Cannes Fashion: Christina Hendricks in Alberta Ferretti, Gong Li in Cavalli


Here are some more assorted photos from the Cannes Film Festival. Yesterday, I covered the photocall from Lost River, Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, and now I’m including some pics of the red carpet premiere. Here’s Christina Hendricks in a black and sheer Alberta Ferretti Fall 2013. I’m not sure how I feel about this – on one side, it’s one of the better gowns she’s worn on a red carpet, although that’s setting the bar kind of low (sorry, Titsy). She looks good in black, her boobs are contained, the styling is decent. But on the other side… I just don’t like the dress that much.


Here’s Ryan Gosling at the premiere… the film is getting mixed reviews, to say the least. I don’t know why he didn’t actually wear a tie.


Gong Li = GODDESS. Do you know her age? She’s 48 YEARS OLD. Look at that face! Anyway, I’m including photos of Li at that Coming Home photocall (in black) and the premiere (in white Roberto Cavalli). I think the fit is slightly off in the Cavalli gown, but I like the back of the dress a lot.




Here’s Arlenis Sosa in a Julien Macdonald Fall 2014 gown. I’m not into this – too many design tricks. Metallic, leg slit AND cutouts?


And here’s Liu Wen in a Saint Laurent strapless with a weird bustline. I’m not sure what’s happening with Saint Laurent these days, quite honestly. This one could have been stellar, but the execution is off.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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18 Responses to “Cannes Fashion: Christina Hendricks in Alberta Ferretti, Gong Li in Cavalli”

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  1. SpookySpooks says:

    Christina has such a beautiful face. Her hair and makeup are perfect, but the dress is just okayish.

  2. in_theory says:

    I’m afraid Gong Li’s face isn’t natural at all. She seems to have a lot of trouble smiling, and there’s no movement or wrinkles on her face, which is just unnatural for someone her age.

    • Hello Kitty says:

      If it’s artificial, Gong Li still got her money’s worth. She is the gold standard for Chinese actresses and beauty. All the Zhang Ziyi’s of the world wish they could be her.

      • Etheldreda says:

        I was going to say the same thing. If Gong Li has had work done, then everyone in Hollywood should be begging her for her surgeon’s phone number, as it’s about the best ‘work’ I’ve ever seen – that’s if she’s had work at all. She really doesn’t look ‘plastic’ to me.

        Gong Li is mesmerisingly beautiful. Zhang Ziyi is too, but unfortunately she cannot act and has none of Gong Li’s charisma or sensuality. Anyone know who her date is btw?

  3. Samtha says:

    If not for the sheer bottom, I’d like Christina’s dress.

    As for what’s going on with (the former) YSL…Hedi Slimane. Can’t stand him. The label hasn’t been the same since he took over, and not in a good way.

  4. QQ says:

    This is a Post full of win TBH!

    Christina looks great the beading of this dress is MAGNIFICENT, I even like the nerd kIng’s Tux

    Gong Li and Li Wen are just extremely beautiful and on Fire

    Ryan Looks pretty cute with the tie less situation annnddd

    any time the light shines on Arlenis i feel super proud like a mom

  5. mia girl says:

    Aww, poor normcore* Gosling.

    Almost all of the reviews I read were s-c-a-t-h-i-n-g.
    Maybe he will ironically embrace them as good.

    *credit to @don’t kill me i’m french

  6. Rice says:

    Never heard of Gong Li but she’s gorgeous! And, 48???? The heck!!?? Keep doing whatever you’re doing, Gong!

  7. serena says:

    Gong Li is 48???? WTF!!

  8. eliza says:

    Love The Gos but his hairline is freaking me out.

  9. Dawn says:

    Wow I think all of these ladies look great! Christina has that face…it is just so beautiful.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    God, Gong Li just continues to be ridiculously gorgeous.

  11. JenniferJustice says:

    I’m tired of Christina Hendrick’s gargantuan implants. They are so exagerrated and unhealthy. And yes, they are implants. Look at her before anybody knew who she was.

    • Miss Ellito says:

      I agree. She needs to switch out those implants for a smaller size.

    • Samtha says:

      I don’t know. She looks a good twenty pounds lighter in the before photo, and I’m not talking about her breasts. Her breasts look pretty big there (if you look beyond the pose and the light color that washes out the details). It seems conceivable to me that her breasts got bigger when she gained weight.

    • Lex says:

      Haha people are always using that one photo to ‘prove’ she has implants…
      She was about 18 there!

      At 18 I was a B cup and then they pretty much just kept growing. They are now a G cup and still go up in size if I gain weight.

      Present day Christina is easily 25kg heavier than in that very old bikini photo. It isn’t like her body is still that size and only her boobs have grown.

      I am not arguing for or against implants – I have no idea.
      But if you are going to try and claim she definitively has them, at least be smart about it! Boobs grow. That IS possible.