablo says:

    Wait a minute….she has a F!@#$&!@ing publicist? That it…I give up. Our society is insane. I am getting a shack in the middle of nowhere and never coming out again.

  11. Wonder Woman says:

    Wow this women is crazy…the only thing i wonder if her children will be taken away or not because its clear the mom has mental problems. I know she will end up having money to support them bc at the moment shes in the publics eye and people will pay more just to watch and mock her. But I honestly think her kids should get taken away bc she really needs some mental help

  12. prissa says:

    She was acutally nice looking BEFORE. She nothing but a plastic face now. WHY do women think this looks good????? Also, did she have eye work done? Something about her eyes don’t look the same.

  13. Chiara says:

    Monies for plastic surgery, expensive IVP, her mother supports and cares for the children … I hope social services becomes involved.

    Was she paid for her interviews? You can bet on it, she has both a publicist and a manager who negotiate the deal and earn their percentage.

  14. CC says:

    Wait a min. she is getting disability for her kids? What is wrong with them, did she disable them so she could get more money??

    • wandasr says:

      when one has a BIG litter of babies, it’s obvious that some of them will not be normal. Humans are not designed to deliver litters of offspring. What was this person thinking???

  15. bros says:

    she also appears to have had a brow lift. her eyes look totally different as well, in terms of their previous height. look where her brows are compared to her brow bone in the second picture-they sit well above the bone. she has definitely had work done there.

  16. Victoria says:

    It must be nice living in her head with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, paper money and all those people who are going to “help out”.

  17. Amy says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. Pete Burns!!!!

  18. julie says:

    On the promo for NBC it says Ann Curry asks the tough questions. Um…what? How bout who paid for her IVF, her plastic surgery, her hospital bills, the babies hospital bills? Are all the kids really from the same father? Does he have a clue? Will the state of California make her pay back all the money she has taken from them out of all the money she expects to make off these babies? I dont understand why we are not getting the answers to these questions. I agree with many other people, boycott any product that pays her money unless it goes to the state of some kind of trust for those babies, not for this selfish woman and her plastic surgery or more IVF. Where is the doctor(s) who did this? If normal regular people think this woman is insane, why is nothing being done about it?

  19. Cougar says:

    I think she had all that plastic surgery in anticipation of being a “celebrity” once those babies were born. “Got to look good for my public”. All planned. . . right down to the last detail.

    Also, if she is spending all her time with her babies at the hospital, when did she have time to get her nails done?

  20. jacquie says:

    Thanks for taking this very reasonable look at the situation – it is, by far, the most accurate and concise summing up of it all – the most logical and reasoned view I’ve read to date.

    Yes Rosanna – those nail tips are out of place on a new mother – ANY new mother, and especially one who doesn’t have enough time or money to care for her responsibilities. It’s a sign of immaturity, at best.

    Additionally, the chemicals used to produce those nails and that hair are incongruous with a woman who “plans to breast feed” (is this a joke?). Women who don’t understand this are well advised to do some research regarding their largest organ – their skin – before they conceive a baby.

    Since when are food stamps not welfare? I support the WIC program (though I thinks it’s unconscionable to abuse it as this woman is)and as I understand it, it’s an arm of Aid to Dependent Children?

  21. Annie says:

    I think I just vomited in my mouth a little.

    We really need to stop jumping on articles that involve her. She’s taking our money enough as it is!

    And let me tell you, I’m extremely all for welfare and all that jazz, but this is slightly ridiculous. Ok, more than slightly, say like….REALLY.

    Oh and:

    She reminds me of an animal hoarder.

    I THOUGHT THE SAME THING! lol. Ahh Animal Planet. Miami Dade SPCA.

  22. melissa says:

    freaking sicko

    ive never seen anything so horrifying.

    those poor children, they should be put up for adoption and into normal loving homes…not raised by this psycho

  23. Sandra says:

    Because the octuplets are premature and will likely have developmental disabilities she will receive social security disability payments for them. She said she was going to take care of her children with student loans. Where do you get those, I thought they were for school.

  24. YoMomma says:

    Can’t someone check up on these people to see how they spend their money? Plastic surgery? Artificial insemination? This woman is sick and all of her children should be removed from her house. She also needs to be sterilized permenantly.

  25. Cassandra says:

    I’m all for welfare…heck, when I was a child my family was on welfare for a few years after my dad left. My mom used to it to feed her kids, and the moment she got a better job we were off food stamps. Welfare is not a reward for people to do stupid crap like this! And the plastic surgery? That’s absolutely the LAST thing this woman should be doing when she has 14 kids. Good grief.

  26. Annicka says:

    I don’t see much Angelina Jolie in her. Honestly, she looks more like Pete Burns to me.

  27. fran says:

    this woman is driving me crazy.. I can’t believe how selfish and irresponsible she is.. she looks more like Jeanine Garofalo than Angelina Jolie, in my opinion. Ridiculous woman, poor kids :(

  28. pinkie g says:

    I think that this country is really ass backwards. There are people out there who are trying to have children and cant. and then this deadbeat who does not have a job and lives with her parents(boy they must be proud!) I agree with some people and think you could compare her to a animal horder. Persoanly I think some people should be fixed!

  29. masquedance says:

    I’ve read about this nutjob on many websites and am most impressed by the articles on this site as well as the comments by other readers; especially those who said they will not watch the shows or purchase the products of any companies who pander to this woman! As disgusting as it is, everything seems to have become be a ratings game fueled by $$$ and this sick game just encourages every greedy freak in the world to come up with some new way to try to cash in! We, the viewers and consumers, are the only ones who can put an end to antics that used to be confined to supermarket tabloids that reported on alien invasions and circus freakshows! Casey Anthony who is accused (and in the opinion of most) guilty of murdering her innocent baby Caylee, has reportedly received in excess of $200k in blood money for photo and video rights for images of her murdered baby! Why are these people being REWARDED for their actions? As far as the Jolie comparison; while I do not think she has (or can) achieve the beauty of AJ, I DO think she intentionally set out to recreate herself to look like AJ. The drastic change in every aspect of her appearance from her surgically plumped limps, and much thinner nose, down to her hair style and skin coloring screams AJ wannabe. Perhaps in her twisted mind having this many children makes her even more like Jolie. However, any sane person can see that there is a big difference between AJ who has the means to support her children without being a burden to her family or taxpayers and this woman whose selfish actions have hurt EVERYONE in her life! (Note: I am neither an AJ fan or hater and in no way think she is responsible for this wacko’s delusions; I’m just pointing out that it does seem that this selfish witch is trying to emanate her for whatever sick reason.)

  30. buenavissta says:

    Fake nails….hmm. When my kids were newborns, I was simply grateful for the occasional shower and clothes without spit-up or crap on them. Maybe your priorities are different when you whelp a litter.

  31. NotBlonde says:

    “Animal hoarder”…you’ve got it down pat. She’s a baby hoarder. As soon as the babies are no longer babies she has a crap load more. What a sick, sick woman.

  32. Maritza says:

    I would really like to see how many of those kids come out with birth defects. I understand about 3 of her first 6 kids have disabilities. I wouldn’t blame her mother if she is charging the interviews, God know they really need the money.

  33. vdantev says:

    So the message here is, if you’re a breeder with no discernible ability, talent or job prospects just squeeze out a bunch of kids in a perverse unconventional sense and watch the bucks roll in ??

  34. Jean says:

    I would love for the court to order her unethical doctor to support these kids.

  35. Mary Ann says:

    I thought she looked more like Janeane Garofalo. Just put some glasses on her.

  36. Baholicious says:

    Can we please stop using the word “litter.” These are human beings we’re talking about.

    Regardless of circumstances, these children are here now and it’s important that they don’t suffer because their mother is a mental case.

    On the one hand this woman should definitely not be ‘rewarded’ for her actions but neither should the children be unduly penalized. They’re going to need help.

    The circumstances are just so tragic…

    Oh, and the ‘grandmother’ needs to shut her fucking trap. Shifty-eyed devious looking bag that she is. She totally enabled this situation and now she wants to wash her hands of it and publicly drag her daughter through the mud in the process? Come off it!

  37. santacruz says:

    It’s up to the public to deny her any form of celebrity status…boycott any media that feature this creature…she has a lot in common with briteny spears and her mum, in the way the kids are used for gain

  38. hello says:

    I think that if you have enough money for elective plastic surgery, you should be denied any sort of social welfare. You don’t need the help. People like her are why so many people don’t believe that the benefits that welfare provides is worth the money going into it.

  39. MaryMcG says:

    The acrylic nails really take the cake.

  40. Codzilla says:

    buenavissta: No kidding.

  41. justsad says:

    I didn’t notice a big difference in the last two posted photos. Could be just a fat pregnant face with no make up. I know I looked completely different whenever I was pregnant. But aside from that has CPS stepped in at all? I wouldn’t think anyone would have to make a phone call about this situation!

  42. Linda says:

    I think welfare fraud investigation is in order,. you have to declare your financial resources and she reportedly claimed to have saved over 100000.00 since 1999 thus making her ineligible for food stamps.

  43. David says:

    The purpose of CPS is to protect children and keep them from imminent danger. Another priority is to assist with keeping families together. CPS is just not a removal agency. This mother has no prior history of abusing her children and she has a support system in place; also no risk factors that anyone knows of.

  44. cannot understand this crap says:

    I think having 14 siblings in a 3 bedroom house with three adults seems like a “risk factor”

  45. Goddess711 says:

    Fast forward a decade when the 8 kids show up with Mom on “what does your parent do?” day LOL!!!
    Geez, would this one and Clooney not make a great couple? He doesn’t want his own kids & “seeks gold diggers with tips” (he didn’t clarify “waitressing”, she thought he meant a good manicure), she comes fully equipped with inflatable lips and insanity – maybe the “Sexiest Man Alive” competition could expand with Pitt. OH! The potential of it all!

  46. Vintheland says:

    If this woman thinks she can provide for her children as a single mother on a Counselor’s salary, she is mistaken. Both her previous and newborn children have (or will have) developmental disabilities and will need long-term therapy and counseling themselves. How does she plan to participate in their care and go to work at the same time. Impossible. She said she is going to give those babies “all of herself” (or whatever she said). Well why would she do that when she couldnt even do it for her existing children. Take a look at her home. Its a mess. I don’t care how poor you are, your home can still be NEAT. And it will be impossible NOT to neglect her older children while caring for newborn preemies. Its hard enough having one preemie …but eight. I hope for the sake of those babies that she has help, they need to be nourished and cared for and I doubt this narcissistic Angelina Jolie wannabe is capable. Who spends money on plastic surgery but doesn’t help with the household finances. Very very sad situation.

  47. Sarah says:

    “Suleman receives food stamps and child disability payments for three of her children, her publicist has confirmed.”

    “Wow, if that’s not the most ironic sentence of this year so far”, Sarah’s rep tells Celebitchy.

  48. Ned says:

    If Suleman had it right she’d adopt some children

    You can’t adopt in the USA with her obvious mental problems, and she doesn’t have the money to buy children from poor third world countries who would overlook the fact that she is single, has psychological problems etc.

    What is so good with her raising poor adopted children?
    If she had the means- she would be exactly like Angelina Jolie and collect them with the same addiction for attention.

    Just because a child is an orphan doesn’t mean we should encourage any unstable, attention seeker, to “collect” them.

  49. Robin says:

    This is insane. She needed mental help- not 14 babies!!

    And she states she gets no public assistance-she lies about that- FOOD STAMPS ARE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE Ms. Clueless Baby Machine Angelina wannbe!!

    I will NEVER watch any TV show or read any book that she will make money on. I think anyone who gives her money for this disgusting, irresponsible act are as selfish and reprehensible as she is!! And I would discountinue to watch any station that would air shows or interviews in which she profits!!

    I think those children should be taken away from her- so that WE don’t have to pay for her selfishness- this ecomony is bad enough without this MORON making babies at the rate that an old women collects cats and can’t afford them.

    And I think this so called Dr should be brought up on charges and lose his license- he isn’t fit to practice medicine.

    It’s people like this who bring our country down- it a friggin national joke!

  50. BillyBob says:

    Betcha she’s waiting to get a television show offer.

  51. Rachel says:

    Just because those babies were born premature doesn’t mean they will have developmental disabilities, unless she does not do her part in seeking the extra time and attention it takes assist in their development.

  52. Rodney says:

    If she lies about plastic surgery, then she is lying about the public assistance that she is getting. This woman is a complete moron!

  53. brenda says:

    Nut sack! She refers to a penis as ‘man flesh’ and ‘is still a virgin’ due to C sections…oh my GAWD. This is what we need to raise children?
    I bet Angelina wishes everyone would stop comparing this whack to her…poor Angelina, and especially, Poor Babies!!!

  54. Rodney says:

    New for this fall on NBC….”Fourteen Is Enough” !!!!

    Staring Nadya Suleman as: Herself (human being the selfish idiot)

    And 14 innocent children as: Themselves (and have no say in anything)

  55. Melissa Smith says:

    This woman is crazy…. insane. She sounds like she has “need” for attention syndrome…. and the need to be praised. She seems detached from any reality of those with intelligence. 6 kids and she slipped under the radar but now…. 8 more? She does get government support…. she lies. She has had major face altering surgery… she lies. If the government agencies that support her surgeries and manicures don’t step in and rectify this situation than I will have lost all faith in the system. She says it will take several villages to help her support and raise her 14 kids????? The question is why was this situation allowed to happen? She needs a serious mental evaluation, hysterectomy, or just a partial lobotomy.

  56. DisgustedinNJ says:

    This girl is mentally incompetent but smart and manipulative enough to work the system to her advantage. Just alter yourself to look like a celebrity, pop out 14 kids, and have the arrogance to think you are a star because ethically challenged interviewers are going to jump on a contraversial story! Unfortunately there is not a happy ending for this one. Fourteen kids belonging to a breeder. Hope CPS comes in and gives all those children to families who really deserve them and would be so grateful for just one. That is my prayer, and for the public to turn the damn show off when she is on the air.

  57. Jeanna says:

    From her interview last night, I could tell the woman is an obviously LIAR but, that would come from not being in touch with reality! Nothing in her story adds up, from the money to the supposed timeline where “she gives of herself” to her children.

    Another thing that upsets me is how easily and conveniently this woman invokes God blessing her actions. She played GOD when she continually abused the manufacturing of children to satisfy her excessive urges. While using a method that was invented to help people who deserved to be parents.

    Some kind of social services should be investigating and plan visits now before her helpless children come home. This woman has so many syndromes, disorders, compulsions, etc. that she will undoubtedly be in the news again.

    Sitting there with her manicure, her “CATWOMAN” face and looking the American public in the eye while preaching to them how good of a mother she is and more should be like her when it comes to their children. Here is where we need GOD to step in if there are more like her.

  58. Connie says:

    I’m glad to see that other people have noticed the same things that I have. First off: The acrylic nails?? When did she have time (and the money for that matter) to get them done? And WHY would you want to have nails like that if you have 8 BRAND NEW FRAGILE LITTLE BABIES???? Secondly, her hair has obviously been colored VERY recently…WHY??? This woman really confuses me. What she says totally contradicts her obvious actions. She is living in “LA LA” land… What is she going to feed all of those kids for the next 18 years? Ramen Noodles??? Someone needs to step up and do a full fledged investigation and depending on the outcome, those kids need to be taken away from her and adopted out to people that deserve and are mentally capable of raising them. The needs to be FORCED to either have her tubes tied or a hysterectomy. I would bet that she will try to conceive again…

    She should try being honest about the obvious things: the plastic surgery and her mental illness.

  59. KaT says:

    …HMMM…can’t afford to pay for the kids but has the money for plastic surgery…wth

  60. phineas says:

    She’ll be able to pay not only for all her expenses, but she’ll be able to hire a squad of nannies with the money all the morons that run the media are going to give her…

    Nope she’s not crazy….She has played the system and has hit the jackpot…

    Look for a show on A&E, TLC or E soon….

  61. meme says:

    This is another reason why Abortion should remain legal.

    This women claims to be living off student loans..where the heck did student loans pay for diapers, food, and childcare?? I dont get it!

    Nose job? Lip job?
    If you look closely-it looks like she even got her eyelids done (to create that wide open-eyed look-even though she is young-like an eyebrow lift)..yet she didn’t spend THAT money on a car or a house for her aLREADY 6 kids she had BEFORE she implanted 8 more??!!!

    There should be a LAW for women like her!!

  62. meme says:

    I feel sorry for the doner–he is probably thinking she will go after him for childsupport later on…I bet she will..anyone else wanna bet on that? LOL

  63. Jann says:

    Nadya will probably not go after the “father” for support but the state ought to.

  64. Jen says:

    I think she slips out at night and sells herself on the street! How else is she paying for botox injections?

  65. Reaella says:

    I don’t care if she’s trying to look like Angelina Jolie or anyone else for that matter. What matters most are the children…the many children she has and don’t seem to be able to take care of. My mother had many children and she struggled. I could never do such a thing to my kids. And the doctor really isn’t to blame. He’s just doing his job plus he’s trying to get paid. It’s not his job to find out if she has common sense and or the means to provide for her children. I feel sorry for her children because it’s clear to me that she isn’t thinking and she seems quite selfish. I pray she finishes school and eventually will be able to take care of them because all the love in the world isn’t going to feed or clothe them

  66. Shelley says:

    Where is the father? How much did he have to do with this? I mean sure she was artificially inseminated, but there is a father….what is his part here? He okayed the insemination and took off? There is one father for all 14 babies! So, why isn’t he being accountable? I mean he fathered the first 6 and then okayed for the next round, and is dismissed? AND why is that OKAY!?!?!

  67. hump says:

    Had to notice those nails.

    A boy with autism, two others with diability, and she was Told that she would not be fertile for long…. Fragile X syndrome??

  68. carmen says:

    What a brat, living on parents’ income and taxpayer to have babies like a dog!

  69. Darla says:

    I have a question……why IVF?? Why not just being injected with sperm from her sperm donor??? Why did she have eggs of her own harvested and waiting for IVF?? Does it say anywhere that she was unable to conceive on her own?? It just seems so fishy that she could pick how many babies she felt like having. “Awww heck……stick ‘em all in doc, lets see how many make it out alive??!”

  70. I sincerely feel this woman is mentally ill.The child protection of california,should remove these children.Did she have them to make money? That’s pretty transparent!I am concerened the children will not be taken care propertly.The main focus should be the ,removing the children from her care.

  71. Lady Madonna says:

    She got $160K from worker’s comp; when she was working at a mental hospital, a patient threw furniture at her, injuring her back. That’s probably where she got the money for her nose job, her jumbo silicone lips, and her IVF treatments. I assume the money is about gone if she was getting food stamps; you have to show need to get them.

    Though if her back is so bad, why did she keep getting pregnant? Doesn’t pregnancy hurt your back?

    Who says she is a virgin? I doubt she is a virgin; she is divorced. Most people sleep with their spouses!

    3 of her kids have disabilities, including one with autism. So that isn’t enough for her to stop having more?

    Her doctor is irresponsible and should lose his license. You aren’t supposed to implant more than 2-3 embryos at once. Huge multiples increase the odds for severe disabilities. Imagine if all 8 are blind, retarded and have cerebral palsy or spina bifida. Oh, wow, more disability payments!

    Her parents are irresponsible, too. They GAVE her a house. Spoiled brat. That’s called enabling.

    She should have spent the worker’s comp money on a shrink, not on an obstetrician.

    Is anyone else puzzled about the identity of the “sperm donor”? He is supposedly named David Solomon. Now, her father’s middle name is David in Arabic, and Suleman is the same as Solomon. Was her father the sperm donor? Eeww, ick! Or did she make up the name to hide his identity? If so, why choose a name like her father’s? Sounds like she has even more issues!

    How much do you want to bet that somewhere along the line she will be found to be unfit, and some of the kids will be taken from her?

  72. Incredulous says:

    Let’s see how can I top this one if I want to make a million dollars and become a star? I need to sue for something, anything, collect disability,and get a settlement.Make sure I divorce my husband(this is more $$$ if a spouse is an injured party because of my disability plus I can get alimony too!Use the money to look like a celeb(maybe Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra since Angelina is already taken). Oh, I know, I will also use disability to pay for fertility drugs and IVF. I will next have my eggs inseminated by donors of many races so I can have multi-ethnic kids plus this would make a good politically correct Lifetime movie.To save money I will just find the ethnic donors myself. If I don’t have 14 kids the first time I will make sure to freeze another 6 just in case. I will take as much as I can from welfare student loans and my parents. I won’t worry about working because charity care and the taxpayers money will pay for the exhorbitant medical bills due to my kids being premature and having a sundry of disabilities.Plus someone will want to help me just to be a part of it. Once I get my book signing, Oprah interviews and lecture the country for my childraising and childbirth expertise I will be on easy street. I will throw my parents a pittance since I won’t be around to take care of my children that I didn’t really care for in the first place. I am a career woman now! By the way how does my French manicure and tips look???…. I don’t understand why the twins keep wincing when I change their diapers.

  73. BMP says:

    Post #18 by Amy …

    HOLY CRAP, I almost spit my coffee out onto the monitor. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY! But oh so friggin’ TRUE!

    I wanna be your BFF (LOL!).

  74. G Schultz says:

    It is impossible for this person to take care of these children, even with poor grandma. There are many, many, couples without psychological problems that would love to raise and adequately care for these unfortunate children. Why is the doctor not up on charges?? Why isn’t children services stepping in?? I blame the media also. Litters are for animals…

  75. jenny says:

    This woman is livivng off of a) disability on the three kids. Only one has an actual insurable disability. She made it clear that she had exaggerated the severity if the other two kids’ ADHD.(This should piss off anyone with a child that has actual disabilities from this disorder). b.) somehow a woman that has paid a fertility doctor in order to have 16 kids is also able to get about $500 in foodstamp a month while collecting c) student loans in order to pay off the 2 bedroon aparment that the family of 17 stay in. Who paid for the cosmetic surgery? I bet ,though I don’t know, that she found a way for others (us?) to pay for that as well.

  76. David says:

    oh my…as a single father with 18 month old twin girls (love of my life I might add)…it is hard enough to take care of them in the manner that any child should be taken care of… I am 43 years old, and it took years to actually have children, thank goodness I did it the old fashioned way (wink)…this @#&*$! should be instituionalized…putting her mother into the poor house is one thing…putting 14 babies on her is quite another…then getting plastic surgery instead of paying her bills… give me a break…every person willing to help her children should be allowed to help them..but only if the mother not be involved in the money…give it to the granny…she’s the one taking care of the kids anyway…the most disgusting story in a very long time… repugnant…

  77. Slomo says:

    So how did this CLOWN get all this work done on her MUG!Apparently she was already using her kids disability money to make herself look stupid.I dont care how much money she gets out of all this publicity,I hope they take her kids away from her,she does not give a damn about those children,this is all about her and making money off her kids like they are an Ebay item! She is a Sorry B—- and I hope to God that she loses those children,because she does not deserve them,and they sure dont deserve her DUMB ASS!

  78. Ana says:

    I also think she has had some work on her chin and cheeks.. Possibly her brow…

  79. Caitlin says:

    I agree with the other people who said this is like animal hoarding. These children should be taken away. I feel terrible for her mother who said she is exhausted with caring for the first 6 children.

    I thought it was quite ironic when they had mentioned that she saved the money for the IVF when she was working at a Psychiatric hospital!! I think she was one of the patients and she’s conned everyone. She’s eating up the media attention like cake and I honestly believe that she had the babies for her own selfish reasons along with knowing that the media would give her air time.

    It’s also obvious she’s had plenty of work done on her face. I noticed when she moved her head when she was sitting down for that interview that her hairline was abnormally far back on her head and there was too big of a space between her ears and her hair. She disgusts me. She’s obviously in need of serious mental evaluation.

  80. WoodyTheBuilder says:

    So here in CA, two guys or two gals cannot marry, but somehow these 8 (plus 6) “blessings from god” are manufactured by this crazy woman and her physician. She is divorced, living on student loans, and receiving food stamps and disability payments, but somehow has cosmetic surgery and fresh nails. The “christian right”, catholics, and LDS spent millions fighting against gay marriage “because kids need a mom AND a dad!”, so where are these bigoted, hypocritical morons, who use god and religion to spread their hatred, when this woman and her doctor are playing god?!? If it was “god’s will” for her to have children (or not), perhaps she should have taken “his” hint when she couldn’t conceive and/or miscarried while married. Now, she has 14 children by a “friend”, who gets off (pardon the pun) scott free!?! This is such a frightening abuse of a system put in place for folks with real needs, not as a gateway to being paid for a gluttonous desire to be surrounded by one woman’s own brood.

    Do I sound bitter? Perhaps a little…okay, a lot!

  81. dingle says:

    So how is it possible that eight people were investigated and arrested due to phelps takin a toke but we can’t get the IRS looking at this broad ?

  82. marilyn says:

    i think she looks like a scary halloween’s spooky…she looked normal before..and her poor mother…god bless her…i just pray that the children will be healthy..

  83. Mindy says:

    TLC President Eileen O’Neill said production companies that work with The Learning Channel have already made offers to Suleman’s family, but the network is waiting to see how TV-friendly the family is.

    “We’re certainly like the rest of America; we’re waiting to see how this develops,” O’Neill said. “The number of children or scale of the multiples is intriguing, but it also comes down to what are the family’s lives like?”

    It’s bad enough that The Learning {TLC}Channel is HELPING to promote thease types of births by offering TV shows like Jon & Kate Plus 8 who are now mutli millianares living off their children after they shopped around video tapes to T.V. stations of their children from day one.

    This is probobly where Suleman got the idea at having even more kids as she thought she could make it rich too and it sure looks that way by whats coming out of her own mouth.

    I’ve now blocked the so called Learning Channel from my home.



    The only thing more outrageous than your having FOURTEEN KIDS is that you EXPECT OTHERS AROUND YOU TO SUPPORT THEM and you see NOTHING WRONG with children who have NO FATHER!

    By now, you must have received millions of hate-mails and phone calls denouncing you as SELFISH, EVIL, and CRAZY. Please add this to your growing collection of communications from people the world over who are TOTALLY DISGUSTED BY YOU. Child Protective Services should watch you very closely and if they do their job properly, most if not all those children will be removed from your EVIL CLUTCHES. You are sick and should NEVER have had children at all; may God protect those innocent children from your psychotic death-grip!

  85. AK47 says:

    The $300,000 she received for the NBC interview should enough to keep her in plastic surgery procedures for at least 10 years. I doubt her kids will see a penny of that money. But at least her surgeon will. Give her a medal! By the way, this kind of woman is common in Southern California. I’m totally sure that she’ll want to have at least another 6 kids. 20 sounds like a good round number. That will earn her a six-figure income just from welfare payments alone. Smart girl!

  86. My favorite part of the Ann Curry interview was when she asked Nadya how her other six children felt about the octuplets. She said something about how they were too young to have opinions, that if they were older, she’d have consulted them and respected their wishes. Then it cuts to a shot of the kids playing at home. You hear the cameraman asking the eldest daughter and one of the boys how they felt about their new brothers and sisters. The little girl was clearly not happy about it. She said, “There’s gonna be a lot of crying. Mom’s gonna be stressed out all the time.” The little boy was excited about having new playmates but acknowledged that there would be babies crying, a lot of cribs, and that the house would be “squishy.”

    Obviously, she’s terribly mentally ill; otherwise, she’d see how selfish her actions have been and the devastation they’ll bring about from this point on.

    In Canada in the thirties, a couple had quintuplets without the assistance of fertility treatments. Those babies were taken away when it was discovered that there were already five children at home. They were returned to their biological parents at age nine, but even then, their government had the good sense to realize that ten children — including five babies of the same age — would overwhelm their parents. But because this is the U-S-of-A, Nadya Suleman has –gasp!– RIGHTS! With no income or means of supporting ANY of her children, she’ll be allowed to take all eight babies home to join their six brothers and sisters in their three-bedroom home.

    It’s heartwarming.


  87. acir says:

    she’s clearly making money out of her kids…for her OWN SELFISH purposes…hope the US govt stops this insanity…

  88. James David Chamberlain says:

    Let us remember that our country is at war in Iraq, and at here in USA we seem pre-occupied with Nadya Suleman, a prime example of overindulgance and overinflated sense of self entitlement.

    Nadya Suleman is Iraqi, so maybe her family overseas will be able to help with some of the expense. Perhaps some of her family back home will have jobs waiting for the 6 boys in her latest brood.

    Paul Harris – New York
    The Observer, Sunday 1 February 2009
    “But when Nadya Suleman’s father, Edward, briefly emerged, he did not appear full of the joys of enlarging his family with more grandchildren. “I wish it happens to you people, so you go through hell,” he snapped at the media throng as he unloaded bags of shopping from his car. It was later revealed that Edward was considering going back to his native Iraq – where he has worked as a contractor – in order to raise some cash for the family. As the bidding war begins for Suleman’s story, the quickest and most likely route to financial security is likely to be a publishing contract.”

  89. Lisa says:

    Instead of conceiving 8 more (that doctor should lose his license) she should have focused more on the 6 children she already has. Raising a child with autism is an awesome responsibility. IVF is a very costly procedure…I have to wonder if science wasn’t using her as a guinea pig? How in the world could she have afforded IVF? And if she DID have the money, she should have done the responsible thing and paid off the debt she had prior to IVF. She is not, in my eyes, a mother…but a breeding machine.

  90. Menagerie says:

    I have been wondering the same as all of you, publicist? plastic surgery? nail tips? Heck, I can’t afford new clothes that haven’t been “pre-worn”!!!!

    I DO NOT get food stamps and since I don’t want them I did NOT bring children into the world for others to pay for.

  91. Jeffro says:

    300 large for an interview with her?!?!? I would be more interesting that her. I couldn’t watch more than 2 minutes of that interview. Just not that interesting. Oh well. Hopefully the kids will get some food or clothing out of it before mom goes out and gets her new Angelina boobs.

  92. Jeannie says:

    Katherine, perhaps people could be more supportive of the new Mother Hubbard if she actually had a little thing called a job. She knew what she was doing when she used student loans to “PLAN” for these children, so why should Americans be forced to foot the bill for it now? Another thing if America wanted to help people out why don’t they help out the families who are actually trying to help themselves? do you realize how many single parent homes there are in this country due to the fact that the government will only help if the family is broken up? You want to help her go right ahead, I have my own to take care of.

  93. Lisa says:

    Katherine – I’m not a fan of the Iraq war either…your comment “not so many people in this country who give birth to 14 children”…well, maybe there is a reason for that. As far as me being able to afford to support this womans children, my husband and I are doing the best we can to support the two we have, especially during this economy.

  94. Laura says:

    Selfish, immature, crazy wacko who has no concept of responsiility. Her IVF doctor should also take responsibility for this reckless, insane situation. They should both be admitted to the Mental Institution where she had previously worked. Dumba?s

  95. Sheila says:

    During her interview with Ann Curry, Octomom said that she’d always felt a void in her life because she didn’t have siblings. She said her mother told her “I always made sure you had plenty of friends”, but that still didn’t fill that “sibling” void. I wanted so badly for Ann to ask her how she thought her children would feel about not having a father in their life. I am NOT dissing any single mother… plenty raise great kids w/o a father. BUT for this woman to say she missed having siblings, so she wanted to have a large family, but she went to extreme measures to create one w/o a father. That just doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps instead of working in a mental health facility… she should have been a resident!

  96. Dee says:

    She and the media are unbelievable. how can a woman who has 6 kids that she cant take care of without the help from her parents, afford IVF in the first place, have more kids with out being grilled by social services or even being questioned by the doctor about her ablitlity to take care of additional children. Disabled enough to not work, but fine to take care of 14 children. Children services should have been involved a long time ago. Also she knowingly had these kids with the risks of developmental problems that may happen with multiple births born premature. If she was a recipient of child disability benefits already with her previous children, and put her unborn children in harms way, sounds like she is trying to get additional disability payments. And how does an unemployed stay at home who doesnt have money to pay rent or pay for her children have money to get plastic surgery and keep up with appearances, I have 2 kids and am lucky to be able to blowdry my hair once a month, thats not my priority, I mean ,you have kids to take care of them don’t you, not to fill your bank account (even though she says thats not why she had them). She sounds like a very selfish person, and I cannot believe that the media is giving her attention and monetary gains,I imagine that is why she did it in the first place. Isn’t that what she wants. This is sick and it is sad that these kids will most likely be neglected by their mother, and society is giving her attention through the media to fill her bank account. The kids should be taken away, she should be investigated, and the children put in loving family’s who truly deserve to love and have children.In my opinion , shes in it for the money, to get her own show, and totaly in it for herself. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

  97. Dee says:

    oh and one more thing, Katherine, i am sure that american people already have a heavy debt load, people losing jobs, going unemployed and losing thier homes, possibly having trouble feeding thier families with the way the economy is, these are the people who deserve help from more fortunate tax payers money, not a person who willingly had more kids knowing that she couldnt afford to take care of the ones she already had.

  98. Jan Marcus says:

    I wouldn’t contribute one dime to help her promote her money making scheme!
    She is a narcissutic, SICK PERSONALITY!

  99. virginia says:

    It is time for our government to step in and arrest this woman for bilking us of thousands of dollars! There is NO WAY she is physically or financially capable of taken care of ONE child…LET ALONE FOURTEEN!! The children need to be taken away and given to families that can care for them properly. What she has done is deliberate, calculating, self serving fraud! It seems to most of the world that all of this was done so she could be in the spotlight and become famous and live off the American Middle Class FOR FREE!

  100. kate says:

    i love it when people use IVF and say is is a gift from god, or god wanted me t be pregnant. maybe god wanted you to remain childless, hence the infertility. this woman certainly should have remained childless, as she cannot even take of herself, let alone children.

  101. Lisa says:

    Katherine, I know what a demanding (and rewarding) job being a mother is. I’ve been one for 10 years…a stay at home mom for 6. How she afforded IVF is beyond me, if she indeed paid for it or was a guinea pig for a fertility clinic that exercised no ethics whatsoever. But if she did indeed have the money; shouldn’t that have been put towards paying off debt she already had, and securing a better future for the 6 children she already had? Having had some infertility issues myself, any doctor who implants 6 embryos at one time should lose their license. Children are indeed a blessing; as well as a responsibility. The responsibility of parents – not social services, tax payers, etc. Times get tough; I get that. People fall on hard times – obviously. She willing allowed some doctor (I choke when I say that) to implant her with 6 embryos, knowing full well she couldn’t take care of the ones she’s got. She had the right to choose to have children, not to have children, not to have so many embryos implanted, etc etc…she’s not a victim of circumstance. She is simply irresponsible.

  102. Chris says:

    She looks like either Droopy Dawg or Screwy Squirrel, two old cartoon series from the 40′s. What do you guys think?

  103. Doug says:

    This woman CLEARLY is not stable. The Government infrastructure that should have supported her and disuaded to have 14 children is not stable. The greedy doctor, either money hungry or media hungry is not stable.

    America is not stable

  104. Jacqueline says:

    You people are truly pathetic. all you can do is read from a tabloid stand point of view. Who is for you to say how pathetic this woman is. Maybe her and her family is happy… you are only seeing one side, and this side is a publicized!! So think before any one should judge this poor woman, maybe you should know all sides of it, not just what you read. Isn’t happiness all that matters in life? so before judging others, maybe you should be judging yourselves. Who cares if someone loves having lots of children and wants to spend their life giving life to other human beings! it is noones right to wish a child to be unborn or have them taken away!

  105. Sara says:

    She looks more like Jenine Garafalo not Angelina Jolie….

  106. Doug says:


    NOBODY needs to have 14 children.

    If you think “happiness” is all that matters, you’re not living in reality.

    True, we shouldn’t judge this woman. But for her to have plastic surgery and fertilization while being on govt. assistance… doesn’t that tell you something isn’t right here?

  107. Jacqueline says:

    What a sad life you must be living if happiness is not a priority. But in any case why don’t you people just leave this poor woman alone and get ur selves some lives? cause obv all you have time to do it sit here any patronize someone who has children. there are 16 of us in my family meaning sibling of mine. would you like to tell me that my family is wrong in doing that? You people are just all so stupid.

  108. Barbara says:

    are we sure this is the same woman in the 2 photos? please leave angelina out of this fiasco. she doesn’t look like she was punched in the mouth. i give credit to the tv crew from dateline for having kept their composure as this woman was being interviewed, although it’s shameful what networks with do for ratings. no wonder the grandfather has left the country. his wife should have left too. their daughter seem to be doing well enough now. this is not the grandmother’s job to raise these kids. God help them all. i’m glad my taxes won’t be going to facilitate this woman, as i don’t live in the u.s.

  109. Cassie says:

    As a tax payer footing the bill so she can fill her “void”, I disagree with Katherine …it is not just another drop in the bucket. I’m scrimping and saving to put my kids through college. I’ve watched friends lose their jobs, lose their insurance…people who’ve worked hard all of their lives and now don’t know how they are going to support the families they have. There will be no book deals, no 300K interviews on dateline, nothing but a meager unemployment check.

    I wish those babies the best of luck. They are going to need it. Hopefully there will be an unselfish adult in their lives who can put the needs of the children before their own selfish wants.

    My dad had a saying: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I hope Ms. Suleman uses that logic before another pregnancy, since she is now at high risk for uterine rupture; which could be fatal. She may not be the best mom, but she’s the only one those 14 have.

  110. Cassie says:

    Hey Jacqueline,

    Doug didn’t say happiness was a priority. He disagreed with your comment Isn’t happiness all that matters in life.

    And before you criticize those of us reading and posting, remember you’re doing the same thing..even if you aren’t in agreement :)

  111. Cassie says:

    Off point? Tax dollars we’re talking about, right? I want to see my taxes going toward schools – all of our programs are being cut because of funding. And certainly, yes, it is because of the economy which has been in the crapper well before the octoplets (I’m sure we are in agreement on that one!)And I agree with your comment about our government redirecting funding to help those in need. But what about helping yourself? She had 6 children, and then 8 more…at whose expense? Certainly not her own, not financially. She didn’t have the means to take care of the first 6.

    Your comment: After all, there are not so many people in this country who give birth to 14 children. Come on, we can afford it!:-)

    Maybe you can, but I can’t :(

    I’ve said my thoughts on it. Now I’m going to help my daughter with her homework :)

  112. Lisa says:

    I think she looked better before she did the surgery, much sweeter.

  113. A.R. says:

    I hope the donations do go to her kids and not her plastic surgeries or acrylic nails. Did you see her nails when she touched the preemies? Who has time for a manicure when they have been in the hospital like she was? She’s a quack and I really feel sorry for the inocent children.

  114. Frank says:

    Here’s a question for ya: Who’d leave their tiny babies bedsides while they are in the hospital to go get their nails done?

    I think that’s what this thread is about in a nutshell: Priorities.

  115. Vanessa says:

    It really upsets me that my husband, who has worked for years and now can’t due to a seizure disorder and has filed for disability and has been declined twice. I do not want my tax dollars going to someone that has serious issues and is a liar and thief. She should not get food stamps nor government help. She is ignorant as is the doctor that allowed this. All should be punished. This country and this government has some serious issues and no common sense to help the situation.

  116. UNCONSCIONABLE! says:

    She should have to PAY BACK all the funds she bilked from the taxpayers. She looks like DONALD DUCK with those stupid fat lips. And WHAT is UP with her speech impediment? You can’t even UNDERSTAND the little *itch! Totally disgusting, annoying, upsetting story. This woman should have ACCEPTED GOD’S WILL AND NEVER HAD ANY CHILDREN! (Amazing, how many women will NOT accept God’s will and will stoop to ANYthing to “get a baby (or a dozen)”–and then they turn around and RUIN those kids for life. For people to DEFEND this little gold-digger is UNCONSCIONABLE!

  117. Terry says:

    It is only a matter of time before the Department of Social Services steps in. Daily, Ms. Suleman is showing signs and symptoms that she is seriously mentally ill. So far, delusional and psychotic with several personality disorders.

    At this point, she fills all the criteria to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Except one. She needs to show she is a danger to herself or others.” Wait until the babies come home from hospital.

    But then again, she could have enough money to buy a beautiful, large home with full time help. Book deals, TV deals, interviews…

    However, I am sure Social Services is following this very closely. It waits to be seen if the mother will be able to take the children home from the hospital.

  118. raoul says:

    No, litter is EXACTLY the appropriate word. She bred exactly like a dog or cat.

  119. raoul says:

    Know, what Jaqueline? You’re more pathetic that this irresponsible breeder, because you buy into the crap that we should support her. You want to so bad, YOU adopt her kids or invote her to live with you.

  120. Baffled says:

    i honestly don’t see the resemblance. I blame the media for wanting her to look like angelina…I really really don’t see the resemblance!!!

  121. Jeannie says:

    I could care less if she has a football team, however, if she wanted a family that big she should have enough common sense to realize that you cannot depend on taxpayers to pay for your children’s entire childhood. It’s a slap in the face to the American public for her to expect a handout over a decision that she made foolishly. If she wants to be left alone to live a normal life with her kids why not stay off the television and go fill out job applications instead? I am sure alot of women would love to be stay at home mothers but reality tells us otherwise. America is not this womans BABY DADDY. This woman cannot even keep her house clean let alone raise 14 kids. California citizens are getting IOU’s from the government for their state returns while this woman is probably trying to get more money so she can go for the magic 20. geez

  122. kathryn says:

    A person should be able to support their kids, sometimes it happens they need help and should get it. This woman intentionally brought inocent lives into the world with absolutly no means to take care of them. This is incredibly selfish. She has six children who need her and if they cannot fulfil her need then fourteen won’t either. Her children are not her priority, that is obvious. They live in a tiny house that is far from clean while she is getting plastic surgery and her nails done. He father fled to Iraq and her mother is obviously exhausted. The state needs to find a law any law to remove her children from her until she recieves psychiatric help. Having a family is a deeply personal decision but this woman has placed an unreasonable burden on family and government. She risked the lives of the eight children she carried just to produce numbers to bulk society. Sorry, as a society, we have to protect the children, they need to be removed from the home or at least the babies in the hospital prevented from entering the home. I hope California can find a way to do it. I believe in family but the children’s welfare come first.

  123. Angela says:

    To me, the most important issue here is the mental state of the mother. As I see it, she is clearly unstable and delusional. That in turn means the children are definitely at risk for some kind of abuse, be it neglect, or something far worse.
    She has confused being a “mother” with being a “MOM”.
    People need to stop pandering to this unfortunate excuse of a human being. Her 15 minutes of fame are up.

    The immediate problem needs to be dealt with, the care of these 8 innocent new born children. It’s obvious they cannot live in that house. The mother has no visible means of support, and if the Grandmother is telling the truth, then these children need to be taken into protective custody.

    If, as has been claimed, the mother received monies from an insurance settlement, and no monetary exchange has taken place between the Grandparents, and the mother, for the housing and other expenses involved in raising children, that screams irresponsibility on the mother’s part. That alone should be a cry for intervention, especially since children cost a great deal of money to raise. And what about the Grandmother’s claims that she is the one raising the other 6 already at home? Add 8 new born premature babies, with their special needs and requirements, and who looks after the 6 already there? One set of Grandparents and a clearly delusional mother cannot cope with a situation like this. The Grandmother already admits she is overwhelmed and tired.

    More than one Government agency needs to investigate this horrific situation. Obviously Child Protective Services needs to be involved, but then so does the IRS and any Government agency that is supplying money to this woman. A full disclosure of the monies paid from her interviews should be mandatory. By that I mean what she does with that payment. Plastic surgery, fake nails, these are not necessities when faced with the daunting task of being financially responsible for raising 14 children.
    Clearly this pathetic woman needs psychiatric help.

    I am also quite curious; all these so called “lies”….why is she never called on them during an interview?

    This is not so much a story about a woman having 14 children, as it is a story on the sad state of a woman who clearly cannot be responsible for herself, or her selfish actions. It is also a story that details how easy it is to dupe government agencies into supporting people who are too lazy to do it themselves. The monies she receives for her already 3 disabled children, are they in programs specifically designed to meet their special needs? Is every possible effort being made to improve their lives? Or is the money going to plastic surgeons and nail salons?

    A “MOM” wouldn’t be indulging in such superfluous activities. All her time, energy and resources would be centered on her children. You are a “MOM” first and foremost, a concept that this woman clearly is not capable of understanding.

  124. peggy says:


  125. Someone should superglue Octopussy’s vagina shut before she does it again.

  126. Just think, in the olden days people used to have to pay a nickel to see freaks like this at a carnival. Now we all pay millions to see them in the media.

    (ps: this link works)

  127. Murray M says:

    My god people, give it a rest. Which of you does not have a ghost in your closet, or something you wish you were. Are there not more important things in life to discuss right now….look at the state of the United States right now and the financial problems it has caused for the rest of the world. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Who cares what she does, it is her life, not yours…..if you really cared, you would do something to help her out like with a trust fund…..something for the children……but no….lets give billions to the auto industry and to the banks…….you poeple from the United States are an embarassment to the rest of man kind…….so go ahead, give it your best now as you always do…..think of your selfish little selves and no one else! If anything, the world should close off it’s borders to you for the mess your country is always causing……world freaking trouble makers. Look at your 911 war… the rest of the world is having to clean up your mess again…..and as for the Canadians…..they have one of the smallest militaries, but are doing more to help over there with fixing your crap than anyone….at least they are sticking it out…..Makes me ashamed to be on the same planet as you!

  128. can't believe this crap says:

    I think this woman should be committed! She has serious mental problems!
    As a woman who has now had 2 miscarriges and would love to give even one child a loving stable home (with mother and father – the way God intended)I find this woman offensive – she is profiting on these innocent children who did not choose to be born of this selfish woman (they call mother – I don’t think she deserves this title). There are alot of women that are deserving to have even just one child and this lady finds it acceptable to DUMP as many eggs as possible in her uterus and calls it God’s blessing?
    DISGUSTING! Lady – you are going straight to Hell…what you have done is in no way Gods blessing….it is artificial – God did not bless you with these children – the unethical fertility doctor did!
    On behalf of all the women (and Men) who are truely deserving of “Blessings from God” I say a prayer for your soul -Isn’t GREED one of the seven deadly sins???

  129. Robert says:

    I think we should stop focusing on the mother so much… this os really about these babies and they should be the ones we should be put our focus on….these little creatures need everyones help to survive regardless of what the mother has or hasn’t done…and what about the doc where is he during all of this shit that is going on

  130. Murray M says:

    I agree with Katherine and Robert

  131. Saner Than You! says:

    All of you people are absolute idiots!


    Have you not learned your lesson about American media hype? You would think you would have learned your lesson about hype after being suckered into a unjust war; allowing your financial institutions to “police themselves” which ultimately destroyed your economy by playing on your own selfish desires, etc. and yet, here you are making judgements about someone you don’t even know!

    Again, you people are a bunch of IDIOTS!!!

  132. yvette says:

    This girl doesn’t look like Agelina,, Angie has very thing chin and neck line…Nayda Suleman has fat chin, and her lips are terrible…Overall, Nayda face doesn’t look nothing like, any movie star..

  133. LC says:

    Wow, so much here I agree with and so much that I don’t. I conceived both of my children with “help”. I took a pill called Clomid to conceive my daughter as I had problems with ovulation. Conceiving my son took a bit longer, and ultimately he was conceived through intrauterine insemination (more commonly known as artificial insemination). What I find interesting (maybe disturbing is a better word) is that before my IUI, I had an ultra sound. My fertility specialist said that if I had more than 4 viable eggs, we were going to skip the cycle. She smiled and went on to say she wasn’t trying to get her or my name in the newspapers. 4 doesn’t sound like such a large number, but eggs do split. I think the “outrage” people are expressing here maybe should be directed a little more towards the fertility specialist? From what I’ve read about Nadya, she just doesn’t sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer. I researched the cost of IVF, and it was far out of our reach. I can’t help but wonder if perhaps the mom was used as a guinea pig as someone suggested earlier? Certainly doesn’t seem possible that she could have saved such an amount of money, given the debt she has I’d think her bank accounts would have been frozen?

    I do hope her children get the care they need, the care that every child deserves.

    As for Mom Suleman, I hope she gets her tubes tied. If she isn’t mentally ill now, having more children would have to send her over the deep end! I have 2 and wow..some days I feel like I’m losing my mind! lol

  134. mable says:

    Mental illness does not warrent persicution, It is clear that this women has the inability to make good choices for herself, and the 14 children she has produced. In my opinion Naydya was failed by the medical professionals that should have been protecting her. It is all fine to be angry and uppity at the mother ,a pointless waste of energy(because clearly she does’nt think she has done anything wrong) But there are 14 innocent lives to be considered here. What is done is done, maybe we will see a stricter screening process put into place,so this sort of thing does not happen again. Until then this mother will need careful monitering by the social system and significant support from all that can help.!!!!!!

  135. B says:

    this woman is an insult to women who can’t have children and deserve them. she doesn’t deserve anyone’s money or any of our support. she is selfish and greedy and MENTALLY UNSTABLE. god forbid oprah falls for her schemes and actually has her as a guest on the show. let her suffer. let ths deranged person be a lesson that the medical community need to screen their candidates better. tie her tubes and get her some psychological help. even better, put the children in foster care. they will be better off.

  136. blaire says:

    I hope they put this woman in a mental institution.

  137. Chelle says:

    She’s still ugly as sin. Maybe it’s because she so disgusting as a person. She’s also a FAT ASS. I know that happens when you get preggo. I have a kid of my own but the b***h will never look like Angelina. I don’t care what she does.

  138. blaire says:

    Katherine, THANK YOU for showing me the error of my ways and THANK YOU for spreading your angel wings over me and leading me to the light.

    You must be one of those women who choose not to get a job, collect welfare and does not better herself.




  139. Chuck says:

    Why is everyone so surprised at her actions ??
    It takes average person whole life time (most still dor not) get the 15 min of fame that she is getting…for what, being a baby producing machine. I mean it’s easy way to get fame and fortune, right?
    Take a look at shows like kate plus 8 or Duggers… Instant fame… no talent required…
    Saw the Kate +8 chick on Dr Phil giving lecture… why and what this woman did was wrong.. talk about pot calling the kettle black…
    Not sure who the is more stupid.. the woman with 14 kids without real way to support them or the public/media for giving her the undeserved attention.
    Phil kept saying he’s concerned and is talking about it because of the kids… right. Keep telling yourself that Phil… eventually you’ll belive it. Dude you talk about it because it pays the bills to tune of some $50 mil a year… who are you kidding… If I had that kind of money to rake in I’d be concerened too…
    You watch… this woman will get a reality show and then it’s the easy life…
    I think the media circus around this issue is a joke…
    I say leave her to her own demise.. she is an adult, at least by age she is an adult, she made the choice and now she should suffer, and I do mean suffer the rewards to having 14 kids…
    But as I said before, plenty of oppertunities for companies to get free publicity by donating stuff to her…

  140. Miss Diagnosed says:

    As a mentally ill person I knew that I could never care properly for a child, either physically, emotionally, or financially. I therefore made the decision to have myself sterilized. That’s what this nut case should have had done to herself, or been forced to have done, before she had her first child. She should NOT be having litters of children to suffer at her hands! It sickens me and I am so saddened when I think about those poor children. We’ll see her in the news again, wearing an orange jumpsuit!

  141. Sue says:

    Nel, you are right on! Chloe Lattanzi!! But I think she was going for Angelina Jolie…and missed. I’m really surprised she didn’t get blue contact lenses.

  142. A Canadian says:

    Actually, the Dionne quints were not taken away because there were already five siblings in family. They were taken away because the Canadian government saw commercial viability and made millions off those poor girls. If you don’t believe me, then Google it.

  143. beth says:

    when is child services going to go and evaluate whether this woman is mentally stable enough to keep any of these children? and how about that fertility doctor and the donor paying the hospital bills for these babies? i have met women like her before, its babies she wants not children, as they grow up they aren’t nearly as interesting to her. so its babies, babies, babies.

  144. Laughable says:

    “The comparison is not a diss to the actress as she seems to be having children she can take care of, and is more of an observation about Suleman’s assumed obsession with Jolie”

    What laughable asskissers you are.

  145. bob says:

    I think she looks more like her self than she did before.Mad, obsessed and fakely shallow. Nothing like Jolie who is gorgeous inside and out.

  146. JJ says:

    I think she’s getting the attention she wants. Thanks to all the media coverage…..I predict that she’ll get tons of money for a biography book deal, life story thriller movie…maybe something similar to “Single White Female”. if someone like her will get all this money for being a psycho then what about all the honest and hardworking good people of america who are struggling right now??!! So it pays to be deranged?? Maybe I should get invitro, have 10 kids and assume the identity of Marie Osmond??!! I feel sorry for all of Nadya’s kids. Their mother needs serious therapy.

  147. Laila Ylana says:

    It’s all madness but

    1) people who are only concerned about the taxpayers brunt of it really separate themselves out and show their true underbellies, without knowing it. It shows a mindset of fear, lack, insecurity & little compassion. It’s not the most important part of the story. Whether it’s her or 8 separate people getting assistance, the money’s not going back in your pocket, it isn’t affecting you individually. Even if we had a budgetary surplus, 1 politician would come along, figure out how to divide it among his friends and pet projects and it’ll still be gone. Don’t obsess over something that’s not really yours.

    2) The biggest issue is the kids’ welfare. The issue is she’s NUTS. Verifiably nuts. And a compulsive liar as well as a hoarder. She lied about her church, her parents the plastic surgery, welfare and who knows what else. She’s nuts with no support system, shouldn’t be trusted w/a whit more cash than she has now. She’s a narcissist with bad judgement and the only issue worth looking into is whether she is just troubled and can be counseled and rehabilitated, or is pathological and just permanently damaged, at which point, they need to get the new kids whisked away before they get attached to her and eventually removed anyhow. The 6 she has are attached so it might be more damaging to remove them, but she volunteered her crazy for the world to see. Lots of nuts folks raise kids everyday but most aren’t arrogant enough to draw attention to themselves.

    3) WHERE IS THIS DOCTOR WHO DID THIS? Crazy people want to do weird stuff everyday. It’s up to medical professionals to keep people from harming themselves and other. They DO psych evals for people getting sex changes, plastic surgery and IVF everyday. What type of snake-oil salesman didn’t notice she was nuts, or noticed and just took her cash anyhow. It’s not always a crazy person’s fault that they are crazy, but it’s other people’s fault for enabling it to spread harm farther. That doctor took her personal money and put it in his pocket and put the burden probably on the taxpayers which is a indirect way of stealing from the government. If you’re concerned about money, she’s not going to get rich off of food stamps and student loans, but this guy is getting rich of his butt taking money from people who no other doctor would service. The end fallout of this is that laws are going to be made instead of guidelines because of this one idiot doctor who was greedier than he was smart. Very few doctors would have given a healthy sub-35 year old single parent more than 3 kids.

    Thanks for reading my 2 cents.

  148. Voice of Reason says:

    From the LA Times:

    “Using the 2007 average as a low estimate, Kaiser [Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower that requested reimbursement for care of the eight premature infants] would be eligible for a combined $9,584 per day in Medi-Cal reimbursement. The babies, who are 16 days old, already have racked up a conservative $153,344 in Medi-Cal costs, not including their delivery. Kaiser doctors have said they will remain hospitalized for seven to 12 weeks. If they stay for seven weeks, the cost would be $469,616. If they stay 12 weeks, the cost would be $805,056.”

    After spending twelve days on our planet, you–the american taxpayer–now owe these little babies just over $100,000 dollars a piece.

    Also from the Times: “Kaiser gathered 46 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals together to perform the delivery.” Hm, I seriously hope that no honest citizens that didn’t bring problems on themselves (like Nadya did) weren’t delayed treatment due to this woman’s selfish nature.

    Continued: “Her worker’s compensation file, obtained by The Times, indicates that a doctor hired by the state to evaluate her believes she is now eligible for permanent disability. The state stopped paying her a temporary disability on Aug. 28. But the records show that she would be paid a permanent disability. State officials said no determination has been made yet for the amount or duration of her payments.” So now the woman who said she wouldn’t need/take any state help in raising these children may be the recipient of permanant disability (welfare).

    Two questions: how does a woman with permanant damage to her back that was so bad it has caused her to miss work for at least eight years manage to hold eight babies in her womb (lots of back strain there), and then furthermore, how does someone with permanant debilitating back problems properly raise and care for 14 children under that age of 7?

    Another quote from the woman who thinks her vagina is a clown car regarding her past failed marriage: “[I realised] that I wasn’t in love at all with him. I was in love with having children.” To me, that sounds like a mental disorder; obsessive-compulsive maybe, but I’m not positive. But to say that you are “in love with HAVING children” definitely sounds like selfish reasoning to bring 14 of them into the world. That is a indicative of a sickness not unlike alcoholism and gambling.

    Let’s just hope the world wakes up and this woman gets nothing from the public purse. The babies are trapped in an abusive household (having children only as a show of prestige, for monetary gain or other unscrupulous reasons, such as mental and emotional imbalances, or for reasons that parallel why kids collect beanie babies should be regarded as abuse) and should be removed as promptly as possible, or not released to her care to begin with.

  149. catherine says:

    Oh leave her alone, for god’s sake. There’s sooooo many jealous women out there that want to crucify her because she’s an attractive single mom who won the genetic jackpot. It’s easier to say she had work done than to just admit she’s a fertile beauty. If she had a supportive husband alot of people would be less likely to run their mouths off knowing there’s someone who has her back. Most people who condemn her are probably trying to make themselves feel better from the sorry fact that they don’t spend enough time with their OWN kids, or just couldn’t plain have any for whatever reason so this young woman has to pay your emotional price. Women have been heading up single-parent families of 10, 12, 14 for YEARS, all over the world, and babies are only as expensive as you make them. Necessity is the mother of invention, and the fact this lady has all her children and is NOT on welfare speaks volumes already. Good for her! The kids are out, they’re around, now let’s stop trying to undo what the hell’s already done and focus on your own damn families why dont you?

  150. cj says:

    I am amazed at the nasty attitude toward this woman. I do not agree with having 14 children as a single parent and I also think she did not intend to do that either. Your concern over her financial condition is so very much NOT YOUR business. I believe that she is rather clever to think of selling her story because nobody can afford to raise 14 children in this difficult economy. I have been praying for her, for the children and for support for the family. By the way I was a foster child and it was a very brutal experience and I would not wish that on another soul.

  151. Voice of Reason says:

    she IS on welfare. I have no problem with single-parent families; having been raised by only my mother (of four), i almost feel it’s better than the traditional two-parent upbringing as it has instilled such respect for the strength and dedication of women. My mother is the strongest role model in my life. This has nothing to do with the fact that she is a single mother, it has everything to do with the fact that she is an UNFIT mother. Too disabled to hold down any sort of job, but well enough to raise 14 children under the age of 7 all on her own? Mentally unbalanced in that she views babies as Pogs or some sort of collectible? Sounds like a great mother to me.

    But let’s get to the real moral of the story here: if you’re a mother out there who can’t afford the couple’a kids you’ve got, launch a false disability claim so you can afford in-vitro, jam as many embryos as possible into your uterus, sh*t out a baker’s dozen worth of kids, and voila, no more financial worries. American Dream indeed.

    Go get ‘em America!

  152. Stephani says:

    Our concern over her financial situation IS OUR BUSINESS THANK YOU! MY tax dollars are going to support this nutcase! I feel so sorry for those poor babies, and I agree with whoever said it earlier, that I hope they adopt out these children into homes where they will ALL be loved and adaquatley cared for. To say that it isn’t our business is bullsh!t, it’s OUR MONEY she’s using!
    She’s a sick, pathetic woman, and I WOULD pay for her tubes to be tied.

  153. Stephani says:

    My thing is this… She has a PUBLICIST, she has PLASTIC SURGERY, she has IVF SIX TIMES…

    In my opinion, I think that all of this is a HUGE hoax!

    I think there is a husband and money somewhere, and they are doing all of this for attention. There is just too much that doesn’t add up here.

  154. justme says:

    This is going to sound cold, I just want to say I don’t even agree with couples needing federal and state assistance after having high multiples due to IVF. Jon and Kate, um, yeah I don’t feel sorry for them, THEY PAID FOR IVF with the chances of those multiples, so deal with YOUR own consequences! And now EVERYONE donates to them, she was even given free plastic surgery! Um, IVF is EXPENSIVE! If you can’t afford multiples, don’t implant multiples in your uterus, or don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars to have kids or try this, DON’T HAVE KIDS AT ALL! A single mother with no income, trust fund, etc., shouldn’t even be allowed to use IVF. Ridiculous. Sorry to say, that’s 14 more people that are probably going to be welfare statistics in adulthood also. These parents of multiples due to IVF piss me off. They cannot manage to care for their kids on their own, pay for their kids, feed them, etc. So they get on as many TV shows as possible and become celebs. How about the working parents who struggle with their kids? And they make steps NOT to have more because they don’t want to be on Welfare. And they don’t get plastic surgery and publists and go on TV shows and exploit their children, because frankly they want to be better parents than that. Now, those are some parents I respect!

  155. goodmom says:

    Catherine, whatever, you’re obviously as dilluted as the single mom of 14. I am a working mother of 3 BEAUTIFUL children under 3, so um, I am able to have children so there’s no jealousy there. I am attractive and have had no plastic surgery. I also have a great set of abs and have a hot sex life with my hot husband, so there’s no jealousy there. My husband and I work opposite shifts to save on daycare and so WE can spend QUALITY time with our children. Jealous I am not. Concerned for the well-being of her children, I am. 14 in a little rancher? She hasn’t got time to spend quality time with her kids. She’s so into herself and NOT her kids, that’s why she’s having more. If she were really concerned with her children, she wouldn’t have had In-Vitro 7 times!! She would have realized, hey, I can’t take care of the ones I got, maybe I should forget about fulfilling my pyscholgical fantasies and focus on the kids I have and make a good life for them. Instead, she really effed things up for all of them. The shame is on her. And the only ones I pray for is her children.

  156. SS says:

    I love what Catherine wrote: “It’s easier to say she had work done than to just admit she’s a fertile beauty.”

    A fertile beauty? First off, she had IVF. She isn’t naturally fertile. And she certainly isn’t a natural beauty (now). Catherine, have you seen what she looked like before. Fine. She looked fine. Now she looks like a whole hive of bees stung her lips.

    She is mentally unstable. It is so sad for her kids.

  157. Jaime says:

    lol, I’m with Catherine. Look how quick all the ladies are to insist they REALLY are hot or happy and NOT JEALOUS, whatever. Oh and the one saying she’s got this great sex life with her husband who works OPPOSITE SHIFTS?= NO SEX LIFE!!!If that isn’t a red flag for insecurity right there. Studying this chick’s lips when you should maybe be working with your kid and their homework??BAM! Fertile is being able to have kids period, whether naturally or not! She still beat the odds by a long shot and you dried up ladies can’t handle it lol

  158. goodmom says:

    To Jaime, my hubby sure doesn’t mind waking up at 3am when I get home, thanks. And we don’t each work round the clock okay. Opposite shifts doesn’t mean we never see eachother, and I work part-time. My point in saying that is, our kids aren’t in school yet, like many of Nadya’s kids, so they’re home during the day. Somebody’s got to take care of them. We made responsible decisions as to when and how many kids we were going to have, how we were going to cover the finances. And 3 kids in under 3 years, screams a huge sex life, lol. No In-Vitro for me. Maybe Nadya needed to have so many babies to make up for her jealousy of women that have men that actually want to have sex with them. :0 Some people need In-Vitro because Mother Nature didn’t want them having any for very good reasons. She shouldn’t have had any. My kids are babies, they don’t have homework and they are in bed thanks. When they’re up, it’s all about them. You can’t judge anyone for posting on the same site as you. And I could give an eff what she looks like, I was commenting on Catherine saying the women were all jealous. And I was stating I seriously am not jealous. Far, far far from it. Disturbed, disgusted, worried, concerned, but no where near jealous. I hate almost half my salary going to taxes which help to feed stupid women’s kids. Learn to feed your own damn kids or don’t effing have them. That’s my main point. And she paid money to have all these babies. Nobody should have to helop this stupid selfish women pay for the kids she chose to have. It’s a bunch of BS.

  159. g.preastoll says:

    This is off topic, but whoever said that line: “Sex is like money: When people brag about it, they ain’t getting any.”
    Maybe people are REALLY pissed because this prize cow doesn’t HAVE to work to feed those baby chirplets anymore, while the rest of us begrudgingly have to drag our butts to work Monday to put food on the table for our kids
    Yea, that would piss me off too I guess ;)

  160. LC says:

    I underwent fertility treatments (not IVF), but even still, I do not believe mother nature intended for me to not have children. We just needed a little extra help.

    I still say the sick one is the fertility specialist. No more than 2 embryos are to be implanted, due to risk to the mother. Embryos may split (as in her case) but this is not something that isn’t known going in to it. If it was his hopes to become famous, I think infamous is more the word. I do hope he loses his licenses…and hey, maybe cough up a few $$ for those babies who will be in the NICU for who knows how long.

  161. SS says:

    Jaime, my kid doesn’t need help with his homework. We play games and read. But I don’t know why I’m giving your ridiculous words the time of day. Sounds like you have some serious problems and insecurities. You are a lot nastier than most of the people that commented.

  162. goodmom says:

    I am not saying In-Vitro is wrong for everyone. I said “some people.” Especially when you can’t afford to support yourself, let alone kids, and have 14 of them. I think this is absolutely extreme, and people should be outraged. And does anyone know what she is on disability for? I agree if you aren’t able enough, mentally or physically, to have any job; you aren’t able enough to be a mom of 14.

  163. meghan says:

    Hey you guys octagon mom’s lips look good! They are soooo succulent and sexi. I’ll bet a million bucks that all the cluckies complaining about her trout pout have a pair of lips thinner than pretzel sticks. Eeek! So everyone keeps insisting Nadya’s lips are god awful when ANGELINA JOLIE has been voted endlessly around the globe as the world’s most beautiful woman alive and– GUESS WHAT– she’s got a trout pout, too!Which Means The Verdict Is In: THE MAJORITY OF RED BLOODED MALES THINK ANGELINA’S MOUTH IS DA BOMB xoxoxoxoxPS but Nadya ur still a lil’ bit crazy

  164. SS says:

    LC, I read the doctor is being investigated by the Medical Board of California, so that is encouraging. Something seems unethical there.

  165. Leslie says:

    Angelina and Nadya may both have big lips…but Nadya’s don’t look anything like Angelina’s. Hers look like plastic surgery gone wrong.

  166. valerie simmons says:

    Since when does having 14 kids automatically make a woman an unfit mother? If it does, it will just be a matter of time when Child Protection steps in and snaps up those kids. But until that day arrives, everybody can shut their beaks and let this lady go about performing the world’s toughest job– and sadly, looks like she’ll have to be performing it all alone.

  167. valerie simmons says:

    By the way, my great aunt wanted to ask that question lol. She’s Italian. She had 15 kids, two are doctors, five are nurses, 1 policeman, 4 in the military three died. She did a pretty good job considering she married a shoemaker!!

  168. ShakingMyHead says:

    This shit is disgusting. You know what makes me even more cranky? I mean aside from her taken my hard earned money (I’m completely against welfare as it is), exploiting these children, and being a general moron, is that woman like myself, who have no interest in having children are medically disallowed to have any procedure that would prevent us from having children. I can’t choose to stop my body from having a child I don’t want or need but she can choose to have 14 that she can’t take of and let’s face, doesn’t have the time for. Backward country indeed.

  169. ShakingMyHead says:

    Grrr…*taking not taken*

  170. trudi L says:

    Oh aim your mace can at the right person would ya. The *&^% Government takes your money (and mine), not Octopus or whatever her name is. Trust this she will be scrutinized for other income coming in, and with $300,000 dollar interviews on the horizon, she won’t be needing any of our measly paycheques!!

  171. class of '84 says:

    goodmom is probably at work but one things for sure her hubby’s flippin through the Angelina Jolie magazines gettin ready for when she comes home at 3am!! Yeeah baby!!

  172. Gina says:

    No reason to be nasty with one another here! We’re all here for the same reason, whether we agree or disagree – it’s a train wreck we can’t stop looking at.

    I had IVF 7 years ago and as a result i have one beautiful little girl. There was no psychological exam. you have the money, your blood work is negative for such things as hepatitis, hiv, etc..they’ll do it. A friend of mine had gastric bypass surgery because she was fatally obese. Before the surgery, she DID have to have a psychological exam and to me it seemed odd. No, women do not have to see a shrink before conceiving nor does a woman have to be evaluated before going on a diet. BUT when extra measures are involved…do you see what I’m getting at it?

    It is my understanding that this woman wanted a large family because she was an only child. My moms comments on that tonight were: Well, I want to be a millionaire because I was poor growing up. Should I create a website and ask and expect donations?

    One thing is for sure, this countrys’ “Welfare to work” simply ain’t going to work. No, I don’t believe that women on welfare should be sterilized. (OMG that is a harsh thing to say). But I do agree with what many of you have said before: If you can’t financially (and yes, money is a HUGE part of taking care of a child. Love alone doesn’t buy milk or diapers, etc) care for the children you already have, why would you put yourself in the position to have another one, let alone 8?

    My dear friend has a son with autism. When she found out she was pregnant with her second (not trying to conceive) she was beside herself. The financial burden, the constant care, she was and is absolutely overwhelmed. Thankfully her second child is not autistic, but she did have her tubes tied after giving birth because she was scared she would not be able to give the second child the attention she needed because of the first. She certainly would not have another. Now before everyone flames me on that let me just say that it’s not my personal belief that a family with an autistic child should only have one child…that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just giving you an autistic childs’ mothers point of view.

    Be well everyone!

  173. Susan says:

    Gina, thanks you for your well thought out comments. I agree with everything you said and I appreciate the kindness. I don’t see why some people are so mean to other people on this board(and other boards – it’s all over the place). That’s something that really bothers me.

  174. Susan says:

    Hi Valerie, Read this article and especially comment 43. I don’t think your aunt has much in common with Nadya. People are angry because she had more children, when she couldn’t even take care of or pay for the ones she had. And now she’s asking flat out for money, when she has been spending $$ on plastic surgery and nails, etc. People are outraged and worried that the $$ she gets she won’t even use for her children…and the list goes on:

  175. jae says:

    Didn’t her publicist first state that Suleman was a “medical professional who earned an income suitable to raising 6 children” and that she “was not living with her parents; her parents moved in temporarily to help out with the 6 children while Suleman was pregnant”. What happened to all of this?

  176. Susan says:

    Hey Jae, apparently she was hurt working in a mental institute (in a riot) and hasn’t worked for years. And I think her mom has been helping with the 6 kids for a least 3 years (they are/were living together).

  177. Kat says:

    Unbelievable, there is NO way this woman can take care of these children in any capacity. My husband and I have 2 young children. Our youngest daughter is 2 and has developmental delays. She has therapy 6 times a week, totaling over $4000 a month. My life is devoted to being her advocate and to making certain that she receives every possible resource. At the same time, my life is also devoted to giving our oldest daughter the time, love and attention that she deserves. At the end of some days I still question whether or not I have given enough of myself to my girls. Having said all of this, my husband does a wonderful job of providing for us, but at a cost. He is in sales and travels an average of 2 weeks every month. Without the insurance his company offers we could not afford the care our daughter needs and deserves. For us, we have made the decision not to have any more children. Our focus is on meeting the needs of the 2 that we already have. I pray for the sake of those babies that they will not have developmental delays, but the reality is that some of them will. Every day I watch my little girl struggle to do the things that most kids innately just do. That is her normal, she doesn’t know any other way. I do though and as her mother it breaks my heart. But, I chose to focus on how far she has come rather than how far she has to go. The origin of my daughter’s delays are unknown, even after $25,000 of testing. Shame on Nayda Suleman for her unconscionable and selfish decision. Her children are the ones that will pay the price for it.

  178. TheDude says:

    Can you say TV’s “next reality show?”….

    This whole thing is offensive to anyone of the human race,

  179. Well, from my point of view, the lady looks great both “before” and “after” :-) ,
    if I just look at the two photos above this guestbook.

    But it’s a pitty to let her do
    “in vitro fertilization”, instead of having real sex with her divorced hubby or any new boyfriend :-) !


  180. Sawan says:

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy !!! She has done some crazy things. But she will earn money from interviews.

  181. Debbie Young says:

    After reading all the comments on this site I would like to tell you about a web site that truly helps those in need it is can adopt 1-4 soldiers around the world.Only 1 letter a month and 1 care package a month.I did it and I am just a regular citizen of the USA.You’d be amazed at how you can brighten a soldier’s day.Please pass this along!:)
    Thank You,A Soldiers Mom

  182. annie says:

    To Jaime:Parents can work opposite shifts and still be together. My mom worked day while my dad worked swing shift to raise my siblings and I.It not only saved money that would have otherwise gone to daycare, but also, we had a loving parent at home. And ofcourse they were both home every night to spend the night together.
    I think this person, Nadya is a creep. She should be put in a mental institution so that she doesn’t effect her FOURTEEN kids. Who in their right mind would change her face to look like a celebrity?

  183. Marilyn says:

    The food stamps and SSI applications ask how much money you have.

    Did she forget to mention the money she had squirreled away (pun intended) for IVF?

  184. Kate says:

    Shaking my head – I totally agree. I would have to fight tooth and nail as a 28 year old woman to have my tubes tied. I’m not even sure I could find a doctor to do it. A woman’s right to choose should include this.

    Nadya is selfish and as she said, “In love with having babies.” Not caring for them, not, “I love kids,” but in love with having them and compulsively exercising her womanhood/femininity in so doing.

    She is selfish because she has taken away time and care from her first 6 children. She has taken away love and nurturing from 6 to spread it among 14. As far as I’m concerned, with only 2 grandparents and you, we would all know we are not capable of caring adequately for 14 children. Not to mention a lack of any source of income.

    Why didn’t Ann Curry ask, after Nadya said she WOULD have enough money to take care of her kids after she had her degree, “Who is going to take care of them financially until you have your degree?”

    As a society, we owe it to ourselves to evaluate things according to a commonly conceived code of ethics without bringing God into the mix. I will respect your opinions – you respect mine- I am an atheist.

    If I decide to have children, I will wait till I am financially and emotionally stable and have found an equally invested partner to help raise them. If that never happens, so be it. I’m sure I want kids but not sure I believe it would be good to bring children into a world like this one.

    Nadya is sick – she is addicted to conception and birth – the good chemicals this produces in the brain – and addicted to the compulsive exercise of her femininity and ability to produce something tangible with her life. It appears she is also addicted to plastic surgery – going under the knife also makes the brain produce feel-good chemicals in response to the trauma. This makes sense since, to keep her depression at bay, she would have to keep doing the things that make her feel good.

    I hope the medical board revokes the doctors license. I think Nadya is obviously nuts – I mean – that is obvious – no-one who has six kids under 8 would have 6 fertilized eggs transplanted to her uterus unless they were certifiable.

    That said, at least she’s used some of her new-found money to get a nanny.

    The intense disgust I feel for this woman is based on her lack of care and compassion for her children, and her inability to understand that having children is a Responsibility and not a Right.

    And until we take religion out of this equation there can be no clear position on whether or not what she did was wrong – which it CLEARLY was.

    Poor kids. Just the fact that Nadya said they are not old enough to have an opinion on her bringing more children into the family shows how little she knows about children. They have opinions – she just chose not to ask them or not to respect their opinions.

    Total disrespect for human life. She risked all 8 babies’ lives and health. And she’s further compromised the well-being of the initial 6.

    Instead of spending money on InVitro and spending her bodies resources on having children – why didn’t she spend money on physical therapy, counseling, and her body’s resources on healing, so she could go back to work and finish school and then have kids? Why didn’t she? Because she is sick!

    And since she’s sick – how accountable can we hold her – and it comes back to the doctor, the state health professionals responsible for evaluating her, and wouldn’t there have been a social worker involved with a woman with 6 kids on disability, getting special payment for 3 of her kids because they have a disability? I imagine no-one can talk sense to a crazy person – but still, the doctor just shouldn’t have continued to implant her.

    I would be more scrutinized by a doctor for even bringing up the idea of sterilizing myself than this woman was for implanting 6 embryos when she already had six existing children.

    “Go forth and populate the earth, for I have given thee the tools to give mother nature a little help” LOL

    Though I am concerned and angry primarily for the her children’s sake, I am happy that this is the last year I’ll be paying taxes in California. If InVitro is so easy to get if you can raise 10-15 grand- and Nadya’s case so publicized – get ready for the copy cats! And they won’t be insane, just selfish and opportunistic. And there will be plenty of doctors willing to accommodate them unless Nadya’s InVitro doctor is penalized.

  185. docken says:

    FIRST: JEAN (feb 10) “i would love for the court to order that her unethical doctor support these kids”… DITTO! how can he be considered anything other than an accomplice? apparently he (the doctor) and nadya had unsuccessfully courted “fame” in 2006, during one of her (many) previous IVF procedures.
    it appears that as a record (litter) was not achieved at that time, they conspired to “try and try again”. i just can’t help but feel that there is much more to this very unfortunate (for the children) story.

    SECOND: a few years ago i was severly physically abused by my (ex)husband which required multiple cervical spine surgeries. the second surgery resulted in a deadly hospital acquired staph infection and thus intravenous antibiotics, being fed through a tube in my stomach for two years, two subsequent spinal surgeries, and now two more are necessary. i am totally and permantly physically disabled and receiving disability payments, for which i am extremely grateful. prior to my disability i had worked and paid all of my taxes for almost THIRTY YEARS. after my rent is paid i live on approximately $35.00 a week. i cannot afford plastic surgery, fake fingernails, IFV, or FOURTEEN CHILDREN. not only that, i can’t sit in one position for more than five minutes let alone walk around with a 30 lb. bag of cement strapped to my stomach for 6-7 months; and i did not receive $160,000.00+ for my injury. it seems to me that as nadya was so determined to hoard offspring, it was a mighty lucky (?) back injury. apparently that oh so depressing and disabling pain just disappeared as soon as her IVF kicked in. looks to me like she’s just crazy enough to commit a whole lot of FRAUD, and she needs to pay back more than just her student loans.
    p.s. where is she getting the money for school when she’s using the student loan money to feed mac and cheese to those poor kids?

  186. kayway says:

    why would anyone do that to themselves? Her lips must have been done shortly before the interview with Curry, because they looked so fat, like she got them stuck in a vacuum hose. They were so huge that she looked toothless, which gave her a “white-trash” version of AJ look.
    And as far as her being disabled, that is a joke, for someone with a bad back (so bad she can’t hold a job?) she would not be able to carry so many children, especially be able to even STAND with a belly of 8. There are people in this country dying while waiting to get approved for disability, who on a daily basis need help even getting out of bed, why is the lady so special??? I can see why people make threats against her, she is getting away with far too much and putting the burden on everyone else.

  187. Faith says:

    Nadya Suleman is obviously emotionally disturbed as well as being supremely stupid, greedy, and opportunistic. She and her backers have foolishly misjudged the climate of the times; the American taxpayer is infuriated with the leeches and other blood-suckers that have attached themselves to the body politic and are the unfortunate spawn of both Wall Street and Main Street.

    Suleman appears to have the scruples of an ally cat and the brains of a gnat. No responsible and caring parent would be so cavalier about the lives of her children as this wretched, narcissistic female appears to be; Suleman’s actions make it clear that she cares nothing for the poor children she already has, or she would have tried to do something for them besides supplying them with a seemingly endless supply of brothers and sisters. And she cares even less for the well-being of the octuplets—if she did, she would not have exposed them to the dangers inherent in multiple births. Some of these children will undoubtedly suffer from physical and developmental disabilities, to say nothing of the psychological and emotional damage that will be inflicted by neglect and the selfishness, immaturity, and stupidity of their mother.

    Just as taxpayers shouldn’t have to bail out mismanaged banks and automobile companies, we should not have to pay for the selfish and shortsighted behavior of this repulsive woman. Her children are to be pitied because they have a whiny, self-serving idiot for a mother. They will also be followed by the disgrace of how they were brought into this world throughout their lives. And if they remain with Suleman, what kind of upbringing will they have? Can they avoid being buried by an avalanche of filthy clothes and diapers? Will they receive even a modicum of attention from their narcissistic, spoiled, and foolish mother? The octuplets should be removed from Suleman’s custody, and any of her ill-gotten gains should be placed in trust (administered by a non-family member) to help offset the enormous cost that will accrue as these children face the numerous physical challenges (and probably emotional and developmental problems as well) that will haunt at least some of them all their lives. Suleman should be institutionalized for her own (and the world’s) protection before she spawns again. Additionally, the incompetent, amoral and egomaniacal doctor who was behind this abomination and Suleman’s sperm donor should be held accountable to the taxpayers of California as well.

    And as for Suleman’s defenders who say that it’s nobody’s business how many children Suleman has and how they got here, Suleman’s mouthpieces should remember that with freedom must come responsibility. Freedom become sociopathy when it impinges on the rights of others; taxpayers did not ask for this responsibility and yet are being forced to pay for Suleman’s arrogant stupidity, lack of concern for her own young, and blatant greed. Taxpayers deeply resent the bill for the Suleman fiasco that is starting to come due just as their own bills keep piling higher and higher. Perhaps taxpayers should have the freedom to say no to supporting this despicable woman.

    Put the children up for adoption and prosecute Suleman for fraud. And if criminal stupidity were a crime, she’d get a life sentence. Now, only her children and the taxpayers are paying the price of her sociopathic behavior. And they are never going to be free of the burden she has placed on them all.

  188. SUSAN SHAFFER says:

    i had ivf twins and what happens with multiple births is that pre-eclampsia is often a complication. the symptoms include high blood pressure and fluid retention. i ended up wearing my husband’s slippers and sandals as i couldn’t find woman’s shoes to fit. after the birth i urinated a lot more and lost over the course of 3 weeks a further 10kg. (24lbs)Nadya said that she was swollen from the pregnancy and that is why her lips were swollen. i believe her.
    she seemed exceptionally calm. she had been studying to be a counsellor. it takes a certain sort of person to do this job. to remain calm in the face of a distressed patient. i think she is suited to this. i do not think she is crazy cause she cannot see how big the task is in front of her. i think she has the right personality to be able to cope with all these kids. after all how do preschool teachers cope? it takes a certain type to do that job.
    also to be taken into consideration is her ethic background. it is much more common in middle eastern families to have more children than the average american family. rather than think of abortion families accept what god gives them as “god will provide” Also middle eastern families are quite used to having 3 generations living under the one roof. she is not therefore depending on her parents but it is accepted that her parents will help her with the kids and when they are old they will remain with the family and will not be put into a nursing home like american families. the kids are brought up to respect their elders and are expected to help them. these kids would be disadvantaged to be taken away from their mother and grandparents simply becuase of the number of them. instead child services should be trying to help her cope with the extra work.
    my husband was out of the country when my twins were born and did not return until they were two months old. i had the hospital social workers and community workers ringing me and offering help. why is Nadya less entitled to help than me?
    my mother in law had 9 kids and she had friends and family help out. the difference with having kids one at a time means that the older kids help with the younger ones. this is a luxury that Nadya doesn’t have and therefore society has to step in to fill the void from her not having sisters or sisters in law to help her.
    why is everyone being so mean and saying her kids should be taken away from her? i went to a lot of trouble to have kids. i am living in australia and ivf and health care is covered under the national health scheme. no one in australia begrudges paying for someone else’s ivf nor their hospital and medical bills. i wonder why americans are so mean to each other. so many american have to choose between food and medicine. i find that quite criminal. the hostility towards Nadya is an extension of that meanness.
    when you live in a culture where everyone is expected to get married and have kids you do not get these sorts of arguments raging. people know the work involved in looking after kids and everyone offers to help.
    i was in pakistan when my son and i were walking. there is no sidewalk and you share the road with cars, mototbikes, donkeys, bicycles and pedestrians. my son was hit in the face by the foot of a passing motorcyclist. i believe he broke his nose as it bled profusely. a stranger picked him up and carried him 200 meters to my car so i could take him to hospital. the motorcyclist continued to ring my husband and wanted to visit my son to see he was fine. i went to usa and visited a friend. she wrote to child services to complain that i didn’t look after my child cause of this accident. i addressed the issues and i have to say i was surprised that they would have wasted the papper to write it down. the court/tribunal found that in other countries there seems to be a greater community spirit that is lacking in usa. my opimion of the venom i have read here shows that the marjority of you people need to get some balance to your lives. you have so much and still are not happy. caring about another person doesn’t make you a socialist. it could make you a christian, which so many american profess to be.

  189. HandsomeElvis says:


    This beast needs to be prosecuted. Bad back and yet she can hold up a belly that hugely gross?

    I also can see eye work done and a probable brow lift in addition to lip injections and a nose job. The French manicure? Sickening. Most of us are struggling to survive and this creep will get to continue living off us? She belongs in prison with Madoff or, better yet, ship her back to Iran.

  190. Faith says:

    Yes, “Susan,” Australia is well-known for its humanitarianism.That is why that nation turned aside over 400 refugees on the Tampa, refusing to allow them asylum.

    And as for your assertion that Suleman’s lips are the result of pre-eclampsia, this is not possible unless pre-eclampsia selectively swells the lips while thinning the face and nose, lifting the brows, removing fat from the eyelids and perhaps even causing the nails to grow–into acrylic ones no less!Suleman underwent some or all of her cosmetic procedures while pregnant with these unfortunate babies, thus endangering their already precarious health even further. The woman was cosmetically preparing herself for a cynical and morally bankrupt media campaign to exploit her children, a gullible public, and the beleaguered taxpayer.

    And while in Australia, you may have subsidized health care for all, we in America do not. Many of the taxpayers who will support these pathetic children cannot afford health care for themselves or their own children. You seem to have very little knowledge of what is going on in this country and even less of a legitimate interest in it.

    I suggest you take some of your own assets and send them to Nadya. Perhaps she can spend them on a new manicure or more plastic surgery. Or she could hire a maid as well as the nanny she already employs to take care of the six children at home while she flits around admiring her impractical nails. It’s pretty obvious that she needs one. And a keeper would be nice, too!

  191. Mike says:

    Suleman is a fraud and a freeloader, and has already bilked the system in every way she could. She’s been so disabled that she couldn’t work, yet could bear 14 children in less than eight years. Yeah, that’s about as logical as the lie that’s she hasn’t had plastic surgery. So please don’t lecture Americans and Christians about their duty. Christianity stresses personal responsibility first and foremost.

    “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10

    “… but if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house,
    he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” 1 Timothy 5:8

    Government benefits and private charity should go to people who are suffering hardship and illness and cannot work, rather than opportunistic parasites who have placed the innocent in harm’s way. The public will have to provide for Suleman’s babies, but the children should be adopted for by people who haven’t already proved themselves to be completely worthless and moronic. Take all her children away from this lying, fraudulent, irresponsible woman. Make the doctor pay the state of California for the upkeep of these sick little children, and run paternity tests on him also. I think he’s the father of all 14 of Suleman’s brood.

  192. Lynn says:

    In Indiana welfare recipients have to disclose any kind of assets owned such as homes or cash. How in the world did this woman have enough money socked away to pay for IVF and still collect welfare? My husband and I both work, take care of our family and home and can’t afford to have IVF let alone plastic surgery. I don’t understand how she is getting by with milking the government while having all of this cash lying around. The courts really need to step in not only is it completely irresponsible to have 8 babies when you can’t care for the current 6 but I think it should be a case of welfare fraud. These babies need to go to people who will take care of them the way they should be taken care of, not being a publicity stunt to make the mother more money. I just can’t believe that she is getting by with this. Welfare is supposed to be an aid to help you get on your feet not a way of life. And as for student loans, I have student loans that I used for my education and the money went directly to the school. How is it that she is using that money to take care of her kids? Or is that part of the money she stacked up for her “world premier?” The welfare, CPS, and the federal government student loan division need to step in and do something before this woman ruins the lives of anymore innocent babies.

  193. notfromamerica says:

    The story keeps getting worse. Single mother, disabled kids, stressed out grandmother who was forced into bankruptcy, using public monies to pay for her own fertility treatments and plastic surgery..
    i cannot understand why anyone would defend her actions.. all i can say is, may she get what she deserves. She made her stupid decisions, she has to live with it.. how unforunate that she will drag so many innocents with her in her misery..

  194. Karen says:

    To Murray M:
    You know where you can go stick your head now don’t you? I-D-I-O-T

  195. Karen says:

    Susan Shaffer:
    Please stay in Australia. We don’t want to let anyone as stupid as you into our country. We’ll see if we can export Suleman to you Aussieland and YOU supply her with plastic surgery, french manicures, etc. In the meantime I hope the state of California steps in and rescues these fourteen kids from the clutches of a woman who sees them as nothing but dollar signs. This woman is pathetic and disgusting and if you can’t see through her then you really are stupid.

  196. SUSAN SHAFFER says:

    for the record i am an american citizen

    i was not lecturing anyone

    it never ceases to surprise me that americans take comment from non americans as criticism.

    when you cannot help yourself then i would expect society to help. that is the basis of society otherwise we are just animals.

    most western countries have nationalised medicine. america stands alone along with third world countries in not having nationalised medicine. what comes with it is much more control over what doctors charge, medical indemnity insurance charges and proably the lynchpin: a cap on payouts for malpractice. many people outside usa are aware of americans litigious attitude. it is like winning the lottery if something goes wrong. who could believe that payout by mcdonalds for hot coffee burning a customer.

    the cost for my premmies to be in the neonatal ward costs $300 per day per child. i have a combination of private health insurance and the government medicare coverage. the charge went to my private insurance company rather than the government. regardless, the cost is way short of the cost that the hospital is charging kaiser permanent. further one twin had complications and had specialist care. she had suspected NEC (necrotising entero colitis. the standard of care is world class. how come the hospitals cannot deliver the same care in usa at a price anywhere near the price here in australia?
    the cost for medicare is 2% of the gross income. this increases to 4% if someone earns more than 100k per annum. if the person takes out private insurance it remains at 2%. the cost for private insurance is for a family $100 per month. medicare covers optical, pharmaceutical, hospital and private doctor visits.

    i read the popular press and weekly there are pictures claiming all sorts of celebrities have had plastic surgery. even angelina jolie is supposed to have had her nose slimmed by surgery. weight changes have consiferable affect on someone’s looks. also some of the best imperonators may only have the same makeup and hairstyles

    i agree that the french manicure took me aback.

    i have known a number of people who either adopted out their children or were adopted and in most cases there was psychological distress. it is not necessarily the solution to have child services to take away the children from her.

    the fact is the children are born.

    i pay taxes in usa and i do not have issue with my taxes going to help these children. again i ask why are so many people so mean about these children. by not helping her you are ensuring that the kids grow up extremely disadvantaged.

    at the end of the day these children and children from other disadvantaged family will in all likelihood have contact with my children. the more normal kids from disadvantaged family can be the better it is for my kids.

  197. karen says:

    The children are here now. As a society we can’t let the children suffer for the mothers sins. I understand that there is a problem with the mother, but what about these innocent babies. It almost seems that everyone wants them to have birth defects and bad luck. We should be focusing on how to help the babies.

  198. Amanda says:

    This is in response to Susans question: how do preschool teachers cope. I can answer that, because I am one.

    For the younger classes (ages 2-3, may or may not be potty trained) there is a maximum of 10 children per class. Classes are for 3 hours a day, and I have an assistant the entire time. It’s the law here – 2 adults per 10 children.

    I do agree with a few of your points Susan, those babies are here and I wish them all the best. But being a mother and being a preschool teacher are two diffrent things entirely. We are not responsible for feeding, cleaning, providing shelter, medical needs, etc etc. I think it’s insulting for mothers to be compared to preschool teachers. Your kid is being rotten in class? I call you to get him. Your kid is being rotten at home, picking on his sister…you’ve no one to call.

    Preschool teachers (myself anyway) work 20 hours a week. Moms…it’s 24/7…always :)

  199. Brenda says:

    After seeing her story for the first time, she just wants to become famous, trying to look like Angelina which is obvious because what i seen she didn’t look like that before, i bet she is hoping that she will get movie deals and book deals and alot of money from companys and from people.

  200. SUSAN SHAFFER says:

    much has been made of how could she afford ivf when she is on food stamps. she said she used money saved from when she worked and also from a compensation payout.

    an ivf cycle would cost in the range of $20k.

    the hormones are dosed according to the age of the patient. the older the patient the higher the dose. optimum number of eggs collected per cycle is 8. from 8 eggs some will be over ripe, some will not be ripe enough and you can expect 4 will develop into embryos. doctors are now implanting 1-2 as the success rates are higher than previously. the remaining 2 would be frozen for use later, usually in individual straws so that you have some control over how many you use subsequently.
    the doctor in question has another 49 year old patient who is pregnant with quads. could he be giving higher doses of the hormones to get greater egg collection? if so perhaps nadya only had one cycle of ivf and got a lot more eggs. i know a young woman (under 30) who had problems with fertility. she was given a responsible dose of hormones for her age and got 80 eggs collected from one cycle.
    lets work with some guestimates. this cycle she had 6 embryos implanted. she expected to get 1 more child from that implantation. she had 5 previous cycles (six kids as one cycle the embryo split to make twins) and lets assume that the doctor implanted 3-6 embryos (i have done ivf and had three embryos implanted and got no life) so 5 times 3 is 15 plus 6 is 21 eggs. at the high end 6 times 6 is 36 eggs. this is way short of the case of 80 eggs that i personally know.
    to freeze the embryos costs a couple of hundred dollars a year.
    the doctor has supposedly invented a technique of implantation that perhaps has lead to her high success rate for implantation. if so his proceedure maybe copied around the world.

  201. Jacqueline says:

    SUSAN SHAFFER I think that you are very wise.. I completely agree with you. I am Canadian and I am not prejudice against other countries. But the Attitude of the Citizens of the United States is extremely disturbing. to the person that made this comment…” Karen:
    February 19th, 2009 at 12:44 am

    Susan Shaffer:
    Please stay in Australia. We don’t want to let anyone as stupid as you into our country. We’ll see if we can export Suleman to you Aussieland and YOU supply her with plastic surgery, french manicures, etc. In the meantime I hope the state of California steps in and rescues these fourteen kids from the clutches of a woman who sees them as nothing but dollar signs. This woman is pathetic and disgusting and if you can’t see through her then you really are stupid.” U truly are pathetic… in telling someone to stay in another country. who do you think you are? …. Everyone should be working to help each other to make our countries a better place for us all to live… it is people like all of you. who have the “out to save ourselves” attitude that is putting the world into the destruction that it is at. “Love your Neighbor as yourself..” this does not need to be people that live beside you… this is humanity in general it is sickening to see people like yourselves.

    Go Nadya you have my support 100%

  202. goodmom says:

    We live in a capitalistic society that believes that YOU WORK for what you have. You want more? Work harder. Generally, Americans don’t believe in letting everyone else work while freeloaders live off of their tax dollars. And Nadya isn’t a woman that found herself in a desperate situation as many single moms find themselves in, SHE CHOSE to be implanted with all these kids, again, and again, and again…. and she paid a lot of money to do so. She ALONE needs to deal with her consequences. Why does she get sympathy and government money to take care of kids SHE PAID TO HAVE? I’m against the abuse of government funded programs, by her and many others that do the same thing, just not to this extreme. What about retired senior citizens who have worked their whole lives and paid taxes? And disabled vets that risked their lives for the benefit of others and aren’t able to work? We don’t have enough government funding to give these well-deserving people the care and quality of living they DESERVE, and we should be able to provide. We aren’t able to do this because people like Nadya are shamelessly eating up funds that they shouldn’t be getting. You want to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to have 14 kids, well, you better have the funding to care for them. Simply put. Shame on her and those like her and those that defend her. If you’re so willing to defend her, you’d better be willing to send donations her way.

    And on top of that, she had the nerve to say her kids need a father and she hopes the father will want to be in their lives one day. Um, he’s not their father, he was a sperm doner. Geesh. Maybe she should’ve thought of that before she bought their Daddy in a plastic cup. He is not responsible for a thing. She should’ve known what she was getting into.

  203. SUSAN SHAFFER says:

    can we have a poll of where people are resident and what are their citizenships?

  204. faith says:

    Jaqueline, you make the following statements:

    “But the Attitude (sic) of the Citizens (sic) of the United States is extremely disturbing.” This is a unwarranted overgeneralization since US citizens don’t have one particular attitude on this matter.

    You also say that “… it is people like all of you. (punctuation yours) who have the ‘out to save ourselves’ attitude that is putting the world into the destruction that it is at. ‘Love your Neighbor as yourself..’ this does not need to be people that live beside you… this is humanity in general it is sickening to see people like yourselves.” First, Jacqueline, I would remind you that overpopulation is a serious and life-threatening problem world-wide that has a long-range impact on quality of life issues for us all. Second, you appear to have a somewhat selective point of view and a very obvious double standard. To most of us, Suleman appears to be the one who has the “out to save ourselves” mentality in this case. Of course, the difference is that her attitude seems to be one of “out to enrich myself (and to hell with everyone else).” For if we have a responsibility to help these innocent children, did not Suleman have an even greater responsibility to avoid placing these babies (and their six pitiable siblings) in harm’s way? Instead, she seems to view her prolificity and her children’s very lives as a marketable commodity.

    This mendacious and opportunistic woman had no excuse whatsoever; Suleman is not a poor third-world woman who can expect a number of her children to die before they reach adulthood. I would also remind you that talk is cheap, and Suleman’s actions are much more convincing than her sanctimonious and hypocritical words about love and responsibility. The public is judging this woman by her past and present behavior; her own speech and history have convicted her. Her lies have found her out.

    Suleman is not an innocent victim—she chose to have at least six embryos implanted, even though she already had six children she could not provide for, three of them already drawing disability. Additionally, Suleman had already exhibited a physiological ability to carry her implanted fetuses to term. And finally, I would suggest that it is even more important to love your children than your neighbor; and love, like faith, without works is dead. Love means caring materially for those whom you profess to cherish. It is the height of immorality to bring children into the world when you know that you cannot support them.

    We should help the babies. They are the innocent victims of stupidity and greed. But the mother should be investigated for fraud as well as child abuse and neglect, and any money she makes marketing her sordid story should be put in trust for her children. That trust should be administered by a non-family member since the Suleman clan appears to be an unscrupulous, mercenary, and amoral bunch. Kamrava should be held accountable for his irresponsible actions. There is plenty of blame to go around in this unfortunate case. Suleman’s coterie should not expect charity and taxpayer dollars to be doled out freely and generously without commensurate accountability.

  205. SUSAN SHAFFER says:

    i found this story

    Yolanda Garcia, 49, of Whittier, said she helped care for Nadya Suleman’s autistic son three years ago.

    “From what I could tell back then, she was pretty happy with herself, saying she liked having kids and she wanted 12 kids in all,” Garcia told the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

    “She told me that all of her kids were through in vitro, and I said ‘Gosh, how can you afford that and go to school at the same time?”‘ she added. “And she said it’s because she got paid for it.”

    Garcia said she did not ask for details.

    now i wonder:

    1. did she have an agreement with the ivf clinic
    2.was she an egg donor?
    3. are there kids out there where she is the genetic mother?
    4. who is the father of her kids?

  206. Park says:

    Con artist, narcissist, chronic liar, sociopath. All of these characteristics of NS I think have been established. This woman appears to need constant attention and at any cost. What is better for someone like that than 14 little kids? But besides the impossibility of being able to afford them, what about the childrens’ emotional needs? Children need a lot of one-on-one attention and a strong bond with the parent(s) is essential for any type of normal psychological development. Yet more than anything I personally am concerned about what might happen once her fifteen second of fame are over. What insanity could top this? I doubt her conscience would keep her from anything, even the most despicable. I seriously fear for the childrens’ safety.

    This sets a dangerous precedent as being a viable scheme for other people out there who suffer from similar personality disorders.

  207. faith says:

    Susan, those are very good questions and I think we all deserve an answer to them since we’re going to have to help her poor little children, some of them throughout their lives. We should help the kids, but we need to know what is going on here. I’ve nothing against IVF, but I do have something against people who use their kids for monetary gain, and I think that’s what Suleman meant to do.

  208. mutantskatt says:

    Not sure here, but whether she looks like Angelina Jolie or not, who is going to want all those children. Frankly, I think they should take away at least those last eight. Give them to some one who wants but can’t have children, at least they will grow up in a better household then one where the mother thinks of her self first.

  209. claire says:

    I found very interesting the information here about national health care costs in Australia.
    Wouldn’t it be great if we could ask our representatives to bring our country around to such a system?
    I share the feelings of all those who complain about taxpayers’ money going to support Nadya Suleman’s unwelcome choices.
    But I’m getting a glimmer that the real issue is: how can we share resources so that the maximum number of people can benefit?
    Thanks for the news from Australia.

  210. PJ Potts says:

    I sometimes think of Ms. Suleman as a one man act in a circus or a freak show. Then I think again, and realize she turned herself into an instant celebrity with the birth of all her children and a little plastic surgery. The fact is that so many people are already there to support and encourage the raising of these kids, so maybe just perhaps they will be well provided for, time will tell. CPS is certainly ready to pounce if not, so the bases should be covered as to the children’s welfare. Instant celebrity for Ms. Suleman… eight kids plus 6 – hmmm. It’s a clever way for a scheming woman to make money ie., the only one to give birth in the US to a surviving set of octopluts. Admirable in a sick kind of way. Although it takes no talent to bring all these kids into the world, it sure will take alot of moxy now that they’re here! Hats off to daredevil moms in waiting. Population control will never be the same again. Whew… and I thought I had it tough raising my two (now grown) children single handedly. Honestly, this family will need our prayers, over our jeers if those children have a chance in hell of making it to adulthood.

  211. poopballs! says:

    It’s “Voila!”, NOT “wah-lah, wuhlah, or VUALAH”.


  212. PJM514 says:

    I feel for the kids. ALL of them. I am the mother of 6, most NOT planned, and got the problem fixed after I divorced their abusive father. I raised them alone, and can tell you from experience that is hard. You have a hard time being all you need to be for all the kids. NOT TO MENTION that the babies do GROW up and the issues and their needs esculate. This woman should have THOUGHT about the life to come for her kids as they grow, if she gets to keep them. I agree with the idea that the idiot doctor should have to support those kids. I understand the internal need that she might have felt with the decision to have to chose or not to abort some of them, but, she should have NOT been implanted with all of them in the FIRST place. A animal horder has the best intentions to and the animal police will intervene and take the excess for the good of the animals. As a mom of lots to, I can testify she is being very selfish. As far as her artifical nails and stuff, I NEVER wasted money on personal selfishness. If I EVER got my hair done it was twice a year as a Christmas gift and my birthday. I was soooo grateful and still felt guilty. KIDS FIRST!!! Wait til she sees what they are like as TEENS!!! Doubt she will notice, she will have others taking care of them. POOR KIDS!!! ps. My kids were NOT taken care of by others, not babysitted by others, etc, until I had to for school! I was/am of the opinion, I BROUGHT them into the world, planned or not, MY RESPONSIBLITY!!!

  213. PJM514 says:

    Oh and to add to previous note, Jon & Kate plus 8, only got pregnant TWICE! I applaud them!!! All of this and the following publicity reminds me of the movie,”Idiocracy”. Watch it…next chapter, her TUMMY TUCK!!!

  214. PMF says:

    Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. No amount of plastic surgery is going to fix her. Give at least these 9 kids to couples who can afford to raise them. So glad I don’t live in California ‘cuz I’m not giving this chippie one cent!

  215. Kate Lee says:

    To Susan Shaffer.

    I am an Australian citizen living and working in the US and in the process of becoming an US citizen. True, Australia’s Medicare system is great and pretty much everyone is covered. However, Australia is also one the highest taxed country in the world. Because Australia’s generous social system, our foreign debt per capita is so high that Australia can hardly afford to pay the interest rate let alone the principal (can you see the similarities here with what’s been happening in the finance industry ?) It is not a sustainable system and one of the reason why the retirement ages in Australia has recently increased 5 years. Again, because Australia cannot support its retirees in old age, the people who most deserves it.

    It is also a society that does not promotes a hard work/merit attitude.
    The out migration of talented/highly educated people has been higher than never before. Why? Because we are fed up of paying more than half of what we earn to support people who choose to have lots of children rather than go to work, after taxes a low income worker take home less than a family with 3 kids on welfare. Lots of my friends have moved overseas for the same reason. Susan, It is very clear that you are totally ignorant about the state of the Australian economy and changes that are going to happen in the future.

    Susan, are you an Australian Citizen? Why did you give birth in Australia? Maybe, because most hospitals there will not reject anyone in need of medical care. By the way, Social and community workers will only approach you if they thought that you needed the help, for instance a single mum, a welfare recipient or someone struggling to cope. I gave birth in a private hospital because I had private insurance and I can tell you that no community or social worker called me up. One of the way to gain Australian Citizenship is to gain it through your Australian born child. I also suspect that you probably never have paid taxes in Autralia because it would have certainly left a bitter taste in your mouth.

    Although I think that the US health system need some changes, I also think that the United States is still one of the greatest and fairest country in the world and I am proud and willing to pay taxes to help those truly in need. However in Nadya’s case, I believe that she does not deserve help. She is in this situation because she wanted her 5 minutes of fame and make some money out of it. To support her is to encourage other weirdos as well.

  216. Chuck says:

    There are cheaper ways to give somebody a fat lip

  217. Emad Rizkallah says: are entitled to have all the kids in the world but be ready to raise them as good members of the society. Good Luck

  218. fran says:

    I have two children, one at a time, and when they were sick as babies (ear infections, fevers) it was tiring. It is physically impossible to breastfeed 8 babies, diaper, feed, and take care of illnesses (medicine, tepid baths) then what happens of the 6 other children are hungry or get hurt. What about when her friends and other helpers are not around, and do something in their own lives? She is bound to have some extremely difficult, completely unmanageable times — physically impossible I tell you. The person who said we might be jealous, wow, that is a really stupid analogy.. I get exhausted thinking how her life is going to be. Hard, terribly hard. I hope any publicity money helps the children.

  219. fran says:

    I don’t know how she can ever dream of going to college — when can she study? She needs to spend time with the older children -reading, cooking healthy meals, exercise time, going to the park? OUt of the question, especially, if they catch colds – at the same time. Have you ever been with children who have bronchitis — think 14 children with coughing attacks at nightt, fevers, throw up flu — Does she have enough pans, clean sheets, to keep the home sanitary. Very scary scenario — overwhelming. I am not jealous. Happy for two self sufficient teens — i can walk at the beach and read, do artwork, lunch with friends. Wow, I love children, but I believe this woman truly has mental problems.

  220. Irina says:

    ******* $500.00 MINIMUM if you donate money to Nadya Suleman’s website ? ******* (NOTE: A blogger on a different post said she tried to donate only one penny and that there was a $500.00 Minimum.) Does anyone know whether or not this is true???

  221. Irina says:

    I also feel sorry for Nadya at this point if only for the fact that she is a human being and a mother too. The whole situation is such a mess that its incredibly sad in more ways than one. Personally, I do NOT understand why she wasn’t preparing or even begging for help BEFORE these 8 little angels were born?? If I were here I would have a heart attack running around trying to get everything ready BEFORE I had the babies – because not only to be ready as much as I can but also to be prepared and physically and emotionally available as best I can for when these babies come home. I agree that hating her has to stop BUT someone does need to keep the money out of her hands to make sure that ALL of her 14 children do indeed get what they need. Why she doesn’t accept the help of the Angels In Waiting just blows my mind!! I think that Nadya is the one that has to learn to “let go” – let go of her fantasies, deal with reality and bend over backwards and kiss butt and do whatever it takes to make sure that ALL of her 14 angels will have what they need and are safe and well cared for. Nadya’s own behavior has turned the public against her. She needs to realize this and stop thinking about herself and put ALL her children first the best she can. Only then, I believe, will she get the help she needs is when she starts giving the people a reason to believe more in her and ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. GOD BLESS NADYA and ALL HER 14 ANGELS and her PARENTS and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU …

  222. Tammy says:

    Funny how she says she don’t want the papparazzi and the fame, but she sure isn’t turning anything down yet! We the public just need to not read, buy or watch anything w/Nadya in it.
    I do however feel so sorry for the kids she already has and the new babies just born. She apparently isn’t all there, she can’t even answer a straight forward question.

  223. Lindy says:

    This goofball is still requesting donations of money and baby supplies on her website, yet last weekend refused a donation of diapers and other boxed supplies being delivered by the couple from her first PR firm (photo of gentleman reloading his SUV on Whittier newspaper site). What a little scam artist.

  224. Kaloke says:

    I am outraged with a woman having 8 children on top of 6 children. I am tired of paying for people who are so selfish, they continue to have children and NOT work to pay for them… We end up paying for everything. I only hope this will create a law that no more than one child per fertilization.

    This woman is indeed a professional. She is a professional at how to work the system and LIVING OFF OTHER PEOPLE. The millions of dollars to medically take care of her 14 children could have been better spent on the tens possibly hundreds of thousands of people with no children, working or forced early retirement with NO medical benefits and in need of medical help. (((What about their needs ))))

    Collecting state aide requires one to have $2,000 or less in their bank account. Having numerous plastic surgeries on top of very expensive egg freezing and IVF smells like WELFARE FRAUD TO ME.

    I HOPE THEY PROSECUTE HER TO THE ((( MAX ))) and put her in prison!

  225. Kaloke says:

    Oh yes. Nadya is NOT her real name… Her birth name is NATALIE!!!

  226. hobo says:

    maybe ppl should stop cursing this woman and start praying for her and her children.. maybe she isnt mentaly stable and in need of all the support she can get. if she lived by me i would go help her daily.. God bless those lil children. and maybe ppl should start putting the question to the dr. that did this, im sure he will get his media coverage..

  227. Jane Marsee says:

    People, America is still the ‘Land of Opportunity’. This is Free Enterprise in action.

    First: Work a year and a half—then file for Worker’s Compensation. (Who started the fight any way?)
    Second: Milk the system for all it’s worth, so far $167k in Workers Comp plus SSI and Food Stamps
    Third: Have babies, get on welfare and SSI—that’s over $3k per month—tax free.
    Fourth: Use up all of parents assets. Let them lose their home—as long as they keep paying for mine—who cares.
    Sixth: Use disabled babies’ money to get plastic surgery for face and lips—got to look good on camera.
    Seventh: Create deal with shady IVF doc. Cut him in on the ‘big money’ for a a reality show. He’s earned it.
    Eighth: Pawn babies out for highest price—it’s all about the money, honey!

    I can think of a lot of adjectives to describe Nayda Suleman, but not one of them would be ‘dumb’.

  228. Melissa says:

    I think she looks more like Barbara Hershey than Angelina. Muahahaha. She’s so ate up. I only hope that they take those babies and give them to families that can actually take proper care of them, bot emotionally and financially. Hopefully then this psycho can get the mental help that she so deperately needs.

  229. Cathy says:

    This situation is beyond horrible if for no one else but those precious 14 children. All of you keep saying that surely CPS will step in. Where have they been up until now. It does not take a rocket scientist to see this woman is not fit to have custody of any of these children. She does not care for them, leaving that to Grandma while she goes off to school, gets her nails done, has plastic surgery, gets IVF treatments, pops out even more babies and oh don’t forget gives all those interviews for the media. Her mother needs to leave and do it right now. I do understand why her Mother has not walked out. It is because she loves her grandchildren and is at a loss as to what to do. Dr Phil ask the Grandmother, Why can’t you do something with her or make her understand? Duh??? Dr Phil this woman is 33 years old and she will do what she wants to do and to hell with her Mother who she has not respect for at all.

    As for CPS stepping in and doing anything, don’t hold your breath. They will rush into a home and take a child just because a hateful neighbor has lodged a complaint that is untrue and put the innocent parents and the child/children through years of hell but they will do nothing about this woman who is clearly unfit to mother any of these children. She is living in a three bedroom house with her parents which means the parents have one of those bedrooms and she has one which leaves one bedroom for six children???? Children have been removed from their parents homes because there were not enough bedrooms or because the home was cluttered or dangerous to the children. Take a look at the videos. There are many dangers for those children there and their needs are not being met.

    She needs to be investigated for getting the food stamps and yet haveing thousands for the IVF and the plastic surgery. Student loans are to pay for tution and books and things for school. If she used any of that money to support her and her children and live off of it then they need to arrest her for fraud. Anyone who has ever gotten a government student loans knows that is actually says if you lie about it that you can be prosecuted, jailed and fined.

    I think everyone who feels as I do needs to send emails to the California Department of Children’s services demanding this woman be investigated immediately and completely. If they allow her to take these eight babies home to this situation without intervening at all there is not much chance that these babies are going to live to tell about it.

    Taxpayers of California….you need to raise all kinds of hell about this and not stop until something is done. You are paying for all of this while you struggle to keep your own families afloat.

  230. Vanessa says:

    how does she have time to get this plastic surgery in preparation for her fame after her octuplets are born and also have her nails done and hair all done if she just finished giving birth to so many children who she is supposedly spending all her time with? and another question, if she can spend money on meaningless things, why can’t she make sure she was prepared with baby clothes, bottles, milk, and all the other things mothers do while they’re expecting in preparation for the arrival of their child(ren)! I think this says a lot about how good of a mother she really is, and I believe the best thing in this situation is for the media to stop paying all of this undivided attention to this woman, paying her large amounts of money to do interviews, when they should instead be helping out those children who have an unstable mother who only cares about her portrayal in the media and making ends meet off of the public. These children are better off taken away from her, provided with a nice, clean home which offers them a loving and kind family that can give them the attention they need in order to grow up in a positive environment.

  231. mom&dad says:

    If the state is to pay any of her costs, why don’t they insist on knowing who is the father, so they can investigate whether or not he is a mere sperm donor? Does “David Solomon” really exist???

  232. thomas says:

    I have seen a couple that has 17 kids and going on there 18th child.I have seen and watch this couple now raising 17 kids in one house hold now.These 17 kids are all the natural kids of the couple.This couple goes grocery shopping.The have to take 11 shopping carts to fill up on groceries.At one time they spend about $1,951 and some change and the pay in cash.The couple has no credit cards at all.The couple has a 18 to 20 bedroom house,they have a 2 buses. the one bus hauls the kids and family around town and 2nd bus is for long distance traveling.This bus can sleep 20 people very comfortably and it has everything inside.This man purchased this bus from a NHL Hockey team.The guy does not work at all.I mean no job nor his wife works at all.They are not on welfare at all.100% not on welfare.The man has alots of commerical rental property that pays for everything and more.This couple has everything.

    By watching this couple take of 17 kids and now wife pregnant with there 18th child.Compare this couple to nadya suleman.Nadya suleman cannot support her kids like the couple i spoke about.

    There couple out there with more than 14 kids,nobody hears about them.


  233. samantha says:

    I honestly decided to research this woman, because I wasn’t paying attention to her before. I think that somebody needs to call her out on everything pathetic in the situation. Like HOW the hell did you afford plastic surgery when you cant afford to raise the babies on your own? Why would you feel the need to use all the embryos? Seriously this woman is a whack job. She should be cut off from the media. I personally would punch her in the face, because she probably wouldnt even feel it. God belss those children.

  234. Debbie Coe says:

    And now, the saga continues… somehow she’s been given a house worth over 1/2 a million dollars. Wish someone would thow me a house….
    This is so friggin’ unbelievable…. makes me wanna move to Canada.

  235. Crystal says:

    Thomas? Sounds an awful lot like you just described the Duggars? Sounds like their exact situation.As For Nadya I also will not tune in to any televised bs about her,I mean my god just seeing the house they (were) in made me sick pick up a broom instead of getting your nails done.I bet the new house looks like a crap shack just give it time. As for the one comment I saw about Jon& kate+8,I kinda gotta agree but,at least they keep a clean home,and they only had 2 when they tried for 1 more lol,and also their kids for the most part are well behaved and you can see how much they love them,I mean the kids aren’t slapping the crap outta them like I saw the one kid do to Nadya lol yeah that was good times. Peace out

  236. Rebecca Niewohner says:

    My opinion about this issue is that the media is one big scam. They make us believe anything and everything. At first they describe the birth of Nadya’s children a miracle, then a few days later the media makes condesending remarks and totally humilates her for having this much children. I agree with the comment she said in Ann Curey’s interview about how some parents of just a two or three children can’t and will not be able to love and take care of the children like she does. This is completely true. There are quiet a few parents out there that are completely irresponsible for not taking care of their few children, but you don’t see them being called out on Dateline, isn’t that right? I hope you all know that the media likes to highlight on all the negative things about some of the beatiful things in life. I can say I don’t agree with all of Nadya’s beliefs, but I would just like to remind you that the media wants to control how you feel about this story. Please do NOT be bias…always consisder both sides of the spectrum. God is the only one in existance who is to judge no human beings.

  237. MAD AS HELL! says:

    How come they keep reporting that she *WORKED* FROM 1999 TO 2006 – when she clearly was on DISABILITY FOR ALL THOSE YEARS??? The woman hasn’t worked in 10 years, collected disability, food stamps, student loans, welfare for her childrens “disabilities” all the while she decided to have plastic surgery, invitro fertilizations and helped her mother lose her home – the selfish woman that she is!!! A few weeks ago there were pics of her BEFORE all the plastic surgery in a magazine, I haven’t seen those “same” pics on the net but it is clear she has had a nose, lip, eyelid and cheek enhancement – compared to what her features were 10 years ago. Now, she’s gunning for a boob and tummy lift. All her childcare is PAID FOR ROUND THE CLOCK. She’s got a free new home despite what they say – She IS NOT PAYING FOR THAT HOUSE – her father arranged it through a non profit gifting donation, the original seller has agreed to. Her mother meanwhile has lost everything caring for her and her children etc. Soon to come – a brandnew large passenger size van – FREEEEEE!!!!I can’t believe while hard working single parents, couples and out of work people all across America just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table – this ingrate produces fatherless children on taxpayers money and donations! Dr. Phil, the ratings whore that he is, has taken up her plight and no doubt has helped along in some of these backdoor deals. To help her “legitimize” her cause, Allred and McGraw probably warned Nadya not to go through with some of the offers she was considering but to stay open to other ones that will likely come her way in the next year or so. IE. TV shows. I’m so disgusted with Dr. Phil being the bastian of goodwill for this irresponsible mental case because he plans on having dibbs and cashing in on all those innocent babies and the freak show that this woman has created. Those poor neighbors – imagine what it will be like to have 14 raggatots and the older ones screaming about their yards and the neighborhood with cameras and staff loitering about. This woman has frauded the system and now taxpayers are paying her way. And sick people like Phil McGraw and others will exploit it under the guise of being helpful, making it likely that more people like this troutfaced clown of a woman will go out and do the same KNOWING – ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS CRANK OUT BABIES AND THEIR LIVES WILL BE TRANSFORMED FROM NOTHING TO HAVING IT ALL. Bail the banks out, bail the de-frauding individuals like Nadya Sulemon out. If we totaled up all the costs of her plastic surgery, the cost of her invitro fertilizations times 14, the cost of her welfare, foodstamps and disability payments for her older children, the costs of her the free student “loans” most of which she got grants, the cost of the babies care during and after the hospital, including future medical, free childcare, supplements, diapers, the cost of her new van, the cost of the new house and other miscellaneous and hidden costs – how much would you say this woman has cost society???? Contrast that to HOW MUCH she will gain in money as income for herself and her children in the coming years through interviews, donations, TV shows and other free opportunities afforded to her. YOU DO THE MATH!!!

  238. Katie says:

    Money is “superfluous” and “paper”? She really is living in la-la land. If it wasn’t for the “paper” that helps her buy her new house (where’s MY house?), and $1000 of MAC makeup. This lady is clearly out of touch with reality. She collected disability because her back hurt so bad that she “couldn’t walk”. Having children is hell on your back…. I couldn’t imagine being pregnant with 8 of them. This lady is a fraud and an attention whore.

  239. Robbie says:

    Seriously? This is ridiculous. I agree with everyone who says she is mentally unstable and that the children need to be taken away.

    Susan, you are as delusional as Nadya is. To say that she paid for the IVF with her settlement from workers comp makes sense, but you can’t tell me that you don’t see how irrational her behavior is. Wouldn’t that $167K (or however much it was!) been better used to take care of the 6 children she already had??

    And to the woman who said that all we women are jealous…HA! Really? Why would I be jealous of her? She’s seriously ugly, mentally unstable, doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have a degree, doesn’t have a significant other, and has no time to herself with 14 kids. I’m 20 years old, happily married, no children YET, I have a stable job, good grades as a microbiology major, and all the time to myself I could ever want! My only “children” have fur/scales and can handle it if I leave for a few hours. My husband and I want children very much, but we are more responsible than Nadya by a millionfold. We know that at the present time, we are not able to take care of a baby the way we would want to. We plan to buy a house in the fall and then I still have school. We have a comfortable life, and when I graduate, will be a little more than comfortable. This is when we’ll bring our children into the world. After two or three, we’ll stop having children. That’s enough for us.

    Hmm…OMG, I actually have a respectable plan for my life! Hurry, I have to go get a bunch of IVF and plastic surgery I can’t really afford, charge it to the other taxpayers, and then pop out 14 babies so I can be famous too!!!!! That’s a much better plan than my own, don’t you think?

    Anyone who thinks she deserves help and prayers (other than prayers that she is institutionalized) and to keep those babies is as delusional as she is. Move to CA and give her all your money. My money is going to stay right where it belongs…taking care of my family.

    I am a responsible American. Nadya Suleman barely deserves to be called an American.

  240. Robbie says:

    Also, before that b*tch says I’m jealous because I’m not a “fertile beauty”, my family has always been fertile. My mom has five children (all of whom she and my dad were able to care for, and who were spread out accordingly…my brother is 6, I am 20) and her father was one of nine (also all cared for without government help!). I also worked for a brief stint (to help pay for books) as a stripper. So I think I cover both the fertile and the beauty. I’m not afraid to show pictures of myself if you need proof. Unlike some people online, I can back up my words.

  241. SB says:

    She’s the new Britney, now that Brit seems to have come good again…we NEED soemone to bitch about & gloat about how bad they look or how bad they are doing.

    Personally, I think it is really sad that these 14 kids will nevewr know what it is like to spend time cuddled up on Mum’s lap for hours having your hair stroked or having stories read…how could she possibly devote any individual time to any of them…particularly now that she is a media whore.

  242. Evey says:

    Does anybody else feel sorry for Suleman? The amount of women in America who seek plastic surgery to look like a celebrity is hardly a small number. Especially those with Angelina Jolie in mind. This woman wasn’t necessarily after money or fame. As far as we know, she might actually *shock horror* like motherhood and the results of it aren’t what she wanted either. If the kids are mistreated, then you can start ridiculing the woman and pointing fingers. So far she deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  243. CB Rawks says:

    Evey: You obviously have not followed the story at all, or you would know all of the unbelievably selfish, stupid and fame-whoring things she has done so far.

  244. janey says:

    Take these babies away from her and give them to loving, capable adoptive homes. All I see is a train wreck for all kids involved with the way things are going. She will have them on a reality show in a split second playing to the cameras. This woman is obviously not mentally well. Child Services or whatever you have up there WATCH this family!

  245. Mimi says:

    honestly… i see a lot of people being extremely judgemental. this woman has done something that is- in the majority’s opinion- unacceptable and unpleasant among other adjectives.
    however, she is one of many people in the world who who dispicable things and not all those people get constantly judged on such a gargantuan scale, much of which includes the media and speculation.

    my point is that, it is unfair to judge this one person with so much scrutiny. how would you like YOUR biggest life mistake to be plastered all over websites and all forms of media to be magnified and slandereded by the masses. regardless of how incomparable your personal biggest mistake is to this woman’s is, it still really isn’t fair for anyone to be pointing fingers and mercilessly slandering her.

    i understand people who want to express their dislike for her actions, but to channel your contempt into flat out insults and elaborating on detalic uncertanties [speculating all the details that are still unsure/unproven about her situation] is just not necessary.

    statements like “she should be put in a psych ward” and things like that are not your palce to say. it’s like having everyone point fingers at YOU for your mistakes and say what should be done to YOU in their opinion.

    its just inconsiderate.

  246. cosmetics says:

    each child’s wish to reveal the perfect, but all is god they will present we have to give whole-hearted love, disability is not a reason to hurt

  247. Marcy says:

    OMG, I looked up Pete Burns and she does look like Pete Burns, good eye! All I can say is BARF, this woman is a stupid, disgusting, selfish meathead.

  248. Chalee says:

    I would hit it.

  249. T1 says:

    I think Bratt Pit secretly paid for all her reconstructive expenses. What could be better than having one AJ for Pit?… two is the only answer.

  250. Chloee says:

    I just googled Pete Burns and YEA Nadya does look like Pete Burns hahaha.

    Nadya Suleman = Pete Burns + Oksana (Mel Gibson’s gf) hahahaha

  251. kallie says:

    i am having octuplets 2 and i look just like her i know how it hurts i am on bedrest it is just my 23 week my belly is as big as hers

  252. Loida Cosley says:

    Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 days hunting for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  253. Kyung Lenn says:

    So you want to have six pack abs? Well, ab machines are not the answer. Abdominal machines are able to strengthen the abdominals but they are not the answer. Training with resistance, watching your diet and lowering stress in your life are key to help you get six pack abs.

  254. serena says:

    oh my god it’s true she resemble angelina jolie o_o so creepy!
    I feel sorry for these children..

  255. betty says:

    I cant understand why so many people are spending obscene amounts of money to make themselves look far uglier and plastic looking than they originally were!!

  256. Droopy says:

    She appears so absolutely confident by all of the rubbish she’s saying, that I need to stop and to think again that I’m really seeing this kind of telling lies.

  257. According to me looks matters a lot. If surgical changes gives good effect on you then its fine. But there are some natural ways as well which helps you remain young.

  258. Yatzeefever says:

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