Olivia Munn’s new boyfriend is Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: weird or cute?


I wouldn’t ordinarily care about Olivia Munn’s newest boyfriend, considering I’m simply grateful she’s no longer with Joel Kinnaman. I actually read this Us Weekly story a few times before I realized who Aaron Rodgers was – go ahead and yell at me, whatever, I don’t follow sports. Because I’m a gossip, I only knew the name “Aaron Rodgers” because last year, there were some weird rumors going around that Aaron is gay. The rumors got wide play, so much so that Aaron had to come out and say that he is not gay and “really, really likes women.” And this is Olivia Munn’s new boyfriend:

Football season has arrived early for Olivia Munn! The Newsroom star, who recently split from boyfriend of two years, actor Joel Kinnaman, has moved on to NFL hunk Aaron Rodgers.

Multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly that Munn and Rodgers are dating; The pair were spotted dining with a group of pals at Nobu Malibu on Saturday, May 10, where they behaved like quite the couple.

One eyewitness tells Us that the couple was at a big table, where they laughed with friends and stole kisses throughout the meal. Munn and Rodgers spoke onstage together last month at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, where they were also photographed hanging out backstage.

33-year-old Munn’s new romance with the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback, 30, comes just two weeks after Us exclusively reported the actress had split from RoboCop star Kinnaman.

“They were actually close friends before they even started dating,” a source told Us of Munn and her ex, “so they’ve been able to stay really good friends even through the breakup. It’s just made things much easier for both of them.”

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t mean to be harsh or whatever, but this just makes me think that he’s gay. Is that weird? I feel like Olivia supplements her career by going on high-profile dates with men with gay rumors. She did it with Matthew Morrison too. It’s a wonder she’s never gotten around to Bradley Cooper. Anyway, good luck to them. I hope they’re very happy together.



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  1. Jegede says:

    Tres tres weird. (And I’ll leave it at that *wink*)
    But girl don’t waste time

    • tinyjones says:

      Omg..so not weird. I LOVE Aaron Rodgers (he is sooo cute, and funny – great wit…they seem a match!) and I love Olivia Munn!! Yaaay. Perfect!! I hope newsroom comes back soon.

  2. feebee says:

    From the stories I’ve heard it’s not the gay rumors that upset him, it’s when people come up to him and tell him he’s shorter/smaller than they thought he’d be, ha ha.

    • Erinn says:

      Ahahah poor guy.

      I think he’s kind of cute really. Though I don’t follow football whatsoever.

      • Esmom says:

        He is cute. I don’t follow football either but my sons and husband do and by all accounts he’s one of the nice guys.

      • Audrey says:

        He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the game today.

        He’s an okay guy but tends to make bets and then back out which is dumb and annoying. Like the bet was just to wear a 49ers jersey for a day and he never did it after losing

        Anyway he does ping my gaydar but I don’t really like to talk about it. I feel like everyone should be able to come out when they’re ready (if he is). There was some good evidence too

        I’m thinking fake couple but not going to be too pushy over it cause of the whole gay thing. But it’s weird. He was supposedly engaged but now he’s dating her? His love life is odd, let’s leave it at that

      • Atlantapug says:

        My husband has been mistaken for Aaron Rodgers so many times I told him he should start giving autographs.

    • PrettyTarheelFan says:

      OK, so I have an Aaron Rodgers story. I’m in ATL last year, and this guy with KILLER blue eyes keeps checking me out from a row down in the VIP section. He’s got a couple of big, beefy dudes with him, and he starts over towards me and I’m like, that’s Aaron Rodgers, BUT HE’S SO FREAKIN’ SMALL?!?!?! He got a little closer, and I assume got a look at my wedding ring and the fact that my ass is bigger than my face would indicate, and moved on, but I got the once over by Aaron Rodgers. However, the gay rumors are so strong with this one, he may have just been planning to ask me about my eyeliner.

  3. blue marie says:

    That whole interview with Rodgers was kind of odd though. Like he went out of his way to say that he wasn’t gay, which brought even more attention to it. I dunno, I don’t care. The dude’s an awesome QB and I hate when the Falcons play him.

    Anyway, if they’re happy then good for them. And YAY cause she won’t be going back to Joel! (which sadly, kind of makes my morning)

    • Eve says:

      I’m right here!

    • Audrey says:

      My patriots play him this year.

      I’d be worried about it but we have Revis island!!!!!

      Plus the packers have been pretty meh lately. Rodgers is still great but his oline and weapons are disappointing

      • delphi says:

        Hey now…ease off. If every other guy on their defensive line wasn’t INJURED, they’d be incredible. The offense can’t carry a team alone. #unrepentantPackerBacker

        And I have a soft spot for Olivia. She’s an opportunist, sure…but what Hollywood actress isn’t, to one degree or another? She earned mad props from me for co-hosting “Attack of the Show” on G4. That show makes even an uber-geek like me cringe. And I adore her on “The Newsroom”. She’s a definite step up from Aaron’s last flame…Destiny Newton. Her big sister was on a season of “The Bachelor”, and D’s biggest claim to fame was being a bit of T&A for Jack Daniels and posting creepy wedding ideas on her Pinterest with Aaron’s name tagged in them. *shudder*

      • Audrey says:

        Oh i feel you on injuries. Our defensive line was awful thanks to injuries

        They need to get him a better oline though. Keep Rodgers on his feet

  4. Tiffany27 says:

    All I’m hearing is that Joel Kinnaman is single.

  5. Abbott says:

    She’s on the Miranda Kerr school of break ups plan. Twirl on, girl!

  6. truthSF says:

    Aaron is gay, which is not the problem. How he treated his ex-boyfriend is.

    • ldub says:

      also, THIS ^^^^^

      • huh says:

        Spill! Spill!! Spill!!!

      • Elle says:

        Aaron has/had? a male roommate/personal assistant who is his best friend/the rumored boyfriend. He even posted a picture of himself wearing Aaron’s superbowl MVP ring. Then a while ago the ‘roommate’ posted a bunch of cryptic tweets which sounded a bit like a scorned lover style. They were deleted but if you google something like Aaron rodger boyfriend they will come up.

      • huh says:

        Thank you.
        I did google, it seemed more like a bromance type situation? I did raise my eyebrows when I saw tweeted pics of their VIP tickets to see- Justin Bieber. Not because it is indicative of sexual orientation but of truly shitty taste in music. Now THAT he needs to hide

    • Miss Melissa says:

      It’s sad he cannot come out. What happened to the “christian fiancee” beard?

  7. Rhiley says:

    Hey, yell at me because I thought this girl just had Jason Sudekiswhatevs baby and they were all loved up.

    • Eve says:

      That’d be Olivia Wilde.

    • Ag says:

      i get those two confused as well. do they look alike? or do i only think they do?

      • tinyjones says:

        I get Olivia Wilde and Amber Heard mixed up all the time….I’d confuse them with keira knightly too but keira can act.

        I don’t get Olivia Munn mixed up w/them though. She has more of a Megan Fox look. They could be sisters.

      • kri says:

        @Ag they don’t look like alike, they just have the same…job.

  8. ldub says:

    damn. seriously, the things i would do to him. the things i’d let him do to me…. *fans self*

  9. Mae says:

    AND she dated Chris Pine – who has his share of gay rumors – and her phone was “hacked” or whatever with nudes intended for him.

    So, yeah. I’m with Kaiser. Olivia has a history of this, and it just makes me believe the rumors more.

  10. nicole says:

    Is that Donald Sterling sitting next to him in the one photo??

  11. birdie says:

    Aaron is not gay. He had a long low-key relationship with some blonde and was with Jessica Szohr. I hate seeing my favourite QB on my gossip sites.

    • truthSF says:

      That doesn’t make him straight. If he dated women too, that makes him bi, not straight. Because he definitely had a long time boyfriend.

      • tinyjones says:

        I really don’t care what Aarons sexuality is..he’s fine and he’s really smart and funny. He also doesn’t seem to care about rumors except when they get out of hand and even then he seems nonplussed.

        What I heard was Aaron is pretty much a liberal live and let live dude, who is a pro gay straight guy – he had a good friend who was gay, who worked for him in some capacity…now he doesn’t and the guy likes inferring things…like they were more than friends and had a relationship. I don’t buy it exactly.

      • Kim1 says:

        Kevin had a girlfriend when he was doing gospel and would tweet about women he was attracted to after he broke up with her.So if he is Gay he is a closet case .

      • birdie says:

        Definitely had a boyfriend? In what world. He denied it and I believe words out of his mouth rather than yours.

  12. Ag says:

    i really like aaron, he’s such a phenomenal QB, and i really like the packers (in a pretty “socialist” organization, they are the most socialist of all the teams). it’s sad that he felt the need to deny being gay publicly, whatever his orientation is.

    • Bucky says:

      I feel like the NFL is pretty capitalist … The fact that they are technically a non-profit is laughable. But sure, the whole community ownership thing I guess qualifies the Packers as the “most socialist,” and if nothing else, gives Green Bay fans something else to brag about.

      Not that I have any particular hate for Green Bay. I had the biggest crush on Brett Favre growing up, and I really like Rodgers as a QB.

  13. Jen says:

    Aaron doesn’t know how to handle his personal business. Besides the gay rumors, he also had a pregnant fiance or something???? And they made a big deal about how she was a nice Christian girl?

  14. CrazyCatLady says:

    Love football. Love Aaron Rodgers. Not sure how I feel about this. I’d rather he were gay actually.

  15. QQ says:

    Hahahahaha This shit made me laugh sooo hard : ” I feel like Olivia supplements her career by going on high-profile dates with men with gay rumors. ”

    I wanna supplement my income too!!

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Next thing we know, she will be rebounding with Derek Hough and then dating Ryan Seacrest, and the final nail will be in the coffin for all of these guys.

  16. BabysCake says:

    Olivia who?

  17. FingerBinger says:

    Why is she famous again? Is she an actress?

    • Jessica says:

      She’s famous for the Brett Ratner shrimp sauce story, for having a fling with Timberdouche when he was with still with Jessica Biel before they had split up a few years ago, for leaking those skanky texts and pictures she had sent to Chris Pine, for attending any red carpet event that will take her, for calling the paparazzi, among other things.

  18. Bucky says:

    Last night I dreamed that I was going out with a Super Bowl QB and it was GLORIOUS. I kept having to hide my AWESOME SECRET LIFE from my (real life) boyfriend, which I would only ever do in dream football world. Anyway, it was great, and I would like to thank this Olivia Munn rumor for probably kicking off (heh heh) that line of thought in my brain. You did me a solid, Olivia/Olivia’s people!

    I like Aaron Rodgers because he came to Vandy football games while his little brother was playing QB for us. That was nice of him.

  19. Ginger says:

    Damn it! He’s mine!

  20. BreeinSEA says:

    Discount double check!

  21. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t get what all these attractive men see in her? She comes off as an irritating, smug know-it-all.

  22. Alexis says:

    Hm, if he’s straight or bi, get it girl! He’s cute and seems cool and nice.

  23. Jessica says:

    I knew it wouldn’t take her long. I still don’t see this lasting more than a few months though. She just needs a little publicity until she can find someone else.

    I just remembered another reason I can’t stand her. Isn’t she the one who gave an interview a few years back, where she basically implied that if a woman didn’t like her it was only because they were jealous and/or fat and lazy? I don’t remember exact quotes, but that was her, right?

  24. Ginger says:

    Oh my. That’s my sons favorite player. Aaron was born and raised in Chico, CA where I went to college. Small, small world. Ms. Munn better treat him right.

  25. Christo says:

    Olivia Munn is a celebrity beard. As someone stated above, the issue isn’t that Aaron Rogers is gay, but, more importantly, it is how he has treated his…ahem…boyfriends in light of his situation. Please google Kevin Lanflisi; pictures don’t lie, and these weren’t photoshopped.

    • Kimbob says:

      Oh wow….I googled….very, very interesting. Thanks for the head’s up!

    • Oh shit–I googled….he called him out beautifully. And the pictures accompanying the tweets told the story quite well. And it seems like to me that they were in some kind of freaky-deaky (in a really good way) relationship…I wonder what happened. But yeah–I kinda agree with the gay rumors, because of these tweets and his denial. Either Rodgers comes from a super conservative family that was on his ass about the rumors, and he denied it to shut them up (true or not), or something happened between him and his (extremely hot) ‘friend’…..and I’m thinking more along the lines that his (extrememly hot) ‘friend’ wanted to be more than just friends to the outside world, and SOMEONE didn’t want that.

      This, unwittingly, reminds me of ‘Valentine’s Day’—where McSteamy and Bradley Cooper were the gay lovers who broke up–McSteamy was in the NFL–because McSteamy wouldn’t go public….

      Check out this instagram photo…

    • someone says:

      Yup, beard

    • Cinderella says:

      I guess Swifty wasn’t available.

  26. Bessy says:

    I hate this pairing!!! And I also strongly think that his assistant Kevin ‘thought’ he was dating Aaron and when this came to A-rodg’s attention he had to put the kabbash on it right quick. And know Aaron is finding out what kind of friend Kevin really is.
    And I’d also like to mention that my dad somehow thinks it a legitimate possibility that I could marry Aaron- as if we even run in the same circles. Ha! Only in my dad’s best and wildest dream. I’m pretty sure he’s only looking for season box tickets. 🙂

  27. Damaris says:

    Aaron doesn’t strike me as the kind of man to date a Hollywood actress. I see him dating a former classmate from his hometown or his female relative’s best girlfriend. I definitely do not see him dating an Olivia Munn type.

    • Anne says:

      Yeah, that’s the impression I’ve always had. He’s confused me with this one.

  28. Bobbiesue says:

    This pairing makes me sick to my stomach and my QB is Tom Brady. Olivia Munn is the worst opportunist and would only be using him to get print…like right here!

  29. Missy says:

    My ARodg. I love him dearly but I think he could do better than Miss Munn. All though the pairing is growing on me more and more. I do not think he is gay but even if he is, it is his choice to come out or not come out. As long as he keeps playing like the all-star I know and love, I am okay with whomever he goes to bed with at night. GO PACK GO!

  30. Lori says:

    I can’t stand this Famewh0re (Munn). I don’t follow American Football………but I’m sure this guy could do better no matter what gender he prefers

  31. pretty kitty says:

    just glad munn is got dumped by joel and joel wisened up to her game