Tara Reid is out of rehab, plans to be sober and have some kind of career

While some people might suggest that publicly losing your cool, slobbing around with your boob hanging out and heading to rehab is a cry for attention and publicity, I’m a believer that most people who are in this situation really are out of control, and enter rehab for the right reasons.

I’m not sure where I stand on giving a tell-all interview to a tabloid about the experience. Although, to be fair, Tara Reid probably needs the pay check. She just spent 60 days in Promises, rehab center to the stars, for alcohol abuse. There were rumors that Reid was comped for the stay in order to get some publicity for Promises, a claim she denies.

On how rehab changed her life:
She tells the publication, “Rehab saved my life. Before, I used to think about tomorrow and I hated it. Now I can’t wait.”

On what was her catalyst for change, visiting the Jerusalem Western Wall:
She explains, “You write a prayer on a paper and fold it up and put it in the wall. One of the things I wished for was health and happiness and something changed inside me.
“I realized partying is not what I am anymore.”

So she canceled a trip to celebrity retreat St. Bart’s and headed to rehab instead.
She adds, “The hardest thing was walking through the door for the first time (and) finally admitting that I had a problem.

On how it felt to be an alcoholic:
“I wasn’t drinking any more than my friends, so I didn’t get it. I’d think, ‘Why am I an alcoholic and she isn’t?’ The truth is, some people can drink, and some can’t. … I like alcohol but it didn’t like me.
“I numbed my feelings. It was no life to live.”

In Touch magazine via San Francisco Chronicle

Tara now plans to stay single and focus on her career. Over the last few years her career has primarily consisted of party appearances, which she should probably give up in the interests of staying sober. She also has a clothing line.

According to her IMDB page she actually has two films in production, one of which she has what appears to be a major role, as a teenager in a murder mystery film. In the other she plays a prostitute working her way through university. This film, The Beautiful Outsiders, actually doesn’t sound too bad, although the horror film sounds like a rip-off of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Showing up to work and behaving like a professional, no matter what the quality of the production is, might be enough to make Tara a minor contender in Hollywood again.

Tara seems to have her priorities straight, taking one day at a time. “My focus is to get back in my career and stay sober, and keep on having a better life one day at a time.”

Tara Reid is shown out in Miami before she went to rehab on 10/20/08. Credit: Bauergriffin

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  1. chessie says:

    Good for her!

    Alcoholism is a terrible disease and a horrible one to try to recover from– I lost my brother to it (at age 51) two years ago. Dying from cirrhosis is not a pretty thing.

    More power to Tara!

  2. Leandra says:

    These rehab stories about Tara Reid are becoming tiresome. How many times has she actually played out this scenario anyway? Why bother to even post about her? She’s not really a relevant celebrity anymore in terms of career, etc.

  3. sissoucat says:

    Hope she makes it this time.

  4. BS! says:


    Two days after she was checked in, she was getting drunk off her ass in a club on her birthday. I posted the pictures on my site, someone else did too. And yet, no one picked them up. The whole rehab bs was a STUNT pure and simple.

  5. Codzilla says:

    Hope her “career” doesn’t include wandering around in a bikini, exposing her butchered mid-section to the world. And those saggy, fake boobs are atrocious.

  6. Rio says:

    Tara Reid is playing a *teenager*?
    Man, I do NOT want to know what devils a teenager who looks like her has seen to make them…well, look like her.

  7. kate says:


  8. Bobby the K says:


    Tara, switch to weed. More fun. Not addictive. No hangovers. You’re more creative etc.

  9. CB Rawks says:

    She’s looking better. Not anorexic and not painfully huge-boobed.
    Hope it all works out for her.

  10. vdantev says:

    love this woman !!!! (god help me)

  11. lola lola says:

    She should go on Celebrity-Rehab! The place where the has-beens and their bottles part ways…