Gisele Bundchen in Balenciaga at the 2014 Met Gala: beautiful or blah?


It always amazes me how few risks Gisele Bundchen takes when she’s on a red carpet. As a model, in ad campaigns and on runways, she’s up for anything. She’ll do any kind of styling, and she’s proven that she can wear pretty much anything. But when Gisele is herself on a red carpet, it’s kind of boring. She likes relatively simple frocks, she usually goes for clean lines, nothing too dramatic. For this year’s Met Gala, Gisele wore Balenciaga (which is under new leadership following Nicolas Ghesquière’s exit). The dress is pretty, but it doesn’t stand out at all. Tom Brady’s hair looks sketchy too.


Dita Von Teese in Zac Posen. Karen Elson was wearing Posen too – those were Zac’s dates for the night. I like Zac Posen as a person, but I think he’s overrated as a designer. While Dita’s dress is beautifully constructed, the colors are seriously off.


Naomi Campbell wore Givenchy, and Riccardo Tisci was her date. I don’t loathe her dress, but I don’t like it either. It’s a bad design saved by the fact that Naomi has a great body and can wear anything.



Newly single Adriana Lima wore Givenchy as well. This dress sucks.


Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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  1. Tatjana says:

    Gisele looks good, the rest look bad.
    Gisele’s already harsh face is getting harsher as she’s aging. And her and Brady are soo annoying as a couple.

    Adriana looked much better with dark brown hair. The black ages her.

    • Mia4S says:

      So I’m not crazy, thank you! I couldn’t believe how severe Gisele’s face looked. I mean, I don’t think it’s due to getting work done. Is it?! As you say she may just be one of those models who doesn’t age particularly well. Unlike Naomi. How old is she now? Damn.

      • Tatjana says:

        Well, I don’t think she was pretty to begin with. Along with Rosie HW, she was one of the most unfortunate looking VS models ever. But she had some charisma and a great walk.

      • AG-UK says:

        I don’t think Giselle has had work but I think she has always had a masculine face in my opinion and they are annoying as a couple. Naomi is in her 40’s and I have seen her in a restuarant she has done something to her face her cheeks are too puffy. Her body on the other hand is perfection.

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      I like Gisell’s dress but I have to agree: Her face is looking hard. A lot of times women with “man face” end up looking like this as they get older. Her body is incredible though.

      • snowflake says:

        this man face thinks she looks good. but then again i’m a man face too. sorry we’re too manly for you. really offensive to me. i can’t help my face. sorry if we offended you. i hate the term man face. i’m still a woman and it hurts

    • Dhavynia says:

      Thank you!
      I never thought she was all that and I believe she became famous because of Leonardo DiCaprio so Brady decided to pick up the leftovers

  2. blue marie says:

    Gisele looks good, but she always does. Her and Tom are cute together.

    I love Posen’s curls and Naomi’s boob looks like the hurt in that dress.

  3. bella says:

    vita’s dress is spectacular…i can’t take my eyes off of it!
    the colors are perfect together…magic.

    gisele is gisele…perfection no matter what, even if her look is unremarkable.
    tom is perfection, too…

    the rest are ok, but, AGREED, lima’s dress sucks!

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      That dress makes Lima look pregnant.

    • Jenna says:

      I tend to think the way Gisele dresses is really smart if unsurprising. She is a model, and most of the time models are basically walking hangers. Designers really, for the most part, can get pretty upset if it is the model who is noticed first and their work comes in at a far second. She dresses simply so her assets to anyone who wants to hire her are on total clear display. She shows how her body looks and allows herself to be a blank canvas for whatever someone else wants her for. So… boring but sensible from a business angle. Up until at a few years ago, it wasn’t about the true personality of the person wearing the clothes, it was just how well they could manage to morph into what the designer wanted the clothes to say.

  4. Kiddo says:

    Dita Von Teese and man: Graduation commencement attire and Lobster dress for the celebratory after-the-event dinner.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I think that man is Zac Posen, the designer of her dress and I think he looks like an extra in Interview with a Vampire.

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    Well, if I had to pick the best of these dresses, I would have to give it to Gisele, its boring, but the other dresses are HORRIBLE!

  6. V4Real says:

    I’m going to keep it moving, nothing to see here.

  7. Jegede says:

    Gisele’s 2011 MET McQueen red gown would have been more suited for this year’s theme

    And why has she started to wear black consistently for this event?
    2012, 2013 and now.

    This is Adriana’s first appearance at the Gala and she’s given me ‘The Crow’ vibes here.

  8. PixieWitch says:

    I didn’t realize Dracula was going to be there! he looks good for 450 year old!

  9. Original Tessa says:

    See, I think Zac Posen is a total genius. His construction is so innovative and unique. I have always loved him.

    • poppy says:

      he totally paid tribute to charles james. successfully.
      everyone else just put out their same old tired BS glad rags.

    • L says:

      This. His looks were by far and away the best, and clearly designed for the event and not just the same ole’ same ole. Even his own look that he wore spoke to Charles James and formal menswear

      Oscar De La Renta would have been the best except for that weird signature on SJP train.

      • Gia says:

        Actually he didn’t design for the occasion, that’s his MO. His signature is architectural draping, corsetry, and ruching .Especially his last couple collections. So it really baffled me that for a night honoring Charles James not many wore his modern day reincarnation. Then again no one really wore McQueen for Savage Beauty or Westwood or any “genuine” punk designer for Chaos to Couture.

  10. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I think Gisele’s dress is relatively daring for her and suits her, the deep V at the front seems to be a popular trend which I don’t think suits many, I think sensibly she strapped down her bolt ons to keep it classy. Tom’s hair is a bit Cuckoo’s nest. As for Naomi…ugh. Serious tranny hooker territory. Her boobs look horrific in the full on shot, lumpy, misshapen, fake. Trainwreck. Why Naomi why? Her face is still perfection though and I like the soft hair.

    I can’t stop looking at Zac Posen’s vampire cape and curly cherub hair, he is totally upstaging Dita and Karen. I am over Dita’s schtick but she looks good in his dress. I don’t have a problem with the colour, though she does look a bit like a cake topper. Karen’s is super wrinkled looking, too bad because it does look like a lot of work went in to the draping.

  11. Nicolette says:

    It might be just me, but so many of the gowns I’ve seen just look like really bad off-the-rack bride’s maid dresses. This is supposed to be couture, is it not? It’s more like Filene’s Basement.

    • Natasha says:

      I totally agree. Going through these pictures with my co-workers this morning I found myself commenting multiple times, pretty but it looks like something I could find on the rack at Lord and Taylor. I mean this is like THE fashion event step it up a notch people (looking at you Giselle). The structure of Dita’s dress is amazing though, but I don’t like the color combo. Maybe red and bright white would have been better or all red? Not sure .

  12. eliza says:

    Whoa! WTF is going on with Campbell’s face? I would not have known it was her. Scary.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I love Gisele’s dress, dislike the others.

  14. reddy says:

    Wow, Riccardo Tisci has the exact same ‘I loathe all of you’ expression as his BFF Kanye. From the vacant stare up to the pinched mouth.

  15. Lindy says:

    I know I may be in the minority but can I just say that I kind of adore the slightly campy, over-the-top look that Posen himself is sporting? I mean, it’s the Met gala, so if there’s ever a time to just be a little bit off the map, that is the place and time. I love it. It’s like he walked out of an Edwardian locked-room murder mystery novel or something. He steals the show for me.

    Also, I have looked at every single post and there are SO FEW dresses that do anything for me, and SO MANY that are actively horrid. What’s up with the fashion this year?

    • poppy says:

      ITA re everything you said.
      i think posen won the met.
      i think designers and their celebs of choice are too busy to be bothered fitting these dresses correctly. then some just can’t design. smh

  16. Jayna says:

    Beautiful. I love the gown on her and suits her. It’s probably one of those gowns in person it is more stunning with the detail.

  17. Sarah says:

    Why does Gisele pose like a drunk sorority girl?

  18. Bridget says:

    Did Tisci just really not like the theme this year? He looks like he just grabbed whatever gowns were sitting around for the ladies that were dressed by Givenchy at the gala.

  19. Val says:

    Can we get someone else to design for Givenchy please? Enough of Tisci, all of designs are awful.

  20. candy corn says:

    The supermodels all look fantastic to me.

  21. nana says:

    Alexander Wang is the new head designer for Balenciaga!

  22. Gia says:

    Loved Dita’s dress and been waiting for a red/white color combo to make a comeback since AJolie Versace GG? dress. Karen dress is beautiful but the pink is no good. A icy blue or grey would have been better. Gisele is pretty but not with the theme. What’s the point of a theme if no ones going to follow it!?! The others-it amazes me how fashion industry veterans could look this bad.

    The MET Gala is so boring and mainstream now. Everyone is just hear to promote something- a movie, an album/tour, themselves. Fashion biggest night have turned into a den of self-promoting hot messes. The Coachella for the wannabe fashion girls and mocktresses.

  23. NANALU says: