Usher’s wife Tameka went into cardiac arrest after plastic surgery

usher bank nightclub 010109
According to the Brazilian press, Usher’s wife Tameka had some very serious complications during her plastic surgery. Usher pulled out of the Grammys at the last minute as a result and flew to Brazil. E! says Tameka was having liposuction. However she never got to the actual surgery – she had a heart attack while she was being anesthetized. Anesthesia always carries some risks, as just about every medical television drama points out. But they’re very real, and it’s more complicated than most people realize. It’s one of the many reasons anesthesiologists are paid so highly. It sounds like it was very serious, and Tameka is lucky to be alive.

Despite the best attempts by Usher and his family to keep the situation under wraps, new details have emerged on the nature of wife Tameka Raymond’s “serious” medical emergency.

“The family has demanded total privacy,” a spokeswoman for São Paulo’s Sírio-Libanês hospital told the Agence France-Presse. “The hospital is barred from giving any information,” said the rep, beyond confirming the 37-year-old mother of two is currently listed in stable condition. But the blackout hasn’t prevented Brazilian news outlets from digging beyond the official statement from Usher’s camp, which says his wife had suffered “complications from routine surgery.”

The news site G1 got much more specific, reporting that Foster was rushed to the hospital’s intensive care unit last Friday after going into cardiac and respiratory arrest during a liposuction procedure. The life-threatening condition reportedly came on as the R&B star’s wife was being anesthetized. According to G1, doctors at the hospital placed Raymond in an induced coma for 24 hours to stabilize her. She is currently in recovery.

While Usher quickly, and relatively quietly, canceled his Grammy weekend appearances to be by his missus’ side, G1 reports that he and his mother likely had company during their flight to Brazil. Dr. Gabriel E. Hunt Jr., a neurosurgeon from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, is said to be down in São Paulo to lead Foster’s care.

[From E! News]

That’s incredibly scary, but it sounds like Usher did exactly what he should have done. He dropped everything and got one of the best doctors he could to fly with him to Brazil. Obviously cosmetic surgery always carries risks – the death of Kanye West’s mother Donda last year is a sad example. Novelist Olivia Goldsmith died during cosmetic surgery back in 2004 after she went into a coma. The website Plastic Surgery 101 has an article on the risks of anesthesia during elective surgery – fatal allergic reactions are uncommon but do happen. Obviously we don’t know exactly what happened to Tameka, but it’s definitely reason to think long and hard before electing to have optional surgery.

Here’s Tameka and Usher hosting the New Year’s Eve celebration at The Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas. Images thanks to WENN.

usher bank nightclub 010109

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17 Responses to “Usher’s wife Tameka went into cardiac arrest after plastic surgery”

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  1. Annie says:

    The price of “beauty.” 🙁

  2. audrey says:

    she should’ve just hired a trainer and a cook. laaaaazzzzyyyy

  3. sissoucat says:

    Is she out of danger yet ?

    My mum told me about surgeries : whatever the issue with your body, if it doesn’t endanger your life and is not too painful, then you can live with it, don’t operate it. I never had general anesthesia and I hope I’ll never need it.

  4. SeVen says:

    I dont think she was fat to begin with. Looks like a healthy weight for her height. Sure she just had a baby and probably had a few extra pounds but what woman doesnt?

    Indeed, the Cost of Beauty or ones perception of it

  5. Codzilla says:


  6. Jen says:

    Elective surgery is a hell of a risk to take with two babies at home, isn’t it?

  7. for_realz says:

    i don’t understand why she flew out of the country for surgery. it doesn’t seem like she needs to save money.

    are the plastic surgeons better down there? i would think with all the risks associated (especially after the West tragedy) people would be more cautious.

  8. Jenna says:

    Was she getting her penis and Adam’s apple removed?

  9. SixxKitty says:

    With Usher’s cash, why was she not in the US getting her “routine surgery” done?

  10. Jonezy says:

    wouldn’t the caption read, “before” plastic surgery if she never actually got to the nip/tuck part?

  11. Jill says:

    brazil is known for having great plastic surgeons.

    but so not worth the risk! i hope she’s going to be OK, with her little ones at home who need their mom.

  12. Ana says:

    She probably went to Brazil in order to be more anonymous. Not that I think people would have cared in the first place, until this happened. I think they have great plastic surgeons down there, although I would be more comfortable in America with a board certified doctor. I remember seeing on T.V. that the plastic surgery business down there is booming.
    This is scary. I think she should have waited longer after having the baby, but I’m not a doctor so it probably had nothing to do with that.
    I hope she gets well soon.

  13. Frenchie says:

    I am pissed at the fact that he flew a doctor from an hospital. Didn’t this guy had other appointments ? I didn’t knew doctors were in such excess number in the US so they can leave the country promptly to take care of ONE person. There are very capable doctors in Brazil. Because there is some poverty doesn’t mean people are idiotic there. Plus her brazilian doctor is surely very educated and very wealthy.
    And then Tameka would have been in the tabloïds, admiring how she would have dropped the weight fast, and that would have made all of us fell miserable because we don’t have the same will.
    Sorry but somehow, it’s good that this was revealed.

  14. just me says:

    The reason why she went to Brazil is because doctors in south America and in Latin countries know how to sculpt the body. The doctors in the US are not aggressive enough and don’t really know how to give you a hour glass figure. They leave you looking square like a box. If I were having anything done it would not be here, I’m going abroad 🙂 BTW, it was not the doctors fault that she went under cardiac arrest. She was obviously in bad shape internally. She needs to work out and cut back on the fried foods. Those arteries must be super clogged for her to have a heart attack at 37????

  15. Anoneemouse says:

    Next time try situps.

  16. HotMess says:

    She’s ugly

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