Julia Roberts: married life ‘can lose its luster’

Julia Roberts is in full-promotional mode. She’s got Duplicity coming out in more than a month, and the role is being billed as the latest of Julia’s many “comeback” roles. She’s acting opposite her favorite actor, Clive Owen, and she’s been giving little interviews about him for several weeks (even though the film he’s promoting currently is The International, with Naomi Watts).

So it’s little surprise that Julia sat down and gave an interview to Allure magazine. What surprises me is that she talks in some detail about her family rather than her hot co-stars. Julia says about her children that they are “little time thieves” and reminds us all of just how great her life is: “I’m the luckiest girl in town, I really am.” Of course, Julia. People magazine has some more details about the Allure interview:

As a fulltime stay-at-home mom for the past year, Julia Roberts says life outside the Hollywood spotlight has been anything but uneventful – thanks to her kids with husband Danny Moder.

“I will never be bored again,”] the Oscar winner, 41, tells Allure for its March issue.

“Danny and I talk about, ‘What did we do with all the time we must have had?’ ” she says. “Because you don’t recognize it as such, until you have all these little … time thieves running around your house.”

Focused on raising her three children – twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 4, and another son, Henry, 20 months – Roberts has become creative in using home remedies when it comes to removing a splinter.

“We get a lot of splinters in our house,” says Roberts, whose new movie is Duplicity, with Clive Owen.

“A splinter is just a good light, a pair of tweezers and a lot of singing songs and passing the time: La-la-la, now listen, if you eat all of your dinner It’s distraction and extraction.”

The domesticated star admits her life at home is a juggling act, and while “it can lose its luster a little bit,” the key to her happy marriage and family is affection.

“The coolest thing you can do for your children is to love each other in their presence,” she says. “I’m the luckiest girl in town, I really am.”

From People Magazine

My deck is very old, and there are places where the wood is worn down and splitting, so in the summer I often get splinters too. My best remedy – when you first see that you have a splinter, wait and don‘t touch it. The worst thing is to try to take care of a splinter with your bare hands/nails. Get a pair of tweezers, sterilize them (a lighter will do), and very carefully and slowly remove the splinter. If you try to pull it out too fast, or if you’re not paying attention, part of the splinter could break off.

Julia seems like her normal self in the interview, but I do wonder if the whole “”it can lose its luster a little bit” comment was just some throw-away remark or if it was something that Julia’s really dealing with. One of the (few) things I’ve always admired about Julia is that when she wants to disappear and take a break from Hollywood, she does so successfully. But as the “comeback” roles accumulate and Julia makes more needless public appearances to promote nothing but herself, I tend to wonder if she’s just bored out of her mind out there in New Mexico with Danny Moder.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are shown in India visiting the Taj Mahal on 1/22/09. Credit: Splash News

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  1. kiki says:

    Julia attention span with men is very short I am surprised she is still with danny. who knows after next week they may announce their divorceing
    rumor is a A list couple is splitting up soon. I expect whoever it is to announce after the Oscars are over.

  2. mel says:

    I’m wondering if she made that comment because there could some trouble in the marriage. Only time will tell but she is one of my all time favorites.

  3. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Gah, she bores the PANTS off of me. And I don’t think she’s much of an actress, either. She’s usually just playing herself, that same horsey laugh, the same mannerisms, everything. Julia Roberts playing: Julia Roberts! Zzzzzzz.

  4. kiki says:

    she does play Julia Roberts in most of her movies.
    I did watch CLOSER mostly for Clive Owens I though Julia was pretty good in that . She wasnt Julia with the big horse mouth and laugh. Theres a couple of sly digs and mean digs on her character that made the moive dialogue porn for me.

  5. Mishkiska says:

    Has anyone forgotten the fact that Danny Moder was a married man when Julia Roberts put her hooks into him? I never understood that there was not more backlash about that. I lost all respect for her after she did that and I try to avoid movies that have her in them.

  6. loldongs says:

    Boredom is endemic to childhood.

    It’s a disgrace to imply as an adult you can get “bored”. I seriously question the maturity of any adult who bemoans such a vulnerability.

  7. Orangejulius says:

    Julia – Single life can also lose it’s lustre.

  8. barneslr says:

    “It’s a disgrace to imply as an adult you can get “bored”. I seriously question the maturity of any adult who bemoans such a vulnerability.”

    Then I guess you question the maturity of virtually every single living adult on the planet, since most of us, at one point or another, do experience boredom to some degree. Boredom with a job, boredom with a relationship, boredom with any number of issues. It is a part of life, just as happiness and disappointments are part of life.

    And honestly, I question the maturity of someone who posts something that is so condescending and so poorly thought out at the same time.

  9. Granger says:

    barneslr: Not to mention boredom with an actress. ; ) I’ve never been a Julia Roberts fan, and still cringe when I think about the speech she gave when she won the Oscar for Erin Brockovich. Didn’t she shout, “It’s about time!”, or something equally nauseating? As if the mere 15 or so years she’d spent in the business at that point had been filled with unappreciated roles in Oscar-worthy films. Gimme a break. She’s so full of herself, I can’t believe Mr Moder has lasted this long. He must love the attention and the paycheque, that’s all I have to say!

  10. Ana says:

    Well it’s true. I’ve been with my husband for four years and it’s nothing like it was in the beginning. We’re just happy in a different, domesticated way.

  11. Rosanna says:

    I doubt I would be bored having a husband as hot as Danny Moder…

  12. Tia C says:

    I have always thought Danny Moder looks like a low-rent Kevin Bacon. And I don’t find Kevin Bacon the least bit attractive. Don’t get why she stole him from whoever he was married to at the time, but each to their own!

  13. Rreedy says:

    SOunds like the sparkle has rubbed off ole Julias’ marriage. Too bad. Maybe next time she will choose someone who is single. What goes around comes around.

  14. geronimo says:

    Well said, barneslr, thanks for saving me the bother of replying to the ‘bored’ police. I was going to but…well…I got bored.

  15. PJ says:

    Kaiser, you’ve got a point. Julia was the world’s No. 1 favorite actress when she gave up an extremely lucrative career to have a family.

    Maybe the reality of marriage and motherhood isn’t quite what she thought it would be.

    Happiness for her may not be all stardom or all mommyhood, and there’s no reason why she can’t do both.

  16. lb says:

    now she is going the same route most stars go to which is to overshare and emphasize the personal life. i have noticed that many of hollywoods big female stars are using the ‘i am a basic stay at home mom’ story in hopes it will make female viewers they are just like us!: gwyneth, angelina, reese, naomi watts, nicole kidman, to name a few. I don’t like it. I think it is a bad approach as I certainly do not think they are just like me. At least I made it through college and graduate school….

  17. debra77 says:

    She reminds me of Gwenny P and Chris Martin. Gwenny talks all the time about her privacy and then she will do any and everything to get attention when she has something to promote. Julia can and has been the same way. She has a movie coming out, and has been out of the public eye for some time. I think she is a bit nervous regarding her BO power. This film will tell. I know that I hear and read people saying how hot they find Clive.. But note they are not going to see his movies. Talk is cheap. We will see if Julia can still but butts in the seats.. Or if America has too many Sweethearts.. She is not 25 anymore..

  18. lisa says:

    Wow, Julia, thanks for the mind-opening insight into marriage now that you got someone to stay with you. Any enlightening bombs you want to drop regarding your fantastic parenting as well so we can fawn over you? I want to know who got to vote for the whole America’s Sweetheart thing because I want a recount. I never voted.

  19. NJMDPS says:

    She is OK. Just OK. What is all the hoopla about her. Aging, is not being kind to her. She is no different than the rest of us. REGARDLESS.

  20. Goddess711 says:

    Let’s ask Danny’s first wife who got dumped for Julia if she has any comments to add?
    I’m just sayin’…

  21. so there are happy endings when you ruin someone else’s marriage

  22. kate says:

    i’m a reasonably happy adult and i sometimes get bored – usually when i watch julia roberts movies.

  23. Ned says:

    That is so funny- I was thinking the same thing about her- she has lost her luster (and beauty).

    She was able to carry a film back in the days, and I actually liked her “horsey” laugh, because it was one of the few things about her that seem more real and authentic.

    Now she has lost her charm/ luster/ beauty. Something is missing and she is more annoying than interesting.

    Unfortunately one thing hadn’t changed and that’s her great self-love.

  24. Jules says:

    She has lost her lustre a long time ago. It’s hard to believe she is only 41 because she looks at least 10 years older. Her looks have diminished and that horrible laugh with her horse teeth is no longer funny.

  25. Ophelia says:

    Gah! Why is it always the other woman’s fault ONLY? I’m not saying it’s right to go after a married man and let the chips fall where they may, but it takes two.

  26. Rappy says:

    I actually like her more for that comment. I’ve got two boys. It’s not all easy and it’s not always fun. I love them to bits, but sometimes I wish I’d appreciated my single 20s more at the time rather than always wondering when the family was going to come along. I infinitely prefer her admission to the stars like Gwyneth who always want you to imagine that their lives are perfect in absolutely every regard.

  27. KateNonymous says:

    Or maybe she just means what pretty much everyone says about marriage: you settle into routines, and go about your daily business once it isn’t new any more.

    That doesn’t mean your marriage is failing. It means you’re not newlyweds.

    Big deal.

  28. Blanche says:

    Kissin’ wears out, cookin’ don’t.

  29. david says:

    julia seems to think she is smarter than most have you read her recent comments. She only has a highschool diploma. She has stolen keifer sutherland but then he cheated right before the weddding on her. good for him . than dated danny moder who was married and had the nerve to wear a t shirt that said ALOE VERA since moders wife name was vera. then she put down angolina jolie for stealing a married man . she is just jealous of anjolina . and i’m am tired of her fake horse laugh.

  30. david says:

    settin a good example for her kids to steal men away that are married . they just want her money and sex just using her and she stupid enough to let them

  31. Im tempted to say what a load of crap! just for the sake of irony, but Ill refrain

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