Someone Wastes $2 Million Dollars To Hear J-Lo Sing

I may sound like a cold hearted cynic sometimes, but deep down I am a romantic girl at heart. I’m not the only woman who doesn’t mind her man giving grand gestures to show how much he cares.

I will say this though — if my man ever shows up with J-Lo serenading me as my birthday present, I’ll drag him out by his ear, make him go down to the mall, and order him to go get me a present I can actually enjoy.

A Russian billionaire has spent £1 million GBP (about $2 million dollars) to fly Jennifer Lopez and her entourage to London to sing for his wife’s birthday party. Lopez is pocketing £600,000 (about $1.2 million) for singing for under 40 minutes, and the rest of the cash is to pay for her entourage to go with her and stay at a swanky London hotel.

From the Daily Mail:

Andrei Melnichenko, 35, is paying £600,000 for the performance plus a further £400,000 to fly the singer’s entourage in from the U.S. for the party in Berkshire and put them up in top London hotels.

Miss Lopez – who happens to bear a striking resemblance to Mr Melnichenko’s wife Aleksandra – will sing just a handful of numbers in a show lasting less than 40 minutes.

She will perform hits such as If You Had My Love for Melnichenko’s compatriot and fellow billionaire, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Talk about having more money than sense. I’m not trying to sound like a spoil sport, I do appreciate people doing sweet things for their loved ones, but do these people have any idea what they can do with that kind of money? They could give the money to needy children in Africa, or help the poor in their native Russia. It just seems like such a waste when so much good could be done for people who wish they even had a fraction of that.

Anyway, I’d pay $2 million just to send J-Lo to planet Xenu, but not to hear her sing! Now I almost feel bad for picking on Snoop Dogg and his X-Box yesterday.

Picture Note By Celebitchy: Here is Lopez performing on American Idol [via]




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