Henry Cavill & Gina Carano are still going strong, they’re in Chicago together


This is just an FYI, since we haven’t heard much about them in a while: Page Six says Henry Cavill and Gina Carano are still going strong. Henry has been in Chicago for a week or so (I don’t know how long, actually), preparing for Batman vs. Superman, and Gina has joined him. Some sites are running this as “Henry and Gina are back together suddenly!” but the last time I checked (months ago), they got back together a month or two after Henry’s catastrophic and brief coupling with Kaley Cuoco. As in, Henry dated Kaley for less than a month last summer and then he ran back to Gina very quickly.

The “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill has been getting serious with a “woman of steel” — his on/off girlfriend and former mixed martial arts champion, badass Gina Carano.

The implausibly ripped pair (who together share a 16-pack) have been spotted spending time together in Chicago, where Superman sequel “Batman vs. Superman” will film later this year.
Over the weekend, they enjoyed drinks at the Vertigo Sky Lounge, atop the 26th floor of the Dana Hotel & Spa, where they took a break from their get-together to pose for pictures with fans.

They’ve also been seen at Chicago’s SushiSamba. After launching an acting career herself, Carano has recently said she’s open to returning to the ring.

[From Page Six]

There are Twitter and Instagram photos floating around of Gina and Henry in Chicago too – this sighting is for real. I’ve always liked them together and it bugged me to think that Henry or Henry’s people thought his relationship with Gina could be “bad” for his image. While Gina isn’t a widely known TV star like Kaley Cuoco, Henry just seems like he’s really happy with her and like they enjoy a very low-key relationship. Stop trying to mess that up, Hollywood Machine!



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  1. Loopy says:

    I think she was in Fast and Furious 6? I like women with her look, pretty but still tough looking.

    • Grant says:

      Indeed she was. She was a badass.

    • V4Real says:

      She’s still my choice for Wonder Woman over Gal Cadot. I would have been happy with Gemma Alterton as well

      • FLORC says:

        Plus no need to postpone production to let the new implants settle. Gina has her very own chest ready to go!

      • Liv says:

        Do you mean that Gal Cadot got breast implants for the role? Ugh! Disgusting!

        I’m rooting for Gemma Arterton. She would have been perfect as Wonderwoman!

      • FLORC says:

        Maybe she was getting them anyway? She did get them and production was haulted so that she could heal. There was a lot of to do about how GG was flat chested and so thin. I suspect she’s also putting on some muscle mass during this time.

        This movie will be a disaster.

      • RK says:

        My choices were:
        Gemma Arterton
        Gina Carano
        Erica Durance (I think she was amazing in Smallville, especially the action scenes)

    • MaiGirl says:

      She also starred in her own action film that was pretty decent as action films go, Haywire. Fassy is in it.

      I also really like her striking looks, but I wish she would hire a stylist. She has the makings of a real star, but her unflattering clothing and hair choices are bush league.

      • Loopy says:

        You are right ,her clothes are quite dowdy , there has been an opening for a beautiful and sultry female action star since Angelina hang that up. She is brave though i don’t think she wears spanx.

      • FLORC says:

        I enjoyed Haywire. Like Taken I enjoy movie fight scenes where the camera isn’t flashing all over the place for editing and stunt doubles. It stays on because the actors know what they’re doing.

        These are some bad red carpet shots. She’s dresses and poses poorly too.
        Still, I can’t post the link, but it’s henry and gina at this event looking adoringly at eachother on the carpe and holding hands.

        Why all the shots of Henry looking awy and Gina looking adoringly?

        And Gina is super fit. Spanx not needed.

  2. Blenheim says:

    Oh my beard…

  3. LB says:

    Yay – I have always liked them together.

    That PR blip with Kaley was such a boneheaded move and only served to make him look desperate. I’m legitimately asking – did it benefit her? Does she have more visibility or attention now? Because it did nothing for him.

  4. Lucy says:

    This kinda makes me happy. I really like them together!

  5. Allison says:

    I had been wondering about them the last few weeks! Glad to hear it. No pics?

    • Ash says:

      I hate these stories without pics.

      I do like that she’s not the traditional Hollywood type, but I’m not too fond of her acting to burped honest.

  6. The Original Mia says:

    Good for them for keeping it low key, the antithesis of his 10 day PR-stroll with Kaley.

  7. mel says:

    I like them together. How fast he went back with her just makes me more convinced Kelly Coocoo or whatever her name is was strictly publicity.

  8. Angel L says:

    Yay. I really like them together. I think people are putting too much blame on him for the Kaley Cuco(sp?) thing. We have seen how she has acted with her new husband – she seems like a clinger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was calling the paps and moving fast. I know it seems he went along with it but he got out really quick. I am happy for he and Gina.

  9. Connie says:

    They’ve definitely been together for a while after the summer PR thing. I like them as a couple and hope they last.

  10. lenje says:

    “The implausibly ripped pair (who together share a 16-pack)…”

    This makes me chuckle. HARD. :D

  11. Nanou says:

    Everyone blamed him but he was the one that kept a very low profile since the PR thing when Kaley was parading around LA with her new boyfriend. The way Lainey was bashing on him you would think he commited a crime or something.

  12. K.B. says:

    Gina, you are too good (and too kicka*s) to be someone’s second choice. You deserve a man who isn’t desperate for publicity/too weak to stand up to the studio when they tell him to enter into a fauxmance to promote a movie.

    • Lori says:

      I don’t think she ever was second choice. I think the Kaley business was strictly business and Gina knew it. IT just didn’t work out the way the PR people wanted it to, so everyone scraped it pretty quickly.

      • K.B. says:

        Well, second choice as in he’d rather be photographed with a bimbo in a poorly-planned PR “romance” that ended up blowing up in everyone’s faces. I’ll never understand how Hollywood works/thinks, and I’m (usually) grateful. If Gina didn’t care, I guess I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t be with a man who pulled a stunt like that, even if it was business.

    • mariale says:

      I read she cheated of him… but it’s a gossip, no proves
      When they ended the relationship at that time, her team started to say bad things about him, but he never said one word.
      Desperate? he doesn’t need it because HE is Superman!!!! ;-) (Kaley said she was suffocated with ‘suddenly’ publicity after him but after him, she’s the one who continues showing pics and stuff of her personal life)

  13. Jane Q. Doe says:

    There were those photos of them around the beginning of the year too – they’d gotten a puppy together (Akita, I think). They looked like a cute couple, with an adorable dog!

    • oh says:

      They didn’t get a dog together, the article even said it was Henry’s dog.
      Gina has her own dog I believe.

      • Always says:

        The couple from whom Henry and Gina bought their dog said on their website-”Henry Cavill and Gina Carano are now the owners of a Big Bear Akita.”

      • Kate says:

        but henry sign the photo thanks for MY dog

  14. KatNotNice says:

    Well that’s good. Now hopefully he can also buy himself a personality? And before the whole “oh he is reserved and shy” crap, well no he certainly did try the PR thing… Now onto that self confidence and charm the audience Mister Cavill please!

  15. yelp says:

    I’m not overly fond of Gina, if you see the crass things she’s done over the past years, I think a lot of people are giving her a free pass because she’s not your average skinny/pretty combo.

    And I don’t think that the studio’s think she’s bad for his image at all. Superhero playing actor dating women’s fighting champion? The male superman fans will eat that shit up. C’mon that is the exact demographic they are targeting.

    That said, I hope they break up; just so Gina can burn all his clothes again.

    • frisbeejada says:

      I’m not bothered about her burning his clothes (if she ever actually did) but I agree with you, she is great for his Superhero image because she is tough….

      • RobN says:

        You’d be pretty bothered with it if it had been him burning her clothes. Then it would have been domestic violence, stalking behavior and everybody would have gone bat s crazy about it.

      • frisbeejada says:

        RobN – except she’s a martial arts expert who would have seriously kicked his bottom had he dared do such a thing to her wardrobe – I wasn’t making light of the ‘burning clothes’ business because I suspect it was another bit of PR – like the rest of their ‘relationship’…

    • Always says:

      Cut the lying and hating about Gina. THAT never happened and you know it!

      • Kate says:

        how do we know either way

      • Yelp says:

        There are a lot of things we do know about her; she can act in an incredibly tacky, attention seeking way. The fake boobs, telling interviewers that she’s “basically a sex addict” or “this my O-face”. Thats fine honey, it just doesnt need to be broadcast. Dont even get me started about those tacky glamour pictures. Burning his clothes and going apeshit after a break up sounds right up her alley.

  16. frisbeejada says:

    So he’s got a film coming out pretty soon then…

  17. rep says:

    When he was in The Tudors, he was the hottest thing on tv. Then he had to go and hook up with kaley. Ruined it for me altogether.

    • kri says:

      @rep-Ahhh, The Tudors!! SO much hotness, but you are right. That Kaley move kind of cheapened him in my eyes. I like Gina, but I hope she made him ask nicely before taking him back.

    • Ahot says:

      He was everything in the Tudors, OMG.
      In my wet dreams (don´t judge me!) I get to sample Rob Lowe for the experience, Henry Cavill for a good rough-and-tumble, my man Ian Sommerhalder for the romance & world saving shtick. SIGH.
      It´s okay if he is with Gina tho. She is awesome & would snap me in two really quick. lol

  18. lucy2 says:

    Much prefer them together compared to his Starbucks parade with Kaley.

  19. Katija says:

    I’m sorry, I know people love her, but this girl’s fashion style makes me actually angry.

    Drugstore hosiery with peep-toe shoes? Those DRESSES!

    I get that she’s not an A-lister, but SURELY you can look classy even on a budget. I feel like I could do better with a $75 budget at Forever 21 for Chrissake. Oy. I feel like this chick would make friggin’ Britney Spears say, “Dude, get a stylist, you look ratchet.”

  20. Ronnie says:

    He’s so gay.

  21. Cletus says:

    I *love* her. She kicked so much ass in Haywire… I don’t care what she wears or what kind of shit she pulls, I LOVE her.

  22. Tig says:

    Henry will always be gorgeous, but seriously, does anyone think he and Ben Affleck’s press tour will be able to compete with Chris Evans and the charisma twins Mackie and Stan when the next installments of their respective franchises come out the same weekend? It will be such a debacle.

    And if Gina is open to returning to the ring and risk having her face re-arranged, the acting option was not be working out so well.

    • Bridget says:

      Gina doesn’t have much of a choice about returning to the octagon (its UFC) . She still had a few fights left on her Strikeforce contract, which was bought out by the UFC so now they own it.

      • Tig says:

        OK I’ll bite- wouldn’t Gina be way out of R’s weight class? I thought R fought at 110 or so- Gina is heavier, right? Or does that even matter?

      • Bridget says:

        I can’t remember whichn one is heavier (I want to say its Carano) but the rumor is that Rousey would go up a weight class for the fight. Rousey has publicly said that she would be down for this matchup (which obviously doesn’t mean much) and Carano says she’s still in fighting shape. It may ultimately be just press rumors, especially with both women’s burgeoning movie careers, but there are a couple of X factors with both women’s fight contracts. There’s no question that it would be a marquee matchup, and Rousey is one of the most exciting fighters around. It would certainly be interesting. Granted, it may never *actually* happen.

    • Kate says:

      Team Captain America

  23. Gwen says:

    I like them together so yay! :D

  24. Chele Belle says:

    I like them together. I hope he’s learned his lesson and will quit flash slumming. That said I most certainly wish that Gina Carano had been chosen as Wonder Woman. I have seen her in Haywire and Fast & Furious 6. She is believable as a fighter while also being pretty. The last Angelina Jolie action film I saw was Salt. I enjoyed the film BUT Jolie is so rawboned till the sight of her supposedly successfully taking and giving body blows with Liev Schreiber was more than a tadbit unrealistic.

    • Kate says:

      Wonder Woman is about more than just fighting. She has grace and she’s a peacekeeper. Gina would have been a terrible Wonder Woman. She can’t act to save her life and she has very little grace. She should stick to fighting.

      Also, not sure why everyone is ragging on Gal Gadot for getting breast implants (if that’s even true) because Gina has had implants for years. Every woman Henry has dated has has fake breasts. Guess he likes his women fake.

  25. Bridget says:

    Carano still has a few fights left on her old Strikeforce contract which the UFC now owns. She’s a pro and will fight, but it’s not like it’s a strategic career move on her part – she’s still under a contract. What’ll be interesting is if they make the R ousey matchup happen.

  26. Sassy says:

    No wonder she is staring at him, he is great looking at all angles. I would love a date with him, but he does not know I exist. She seems like a nice pretty Woman, but I want him too.

  27. ella says:

    I find him a lot less attractive now than when he was in The Tudors. There’s something about the way he stands now that he’s bulked up. He looks all “Ask me about my muscles!” And it makes him look very short-legged.

  28. Anna says:

    I saw the recents pics and he seems very happy now!Gina is good for him!With Kaley he was looking miseerable!

    I read a story 2 weeks ago that Henry was walking his puppy in Detroit!The guy who posted the story said a woman was with Henry but could not name her…apparently it was Gina!

  29. So-fake-again says:

    Henry called himself a private man and keeping his private life private? If they used the paps this time, that would make them look like famehos and Kaley’s already using that method. This is so fake. What movie role is casting in the future? She gotta be going one since she wanted to be Wonder Woman so badly and Henry didn’t get her the gig.

    • June says:

      the actual pictures of him and his girlfriend are from fans that saw him on the street, none of them are paparazzi shots; and (sadly) he doesn’t have twitter, facebook, instagram or whatever

      • So-fake-again says:

        Um, that doesn’t mean anything when you have the fans do all your pap work for you. He’s been around in Detroit for several months and even went a month without being instagrammed or tweeted by anyone. I wonder how he hid so well? Now all of a sudden he’s all over the place.

      • Lila says:

        Now that you mention it. Is there a role that Gina wants since she didn’t get Wonder Woman? Something with Marvel?

      • Kate says:

        and Lila DING DING DING DING

      • June says:

        I don’t like Gina (for me she’s a horrible ‘actress’) but (sadly) I don’t see that relationship as something fake because they are very private and all the things we know about them is from fans that see him alone while working or when they are together. She has a twitter account and never writes a little tiny thing about her personal life. (Last paparazzi pics of him was in Italy when he was shooting on the streets.) I don’t want him to be with her but… lol

      • boozy says:

        Gina wasn’t so private with her ex-boyfriends. We’re all being played folks, especially after that Kaley fakery. Cavill has had to make himself look less of a famewhore.

      • June says:

        boozy, I don’t know Gina before Henry so I can’t say if that’s true :)
        (PS: when I wrote ‘personal life’ I meant her actual relationship, Henry.)