Taylor Swift had playdates with Cara Delevingne & Gracie Gold yesterday

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A lot of you criticize Taylor Swift for her revolving door of BFFs. I don’t know though – it seems like Taylor genuinely wants to befriend other girls, but it also seems like she’s an overgrown child arranging “play-dates” because she wants to be seen as gracious and cool. I have mixed feelings, basically. I also think my “Sex and the City” instinct was right-on. Taylor has moved to NYC, she gets pap’d daily in various cute outfits, and she’s searching for her Miranda, Carrie and Samantha.

Anyway, she’s still searching. Yesterday, Swifty baked cookies with Olympian Gracie Gold. Swifty Instagram’d a compilation photo, writing: “First we baked a bunch of cookies and then we made faces. @graciegold95”. Gracie Gold is 18 years old. Swifty is 24. Is this a big sister thing? Doubtful. Swifty’s mindset is pretty immature, so I’m sure Swifty thought Gracie was a big sister.

But Swifty was still searching for her “Samantha,” so she also went out to lunch with… Cara Delevingne!!!! Yes, that Cara. The Cara who is currently in a lesbian relationship with Michelle Rodriguez. The Cara who does drugs and is a frequent public mess. I kind of love the dichotomy between them – Swifty in her cute, twee outfit and Cara in gross-looking clothes and (gasp) Chucks. I would guess that this playdate did not go very well. Perhaps Swifty’s next playdate will be with Prince George and his Fists Of Doom.

Also – there’s a rumor going around that Swifty has had some work done to her face. We all know (we were actually one of the first sites to point them out) that she got a boob job, but has Swifty gotten some recent face work? Witnesses at the ACMs on Sunday claim that Swifty looked “like a China Doll…She used to look so fresh-faced and real, but her face didn’t seem to move! It was so smooth, not a blemish in sight! She looked false. It’s sad that Taylor has gone all Hollywood.” I’m not sure what that means… I mean, her nose is the same, her lips are the same, her eyes are the same. But maybe she was A) wearing a lot of makeup, B) Botoxed, or C) laser-peeled, plucked and tucked?



Photos courtesy of Swifty’s IG and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kcarp says:

    That purse she carries looks so grandma. I’m 35 and I wouldn’t walk around with that.

    Does she pull out weathers originals to share with her friends.

    • V4Real says:

      I like Cara’s style in those pics. She pulls that look off well.

      Do we have to say in a lesbian relationship; can we just say she’s in a relationship with Michele.

      • antisocial says:

        Thank you V4real, I was coming to the comments to say the same thing!

        Cara is in a relationship period.

      • Moore says:

        Unfortunately the way that was phrased seemed homophobic to me as well. It equates being in a lesbian relationship with doing drugs, being a public mess, and wearing casual clothing. And it implies Taylor with her “good girl” image shouldn’t be seen with someone having a lesbian relationship. Taylor is friendly with Ellen D. so I don’t see that she would go out of her way to avoid lesbians.

  2. Loopy says:

    Cara clearly enjoys hanging out with edgy people,she looks bored to tears here. As far as the revolving doors of bff goes i think Swifty is just trying to pick their brains. You don’t see them again after 3 or 4 ‘play dates’ with her maybe with the exception of Selena.

    • moo says:

      I thought Cara looks like she’s saying in her mind, “how the F does she walk in those things??”…. hahahaha!!!

    • Hannah says:

      If cara likes edgy people why would she be hanging with Taylor in the first place? IMO cara likes famous people and attention just as much as Taylor. So its a win win for them both.

  3. Micha says:

    haha, brilliant. loved this whole post.

  4. sammy says:

    She’s like goop. It seems as if she only has famous friends

  5. Loubelle says:

    I work in fashion.. Cara D’s outfit is cool.

    • Jade says:

      Lol seriously? I don’t work in fashion and she still looks ridiculous. You don’t need to work in fashion to see that.

  6. blue marie says:

    She was definitely wearing a lot of makeup, in some photos she’d looked orange.
    Is she interviewing a replacement for Selena? Meh, it’s just a wee bit odd *shrugs*
    I like Taylor’s shoes and Cara’s pants.

    • lucy2 says:

      I kind of wondered that too – is all this super public friendship stuff about Selena? An “I’m just fine without you” or “hey, look at all the fun you’re missing out on” kind of statement?

  7. Skins says:

    She does look kind of Sex in the City-ish in those pick. Also, I don’t know if it is just me, but Cara is one ugly babe

  8. raindrop says:

    Christ, she is becoming extremely thin.

    • kri says:

      @Raindrop..I think it’s a direct response to that diss she got at the V.S. fashion show when some model said something like “she isn’t one of us” which probably crushed Princess Appletart’s feelings, so now she is befriending/morphing into Karlie Kloss and dipping into “danger” with Cara. I don’t know..I get a feeling Swifty is going to steal Cara and make her a slave to love.

  9. alison says:

    She’s been getting pap’d SO MUCH lately. and she is camera ready every time. she always looks super cute but it’s getting to the point where you wonder whether she goes anywhere without her hair and make up team.

    Taylor is an odd duck to me. I love watching her dance or present things because she has so much pageantry and just behaves so bizarrely. And she never smiles anymore- just smirks or tries to look wistful. It’s like she’s acting 24/7 but is a really bad actress.

    • Karen says:

      Indeed. She’s wearing a very full face of make-up, practically a red-carpet amount, I wonder if she does that herself or if she really does have a team trailing her for candid shots.

    • Esmom says:

      She was always SO camera ready in her Kennedy chasing days, too, always looking like “old Camelot.” She’s so calculating/staged it’s fascinating to me. I guess maybe with her upbringing career trajectory, she doesn’t really know how to function as if the spotlight isn’t on her?

      I also noticed she’s been looking different lately and chalked it up to very heavy makeup. I cannot fathom any procedures quite this early in her life. But I guess stranger things have happened in her world.

  10. Lexi says:

    It’s pretty easy to just speculate but my friend works in the industry and said that Taylor is really sweet and fun to hang out with. Her boy obsession may have been a phase that she’s grown out of now. She’s always going to be hated in some way, but I actually like her.

  11. TX says:

    I feel like the “revolving door” may be out of necessity. Famous people are always going here and there, so it must be kind of hard to be in the same place as a friend for very long unless your specifically go out of your way to meet up. They probably get used to becoming fast friends with whoever is in their vicinity at the time (on set, in the studio, in the same city…)

    • Moore says:

      I think too much is made of it. She hangs out with alot of different people. That is a good thing really.

      • Lila says:

        This. I don’t see the need to infantilize everything this girl does. She’s 24. She is likely very adult in some ways and immature in others. It’s a good thing to do new things and meet new people. I wish people would give younger celebs some room to breathe without keeping a running tally of their every screw-up or success. A stupid relationship or comment at 21 is not an indication of who they are forever, or until they do 25 ‘approved’ things to make up for it.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think it’s so weird that she hangs out with high school age people at 24. No offense to high school age people, but there is, or should be, such a difference in your maturity, interests, etc. I would never have done that in my twenties unless it was a relative.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes it’s a red flag for sure. But I think she is likely emotionally pretty immature given the atypical upbringing she’s had, though.

      • Allie says:

        Agreed. It seems like she has more young friends than those who are similar in age. She’s good friends with Hailee Seinfeld is 16 and Lorde is 17. I’m 25 and I can’t even relate to college kids let alone high school ones. She definitely plans on who she hangs out with by popularity. And can’t she just look normal (no makeup, casual outfit) once?!

      • Grim says:

        She also hangs out with people a lot older than she is. When she’s with Jamie King or Joy Williams from The Civil Wars, people don’t say it’s weird to hang out with people 10+ years older. It was the same with her dating history – dating guys 10-12 years older than her, like Jake and John, supposedly didn’t reveal anything about her personality but as soon as she dated two guys 4 years younger, it was taken to mean she was immature. Maybe she just doesn’t care about age?

      • Allie says:

        @Grim It’s not the fact that there is an age difference. I don’t expect her to hang out with only 24 year olds. I certainly don’t. But there is a huge mental gap from 16,17,18 to when you’re in your mid twenties. She dated two guys that were 17/18 when she was 22/23. That’s weird. Especially since guys usually are slower at emotionally growing up than girls. I have nothing in common with a teenager. She shouldn’t either.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I have a friend that does that but for dating–he’s 28 and he’s never dated anyone older than 22 even after 22. Most of the time they are 19ish. He says girls our age are in a different place but I say they can just see through his steersheisse. Maybe it’s the same thing here?

  13. nk868 says:

    meh she has a lot of friends – normal for someone her age outside of the hollywood/music scene. they all run in the same fame circles and now she probably just has more people close by to hang out with in nyc? maybe?

  14. Karen says:

    I find all the younger friends odd too. The thing is, I don’t think she meets people at events and forms a friendship organically. I REALLY think she sees these celebrities as a catalogue for her new best friends, and contacts them to set this stuff up. Which sorry, I think is weird.

    • alison says:

      Yeah- like ESMOM said in an above post, everything is so calculated with her. Who she hangs out with, how she dances, how she smiles, everything. Must be exhausting. She’s mentioned in the past being a bit controlling and anxious so maybe this is how she handles everything. but she seems to have taken it a bit far and nothing seems natural or fresh.

    • redtree says:

      Yup, does she even have non celeb friends? Check out her instagram,this year the only nonceleb there is just her brother. She just screams fake to me, everything is calculated

      • Grim says:

        She has lots of non-celeb friends, but the press tends to cut them out of the picture when she walks with them, because, well, they’re non-celebs. Warning: about to reveal extreme knowledge over Taylor Swift’s personal life here. But she was visited in New York recently by Britney Maack, who she’s been friends with since childhood. She also has Abigail Anders, who was her best friend in high school and still is her friend today. And part of her circle are Claire Winters and Ashley Avignone who are a jewellery designer and stylist respectively – they’re friends with other celebs like Dianna Agron and Emma Stone, but they’re not celebs themselves. Her music video for 22 and her perfume commercial features her real-life friends and they are mostly non-celebs.

      • Jarredsgirl says:

        how does having famous friends, when you are famous, mean that you are calculated? Everyone has friends that they can relate to, so it follows that Taylor would prefer to hang out with famous people.

  15. Dame Snarkweek says:

    I want a loft in NYC with cookies in it, too. Taylor is my favorite American Girl doll. That’s where I am with all this.

  16. Talie says:

    Cara has aspirations beyond being a model, so I can see why hanging with Taylor would interest her — afterall, she is a successful musician.

  17. Lila says:

    Taylor having a lot of friends is just not weird to me. I have my couple of really best girlfriends that are a constant but there are a lot of other people that I see on and off. It just depends on what is going on in my life who I connect with currently. I think that is how Taylor is. She meets different people, they hang out, and if the friendship doesn’t click, they drift back apart. That seems very normal to me. As does that a lot of these people seem to be friends of friends Taylor already has. If Taylor is close with Karlie Kloss, why not see if she clicks with the rest of her group?

    I actually think it’s nice that she can hang with such a variety of people. Particularly since I haven’t seen any indications that either girl has to ‘become’ the other. That’s a positive thing to me, not something to side-eye. The teenage girls are weird to me but at least she does things like shop and bake cookies with them. She really seems to have about a ten year up or down limit for boys and friends. Hailee Steinfeld, Lorde and Gracie Gold are all teens. Jaime King is 34, Karlie, Cara and Selena are 21, JLaw and Sarah Hyland are 23, Lily Aldridge is 28- she isn’t just friends with one age group, career or success level. Since we also never hear any girl sh!t stories either, I’m going to call her many friendships a good thing.

    Taylor has been looking a little overdone. I think it’s just recent surge of vanity. She’s also getting very into fashion, changing her hair, wearing more makeup, losing weight, and posing more on red carpets. I’m hoping it’s just a phase but I don’t think it is surgery.

  18. Moore says:

    I think it is fine spending time with a large variety of people. Many different types of people with different ages gives perspective. Their is nothing to suggest that she thinks of all these people as “BFF”s.

  19. blondie says:

    Has anyone thought that Taylor might be lesbian? I’m not saying it as an insult or something but I feel like all of her past relationships with guys were fake (hello Jake beard) and maybe she’s not waiting for a prince after all…. 😛

    • Jessica says:

      Ugh. Why is it that whenever a female hangs out with other females they are automatically thought to be lesbians? Can’t homegirl just have a bunch of female friends? When dudes hang out they’re not automatically called gay.

  20. Happy21 says:

    I love Swifty. I can’t help it. She is about as harmless as a puppy. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her rotating door of BFFs. I agree that she genuinely seems to enjoy hanging out with other girls. Is it strange she hangs with an 18 year old, a little but I think she probably doesn’t care and just wants to bake cookies and make faces 🙂

    The Cara connection makes me cringe. I don’t know what those two could possibly have in common…

    Re: The facial tweaking – – I don’t buy it. I always have thought that Taylor has the face of a doll (fresh, clear and very unique) and I think that it was probably just a lot of make up.

  21. yoon says:

    Frakking toaster.

  22. Lili says:

    Of course Taylor Swift will hang out with other celebrities. She’s a celebrity herself, meaning she gets to meet a lot of people in the music industry as well as actresses, models and so on. It’s only natural that she befriends some of them. Don’t you guys hang out with people from your school or work? I know at least I do. A lot of people I hang out with, are people I met through jobs or school. And Taylor’s job is as a country pop star.

    As for the age difference… well, maybe she’s not as narrow-minded as some people are, and she truly thinks that you can be good friends with people even if they’re younger. Perhaps she doesn’t care that they’re immature, or perhaps they’re in fact very mature. I’ve had friends around the age of 19 (I’m 26) and it didn’t work out with them, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work out with any people that age because all of them are immature goof balls.

    And I think it’s good that she bonds with a lot of people. That shows she’s probably quite open-minded and willing to make new contacts. I think it would be really awesome if I had as many friends and acquaintances as her. Maybe it doesn’t work out with everyone, it apparently didn’t with Selena Gomez… but you never know until you’ve tried, right? And why would Swifty use the other celebrities to get attention? She gets a lot of it herself already. After all, she’s one of the most popular young musicians out there, and a fashion icon and aspiring actress too.