Courtney Love’s dad ‘can prove her involvement’ in Kurt Cobain’s death

1993 MTV Video Music Awards
It’s been 20 years since Kurt Cobain passed in what was officially ruled a suicide. Seattle police have released newly developed photos from the scene along with a note that Kurt had in his wallet, which was highly critical of his then-wife Courtney. The police say they’re releasing the new evidence in order to put the case to rest, but it’s only bringing up more questions. Kurt’s note was sarcastic and dismissive of Courtney and stands in stark contrast to his suicide note, which praised his wife in flowery language. Here’s some of the text of the note that was newly released:

Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife. Even when she’s a b–ch with zits and siphoning all yr [sic] money for doping and whoring… Will you promise to [expletive] her at least once a week, O.K.

[via Yahoo News]

And here’s what Kurt’s suicide note said about Courtney:

I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy and a daughter who reminds me too much of what i used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every person she meets because everyone is good and will do her no harm. And that terrifies me to the point to where I can barely function. I can’t stand the thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive, death rocker that I’ve become.

[From KurtCobainsSuicideNote]

Those two sentiments about Courtney couldn’t be more different and point to Kurt having a change of heart before he took his life. Of course it’s also possibly that Kurt was being darkly humorous about Courtney in his note.

In light of these new developments, Radar interviewed Courtney’s dad, Hank Harrison, who thinks his daughter was involved in Kurt’s death. For those of us who followed the Kurt Cobain suicide, this isn’t exactly a new development. Years ago I saw a documentary on Kurt Cobain in which Harrison insinuated that his daughter was involved in Kurt’s death. (It was Kurt & Courtney, out in 1998, which many dismiss as a conspiracy movie. You can watch it on youtube.) He hasn’t changed his opinion on his daughter and still thinks she had something to do with Kurt’s death. Here’s what he told Radar:

“No doubt she was capable,” Harrison says. “I can’t prove she pulled the trigger, but I can prove her involvement to a high degree of certainty.”

“If you read the true meaning of this small note, and place it in conjunction with the rest of the evidence, anyone with even half a wit will see that something dire and awful took place,” Harrison alleges.

Harrison is also suspicious of the Seattle Police Department, who released never before seen pictures of the death scene last month, nearly twenty years after the incident.

“Nobody, except me, asked the obvious question: ‘Why weren’t they developed 20 years ago?’” he adds. “They weren’t developed because the police had already decided it was a suicide and didn’t need any more evidence.”

[From Radar Online]

I rewatched the part of Kurt & Courtney were Courtney’s dad, Hank Harrison, was interviewed. That’s at 16:00 in to this video. Harrison has written two books about Kurt Cobain, and he is somewhat articulate yet vague about why he thinks Courtney had something to do with Kurt’s death. He said that Kurt and Courtney were definitely going to get a divorce. The documentarian, Nick Broomfield, asked Harrison to read out a passage from his book, Who Killed Kurt Cobain, a poem that Courtney Love wrote before Kurt died.

Harrison read the poem, which he published in Courtney’s handwriting to prove that she had written it. It was titled “Future Date” and was somewhat chilling. “A future date right over the horizon, right on the tip of your tongue. I’ll destroy everyone in my way, I’ll kill every lousy lay, because I got my eye on a future date.” Courtney is a singer songwriter so that may mean nothing. It’s all too nonspecific to jump to conclusions. Harrison added that “Courtney has had a reputation for being extraordinarily violent for a number of years.”

There’s more about Courtney’s life in Kurt & Courtney after that, including the detail that she was shuttled around between relatives and foster parents as a child. Courtney’s dad lost custody of her when she was just five so it’s not like he raised her or knows her at all. He may just be cashing in on the scandal by turning on his daughter, or he may be on to something. I tend to think that if there was more to Kurt’s death than drug use and suicide that the police would have found it. This was an extremely high profile case.

1993 MTV Video Music Awards

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  1. HotPockets says:

    A customer who use to come into my old work use to be a bodyguard for Nirvana, more specifically Kurt and he he said Kurt was a HUGE drug addict. This guy also worked for Pantera and a couple other major bands before starting his own business running security for major events, but he claimed that his only job was to keep Kurt alive because he was always on the verge of suicide or overdosing. He said he didn’t believe Courtney killed Kurt, but rather contributed heavily to his depression and addiction problems, which I tend to believe. Courtney Love is crazy, no doubt, but Kurt was also a toxic person too.

    • blue marie says:

      I can believe it.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I’d believe this. I don’t think she was involved per-say in his actual death but I think their relationship and it’s affect on him was a contributing factor to his drug use and ultimate suicide.

      • don't kill me i'm french says:

        He was ready to divorce because among other reasons,she wanted he goes in rehab.He wanted to break the band also because the members were tired of his addiction and wanted he goes in rehab.Cobain thought he had no problem with heroin or drug or depression
        Courtney love was not a holy but Cobain killed himself and he tried several times before …

      • Audrey says:

        Yeah I’ve always thought that she just knew what buttons to push and how to emotionally manipulate him.

        She may have pushed him over the edge(I think I read that she said she would take their daughter if he divorced her) but I think he pulled the trigger

    • homegrrrl says:

      I think it’s more telling of why Courtney Love has emotional problems- her father is an hateful beast. The truth is that Kurt Cobain had severe addiction issues, and any person in his orbit was contributing to his demise, unless they left him full stop. I think of CL as a mess, but it’s idiotic to say she killed him. Kurt Cobain killed himself.

      • Decloo says:

        This. Love’s father has been trying to cash in on this from the get-go. Anything he says must be taken with skepticism. No reputable journalist or investigator would give his ramblings any heed. The man is a parasite.

      • oompa says:

        I agree. What kind of father talks about his daughter like that? Kurt was so messed up, I can see him offing himself. Sad.

      • Kath says:

        Yes. Not a fan of Courtney’s but this is the same father who set his dogs on her when she was a child in order to “discipline” her. He is a monster.

    • FLORC says:

      I’m 100% with you (or rather your former place of employments customer). Being a Major drug addict with Major depression can explain all the back and forth of the notes, songs, and poems.

      This shouldn’t be drudged up anymore. Harrison should find peace in the fact that if people know the name Courtney Love they also know she is a pretty terrible person who likely played a role in the addiction/depression that Cobain suffered until he passed away.
      Let’s be done with this now.

      • HotPockets says:

        @ Florc,

        Yes! I get sick of the amount of people who still to this day allege Love murdered Kurt. There was never enough evidence to support that theory and at the end of the day, Kurt was just as troubled, if not more so, than Love. The customer who told me that story happened to know them for a couple of years and could not reiterate enough how depressed Kurt was, his literal job was to keep him alive and semi functional on tour so the band could make $$.

        I think we just live in a world where we always need someone to blame, no matter what the circumstances are, but people forget there is such a thing called personal accountability and at the end of the day, Kurt chose to not change for the better, resulting in his untimely death.

    • bettyrose says:

      She didn’t pull the trigger but she drove him to it. He’s not entirely blameless of course but CL deserves to have her name forever linked to suspicion.

    • kri says:

      @HotPockets-this sounds like the most believable version. Sounds like a toxic relationship between two artists with huge egos and an unbeatable drug addiction. As for her “father’ well..looks like we know at least some of what started CL on her path.

    • Eleonor says:

      I was going to write something similar: I think Courtney is a mess, and probably added some trouble, but Kurt had a serious problem with drugs, and a lot of personal issues.
      I’d love if people would let him rest in peace, and I like Frances Bean for beins so away from the spotlight.

  2. Jackson says:

    Dad should put up or shut up. To me, that note in the wallet seems like it was something he or they wrote up not exactly as a joke….but it has an edgy sarcastic tone to it, not a ‘dear diary’ tone. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like some big incriminating smoking gun (no pun) that points to her involvement. Also, I’m not really sure why the public needs to know what was in a man’s wallet, any man’s wallet, when he killed himself. People need to let this stuff go already.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I read that some think it is in Courtney’s handwriting, like its a joke she wrote to him. When you read it in that context, it makes sense. Especially the last line.

  3. aims says:

    I also watched to documentary. It disturbed me. Kurt killed himself. He wasn’t thinking clearly and killed himself. But I do think Courtney didn’t help the situation. I also believe they would had broken up if he had lived.

  4. Luca26 says:

    Ugh I hate to defend Courtney but Kurt had a real caustic sense of humor and that note totally sounds like a joke in the vein of his interviews. He was a suicidal junkie and that is a known fact. It’s sad that the world lost what he would have produced next in terms of music but he was an addict-herion and depression killed him. We need to stop with this BS.

    • littlestar says:

      I’ve often wondered about that – the music that he would have created had he lived. In my opinion, Cobain was one of the actual huge game changers of music (right beside the Beatles, Elvis Presley, etc). I often lament to my husband that kids these days don’t listen to Nirvana anymore (I mean, isn’t it like a right of passage for many teenagers? Lol). Case in point, we asked my husband’s 16 year old niece if she knew who Nirvana was a few months ago and she said she had “no idea who they are”. SADNESS.

      Anyway, I don’t think Love killed him. She undoubtedly knew how to push his buttons and manipulate him, but he alone killed himself.

      • amy tennant says:

        I still remember when and where I heard “Smells like Teen Spirit” for the first time. I literally thought, ” Nothing is ever going to be the same after this.”
        If it makes you feel better, my 13-year-old is a huge Nirvana fan.

      • Nikole says:

        Amy – that is the thought I had when I heard that song. It was so different and tough and had this driving beat. It came out at the perfect time – middle school was rough. I still get a bit of that feeling back when I hear that song. Like everything and anything is about to happen, in a big way.

    • Lex says:

      He said so many times that he wanted to die or he didn’t see himself making it to 30. He was a disturbed guy who lived through some pretty tough stuff. This is hardly what his daughter needs – there is already a sick obsession with his death as it is. Put it to rest, let him rest in peace finally.

  5. Merritt says:

    Her father has been going on with variations of this same story for years. He needs to shut up already. Cobain was an addict who killed himself. My understanding is that he had made previous attempt to kill himself.

  6. Sayrah says:

    He was a drug user and clearly depressed. I get so sad seeing the pics of him with Frances. He loved her dearly and I totally believe that in a moment of wallowing in what he had become (to him a sell out and empty) he selfishly took his own life. I hate that he did it because he left her with only one insane parent and we lost a tremendous talent.

  7. Kristen says:

    I’ve seen that same doc (recently, in fact), and the biggest thing I took away from it is that her father was primarily there to plug his book. At the expense of his daughter… I didn’t feel he was at all credible, personally.
    Courtney was and is a piece of work, but I will never believe that Kurt’s death was anything other than a suicide. He was a severe addict with a loooooooooong history of mental and physical issues. Combine that with the addiction and it resulted in a (sadly) common outcome.
    As for the note itself, it reads to me as sarcastic more than spiteful. It’s undated, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was determined to have been written around the same time the press was making similar allegations about Courtney, and it was written as sort of a f*** you to them…

  8. LolaB says:

    Is that Sinead O’Connor?

    • Maum says:


    • Miffy says:

      So much 90′s in one photo

    • Mixtape says:

      I was wondering the same thing since I wasn’t sure if Sinead would have smiled in public back then, so I did an image search for photos of Sinead and Cobain. It’s from the VMAs red carpet and, in all the photos, Sinead can’t take her eyes off baby Frances.

  9. Belle Epoch says:

    Any particular reason why we should not believe this guy? He certainly appears to know a lot more than we do, and the information makes Courtney very suspect:

    • Merritt says:

      His limited understanding of drug addition makes his website questionable. He makes a big deal about the amount in Kurt’s system. But it is a documented fact, that addicts can handle far more of a drug than a non-addict.

      • amanda says:

        Kurt had just gotten out of rehab at the time. Also, there are plenty of experts who have backed up just how lethal the amount of morphine (heroin turns to morphine in the bloodstream) in his body was. He also had valium on board. The cold case detective with the Seattle PD recently also confirmed that the amount of heroin he took would have killed him, regardless of the shot to the head. Tom Grant’s point in all this is that it’s unlikely he could have been aware enough to shoot himself after taking that huge and lethal a dose of heroin- tolerance aside. It’s not really rocket science, and has very little to do with tolerance and more to do with functionality.

    • GiGi says:

      That was really interesting – I’ll be reading more of that, later.

      @Merritt – I understand what you’re saying about addicts handling higher amounts of drugs, but Heroin is an extremely heavy sedative. If you’ve ever known or seen anyone on heroin – I’d have a hard time believing they could pick up a pencil, let alone a shotgun. Didn’t he also have another heavy sedative in his system? I obviously have no idea of the truth – but the facts of the case are very interesting.

      • Merritt says:


        I’m aware of heroin being a heavy sedative. I comment on that in the Peaches Geldof post. But the fact still remains about the amounts addicts can handle versus non-addicts. Cobain was a long time user who had built up tolerance. The data on tolerance levels seems to show variance from person to person. It would be helpful to know how much Cobain had in his system on the occasions he went into treatment. That way we could compare the two, but I doubt that information is available.

        He was apparently on Diazepam as well, which can increase feelings of depression in some patients. I have no idea how much Diazepam was in his system.

    • Alicia says:

      The father never met Kurt Cobain and has barely spoken to Courtney since she was a teenager. I don’t think he has ever met Frances either. He was an absentee father to Courtney and a loser – he was a Grateful Dead hanger-on and took young Courtney to drug parties and he and Courtney’s mom had a hugely bitter break-up.

      He’s the main reason Courtney is as fucked up as she is. He once bragged about siccing pit bulls on Courtney when she was a teenager. This is not a man who should be taken seriously by anyway with half a brain.

      Courtney is a toxic, drugged-out mess but her father is no better. He knows jackshit about anything to do with Kurt Cobain.

  10. Kristen says:

    Also, I wish I typed faster on my phone, as everyone else here kinda beat me to the punch. Lol At least we’re all in agreement! ;-)

  11. Whoa–Courtney looks like a different person. Wtf has she done to her face?

    • Abby_J says:

      Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.

      Still. Hole (her band) had some great 1990′s music, and I still listen to the old albums today. Oddly, more than I listen to Nirvana.

      • Merritt says:

        Agreed, Hole had some great songs. “Live Through This” is one of the best albums of the 1990′s.

      • Happyhat says:

        One of my fav. albums ever!

      • Abby_J says:

        Yes, yes it was. I was also a fan of Pretty on the Inside. When I was a Teenage Whore was a great angsty song.

      • Pinky Rose says:

        Hole was an amazing band. I love Doll Parts.

      • Kristen says:

        Down Soda will always be a favorite of mine. Don’t think it was ever officially released, though. Just on one or more of the b-side compilations. Also, Pretty On The Inside is an awesome album in general.

    • Miffy says:

      Drugs, yoyo dieting and budget plastic surgery. She freely admits she destroyed her own lips with fillers and then trying to have them removed. It’s why she doesn’t wear red lipstick anymore.

    • Kath says:

      She had a huge and obvious face lift in her 30s plus multiple nose jobs.

  12. Chris says:

    So you lose custody of your daughter when she is five. Her life is sh-t–being shuttled around foster care and other family members. Then you spend the better part of 20 years writing books insinuating she is a murderer? Way to go Dad!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Really. I am just appalled. What kind of a father did she have? My God, no wonder she is messed up. Can you imagine your own father publicly blaming you for your husband’s suicide? That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

    • Cazzee says:

      Yeah, exactly – this guy is a piece of work. Talk about winning ‘worst father of the year’ award.

      For the first time ever, I feel sorry for Courtney Love.

    • Rachel says:

      Ha! Well said.

    • prayforthewild says:

      This was all I could think while reading his quotes. He didn’t raise her, doesn’t even know her, but can write books about how she killed her husband, who he also never knew? Okay.

      I remember years ago CL saying how she got a nose job because it was her father’s nose, whatever, but what I got from it was that she hated her dad.

    • magpie says:

      This. Courtney is a crazy hot mess but her Dad is a total hack that has been trying to cash in on this forever.

      • Alicia says:

        The entire family – Courtney’s dad, mom, and Courtney herself are all hot messes. And her mom is a therapist! Imagine that.

  13. db says:

    I thought that fragment was written in Courtney’s hand? Anyway, it reads like a song fragment, an idea one of the them was toying with. And I’ve never bought the Courtney killed Kurt crap — all of that’s coming from her dad, and he’s got a ton of issues of his own. IMO, Courtney is a piece of work, not a killer.

  14. eliza says:

    The guy was a hugely depressed individual and drug addict. End of story.

    People may love to hate this woman but facts are facts. She is no murderess, just a bitchy mess.

  15. Narak says:

    Her father needs to take seat. What a horrible man, still pursuing his conspiracy theory that she had anything to do with his suicide. Heroin is a brutal mistress.

    • alana says:

      You know come to think of it the only reason a father would act like this if is they had gravely wronged their own child. Which clearly, he is accused of doing. I mean he was manager for the dead and it’s quite believable he *could* have given her LSD while she was three which is young enough to have caused her significant brain damage. Either way I think she is severely personality disordered in the same manner as Lindsay Lohan and should not be in the public eye, because it just aggravates her symptoms and aura of impunity. I and a friend of mine both were gravely wronged as children by our fathers who spent the rest of their lives trying to defame us as horrible people, rotten seeds. The plot thickens…

  16. Samtha says:

    Weren’t portions of his suicide note actually part of a letter he’d written to a magazine? I have vague memories of there being questions as to whether it was actually a suicide note or not.

    That said, it’s not impossible to feel both those about your spouse–that the person is a goddess and also an a-hole. Especially if you’re going through a tough patch, or in the middle of a fight.

  17. FingerBinger says:

    Kurt was a depressed drug addict with a myriad of problems before he ever met Courtney. People should stop blaming this woman for Kurt being so messed up. If he’d never met Courtney there is no doubt in my mind he would have eventually committed suicide.

  18. MaryIV says:

    What ever happened to that beautiful baby? She would be an adult by now right?

    • Abby_J says:

      She is out and about. If you search for Frances Bean Cobain, lots of pictures pop up. She really looks like a combination of both her parents, in my opinion.

      I can’t imagine how strange it was to grow up for her.

    • Isadora says:

      Wow, I just googled more recent pics of her and her fiancé (? not sure if they are still engaged) looks very much like a dark haired version of Kurt Cobain. He is of course very pretty (Kurt was too if you don’t count the drugged out stare) but it’s a bit weird.

  19. pnichols says:

    the entire relationship was toxic. they were both strung out junkies. that’s what linked them.

  20. megsie says:

    While I don’t believe she pulled the trigger, she certainly encouraged him to do so. My Chicago born sister in law is good friends with the ex wife of one of Courtney’s numerous conquests. All I can say is Courtney is truly a toxic woman who has damaged so many lives.

    • Tracy says:

      I’m a Chicagoan, so I think I know who you’re referring to. Is that what ripped them apart?

  21. eva k says:

    Actually, in real life, police investigators tend to take the “path of least resistance” in these cases. They just want to close the case. It’s not like in the TV shows where they go to great lengths, run every expensive forensics test, work night and day interviewing people and exploring every possibility, etc. Only attorneys standing to make lots of money from a corporation, or FBI looking for a serial killer do that kind of investigating. It’s not too hard to believe Seattle Police didn’t put a lot of effort into investigating claims. It looked like (or was made to look like) a suicide, so they went with that. Case closed.

    • Jag says:

      Exactly! Many people here are overlooking the fact that there were no fingerprints on the drug items, bullets, the pen that supposedly wrote the suicide note, on the suicide note itself, and the only fingerprints they found at all were on the gun and inconclusive.

      How does a person shoot up in both arms, put away the needle(s) in a box far from him, write a suicide note, and possibly even load a gun without leaving fingerprints?

      His best friend bought the gun. If the friend had loaded it, those fingerprints would have been there. You can’t load a gun without fingerprints, unless you wear gloves and no gloves were found at the scene.

    • Isadora says:

      I have no idea if Kurt really killed himself and I don’t think we will ever find out. But I’m convinced that he was very suicidal and would have eventually killed himself…

      BUT I have to agree with you overall assessment of police work. I personally know a girl that “committed suicide” in extremely shady circumstances (like: how is this physically even possible?) with a violent ex-boyfriend she met shortly before her death and everything. There wasn’t even a real investigation, the case was closed extremely fast. Nobody from her family thinks that she committed suicide but they were simply too grief-stricken and shocked to go down the long, arduous and quite possibly futile road and fight the police, court and everything.

  22. Ginger says:

    As I understand it she was nowhere near him when he killed himself. Kurt was depressed, a drug addict and suffering from painful health issues. I’ve never doubted that his death was by his own hand. Now if you believe in mediums or psychics I will tell you that a lot of people dreamed of Kurt after his death according to Courtney. I was one of those people. I liked Nirvana and saw them live once but I wasn’t a die hard fan so I still can’t understand why Kurt was communicating with me after death but he did. He told me he was finally happy and free of pain. So although his death was a tragedy and I felt for his child sometimes passing on can be a blessing. I’m just glad to see that their daughter Frances has grown into a beautiful and well adjusted woman.

    • EmmGee says:

      I have a cool Kurt story as well…..several years ago my hubs and I and two of our kiddos were headed up to Seattle for a music festival. As we were driving thru an area where Kurt had lived at one time, two separate iPods with different playlists, both on shuffle, started playing Nirvana songs……needless to say, it kinda spooked us yet it was very cool to get that “nudge” from the spirit world.

    • cro-girl says:

      I have to share a story as well. About three years after he died I was 16 and I was still quite enamoured with the band. I slept in a day bed and above it was a poster of Kurt on the wall. I dreamed that he walked from the hallway to my bed and then sat on the bar at the opposite end of me. He looked at me gently for a bit and then up at the picture of himself. He shook his head as if to say “for shame” and then I woke up.

  23. Quinn Parker says:

    The handwriting looks like Courtney’s, not Kurt’s- there are lots of samples out there to view. And, it sounds like something Courtney would say about HERSELF, given her humor. I think it was a joke- “here’s what our wedding vows SHOULD have been, Kurt-”, and nothing more.

    Cobain was a sad soul, and I do think that Courtney enabled him but loved him, in her own sick way. The story behind the Nirvana song “Heart Shaped Box” illustrates their relationship pretty perfectly.

  24. Mixtape says:

    To everyone criticizing the dad, I wholeheartedly agree, but I don’t feel much sympathy for Courtney as she’s only perpetuated this lousy parenting cycle. The way she picks fights with her daughter in public and over social media is deplorable.

    • amanda says:

      Yeah, she’s pretty awful. Did you hear about the incident where she accused Dave Grohl of hooking up with Frances Bean? Gross.

  25. MyCatLoves TV says:

    Anybody else kinda weirded out by it being TWENTY YEARS AGO that Kurt killed himself??? I was new to the Internet back then (Prodigy…if anybody remembers that service) and this guy I was writing went to bloody pieces over the suicide. I thought he might kill himself as well. (He didn’t, thankfully.) God, that was a lifetime ago but it seems like yesterday. Wow.

    • Jag says:

      Yeah, it seems like last month. I actually tried to kill myself the night before he was found dead, so it’s extra weird for me. I was in a coma for about 4 days, and when I awoke, I found out he was dead.

      • TheOriginalPuppy says:

        Well it’s good to see you’re still alive and well, Jag.

      • amy tennant says:

        Oh, Jag, really? I actually tried to kill myself that same day. Honey, I’m so glad we’re here 20 years later!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Wow, Jag and Amy. That is really amazing, and i am so glad that you are both here with us.

  26. Bread and Circuses says:

    That second picture with Francis Bean and (a very young, yet hairy!) Sinead O’Connor is adorable.

    Below the surface is a dark place.

  27. JoleenMean says:

    Based on the handwriting, those over at Gawker seem to think that Courtney wrote the note found in Cobain’s wallet. That makes sense to me, the wife writes a funny, self-deprecating note while trying to patch up problems and the husband keeps in his wallet.

    Also, isn’t it well know that Courtney’s dad is a piece of crap? At least in his dealings with her throughout her life.

  28. Gorgonia says:

    This post gives me so many memories: I adored Nirvana, and yes, I liked Holes music a lot. I think Kurt’s death was suicide: probably he and Courtney had a toxic relationship, but I think this went both way. Courtney is not a wonderful person, but Kurt had his own issues, even before to meet her. I’ m not surprised she is such a mess, when I see what kind of father she has…

  29. priss says:

    I have several friends who knew Kurt very well before and after fame. They all hate Courtney, but not a single one of them believes he was murdered. Kurt was a bipolar drug addict and suicide is unfortunately a pretty typical result of those afflictions. Let him RIP.

  30. Inlike says:

    I’d like to know more about how Courtney’s father (apparently a crap-stain of a dad) lost custody of his daughter.

  31. Rachel says:

    I own that Courtney Love book with lots of lyric sheets and letters and that’s DEFINITELY her handwriting. I think she was just joking and calling herself that. I think people just want to believe that Kurt would have written her a degrading hateful note because they still don’t want to accept he wasn’t an angel and capable of suicide. Also Hank Harrison is the scum of the earth.

  32. Emily C. says:

    Kurt Cobain suffered his whole life from extreme physical pain due to a stomach condition. That anyone with chronic pain commits suicide is not a surprise. Going to bed every night knowing that the pain will follow you into your dreams, and then you’ll wake up and the pain will be there, and no matter what you do, you will be living every second of your life while being tortured, is incredibly difficult. Staying alive becomes your job, and some days it’s a well-nigh impossible one. Kurt Cobain had easy access to something that would allow him to escape his body easily. It’s no surprise that, eventually, he chose to take that escape.

    The note that’s recently been published is not a hate note. It’s very typical of Kurt and Courtney’s relationship, and of the relationships of a lot of young people “back then” (wow I feel old). Irony and sarcasm were the thing to do. Kurt Cobain was one of the vanguards of that culture, so of course he’d write like that — it’s a love note and it sounds like a lot of his songs. And then of course, when he’d finally decided to die, he’d show his true feelings and also try to protect his wife from the slander he knew was coming.

    And Courtney Love’s father is scum.

    • alana says:

      the creepy thing to me is that I totally see the new note as his writing. The other note sounds way more like Courtney. I don’t see Cobain EVER using the terminology “death rocker” but it sure sounds like something Courtney would say. Hank Harrison may be scum but the nanny in that film was scared to death of her, the ex boyfriend whose name I can’t remember is scared to death of her, she knocked out Kathleen Hanna, she’s been complete shit to Kat Bjelland for years, whom she cribbed most of her singer persona and style/look from…the truth will out…I wonder why they are releasing all this stuff again, I wonder if they are going to reopen the case or something.

  33. TheOriginalPuppy says:

    “a daughter who reminds me too much of what i used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every person she meets because everyone is good and will do her no harm. And that terrifies me to the point to where I can barely function. I can’t stand the thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive, death rocker that I’ve become.”

    As a miserable bastard who is prone to bouts of depression I can totally relate to that statement. It’s very sad. But if Kurt didn’t want Francis becoming depressed I don’t think blowing his brains was a very good preventative measure. That’s a terrible thing to do to a child but I guess that’s the nature of the illness.

    • RosettaStoned says:

      I love you name, TheOrignalPuppy, lol! Now we have a puppy to go with our Kitten. :)

  34. alana says:

    He and several other people in that movie are scared to death of her. That speaks for itself. I think the truth will come out one day.

  35. emma says:

    The note sounds pretty joke-y to me, kind of sweet in their grungypunky way.

  36. vvvoid says:

    When I was 13, 6 years after his death, I printed out pamphlets detailing the reasons why it seemed possible if not likely that Courtney was behind Kurt’s death.

    In my middle school’s atrium.

    To a bunch of kids who listened to Aqua and Spice Girls and Limp Bizkit. Not exactly the perfect venue for my soapbox.

    Looking back, I think I was just so incredibly enamored of Kurt [and still am to this day] that I wanted to believe he was an innocent victim. But I will say, I looked into every nook and cranny of evidence/conspiracy/conjecture and I’ll never feel certain about either possibility. I do believe she was capable of killing Kurt, but I also believe Kurt was capable of killing Kurt. I do believe he intended to divorce her, but I also believe he suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder and Major Depression [heroin induced depression, BPD induced heroin addiction]. Whatever happened, it really sucked, and I am still hurt and saddened by his death. I still feel a strong wave of emotion whenever I see a photo of him. I can’t really even listen to Nirvana anymore as it stirs in me all manner of intense, unnameable emotions.

    • Carolyn says:

      I kind of feel the same way about Michael Hutchence. Quite a few parallels between Cobain & Love, and Hutchence & Yates. All toxic people who were with the wrong person and together they were worse. Circumstances may have been different if both had split.

      Cosign with everyone’s thoughtful, articulate & rational posts. Golly let him rest in peace.

  37. Original Me says:

    Courtney Love’s (non) parent needs to take 1,000 seats. Courtney Love had an incredibly crappy home life and was rejected by her mother, her father wasn’t much better. He is just trying to cash in. Courtney Love probably didn’t help Kurt Cobain’s mental state but she had nothing to do with his death. I don’t understand why all of this stuff is being rolled out after all this time to-to stir things up? Who knows.
    I’m also tired of Kurt Cobain idolization. He was severely depressed and was a terrible drug addict. The guy needed help but never got it because too many people were around him for the wrong reasons, etc. He didn’t represent anything that my friends and I were about whatsoever. He was not my spokesperson.
    Nirvana as a band was ok but there are so many many more bands from 90′s that were better. I don’t know why he was made into some 90′s poster child. I’m sorry but anyone who idolizes him is misguided. Admire his talent, like his music, but don’t act like he was the second coming! And I was a senior in high school when he died so it I was in the thick of the grunge scene. Give me Afghan Whigs and Screaming Trees over Nirvana any day. I think Layne Staley was way more talented than Kurt Cobain.
    Nirvana surpassed all because metal heads latched onto it when metal and hair metal died down in the late 80′s.

    • Lauraq says:

      Anyone who dies prematurelyis idolized and their issues are whitewashed. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t that mind blowing of an actress. Princess Di had a bunch of issues. But people look past that because of the tragedy of young life lost.

  38. amanda says:

    I don’t know what really happened with Kurt Cobain, but if you spend any time on (private detective/former LAPD) Tom Grant’s website, it certainly makes you wonder. Tom Grant was originally hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt when he disappeared from rehab, and apparently he found so many things about the situation to be shady that he’s devoted the last 20 years to it. If you go down that rabbit hole, it’s incredibly fascinating. Also- making judgments about it gets a LOT harder when you delve into all the details. And, apparently, it’s been questioned enough for the Seattle PD to “reopen” the case. The main reason I find the whole thing suspicious?
    The amount of morphine in Kurt’s blood (heroin turns to morphine once injected) was over the lethal dose. This has been recently confirmed by the Seattle PD- that even if he hadn’t shot himself, he would have died from the heroin. Initially, they said that his tolerance to the drug was a factor, but they’ve changed their tune and admitted it was indisputably lethal. That in and of itself is really neither here nor there- the real issue is whether Kurt would have been able to shoot himself. After removing the needle and tourniquet from his arm and rolling down his sleeve. *He also had valium on board at the time*. That’s some impressive sh*t right there, people. I’m a nurse and I’ve seen people doped up on decidedly non-lethal dosages of opiates, and functionality is a definite issue. Plus, it’s not like you’ve got some time for the drug to kick in when you inject it, like you do when you take a medication by mouth. Injecting a drug directly into the bloodstream causes an immediate response. It’s not rocket science. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. This is logic, and logically, it’s suspicious. That’s all I’m saying. It’s not about tolerance, it’s about functionality. It’s about shooting up an over-the-lethal dose of heroin and then still being conscious and functional enough to do what he did next.