Peaches Geldof, 25, has died at her home near London (update)

Peaches Geldof

This is terrible news indeed. The BBC is reporting that Peaches Geldof has passed away at age 25 for unknown reasons. Speculation will be had, but for now details are sparse. Peaches was a wife to musician Thomas Cohen and a mother of two toddler boys, Phaedra and Astala. She seemed to settle down into a life of pleasant domesticity, which was a welcome change to the hell-raising days of her teens and early 20s. We don’t know what happened, but this is a tragedy for her family and those two poor young boys who will never know their mother. She loved those babies so much and spent much of her days filling her Twitter page with photos of their adventures. Sad. Here’s what the BBC has to say so far:

TV presenter Peaches Geldof, second daughter of musician Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, has died aged 25.

Police say they were called to an address near Wrotham, Kent following a report of concern for the welfare of a woman on Monday afternoon.

The woman, aged 25, was later pronounced dead by South East Coast Ambulance Service.

“At this stage, the death is being treated as unexplained and sudden,” said a statement from Kent Police.

Born in 1989, Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof embarked on a media career at the age of 15, when she began writing a column for Elle magazine.

She left home at sixteen and went on to contribute to the Telegraph and the Guardian, and presented TV shows including ITV2′s OMG! with Peaches Geldof.

She also worked as a model and, just last week, attended a launch for Tesco’s F&F clothing range in London.

She was married to musician Thomas Cohen, with whom she had two sons, Astala, one, and Phaedra, who will turn one on 24 April.

[From BBC]

We all know that Peaches lost her own mother, Paula Yates, to a heroin overdose in 2000. Peaches last tweet yesterday pointed towards an Instagrammed photo of herself as a baby with her mum. The Mail confirms that Peaches’ body was found at her home. Our thoughts are with Peaches’ husband, her sons, and Sir Bob Geldof.

UPDATE: Bob Geldof has confirmed Peaches’ death and issued a brief statement: “We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us. What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable?

Peaches Geldof

Here are some photos of Peaches at a fashion event on 4/3.

Peaches Geldof

Photos courtesy of Peaches Geldof on Instagram & WENN

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    So young and two beautiful children left behind.
    So sad :(

    • LadySlippers says:

      Very sad indeed Lindy.

      {{HUGS}} to her whole family as they struggle with her loss.

    • Hiddles forever says:

      Terribly sad! :(

      Rip Peaches

    • Dani2 says:

      I’m reading this on the train back from work and I can’t even comprehend that this is true. So so sad and I can’t imagine how her family and friends are feeling. :(

      • Arch says:

        I did exactly the same. Standing on the train home just filled with sadness for her husband and tiny young boys who’ll never get to feel the love she so opening had for them. She was so proud of them, as she rightly should be. Shocking. She wasn’t to everyones taste but she turned her life around (seemingly) after having her children.
        She was quite an inspiration to those of us who also lost a mother at a young age, that you can be a successful mother after something like that. Its scary and sad that this has happened. Those poor poor boys :(

    • Lilo says:

      A friend of mine died recently, not even 23 years old. I am still shocked. My heart goes out to Peaches’ family, what a horrible and awful tragedy, I can only imagine what they are going through. Those poor, poor boys.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      My heart goes out to all of her family, especially her children. How very sad.

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      Can’t believe this. So very, very sad. Rest in peace, Peaches.

    • Zigggy says:

      Very sad.

  2. mena says:

    Shocked to read this. The BBC updated with quotes from her father and they are heartbreaking.


    • Meredith says:

      It is sad but unfortunately not a shock as her history of drug use is known. I would expect to find that she died of an accidental drug overdose. It is very sad for her and her family.

      • gg says:

        We shouldn’t speculate the worst. There is no evidence she was still taking drugs or partying as in the past.

      • FLORC says:

        Speculating won’t stop. It’s human to wonder and speculate. And we have no idea that she was back to her old ways or that she fully settled down. All we can say for certain is her boys and family are likely in terrible pain over this loss.

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        Or maybe it was an eating disorder that claimed her life? Well whatever the reason it is very sad, especially for her poor young babies.

      • Lucinda says:

        It is however possible that past drug use caused lasting damage that lead to her early death. Regardless, it is very sad.

      • Shannon says:

        No, I doubt she was using. A lot of people don’t realize that the damage from drugs is permanent. It doesn’t go away when you quit using them. I know someone who died of a heart attack caused by his cocaine use even though he had been clean for 10 years. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a similar situation here. It could have been inevitable.

      • Trillion says:

        Shannon, I agree with you and will also add that the devastating affects of disordered eating are perceived as temporary and mainly psychological when in fact a person’s electrolyte balance (which is frighteningly fragile) can be seriously impacted.

      • Outstandingworldcitizen says:

        I know it’s hard not to think the worst. Knowing her Mother’s history (big Anglophile) it pains me to think…well I can’t say. But I’ve learned not to judge people in pain. The first reports are so so vague & we should just not jump – more of a reminder to myself. I feel for her Dad. One of my 80s icons. I feel bad for her babies. And her husband.

        Most of the posts on this site have been super respectful I would hope we, the CB community, will continue to keep the comments on that level. Peace to Peaches. Condolences to her family and friends.

    • lkaye says:

      Beautiful and heartbreaking indeed

      • fairy godmother says:

        It truly is heartbreaking for her, her children, husband, family, and friends. Absolutely shocked at this sad new especially for how she turned her life around.
        The last posts she made were photos of her mother- so I hope that had nothing to do with how she has been feeling.
        May God help her RIP.

    • Lilo says:

      I won’t speculate about drugs, but her body looked worn out from an eating disorder. Maybe her heart gave out. Whatever it was, drugs, illness or an accident, this is still a tragedy and no cause of death will ever give her family peace of mind.

      • erni says:

        Lilo, cut her some slack.
        i don’t believe she has eating disorder. she has two children so close in age, which is exhausting based on my experience.

      • RedMarine says:

        Peaches had stated publicly she followed a juice only regime for dietary purposes. It consists of juiced vegetables three times a day for a period of a month at a time. Add to that she was a mother of two toddlers and breastfeeding.
        There is speculation that this extreme diet (and previous drug use) may have caused an electrolyte imbalance, leading to arrhythmia and finally cardiac arrest.
        A tragic and sad outcome, especially for her now motherless babies that she obviously adored.

      • Alice Skym says:

        “Unless you plan on getting pregnant to lose weight from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is what I contracted when pregnant, I can’t give you any weight loss tips! I was seriously ill, puking all day and night and the weight, obviously, just fell off. If you look at pics, my weight loss was all within the 10 months of my pregnancy due to the Hyperemesis. All of those juicing stories are just the press lying as usual. It was a quote pulled out of context from an interview I did, in which I had said, three years previously, that I had done a health kick where I drank juices alongside eating more healthily. Since the pregnancy I eat what I want and the weight hasn’t gone back on, I guess my body has changed from it and my stomach shrunk. My only tip for you now would be to eat healthily, cut out junk foods and exercise, which I guess is the only way to lose weight? Never believe what the press says about so-called celebrity diets, how would they know the truth? Just love yourself, you are unique. X” Source:

  3. Talie says:

    Ugh…so tragic. Repeating the same fate as her mother. Those poor kids.

    • Ponytail says:

      That’s the first thing I thought, especially in light of the fact her last Tweet was a picture of her and her mum. I remember being really shocked when I heard the news of her mum dying, I can still remember where I was and everything. I can’t believe the tragedy this family has gone through, especially the youngest sister.

      • John says:

        Exactly my thoughts. He adopted the Tiger Lily in the first place because she was Peaches’ half-sister.
        What an incredible tragedy to befall such a fine man.

        I think to the US celeb scene it’d be like if Nicole Ritchie died.

      • Clever hand says:

        I thought of Tiger Lily right away too. Sad for the whole family but she in particular has dealt with a lot already.

      • Edie says:

        John did you ever hear Peaches speak? Or read anything she wrote? Nothing like Nicole Ritchie. Peaches was a journalist in her own right, she was smart.

      • John says:

        She wasn’t smart, Edie, she was famous and connected. She wasn’t writing for major publications at 15 because of her IQ, it was because of her parentage.
        Nicole Ritchie is a phenomenally successful businesswoman, what’s your point?

      • Edie says:

        Have you read anything she has written? Yes she was famous and connected but she was not content to survive on that alone, she was smart, articulate and overcame huge turmoil to become a successful working mother. Very few on this side of the pond would put her in the same category as Nicole Ritchie, the living embodiment of where connections will get you. I have nothing against her but she’s not exactly the smartest tool in the box. Lol @ businesswoman btw, the very first word most people think if when they hear her name mentioned I’m sure.

      • Nymeria says:

        @ Edie – Oh, come on. It’s very easy to overcome “huge turmoil” and “become a successful working mother” when bills aren’t a worry and neither is a 9-5. And I’m fully on board with John: She may have been smart, but she would never have landed the gigs she did without her connections.

      • Edie says:

        Nymeria if its that easy to overcome a shitty hand in life simply because your family has money how does that explain all the messed up Hollywood kids? Being the child of a bitter divorce then losing your nym and stepfad in tragic circumstances is a hell of a start in life. How exactly does money help with that? And I’m not sure if you’re in the US but the lives they lived would have been very different to big money famous LA types. Way more diwn to earth. John said it would be like people in the uk losing Nicole Richie, who he called a successful businesswoman, then he said peaches only got where she was because of connections. He should make up his mind. And maybe compare interviews with ms Richie.

      • John says:

        No, Edie, I was saying to the *US* it would be like NR dying. The US doesn’t really have that much exposure to PG beyond her tabloid appearances, much like NR in the UK.
        And the media are describing her as a “Model and TV personality”, NOT a journalist.

  4. SodaPop says:

    So shocked, that’s all I can say. RIP

  5. Sam says:

    You don’t need to know anything else to realize this is very tragic. She has two young sons and a husband, and that alone makes it tragic. She also seemed to have a good relationship with her sisters and dad.

    But yes, the first thing I thought of was her mother. Paula still casts a long shadow

    ETA: Sir Bob’s statement is just a punch in the gut. It’s so raw and frank and to the point. Whatever you may think of the man in other regards, his pain there is so palpale, it comes off the page. God I feel for him so much now.

  6. Audrey says:

    This is so sad.

    Her poor kids and husband.

  7. That poor girl. Those poor babies. That poor man.

    I hope she didn’t suffer. I’m guessing it’s not drugs–but what could make her just lay down and die like that? Maybe she had some illness or something inside her??? I have no clue.

    I sorta liked her–she came a long way from dating that creeper Eli Roth, and seemed to have settled down for good.

    • Dinah says:

      Aneurysm? Arrhythmia? Pulmonary embolism?
      So sad for her children and family. :(

    • pamspam says:

      I liked her, too, Virgilia. I always had a soft spot for her and it was so nice to see her really blossom as a mother. So sad.

    • Audrey says:

      She may have relapsed. She also lost a ton of weight.

      Doesn’t really matter for her poor kids and family though

      • FLORC says:

        She never really gained weight with her pregnancies. She was one of those rare and lucky women that carried a beach ball on a thin frame.

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        I always wondered if she had an eating disorder and the body could have just shut down (especially after birthing 2 babies back to back, so much on her poor body). Either way it is very sad.

    • amilu says:

      I liked her, too. This comes as the biggest shock. I couldn’t even believe it when I saw the headline. I’ve had an interest in the family for years because of all of the tragedy, but I never, ever expected that chain of unfortunate events to keep going after her mother’s death. I think I’m more saddened over Peaches than any other celebrity death in recent memory. My heart aches for her family.

  8. Camilla says:

    I was really rooting for her, and how she had matured and settled down. She seemed like such a good mom, and ARGH. This is so goddamn sad! Too young, too soon. RIP

    • LadyMTL says:

      This is what gets me, moreso than the usual “young celebrity death” sadness. I mean, she really did look like she got her act together, and with two young boys who’ll never know their mother….ugh. Sad.

      • Camilla says:

        Yeah… I was trying to figure out why this touches me more (though young celebrity deaths always are sad). I guess it’s because she seemed like such an “anti-Lindsay Lohan”. From a wild youth with lots of drugs and irresponsibility to really embracing motherhood and growing up. I read a lot of gossip, and I have followed her development during the years. I began to really like her.

      • Camilla says:

        Yeah… I was trying to figure out why this touches me more (though young celebrity deaths always are sad). I guess it’s because she seemed like such an “anti-Lindsay Lohan”. From a wild youth with lots of drugs and irresponsibility to really embracing motherhood and growing up. I read a lot of gossip, and I have followed her development through the years. I began to really like her.

  9. PunkyMomma says:

    This is tragic. My heart goes out to her family, those poor little babies. So sad.

  10. LAK says:

    I will repeat what i said in the other thread.

    i am genuinely shocked by this death. She seemed to have settled into whatever she was looking for. This makes me very sad.

    • blue marie says:

      I am too, so sad. That poor family.

    • Meredith says:

      Many former drug users have damaged their bodies through the drugs. I have heard of cocaine leaving a person with an enlarged heart and then they die of this years after they stop using. But I’m not so sure Peaches was no longer using although she may have cut back a lot. It is still very sad as her life seemed to have changed so much in the last few years.

    • Liberty says:

      I agree. I am so shocked. She seemed to have tried to compose a new settled life. Heart goes out to her family.

    • Violet says:

      This is truly heart breaking. She had a lovely family and seem that her priority was to give her kids a loving household to live in. Very sad.

  11. magpie says:

    Wow this is tragic. I remember that story about the guy who had photo proof of a crazy night where they took heroin, it may have been an overdose. Or suicide. Or a freak accident. Regardless, it is very very sad. This family has so many demons. Heart goes out to her sister.

    • KB says:

      I can’t imagine it was suicide or a drug overdose looking at her twitter posts. But who knows, at this point. Really, really sad. The photos and videos of her children and dogs are really heartbreaking now.

    • gg says:

      That was many years ago. She’d been married for years and had two babies.

      • Delta Juliet says:

        She married him less than 2 years ago. Not that it means anything, but she wasn’t married for “years”.

      • amilu says:

        2 years = years. So, yes, she was married for years. It doesn’t matter if she was married for 2 years or 22 years. She and her husband seemed very much in love, and she was over the moon for those babies.

    • JoAnn says:

      This breaks my heart. No i didn’t know her or her situation. But it is tragic for of a young woman to lose her life so young and leave behind a young husband and babies. Plus, it must be horrible for her father and especially her sisters to lose another person they loved.

  12. L says:

    25 and leaving behind 2 very young children. So tragic all around.

    Esp as it seems as if she had gotten it all together after the wild youth. She finally seemed to have gotten it together.

  13. Soulsister says:

    Very shocking and tragic. The grief that her family are going through must be unimaginable.


  14. QQ says:

    Jesus Christ That is so f—ed up and sad!! those poor babies!! History repeating itself..Lord!

  15. lunchcoma says:

    Oh, how sad for her family. Her children are so young, and her father and sisters have already been through so much with the family’s previous losses.

  16. Mich says:

    Jesus. So incredibly sad.

  17. Lara says:

    At the age of 24 I suffered a huge cardiac arrest and was basically dead for 8 minutes, only due to my dad being amazing did I survive. My point is that I’ve never done drugs and was healthy and I hope people realise that things like this can happen and don’t wildly speculate about what caused this tragedy

    • pamspam says:

      Yikes! Glad you’re still here, Lara! :)

    • Hubbahun says:

      Well said, Lara and I’m very glad you’re okay now!

      R.I.P. Peaches, so, so sad :( ((

    • Enn says:

      Thank you for this. It’s possible that her earlier drug use may have weakened her heart, or she had a genetic predisposition to blood clots, or a hundred other causes for an all-too-early death. She seemed like she really had found peace and happiness and had a good, solid, quiet life. I feel so bad for her family and especially her boys.

    • Sam says:

      You are correct, I also think there will be so much time later for speculating about her cause of death. This news just broke. There are a lot of people – her family, her friends, people who knew her, people who felt like their knew her – who are mourning right now. The world can wait a little bit to start throwing around speculation.

      I hope this doesn’t end up like Brittney Murphy, who was accused of dying of an overdose before she was even in the ground, and then everyone found out she died of non-drug related causes, but almost nobody apologized. But people never learn, I don’t think.

      • Katija says:

        Brittany Murphy died of “natural causes,” but natural causes brought on by an eating disorder and chronic prescription abuse. While young people *DO* sometimes keel over and die of natural causes, it’s uncommon.

    • Eva says:

      I agree that speculation is futile at this point; however, she had done heroin in the past which does increase the likelihood of this being drug related or even as a result of the damage done to her body in the past. Very sad for her family.

    • gg says:

      Thank you for saying this, Lara. I was really rooting for her. People can drop dead of all sorts of things non-drug related.

  18. Happy21 says:

    How heart breaking :’(

    I really hope this wasn’t drug related. Dead at 25. So so sad. And Sir Bob. The only person I ever came close to literally idolizing. At 15 I found his biography “Is This it?” at a thrift store and I have read it over and over again. I was enthralled with him and his family for the last 20 years and was devastated when he and Paula split and later when Michael Hutchence died and then as she passed away from an overdose. I cannot even imagine what that poor man is going through. My thoughts are with all involved especially her husband and those poor little boys who will only know their mother through photographs and news stories.

  19. Whitney says:

    How awful. Her poor family. This is just so sad.

  20. Luca26 says:

    It’s just awful I feel bad for the whole family. They’ve had more than their share of pain.

  21. lucy2 says:

    That is so very sad, especially so when it’s someone who seemingly got their life back on track and was doing well. I can’t imagine what her family is going through.

  22. TheOriginalKitten says:

    So sad for those two beautiful babies.

    Yes, there hasn’t been any formal confirmation of what caused her death, but I just wanted to point out that *IF* it was drug-related, it wouldn’t surprise me.
    I know everyone clings to the “reformed addict” narrative, but addiction is never “cured”, it is simply managed. We’re reminded of this fact every time we lose someone like Philip Seymour Hoffman. I wish that collectively we would stop perpetuating this idealistic view that addicts somehow cease to become addicts because they stop using–that’s simply a misperception that doesn’t help us to understand how addiction affects the human mind. The truth is that the temptation is always there, lurking in the shadows–it’s just a matter of an addict being strong enough to resist even in their weakest moments, which can be incredibly challenging.

    My heart goes out to her family…regardless of what caused her death, it’s an awful tragedy.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      PSH was the first person I thought of when I read this. Honestly I find it strange that all the commenters are thinking it’s not drug related. I mean, her death is so sad for her family but how could you not kind of jump to that conclusion?

      No mater what, to be gone at 25 is very very sad.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Thanks for saying what I was thinking–you have more balls than I ;)
        It’s tough because it feels crass to speculate at this stage but it’s odd to me too that so many here are just assuming that because she Instagrammed pics of her kids, that she’s suddenly “remedied” of her addiction.

      • magpie says:

        This is unfortunately what I thought. Maybe she cleaned up in recent years but with something like Heroin it only takes falling off the wagon once.

      • gg says:

        Commenters are only reserving their judgment, since so far there is zero evidence and not mentioned as an apparent suicide, not ruling out that it was drugs. There’s a level of treading lightly out of respect.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh I know… and of course we don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure that if she died of an obvious medical condition, it would have been revealed by now.

        I’m just saying-there seems to be a very prevalent attitude of shame when speaking of addiction, as if it’s insulting to talk about the possibility–it’s not. Addicts are suffering from an illness and speaking about addiction as a possibility of death shouldn’t be off-limits simply because some are uncomfortable with the idea of a drug-addicted mother. We’re just contributing to the unfair stigma.

    • hmmm says:

      Agreed, TheOriginalKitten. My first thought was “drugs”. In terms of probability, why would it not be? It is all so terribly sad, no matter what.

      • Milla says:

        I want to believe she died from anything but overdose or suicide, but that would be in public by now. It is a tragedy, She was young, had 2 kids and she seemed like she was on the right path. Yes, she was painfully thin, but still… It is scary and sad and I can only hope her family can at least try to recover, for her little boys.

    • Eva says:

      I completely agree. I do not mean to be disrespectful and I am very sad for her family but I never bought the fact that she had turned her life around. She still looked unwell to me, she became extremely skinny over the past few years to the point of looking sickly. I remember being concerned that she was still on drugs whilst pregnant. I hope I am wrong of course, but once I knew she had done heroin I thought history was destined to repeat itself. Horrible situation.

    • Kiddo says:

      “Died at home” in media is usually a euphemism for suicide or overdose for those who are young. I feel bad for Bob Geldof too. A parent never wants a kid to go before them.

      Everyone was revisiting the Cobain suicide recently too.

      • Queen says:

        That’s what I thought too, but my sister died at home too at age 19, of an asthma attack. It really could be anything…

      • Kiddo says:

        @Queen, Sorry for your loss. A friend of a friend died the same way, of an asthma attack. You’re right. We have no idea.

      • Liberty says:

        Queen and Kiddo, I am sorry for your losses. You do bring up a very good point, which is: wait to see.

        Remember the little actress who played Scarlett in Four Weddings and a Funeral? She died in her early 30s of an asthma attack while on the set of a film. So sad. It can happen. Edit: her name was Charlotte Coleman.

    • Liz says:

      I could be completely wrong but the way you saw her playing with her boys on a daily basis, how could someone do while feeding a drug habit? Everyone Is throwing around the term ‘addict’ as though it was inevitable that she would use drugs again but let’s be real, she was just a kid having fun no?! I was the same when a teenager, took a lot of drugs a lot of the time but was by no means an addict! And would not dream of going near them now I have a family! Seems as though people are just clutching at straws until the autopsy is revealed which is pretty disrespectful

  23. Ms.Mercury says:

    So sad. This family has been through so much. RIP

  24. moon says:

    my god,this is insane… :,(

  25. Dee1 says:

    Wow beyond shocked by this! I follow her on Instagram & just yesterday she was posting videos of her babies. She looks so hands on with them & really put together. I did notice that lately she was going out more, posting pics of herself in bars & with friends, which was not her usual. She was always tending to her kids & they just moved into a new house a few months ago. So tragic! Those kids are angels & I feel terrible for them. Wow wow wow

  26. The Original Mia says:

    Sir Bob’s statement…so sad for him and her family. Those small babies will never know their mother. Too awful for words.

  27. Anne says:

    So sad. My thoughts are with her family and her beautiful children!

  28. lilly says:

    oh god’ i’m beyond shocked. i don’t really care about celebrities and their lives, but she was an exeption and i liked her so much,

  29. InLike says:

    Healthy, young and probably surrounded most of the time by house staff, or attendants. All of whom are surely within an arms reach of a cell phone at all times to call immediately for medical help. Died young just like her mother (but just a coincidence, surely).

    **Rolls eyes

    • Alyce says:

      I don’t get why you felt the need to post this. It just seems mean spirited and unhelpful. The woman just died – can’t we all just be sorry that it happened?

    • Edie says:

      House staff or attendants? She lived a normal life in the UK, not lala land ffs. And you have major issues, your comment doesn’t even make any sense, the only vaguely tangible thing about it is a whiff of nastiness.

      • InLike says:

        @Alyce Sorry, you’re right it is indeed tragic, but I didn’t see the need to repeat it for the 50th time on the thread.

        @Edie Being suspicious is hardly being nasty. Next time just ask me what I meant instead of attacking. I’m pretty easy to talk to without any “major issues”.

      • amilu says:

        This. All you have to do is look at her Instagram to see she lived a normal life. She wasn’t a Kardashian. She was a young mother who loved and was loved. Someday her children might decide to google their mother, and they’ll see all these nasty comments like yours, @InLike. Won’t that be lovely for them?

        *rolls eyes*

  30. Bella says:

    So sad, so young and left her little babies and husband, a very pretty and young family behind. A tragedy. RIP Peaches.

  31. paola says:

    I don’t know how a father can cope with burying a daughter. I really don’t know.

    • megs283 says:

      the same as a mother…taking it one second/minute/day at a time…

      • John says:

        I believe Paola meant “father” in the broader sense of “parent”, megs283.

      • paola says:

        Yes John.. I said father because her mother passed away a long time ago. I think for a parent is the worst. You can’t cope when that happens. It’s against nature. For all the others life goes on despite everything…for a parent not so sure.

      • Megs283 says:

        I buried my daughter five and a half months ago, so this is a tough subject for me. Paola, I’m sorry for taking that personally…every day is an immense struggle. You go on because – what other choice is there? Sadly, there is a large community of mothers and fathers who have gone through the same thing and understand…and we help each other through.

      • Suze says:


        I am so sorry. There are no words.

      • paola says:

        @ Megs

        So sorry. I know it’s a terrible pain and loss. My sincerest condolences.

    • Eva says:

      Me neither. Just horrific.

  32. Mandy says:

    How awful. Thoughts and prayers to her family.

  33. Black orchid, says:

    this is sad .R.I.P Peaches

  34. Abby says:

    This makes me so sad :-( I just keep thinking of her babies.

  35. Blannie says:

    I was shocked to read this. So sad…for her, for her family and her two young children.

  36. Annaloo. says:

    I know this is a gossip site, and I know conversations made fun of her, her husband and the names of her kids. I don’t know her…. I don’t know, I feel ashamed and like I need to stop reading mean.

  37. Lady D says:

    When I heard she was first pregnant I thought poor baby. She really won me over the way she so obviously and joyously embraced motherhood. This is so sad.

  38. Nina says:

    That’s right. She had 2 babies and they were all pretty. So it’s sad that she died. Because god forbid she was single or unmarried and with unattractive babies. Or childfree. A death is sad, period. What does it have to do with her kids? Maybe her body was not ready for popping 2 within 2 years….the value of a woman goes beyond being a wife or a mother. She has a value by herself.

    • Oceansoul89 says:

      Um… I think people are mentioning her children because they will grow up never remembering her. That’s pretty sad. It doesn’t matter if they were “pretty” or not. Also, it’s not like the news reports didn’t mention her work. It’s not like they just valued her for being a mother. It would have been sad even if she didn’t have children. Her father’s statement proved that. No body should have to bury their children. No one.

    • Sam says:

      Nina, it’s not about Peaches having more worth because she had kids. It’s mourning what those kids have lost. They will have no actual memories of their mother. She will exist for them in pictures, videos and stories other people tell them. It’s what THEY have lost. At least her sisters and dad and husband will have their own memories. Those kids won’t. That is something worth mourning, and most of us understand that.

      • Nina says:

        Well, they will have another mom. It sucks for Peaches, bc she is dead. How about that? The kids will be fine.

      • Oceansoul89 says:

        You don’t know if the kids will be fine or not. But as someone who grew up without a parent; there is a sense of loss from not knowing them. You sound very heartless for saying “well, they will have another mom.” You don’t know what it’s like.

      • Sam says:

        Nina, how can it suck for her now? She’s deceased. Whatever pain or suffering she did endure is over. If anything, she’s at least got some peace. Everyone else is the ones left to deal with it. Those kids will always know that there’s somebody who, by all accounts, really loved them who isn’t here anymore. That’s sad, and kids know that. Even if they go on to have an amazing mother-figure in their lives, they have already endured loss. Even babies can tell when someone who used to be there isn’t any more.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I guess we look at things differently, Nina. To me, Peaches is gone. To the extent she had sorrow during her life, I feel bad about that, but her death is something that I think mostly has its impact on the people she left behind. That doesn’t mean a childfree person’s life is devalued (I’m childfree myself). People can recognize the sadness of children who will grow up without their mother while acknowledging that it’s also tragic for young women who have already lost a mother and a father/stepfather to lose a sister, that it’s sad for a father to have to bury his daughter, and that Peaches surely had friends who will find her death sudden and jarring.

      • Lila says:

        @Nina – What a cold and heartless reply. They will have another mom? Really? People are not replaceable. Yes, someone will take care of them. But it won’t be their mother. She ISN’T replaceable. Anyone that has lost a close family member knows that you aren’t just ‘fine.’ You can’t just run out and replace someone after you lose them in death.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yes because if you mention that you feel awful for her children, then you are automatically devaluing her as a person. SIGH. Imagine if someone applied the same way of thinking to your statements. Obviously because you express concern for the deceased, you clearly don’t care about the plight of her children.

      There’s a discussion on the Rashida Jones thread about how this forum is becoming rife with projecting and misdirected anger for the sake of being contrary or combative.

      EDIT: I’m sorry, but you know that the children will have another mother and will be “fine” how exactly? So many assumptions in your statement and pretty callous as well I might add. Peaches lost her mother at age 11–doesn’t seem like it was a walk in the park for her seeing as how her life has now ended at 25-years-old. The outcome might have been different if Paula were still alive.

      • gg says:

        This! ^^^

        Nina, you have ice-cold blood today. Time to warm up. When you experience a death in your immediate family one day, you will understand. And if you have already and take this attitude, well, all I can say again is you need to warm up.

        Adding: And if Paula were still alive at least the children would have a living grandmother. Sad all around for everyone.

      • Violet says:

        You are absolutely right in every point you made. And saying that they will have another mother is just very heartless. Nobody can replace a mother and I talk from experience.

      • Jaded says:

        Absolutely Original Kitten – and Nina, while you’re at it why don’t you take a shot at her husband – “That’s OK, he’ll have another wife someday”. Any death in any family, no matter how young the kids are, has a devastating effect on everyone concerned. Even if the kids are too young to know what’s happening, they DO feel the anguish, hurt, grief and confusion.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I never got another mom after mine died. Sucks for me, too, huh Nina?

    • Kaylah says:

      Your hypothetical situations are pointless right now because she did infact have two young children who will not know their mother. How pretty they are is irrelevant and it seems it’s just you talking about their external appearance everyone else is talking about what those poor babies have lost.

      • Nina says:

        I made the comment because people need to get out of the “wife-and mother” knee-jerk reaction in evaluating women. I know that it is very popular in many parts of the world but if the society is to advance into equality we have to work on it consciously. Would you make same comments if it was her husband, to pass in untimely manner and leave the kids without a father? Sorry, I’m writing from a place where fathers can take 1 year paid paternity leave so perhaps my perspective is simply different….

      • Luca26 says:

        Wow you are giving feminism such a horrid name with your callous statements. They are doing nothing to promote equality. Now is simply not the time for this stuff. It’s inappropriate and cold.

      • Kynesgrove132 says:

        Funny, when Philip Hoffman died everyone mentioned his role as a father and how sad it was for his children to lose him even when his death was ruled an accidental overdose. Even when a normal, non celebrity father dies young it is always mention how sad it is for him to leave his children behind. How they will grow up not really knowing their father.

      • lucy2 says:

        When someone dies, we express sympathy for those left behind who were closest to them, and are now in mourning. In her case that includes her husband and children – that is simply a fact. I don’t believe it’s a “knee jerk” reaction or has anything to do with feminism or equality. And if you’ll note, the articles about her mention her career and other aspects of her life as well, but it’s the personal relationships that cause pain when someone dies, and that’s what people are expressing sympathy for.
        And if a man were to die and leave behind such young children, people would absolutely make the same comments of sympathy and sadness. I’ve never seen anyone do otherwise, so I just don’t get the basis for this argument at all.

      • Sam says:

        Nina, how is it wrong to refer to Peaches as a “wife and mother” – because, uh, she was? She, by her own admission, stated numerous times that being a wife and mother was the best part of her life and that was what she loved doing. Unless your feminism is the variety that teaches that women shouldn’t enjoy those things or do them more than anything else. She was pretty clearly devoted to her kids, and people are upset that those kids have now lost a person who pretty obviously adored them. Frankly, your arguments are the type of thing that hold feminism back, because it allows opponents to argue that feminists are really just women who aspire to be like men. A woman who centers her life around motherhood or her marriage just can’t be abided in that version of it.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I remember lots of expressions of regret for both Philip Seymour Hoffman’s children and Paul Walker’s teenage daughter.

      • Samtha says:

        @Nina, when men die, leaving behind small children, it’s mentioned all the time as something that’s sad. It has nothing to do with male or female. A young child losing a parent is a sad thing, and no, not all of them are just fine. (And I’m not even going to touch the idea of a replacement mom–talk about devaluing women.)

        Frankly, I have to wonder if you’re just trolling.

      • Alykat says:

        @Nina I’ve been a follower of this site for nigh on two years and NEVER have I seen such a cruel and heartless comment – which prompts me to post for the first time. I am aghast. Your attitude floors me. Girl, get thee to a psychiatrist poste haste. Is such superficiality even possible in the face of the tragic event which has just happened and the loss of a mother whose babies lives will always be blighted by her untimely death? Where is your heart?? Your defence of your previous comment only adds to the train wreck. PLEASE seek help for yourself and for those who have the misfortune to live around you in your present state of being.

    • John says:

      I get it.

    • Penny says:

      In lot’s of other places people are flat out saying if it had happened 5 years ago it wouldn’t have mattered, but now she had children her life actually had some value, and that general theme is implied in a so many people’s comments. It’s really gross. Yes she was a wife and mother, but she was also a person in her own right.

      If a famous man dies, you’ll get people talking about his work and his personality and then at the end there will be condolences for the family. When a famous woman dies it’s all about her children. It was the same with Hutchence and Paula. When he died the focus was on the tragedy of his death. When Paula died the tragedy was that her children had lost their mother. It can be a subtle distinction, but it’s always there.

      • Caroline Lawson says:

        Speaking of ‘Hutchence’ – Michael that is (was) … He took his life because he was denied access to his own daughter. Perhaps if Bob had been as humane with that individual’s pain as he has been with the collective misery in Africa, Michael Hutchence could still be alive, Paula may still be among us, and Peaches’ and her sisters’ lives would have been very different. When he felt someone was trying to take away his girls he was prepared to fight to the death to prevent it, yet he did not respect another man’s desperate desire to be with his own little one (Tiger Lily). Bob may be a Sir – but he is just a man – not a Saint. And PLEASE don’t worry at this terrible time defending his actions – natural reactions under the circumstances – but in the final analysis it was his lack of compromise and compassion that pushed Michael over the edge. He and Paula were indeed crazy in love and that rarely has a good outcome for anyone. And, yes, of course Bob was trying to protect his children – but the tragedy is that the result was they were left instead with no devoted mum in whose arms they could shelter. Poor Peaches & poor all who suffer for this weird, wild, woeful world we have made.

      • Scarlett says:

        I wouldn’t mind being remembered as being a mother. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m proud of it. Maybe I’m old fashioned or a bit sexist in that. I’ve also accomplished lots in my life, but my family is the most important to me. Also, I lost my dad at a year and a half, and I didn’t get “another” father. I turned out fine, sure, but what I wouldn’t have given for just one day with him. I had a very big emptiness in my life. No one could have replaced him.

      • Nina says:

        This. Finally one sane comment. Compare the comments on this post to comments re: L’Wren Scott’s passing and PSH’s passing, which were 40% condolences and 60% speculation. PSH’s posts – maybe 20% of these mentioned his kids. L’Wren Scott came out of nowhere to build an amazing career (and incredible personal connections). But here? Once a woman gets the ring on
        and does not terminate a pregnancy or two, and if, preferably she gains 20+lbs, she is redeemed in the eyes of the wide public. That’s a sad state of affairs.

      • Lucy2 says:

        It has nothing to do with a person’s value, but simply the circumstances of their life. People mention her husband and kids because she had a husband and kids.
        And again, her career and other aspects of her life were mentioned as well. A public reaction will also depend on how much a person’s work affected the public. Peaches didn’t have the same cultural impact as PSH, or to throw out the male female stuff out the window, Whitney Houston. When she died, many mentioned her talent and career, because it was something most were familiar with. Ditto for Shirley Temple more recently.

    • amilu says:

      Nina, I don’t doubt that she would’ve been the first one to use the term “MOTHER” to describe herself. Being a mother gave her purpose and no doubt allowed her to value herself more. Just look at the trajectory her life took from the moment she announced her first pregnancy to just yesterday.

      Go back to your bridge, troll.

  39. About 6 years ago or so, I had a strange encounter with Peaches on the Tube. She tottered onto the train in huge heels and sat opposite me with a friend. Both were scary skinny, wearing huge amounts of pale makeup, and appeared to be on – well, something. Peaches talked in a loud voice about herself and what she was doing (“Well, I’m the host of THIS show, so I got to meet THIS band, etc.”) so that no one on the train could be unaware that she was there, and who she was. She seemed to desperately want attention from anyone, for anything. I have been so pleased to read about her new life with her husband and children and was in some way strangely proud of her for moving so far beyond that insecure girl on the Tube to become a seemingly centred person and a loving mother. I’m very very sad that she has passed away so young.

    • Loubelle says:

      I agree with you – its wonderful to see how she’s matured. But, at 19, I think a lot of kids would be speaking about themselves in loud voices if they were hosting TV shows ;)
      It’s all so, so tragic. x

  40. Memme says:

    Whoa. Her poor babies. They seemed like such a happy family.

  41. mimi says:

    How sad. She was so young and her children are still babies. My heart goes out to her whole family.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    That poor family. Two children, so young, and so young herself. Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

    • ~Z~ says:

      OMG! I haven’t seen you on here for so long! Great to see you! ♥

      My name was ZigZagZoey before….

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hi zzz!! :D I have been hella busy and lurking when I’m able, and I miss the hell out of my fellow celebitches!

    • MacScore says:

      Heard the news on the BBC yesterday and immediately reached out via FB to see if anybody knew what happened. What a tragedy; Bob Geldof’s statement caused a massive lump in my throat.

      If I may: Hey there Bellaluna! Was wondering where you have been! Nice to see you.

  43. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Wow, her dad sounds really sad. I doubt I’d be able to make ANY statement if something like that happened to me, probably just become a shut-in.

    I do wonder if past drug use and/or starving to be thin could lead to some kind of heart failure? Even if there is nothing recent, the damage to internal organs could have already been done. It’s not a joke when people say don’t do drugs and eat healthily, because those things matter. It’s sad to see someone die so young.

    • clare du lune says:

      I was just reading an old article from dec/11 that talked about Peaches get-thin-quick diet of only juice 3 times a day for a month at a time. Dieticians had critiqued the “diet” as being dangerous and indicated that this was very hard on internal organs.

      I really don’t know Peaches from a hole in the ground…I know of her dad and recall his efforts to “feed the world”. Would be ironic and immensely sad if her death is attributed to her poor nutrition……

  44. Kaylah says:

    I’m in shock. Jesus. She seemed to have really calmed down since Tom and the babies and like she was truly over that wild partying phase and those little boys just 2 & 1 who will not know their mom. God, it’s heart wrenching.

  45. MissNostalgia says:

    Damn…..just, damn. Every day is a gift.

  46. Quinn says:

    As a parent, I have no idea how you cope with the death of a child. Beyond words.

  47. eliza says:

    Very tragic. Sympathies to her children, family and friends.

    I wonder where her husband was. On tour?

    How terrible for her wee ones.

  48. ncboudicca says:

    Doesn’t matter how it happened, it’s just plain sad.

  49. Mia4S says:

    Of course it’s awful for her husband and children but also think of her sisters! Especially the youngest who has now lost her biological father, her mother, and her sister, all (likely) to less than natural circumstances. Strength to Bob Geldof who will be mourning and trying to protect his girls. Awful.

  50. Jayna says:

    If anyone has never read this interview of her two years ago after she had her first child, it’s a really moving interview about her chaotic childhood after her parents’ divorce and how both parents changed so much and then the loss of her mother and how her son helped heal her.

    • Mia4S says:

      It’s sweet, but also not a sentiment I’d encourage (the whole my spouse, child, etc, was the missing piece! I’m doing it for them!). No! Addiction is a disease. They can be a catalyst but change, sobriety, etc., must be about you. I mean, if she did die of drugs what’s the flip side of that story? Sorry kids, it turns out you weren’t enough, I wasn’t healed after all. Addiction is about the individual, that’s it. “Changing” someone is an unfair burden for a child.

      • Caroline Lawson says:

        I know young people from broken homes & quite a few seem to get married & have babies young. They want, and need, to create and do their utmost to maintain – the family unit, security, and together foreverness they lost. And many young women, particularly, become ‘fixers’ and/or ‘carers’ to their parents (and younger siblings) way too young to cope, but do so because they are burdened by an innate sense of responsibility, not to mention misplaced guilt. Unfortunately, wanting to do a better job at marriage/parenting than your own parents doesn’t dispel or fix deeper issues. In fact, a mother (especially a younger one?) can become lost in their children’s needs before they’ve even fully identified and fulfilled their own. They bury their own issues and seek their happiness through others (partners/kids), and for awhile everything seems rosy in the garden. But the ghosts of the past are not laid to rest that easily. Children are amazing and do change one’s life. But a child is forever, so a we should aim to be the healthiest physically, mentally & ‘spiritually’ we can be before even thinking of bringing a new life into being.

    • Suze says:

      Although they haven’t announced the cause of death yet, it sounds as if the things she thought would save her didn’t.

  51. Renee28 says:

    I feel bad for the whole family but I can’t help but feel especially bad for Tiger Lily. She’s lost both her parents and her sister before her 18th birthday. That’s a lot of death for someone to handle.

  52. gealina134 says:


  53. Kiddo says:

    Wow. It’s a little spooky that she tweeted the photo of herself with her mom, it gave me the chills. But of course that could just be the randomness of life.

  54. Ana says:

    My first thought was “WTF!?” when I saw the title. Truly shocking and sad, especially for her two babies. :(
    R.I.P. Peaches

  55. KateBush says:

    It was the anniversary of her mum’s death. That makes me think it was suicide ,too coincedental otherwise.
    Poor Bob and her family and friends. I too read Bob’s autobiography ‘is that it?’ and have loved him ever since. The whole tragic saga with Paula and Michael would have left huge scars, i have experienced it myself losing my father at 10 to a car accident and a brother at 13 to drowning. Ive spent my whole life battling the grief and depression that comes with it.
    I imagine that Peaches was the same. RIP Peaches

    • tracking says:

      I thought the same about the dates. She was an addict in recovery and had two babies in a very short space of time. She could have had issues with PPD/depression; perhaps the anniversary of her mom’s death pushed her over the edge. Tragic that her kids will now grow up missing her the way she surely missed her mom her whole life.

    • cr says:

      It’s not the anniversary, her mother died in September 2000.
      I’ve seen mentions of her mom’s birthday as well, but that’s not until April 24.

      • KateBush says:

        My apologies, I read that it was the anniversary of her mums death on the DM this morning but now it’s been changed.

      • tracking says:

        I read that, too. Thanks for clearing that up. I still think two babies back to back must have been rough on a person with addition issues (not to mention any person). Her second child is still an infant. :-(

    • Coco says:

      It was approaching the anniversary of her mothers’ birthday, April 24

  56. ParisPucker says:

    beyond sad. RIP girl who had an untamed heart. your poor babies…

  57. break says:

    What a shame. It reminds me that Frances Bean Cobain’s Twitter feed is full of comments about how much she loves alcohol and getting wasted. Like Peaches, her romantic partner is a musician who resembles her dad’s style. I wish that the children of addicts (especially of 2, like frances bean) would never even try drugs and alcohol, let alone indulge freely. It’s all sad.
    p.s. i don’t mean to suggest that being married to a musician like their dads has anything to do with being addicts. but perhaps it’s (plus “costuming” and partying like their mothers) is a sign of difficulty forming their own, strong identities.

    • stinky says:

      OH noes re: FBC. Suicide, drugs, crackpot mom, sheltered and/or privilege, MONEY.
      danger mouse. sorry to say it out loud, but its all bad. And im NOT a Courtney-hater, either. I think she’s quite bright, but clearly drug-addled and prolly an alcoholic at this point.
      All the mother/daughter drama just between them alone is sad enuff, not to mention all the rest of the rocknroll legacy there.
      Word to the wise….
      Theres a reason why “they” say history repeats.
      Cause it does.
      Argue all you want about ‘stereotyping’, its still true.

  58. serena says:

    Oh my god.. I’m shocked. What happened to her, suicide, overdose, what? She seemed happy and well-adjusted (finally I’d say) and above all was SO YOUNG!! How can one die at 25 leaving two small children behind? Shocking. Sad. My prayer are with all her family.

  59. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    :( So sad. Ugh. Her poor family having to suffer yet another tragedy, I cannot imagine the loss. Poor thing :(

  60. Ginger says:

    So sad! So young. RIP Peaches. Love and hugs to your family.

  61. new here says:

    Stunned, this is hauntingly sad. And I was really starting to like her (her arguing on a show with Katie Hopkins, a much reviled public faux celebrity”) was very entertaining. She was a live wire as they say. She looked a bit like her husband now I am noticing! That family has endured a lot of tragedy. The husband seems mellow and like a decent guy, I hope they all rally to raise those boys and keep memories of their mom alive. She changed a lot for the better and it makes it all the more poignant..

    • PattyPyro says:

      Yes, she did such an execellent job of explaining/defending attachment parenting against that woman! (And in the process, won herself some respect from those who were previously only familiar with her wild child days.)

      Her death is so shocking and terribly sad.

  62. Emily C. says:

    One of my high school friends died at age 19. He never touched drugs or alcohol, and led a very healthy life generally. He had an undetectable heart condition that simply felled him one day out of the blue.

    It can happen to anyone at any time for any reason or no reason. Speculation about drugs or suicide at this point is cruel and ignorant.

    • John says:

      It’s neither, it’s just speculation. Unlike your friend, she neither never touched drugs or alcohol nor historically led a very healthy life generally.

      • Mango says:

        Your comment, John, is ignorant and judgmental.

        Emily C. is right. Not one of us knows the conditions surrounding this person’s death. Speculation about the cause of a death is repulsive and inhumane.

        My sister died of an accidental overdose of a drug she had never even tried before. She had been struggling with several different mental disorders, and many members of our community seemed to assume/speculate that it was a suicide. It was extremely hurtful to our family to have people assume the worst about a loved one who has died.

        So quit assuming you know jack.

  63. truthful says:

    looking at her instagram, makes me so sad, just yesterday she filmed her son and posted it.


    • Redheadwriter says:

      Her photo from April 5 looks pretty rough. I realize makeup can cover a lot of that up, but it does lead to the assumption of an OD.

  64. Lark says:

    So tragic. I had no idea she was only 25, and she really seemed to have turned her life around.

  65. BackstageBitchy says:

    I don’t mean to be heartless, but everyone’s saying how she was clean, sober, and a great mom. Is this not the same “celeb” protographed yakking on her cell phone, spilling her not-strapped-in infant into the street, and NOT ending her phone call to pick him up and check on him?!
    clean and sober, maybe. Good mom? I don’t think so….

    • BackstageBitchy says:

      Just checking to make sure I’m not being a TOTAL unwarranted heartless witch. I know it’s the Daily Fail, but the photos are very clear :

    • Boodiba says:

      I remembered that too.

    • Tiffany says:

      Cannot throw shade, young, first time Mother. We are all bound to make mistakes. If it was recurring and there was photographic proof, then a question of her parentage could be brought to light.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      No, you are remembering correctly. The unfortunate thing about reading all these comments is it is making me feel like a lot of posters here are a bunch of hypocrites. Peaches had a long history of drug use and general misbehavior. I CERTAINLY would rather see her alive with her babies than dead at such a young age but come on people. You can’t whitewash the past. Go back and read comments on the old Peaches posts. No one was handing her a halo then.

      For the record, I am very sorry for her families loss. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone.

      • KAI says:

        “long history of drug use” She was only 25 years old so how could she possibly have had a long history of anything?

  66. Dee says:

    Its very hard for the loss of a Mother for the children or child. I will say this, my Mother died when I was a child. You cant explain how you feel because you are like numb, at the time of this happening. So her children will have a great loss of not having a Mother around to talk to, be there with, and also she died very young. I always say there is more to anything then meets the eye or what is put out there, as it were. What we show in public is very different from our hidden lives. Our pain and suffering for whatever we are going through at that time in our lives with a particular situation or even battling against ourselves, to look good, be better, be perfect, and the pressures of life is more so now then it was years ago I think. I have noticed that women in the public eye are always pressured to drop weight. We even put pressure on ourselves to do this. I admit I have.

  67. Alexis says:

    This is just so sad. A 25 year old dead with so much to live for and so many people who love her. My gut says it was a suicide (the picture of her and her mother, the annIversary of her mom’s death…too much coincidence). Depression is a disease. It hurts even when things are going your way, sometimes. RIP, and prayers to her family regardless.

  68. Snowpea says:

    My mum left when I was 4 to move to London.

    She returned when I was 8.

    The loss of a mother through death or abandonment creates a very empty, scary, confusing space for a small child and it is something that rightly or wrongly, defines you as a human being. Motherless children.

    When I meet people who lost mothers young, there is a tacit understanding between us.

    I feel so so so sad for those little children. They have a long, fragmented journey ahead.

    • Jadzia says:

      Snowpea, I am so sorry. I lost my own mother less than 2 weeks ago, and your story reminds me of hers: her mother left her at the babysitter’s when she was 2 and didn’t come back. My mom was always a mystery to me, and it seemed like she was just so hurt in a really deep and primal way. I don’t really know where I’m going with this.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I lost my mum and dad when I was around 3. You never really fully “recover” and there’s always a hole left, even if your recollection of them is fleeting at best.

      • Snowpea says:

        Thanks for the nice words Jadzia and paranormal girl.

        Even though I live an ordinary life with children and a job and am fairly well adjusted, it is indeed a hole that can never be filled.

        Only those who have experienced similarly can ever begin to understand.

      • Liberty says:

        Snowpea, Jadzia, paranormalgirl — I am sorry for what you had to endure. My mother’s father died suddenly (undetected liver cancer, died within 4 days of it being found) when she was a little over age two. It still affects her life and made her untrusting, frightened of change, etc. She had a good stepfather eventually that she loved and says saved the whole family (four kids ages 2 thru 10), a gentle, thoughtful man who was truly a sweetheart. But it still clearly deeply affected her and the others. I feel so sorry for Peaches’ kids. Her whole family, but especially them.

      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        My mother was 14 when she lost her mother to suicide. She never talked much about her when we were young – there was always something kind of missing with her.. I’ve found out that her mother was manic-depressive and in and out of hospitals a lot when my mother was young (she was the youngest of 5 by a lot) and she lost a brother when was 9 and then my uncle who found my grandmother killed himself when he was almost 40 .. My mom had a very tragic upbringing. She suffers from bipolar disorder and so does my younger brother – its been difficult but she is able to recognize when she needs help – she’s always promised that she would never put us through what she went through.. my brother however is undiagnosed and in denial of his illness..

  69. OlyB says:

    Although I’m guessing drugs contributed to her death, it may just as easily be something like blood clots from being on birth control and smoking. I almost died that way in my twenties and embolism does account for a majority of sudden death in young women.

    Ladies, if you’re smoking and using hormonal birth control, educate yourself about the symptoms and maybe consider not smoking our using a copper iud, etc.

    • minxx says:

      you’re right about it.. before going on hormonal birth control everyone should check if they don’t have a blood clotting disorder. I didn’t know I have it (inherited from my parent) – I had a blood clot too after being on birth control for a few months.. and I never smoked in my life!

  70. kitty-bye says:


  71. Suze says:

    It’s awful. Awful for her children, husband, siblings and father.

  72. Adrien says:

    25? That’s too young. She cleanup up her act and abandoned her wreckless ways. What happened? Too much tragedy in that family.

    • Tulip says:

      @Adrien. Sorry, I posted without really reading the comments first. What you said reflects my thoughts exactly on this sad news (didn’t mean to be a copy cat). I’m going to see if I can edit my first comment.

  73. Tulip says:

    Too young. Wtf happened?
    My thoughts are with her family.

  74. Kelly says:

    Goes to show how precious life is. Really the greatest gift and advantage we all have.
    Really unfair and sad this has happened to someone so young.

  75. Reece says:

    Wow! Sad. So very sad. Very sorry for her family and friends.

  76. Zooyork says:

    Those poor tiny boys don’t have their mother tonight :(
    I am so sad for the babies, they are probably noticing she’s not there :(

    • Londerland says:

      That’s all I can think about, too – those poor babies crying for mummy and she won’t be there. How do you explain that to an infant? How do you bear it? Her poor family. Poor girl.

    • Snowpea says:

      I know. Me too. They are too young to understand but old enough to miss their mummy and want her to cuddle them.

      Frankly, it makes my heart break into a million tiny pieces :(

  77. K-MAC says:

    BEYOND SHOCKED!!! and so very sad :( did anyone else think she kept losing more weight and wasn’t stopping? She looked like she was on the verge of anorexia. God, this is so tragic…her babies, husband, her poor family.

    • blinditemreader says:

      She looked like she was in the throes of anorexia and there were reports of restrictive juice diets, etc., which is very hard on the heart (cardiac arrest would be my guess, anyway). Very sad, indeed. I feel for her family.

      • minxx says:

        I’m thinking the same thing: two babies back to back, eating disorder plus previous hard living.. .. this could have been a heart attack.

  78. MisJes says:

    This is so terribly sad. My prayers are with her family and friends.

  79. Moi says:

    OMG wth happened? She was 25! My heart hurts for her family. God be with them.

  80. Deeana says:

    Is that her husband in the photo? If so, he strongly resembles her father when he was a young man.

    Sorry to say this, but statistically the number one cause of death in otherwise healthy people of her age is drug overdose. That, of course, does not rule out it being from some other cause. But it does explain why people instantly gravitate to that thought, especially when the person has a history of abusing.

    It’s just a very sad situation all the way around.

  81. paranormalgirl says:

    I’m so sorry for her family. What a sad thing.

  82. minxx says:

    OMG, that’s just too sad… she was exactly my daughter’s age.. Can’t imagine what her father must be going through. I have a feeling it was a natural death (as natural as death at 25 can be). She seemed very, very frail, poor thing.

  83. Akua says:

    This is soo sad…don’t know her but i got to know her through this blog…and i was soo sad when i heard it..cos i liked her..she’s soo beautiful…RIP Peaches …my heart goes out to her family

  84. Ari says:

    Just saw on the news and ran here to say I can’t believe it :L so sad so young!!!

  85. Ag says:

    that’s so sad. my heart hurts for her babies. RIP.

  86. People irk me... says:

    I feel horrible to say this, but I have no idea who she is. My heart goes out to her family and friends through this tough transition.

  87. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I’m shocked by her death and I don’t buy it was suicide. I followed her on Twitter/Instagram – checked it out at first out of curiosity and stuck with it because I was surprised by how hands=on and normal a Mom she was (no nanny for instance). She posted pics and videos of her kids and her pets that showed how much she was embracing family life with her husband and boys. They had just moved into a new house and gotten a new puppy that she was so excited about. She adored those boys and seemed to try very hard to do a lot of difficult & tiring stuff (child-led attachment parenting) because she believed it was best for them. I can’t see her killing herself knowing the pain of a parent’s death herself at a young age. Her youngest’s 1st birthday was coming up later this month.

    I know she had a rough past with drugs etc., and clearly had a lot of issues involving her Mom and Dad and hurt she felt (her Dad wasn’t really involved that much with her or her kids and that appeared to be very hurtful for her). But I think, like a lot of kids that have had difficult childhoods and troubled teens, she tried to create a wonderful and loving family of her own and seemed to be succeeding. That’s why it feels so sad to me. Maybe she relapsed with drugs…maybe there was damage done in the past from drugs…maybe an eating disorder. She was extremely thin and in some of her recent pics she looked exhausted (huge dark circles under her eyes). Two babies within a few years is a lot of work for anyone. So sad that those babies won’t even be able to remember her. I’m glad she took so many pictures, etc. so they can at least look back on those later. Feel so bad for her husband.

  88. Ravensdaughter says:

    One thought I had based on “Police say they were called to an address near Wrotham, Kent following a report of concern for the welfare of a woman on Monday afternoon.” I wonder if she had something which initially seemed like a mild allergic reaction (maybe in the first few minutes) that quickly turned into anaphylaxis (when the airway closes up-a person can die within minutes).

    Sure, she may have had motherhood fatigue and a perhaps lingering post-partum depression (I’ve been there, so I am not trying to minimize it), but that’s a long way from suicide. Also, I think that as an 11 year old impacted by her mother’s suicide, that would be the last thing she would in turn do to her small children.

    Regardless of how it happened, she is still gone, and her father’s tribute WAS heartbreaking.

  89. Alice Skym says:

    Peaches Geldof was never on a juice-only diet! On July 20th 2012, I tweeted her asking for weight loss tips and she answered the following:

    “Unless you plan on getting pregnant to lose weight from hyperemesis gravidarum which is what I contracted when pregnant, I can’t–give you any ‘weight loss’ tips! I was seriously ill, puking ALL DAY and night and the weight, obviously, just fell off. If you–look at pics my weight loss was all within the 10 months of my pregnancy due to the hypremesis. All of those ‘juicing’ stories is just the press lying as usual. It was a quote pulled out of context from an interview I did–in which I had said, three years previously, that I had done a health kick where I drank juices ALONGSIDE eating more healthily. since the pregnancy I eat what I want and the weight hasnt gone back on, I guess my body has changed from it & my stomach shrunk. -my only tip for you now would be to eat healthily, cut out junk foods & exercise, which I guess is the only way to lose weight? Never believe what the press say about so-called celebrity ‘diets’, how wld they know the truth? Just love yourself, u r unique.x”


  90. Pinky says:

    Peaches’ devotion to her husband, Tom, and their two beautiful children, Astala and Phaedra, rules out suicide and drug overdose as possible causes of death. She denied having an eating disorder, saying that she wouldn’t put her own vanity before her children’s well-being, but there’s no denying that she looked worryingly thin in the last couple of selfies she posted on her Instagram page. When I heard she had passed away, my first thought was ‘cardiac arrest’, but time will tell. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to her family and loved ones.