People Mag: Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris had an ‘open’ marriage at times, shock

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Ah, of course. I would imagine Gwyneth Paltrow’s publicist was in high-level negotiations with People Magazine all of last week. As you might remember, Gwyneth posted her “Consciously Uncoupled” announcement on Goop late Tuesday (EST) last week, which meant that none of the weekly magazines could change their covers in time. But Goop got this week’s People cover, and I would imagine she’ll get a few more too. But People is the one that counts. Because it’s pretty much like Gwyneth’s publicist wrote this. Right? Remember I said yesterday: who will custody of the publicists? Goop got custody. For now.

Long before they announced their split and introduced the world to the term “conscious uncoupling”, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were struggling to stay a couple. In this week’s cover story, several friends tell PEOPLE that the pair, who were married for 10 years, at times had an “open” relationship.

“They were physically separated and emotionally,” says a Paltrow insider. Adds a close friend of the 41-year-old actress: “They have been on and off for many years. The marriage was falling apart.”

Personality conflicts and distance proved challenging for the couple, who are parents to daughter Apple, 9½, and son Moses, who turns 8 next week.

The Coldplay rocker, 37, “is the kind of person who is always in a T-shirt,” says another friend. “She’s much more glam.”

With two busy careers to sustain, “they seemed to have a pretty mature handle on that crazy rotation of being superstars and parents,” says a source who knows them both. “But that balance, given the time they had to spend apart, clearly couldn’t sustain itself.”

[From People]

I tend to think this is a preemptive strike against the weeks and months of reporting to come about Gwyneth and Chris’s multiple partners outside of marriage and this is Goop’s way of just making a blanket excuse: it was an open marriage. They were separated on and off. Etc. But I do have to wonder – if we’re being told NOW that the marriage was hanging by a thread for years, why did Gwyneth feel the need to condescend to peasants all that time about how she had figured out how to make marriages work and what every woman should do, and all of that? Meanwhile, earlier this week People Mag ran a story with more insider-y quotes about how Gwyneth and Chris are NOT PEASANTS for the love the God and they are super-busy:

“Gwyneth is very focused on GOOP and building a business, and Chris is a serious person about his music,” a source who knows the couple tells PEOPLE. “They are conscious of the fact that they have to work for all they have, even if from the outside they have a lot.”

Both the actress, 41, and singer, 37, have projects in the works. Martin joins The Voice this week as an adviser for all four judges’ teams. In addition to that, the Coldplay frontman is gearing up for the May 19 release of Ghost Stories, the band’s sixth album (and its first since 2011). The rockers are expected to take their highly anticipated new tunes on the road. While a new tour hasn’t been announced yet, Coldplay’s last (in 2012 for Mylo Xyloto) raked in a reported $170 million.

“He tours a lot. To support the band and make money, you have to tour. It’s not a negative thing, but just sort of this way of talking about it – that artists have to work all the time,” the source says. “They are both very hardworking people.”

Paltrow will be keeping busy, as well. Aside from her lifestyle site GOOP, the actress is set to appear alongside Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor in Mortdecai, a globe-trotting adventure about the hunt for a valuable painting. It is due to be released this year.

While the exes have a lot on their plate, another source says their children – Apple, 9½, and Moses, 7½ – are still their top priority.

“They made an effort to be there for their kids at their activities,” the source says, “even though they had killer schedules.”

[From People]

Yeah, while I think Chris’s touring schedule is a legitimate excuse for why he and Gwyneth have lived separate lives for a while, I think that Gwyneth’s “I’m super-busy too, y’all” is mostly just make-work. I mean, she films one movie a year (and it is more exhausting than some peasanty 9-5 office job, let me tell you) and then she just GOOPS the rest of the time. And have you read her Goop-letters lately? She’s mostly just cutting-and-pasting. Sniff. You have no idea how hard it is.

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  1. Sammy says:

    I don’t understand how Goop is that much work. She has a staff of eight or more people and posts one day a week. I read a lot of blogs run by just one person that post several articles a week and do this lifestyle thing better. Do any of you read Oh Joy or Cupcakes and Cashmere.

    Also I believe their marriage was a mess from the beginning but she put up with it for the status it gave her. She ‘s someone who likes looking perfect and together at all times ala her bestie Beyonce. Unlike Jay-z Chris probably got over her schtick quickly and eventually no longer wanted to save face and play house

    • BW says:

      I wonder if Vanity Fair will finally publish that article about her that she wanted quashed.

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        I hope they do! I’m so annoyed that they went softball on her. Obviously they knew all about this mess (they must have otherwise why did GP freak out so bad). I guess GP wanted to control what info comes out in the hopes it doesn’t make her look too bad.

    • Jedi says:

      I love cupcakes and cashmere. Emily is so talented and has such an eye for design. running that site is clearly a lot of work. Goop probably doesnt even write that little intro on her blog each week- thats probably some poor editor’s job.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Oh thanks for the heads up about Cupcakes and Cashmere! Very fun!

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Oh pleaze, that’s beneath her. She is the II curator II of goop. Only peasants do all the work.

    • Zimmer says:

      @Sammy. Thanks for the names of the blogs. C and C already has my mouth watering

  2. Aria says:

    Her image is mostly damaged (?) in US and UK. In South America, she’s barely known as Brad Pitt ex girlfriend and Iron Man girlfriend. When I told my husband she was getting a divorce, he didn’t know she was married in the first place. He was shocked when I told him her future ex husband was CM.

    • Jem says:

      Yeah, I agree: in what universe are these two “superstars”?

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        Coldplay is pretty big.
        And as much as her career isn’t big anymore, she’s still an Oscar winner.

      • Aria says:

        We care about Coldplay as a band but nothing more.

        We love gossip but it more local celebrity oriented so Goop debacle is little known.

      • deliwich says:

        Well, since she and Aniston both share the same publicist, Stephen Huvane, who writes these hand delivered puff pieces for People Ragazine, I’d say Fishyth Paltrowich is a “Superstar,” much in the way, Aniston is “The Sexiest Woman of All Time” (courtesy American media’s Men’s Health, natch.)
        *(Snort, Guffaw)

      • deliwich says:

        Yeah, but there are superstar Oscar winners like Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep….then there are NON-superstar Oscar winners like Rachel Weisz, Marcia Gay Harden and Adrien Brody. I think most people would have put Gwyn in that latter category.

        *With an asterisk that explained that her possibly humping Harvey Weinstein had a LOT to do w/ her winning Oscar over more deserving Cate Blanchett (and the rest of the nominees) that year, anyway.

      • Aria says:

        Exactly @deliwich! Most people here know who Julia Robert is but we can’t hardly remember Rachel Weisz (who I personally love and admire) from next forty somenthing brunette actress. It has to do with stardom not talent or Oscar winning.

        At some point, all actresses are the blonde one or the brunette one. Only a few really stand out.

  3. Shopperetta says:

    At what point do you stop with the 1/2? For the record, I am 35 7/12.

    • Cooray says:

      Love this. And totally agree; the +1/2 was superfluous.

    • Ripley says:

      I think they want to show she was pregnant with Apple when they married? Married for 10 years and (gasp!) their daughter is 9 and 1/2 years old.

      • Cooray says:

        Oh, got it. I retract!

      • Lori says:

        Yes, She announced her Pregnancy on the Tonite Show with Jay Leno!! How gauge eh? And then a couple of days later they got married in a quickie private ceremony with just the 2 of them. Imagine………a shot gun wedding for GOOP. She’s just like the rest of us Y’all

      • daisy says:

        No matter how you slice it, it’s a shot gun wedding. How gauche.

      • abby says:

        ITA. And I always come back to that. In fact, this entire charade boils down to a simple situation. Paltrow was sad and depressed. She had recently lost had father and her last two high-profile relationships failed. She was not in a good place.
        She met Chris, who admittedly had never had a serious relationship before, so felt he’d struck gold. They got it on. Soon she was pregnant. And like a Carolyn Bessette/Grace Kelly wanna-be Paltrow had to marry rather than face the ‘peasanty’ reality of single motherhood. So off to the court house Gwyneth and Chris went. Yup, shot gun all the way.
        This all happened within little more than a year or so, IIRC. And I understand why they would make such a decision. The problem however, imo, is that eventually, Gwyneth overcame her depression and immediate grief. And her true self became clear. At the same time, the novelty of a real girlfriend/wife (and baby on the way) probably soon wore off for Chris because well hey, it was his first real relationship after all. You think perhaps one day they both woke up and realized just how far in over their heads they were?
        TBH, I am shocked they made it this long.
        But Gwyneth was not going to fail at love again – not so publically – so soon. The marriage brought her status, prestigue, famous friends, wealth and an indulgent lifestyle despite her somewhat stalled film career. I can barely imagine what has forced this abrupt change.

        Anyway, Vanity Fair lost a great scoop (assuming they had the goods). Either they have even better dirt on her or they made a deal.
        Anyway, once the cooling period passes we’ll see who steps out with a “new love” first.

  4. TheCountess says:

    Well, in retrospect it may have been hanging by a thread for a long time, but when she was in the moment, she may have well believed she had solved or fixed the problem – hence the condescension.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      You may be right, which just goes to show…..condescension is never a good idea. It WILL bite you in the butt.

    • L says:

      THIS. She’s so smug she thought she fixed it, and so was bragging. Just goes to show what delta said. Condescension is never a good idea.

    • Emily C. says:

      I don’t think she ever believed she had fixed anything. Her desperation to be seen as someone with a great marriage was a transparent attempt to convince everyone else of the lies that she was the best wife ever and had the best marriage ever. It’s the reason why this split comes as no surprise.

  5. Ian says:

    open relationship????

    names I want names.

    • V4Real says:

      Better not be RDJ, there has to be a reason he likes this vile woman.

      I’m actually surprised no one mention that Goop and Chris was on vacation together a few days ago.

      • blue marie says:

        Fingers crossed he’s not one of them..
        If they have an open relationship then why “consciously uncouple” why not just keep going as you’re going and doing who you do?

      • Candy Love says:

        @ blue marie

        That’s what I don’t get. Unless one of them wanted out so that they can go public with their side piece.

        I never get how people can have an open relationship when kids are involved.

      • blue marie says:

        I don’t understand it either Candy and in this instance I think it’s a cop-out. I think she’s afraid of what folks will think when they find out she cheated just as much as he did.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Extra-marital sex in an open marriage isn’t cheating, per se. It implies that the people in the marriage have both agreed to the arrangement and are informed about what’s going on. Not sure that’s what actually happened here (agreeing and being informed), but it sounds better to say “open marriage” — much less bourgeois than garden-variety cheating.

      • Valois says:

        because partners in an open marriage would still care for each other. There’d still be a relationship, not just a simple agreement.
        (I don’t think they had an open marriage.)

      • I think their ‘open marriage’ was code for ‘I’m going to bang whoever I want, and we’re not going to say anything to each other’…..

    • mercy says:

      Lol yeah, open to whom?

      I think it was obvious when she made that comment about cheating not being a deal breaker in a marriage that something was up. But why she would make a comment like that and then turn around and fight so hard to keep Vanity Fair out of her business is something of a mystery to me. I understand it’s her life and she wants to control the message and keep the most sordid speculation at bay, but statements like that only invite more interest.

      • V4Real says:

        I think it’s a control issue. Goop wants to control how information is released about her. The announcement of her “uncoupling” was issued by her. Now you have her team putting their spin on the “People Mag” article that she had an open marriage. I’m thinking when we finally learn the names that they both were using their “open marriage” card on she will be able to soften the blows by saying hey it’s not a big deal, as you know Chris and I were in an open marriage. She wants to control her own press.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I still beleive the blind gossip saying she was fighting Vanity Fair because they were going to expose her not just having an affair, but also as her being a homewrecker because one of the affairs resulted in the guy’s wife leaving and divorcing him.

      • deliwich says:

        +1 to JenniferJustice

      • JenniferJustice–that would be gossip GOLD….gossipwise, I hope this gets NASTY.

        Feel bad for their kids though…but then again, I felt bad for them when their dad was telling anyone who’d listen that he’d sue over the Bos rumors and didn’t, and I felt bad for them when their mother was talking about BJ’s on tv.

      • daisy says:

        I think the uncoupling happens when one of the married people falls in love with someone else.

        She will be married to a Billionaire businessman within 2 years of her divorce. Millions are no longer enough for her.

    • LAK says:

      These are the people named by the DM their report on the people story.

      On her side:
      Jeffrey Soffer (Elle’s hubby)
      Brad Fulchak (sp?) Glee producer
      Kevin Yonn (sp?) lawyer

      On his side:
      Kate Bosworth
      Helena Christiansen
      Kate Hudson

      Alexa Chung isn’t mentioned.

      • HappyMom says:

        The most interesting thing is that they didn’t mention Alexa Chung. Aren’t the rumors that she’s the one Chris Martin can’t get over-hence the divorce?

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        Wow, thanks for sharing that.
        And it’s funny how nobody denied anything, except for in the case of Soffer and Yonn?

      • deliwich says:

        It would make sense that in a Gwyneth/Huvane spun People Mag piece they would leave out the woman who Martin may currently be in love with. It might have been something Martin even demanded so Alexa wouldn’t be smeared ala Jolie.

    • deliwich says:

      I don’t believe this ‘open relationship,’ business for a second. It’s just a way for high powered publicists of dishonest phoney people in shite marriages who are cheating, and getting cheated on, to do damage control and save face.

      In a way I can’t blame her, she more than anyone, having Huvane as a PR flack has seen how he created a ‘loser sad spinster reject who needs all the sympathy,’ fake IMAGE for Aniston after her split. An image that hasn’t done her any favors. Yeah, she gets a LOT of ink, but when it’ all centers around how you can’t get a man, and are an eternal dumpee, what good does it do you? Just means you’ll eventually go off the deep end and make your PR guy buy you fake ‘sexy’ awards, and start fellating bananas in movies you can’t headline to turn that whole sad cat (or dog) lady tag around.

      Paltrow probably made it clear to Huvane she doesn’t want that (doesn’t want the reject older wife who gets tossed role), and will happily say she was cheating right along with Martin, even if it means she can be presented as STILL desirable by someone/anyone.

      Also, is it just me, or is she turning into that little troll trainer of hers, Tracey Anderson – they have the exact same face. ..and all the same anxiety about aging and body dysmorphic (sp) issues as well I’m guessing.

      • idsmith says:

        this! I totally agree. I get so sick of everyone saying “open marriage” every time someone seems to be getting some on the side. I think it’s a cop out to save face or to make people seem cooler than everyone else in your plain old traditional marriages. Yes, it’s totally possible for people to cheat and for their spouse not to know about it. Yes, it’s possible when celebrities find out their spouses are cheating they are actually hurt.
        I also wanted to comment that she looks terrible in that blue dress in the bottom photo. It really shows how a little bit of body fat and some shape can help a figure fill out a dress. No body shaming. Just saying super skinny and super fit doesn’t always suit every outfit.

    • starrywonder says:

      He was allowed to get with groupies based on blind items and Goop got with that publicist she was linked to, the producer from Glee, tried to get with Guy Ritchie and that is what led to her and Madonna falling out, I heard she hooked up with Jay-Z (also what led to her and Beyonce not being cool anymore).

      Chris got in trouble when he hooked up publicly with Kate Botsworth (Kate was drummed out of the cool girl pack for that) and then he got with Alexa Chung and couldn’t get over her which led to the final final break-up.

      • deliwich says:

        She was linked to a publicist? Not her publicist, but a different one I’m presuming, because her own, Stephen Huvane is gay.

        Interesting re the Guy and Jay rumors, I thought it really odd that suddenly Uncle Jay and Aunt Bey were not hanging out with Paltrow – maybe Madge whispered in Bey’s ear to watch that ho. LOL I bet Paltrow was dying to get cast in one of his movies, and went behind Madge’s back to do a little cajoling. Hahahaha

      • Dubois says:

        Also CM supposedly had a thing with Natalie Imbruglia for many years, and Lainey said he was messing with some lawyer type in the UK. I’ve often wondered about Goop and Madonna/Beyonce. She was super tight with Bey and name-dropping her at any and every opportunity. Then silence. I woudn’t put it past that fishstick to move on her FRIEND’s husbands. Very low. Despicable actually. Ditto Kate Hudson if she did indeed get with CM. Kate and Goop are friendly.

        But then Goop and Cammy are tight and Cammy and Kate have the whole A-Rod thing, so who knows…

        Then you have Madonna/Cammy – A-Rod, Goop/Madonna – Guy Ritchie. It’s a mess. The only innocent ones are Cammy and Madonna.

      • Liv says:

        If she really went after Jay and Guy Ritchie, then she’s a backstabbing bitch and worse than I thought.

      • @Dubois
        That’s true–I haven’t heard anything about Goop and Beyonce/JayZ since she did that ” ‘real’ n-ggas in Paris” tweet, from a few years ago. She used to name drop them all the time, and I remember that she (or Bey) posted a few pics with them all together. They used to be besties—and then nothing.

        I wouldn’t put it past Goop–her vagina must be magical or something, because she looks like all she does is lay there and makes the guy do all the work. Maybe she’s the complete opposite.

  6. bns says:

    Gwyneth implied this herself long before they broke up.

    It has been obvious for years that they were miserable together, especially him.

    • Sammy says:

      True. She’s 5 years older than him and was already past her prime while he was in the midst when they married and started having kids. Not to mention the fact that she’s always been into the fame thing more than him even though she fronts like she’s above it.

      • Jessica says:

        I don’t think a 5 year age difference is a huge difference to make a dent, and I hope that a woman past the age of 40 (although past her prime in terms of beauty) still has a lot to offer a man, lol. I guess I subscribe to the crazy notion that beauty is within…

      • Ms. Turtle says:

        Past her prime? She was like 31 when they got together. Past her prime seems a bit harsh.

        I have always liked GP even in spite of how much of a twat she can sound like. IDK why I like her but she owns what she is. She’s never pretended to be a woman of the people. I don’t think she’s innocent but she doesn’t live in the same world we do. The same rules don’t apply. I get the sense being married to a moody rock star isn’t all sunshine and roses either.

        Bottom line is two huge egos are usually not destined for long term success. I feel saddest for their children and hope they feel surrounded by safety and love. Whatever we think of her, she seems to wholly adore her children.

      • LadyJ says:

        If beauty comes from within then Paltry’s shit out of luck.

      • Truthtful says:

        ok she is insufferable but in what universe 5 years is that much of a gap between spouses?
        They had a lot of problems but I don’t think that her being just 5 yrs older than him is one of them.
        That’s actually a bit sexist. what about the 12 years of gap between Brad pitt and angie jolie, do you think it can be a marital problem too?

      • Omega says:

        Stunning insight. The marriage fell apart because she was an old crone. Well let that be a lesson to all you women who seek to defy the proper order as ordained by God himself and/or your local village elders.

      • Jaded says:

        A woman over 40 is most definitely NOT past her prime, she’s just entering it. Having been through my forties I can tell you it was the best decade EVER for me. Fifties not bad…sixties, well, I’m still getting used to it but I’m sure I’ll make it work.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt that in saying she was past her prime you were speaking in terms of her career. Yes, she hasn’t done anything phenominal since……well, ever, but she did do some better stuff back in the day compared to her recent roles.

      • Boredsuburbanhousewife says:

        The DM story on the split & the People article was pretty brutal to Goop, actually, by saying a big source of tension in the marriage was her obssession with her appearance, desire for attention, and looking young. The word “narcissism” was used to suggest Chris had had it with all that as he doesn’t like the spotlight.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        Sammy and Jessica…a woman over 40 is not past her prime in age OR beauty. In fact, they are just hitting their stride, for they have self-confidence, and to me, that equates to sexiness.

      • Annaloo. says:

        For some women, 40 is the beginning of EVERYTHING and they have never looked more amazing.

        That is not the case with Goop. She peaked, like 10-15 years ago.

  7. Jem says:

    Could “open marriage” be nothing more than an insecure Goop’s way of “explaining” why her husband kept fooling around on her? I’m not saying she’s didn’t stray, too, I’m just saying he probably strayed first and more often. It may be easier to just say it was an open marriage than to admit she wasn’t enough to keep him. In her mind, anyway.

    • Eleonor says:

      I think she had her relationships too.

    • But Goop is a cheater too–well documented, BEFORE she even got with CM. So I think that based on that, it is just as likely that they both were fooling around at the same time. I don’t think it matters, in this case, who did it ‘first’–they were both ALWAYS going to do so.

      • jess says:

        I don’t think Gynneth could be faithful to anyone. She cheated in every relationship she ever had.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        She loves male attention. Her father adored her and she was his princess. I think she needs men to make her feel special.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Yes, this. I think she played up an open marriage to save face. If it’s put out there as consentual cheating, it’s not cheating, so she doesn’t look like the husband got bored with her and found somebody more appealing.

    • deliwich says:

      Jem, I think you’re on to something. Not that I think Paltrow is some paragon of virtue, she cheated on Brad Pitt – and just as good as admitted it. But I do think Martin stepped out first and often, and then she started wading into the same muddy water, I think their marriage more or less for the last 5-7 years has probably been about her saving face.

  8. Talie says:

    I wonder which tabloid is going to print the story Chris tried to squash last week.

  9. bowers says:

    She’s too high maintenance and shallow.

  10. Loopy says:

    I cant believe how much coverage this is getting, its not like this is Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston shocking!

    • That’s what publicists are for, baby……I guess I now see their TRUE value. I don’t think we’ve talked about Goop this much in YEARS.

    • Jen says:

      But she was Mr. Pitt’s former girlfriend, so I guess that moves you up in the food chain even all these years later. And she has the same publicist as his former wife, so it all works the same.

    • deliwich says:

      It’s no coincidence the coverage is mostly driven by the same power PR flack, Huvane that has long handled Aniston. He’s quite literally, a publicity genius and the hardest working reputed lying liar in show biz. By the time this is over, you’ll be thinking Paltrow and Martin are the biggest stars in the world. More than anything, Paltrow has always been considered a major snooty snob w/ foot n mouth disease (even in England, which is known for them) – so a lot of this is because of schadenfreude (we do love it) but also, England is a tabloid country, Martin & Coldplay are big there, and they’re driving the bus on this story too.

      • NoMercy says:

        Absolutely spot-on about Huvane. He specializes in manufacturing “sexy” images for his clients, even if it means passing along complete fabrications. Better to be thought of as a sexy, alluring mistress or “open” wife than geeky or dowdy.

  11. This may be superficial of me, but if I was Goop, I would’ve made PEOPLE choose a better picture of me for the cover. Maybe the one that showed my stripper ass 😉

  12. Jen says:

    I know it’s generally a cliched setup – choir boy turned slut – but i’m not sure i buy it with Chris Martin. It doesn’t really fit with my impression of him. He’s always seemed like a front man by default rather than because of any great desire to be Mr Rock ‘n Roll. The groupie/actress thing would be a bit out of character for me, but there have always been rumours and i don’t actually know the guy so who knows…….

    I can imagine Gwyneth getting around. She’s got the connections to keep it quiet and she’s always been a power player in those society circles. If nothing else, it could explain her Vanity Fair panic/guilt.

  13. The Original G says:

    Blah, blah. yeah we knew.

    The gossip here is what really made them pull the trigger NOW on this? Was it a showdown, a serious sidepiece on one side, the band putting their foot down on Yoko Paltrow? Hmm?

  14. Jess says:

    In my experience I have found that people who don’t work much are always the ones who complain the loudest about how hard they work. And, to be fair, if 90% of the time you don’t have to do much, then doing any work for that other 10% of the time seems super hard. I think that’s G’s problem (one of many). As for her new claim that they had an open marriage – I think that really is a cover for the cheating that was going on. And I would love it if somebody would pull all of her “I’m better than you” quotes about marriage and reprint them now (I’m still ticked about her spouting off on how moms shouldn’t work once they have kids, after she had Apple).

    • Jen says:

      Chris Martin’s continued silence is deafening here, though truth be told i doubt he’d even entertain the question if it was put to him. She seems to run the PR side for both of them.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        And that is why I think he got somebody pregnant (the big news that’s suppose to come out soon) and is humoring her by letting her “have at it” with the whole unconscious uncoupling, open marriage, blah blah. If he got somebody pregnant, it would blow her lid, so he’s letting her be the voice and have all the PR power during their split. If she demanded it and had/has dirt on him, he may not have had a choice but to hand her the microphone.

      • deliwich says:

        I think Martin is almost as big a narcissist as she is. I used to think he was a self deprecating geek (all the comments about Brad Pitt he used to drop – you know, Brad’s a king among men, I’m a troll, etc.) – but I guess years touring in a big rockband can cure that ASAP.

        Last night on The Voice, he’s mentoring this very young girl, she’s no more than 17, and he wants her to put some emotion/feeling into the song, and he tells her to pretend she’s singing to Harry Styles….then he says, ‘or me.’

        I was like…EEEEEEW. GROSS. See, I think men actually lose sight of when they become dirty old goats, maybe in his mind’s eye he’s a whippersnapper like Harry – but he never had it going on like that anyway…so I was a little shocked he went there.

  15. Candy Love says:

    What happen to their ( divorce will not be public, gauche or peasantry ) yesterday or Goop asking for privacy in her “conscious uncoupling ” letter?

  16. ViktoryGin says:

    It’s interesting to see the foundation of her carefully constructed veneer starting to show some serious cracks.

    Even as a teenager, I was aware that her success was largely the result nepotism and rarefied blonde privilege and that her talent was marginal. I think that she had spent so much off her life chasing after an untenable protectionism that she is virtually incapable of admitting that she, “Mrs. Perfect” (or is that Miss now) actually failed at something.

    Looking forward to all her justifications that demonstrate that despite certain “inconveniences”, she’s supremely enlightened and above the fray.

    How exhausting being hostage by your own perfectionism.

  17. Bea says:

    The only thing that terrifies me about this whole thing is that she has the same publicist as Aniston.

    I can’t imagine how long this is going to on – it’s already longer than Celine Dion’s heart.

    • He’s already worked miracles–when have we ever talked this much about Goop? I’ll tell you–when he bought her PEOPLE’S Most Beautiful Cover…which to be fair to Goop, was the best she had looked in YEARS.

    • mimif says:

      Lmao Bea, I love it.

    • Jen2 says:

      Look at how many years he went after Pitt. I really feel for Chris Martin. He may just be staying quiet to get the hell out and if he has to take some crap, he will for his freedom. Don’t know either of these people that well, so both may be ratty, but that People article is all about GP. Her friends (Huvane) are the sources, not his.

      • I bet you Huvane will be the ‘unnamed friend’, like he was in Jennifer A’s VF interview that said that Brad’s the one who didn’t want kids…..IT BEGINS. I hope it gets GOOD.

      • Jen2 says:

        @Virgilia. By the time this is over, GP will have been a virgin when they got married, gave up her glorious career to be an unselfish, loyal wife and mom and Martin was a hound dog who left her alone and chased all the girls (which he might have done, but boy he will be the only bad guy in this story, that I can almost guarantee). GP will look like a vestal virgin, wearing white with a heavenly glow.

      • Tell me about it. Goop reminds me of one of my aunts. After she got married and started going to church, she told her two older daughters (that she’d had out of wedlock and with two diff. guys) that she’d only had sex TWICE. And they believed her for a while.

        That’s how Huvane’s gonna work his magic. And I can’t hate on him for it.

        Get it, Huvane! (I love him)

    • Lauren says:

      Gwyneth is becoming more unlikable with each passing day. I used to admire her, but her comment about office job – working mothers is offensive. G. Should be humble and gracious during this difficult time, for the sake of her children. Sadly, that is not the case. If she freely spews these comments to the media, can you imagine what she has said to Chris Martin in private?

  18. Jay says:

    Isn’t “open marriage” too much of a commoner term? Wouldn’t her publicist call it something more pretentious like, I don’t know, “Gwyneth and Chris followed the practice of metafidelity”?

  19. T.C. says:

    Strike two for the open marriage celebrities. I’m gonna get some popcorn and wait for the released names of other men and other women.

    BTW: hilarious how the royals only got a little stamp size area on the cover. If this was Diana’s era it would have been a split cover or two separate covers .

  20. mkyarwood says:

    I bet she starts to do more movies now, but she’ll need a new niche. Gone are the days of Emma.

  21. shelley says:

    What happened, People Mag? As the most recent winner of the coveted “most beautiful” cover, I thought you’d treat Gwyneth better than this!!?

    As the celebrity-friendly, “sunshine & roses”, “scandal, what scandal” publication, I find this marriage bust-up cover very surprising for People. By alienating Goop and p*ssing her off, you can kiss future “scoops” good-bye I guess. Plus, it’s very uncool to subject her kids to this.

    • Candy Love says:

      What are you talking about this came straight from Goop publicist because I image thing are going to come out that won’t paint Goop the best light.

    • HappyMom says:

      There is NO way this happened without Goop and Huvane’s blessings and direct quotes.

      • deliwich says:

        Yup. People Mag is pretty much owned by Huvane – his connections to what goes in/on that rag these days is immense. He must have a boyfriend or 2, or 3, over there. Don’t ask me how he did it – but he’s in good. From covers when he wants them, to sightings featuring his clients (you know, ‘Jennifer and John, enjoyed a light meal at Sunset towers, holding hands and giggling the whole time, “they looked so in love,” said an onlooker, named Stephen Huvane, lol ) Next time you’re in the local Walgreens, take a gander at all of the ‘Special’ People Ragazine issues (you know, the Style issue, the Year in Fashion issue, The Year End issues, the Retrospective issues – 90s era) and you’ll notice one glaring obvious thing: Jennifer Aniston’s face is big, front and center on ALL of them.

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      People Magazine knows where its bread is buttered, and it isn’t with Chris Martin. This was all GP’s team’s doing. No doubt it will paint her with the lightest brush.

    • T.C. says:

      I’m sure People mag will spin the Open marriage as all Chris’ fault. Goop will still come out looking like an angelic Rose.

    • rachael says:

      I can see where everyone is coming from, but tend to side with Shelly — why would Goop willfully put her kids through that (i.e. even more scrutiny, emotional hell, etc.)

      • Candy Love says:

        For the same reason she called her grandmother a c*** on TV or telling the world that she gives Chris blowjobs when fighting on TV. So her publicist saying they had an open marriage is nothing compared to putting her kids though that.

    • The Original G says:

      I agree that this story has Goop’s blessing. She’s looking to make her and Chris’s divorce a shining example of post modern, post divorce enlightened living.

      As for burning the bridges on scoops, the only thing she’s done of interest for the last half dozen years is step in her own high fiber sh!t she doesn’t think stinks.

      Also as a Huvane client, we may be seeing the first step in the passive aggressive poor Goop PR a la Aniston.

      • Kim1 says:

        Goop will never get the” Poor Jen” covers though. Jen benefited from the divorce whereas GOOP ‘s goal is not to get any more backlash.

      • deliwich says:

        I disagree, the goal for both is INK. It really doesn’t matter how you get it, whether you do as Huvane client 1 (demonize your ex and his woman to gain sympathy – please hate these two superstars who have tortured me and ruined my life ) Huvane client 2 (demonize and name drop a fellow friend’s superstar ex and his woman, presenting yourself as loyal pitbull attack dog)…Paltrow presents a conundrum….as, as long as she plays the ‘open marriage,’ card there won’t be anyone to demonize and make herself look good, but today, as the Kardashians have shown us all, one needn’t be the most beloved to be the most successful. Besides, at the end of the day, whether your playing a sidekick in a big comedy, schilling bottled water, sneakers, or couture perfume – the only thing people really want to know, is if the investment will pay off. For instance, Adam Sandler may say, yeah, I could pay Julie Bowen half of what I’m paying Aniston to star as my wife, but Julie doesn’t have a power PR flack who will package my movie with her own marketed image like Aniston. Bowen won’t package my movie with a ‘People’s Most’ cover, Bowen’s PR won’t drop incessant ‘items’ in Huffpo and dozens of other outlets (See _____’s nip slip in upcoming movie!! ____ Goes NUDE in new movie next Christmas!), land mag and rag covers, etc. The brilliant thing about Huvane is that he gets his clients to promote themselves and each other, see Paltrow interview Handler, see Handler vacation with Jen, see Paltrow and Aniston (“OMG – BRAD’S TWO EXES from 20 years ago STAND NEXT TO EACH OTHER AT PARTY, screams HUFFPO)…as long as there’s ink, no matter who it is, bad or good, it can make money for someone else.

    • TG says:

      Having kids does not give you a pass in life. If they didn’t want to cause harm or perceived harm to their kids they wouldn’t have behaved in ways that could embarrass them. Not sure if they have been out their cheating but it sure seems like it.

  22. decorative item says:


  23. Sarah says:

    thats very obvious damage control. if we are lucky this could mean names will be released.

  24. JenniferJustice says:

    T-shirts v. glam = down-to-earth v. snot. Personality conflict = regular joe kinda guy butting heads with a pretentious blow-hard.

    • Jen says:

      I would be shocked if CM had gotten somebody else pregnant. I think it’s more likely, especially given their reloaction back to LA, that she’s moved on. And I’m not sure he’d embrace the ‘single’ life very well, so i can see him fighting to save a loveless marriage, which might explain why he was out there for so long. He can’t be thriving in LA! He’s as English as they come. He must be completely out of his element there. My personal feeling is that Gywneth has found somebody/something else as i cannot imagine she’d pull out the divorce card, with all the damage that it would do to her image, if she didn’t have a good plan to solidify things again. She left him and he followed, they patched it up again and she/they quit.

      • Rena says:

        I agree with you. I think she has latched onto someone else and has kicked Chris to the curb. This whole vacation they are on is probably her way of easing him out of her life for the most part and I would not be surprised if her lawyers are now part of the group with them. I hope CM does not get shafted by her but that People article crafted by self described bulldog PR flack Huvane lays the path for that to happen. I hope he has a good legal team representing him.

        I do feel sorry for the kids, they are old enough to understand what is happening.

        The tabloids have to be happy as there will be more “revelations” to come.

  25. Jayna says:

    Well, this is People, usually very reputable. I guess they are letting personal vague stuff out, like living separately at times during the last year, etc, and this so that any names the come out is diluted as far as some big scandal.

    He toured a lot. They had kids they both loved, so probably existed like this so there could still be a family unit. Obviously they do care about one another and will try to co-parent with love for the kids

  26. Tig says:

    I love Shakespeare in Love- to my mind, she and Joseph Finnes both have never looked better. Whether she deserved an Oscar, that’s very debatable.

    Re their breakup- so the update on the blind that he fell in love with the woman is that said woman is preggers? If said woman is Kate Hudson, then the Internet will melt!

  27. Anastasia says:

    Did everyone miss it? They split up because he likes t-shirts and she’s super glam! Doesn’t every 10 year marriage break up over clothes?

    • Lauren says:

      That Goop blue glam dress is hideous. Gwyneth works her a*$ off and starves herself to model ugly clothes? Jeans and a shirt are more flattering. Furthermore, I just watched The Voice clips of Chris Martin. He is so likable, affable, and intelligent. Goop met her match with Chris. Gwyneth is accustomed to bullying and BJ- ing her way to infinite control over the men in her life. Chris cooly neutralized Gwyneth ‘ s control with his quick witted intellect and eventual cheating. I am engaged to an Englishman from Devon (Chris is from Devon) He is understatingly brilliant. Never underestimate the Devon men.

  28. lucy2 says:

    Good point about her doling out (unsolicited) marriage advice the last few years, when her own marriage was not in good shape. Is everything a sham?!? Next we’re going to find out that the queen of pretentious food scarfs down Twinkies and grape soda for breakfast, and bought her coffee table at IKEA.

  29. Ginger says:

    Why end it now if it was an on off open marriage for so long?

  30. Stephanie says:

    I wonder who Goop will sic her kale and oil pulling on next?

  31. panda bear says:

    I guess I missed something. Where in People Magazine did it say they had an “open” marriage? Is this just speculation? There may have some cheating going on but I’m not buying the “open” marriage assumption.

  32. Pants says:

    I don’t find Chris Martin particularly attractive, but I will say he’s grown into his looks over the years.

  33. Kelly says:

    Oh lord, she can’t sink any lower in my eyes.
    Up until now I’ve found her annoying and irritable to the max for her thinspiration lifestyle and obsession with appearance. But this woman seems to be a lowlife serial cheater and home wrecker – and I don’t mean her marriage. I wonder how many relationships her selfish insecure ass has ruined over the decades. She needs to be wanted and adored, and she needs it now! Every dick in sight bow to the starved over-exercised bones of hers. Friendships and morality be damned!
    Seriously, horrible person. No amount of kale, gym methods or facial lifts can make you attractive anymore.

    • zut alors! says:

      But she’s a Girl’s Girl™, so her sins will be easily forgiven and forgotten don’t you know?

  34. me says:

    Chris Martin is hot!

  35. Miss Meadow says:

    I imagine the only way to tolerate an intimate relationship with this everythingmonger would be to have some sort of open arrangement. Even the way she words things rubs me the wrong way. She’s a clueless, insufferable cu*t. Actually… no. I digress. Not a C -u – next – Tuesday. She lacks warmth and depth. But I’ll stick with the first two.

  36. FWIW says:

    It seems obvious to me that this “open marriage” excuse is because they don’t want to be known as “cheaters”. I am not falling for it. They both cheated imo throughout their marriage and they should accept it instead of making excuses. I feel bad for their kids because Gwyneth and Chris were too selfish in their marriage, otherwise they would have divorced instead of having affairs and putting Apple and Moses through this. Their kids will one day read it all, unfortunately.

  37. Emily C. says:

    And did the men who cheated on their wives with you have open marriages too, Goop? It’s one thing to have an open marriage — that’s your choice, and nothing wrong with it. It’s entirely another to decide that therefore you can sleep with anyone you want, their own marriages be damned. The latter is pure narcissism, but then, that’s Goop.

  38. MrsGutts says:

    Where is the story about James Franco trolling for underage booty.

  39. xxx says:

    Nooooooo not her in the media every day too! Since Goopy is far too good for America she needs to stick by her words and stay away! I am so happy for England that Goop moved but why do we have to take her back? We the people are actually too good for her;)

  40. Liz says:

    Chris M sometimes comes across as likable but the srick up his ass is evident in certain interviews. The fact that he frequently looked sullen when out with Gwyneth shows that he can be an ass. He had a very hard time trying to explain to Howard Stern why he refused to be pictured with Gwyneth. He’s just as precious as Gwyneth but he masks it well.

  41. Suki2 says:

    ‘Open marriage’ and ‘on a break’ are classic spin for cheating – meant to make the cheater look less culpable and the cheated on less abject. You know like when your husband fathers a other woman’s child while ‘on a break’. It’s totally cool. No big deal.

  42. jwoolman says:

    The most amazing thing about such stories is that folks who blab to national mags about someone else’s marriage are identified as “friends”.

  43. Granger says:

    It was clear when she became so obsessed with working out, losing weight, and bragging about her perfect ass that something was wrong at home. In my experience, that sudden all-consuming attention to your body is not a good sign for a marriage. (And I’m not saying that just because somebody works out means they’re cheating: a normal amount of healthy exercise is good. It’s when people go crazy about it that you should worry.)

  44. Teresa_Maria says:

    What is this “open marriage” crap? An easy way to sleep around and be a great role-model to your children? I totally agree that children should not define you, but becoming a parent also means you take responsibility for your kids and try to provide them with the best ethical environment. In Instead of justifying your actions with “open marriage” BS, just divorce and live happily ever after as friends/parents/acquaintances.