Britney Spears thinks she’s all spiritual and psychic

Britney Spears has been getting deep beyond her ability to comprehend. She made a couple statements recently that reveal that she’s trying to come to terms with the spiritual side of life, and is failing miserably.

She made a strange brief statement on her website, her first in over a year, saying she’s given up Kabbalah.

I no longer study Kabbalah. My baby is my religion.

She is also quoted as saying that she considers herself a sort of prophet:

“I wrote this song [“Someday”] at my piano, at my house. I wrote it two weeks before I found out that I was pregnant, so it was really kind of weird, because the song’s about having a baby… and it’s something that I’d been dreaming about for a while. It’s kind of like a prophecy,” she said, reports Ananova. “Everyone in general should voice their wishes more, because I think the more you throw it out to the universe, if you’re in the right space and place in your life, it’s weird how the universe gives it back to you.

Britney, you may not have realized it consciously at the time, but when you have sex without protection you can get pregnant. So you had more of a biology revelation when writing that song than a spiritual awakening.

It’s a good thing Britney has given up the Kabbalah cult, though. She doesn’t need any more complications in her life.

Britney is pregnant with her second child, which is rumored to be a girl.

Here she is with an unknown male outside a studio in Hollywood on 5/12. Kevin Federline is shown on the same day outside another studio.

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  1. Angelika says:

    As far as I know, this unknown male is her new nanny – she obviously thought a man could do it better after the whole “falling from a high chair” chaos with Sean Preston..

  2. millie says:

    I’m hoping that the rumors of her divorcing Kfed are true. She needs to dump this load, pronto. The guy on the pix was rumored to be SPF’s new nanny.. if so, I think that Brit is getting ready to dump Kev and have a male role model for SPF that doesn’t look like a pimp (and that’s on a good day!). Seriously, she should do herself and those kids a favor and dump his ass already!

  3. celebitchy says:

    That is probably the nanny. You guys are right, thanks. Millie, I agree and hope that she’s single soon. That’s good insight that she is looking for a better male role model for SP. She would be better off as a single mom, because she has the resources for it and it’s not like Kevin helps her at all anyway. Did you see that assholes new Maserati?!

  4. millie says:

    he has a new Maserati?? Did she buy it for him or he spent every cent he ever earned on it? The latter wouldn’t surprise me. Why pay child support if you can buy a new, flashy car?