“Is Leo’s Fiance Pregnant?” Links

– Is Bar Refaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio’s maybe-fiance, pregnant? The source is The Mirror so I doubt it [Glitterati]
– Beat-looking Madonna is in Malawai to adopt another baby. She figures she bribed enough people the first time she can get 2 for 1. [DListed]
Lohan parties like a lesbian in Japan [Drunken Stepfather]
– Hello Kitty Airline [CityRag]
Paris Hilton got offended by the crabs on the illustration by Gallery of the Absurd. The Valtrex and crotch flashing were kind of irrefutable [Gallery of the Absurd]
– New trend: babyfaced guys trying to grow facial hair [Best Week Ever]
Jenna Fischer looking slutty in Blades of Glory [Metadish]
Courteney Cox tries to escape from Jennifer Aniston [Evil Beet]
J.Lo blows on American Idol [Gabsmash]
– Penelope Cruz talks on cell phone AND tries on shoes at the same time! [Bastardly]
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have reunited [PopSugar]
Pete Doherty confirms Kate Moss engagement [CelebWarship]
Matthew McConaughey can suck his own, let’s just say he’s talented [yeeeah]
Britney Spears shakes her ass, drinks a RedBull [Derek Hail]
– Another day, another Paris Hilton upskirt [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Paris Hilton and Josh Henderson are still going strong [ICYDK]
– Is Hulk Hogan getting a divorce and is he the latest victim of the MTV reality show curse? [I’m Not Obsessed]
– NSFW screencaps and preview of the as-until-now-virtually-unknown American Idol contestant Oliva Mojica [Egotastic]
Anna Nicole’s sister dances on her grave [Agent Bedhead]
– Urban sprinting [The Grumpiest]
Ethan Hawke reading poetry [Gawker]
– Who will go on racist Imus’ show now? Not Barack Obama [Radar Online]
Halle Berry and her side boob in Esquire magazine [Celebworm]
– Catch up on all the gossip at great aggregate celebrity news site WeSmirch [We Smirch]
John Travolta nixed a Today Show appearance, probably because of the famous interview where Matt Lauer stood up to Tom Cruise on Scientology [Socialite’s Life]

Header image from PopSugar.

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  1. Busy Body says:

    Oh Leonardo, I knew you were the kind to fall for those cheap money making models.

  2. Iva says:

    Can someone please hire Britney Spears a stylist!!! OMG we see he go shopping nearly every day and these are the clothes she buys??? I can find better looking crap at Walmart! Mary Kate and Ashley dress better than Britney and that’s not saying much. With all the expertise she has on hand and the stores that she can afford to shop in – it is one horrible outfit after another – is she blind. I mean, does she really look at herself in the mirror and say “oh yea, I look good in this”.

    On another note, it mentioned Hulk Hogan and his wife possibly getting a divorce and are they another victim of MTV reality – Hulk’s show is on VH1 – not to be nit picky.

    And one more thing – while everyone is picking on Imus (which he deserves to be)- why aren’t we protesting and demanding that people like Snoop, Jay-Z, Ludacris stop using that same foul word.