Bar Refaeli on SI Cover (pics); won’t vote in Israeli election

Drop-dead gorgeous Israeli model Bar Refaeli was just named Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition covergirl. To celebrate, she’ll be doing three days of non-stop press in New York and then she’ll fly in an airplane with her face plastered on the side to Las Vegas. The announcement was made on Dave Letterman’s show, and Refaeli did an interview with Time just after the announcement was made. She talks about the elections in Israel, her early modeling days (as a baby in a bib) and having braces. Here are some highlights:

How did they tell you that you were going to be on the cover?

They just invited me to the agency and told me I had an audition. My agent got me into his office and everyone was here, and a camera crew and posters of the cover. My first thought was just like, you know, why is this here? Why are you tricking me? I was speechless for a few long minutes. Which doesn’t happen often.

Who was the first person you told?

The first person I called was my mom, because she knew already. So I called to shout at her. She’d known for a few days. I’m like, “How can you do that?” She always tells me everything.

Is it true you’ve been modeling since you were eight months old?

Yes. Since I was 8 months old till I was 12, I did commercials and ads and cute little stuff for kids. Then I had braces on my teeth; they took them off when I was 16 and then I started modeling more seriously and doing more fashion.

What was your first job?

I don’t remember what the word is in English, but you know those things they put around babies’ necks when they eat? A bib? Those things. But the ad is still on, to this day. It’s really weird. They’re still using that 23 years later.

You’re Israeli. Are you voting in the elections?

I am in New York, so I can’t.

How do you think they’re going to go?

I actually don’t know who I would vote for. If I knew I was going to, I’d probably research more. I think I’d probably go for [Foreign Minister Tzipi] Livni, but I don’t know.

And you’re actually pictured on the side of the plane that you’re flying to Vegas in?

I’d heard that, but I don’t know, I don’t know yet. These Sports Illustrated people, they know how to hold a secret. Let’s wait and see.

Would you rather have the Sports Illustrated cover or be on the side of a plane?

Oh, Sports Illustrated. That’s something that is there forever, you know? It’s like a collector’s item. And the plane, they would take it off probably after a few days. But both are really cool.

So what are you doing next after this?

I’m shooting a show for MTV; we’re starting right after all the parties for Sports Illustrated. And then I have work, work, work, work. The show is called House of Style. They used to do it before and now they’re bringing it back. So it’s very exciting. The year hasn’t started yet and it’s already been the best I’ve ever had.

[from Time]

This girl is on top of the world right now. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also dating Leonardo DiCaprio, who has a soft spot for tall, leggy, foreign models, and is probably stocking up on the SI covers as we speak. From the interview, she also sounds like a sweet, personable girl. I am, however, a bit surprised at her lack of interest in the elections in Israel. This is not the first time she has made a political comment that has gotten her flak. In May 2008, she was quoted as saying that she didn’t regret not being drafted, and that the silliest thing she’d ever heard was the slogan, “it’s good to die for our country.” Whatever your political viewpoint, there are some very important things going on in the Middle East right now that will define what happens in the future. You’d think her publicist would have made sure she had a good answer when reporters ask her any questions about her home country – she has always been partially defined by her citizenship. It’s better for her to say something along the lines of “no comment” than sound apathetic.

Thanks to via The Blemish for these photos.

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  1. I think she is pretty, but she certainly isn’t drop dead gorgeous. I’m happy for her though, what a great accomplishment.

  2. emma says:

    it should also be noted that she would have gotten the SI cover last year, but she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about it (and SI loves keeping their cover a secret) so they gave the cover to Marissa Miller instead. I guess Bar learned her lesson this time around.

  3. Sauronsarmy says:

    I think shes hella pretty but to me shes just the poor mans Gisele.

  4. MaiGirl says:

    Boy, that cover sure shows her Brazilian roots! 🙂

  5. cara says:

    She’s gorgeous!!! Her body is amazing, but forgive me….I can’t help but think when I look at her perfect boobs, that they just won’t age well. But she sure will have photo’s to show off to her offspring of how hot she was…I think that’s a fair trade.

  6. Ana says:

    My goodness I would kill for her body.
    Cara- those perfect boobs will age a lot better than my imperfect boobies from pregnancy. Lol.

    I don’t know any woman’s boobs who age well. Esp after children and breastfeeding.

    I’m not trying to attack you or anything- just want to add that because sometimes it’s difficult to realize over the internet.

    I don’t like the cover they used. I wish they would have showed her face better. I really like the picture with the webbing but I think it would probably be too racy for a cover. It kind of looks like the airbrushed her nipples in order for them to not be seen.

  7. katyalia says:

    Brazilian roots?
    Isn’t she universally dumb as oatmeal? If I know I’d vote I’d start investigating what’s going on in my country? Give me a break, please.

  8. Orangejulius says:

    I think the Brazilian roots comment was referring to the absence of pubic hair, as in ‘Brazilian wax’.

  9. Sarah says:

    She IS a very beautiful woman, and not as superskinny as some of the most famous models, but still they do photoshop on her???

    WHY oh why can’t you just let her alone? And that particular pic is a CRAP work in PS!! I am impressed HOW crappy the work is and ask myself if they have let the apprentice do some try outs… I could have done that better! It’s just incredible that they photoshop even here! Men…

  10. Ned says:

    A total upgrade from Gisele- face and body. This girl is absolutely beautiful.

    Gisele’s got something masculine about her and very harsh facial features.

    Nevertheless, they both seem pretty shallow, and I don’t know why Leo keeps going for clueless models who “need to research” what’s going on in their country and seem to care only for money and magazine covers.

    I expected more from a 33 years old Leo.

  11. katyalia says:

    @Orangejulius: I admit, I’d never would have caught that without help.
    Thanks (I guess).

  12. James says:

    So hot. Bar is awesome.

  13. Blah blah blah says:

    “Poor man’s Giselle”? Oh come on.

    Giselle is beautiful, but Bar’s body is pretty amazing. I don’t think Bar’s face is “gorgeous,” but it’s pretty. Overall she leverages out as pretty fantastic.

  14. Wacky says:

    She is not very pretty and the cover is absolutely trashy. Out of all the other models, she was the best they had?

  15. geronimo says:

    That cover is dire, so cheap, looks like a men’s mag. She’s always been very generic ‘glamour model’ to me. Gisele on the other hand is catwalk and stunning, much leaner, much more beautiful body. No comparison.

  16. snappyfish says:

    Gisele is pretty pissed right now. Poor little supermodel. She is desperate and I mean desperate to get back with Leo. and now the younger fresher version of her has landed the cover of the year.

    See nice guys do get the pretty girl, Go Leo

  17. daisy424 says:

    She’s stunning

  18. sissoucat says:

    Any pacifist would say that “it’s good to die for our country” is a very stupid slogan.

    And there are pacifists in the Middle East. Though they’re not the loudest ones. Even though she’s an Israeli, she has the right not to be a war hawk.

    I agree she’d better keep her voting issues private – she’s sure to get some slack whatever she says about the subject.

  19. sissoucat says:

    Maybe it’s flak instead of slack ? No dictionary around… oh, you’re intelligent people, you’ll understand what I meant !

  20. Ned says:

    You are confusing a shallow gold-digger who is clueless and self absorbed with pacifism.

    She is a beautiful girl, but what she says indicates she cares only for money and fame. Not that she is some sort of a deep thinker who adheres to pacifism.

    She is chasing movie stars and magazine covers, not political activism or academic discourse.

  21. Lori says:

    I will never understand what these women see in that pudgy Pillsbury doughboy DeCaprio.

  22. Israeli says:

    This girl can’t keep her mouth shut, I wish she’d stop representing herself as an Israeli since she obviously does not follow up on her civic duties. and she keeps on making stupid excuses! Come on!
    and this is by far one of the weakest covers. she’s hot, can’t argue, but if you’d look at every cover girl for the last SI issues – those girls are crazy hot and the photos are beautiful. this is just borderline porn. nice job, Bar.

  23. janie says:

    The girl is very pretty, those that say otherwise might be jealous, however, she sounds like a total airhead to me.

    What do girls see in Leo (besides the money and fame)? sorry but I don’t think he is hot.