Charlie Sheen is wearing a wedding ring and his fiance is calling him ‘hubby’

Charlie Sheen is about to get married for the fourth time, and you know it’s going to be epic. He’s been with his current girlfriend, who claims she’s moved on from her career as a porn star, since November. In that time Charlie rejected and then reached a truce with his last ex wife, addict Brooke Mueller. He’s also tried to push his second ex wife, Denise Richards, out of his neighborhood and life. So he’s making room for the new one, Brett Rossi, and if Brett has her way he won’t be returning to his old ways anytime soon. Radar has a story about a huge part Charlie threw. At first I got the impression that the party was recent, but it wasn’t. Charlie had the party back in November, and Brett was new at the time. She didn’t approve of all the competition there so she sat in the corner and tried to ignore it. If she marries Charlie you know she’s going to have to use this coping strategy all the time or risk his wrath.

Is this really he [sic] last hurrah? Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen has thrown a party to farewell his wild child days after proposing to fiancée Brett Rossi, has learned.

In attendance at the soiree last November were many women whose names are kept in the actor’s little black book — and even his mom Janet, who stopped by the occasion!

“It was just a great party,” said one guest, who was there at the party which was held at Sheen’s Mulholland Estate.

“Being a ‘Charlie Sheen’ party, there was — like always — more girls than guys. Everyone was getting along very well, except for one person.”

That was his then girlfriend, adult actress, Brett Rossi, who “sulked in the corner,” according to our spy witness.

“She was not impressed,” said the source.

“All of the guests had their cell phones confiscated and everyone signed non-disclosure agreements. The party had sky writers, fantastic food and Charlie was clearly having fun.

“Little did he realize it would be the last party he would he hosting like that for a very, very long time!

“As long as Brett is in the picture, there will be on [sic] more parties with Charlie’s harem of women.”

But that doesn’t mean the actor, 48, has stopped his legendary partying — just that guest list is not as long as it used to be, said another source.

[From Radar Online]

This article is confusing because it makes it sound like Charlie threw the party recently, but then they say it happened in November. Charlie did throw a party in November, but TMZ reported that it was for the Anger Management cast and crew and that there weren’t porn stars/strippers there. Sure there weren’t, I mean Brett was there. Then in late January Charlie had another party that was so out of hand neighbors called the cops. He’s not changing his ways.

I just checked Brett Rossi’s twitter account and she and Charlie did a nice thing – they visited injured veterans in DC. Brett called Charlie her “hubby” several times on Twitter and he was showing off a ring on his left hand. It could be a “mangagement ring” a la Johnny Depp. As far as I’ve heard, Brett is still officially married to her last husband. As soon as she’s divorced I bet she’ll marry Charlie though. And he’s said he’s not getting a prenup since they “poison marriages.” Strippers and coke don’t poison marriages, prenups do.

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  1. V4Real says:

    Despicable Me. That about sums it for Sheen.

  2. kaligula says:

    Was this poor child born yesterday? On another planet? In a distant galaxy? Oh my. Some of us just *have to* learn the hard way….

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      If you mean the Brett, I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. All she can hear is ca-ching!

      • kaligula says:

        You’re probably right. But also she is young enough to possibly believe that he really loves her. Plus no doubt he is a master con artist when it comes to luring women into believing that they are really special, different from the others….

      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        Plus she’s young enough to think that she can change him .. this is not going to end well.. I hope she doesn’t get pregnant.

      • Rachel says:

        Honestly Northerngirl… of COURSE she’s going to get pregnant. She knows that’s where the money is.

    • snowflake says:

      no offense, but shes no victim. cmon now, it’s not like charlie acts straighter and sober. just by looking at his pics you can tell he’s f*cked up all the time. imho, most porn stars start off as strippers and strippers know how to manipulate men. i cocktailed at a strip club and you would not believe how these women had men eating out of their hands, buying them jewelry, giving them money.

      there’s two main categories of men that go to strip clubs: those poor saps the strippers use and the ones who go there b/c thats how they roll. they like women who look good and don’t mind paying it for it. and that’s who charlie is: the second category, they both know whats up with the other and they’re good with it. they’re a perfect match b/c he likes to manipulate with his money and she likes to manipulate to GET the money. they’re a perfect match for each other! he doesnt mind paying for it, thats what he’s used to. because any woman with a ounce of sense can see what the eff he is about and steer clear. so he’s left with paying for the p*ssy, which he’s done for so long, he doesn’t mind. denise was the best trophy wife, b/c she knew how to keep her mouth shut as long as she got the money. that’s why you never hear her talk c*ap about him, she knows as long as she keeps it quiet, she’ll get her money.

      these guys are so shallow, they’d rather pay for pretty and quiet than have a real relationship with a woman who might not remain quiet and might not be as pretty. so both parties are getting exactly what they want!

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Such a tender love match. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. hunaww says:

    Too bad he turned out to be such a sleaze,look at this screenshot when he was young.

    11/10 he would get it.

    • huh says:

      Wtf happened?

    • V4Real says:

      Sheen used to be very attractive in his younger years. Around his earlier films such as Young Guns, Men At Work and even Major League and Money Talks he was still presentable as a Hollywood hunk. I remember when they used to try and compare the brothers and a lot of people chose Charlie over Emilio. But years of alcohol and drug abuse took it’s toll on his looks.

      Emilio must be sitting on his couch somewhere shaking his head while saying and Charlie’s the one with the better career.

  5. MollyB says:

    Can you imagine being wounded fighting for your country and then “getting” to celebrate with this degenerate coke head and his pr0n star girlfriend? What a fitting honor for your sacrifice. 🙁

    • stinky says:

      im so hearing you. my thoughts immediately. but the vet looks very, very happy and thats what counts. people really really like that hack-nastic 2.5 Men. even my mom watches it and shes 82. this bugs.

  6. eliza says:

    The ONLY good thing is that he is helping out our wounded soldiers with some donations. That is it, otherwise he is a disgusting excuse for a human being and so is his gold digging tramp of a “wife”.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Very cool for the soldiers, but obviously just PR where Sheen’s concerned.

  7. Erinn says:

    I’d hope she would ruin him financially if it weren’t for the kids.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      I was about to post the same thing. Those kids would be screwed if she got all his money.

  8. feebee says:

    God he’s such an obvious troll. Whatevs Charlie.

  9. huh says:

    Maybe she’ll be his Lady Nemesis

  10. Nicolette says:

    Who in their right mind would want to marry him?

  11. SallyBee says:

    Nicolette- my Mama has a saying: “If there were no men, women would marry monkeys. ” I think this applies here.

  12. Penelope says:

    He’s gross. Barf.

  13. snowflake says:

    hey brett, u dummy, you’re still married so charlie’s not your husband! dumb*ss.

    she’s not married or even engaged if she’s still married to her husband! I think its ridiculous when people get “engaged” when they’re still legally married.

    charlie still looks good dressed up, ill give him that.

  14. Deanne says:

    She’s also referring to his twins as “our boys”. I don’t think that any of this is out of naivetey. She’s calculated and is playing him well. His pathetic history of abusing women, is all over the web. There’s no way she’s stupid enough to think she’ll be treated any differently, once she angers him, like all of his women eventually do.

  15. Jem says:

    Does he even still have a job? Because his money is the O-N-L-Y reason any ho of any class would have anything to do with his skanky gross butt.

  16. Tabbyfoof says:

    What a shame that he can’t be a better father. I just hope he gets his act together for his kids’ sake.

    Also, I think that headline should read, “…his fiancee.”

  17. murphy says:

    I do follow Brett on twitter because I’m a glutton for punishment. and I have to say all those texts she put out yesterday were SO ANNOYING.

    If you want to sound smart Scottie-learn the correct name for our former president. His name is George W. Bush not GW Bush Jr. Geez.

  18. Lux says:

    I can’t with her. I can’t believe any woman would dissuade a man from properly caring/providing for his children. What a selfish b****.

    • snowflake says:

      oh plz. he didn’t take care of his kids before that. financially but he d@mn sure wasnt a father. not her fault hes a POS. he does that by himself. and i hope he gets what he deserves with this broad. i have a feeling shes a lot more cunning than his past exes and she is going to take him for one heck of a ride. she should be named karma! when they break up, it’s gonna be CRAZY! cause we all know nobody right in the head would hang out w this fool. he’ll be at rock bottom by the time she’s done w him. he’ll be lucky if he has two pennies to rub together.

  19. I'm With The Band says:

    Any woman who hooks up with Charlie Sheen clearly has no self-respect (or is a fame whore or both). Look at the way he deals with his children FFS. Appalling.

    I’m now having visuals of them being showered with cocaine at their wedding, instead if confetti.