Prince Harry partied in London, danced & did vodka shots with a ‘dancer’


Prince Harry is not going to get back with Cressida Bonas. I think that’s clear at this point. Whatever hope she might have had that he would come running back to her, or that she and her family could guilt him or manipulate him into coming back, well that’s all gone now. Maybe. She might have a few Middleton tricks up her sleeve, although if you ask me, Cressida didn’t play her hand correctly – she thought she could play hard to get with a prince who is hard to get. So now Harry is back to the bachelor life. Which is always fun. Has Harry learned that he shouldn’t be trying to “wife” the aristocratic girls?

Prince Harry has shown he’s moving on from ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas by enjoying a night out in London. Harry, 29, was out on the town with friends when he headed to a club, and had a few drinks with some girls, including dancer Paige Collins.

She was clearly excited by the experience, Tweeting later, “It’s not everyday you get to dance and have vodka shots with Prince Harry! He’s the most down to earth man considering he’s a prince.”

The Sun reported that Harry’s evening begun with an evening meal with Guy Pelly and his new wife Lizzie and a group of friends at Frantoio in Chelsea. It was just before the Pellys’s recent wedding on Memphis that it emerged that Harry had split from girlfriend of nearly two years, Cressida, 25.

Earlier in the day, the prince had taken a private trip to Nottingham, joining in with singing and rapping at a recording studio which has received some funding from the Royal Foundation set up by himself and brother Prince William. The foundation has given the St. Ann’s studio money as part of its bid to help young people’s community projects.

Singer Joy Mumford, who met Harry, called him “lovely.” “He’s one of the world’s coolest human beings!”

[From People]

The UK papers also say that while based at Army headquarters in London, all of the women in the office just fall all over themselves. Even though Harry is “hard to get” and one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, I have to think that he’s probably going to jump into another relationship pretty soon. I think Harry likes having an official girlfriend. He’s more of a serial monogamist than his brother (or his father).

So, who should Harry date next? There are slim pickings when it comes to younger celebrity women, quite honestly. I want him to date someone of Keira Knightley’s caliber, but Keira is married. So is Carey Mulligan. I guess someone will try to make Harry and Emma Watson happen, but I can’t see it – he likes blondes and I just don’t think Emma is his type. I wish Blake Lively wasn’t married because that is exactly his type. F—k it, someone set him up with Taylor Swift. That would be so much fun (for us, not for him – she’s crazy).



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  1. Ollyholly says:

    Maybe he should star in a reality show where Americans compete for his affection. The weird thing is they’re just his type!

    Oh, wait…

    • CG says:

      Lol I actually watched the first episode of that. It had some funny moments but I’m hoping it picks up.

  2. Jegede says:

    Prince Charles had a mild flirtation with Farrah Fawcett in the 70s
    (though she was married to Lee Majors)

  3. birdie says:

    I can see him with someone normal. Blonde and lovely, with lots of charme like his mom. Cressida seemed to be so bland.

    • PHD Gossip says:

      She seemed like a passive aggressive diva to me.

      • bluhare says:

        Looks like she might really have blown it on this one. Granted it’s only been a few weeks, but if he doesn’t come crawling back I guess the “keep Harry on a short lead” strategy didn’t pay off.

  4. A:) old prude says:

    How about a military women? It will be a big boost for RF and Harry as well if he ends up marrying a ‘real’ commoner with a ‘real’ job in armed forces. British media will have to work really hard to bring her down with public if he marries a british solider who has served few tours of duty in active war.

    • It is what it is says:

      YES!! I want this to happen too!

    • bluhare says:

      Oooooh . . . . a colonel or a general! Someone he has to salute! I know, they’d be a bit too old (even a colonel?), but it’s fun to think about.

    • bettyrose says:

      I like this: Harry with a young woman who’s a total badass work hard/play hard type, but who also has a real substance to her. Don’t know if the Brits are different, but I’ve partied with some American female military officers who were just a blast to hang with.

      • melain says:

        Good call. He’d probably be very happy with a substantial woman like that. But can he avoid the machinations of all those rich families who might say or do anything to marry into the Royal family?

      • I think different says:

        Harry hasn’t wanted to marry anyone yet, and sometimes men marry an entirely different woman from the one they date.

  5. Dame Snarkweek says:

    Ah! The plot refuses to thicken!

  6. Talie says:

    Considering Blake Lively seems to be over an acting career — she should’ve just held out. This would’ve been a good move for her.

  7. wow says:

    It’s always interesting to see the type of women the public wants to see Harry with as oppose to the type of ladies he’s actually into. People keep mentioning celebrities, military women or other Royals for him to date, not even taking into consideration that it doesn’t mean he’d have a better relationship with those types either. Dude has a type, I’m glad he doesn’t let the press dictate who he should give the time of day to or not. If he were interested in celebs, military women or women with a real career, don’t you think he would have dated at least one of those types by now? I’m sure they are available to him and he probably think they are great and respect them, but I doubt he’d ever consider them for full on dating. Kind of like how you can like a person and think they are cool but you are not attracted to them romantically. I see nothing wrong with that.

    Sure it would be interesting if he married an astronaut or something, but his life is more fun to “watch” when you realize that he probably won’t marry until later in his life and even IF he does that, his bride to be will more than likely be blonde, an aristocratic or (some heiress/trust fund baby) who will probably be 10 to 15 years younger than him. Once you accept that, then watching his latest girlfriend or current bachelor life is sooo much fun because you expect it.

    I enjoy Single Harry but I also get a kick out of watching some of his fangirls implode about whoever he’s dating on tumblr or other royal centered forums.

  8. Daz London says:

    Laura Marling

  9. Ronia says:

    Blake Lively??? The one who… befriended this producer… this nearly Frenkenstein… publicly? The one with the couch? I somehow think Harry deserves better.