Rolling Stone details the symbiotic relationship between celebs & paparazzi


Rolling Stone published an absolutely amazing story about the paparazzi, celebrity culture in LA and the multi-billion-dollar industry of photographing celebrities. There’s way too much to include in one post, and I would definitely suggest anyone with even a passing interest in celebrity gossip, money, the paparazzi and entertainment media should read the piece. GO HERE to read it. The basic story is that a Rolling Stone reporter rode shotgun with Vlad, a paparazzo in LA for several days. But the article also includes a bunch of quotes from players in the photo agency and media game, plus some interesting details about how all of this really works. Some interesting parts:

*None of the paps have any respect for Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell “pedorazzi” thing: “It’s hilarious,” says Rick “Top Hat Rick” Mendoza. “Kristen comes up with a new hate word – pedorazzi – and goes on this campaign just as her movie Veronica Mars is coming out. What a coincidence! Now who’s manipulating who?”

*Any celebrity that takes their kid to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood knows that their kid is going to get pap’d. Halle Berry, one of the celebrities who instigated the anti-paparazzi legislation, used to take Nahla there.

*TMZ completely changed the way the paparazzi operate, and not for the better. TMZ pays off pretty much everyone for info, from hotel managers to cops to airline employees (TMZ gets the passenger lists) to waitresses and salesclerks.

*Photos of Kylie Jenner pay a lot more than photos of Mark Wahlberg.

*What Vlad has to say about Kylie Jenner hiding her face: “Bitch, stop covering up. Let motherf–kers shoot you and get it over with,” mutters Vlad. “All this f–king attitude – ‘Ooh, I don’t wanna be shot.’ Someone like Angelina Jolie would just give us the shot – she’s beautiful.” Vlad doesn’t mention that Jenner is 16 and Jolie is 38.

*But celebs know where to go to get pap’d. RS writes: “Celebs that hit the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills quadrant and places like the Urth Caffé are not exactly trying to keep a low profile; it’s sort of like if LeBron James went to an ESPN Zone and then whined about being hounded for autographs. Probably 90 percent of pap shots in L.A. are taken in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and where Vlad trawls – the London, Urth Caffé, Sunset Boulevard Equinox, the playground near Coldwater Canyon – resembles a magical place called Pappyland, where the stars’ makeup is always perfect and their kids are freshly scrubbed and immaculate in brightly colored clothes.”

*In 2007, when Britney Spears was breaking down hard, she would tip the paps to her whereabouts. Kim Kardashian would tip the paps in her early days. Denise Richards and Tori Spelling still do it too.

*Tom Cruise’s publicist would tip the paps as to Tom and Katie Holmes’ whereabouts in the early days of their romance. The co-owner of Fame/Flynet says: “Sometimes publicists tip off the paps without telling their clients. They think their client needs the hit, but the star might think it’s beneath them, so they just leak the information without telling them.”

*Angelina Jolie used the paps to rewrite her narrative. RS writes: “Before Angelina Jolie became a humanitarian, she was best known for wearing a vial of blood around her neck and kissing her brother. After she adopted seven-month-old Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage, Jolie carefully orchestrated a photo shoot with an approved pap that repositioned her image from troubled goth to responsible adult. After she started dating Brad Pitt, it was leaked to a photo agency that they would be taking their first big vacation at Kenya’s Diani Beach, not exactly a pap hangout. The pictures rocked the tabloid world. (Now the couple are among the toughest celebs to snap, vacationing where paps can’t get to without an AmEx black card and a helicopter.)”

*Some celebs get paid to get pap’d: Lindsay Lohan has tipped off paps about her next stop in return for a gratuity. Ryan Reynolds is known to have an antagonistic relationship with the paparazzi, but recently he has been “captured” eating Chobani yogurt, carrying a Burger King bag, smiling at a Nespresso cafe and caressing a Can-Am motorcycle, all in apparently preplanned shots.

*Figuring out what will sell: A good Gerard Butler shot earned Vlad only 60 bucks, but a crummy photo of Jessica Alba scored him $900 last month. Why? Alba is carrying a Christian Dior bag, and Christian Dior bought the picture. Other photos, like Jessie J, have almost no value in the States but will be huge sellers overseas, maybe worth a few thousand dollars.

[From Rolling Stone]

That Angelina Jolie stuff is interesting, although I’ve heard something like that before. Well, I’d never heard the thing about her arranging for photos of Maddox right after she adopted him, but I had heard that Angelina made the call to get pap’d with Brad on the beach in Kenya in 2005. Brad later bitched about that, like the paparazzo had tracked him to Kenya, but not so much. I also found the Ryan Reynolds stuff fascinating – when he was with Scarlett Johansson, he never would have gotten pap’d doing that kind of brand promotion. But I guess marrying Blake Lively really changed him.

Mostly, I find it fascinating to see who the paps like (Angelina always gives them good shots, and Vlad adores Olivia Wilde for never hiding her face) and whom they don’t like (Halle, Kristen Bell, etc).



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Penny says:

    There were so many photo’s of Angelina after she adopted Maddox. I remember thinking it was weird because despite all the crazy Billy Bob stuff there weren’t many candid pics of her before that, then suddenly she was everywhere.

    The article was good, but anyone who follows this stuff already knows all of it, I was hoping for something a bit juicier.

    • lower-case deb says:

      i’ve sometimes wondered why the paps are relaticely nice and well-mannered to the Jolie-Pitts (please, thank you, g’day, etc), unlike the reports of them harrassing/throwing bad words at other celebs and the kids, even unsuspecting non-celebs who happen to be nearby. i guess it pays to acknowledge that both sides need each other.

      • Samantha25 says:

        In most videos I’ve seen the paps always say please, thank you even if they are insulting the celebrity. I don’t know why they do this when the celebrity usually ignores them or insults the paps. I haven’t seen Brad and Angelina get special treatment.

      • Aurie says:

        At 2:35 Vivienne shouts “I hate them [the paps]” and Angelina laughs and Vivienne smiles.

        And the pap agency wrote this comment on youtube (scroll down in the link): “We have been working with Angelina’s bodyguards for a long time and we try to respect there needs”

        Also if you notice, whenever paps say “Angelina you’re beautiful” or anything else, she replies with a “thank you”. She is very respectful and nice to the paps, whereas other celebrities either ignore them, shoot them nasty looks, or say something nasty back.

        Angelina has great manners and is a professional.

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        Well of course she’s nice to them. It’s a business deal.

      • reddy says:

        i think this video shows pretty much the problem. yeah, i mean the paparazzi keep their distance, but still, there is a large group of people following them during the streets. it’s not just one snap and bye, thank you, have a nice day. they walk with them the whole time. that’s what i think is wrong.

      • Liv says:

        Not easy to judge paps or celebritys because they depend so much on each other. But I think the celebritys know where to go or where to hide. The Pitt-Jolies are able to disappear for weeks or even months – if they can, everyone can. They are not able to live a proper normal life though, but then again they and their kids have access and money, something many families can only dream about.

        I just can’t stand it when celebritys like Bell or Berry or Garner/Affleck benefit from the paps and take active part in it but complain about them later. It’s not just us who want to know private stuff about them, it’s also them who force that upon us. I freaked out when I heard of Garner’s latest interviews in which she just talks about her kids! So ridiculous. If she wants to keep her kids out of the spotlight then she should shut her mouth.

    • V4real says:

      Well some past commenters are probably right about AJ staging pap pics. But I know her hardcore fans are going to be all like this story is BS.

      • Jegede says:

        @V4Real – See Aurie above *eye roll*

      • Ferris says:

        I saw a movie on the paparazzi that said the same thing, that Jolie staged the photos on the beach. I was attacked for saying that in a AJ thread a while back even called a liar when I was just stating what was said in the movie.

      • Maya says:

        @vreal: the same way you will attack those hardcore fans who defends Angelina. I have been reading lots of your comments here on CB but never commented directly to you but this time I will.

        You are so hypocritical that it is funny. You claim that hardcore fans should just let others write whatever they want because this is a public forum and people are allowed their own opinion. But at the same time you yourself attack those hardcore fans for defending Angelina and for having an opinion about her and then sticks to it. If you want those hardcore fans to lay off on people then you should lay of them as well.

      • Kim1 says:

        She probably tipped off the paps when she adopted Maddox ELEVEN YEARS ago. I doubt she is calling the paps today unlike some celebs. I’m sure every celeb as tipped off the paps at some point. As for showing her face to paps or being polite. What purpose is served in covering your face like Leo, you look like an idiot.
        What purpose is served in screaming at paps or cursing them out.BTW Brad and Angie don’t complain about the paps they know they have a job.They don’t whine in every interview about the tabloids.They live their lives as privately as possible as evident by the facts we haven’t seen most of the kids in months since they returned from Australia

      • doofus says:

        the one that was pretty obvious was the pap pics on the beach in Africa…as many posters have said on here previously, and that RS article says, that place is not exactly a hotbed of paparazzi…it was clearly orchestrated.

        but yes, I agree with you V4Real…for some, that couple is untouchable when in reality they’re like a lot of other hollywood couples.

        doesn’t mean that they’re ZOMG BREAKING UP!!! or faking their relationship for the public, I think they’re the real deal but they’re also hollywood players/celebs and they do what they need to do.

      • Eva says:

        @ jegede

        What exactly was wrong with what Aurie wrote, she said Angelina accepts that the paps are part of the job, she also included a quote from a pap saying Angelina’s bodyguards have worked with the paps, how is that a hardcore fan defending Angelina?

      • Karen says:

        @k so agree!!! Too much love for ange, lupita, and jennifer lawrence….

        Although to be honest the only annoying one to me is J-Law

      • V4Real says:


        @Jegede My comment was posted before Aurie’s, check the time. BTW “BALL Bounce” and keep them bouncing.

        @Maya That’s Ballsy girl but you didn’t explain how I’m not allowing hardcore fans to express their opinions. The only thing I said was that they are probably going to say the story is not true since that’s what they seem to say about every story they don’t like about AJ. Look at previous post and you will see that the same fans always say that story is BS. How is it being hypocritical to state the truth? So before you go getting your Balls in a bunch my comment wasn’t even a reply to anyone who was defending Angie if you’re paying attention like you say you are. Stop Balling out over nothing.

      • Karen says:

        @4real I think the main reason some fans are die hard defenders is because she gets the most trash out of almost all celebrities, from Internet people AND from the media, even reputable sources like NYT and the Guardian.

        And her sins aren’t even that bad in comparison to many super famous celebrities. And like Aurie below posted a timeline, there’s no actual evidence of cheating, but she is judged as though it is fact…..while JA has the exact same circumstances but the media gave her a pass. As did confirmed cheaters like Daniel Craig, Tom HAnks, Helena Bonham Carter, etc.

        And factor in celebs who have done some seriously horrible crap like MArk WAhlberg blinding a man, RDJ multiple arrests, Halle Berry hit and run, Jay-Z drug felon, etc…..

        Why doesn’t the media run stories trashing those people the way Angelina is singled out?……10 years after the fact…..

      • @V4Real-THEY’VE FOUND YOU OUT–you’re a super-secret undercover Anistan.
        These kids are clever as balls, man.

      • Cecilia says:

        V4Real…you play a good BALL game.

      • V4Real says:

        @Karen I know that there is a lot of negative stuff out there about Angie and the reason that AJ and Brad are probably getting the most negative media attention is because they are two of the biggest names in the game right now who just happen to be in a relationship. Still that doesn’t justify superfans balling out on other commenters on this site who dare say somthing negative about Angie.

        Oh and yes people like RDJ and Jay Z still have a lot of negative crap said about them but if you’re not looking for it, you probably wouldn’t know. Almost in every interview RDJ’s drug past is brought up and people on some sites say that he is still a drug addict, he’s gay and a lot of other crap. You should have read some of the racist crap that was said about Halle and her daughter on some sites. Angie is not the only person to have bad crap spewed about her. There is no excuse for the behavior on this site when it comes to her.

        TOK & Cecila Yall got me Balling over here. I’m going to the playoff because I Ball so much.

        Wait, Jen what was that, I should say what? Now Ms. Aniston you can’t have me going all Balls out, you’re not paying me enough. If you want me to plant that story, you have to up my pay a bit. BTW I’ll print whatever you want if you give me one night with Justin. Oh, You will, well you have yourself a deal. Bring Justin’s Balls to my place tonight

        Yes TOK I am on Aniston’s payroll, now they all know that I am a Baller, Shot Caller, Brawler, who be dipping in the Benz with the Spoilers..

      • V4Real says:

        @SAL I read your previous comment that said I was a part of the “Balls” campaigne on Aniston’s thread. I have never posted a Ball’s comment on a Jen’s thread. Since you’re a pro at research, perhaps you should have conducted some before you accused me of that. You lost your credibility when you said that.

        Also let’s be real here, Aniston doesn’t get that many defenders; it’s nowhere near the capacity that AJ gets. Like I said posters that know me, knows that I am not a fan of Aniston, I don’t like her. I do like AJ but I will say whatever I want about her if her hardcore fans like it or not.

        And please give that passive-aggressive argument a rest. Some of Angie’s fans , not fanactics, just have the balls to say what they want to say because they don’t worship her as if she is the second coming of Christ.

        “Is it too much to expect fairness and balance?”

        Well is it too much to stop accusing posters of being Team Aniston just because they say something negatvie about Angie or don’t like Angie? Believe it or not there are even people that don’t like either one of them, I guess they will be accused of being a Paltrow fan.

      • Esmom says:

        “People should be free to speak, all sides.” Gah. Sides/teams.

        Which is why I and others are speaking on behalf of one team: Team Balls.

      • V4Real says:

        @Sal you are more than welcome to join our ball club but you have to stop speaking untruths and be a team player. The Balls in your court.

        Your comment disappeared along with mine where you accused me of posting Balls on Aniston’s thread. Stop trying to pretend that you didn’t say that just because your original comment disappeared. Your credibility is the one that is fleeting.

        Oh and yes some people are deep in their worship of Angie and they do not (as you are trying to spin it) just want balance. I have never read a post of yours talking about balance. All you do is attack commenters who dare say something negative about Angie, do you remember I think her name was Amy? You attacked her about lying about having cancer, yep that was you. Now you get on here and try to pretend you’re all about balance, Balls! BTW, stop stealing my word “Balance” because you can do research and see that I was talking about balance on this site long before you.

        I think you are confused becasue the Balls commitee started on the Aniston thread. Yet you said we should say Balls on Aniston’s threads. Yep I guess that truth is really hurting you right now.

        Oh and why should I attack Aniston fans, they don’t attack me when I say something bad about Jennifer. I found out through you and others that Cecila was an Aniston fan but yet I never read a reply from her where she attacked me becasue I said something bad about Aniston. Aniston fans let you have your opinion without going all balls out on a poster. Jolie fans, not so much as you and others have proven.

      • Balance…like juggling balls.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Dubious BALLS…….

      • Cecilia says:

        Balance those BALLS.

      • V4Real says:

        @Sal you’re still in the minor league. It’s getting to the point whee you can’t comprehend what I said. I never said I wasn’t a part of the “Balls committe, I said I wasn’t a part of the Ball Committee when it started like you accused me of and that was on the Aniston post. Once again for the cheap seats; IT STARTED ON THE ANISTON POST” I wasn’t a part of the Comittee but I am now. Did that clear it up for you? I’ve read your other comments where you couldn’t even get it right when and where the Ball game first started. People had to school you on that.

        Balls, look at yourself, you can’t help but to attack people. You don’t know a thing about that poster who said she has cancer but you call her a troll (a sock puppet troll at that) as if you know it as fact. Balls Balls, Balls. The only thing that is distorted is your sense of reality. The only thing you have going is name calling and trying to intimidate people with your balls to the walls comments.

        What don’t you understand about me not having to say Balls on an Aniston post. Aniston fans don’t attack me when I say something negative about Jennifer, so there’s no need for me to say balls. But if I say something bad about Angie, the superfans come out in droves, so Balls.

        You try calling people such as me out for passive-aggressive statements but yet attempt to passive-aggressively say, we need to find balance because you have been saying over and over that the internet is so mean to Jolie and it’s not fair and blah, blah, blah. So what you’re saying is that people should stop saying mean things about Angie but if they do you wil say mean things about them. You just looped yourself right in there with the mean people of the internet, no matter who’s the topic. You’re not aiming for balance, you just can’t stand when there is something negative said about your idol. You throw on your Super defender cape and run to the defense of an actress you don’t know and probably couldn’t care less about you.

        “I am not the only one that has noticed your duplicity.”
        Um, yep you are becuse the only duplicity is in your delusion.

        “Fyi I mainly post to correct lies people make about Angelina. ”

        Now this one had me calling foul ball. When did you become her publicist? You correct lies about Angie as if you know her personally and you know for a fact that every word that comes out her mouth is true. Some people will call that a distorted as well as a delusional view. But it takes Balls to put that out there.

        I take back my invite for you to join our Team Ball’s because your game needs much improvement. Have a Ballerfer day, sunshine,

        Wait, what was that, I think I heard more lies being spewed about Angie, so off you go to her defense. But don’t drive, use a bouncy Ball it will get you to her defense much quicker.

      • “I am not the only one that has noticed your duplicity. Your time is up you are no longer fooling anyone. Others have seen through your duplicity and hypocrisy and called you on it. Its not just me.”

        …what exactly are we talking about here? This is a celeb gossip website, right?

        …ok, just checkin’.

        Team Balls, all day, err’y day.

      • Maggie says:

        Crazy Balls!

      • blue marie says:

        wow, cra-zay-zy balls..

      • V4Real says:

        Guys you know me I don’t Dodge Balls when they are thrown at me.
        I hit right back with Power Balls (Mega Million Power Balls)

        Now I’m going to place myself on a time out and go and weep in my Matzo Ball soup for balling out like that. 🙂

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Kim1, who wrote: “She probably tipped off the paps when she adopted Maddox ELEVEN YEARS ago.”

        Not even then … Jon Voight called a press conference and announced that he was about to become a ‘grand father’ because Angie was in Cambodia picking up her adopted son (Angie had told her family but asked them to please not say anything because she wanted some time alone with Maddox before the press got a hold of the news). As a result of Jon Voight’s press conference, Angie and Maddox were met at the airport by photographers when they arrived home. Angie was angry and cut off ties with Jon Voight. He retaliated by saying Angie had mental problems and needed help.

        I truly do wish we knew as much about why Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have a relationship with her mother or two half-brothers. And will the first person who responds with ‘the book’ please tell us all ‘exactly’ what Nancy said in her book about Jennifer that was so horrible … because to this day no body has.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Sal …

        The term is … Ball-ettes.

      • Tulip Garden says:


        I admire your fortitude. You are AmazeBALLS!

      • Just Passing Through says:

        I know Tulip Garden and V4Real, can I just say how much I admire the size of your BALLS?!?!? 🙂

      • Aurie says:


        I’m in agreement with Karen, haha, and not just because she agrees with me elsewhere.

        While Jay-Z and RDJ have gotten some crap about their pasts, nowhere to level of Angelina….also when’s the last time a major, reputable source like the NYT ran a nasty article on them?

        When the NYT ran an article on RDJ about his career revival, they did mention his crazy behavior, but the article was written in a positive way, like “he overcame his demons and is now a good guy”.

        The 2008 NYT article basically called Jolie a total fraud and a manipulator.

      • JD says:

        Can I sing some AC/DC in here? I have their song “Big Balls” as an earworm now… : )

    • mercy says:

      Nothing new, and I don’t see what the big deal is. If we’re talking about stars like Jolie, they’re being followed anyways, and they always will be as long as there is money to be made. As long as the demand is there for celeb photos = and I think that demand increased tenfold with the advent of the Internet = they will be papped. They might as well try to have some control over the photos and use them to their advantage. Goodness knows the paps and other media are using the celebs to their advantage. I don’t see how anyone who’s career depends on these photos can point fingers, whether it’s the reality TV types, or members of the media. People who buy the tabloids and visit the sites are also complicit in the sense that they create the demand.

      • LadySlippers says:

        This is how I view it as well. Celebs, as a whole, don’t have much power but some try to exert a little control (periodically arranging photo calls, being nice in exchange for being left alone, etc.). Obviously some move away from the ‘hot spots’ to avoid the whole situation and others cannot/will not for reasons unknown.

        And we as a public, also okay a part. Supply and demand means we have to demand in order for someone to try and supply that demand. So we are equally as guilty as the targets and the paps themselves.

      • Caz says:

        I agree. I was expecting a “reveal all” of paparazzi secrets…that excerpt was no real expose, really.

        Agree with @OPN below too. Not everyone who wants to be papped gets their photo taken and then it appear in the media.

    • OPN says:

      I just want to add one this article really does highlight is that it really pays to have a PR flack who does the dirty job for you esp one that has powerful connections.

      • ya says:

        Definitely…. I think that’s the big mistake Leann Rimes has made with her career – she’s no crazier than the rest of them, but her PR has been horrible.

    • homegrrrl says:

      So true. AJ did that HIDEOUS film about a doctor who only went to refugee camps and his beautiful nurse…I guess AJ was the nurse and that English actor was the doctor ( he used to have austin power teeth?), any who, it was an HORRIBLE stupidly concocted mess about an humanitarian subject. Then she adopted Maddox, THEN she adopted Brad, and WAHLAH, she was aberrant no more. I realize she wanted to exit the bad years, and good for her, but it was so calculated, so documented. I’m all about true love and acts of kindness, but what a concoction..

  2. Abbott says:

    Haven’t read the article yet, but kinda live that the celebs are being called out on this. Especially Kristen Bell.

    • QQ says:

      Me too! Cause after that whole Pedorazzi thing I said; Nah They need to go after their fellow third and fourth tier celebs!

      Also I had heard the Jolie thing, I think she herself might have mentioned it that it was like a friendly pap to take the pressure off, lower the pics value and be done with the chase, Kinda same thing Halle Berry did with Nahla

    • harpreet says:

      Your points exactly! .

      I loved the part about how companies like Dior BUY PAPARAZZI pictures. Yes, celebs work for these companies, who support the pap industry, and then complain about paparazzi!

      • mercy says:

        By the same token, some paps stalk and spy on celebs for a living and then have the nerve to complain when the celebs are not cooperative. I wouldn’t accommodate anyone who followed me home or worked for tabloids that made up stories about me, either. I’d try to avoid them, and undercut the value of their photos or counter the false narrative of the scandal profiteers any way I could.

      • ya says:

        @mercy – yeah exactly. Or I’d try to find ways to profit myself, or control the narrative, like many celebs obviously attempt to do.

      • homegrrrl says:

        I guess we should all try the life of a celeb and then we’d make an authentic assessment. I still feel it’s out of control; cool places become human zoos, and that sucks for everyone. LIke Aspen now is a big “DIDJYASEE”, hence the uncool z list celebs like Paris Hilton come looking to get pap’s. As much as I love gossip and fashion, I honestly feel this culture can ruin a niche or real getaway.

    • ya says:

      Called out by paps though? not like they have much credibility.

      It’s obviously a symbiotic relationship where both celebs and paps depend on each other…. but I guess boundaries need to exist on both sides. I can see celebs setting up shots at times for various reasons – money, publicity, or an attempt to quell or manage/minimize publicity.

  3. LadySlippers says:

    Just the excerpts are fascinating. I’ll definitely go read the whole thing. Wow just wow.

  4. jinni says:

    Waits for the stans to say that Brangelina never set up shots (like the rest of Hollyweird) and that Rolling Stones sources are full of crap.

    I read some gossip on another site that Halle use to have her daughter paped as a deal with a kids clothing company. Apparently she’d make sure Nahla was wearing that brands clothes and was paped to bring attention to the brand all while being paid handsomely for her efforts. Such hypocrites.

    • LB says:

      The Kenya thing was obvious. Anytime you catch professional photos of celebrities in foreign, non-European countries, it’s obviously set up.

      • Algernon says:

        The only exception is probably the Caribbean around New Year’s, when paparazzi go specifically to trawl around St. Baart’s and Barbados, where many celebs vacation. But even still, you have to figure they’ll be there, so either you don’t go or you go and just accept they’re going to get your picture. Which is pretty much my stance on the paparazzi after living in LA for years. These people know full well where and when they’re going to get their photos taken. Either they avoid the half-dozen stake-out spots or they just roll with the reality of the situation.

    • Aurie says:

      She staged the Maddox shoot but not the Kenya beach one…..

      That was in April 2005, in the midst of allegations of Brad & Angelina cheating on Jennifer Aniston. Why the hell would they want pics of the two of them together a few weeks after Jennifer filed for divorce?

      It was most likely “leaked” due to Shiloh’s godmother Eunice Huthart’s cell phone being hacked by Rupert Murdochs’ cronies.

      • AM says:

        This was my understanding on the Kenya beach pics too, Aurie.

      • I also thought that’s why Jennifer switched from not saying anything (beyond that one statement that they put together about their separation) to full out shading Angelina—from what I read, they (Brad and Jennifer) agreed to not go public with any new romances for a while–something like six months (which would’ve put it at June 2005, and by then, Brad and Angelina would’ve been promoting MAMS)–but the pap photos happened and then ‘the world was shocked, I was shocked’ quote emerged.

        And yeah–I will agree that there was a leak in security (my money’s on Mickey, who apparently picked Brad up from the airport, so he’d have known that Brad was coming, and who didn’t get along with him AT ALL), or they hacked someone’s phone–but I don’t think Brad or Angelina called them. They would be world class idiots if they did call them.

  5. maxine7 says:

    I love this story, will read the article and it confirms my thoughts on all of this. Paps aren’t hanging out in Stamford CT or some town in Iowa so if you are a celebrity and live there you will be left alone. Again
    …I didn’t even know Paul Walker had a daughter much less that she was 15. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki dated for two YEARS and nobody knew. Don’t go to the hot spots and you will be left alone. K. Bell and Berry need to embrace the phrase be careful what you wish for.

    • BangersandMash says:

      If you don’t want to be seen, you will find a way!! There is always a way!!
      And If I was a celebrity *blake lively* and I’m chilling with Ryan Reynolds in Utah or some place else… the only possible, viable way to get shot by the paps is obviously giving them a call. That is the only way I can see it happen really!!

      Same goes with Johnny Depp, that man, damn near fell off the face of the planet in the early times of dating Vanessa Paradis, no one knew where he was. And now that he’s with Miss Amber Heard, we get weekly updates on his whereabouts.

      • mercy says:

        Ryan is one of those celebs who seemed to try very hard to be low key, but found himself followed by paps and the subject of tabloids stories anyway. There are tons of pap photos if him before he was with Blake, but it wasn’t a big deal back then.

        The first news of him and Blake being seen together didn’t come from paps, but from Twitter. They were seen taking the train to Boston, where he was filming at the time. The local media, who had already been chronicling his every move, pounced on it. So did the pap who had been following him before Blake was around. He did not have a friendly relationship with this pap. The guy had been following him to his hotel you can tell from the pics that it wasn’t appreciated. He moved to a private residence, but a Boston paper published the area he was staying in. When he started going out with Blake, the pap started following him home again. After those Utah pics surfaced, he stopped following them home every day. Someone had beaten him to the punch with the PDA shots.

      • Bridget says:

        @mercy: RR was notoriously press shy in his relationship with Scarlett Johansson. There are plenty of photos of him solo, but very, very few of him with his then-wife. And lets get real: even if you’re not a fan, ScarJo >>>>>>>> Blake any day. There’s simply no question. The big difference was that Blake was much more amenable to photogs, but even then cooled it off once she and RR got really serious.

      • mercy says:

        I’m a fan if his and I can tell you I’ve seen almost as many pics of Ryan and Scarlett as of Ryan and Blake, if not more. Their pics didn’t make the rounds as much for a variety of reasons, but they definitely exist. Paps managed to find them in airports, at the gym, riding his motorcycle, shopping, eating, and even visiting the gulf oil spill in New Olreans and traveling in such non-pap hot spots as Switzerland and Austria. They were papped quite a bit, especially for a couple that by their own admission didn’t spend a lot of time together. They rarely looked happy, which of course created a narrative for the tabloids. When they weren’t seen together for long periods, that also led to negative speculation.

        I think the major differences between the relationships are the increase in demand for photos (not just of them, but of celebs in general), and the way he and his present wife have responded to that demand. It seems like they would rather hide away from prying eyes in their daily lives and put out some staged photos to keep the paps and the tabloids at bay. Once the inevitable tabloid frenzy that comes with any new celeb relationship calmed down, so did their photo ops.

    • AM says:

      Exactly. Before he decided to go nuts (pre-Katie), Tom Cruise was the biggest movie star in the world and you would never see pics of him or his children outside of official events.

      • LAK says:

        TC had the most feared publicist in modern hollywood who wouldn’t allow any pap pics of him in the press. She’d blackwall any publication that printed them AND refuse the legitimate media access to him without her permission (especially if the papped publication was linked to a main stream publication). She also insisted on copy approval and she was very happy to sue any one and everyone.

        TC decided he didn’t like her iron control, fired her, and that’s when we started to get reports of TC’s wierd behaviour. And that’s before the obvious papping of his relationship with Katie and Suri.

        In a nutshell, TC has always been wierd, we just never heard about it because of his publicist. Ditto many of her other big name clients.

      • LNG says:

        I have never heard that about Tom Cruise’s former publicist LAK – so interesting! I always sort of wondered how the crazy stayed under wraps for so long. Who else does she rep?

      • LAK says:

        LNG: She’s retired now. Her former company, PMK/HBH, is still very much in charge of all the big league stars. Many of her ex-colleagues have formed their own companies, and employ her tactics. she repped everybody from Jodi Foster to Will Smith to Sandra Bullock to Nicole Kidman. All her clients were and are able to stay out of the tabloids not because they are well behaved, but because she exercised complete iron control and no publication ever crossed dared to her.

        When TC coach jumped for Oprah, my first thought was that under Pat’s reign, TC might have still coach jumped, but Pat would have pulled the segment and we would have been none the wiser. Sadly by then, he’d fired her.

        It’s hard to find a really good juicy tell-all article about her, but here are a few articles that have been written about her in relation to TC as he was her most famous client. Sanitised of course, because all of hollywood was terrified of her and probably still is due to her ability to wield her power.

        BTW: TC is now being repped by a company formed by ex-PMK/HBH publicists who trained directly with Pat.

      • Bridget says:

        @LAK you forgot one other big thing: he replaced Kingsley with his own sister who had no idea what she was doing. It was also why he went HARD on the Scientology stuff – the sister was a Sci as well. That whole War Of The Worlds tour was SUCH a disaster and his career never really came back.

    • mercy says:

      In the case of someone like Walker, he was not as big of a name, and he was a relative unknown when his daughter was born. He a might have taken care to keep that under wraps because the mother of his child was significantly younger and he wasn’t married to her. Maybe his publicist thought that wasn’t good for his image.

      • M.A.F. says:

        Eh, that stuff with Walker, his daughter, and very young girlfriend was out there before his death if you look deep enough. I knew about it because for a time he lived in Huntington Beach (CA) which is where I am from/currently live. But as for the full, blown media, he really was a such a low key guy, it just never made it the front page.

  6. blue marie says:

    I knew Angelina played the game, she just plays it better than most, and probably not near as much anymore. After I have more time I’ll have to go read the full article, this stuff is fascinating.

    • Aurie says:

      Her former charity advisor and the NYT all did interviews both slamming and praising her for being a master at the game.

      In my opinion, Angelina, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence are in recent years the most powerful PR manipulators there are….but note I don’t necessarily consider that a bad thing.

      When tabloids are writing the nastiest of rumors about you (that would easily be libel and slander if done to a normal person), you need to get good at the PR game.

    • cr says:

      “she just plays it better than most.”
      She does. And she’s actually famous for acting, as well as other things.
      All actors have to play the PR/Pap game in some way, some are just better at it.
      It’s when ‘actors’ who get papped all the time even though they’re not working, and haven’t in a while, that you go ‘hmmm’. They’re playing the game, but so obviously they get slapped with the ‘famewhore’ label.

      • Kim1 says:

        I agree she is “the best” at using her fame/celebrity/power to bring attention to imporant issues be sure you check out her article in Newsweek “Jolie’s Campaign for Justice for Survivors of Bosnia’s Mass Rapes”
        Rather than bringing up stuff from a decade ago.

    • blue marie says:

      aww, did that hurt your feelings?

  7. Lilly says:

    Tell me something I didn’t know Vlad. I was watching yesterday reruns of Dirt – pretty bad tv show with Courtney Cox. I would like to read something juicy about celebrities/tabloids editors relationships, selling/leaking stories, buying good publicity for little favors …

    • LAK says:

      I really loved that show. I remain surprised that no one ever commented on it…..

      Then again, it was cancelled pretty quickly, so perhaps that was the comment.

      • doofus says:

        “DIRT” could have been great, but (IMO) they ran through all of their possible storylines too quickly.

        I understand you need “a hook” each week but it was like the editor needed a MIND-BLOWING STORY every week on her tab, so the writers sort of “blew it all” in one season instead of stretching it for a few season.

      • LAK says:

        DOOFUS: I thought the same thing too, and I loved season 1. The 2nd season not so much when it became pretty obvious they were borrowing heavily from Paris Hilton’s tabloid life.

        I always thought they should have borrowed Law & Order’s use of headlines, but not Paris Hilton.

      • Oooh, I might check out ‘Dirt’–I remember reading a few CB posts on it–Courtney Cox starred in it, right?

      • lucy2 says:

        I remember loving the commercials for that show, and was very excited about it, but it never lived up to its promise and grew tiresome quickly.

  8. Easi says:

    The RyRe stuff is funny. He totally has been downgraded a ton. I don’t get who cares about the kardashians. Is it only designers?

    • cr says:

      I don’t know about the Kardashians, but this excerpt about Alba indicates that’s who buys hers:
      “it’s maddening trying to figure out what will sell. A good Gerard Butler shot earned Vlad only 60 bucks, but a crummy photo of Jessica Alba scored him $900 last month. Why? Alba is carrying a Christian Dior bag, and Christian Dior bought the picture. ”

      I think another commenter mentioned that about the ‘mocktresses’ like Bosworth or Alba or the ones more known for fashion than for acting-the fashion sites will buy the photos even if no on else will, since they’re still popular in that world.

  9. Tig says:

    When reading Rob Lowe’s first autobiography, he essentially said ” Don’t want to be papped,don’t go where they are”, or words to that effect. They definitely are used by PR teams/celebs, but still object to any use of screaming insults to get a rise out of folks.

    • Green Girl says:

      I remember that part of his book, too. Doesn’t he live quite a way from LA and just commutes during the week?

      I also have to say that I probably know a fair bit about celeb gossip, and while I have never been to LA, I know where the paparazzi hotspots are. If *I* know which parks and restaurants tend to have paparazzi due to reading assorted gossip blogs and magazines, then these stars truly have no excuse.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    Definitely knew about Tom Cruise tipping them off, and I heard the Maddox story ages ago too, I thought that was common knowledge that she set that up.
    The guy doesn’t like being called a “pedorazzi”? I’m stunned! Of course it would help his argument to not be then swearing at and following a 16-year-old kid (despite who her horrible family is).

  11. Luca26 says:

    I just read the whole thing. Most of the Angelina stuff was in that New York Times ‘takedown’ years back. Honestly I don’t blame her for trying to rewrite the narrative and it was ‘smart’ but I think it only partially worked. She will never live down the bad girl rep the people who hate her will hate her no matter what just like those of us who like her do the same.

  12. Britt says:

    “but I had heard that Angelina made the call to get pap’d with Brad on the beach in Kanye in 2005.

    I know this was a typo but I snorted so loud that I woke up my roommate’s cat. Sorry not sorry.

    Anyway, glad this shows (once again) how TMZ operates.

  13. Andrea1 says:

    She will never live down the bad girl rep the people who hate her will hate her no matter what just like those of us who like her do the same.
    I agree with you completely!

  14. frisbeejada says:

    I’m surprised that anybody should be surprised….that’s how PR has always worked it’s not called the publicity ‘game’ for nothing…I suspect the truth is we know absolutely nothing real about these people – only what they put out in public via their reps and what their fans project onto them it’s all just the H/W ‘dream machine’ doing it’s job…

  15. Maya says:

    Funny isn’t it how suddenly when Angelina has a movie coming out and she will do promotion – her past gets dragged into it. It’s like the media, haters & Jennifer Aniston just cannot seem to handle any positive news about Angelina so what do they do? They drag Angelina’s past (most of them are bs made up by the media) into the present and wants the public to remember who she supposedly was back then.

    It’s like there is a different rule for Angelina and another one for the rest of the Hollywood. Halle Berry ruined her ex’s life, Robert D Jr went to jail, Sean Penn beat up his then wife Madonna, Jennifer Aniston wrecked 3 relationships and yet all of these people are allowed to move on from their past mistakes and that it happend years ago and people change. But for Angelina – no she is not allowed to change and move on – she is not allowed to play the media game just like the others.

    PS: the reason I mentioned Jennifer Aniston is because it has been proven several times how her pr agent uses his power to attack Angelina. And also how Jennifer has deals with the paps to take her pictures in Cabo and whenever she leaves a party with her showbusiness friends. Funny that rolling stone didn’t mention that.

    • Eleanor Zissou says:

      Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t have called the paparazzi.

      • Kim1 says:

        Jennifer Aniston 2015 Oscar nominee and new mom
        I can’t wait ….

      • frisbeejada says:

        and another fine piece of unadulterated sarchasm – slow handclap – well done that woman you really are a superb wind-up artist…

      • abby says:

        No, Aniston just invites ET/Access Hollywood (or whatever show it was) to Cabo for her birthday. Yet she is so private.

        Anyway, I find it funny that simply because Angelina has the ability to handle/negotiate her own PR and has little need for someone else to hold her hand or do her dirty work that somehow makes her worse than the others that have hired mouthpieces? Somehow that removes the others from responsibility because they are not directly involved? That they can claim ignorance and keep their hands clean? Laughable and pathetic. They all play the game – and they know how it’s played too.

        The Jolie stuff is old news. Staging the Maddox pics was well known to her fans, I don’t know how the author of this piece missed that. She didn’t do a “People” baby spread like with Shiloh and the twins. With Madd and Z she went out with them to a public place and allowed pics – from a distance – to be taken. The Kenya pics had to either be Jolie or someone on the JP team. Personally I still wonder whether her old bodyguard Mickey (or the wiretapping of Eunice’s phone) was the actual leak but hey, whatever.

        IMO, I am glad the pics leaked. Make it known. All the BS rumors and back and forth, well put it out there. By the time baby Z came home, it was a known fact that they were together. Done. End of speculation.

        I’ll read the piece later but I hope they focus more on the current shenanigans that occur and the PR manipulations, not stuff from nearly a decade ago. and yeah, where is Aniston – who also jumped on the “save the children from the paps in LA bandwagon” in that piece? The papping in NY? They better have an entire paragraph dedicacted to Huvane and his crap. What about Garner?

        These other celebs who contantly visit certain pumpkin patches and coffee shops and claim they are being stalked/terrorized by the paps are so obvious.

      • V4Real says:

        @Eleanor, I was wondering when was my favorite Ball Buster going to make an appearance. There you go getting people’s Balls all in a bunch.

      • @abby
        Good point about Garner. She’s probably the most famous celeb mom, and Rolling Stone didn’t even mention her? OR Ben? Who people say is rather famous for setting up pictures (or at least appearing in them) right around the time he has a film coming out/is Oscar nominated? And all this only two years ago.
        Just read the article–
        This pap calls out Tom and Katie for arranging shots of their ‘private’ dates at the Ivy, now we know that Lindsey Lohan makes her money via pap shots, Brad and Angelina are now the hardest to photograph, and TMZ buys info about celebs coming out of a flight , DAILY(douches).

    • Aurie says:

      @Maya I highly doubt Jennifer Aniston or Stephen Huvane authorized this on Angelina, but I agree that it’s the media who are selective in who they target.

      Like Brad & Angelina’s cheating timeline has zero solid evidence, just wonky timelines, which Jennifer & Justin have as well….

      ie: Jennifer + Brad separate in January, Jennifer files for divorce in March, Brad + Jolie seen together in April, and Jolie impregnated in September, and finally the divorce goes through in October.

      Meanwhile Justin + Heidi were together on April 25th, and Jen + Justin seen together mid-late May and Heidi’s mom claims Justin told her nothing was going on with Justin….but then in June Heidi moves out their apartment and Justin moves in with Jen.

      But yeah Jennifer took heat for half a year and then it faded away forever.

      Halle Berry’s hit & run, Tom Hanks admitted cheating on his 1st wife, Johnny Depp cheating on his girlfriend who is the mother of his 2 kids, Emma Thompson recently revealing Helena Bonham Carter homewrecked her, it coming out in court Daniel Craig cheated with his good friend’s girlfriend……

      Some are actual facts, instead of speculation (like the Jennifer/Justin and brad/Angelina) thing, but only Angelina’s supposed homewrecking keeps getting dragged up.

      • Katherine says:

        The Pitt Aniston divorce order was signed by the judge in August 2005 not October. The divorce order restored both to single status. However, the law required that any remarriage could not occur until a set time had passed after the filing in March 2005. I believe the time period is 6 months or the equivalent in days.

      • Also–that director, Penelope Spheeris went on record (who worked with Jennifer A on ‘Five’–for Lifetime) said on the premiere of ‘Five’ (which happened April 20, 2011) that Jennifer had been going around, introducing Justin as her boyfriend on the SET of ‘Five’–so months before April, they were dating. Which really turned me off of her, because I was feeling all kinds of sympathy for her.

        Here’s the link/interview:
        Some people just have it lucky–I mean, Julia Roberts. I had never heard anything about the ‘Low Vera’ tshirt, until I came onto this site. I now wonder what was going through Oprah’s head when they did that Oscar Roundtable–because I wouldn’t have been able to stop from giggling, when she started talking about her kids. My first thought would’ve been–‘OMG, you mean those kids you had with that married guy?’

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Aurie, who wrote: “Meanwhile Justin + Heidi were together on April 25th, and Jen + Justin seen together mid-late May and Heidi’s mom claims Justin told her nothing was going on with Justin….but then in June Heidi moves out their apartment and Justin moves in with Jen.”

        Actually, Jen introduced Justin as her new man to friends at a dinner party she hosted for the occasion in mid-May (an event covered, and not denied, in several magazines), not 3-weeks after Justin and Heidi were seen out together as a couple at the “House of Blue Leaves” Broadway event. If Jen introduced him to friends as her ‘new man’ in mid-May they were obviously together prior to April 25th.

        You also left out Jen and Vince Vaughn getting together in July 2005 … but otherwise, good job with your summary! 🙂

    • blue marie says:

      Unless you’re taking about balls, I have no idea what you’re going on about..

      • I can’t believe it took this long for someone to bring up balls…..smh…people are really slipping around here.

        Happy Patriots Day!

      • V4Real says:

        @TOK Happy Patriots Day right back at you and oh yeah, BALLS.

        Also the point of why you’re shaking your head at us being slow to mention balls was not lost on me. However, some people think you’re being sarcastic when you are really asking us what took so long to get the ball rolling.

      • Esmom says:

        I know, balls are about all I can handle here.

      • Kiddo says:

        Yeah, balls. Nothing else.

      • @V4Real-I noticed that you engaged The Crazy today…I can only assume that it’s a slow day at work for you 😉

        Myself? I should be getting out soon to join the rest of the city for Marathon Day boozing. I’ll have several extra beers for my fellow Ball-Busters 😉

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Balls up…, I mean, bottoms up! 🙂

      • V4Real says:

        I know Kitten, too much time on my hands to deal with the craziness. But that’s sometimes how us Ballers roll. I’m going to have a drink in your honor of the Marathon. Here’s to you, balls up as Just Passing Through said, I mean bottoms up.

    • gennline says:

      The Rolling Stone stuff on Angie is copied from elsewhere.US Weekly that hates Angie said she set up the shots. Her Dad told the media that she adopted a baby boy, before she said anything.The journalist that wrote the NYT piece also used US Weekly as his source.
      The ‘pap’ in the Rolling Stone said that Brad threw a party for one of his daughters at American Girl, when in fact Brad was taking Zahara to someone else’s party.
      The Rolling Stone did not fact check.
      The Kenya beach pictures that people now want to say that Angelina set up have been used to excoriate her over the years,at the time the media were besides themselves with glee that they had caught Brad&Angie out. You can’t have it both ways.
      Angie has said she treats the paps as if they are carrying a gun.
      So politeness and calmness are the order of the day.

      • Karen says:

        The NYT piece was unnecessarily vicious and did read like a tabloid with their “sources” but Trevor Neilson, Angelina’s former charity advisor, did also go on record to the Guardian to say she sets up pap photos, although only from 2001 to 2007.

      • Katherine says:

        Karen, Do you have a link to where Trevor Neilson says that? It’s not in the Guardian or anywhere else I’ve read.

      • Eva says:

        @ Karen

        Angelina also fired him because he was acting as her PR and she was not happy about it, so not the most objective person.

        Despite this success, Jolie and Pitt soon left GPG and returned to Waldman. The New York Times indicated that Jolie grew annoyed with references in the press to Neilson as her “publicist”, and with his repeatedly being quoted on her behalf regarding humanitarian aid.

      • mercy says:

        The demand was there and she found a way to manage it. I really don’t see what the big deal is, and I’m not a ‘Brangeloon’ or whatever. I’m sure the charitable organisation’s she works with don’t mind the free pub, either.

    • zbornak syndrome says:

      Sometimes our decisions/actions we make follow us for a lifetime. It’s too bad.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      It’s true

  16. Hissyfit says:

    I don’t know about that Kenya photos. I mean, that photo changed her reputation forever – from “bad girl gone good” to a “homewrecker”. I don’t know why anyone would want to be papped having an affair.

    Anyway, that Jenner having an attitude is hilarious! I can’t believe she’s being compared to Jolie.

    • LL says:

      mte. Soon as the pictures were released, she had so much negative publicity towards her. She called so many names like slut, whore, homewrecker and many other nasty names.

  17. Felice says:

    I always found the culture interesting. Maybe it’s a British thing but I never got why it was so important to get a shot of them eating or whatever. In London they mostly focus on reality stars who want to be photographed. Obviously, it’s different if a huge American celeb is here but they are mostly tipped off by their own people. We have auto hunters though. I hate them lol.

    • CuriousCole says:

      Sounds much more respectful and chilled. I’ve been curious though, what’s their behavior with all the royals they follow?

      • Felice says:

        Royals are a completely different story. It sounds awful but I really don’t follow the royals that much but obviously because of Princess Di, there is a very difficult relationship with paps. I think the reason why the royals are a more prime target is because they are symbols and they want to highlight the scandals and faults as much as possible to tarnish the image that they have. I was genuinely irritated about the beach photos of Duchess Kate though. Much like what is mentioned in the Rolling Stone article, it’s big money to get a good shot of William and Kate. I’m sure more if Kate is cradling George. That is probably a more superficial reason to why they are targeted more.

  18. LAK says:

    The only surprise detail in that report is that TMZ is bankrolled by Warner Bros…..

    Then again, it’s all PR 101 so I don’t know why i’m surprised.

    • jinni says:

      So the old Hollywood system of studios controlling the pap shots of celebs is still alive and well. Hollywood has never changed.

      • huh says:

        So true. They just evolved their tactics

      • LAK says:

        Jinni: exactly.

        Old or New, it’s the same old game by the system.

      • Back in 2012, at the Oscar Roundtable, Sally Field talked about this. She said that they had her go to the park with a fellow actor, to get her picture taken–and it was a guy she didn’t even know–so that people would think they were together. And she also talked about them making her ‘fly in’ (the Flying Nun) during an awards show, and she talked about how embarrassed she was.

    • Katherine says:

      Angelina herself talked in an interview about what happened after she adopted Maddox. She said she was hounded by the magazines, press and paps about doing a story and getting a picture shoot about Maddox and she kept refusing.

      She said she thought if she gave them an opportunity to get their pictures they’d leave her alone. She said she decided to let it be known she’d be in a playground at a specific time and that if they took their pictures from afar without disturbing Maddox she wouldn’t object. Of course it didn’t satisfy them and they kept wanting more. Live and learn. She lived in England with Maddox from when she adopted him unless she was filming in LA until she moved in with Pitt but when she made short visits to LA she’d mostly stay with her mom who lived in the Raffles L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel which is just down the street from the Four Seasons hotel both in visible areas of Beverly Hills.

      The owner of the photo agency that got the Kenya beach shots explained in an interview how he got them. They got word that Pitt was at LAX on his way overseas and tracked him to Kenya. It makes a scandalous story which sells that it was Jolie who told them but no one in the know has ever said she was the leak and quite frankly it doesn’t even make sense why she would do that and in Kenya no less. At the time Pitt was hounded by press and paps and no one had to leak anything to find him at LAX leaving for Africa.

      • Karen says:

        I’m sure she is annoyed by the pap intrusion and it makes sense to control the shoots, but she also probably won’t mind the good publicity.

        Audie below posted about her advisor Trevor Neilson who talks about how she turned her image around with carefully planned pap shoots.

        That said, Hssyfit and LL make good points about why the Kenya is BS and Aurie mentions shiloh’s godmother got hacked?

      • Katherine says:

        “Audie below posted about her advisor Trevor Neilson who talks about how she turned her image around with carefully planned pap shoots”

        Karen, that’s not what Neilson says at all. In fact, Neilson says nothing of the sort. If anyone takes from that article that is what he said then they need to reread it.

  19. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    “RS writes: “Before Angelina Jolie became a humanitarian, she was best known for wearing a vial of blood around her neck and kissing her brother. After she adopted seven-month-old Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage, Jolie carefully orchestrated a photo shoot with an approved pap that repositioned her image from troubled goth to responsible adult.”

    Wow. Really makes me wonder who the “Rolling Stone” source was for this quote, since a photographer isn’t credited for it, like they are for other revelations. Why do I question this? The “only being known for wearing a blood vial and kissing her brother” quote. Angelina Jolie had already become a U.N. Ambassator in 2001. Whoever supplied that quote is someone who thinks her ‘humanitarian’ work didn’t begin until after she started a relationship with Brad Pitt. Also, we all know Angelina arranged a photo shoot of her and Maddox on her terms, but “Rolling Stones” doesn’t come out and say Angie/Brad leaked the Africa resort vacation, just that it was ‘leaked.’ Anyone could have done that as the photographers state in the article that all number of people working for companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. are on their payroll.

    • Aurie says:

      Trevor Neilson, her former charity advisor, claims her talent agency told her to become a humanitarian in 2001, which would not surprise me at all, but he didn’t meet her until 2005, but of course, he could have learned this from Jolie herself since he became her charity advisor.

      • Katherine says:

        Neilson says no such thing. The article writer makes the assumption because Jolie became interested in refugees whiles she was filming in Cambodia.

        Jolie has explained how what she witnessed in Cambodia got her interested in the plight of the refugee but if people prefer some imaginary narrative that fits their own agenda for her then so be it. Jolie’s early work with refugees and the UN was done on the QT – not at all how people doing it for fame or reputation “repairing” would do it. For all the silly things written about Jolie there was nothing so bad that she needed a rep repair. She was, after all, a beautiful multi award winning actor. She needed nothing more to successfully continue in her career.

      • lower-case deb says:

        i think at the beginning the talent agency who made that recommendation underestimated the length AJ would become involved in the humanitarian side of her life.

        i wonder they, even that charity advisor, who doesn’t seem to be in AJ’s employ anymore but still manages to namedrop her a lot, once upon a time thought that it’d be a fleeting thing, like a starlet coming and going after one photo op and prop cheque.

      • abby says:

        Trevor Neilson, I am sure provided a service to the JPs at one time, but that man seemed to see himself as their PR rather than an advisor for the JP Foundation. I forget when he worked for them exactly but he went from talking about their charitable work to making all sorts of inappropriate statements on their behalf – it’s like the attention went to his head or something. That guy was quickly shown the door. Last I heard of him he was working with Madonna on that Malawi charity or some other project. He totally name drops the JPs and his motives are questionable.

      • zut alors! says:

        I have 2 questions about that Guardian article.

        One, I thought Angelina met Trevor Neilson in 2005 at the World Economic Forum in Davos. How can he speak of events that happened before he came in to the picture?

        Two, how did CAA come to arrange for Angelina to visit an orphanage while she was shooting Tomb Raider? I thought she was without an agent at the time and only had her manager, Geyer Kosinski. Also, didn’t she sign up up with CAA in 2005 and then fire them in 2006? So, how did this CAA agent end up advising Angelina on how to clean up her rep in 2000?

      • abby says:

        Wait, that is from the Guardian?

        Oh heaven’s sake! Nevermind. I swear whoever covers the celeb beat for that paper has some kind of agenda. Like that NY Times nut. They never have anything objective or accurate to write about Jolie. It’s like they scour the web for all things scandalous and sensational. When she filmed Blood & Honey, they breathlessly covered all the controversy but it’s begrudging barebones coverage for anything positive. I can promise all the positive that has come from the film since (Her work with Hague and the UN on warzone rape) is glossed over by this paper.

        Hey, I am not asking for them to kiss her a$$ but a little objectivity and balanced coverage would be nice, but no, you’ll get a full-page (may two page) article when there is a JP scandal brewing but barely half a page for anything positive. Bastards.

        Anything JP-related on the Guardian (especially Jolie specific) I take with a major grain of salt from the Guardian.

        And Neilson has questionable motives imo. He was dismissed for a reason.

    • One interesting theory I heard about the Kenyan vacation (which, I don’t think Brad or Angelina leaked that–they would be world class dumbasses if they did) was that it was her bodyguard, Mickey, who told/called the paps. I can’t remember his last name, but he was the guy who wasn’t allowed in the US, who was getting all rough with the paps when they were in India in 2006, and started trying to duke it out a little with Brad. I remember reading something, on this site, about him and Brad not getting along because he was used to being THE guy in Angelina’s life (as she was a single mom, he protected her, etc), and so Brad got rid of him (for good reason) as soon as he could.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was him, or if it was another hacking. But I also remember this Dave Chapelle pap video, on youtube—he asked the paps about Brad and Angelina, and the Kenya shots. The pap said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity (and I think this was right in 2005).

      And I don’t know why anyone would think that Brad/Angelina don’t make deals with the paps. They’ve said it themselves (at least Angelina has)–their privacy is already gone, so they want to use the attention for good i.e. their charity work. I think it’s only Brad who’s complained about the paps, and that was like in 2007/8, and he said they were hunted (in reference to his Jessie James character), he had to talk to his kids about it, how normal it was for them, and that he didn’t like when paps yelled/screamed at the kids/wanted them to stay back with long lens. Even in PEOPLE magazine, when they sell their baby pictures, they always have info about how to adopt from the region–I doubt PEOPLE included that info because they wanted to advocate adoption.

      I guess it only really bothers me when you make deals with the paps, but then complain about them. One or the other.

      • cr says:

        “I guess it only really bothers me when you make deals with the paps, but then complain about them. One or the other. ”
        There are times when I agree with this sentiment. And there are times when it’s more murky.
        Most celebs have to play the game in some way. And that includes being nice to the paps when they have to, or allowing themselves to be photographed at certain times, while still really disliking most paps.
        I am more sympathetic toward a celeb who plays the game, but doesn’t get papped on a regular basis. You can still play the game, and be annoyed when you’ve gone to have lunch at a non-pap hotspot, and come back to your car and find a pap there because the restaurant manager called the pap.
        That’s one the RS article reiterates, celebs play the game, but a lot of times it’s stalking or tip offs from employees at a restaurant/store/etc.

  20. M.A.F. says:

    When I have a enough time I will read the article but it is interesting. No one should be surprise about how this works, especially if you live LA. There is a reason why it feels that the same celebrities are being shot over and over again. And all of them play the game, all of them.

    I was watching a documentary about this last month on one of the movie channels and this sites logo along with other gossip sites popped up and I giggled a bit. I can’t remember the name of the documentary but it came out in the last year or so but it covered what the RS article is about.

  21. Sasha says:

    Sorry to be a bit out of the loop but Angelina’s ‘bad girl’ reputation… what is that about? I know she had a thing about blood and there was a questionable moment with her brother, but she was never bad like, Lindsay Lohan-bad, right? She was never rude to people or used her fame in an embarrassing way, or got fall down drunk (or did she?). I don’t really understand what she did in her past that people could ‘hate’ her for now.

    • huh says:

      She was kinda goth, admitted to dating a woman, had a fraught relationship with her father, snogged her brother on the mouth, had a few tattoos..that apparently makes her evil personified. We hate that which we don’t understand

    • Aurie says:

      Yeah she never did anything too terrible, just really weird, creepy behavior. And she appeared stoned in many interviews and has admitted to using drugs (although note, never been to rehab or jail).

      I think it’s more people hated her for the Jennifer thing and are simply using her crazy past to add reasons to hate her, but if she had never gotten together with Brad, they wouldn’t care…..especially since Mark Wahlberg, RDJ, all got passes for their drug use and incarceration.

    • Maya says:

      She made the mistake of getting together with Brad after he left Rachel aka Jennifer Aniston.

      Despite the fact that all those involved denied any cheating, no evidence etc Some people hate Angelina for supposedly wrecking a marriage. That’s it and nothing else and people hate Angelina and wish bad things to happen to her and her children.

    • drscully says:

      I think people do not like her for more serious reasons:

      • Cecilia says:

        I remember this article. It’s the one that really got me thinking about what kind of people shut down an entire (impoverished) country so that they could have a nice quiet birth. No fly zone? Come on. Thanks for the link.

      • V4Real says:

        No one has discredited this article yet; Balls.

      • Kim1 says:

        Well at least they didn’t CLAIM to be HELPING the MEXICAN economy by booking a resort in Cabo.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Drscully …

        Is trying to kept rabbit photographers away before, during, and after the birth of your child really ‘hate’ worthy? Really?

        If Namibia agreed to help protect the privacy of Jolie-Pitts before, during, and right after the birth of their child what’s the harm? And for goodness sake, it wasn’t the entire country, just the extremely small area where the Jolie-Pitts were housed with Angie’s physician/nurses for the birth.

        People can, hopefully now, be honest enough today to admit the reason they were SO bent out of shape over the privacy surrounding Shiloh’s birth was the whole ‘Poor sweet all-natural girl next door Rachel, I mean, Jen who was blind-sided by that mean man-stealing villainess Angelina Jolie’ thing.

      • Kim1 says:

        I forgot to mention Brad and Angie donating $2 Million to Nambibian sanctuary in 2011. As opposed to JUST vacationing there . Imagine that , donating money rather than JUST wearing a tshirt to show your support for a non profit.

      • Nympha says:

        Balls right here, guys.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        @Emma, the JP Lover,
        “Is trying to kept rabbit photographers away before, during, and after the birth of your child really ‘hate’ worthy? Really?”
        I absolutely know that you meant “rabid” photographers away from them but the “rabbit” photographers really gave me a laugh! Such a strange mental picture especially just one day post-Easter!
        Also, BALLS:)

      • Katherine says:

        Perhaps people are unaware that you can’t enter countries to work without permission of the government. It’s called a work visa. Some countries area stricter than others. Some countries are too big to monitor every paparazzi entering their country. So if you were claiming to be a journalist covering Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie then you’d need to prove it to the Namibian government. That is, you’d need to have an interview or photo shoot scheduled with one of them.

        So without all the facts you can’t write a truthful article. Those who entered Namibia pretending to be tourists but with no work visa and were found to be working illegally were escorted to the airport and deported. Haven’t you ever been asked upon entering a country if you were there for work or pleasure? None of this is really all that startling. And it’s a stretch to even suggest that the Jolie Pitts shut down a country – as enticing a headline as that makes.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Supposedly Angelina used to do heroin. I think she made have even admitted to it. I guess that’s where the “bad girl” rep comes from.

    • Marny says:

      It’s probably because she used to do a lot of drugs and said in an interview that heroin was her favorite.

  22. Lol says:

    has anyone here actually read the very long RS piece instead of just the few quotes here? Because the article makes me side with Kristen Bell, Halle Berry etc even more that I already did. The Paparazzo freely talks about how he chases celebrities cars and not only texts and drives, but also “uploads and drives” (which is very dangerous behaviour), sits in waiting in front of their houses (in “civilian” life we call this stalking and call the police), uses extreme language (I’m not a Mum yet, but I hang around my babycousins a lot, and if you work close to children, e.g. take pictures of them, you better watch your mouth), and he calls a sixteen year old names for hiding her face. Yeah, Jolie may have figured out how to deal with paparzzi but she’s 38 and has been in the game for a long time. With 16, the Jenner girl is a minor. Yes her family may court the paparazzi, and she may have done so in the past but she is barely more than a child and it is her perogative to change her mind.

    • Dawn says:

      I agree with mostly except for the Jenner part. I think that she is being schooled by Kanye West to act as if they were not called and to act like she is above such things. If I blame anyone for exposing their child and in this case it is Kylie Jenner, then I blame her parents, not just Kris but Bruce as well.

    • Esmom says:

      Even the excerpts made me side with Kristen Bell and the celebs. He’s motivated by money so of course he’s going to scorn any reform. Just because it’s a “game” and all the celebs “play it,” doesn’t make it right and doesn’t make him any less predatory.

  23. linlin says:

    I think calling a 16 year old girl who had little to no-influence on her mothers decision to make the whole family into celebrities a b**** doesn’t really work if you try to change the image of paparazzi into something better. I mean, since when are teenagers supposed to always keep their cool in a stressy situation? Angelina Jolie is an adult who has been in the business for a long time, it was her decision to become a famous actress and celebrity, so it’s no wonder that she can keep her cool and give the paparazzi a good shot, but that a teenager who didn’t sign up for that lifestyle herself might get nervous or rebellious doesn’t make her a b****- not to mention that calling anyone this word is problematic.

  24. MissMary says:

    Not really Angelina related but… Maybe I’m cynical or naive or both, but I don’t see why it is such a stretch to believe a lot of celebs arrange for paps or make deals like that. Even if it isn’t for money, it brings them public notice, keeps them in the public eye, and keeps them famous, which gets them jobs/paid. I mean, I know not all pap shots are staged or pre-arranged, but why is it so hard to believe that many are?

    That said, I do think that, 99 times out of 100, the paparazzi are stalkers and they harass and harangue the celebs they’re trying to photograph, and needle them for “quotes” (like “fuck off” etc and then run headlines about how “omg she is so rude and mean, nothing like her nice girl image!” or whatever about whoever they papped). I just also think a lot of shots, esp the ones where everyone is perfectly done up, facing the camera, smiling, posed like a casual Sears model in the Christmas catalog, are set up in advance for publicity.

    • Karen says:

      I think it’s because it implies celebs are exploiting their children and perhaps some adoptions are for PR……a very nasty thing to say.

      I do agree that almost all celebs play the game but sometimes it’s a win win. They do want the good publicity and are willing to set up pap shots, but at the same time, they want to protect their kids and the best way to do that is to make deals with the paps.

      Some actors are too high profile that paps will seek them out regardless if they participate or not, so why not participate, get some good shots, and also have some control over the situation.

  25. gennline says:

    by Celtic-Tyger » Fri Apr 4 2014 15:28:00 Flag ▼ | Reply |
    IMDb member since October 2006
    Post Edited: Fri Apr 4 2014 23:34:55
    Such an adorable Jenbot. Think it’s clever, but it’s not. This is the bigs son, you need to bring your A-game. html
    That’s another editor at the paper, calling out the hack that wrote the story you refer too.

    People magazine, called the reporter out as well. ew-york-times-article.html

    Here’s how a real argument works. The NY Times piece was a sloppy hit piece, timed to coincide with an intentionally negative movie review. Much as you’d like to deny it, Jolie got the Oscar nomination nod for this movie.

    October 23, 2008: The review for movie that got a few Oscar noms. p;am p;am p;_r=0

    November 20, 2008: The hit piece. Placed front page, on the Business section. When the American finical system just went into the crapper again. %20anted=all&_r=1&

    And now, here’s the wizard behind the curtain. Or the pay off.
    November 21, 2008

    If you want to study real media manipulation. Don’t bother, you just got schooled son. Now go back in line for Horrible Bosses II, and don’t sulk too much, because you got duped by Ms. Aniston. She’s really good at the manipulation.

    • Aagje says:

      I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume that even Jolie plays the game as those old enough to remember can clearly remember the dramatic change in her persona from, indeed a goth (god, I hate that term) to a humanitarian. She wanted to turn things around and so she did, and for that she enlisted the media. She plays the game shrewdly and I actually admire her for that, because very few play it at her level. She cares about the world and has shifted her attention mostly away from acting and towards humanitarian work. Good for her. But let us not forget the Namibian government actually bowed down to a Hollywood actress and shut their borders to any journalists, unless they were given written permission by her. This is not a hit-piece. It just confirms what many people suspects of those in Hollywood.

      And considering the Aniston-piece; it was an actual interview. Had it been too negative, no publicist would have OK’d it to be published. Simple as that. I don’t think it’s a matter of the NYT taking sides as I have the hope that they can remain objective in a petty war over two actresses.

      • gennline says:

        Good for the Namibian government that they gave the power to a pregnant woman rather than a load of journalists, even if she is a Hollywood actress.
        The journalists wanted to harass a woman in the late stages of pregnancy.
        Look what happened when another set of media types interfered in another famous woman pregnancy, somebody ended up committing suicide.
        The NYT is not above taking sides if they thought it would sell papers, after all one of their journalist changed a quote by AJ to make it appear that she said that, her&Brad fell in love on the set of Mr&Mrs Smith,when she said nothing of the sort.
        The NYT own readers callled them out after the hit piece they did on AJ.
        AJ had nothing to turn round, as she says she will always be that’punk girl’.
        She simply grew up and took on more responsibilities.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Aagje, who wrote: “I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume that even Jolie plays the game as those old enough to remember can clearly remember the dramatic change in her persona from, indeed a goth (god, I hate that term) to a humanitarian.”

        I didn’t think I’d have to eventually say this, but when was Angie ever a ‘Goth?’ Did she go through a period of months/years where she dressed head to toe in black and dyed her hair black to make her skin paler … where she looked/dressed like Winona Ryder in “Beetle Juice”? Did she ever wear black lip stick and fingernail polish out and about or to events? Did she ever wear studded silver dog collars/jewelry around town or studded combat boots to red carpet events? Did she ever wear vampire fangs?

        Is it simply because of the knives? I dare you to attend any sci-fi/fantasy convention and accuse those knives/sword nerds of being ‘Goth.’

        For the millionth time … It was ‘not’ a vial of blood she wore … it was a finger pin prick swatch inside a vial. Billy Bob Thornton wore one too. And the woman didn’t suddenly ‘morph’ into a humanitarian overnight. It was a gradual process which started in 2000 – 2001.

    • Principle_of_The_Thing says:

      It certainly lays it out.
      Oh, and my reply to the person who posted the Neilson link:
      Maybe I’m missing something but no where does it say her “talent agency told her to become a humanitarian”. I think readers are playing fast and lose with what is written and inventing meanings that simply do not show up in the words. He merely said that celebs don’t know how much they care, until shown information about charities. This is true with the rest of us. Like for example, several months back, I learned about Palm oil and the effect on Elephant habitats. Before that, I had NO IDEA of the extent of eradication of animal life and habitats farming palm oil had. Since then, I’ve joined a palm oil awareness group on Facebook that lists what product (from ice cream, to toothpaste, to pasta) use palm oil, ones that are certified palm oil and competitors that don’t, and I make a point to not buy products with palm oil (as I do with cosmetics tested on animals). All it takes is for someone to say, I want to do something to benefit people, but there are so many areas, which ones should I choose? And go from there. There is nothing sinister at all in that. At all. I see nothing at all that suggests she used it to help her image, since she got involved in Cambodia (and from there, refugees) after filming a movie there. This was back in 2001, well before she even met Brad. Angelina’s actions by all accounts, come from altruism through experiences whilst filming in Cambodia. Also, Neilson states this: “One thing you can say about Angelina Jolie is that she is consistent about her attention to her charities. It’s the ones who come in and use it like a Band-Aid and then go on. That’s what makes people most cynical about it” which would seem to entirely NEGATE the notion she is doing it for image.

  26. MonicaQ says:

    Everyone plays the game–at work, at school, at family gatherings. Curry favor here, befriend a powerful person there, and so on. If it makes life easier for you (without compromising your morals), most people do it. So with AJ having a bunch of kids, I figure she just taught them early how to deal with this early and on her terms rather than trying to blanket them away and getting hounded.

  27. db says:

    Angelina is the shrewdest player of this game, by far. She’s like the Secretariat of celebrity PR.

  28. poppy says:

    jeez. i normally don’t read AJ articles because the comments get crazy but thought this was just incidentally about her.

    i used to go yoga in santa monica and plenty of famous actors also went. there was no paparazzi because these celebrities weren’t there trying to get papped. ie no phone call to tell the paps where to be at what time.
    lots of famous people live in NYC and manage not to get papped. some celebrities prefer it there because the locals don’t give a flying flip and take and post pictures. that’s why when gawker stalker started people were miffed because it encouraged the sort of behavior they were trying to avoid.
    it is a game. they all play the game. if they don’t like to play the game there are ways to be a respectable performer and not be papped.

    • mata says:

      That’s why I’ve never felt guilt about looking at paparazzi pictures. Yes, some of the paps are miserable human beings, but there are plenty of celebs and their kids who are rarely photographed because they don’t want to play the game. Everyone in LA knows where the paps will be.

  29. Ferris says:

    Can we not have one AJ thread where the whole Jennifer/Angela/ Brad triangle isn’t gone over ad nauseam?????

    “Out, out brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard of no more: it’s a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. “

  30. Tania says:

    I interned with a hotel in ny during one summer. Hotel staff call paps all the time ESP the security and room service staff. It gets them a couple of hundreds and that keeps them going. And didn’t one pap say he found where Sandra bullock lives by stalking her and knows which time she picks her child up from school?

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      Now it’s forbidden to shoot pics close to the celebrities’ homes and schools and i think that the paps are banned of Santa Monica and Malibu( or a part of these cities)

  31. Bella says:

    This fame/celebrity and paparazzi life its like a weird pararel world they are living from the rest of people.
    This types of articles and the relationship with paparazzis and the whole bussiness behind its interesting for me, because this world is so far away from my reality but after all we are the consumers of those photos. Its like a sociology study or psycology study. They complain and bitch about them but then they call them, its like a weird unhealthy codependant relationship. Or maybe just plain old bussiness, after all its their profession and they need the notoriarity to promote, but there are better players and then there are the famewhores D celebrities.
    (sorry my bad english, its not my first language :p)

    • Esmom says:

      I agree completely, it is weird and symbiotic and co-dependent. And fascinating. And we (consumers) do just keep feeding right into it.

      • But I do wonder, Esmom, if the majority of pap shots are orchestrated, then why do they feel the need to curse and insult the people that they’re trying to get pictures of. I mean, are they ALL assholes???

        (Reminds me of Spaceballs, when Dark Helmet says ‘Keep firing, Assholes!”)

      • Esmom says:

        VC, I don’t know if the majority of pap shots are staged, I think we see a mix. But I do think most of them are a-holes, lol, the profession must attract a certain type.

      • doofus says:

        VC, one of my favorite movies…

        “how many a*holes do we have on this ship?”

        “I’m surrounded by a*holes!”

      • Cecilia says:

        I Love SpaceBALLS.

        My hair! He shot my hair!!

  32. Karen says:

    I was hoping this would be covered! I read the entire piece last night. Very interesting investigative topic, I think it could have been a lot better. A lot of the article talked about the life of the paparazzo which was a yawn fest. Also, a lot of the celebs they discussed did not interest me, and it’s no secret that celebs play the game.

    The only things that really piqued my interest were:
    1) Ryan Reynolds! I disagree it has much to do with Blake, it has to do with his craptastic career choices and needing $$ in my opinion. I looked up the Chobani picture, very interesting. I think the pictures of him and Blake at that bed and breakfast were absolutely staged, they definitely play the game.
    2) Dior buying Paparazzi photos.

    I love Angelina, I hate coming into threads about her because everyone decides to go insane. Shoot me. Who gives a crap if she’s called them before?

    • I wonder if the fashion houses are the ones who make the deals with the paparazzi, to get the fashion girls. Like, we see pap pics of Kate Bosworth going to the dentists—so I wonder if she’s not technically calling them, but whatever fashion label she’s with does it, and just confers with her agent on her schedule…it’s all really interesting.

      • cr says:

        I mentioned that upthread:
        “I think another commenter mentioned that about the ‘mocktresses’ like Bosworth or Alba or the ones more known for fashion than for acting-the fashion sites will buy the photos even if no on else will, since they’re still popular in that world. ”

        It wouldn’t surprise me if they got freebies and then someone called the paps so they could have pics taken of them wearing said freebies. So sort of work.
        I don’t think that this is the case every time Bosworth or Alba or Hudgens, etc., gets papped, but it I think it’s the case quite a bit.
        I’m surprised that even with Dior involved Alba’s pic went for $600.
        I guess it’s cheaper than ‘normal’ ads.

    • mercy says:

      On the contrary, I believe it’s probably Reynolds’ response to the increased intrusion caused by the increased demand for his pics. His craptastic choices, like the comic book flicks, have made him more money and been seen by more people than all of his small films combined. Those high profile movies along with his relationships and breakups with other celebs also put him on the tabloid radar (he reportedly had to pay his ex-wife in the divorce settlement because he made more money.) I think he’s probably accepted the reality that he is a commodity to these paps so he might as well make it work for him. If you can’t beat ’em, join’ em. As I noted up thread, the pesky pap in Boston stopped following him and Blake home every day after he had been beaten to the punch with the PGA pics in Utah.

      • Jegede says:

        Ryan doesn’t HAVE to join them.
        Many of his peers don’t. He must need the money
        Sadly as he’s joined them he has little room for complaint.
        Especially if he’s now hawking ice cream and burgers

        @Karen I wonder if other actors do this? Its damning for Ryan that he was called out for this type of Kardashian style shilling in an entertainment magazine

      • mercy says:

        PDA (darn my apparentlly golf loving autocorrect 😉 )

      • mercy says:

        I wasn’t saying he HAD to join them, for money or any other reasons. I haven’t really heard him complain about paps, either. He used to make more of a fuss when avoiding them, but it didn’t change anything. They still got their pictures, but they were of him looking grumpy, or trying to hide his face.

        I don’t think he needs the money. He comes from blue collar roots and doesn’t seem to be a big spender or live an ostentatious lifestyle. He’s had a long career and lucrative endorsements. I read a few years ago that his estimated worth was close to 50 mil. He had enough in the bank that he was apparently ordered to pay in excess of 1 mil to his also wealthy ex when dividing property after their short marriage. His current wife is well off.

        I’ve seen the pics and it’s very obvious what is going on. In one of them he was practically winking at the camera. I think he’s probably having a laugh at the celeb culture, where actors are treated like Kardashians and magazines pay good money for pictures of them doing ordinary things, and making some money that would otherwise go to paps while he’s at it. If it gets some publicity for whatever he’s working on, even better. Unlike Kardashians, he is talented and does work. Self promotion is hardly his full time gig, though it is a reality for most actors. Many of them do ads, sometimes for the overseas markets to avoid whatever stigma is attached. And Ryan is hardly the worst offender. Not by a longshot.

      • Jegede says:

        Oh I am absolutly not saying he’s the worst offender.
        Not at all.
        But I’m sorry I can’t buy that this does not hurt his credibility. Peers like Gosling, Cooper, Tatum et al are not being called out for shilling food products in pap deals or a need to go this far to get publicity for their movies.
        When he paid his ex-wife he was still considered a box office draw.
        Signing with L’Oreal is one thing but Ryan must be desperate at this point to resort to Bosworth style antics.

        Comparing him favourably to people like the Karadshians as talented and hard working (even though correct) indicate how far he’s fallen. I mean the Kardashians?

        Very unfairly his wife is often singled out as a professional pap caller and famewhore – especially when compared to his ex. I don’t think its accurate almost all the HW actresses do it but she gets bagged on, thus the impression of her as a mocktress sticks in every blog and write up.
        And a written piece like this appearing to confirm it, diminishes them both.

      • mercy says:

        You brought up the Kardashians, who are among the worst offenders, imo. But I don’t think a few product placement shots are the issue with them. I think it’s the hundreds, and the fact they have nothing else to offer but relentless self promotion.

        Gosling has been called out for putting his girlfriend in his movies. Cooper has been called out for dating a 19 year old. Tatum has been called out for being a sub-par actor. All have probably engaged in staged pap shots.

        I doubt box office drawing power was a factor in the divorce settlement. She’d been in as many or more box office successes as he had at that point.

        Ryan comes from pretty humble beginnings. His image has always worked against him when it came to entering the dramatic actor ranks. He’s had to rely on his talent. GL damaged his cred more than any advert ever could, but his cred still seems to be intact among some talented, respected filmmakers. He’s going to Sundance with The Voices. Captives will be at Cannes. He worked on Mississippi Grind with the writer-directing team behind one of Gosling’s Oscar nommed performances. He’ll be co-starring with Helen Mirren in his next one. Safe House did well enough for the studio to want a sequel. He’ll probably do another film with his friend Sandra Bullock at some point. I seriously doubt he’s ‘desperate’ or hurting for money.

        So why accept the offers? Maybe because he can, or because they’re ridiculously lucrative for the amount of work involved and it would be ridiculous to turn them down, or because he knows in the long run they’re meaningless and he will have to rely on more than his image, or he doesn’t think the Kardashians should have all the fun. 😉

  33. floretta50 says:

    What is so hard to understand about Jolie calling the paps about Brad Pitt and herself in kenya with Maddox, it was to let the wife know how deeply her husband was involved with her, Jolie is no different than anybody else, maybe Pitt was straddling the fence, who knows. Jolie is very beautiful but Aniston have her good points too.

    • Cecilia says:


    • zut alors! says:

      I do believe the parties in question had already publicly filed for divorce by this time.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Floretta50, who wrote: “What is so hard to understand about Jolie calling the paps about Brad Pitt and herself in kenya with Maddox, it was to let the wife know how deeply her husband was involved with her, Jolie is no different than anybody else, maybe Pitt was straddling the fence, who knows. Jolie is very beautiful but Aniston have her good points too.”

      And here it is, 10-years later, what every Jen-Hen secretly believes. Even knowing Brad and Jennifer Aniston separated in January 2005 because Brad told her he had feelings for another woman and wanted to pursue it, and the fact Jen filed for divorce in March 2005, some people ‘still’ believe Brad and Jen were living a blissful life in April 2005 when mean ‘ol Angelina Jolie used her wicked, succubus ways on Brad in Africa to steal him away from unsuspecting, sweet all-natural girl next door Jen.

      And is anyone here ‘still’ missing the point of Brad flying to Africa to join Angie and Maddox in Africa and not Angie following ‘him’ halfway around the world?

      • lenje says:

        >>> “And is anyone here ‘still’ missing the point of Brad flying to Africa to join Angie and Maddox in Africa and not Angie following ‘him’ halfway around the world?”
        Yeap, it’s always the women’s fault. In another “doomed” triangle of LeAnn-Brandi-Eddie, it’s the women that always got pitted with each other (despite the fact that both are indeed famew***res, but still, Eddie got the least flack). And other examples.

      • Eva says:

        @Emma, +1

        We need a like button on celebitchy.

      • floretta50 says:

        Emma-the JP lover: I guess you have never read where Jennifer Aniston had put Brad Pitt out when she discovered his relationship with Angie, he did not leave on his own and at this point when he went to Africa he had no place to live. As I said before I am an Angie fan, but I always believe Brad and Aniston make better soul mates, JA is Aquarius and Pitt is saggittarius, not only that Jolie’s reputation was not so pristine at the time, so who knows he probably was just going for a fling.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Floretta50, who wrote: “Emma-the JP lover: I guess you have never read where Jennifer Aniston had put Brad Pitt out when she discovered his relationship with Angie, he did not leave on his own and at this point when he went to Africa he had no place to live.”

        Sorry, I don’t frequent Female First or Ian [Halperin] Undercover.

        Try to follow me here … Brad and Jen went on vacation with the Arquettes. On January 8, 2005 Brad and Jen released a joint separation announcement. Brad spent a lot of time at ‘one’ of their houses–they owned three: one in Malibu, one in Beverly Hills, and one in Santa Barbara (which begs the question of exactly ‘why’ Brad wouldn’t have a place to stay)–the one in Santa Barbara walking along the beach, and Jen stayed in L.A., working on a film.

        In February Brad threw Jen a Birthday Party, which she and her friends attended. In March 2005 Jen filed for divorce. At this time she and Brad had not been living together. In April 2005 Brad flew to Africa to join Angie and Maddox. So at what point did Jen throw Brad out of the house rendering him homeless? And how could he how ‘no place to live’ when they had three houses between them (the house in Malibu was his)? Why would he need to sleep on anyone’s couch when all he had to do was drive to Malibu or Santa Barbara (he went to Santa Barbara)?

        Didn’t you read Jen’s 2005 “Vanity Fair” interview? She and Courtney Cox said Brad was honest with her and said he had feeling for someone else and wanted to pursue them. Jen also evidently believed him when he told her ‘nothing’ had happened between him and Angie.

  34. ataylor says:

    Shocked Kutcher-Kunis weren’t called out. Kunis especially. She is a notorious for calling the paps and then bitching about it.

    • Xantha says:

      And there’s very little about Garner and Affleck either. These are two couples who are seen way more than Brad/Angelina but they are for more up in arms about the paparazzi than Brad and Angelina. Angelina and Brad and their kids can disappear for weeks at a time without being photographed even when in L.A.

      I would’ve been much more interested if there’s an arrangement going on between these two couples and the paps to be honest.

      • ataylor says:

        I don’t think they have an arrangement per se, but they do go COMPLETELY out of their way to frequent pap hot spots. You know those almost daily supermarket pap shots of either Kunis and her mother taken during the week or Kunis/Kutcher buying groceries usually taken on weekends? Those are taken at two very well-known pap-alley areas in WeHo and the Laurel Canyon/Coldwater Canyon area in Studio City.

        Now a friend of mine actually lives a few blocks away from Kutcher (his house is big, but it’s in NO WAY in an exclusive enclave of the rich & famous — neighboring homes are modest in looks/price) and there are AT LEAST five large, clean, well-stocked, pap-free supermarkets within a three mile radius of his neighborhood. So why the heck do they feel the need to go to the smallest, least stocked, parking nightmare of a Ralphs all the time? It’s smack dab on Ventura Blvd. (also known as the Robertson Blvd of the SFV) right in the middle of the where most paps congregate. Same thing with the WEHO Ralph’s Kunis and her mom are usually papped at. That’s not the only Ralph’s supermarket around, I can assure you of that.

        For someone who trys to ‘stay away” from the paps, there are a few places you know where NOT to go: THE GROVE (the most papped outdoor shopping center in L.A. bar none, which has so many celebs and paps that even EXTRA used to film their show there for a while), ROBERTSON BLVD and any of the cross streets, Anywhere near the GOLDEN TRIANGLE (also known as Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive), STUDIO CITY (Anywhere between Laurel and Coldwater), Anywhere near WEST HOLLYWOOD (between Beverly Blvd/Melrose/Santa Monica Blvd or La Cienega) and CENTURY CITY (near Ave. of the Stars near the CAA building and other studio/entertainment offices).

        The areas near the Los Feliz/Cahuenga Corridor/Beachwood Canyon/Franklin/Hollywood proper are still full of celebs but aren’t as papped as much as the previous areas, which is why Kutcher managed to have his birthday party two months ago at La Poubelle and not a single pap was around to take a picture.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      The question was why some celebrities are all time photographed by paps and some others never or rarely.Now we have an answer: they call paps and share the money or their publicists call them without to ask to their clients

  35. daisy says:

    Really, there aren’t local paparazzi at Kenya’s Diani Beach all the time? That fact that the paps “caught” Brad and Maddox building sand castles together was just a coincidence? Shocking, just shocking. Almost as shocking as when the paparazzi was on the tarmac when she was wearing the tight black tee shirt showing the baby bump when she was pregnant with Shiloh and “outted” the pregnancy. That and I’m shocked to find there’s gambling in Casablanca.

  36. A Fan says:

    Of course it’s symbiotic…and, of course it all comes down to money.

    [*Ain’t nothing real in Celebrity-ville*]

  37. Kelly says:

    Ironically, I liked Angelina a lot more back when she was married to Billy Bob with a blood vial around her neck. Wonder what prompted the 180 change. Maybe the bad girl thing was an act too and she was just sick of it? Who knows. But she was definitely more interesting then. It seems they’ve successfully subdued and turned her into a media darling.

    • Esmom says:

      I know what you mean. She seemed more “real” then, unpolished and raw. She strikes me now as highly controlled, and hyper-aware of her image. Some people above have commented on how she used the media to morph from “bad” to “good;” I see the transformation more in terms of her going from unguarded to highly cautious and restrained.

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        After all of the years of bashing by the media/fans I don’t blame her for becoming more guarded/cautious to be honest.
        Plus I think in many ways she wanted to be taken more seriously in her humanitarian efforts and I doubt she would be if she was still seen as Hollywood’s ‘Bad Girl’.

    • RosettaStoned says:

      I agree, after she left Billy Bob and started trying to appeal to Middle America/the straights/conventional society (whatever you want to call them) I kinda grew bored with her. I’ve been ‘meh’ about her ever since.

    • mercy says:

      She grew out of it? She became a mother and saw more of the world and started thinking about more than herself?

      I feel kind of bad for people who grew up in public and are dogged by an image they’ve long grown out of. We all change over the years. Sometimes those changes are practical responses to new realities. The young Angelina may have been more interesting or seemed more real in some respects, but I can appreciate where she is now.

    • Xantha says:

      Yeah she may seem more “real” back then, but people were giving her shit then as well. So much so that the now defunct Jane Magazine did a cover story on her with the headline, “What the hell is wrong with Angelina Jolie?” People thought her tattoos were odd(most actresses back then didn’t have tattoos of any kind), and the 90’s were very homophobic so her bisexuality freaked people out as well. And that’s not even getting into how people viewed her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton and her kissing her brother at the Oscars. Many thought she would OD before she turned thirty.

      I’m not just talking about you per se, but I do think we need to remove whatever nostalgia filter there is about Angelina in the 90’s/early 00s. She was polarizing and threatening to people back then as well.

      • gennline says:

        That’s the whole crux of the AJ coverage in the press, she was suppose to live fast and die young.The raw young woman who spilled her problems to the media,because she saw interviews as an exchange of information was not supposed to change and mature.
        She was not supposed to find happiness(especially with the so called boy next door, who is as far from the boy next door as you can get).
        After all if you have a troubled childhood and struggle in your teenage years, how dare you find the way through those problems and become a happy&successful person.

      • Xantha says:

        Yep. She was supposed to be a cautionary tale about Hollywood excess. And the idea she’s trying to appeal to middle America now is hilarious. The stereotypical soccer mom types will never accept her and she knows it. She’s just doing what she always have: Living her life on her terms.

        Anyway this is way off topic let’s talk more about the article. I guess it’s supposed to be a Day in the Life of a Papparazzo but it really doesn’t reveal anything new. I mean as I posted above there are other celebs who engage with the paps and make sweetheart deals. And quite frankly that guy’s driving while with his kid is disturbing. I mean yeah, you’re trying to do your job, but why endanger your kid(and everyone else on the road) like that?
        The only thing I find interesting was learning how many people TMZ has on their payroll to give tips. I’m just glad I don’t go to that site.

      • Kelly says:

        It wasn’t the 90s, it was the early 2000s. Tomb Raider only came out in 2001. And she exploded after that. So she sported the “wild child” image up until 2005-ish.
        Not that the actual date matters on the whole, I just think it’s funny how it wasn’t actually eons ago.
        Sure people change, but with her it looks like she just put her guard up, more than “she completely became a different person”. She had no filter before. Now she has nothing but the princess-like fake smile and wave.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Kelly, who wrote: “It wasn’t the 90s, it was the early 2000s. Tomb Raider only came out in 2001. And she exploded after that. So she sported the “wild child” image up until 2005-ish.
        Not that the actual date matters on the whole, I just think it’s funny how it wasn’t actually eons ago.”

        You must be young. Oh my … here come those pesky ‘facts’ again. 🙂

        Angelina Jolie’s breakout role was in the 1995 film “Hackers.”

        Angie ‘exploded’ after her riveting role in the 1997 TV movie “George Wallace” for which she won a Best Supporting Actress in a mini-series or TV motion picture Golden Globe in 1998.

        She followed that stellar performance with another one the next year, winning the Best Actress in a mini-series or TV motion picture Golden Globe in 1999 for the 1998 film “Gia.”

        She followed ‘that’ stellar performance with another one the next year, winning the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe ‘and’ the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2000 for the 1999 film “Girl Interrupted.”

        Sorry, but her ‘wild child’ days started in the early-mid 1990’s and lasted until she adopted Maddox on March 10, 2002 … 12-years ago. And that’s not just my ‘opinion,’ it’s a fact.

      • Esmom says:

        Emma – the JP Lover, I call balls. People are just expressing their opinions and here you go trashing anyone who might diverge from your extremely detailed timelines and so-called undisputed “facts.”

      • Ennie says:

        So one can call balls when you don’t care or when you don’t agree with something or when you want to discredit someone?
        clarify please.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Condescending BALLS.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Esmom, who wrote: “People are just expressing their opinions and here you go trashing anyone who might diverge from your extremely detailed timelines and so-called undisputed “facts.”

        Did I trash someone by printing the truth? These aren’t ‘my’ so-called facts … they’re just facts out there for anybody to see for themselves. I looked up Angie’s filmology at IMDb. I know it’s a novel idea, but Google and other Internet resources are available to one and all.

  38. Pam says:

    BALLS Out! You ball busters all care about this way too much.

  39. ellen says:

    ROTFLMAO. Considering Brad was the one doing the chasing, which he freely admits – why is it no one ever accuses Brad of having leaked the photos? Angie was in Kenya for a day before Brad showed up – yet it’s Brad was snapped getting off the plan when he landed. And it wasn’t until Brad arrived that there were photos of Mad and Angie. The ratzi who took the photos says he followed Brad after spotting him at an airport outside London and got lucky. Yet Min accused Angie of setting up the photos.
    PS – Everyone already knew Brad and Angie were an item, dimwit, so why would Angie have had to force Brad’s hand? There weeks earlier the tabs ALL reported on the weekend they’d spent in Palm Springs after the W shoot finished and said they were all over each other. SO there was no hand to force.

    • HUH? says:

      Hey JustJared trollette –

      If you’re going to steal my comments from JJ and post them here – the least you could do is give me proper credit. LOL!

      • RosettaStoned says:

        I hate when people do that! I see it on Facebook all the time, people will read the news ticker and steal political comments from random strangers, then post them into a thread in which they’re arguing. I love busting them on that 🙂

      • lucy2 says:

        Ah, that’s so weird! I had that happen once – I posted on two different TV message boards, and once read someone else’s comment, found myself agreeing, and then realized it was the same thing I’d written the week before on the other board. I asked them about it and they said it was some kind of error, but then I saw on multiple threads they’d take a good post from one site and paste it into another, as if they wrote it. It seemed so odd to me – I could see pasting it and saying “found this and totally agree”, but why take the time to do all that rather than just write something yourself?

  40. ellen says:

    rolling stone mag should thank their source us weekly because they wrote exactly that hit piece years ago,when it comes to AJ she is not allowed to grow.what a world we live in

  41. Rena says:


    As to the pics in Africa of AJ, BP, and wee Maddox there was a tv pap show years ago with an agency out of London who said on camera that they followed BP from an airport after getting a tip re him on his way to Africa. BP ran to Africa chasing after AJ and wee Maddox, the man was crazy in love then and still is. I like some others here think AJ’s old BG who caused all kinds of havoc in India during the A Mighty Heart film shoot and who clashed with Brad likely called the paps trying to get rid of BP. Or as is now know with all the Murdoch tabs and their phone taps this is how BP was followed to Kenya. I don’t see how it matters as it was 10 years ago, a lifetime for some.

    I will never knock AJ’s humanitarian efforts, she walks the walk and talks the talk, and she is 100% devoted to the causes she so wholeheartedly supports. Anyone who attempts to denigrate her efforts has another agenda which is “she stole A/MY man”. NO SHE DID NOT! As Tom Hanks (at the time in an unhappy marriage) did and admits he did, a man fell in love and split from the wife and went after the object of that love. End of subject.

    Don’t understand why some of you refuse to accept what was, BP followed his heart and did the chasing after AJ and wee Maddox. Happens all the time all over the world.

    Now blue and purple and emerald balls galore!!!!!

  42. Belle says:

    Wow. Just wow. I think I liked AJ a lot more before having to sort through all of the defensive, lengthy, angsty “I’ll see your questionably factual, vaguely negative comment, and RAISE with my own passionate defense (bizarre justification for stated questionably factual comment) AND three NEW ‘facts’ (complete with dates, times and loads of mundane details, guaranteed to drive any sane individual away from this ‘discussion’), and deflection (but… but… Look at how BAD so-and-so is… Why aren’t you being mean to them?!?)” posts.

    Seriously, the deflection tactic seems a lot like the Co$-bot posts in the Katie Holmes threads a while back… either pointing out the ‘terrible’ history of ‘other’ religions, or pointing out how ‘evil’ Katie is. I’m not suggesting we have Co$-bots in this particular discussion, just that it is freaky… and IMO, a desperate tactic. You shouldn’t have to bash others to prop someone else up.

    I don’t usually read the AJ posts, but didn’t think this one was ALL ABOUT AJ. After skimming over half of it, I’m ready to claw my eyeballs out. Sad. Any negative feelings I have for this woman are pretty much based on posts from a handful of her fans. 🙁 Sorry but it’s the truth.

    • OPN says:

      See, everyone has a right to say their piece. Why are you questioning posters who wants to defend Jolie their freedom to post or opine? If they want to go further to defend their argument with links and facts, why curtail them that freedom?

      • Aagje says:

        Ahem. Like Pitt and Jolie did in Namibia with the reporters they personally got to handpick to cross the borders?

        Or the interviews during promotion of “A Mighty Heart”?

        Sorry but this was just too easy.

      • Esmom says:

        I don’t think she wants to “curtail” anyone’s “freedoms.” I tend to agree that people can be over the top in their passionate defense, spouting timelines and facts as if they are on a first name basis with AJ. Expressing opinions doesn’t make us evil. Also, balls.

      • Aurie says:

        @Esmom but if timelines are based on actual, reliable evidence, they’re worth more than speculation and tabloid “sources”.

        While I agree with you that we shouldn’t act/talk as though we’ve met the celebrities in person/are friends with them, what’s wrong with citing irrefutable evidence?

      • Belle says:

        OPN: You missed the point. I didn’t suggest people don’t have the right to post. I suggested that rabbid fans of a celeb can actually cause others to have negative feelings about the celeb. I assume all of the posts in defense of AJ are meant to convince others of something, right? I’m simply saying that as someone who was basically indifferent about Angelina, the tone of many of the posts fails to leave me with happy, positve AJ thoughts. So if the object of some of these posts is to make people like Angelina more… In my case, it has the opposite effect.

        Honestly, I have no dog in the hunt, so to speak. For anyone who cares, I am starting to dislike Angelina, not because I’m a jealous hater, not because I’m a JA fan (I’m not), and not because she may or may not have had an affair with a married man, but because of over-the-top, defensive AJ fans who seem to think she is the most picked on celebrity of all time.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Belle, who wrote: “I assume all of the posts in defense of AJ are meant to convince others of something, right?”

        People can express their opinion here all day long and that’s just fine. But some people here tend to grab onto a rumor and run with it as fact.

        Something either is or isn’t fact. If people keep posting something over and over again that isn’t true is it still just their opinion when the truth–not ‘my’ truth or ‘your’ truth, but ‘the’ truth–is simply a link away?

        For instance, several people on this thread have stated their ‘opinion’ that Angelina Jolie contacted the press/photographers about her adoption of Maddox. The ‘truth’ is that Jon Voight called a press conference and made an announcement about Angie’s adoption of Maddox. That’s not my ‘opinion’ I’m attempting to sway or convince you or anyone else to accept … it is the truth. All anyone has to do is Google it to pull up the statement Jon Voight made.

        Now, since ‘that’ truth is out there and is not just an opinion I’m trying to persuade someone to accept, why do people ignore it and continue to post that Angie alerted the press/photographers about Maddox’s adoption?

        Another instance would be the erroneous ‘taken out of context’ thing about Angie not having any friends. All anyone has to do it go to CNN and search for the video interview Sunjay Gupta conducted with her to learn the truth. But people continue to say she doesn’t have any friends as a ‘fact’ and not their ‘opinion.’

        If something is ‘true’ and you know it because a reliable, indisputable source has recorded/documented it (and the source is available to others as well), are you just “trying to convince others of something” if the ‘something’ is not ‘my’ truth or ‘your’ truth, but the actual truth?

      • Esmom says:

        Aurie, I realized I should have said “facts” in quotes, not facts. Because I don’t think people (or at least people here and on other gossip blogs) truly have the real facts about what happens in celebs private lives, only observations based on what they’ve read/heard, which may or may not be true.

        Even direct quotes from said celebs can’t be taken as facts because celebs spin their messages however they’d like, as they are entitled to do. This whole post has been about celebs using the media/paps to enhance whatever image they’re trying to convey. It’s all smoke and mirrors and to trash people who have a different set of opinions is ridiculous because NONE is right or wrong.

      • mia girl says:

        I took your suggestion and googled about what you pointed out “Jon Voight called a press conference and made an announcement about Angie’s adoption of Maddox” because calling a press conference seemed like a pretty crappy thing to do.

        But what I found was not that he called a press conference, but leaked it/ blurted it out at the 2002 Oscar Nominees Luncheon.

        Which is still pretty selfish of him because it wasnt his news to tell. But I didn’t find any articles about calling a press conference. Maybe I didn’t use the right Google search terms. Do you have a link?

        It does look like months later he appeared on E! In that famous “Angela needs help” interview. Again major crappy thing to do.

        This article also references the Oscar luncheon.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        True BALLS!

    • Ennie says:

      and non fans or whatever. I was happily reading the comments and there was a kind of negative post that attacked fans, who had not yet commented at all.
      why the need to attack first and then complain that the fans are the ones in the wrong?
      and also using words like worship, and stand… I hate to read the comments. On top of that the “balletes” or whatever. have made this site less enjoyable.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Mia …

      Sorry! Mea Culpa! I confused his press slip about the adoption with his emotional breakdown on TV when he both embarrassed and appealed to his daughter to get help for her mental illness.

  43. Camille (The Original) says:

    This is nothing new. Pretty much all of the celebs do it at some stage of their career. Some more so than others. I thought it was common knowledge how symbiotic the relationship is between celebs and the paps. Hollywood has ALWAYS been that way.

  44. Amy says:

    What in the world… is going on in this thread? I understand any post featuring just a mention of Jolie will set the comments ablaze with controversy but I haven’t the foggiest idea of what all this talk about balls is. The conversation seriously degenerated into a Salvador Dali painting of surrealism, that’s just how befuddled I am. What do Aniston, Jolie, and balls have to do with each other anyways? Unless they both decided to join an organized sport (er… say soccer?) and decided to play on the same team, I have no idea why balls are involved. Clearly this conversation started on another thread… But seriously quit the fighting about balls or who said balls or who threw a ball or whatever. IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! I’m so confused. -end rant-

    • Dash says:

      Yes… How much can there possibly be to discuss about events that happened 10 years ago? And yet I’m fascinated and can’t look away.

    • SlvrPdle says:

      I don’t understand the balls either. It’s completely strange!!!! I commented earlier about it but that comment seems to have evaporated. WHAT IS UP WITH THE BALLS??????

      • doofus says:

        the short answer is this: as you can see above, people get all sorts of bent out of shape on these threads because they are WAY OVER INVESTED in the “triangle of doom”.

        in order to lessen, or eliminate, if possible, the nastiness and vitriol that always permeates these threads due to a few posters, a poster threw out (pun intended) “balls” to lighten the mood…because “balls” are always funny. anytime the triangle comes up, so do the “balls”. so far it’s worked pretty well, but you still have a few who apparently aren’t having fun unless they’re arguing with someone, or “setting someone straight”, or “correcting” them about some minute detail of said triangle. seriously, who cares if THE DIVORCE was final in August or October of whatever year?! if you don’t want to be on Team A or Team B, join us on Team Balls.

        this is a fun site with great writing, and you can have a good back-and-forth civil discussion with most of the posters on here, but a few need a swift kick to the BALLS.

      • Ennie says:

        I see it used in a negative way, sorry. I would have to check how it is used at the JA threads but I do not care so much to read them daily.

      • SlvrPdle says:

        Thank you! 🙂 I like balls.

  45. eva k says:

    I think Ryan R. is now hawking photos of himself with products to get paid because his new wife is higher maintenance. As Kaiser pointed out, he never would have done this when he was with Scarlet, because Scarlet had her own money (lots of it) and Blake Lively, not so much. This all reminds me of when ASkars was with Kate Bosworth. She would tip off the paps everywhere she went with him. She would smile and chat to the paps and ASkars was peeved, to say the least. Funny how he wouldn’t even walk next to her when the paps showed up.

    • mercy says:

      And yet Scarlett apparently asked him for money in the divorce settlement, and she’s doing ads for Soda Stream. Maybe she wasn’t that frugal with her money, and has high expenses. I know she lost over 3 mil trying to unload a hideous mansion she bought before Reynolds, and there were some money issues with her mom.

      Blake seems to be doing well enough. She made the most of her fashion connections during her TV show run. She has a couple big contracts and is doing another movie. I’m sure she could do more on the fashion and acting front if she really needed to.

      And then there’s Ryan, who had an estimated worth of forty something million a couple years ago. I doubt he’s burned through all of that. They seem to live a relatively simple life for people in their line of work. They both have said they want a big family. Maybe they’re thinking of putting a bunch of kids through university lol.

  46. Liz says:

    In an interview Angie said she did not have any friends. Straight from the horses mouth. In every interview Angie would advertise how her adopted son changed her. She used the media to completely change her image and reputation. New York Magazine also had a great article that outed her as having been advised by CAA to become a humanitarian. SHE will never admit that.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Liz, who wrote: “In an interview Angie said she did not have any friends. Straight from the horses mouth.”

      To the detractors above, ‘this’ is why we print those pesky facts. Angelina Jolie did ‘not’ say she didn’t have any friends. Her comment was in response to CNN’s Dr. Sanja Gupta during a video interview he conducted with her while she visited a refugee camp in Pakistan. Dr. Gupta said he knew how difficult it was to visit refugee camps because he has visited them and knows first hand the horrors she is witnessing. He asked her if she had any friends ‘she could talk to about her experiences in the refugee camps’ and she said … “No, I don’t have any friends … Brad is the only person I talk to [about this].”

      But by all means, please don’t just take my word for it … play the tape and hear it for yourself.

  47. Anon says:

    @Emma – the JP Lover:

    Thanks for printing those pesky facts!

  48. Liz says:

    Everyone knew or suspected she and Brad had arranged the Kenya photos. It was their announcement that they were now a couple. She denied it but the truth has a way of coming out.