Adriana Lima has a prince pussy-whipped – without the pussy

The Bastardly’s sexiest woman of 2006, self-professed virgin and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, smacked her royal boyfriend across the face at his own birthday party:

Arriving late at P.M. Lounge at Friday’s birthday party for her boyfriend, Prince Wence of Lichtenstein, part of the wealthiest royal family of Europe with $4 billion, she marched up to the birthday boy and slapped him across the face. (Maybe he forgot to send a car to pick her up.) “Then she went to the bar with a girlfriend,” said a bystander. “Ten minutes later, she came back, picked up the prince’s jacket, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out the door.” Presumably, they soon made up and the prince’s birthday ended happily.

It’s reassuring that there are models so sure of themselves that they don’t worry about pissing off princes worth billions. Little girls dream of marrying princes and being sweet perfect wives. Maybe thanks to Adriana Lima’s example some of them will realize that they don’t have to put out or be nice to rule rich and powerful men. All is takes is sex appeal, nerve, and holding out.

Here she is at a Victoria’s Secret fragrance promotion on 5/10.

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