Octuplet Mom plans book, says ‘I will not allow a doctor to play God’

Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman has a huge photo spread and interview in this week’s Hello! Magazine from the UK and you can bet she was paid a nice sum for it. The accompanying interview features more of Suleman’s by now well-recognized self-justification for having a whopping 14 children without a partner, with no job, and relying on the government and her parents for support. In the article, she reveals what many have suspected for a while: she got implanted with all six or seven embryos, it’s hard to tell with her, because she thought they were all “alive” and she couldn’t bear to part with even one. These are day old fertilized eggs, they’re not babies. She also adds the gem that she wouldn’t “allow a doctor to play God” despite the fact that many would argue that’s what she’s been doing all along:

Why weren’t six enough?
“I wanted one more because I had these frozen embryos. Otherwise, I would have been done. To me, the embryos were alive, and I couldn’t imagine not having them.”

As with all your pregnancies, you had six embryos implanted. How soon did you learn that they’d all taken?
“Right away, I was told I was having five. A week later, they said six. Three weeks later they said seven.” [It was eventually discovered that two of the embryos had divided into twins.]

You knew multiple births were possible, and of the health risks…
“Multiples were a concern. But never in my wildest imagination did I believe there would be more than one or two. I had to learn to let go of that fear [of multiples], because I believe things happen for a reason. I will not allow a doctor to play God and pick which embryos are more valuable than the other. My children are all healthy. Even my child with autism is so amazing and loving.

[From Hello! Magazine, February 9, 2009, print edition, emphasis added]

She has three kids that are getting SSI disability payments monthly from the state, and she told Ann Curry that one was autistic, one had ADHD and a third has “mild speech delay” and “maybe tiny characteristics of autism.” But if she thinks they’re all healthy then the state of California shouldn’t be footing the bill for any of them, especially since her family is sending the autistic son to a private school that costs $1,800 a month. Suleman says in this interview that more than one of her children is in private school, too. She also adds the same lie she’s already been caught telling that she’s not on government assistance, technically she’s not on “welfare,” but then backtracks and admits to using disability for her children and food stamps “temporarily.” As for how she’ll go back to school, she somehow believes her college’s daycare center is going to accept all eight of her newborns along with her twins.

Are you living off welfare now?
“I’ve never been on welfare nor do I intend to me. I did resort to receiving food stamps. That was way before this pregnancy. Had I been taking advantage of the system I would have taken them years ago. I feel guilty. I was reluctant.” [Note by Celebitchy: it’s hard to tell what she means here, but this is how it is written]

You are now planning to go back to university to finish your master’s degree in counselling. How can you possibly manage this?
“I’m hoping the babies will be strong enough to attend the daycare center on my university campus. So the twins and octuplets will go there. The others will be in school, except for Aidan who is autistic – a nanny is imperitive.”

You were injured… in 1999… Are you still receiving any disability payments?
“No. The only help I get that will probably continue is for Aidan. Two of my other kids have been receiving help, but it’s only temporary.

[From Hello! Magazine, February 9, 2009, print edition, emphasis added]

You can see how she justifies her lies to herself. She says she doesn’t get welfare or government assistance, but then admits she does get “temporary” assistance.

On how she is going to manage with her children, Suleman reveals that she plans to write a book. She recently told TMZ that she had no plans to do reality show and called it “exploitation.”

“When Aidan was diagnosed with autism, I had thought of writing a book. That’s still a goal. Now, of course, I’ll include the octuplets.”

I wonder what kind of advance she’s asking for. The state of California is laying off 20,000 state workers because it can’t afford to pay them. She needs to have all government assistance immediately stopped. I wouldn’t say this if I thought her children would suffer at all.

Nadya Suleman is shown visiting her babies in the hospital on 2/16/09. Credit: SplashNews

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  1. Eileen Yover says:

    Barf-I wish photographers would stop taking pictures of her-she’s loving it. And how in the hell did her stomach shrink from the before to this after so fast? More surgery? The media needs to stop because as long as there’s pictures taken and she’s in the public eye, publishers will think there’s money to be made from a book she’d write, or a reality show, or magazine articles. Nauseating.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I totally agree–she is getting exactly what she wants, attention. Just looking at the pictures, you can see how much she’s loving the fact that she’s being followed around, as if she is a celebrity. Sickening.

  3. jess says:

    umm…in vitro is also letting a doctor play god…

  4. supafly says:

    It’s just a darn shame you can’t give birth to a Ferrari, because I’ve always wanted one, my evil parents denied me one, I can’t afford one on my salary and it was be fabulous if the taxpayers of California and their clearly bottomless reserves of money could all chip in to help me fulfil my dream…

  5. texasmom says:

    I keep wondering how it can be that not one but TWO of the embryos split to be identical twins. The odds against that seem impossibly small! How come none of experts on TV have mentioned how crazily unlikely this is?

  6. Moore says:

    I’m definitely one of the minorities here but I couldn’t care less what she’s doing and how she’s taking care of her family. It’s her life and her children, not mine. As long as they are taken care of then whose business is it? It’s shocking and ridiculous that people are freaking out over this to the point of death threats. For some reason it’s just not that big a deal to me.

  7. saintdevil says:

    Here she is, prancing about with that smug grin on her waxen mask of a face, thinking “look at me, I’m Angelina!” and this woman wants to counsel other people?

    I bet her older kids aren’t really mentally disabled but suffering the effects of having a raving lunatic for a mother.

  8. Sauronsarmy says:

    Of course shes loving the attention this just brings her more money.

  9. Codzilla says:

    Moore: It’s OUR business because she’s using OUR tax dollars to fund her lifestyle. While I absolutely agree that the death threats are unwarranted and shameful, the notion that this selfish woman should be able to freely mooch off the taxpayers without judgment is ridiculous.

  10. prissa says:

    Wow, she starting to look thin already. I guess she got her lipo. Why is she still wearing the hospital bracelets?

  11. caribassett says:

    When my son was hospitalized after he was born, my husband and I had to keep the bracelets on for security puposes to get into the NICU. She may have to wear hers to visit the babies.

  12. kate says:

    of course she’s planning to write a book. evidently girlfriend has loads of free time – it’s not as if she actually takes care of her kids or anything. i guess grandma does that. and also? her face looks like it’s made of play-dough.

  13. Rreedy says:

    Seize the children, State of California, and find good homes for them. Get this breeder cow off the streets.

  14. clare says:

    Who is she expecting to pay for a nanny for Aiden which she says is “imperative,” while she is in school and the university’s daycare facility is taking care of the rest of the kids?

  15. Kimble says:

    @ Saintdevil: None of her children is mentally disabled. Her 3 year old has autism, which is a developmental disorder – it does NOT necessarily mean that he has any learning difficulties or mental impairment.

  16. tinat says:

    I will not allow a doctor to play God and pick which embryos are more valuable than the other

    umm does she not realize that implanting embryos is allowing the Dr. to play God in the first freakin’ place?
    Stupidity runs rampant!

  17. Ana says:

    When I read that title all I could think about is “B***h you already did.”
    I am sick of her and finished reading about her. It’s like a carwreck, I couldn’t stop myself from looking. but as long as we keep paying attention she will be in the media. I wish the best for her babies.

  18. ** says:

    “Never in my wildest imagination did I believe there would be more than one or two”

    Oh my! I think we´ve been to harsh on her, ´cause she only had planned on having one or two more babies right? Well I feel so embarrassed now, because how could a single/unnemployed mother of six could not afford having “one or two” more kids!

    This woman thinks of babies as if they´re plants…easy care plants at that.

  19. bros says:

    she’s looking quite pleased with herself in these pictures….

  20. SolitaryAngel says:

    It’s like a terrible accident on the side of the road that you just can’t look away from…the woman is so nuts I can’t believe the college wouldn’t have counseled her to perhaps pick a different major? It would be interesting to speak to the college to see what they say about it.

  21. Annie says:

    Yup. They’re very very cautious about who gets to see the babies and everything.

    At the moment of birth, each child is identified with a band and the mother has a matching one. And they have the same nurse. If there’s a nurse switch, the current nurse introduces the new one to the parents and there’s a huge process.

    And I’m not surprised if it became a bigger thing because of the death threats and the celebrity of these babies. I wouldn’t put it past people to try to kidnap the children.

    It’s a sad place we live in.

  22. kiki says:

    Is Nadya mom still pissed?
    I cannot see her taking those 8 babies into the small house with 9 other people live there. 6 of them small children some with special needs and her elderly parents one of whom is royally Pissed off ( Grandma )
    The state will foster those babys out.

  23. kiki says:

    I gotta tell you how funny it is that Angelina Jolie ads for the Changleing is right next to wannabe lookalike Nadya.

  24. anastasiabeaverhausen says:


    If you really were leaving it in God’s hands, you apparently wouldn’t have ANY children.

    I really REALLY stinking hate it when people do whatever it takes to get exactly what THEY WANT and then turn around and press their palms together, eyeballs rolled to heaven and declare in a saintly little whisper that they just left it up to God.

    NO. YOU. DIDN’T. Same as the McCoughey (sp?) weirdos. IVF is the most extreme type of medical intervention we currently have when it comes to reproduction, you nitwit. That’s not God. That’s Dr. Feelgood, giving you exactly what you wanted.

  25. voodoobetty says:

    Lets hope all these kids inherit their intellect from the fathers side.

  26. YoMomma says:

    She really does look like having her pics taken by the paps is fun.

  27. morgs says:

    @Moore: I’m the one taking care of this batshitinsane bitch. My tax dollars are paying for her madness! My friends and family are swallowing forced-by-the-state furlough days and loss of pay, while at the same time having taxes taken out of their paycheck to pay for this walking shit-storm and her f*cking litter of kids.

  28. prissa says:

    caribassett – thanks, i didn’t know that!

    bros – i agree. she has the grin of a cheshire cat!

    Also, I when I attended college my 2 girls went to the daycare on campus and #1 – although it is income-based it is not FREE! She will need MONEY to pay for 8 newborns + the twins (which will be expensive due to the number of kids). AND #2 it’s not like a regular daycare. I’m quite sure there are limits on the # of kids they will accept from 1 parent. She will take up the majority of the open slots with her brood. What about the other student-parents who need daycare too? She is SELFISH and DELUSIONAL!

    I wonder why she doesn’t take online courses so she can be with her kids like she claims she will be????

  29. SolitaryAngel says:

    “Lets hope all these kids inherit their intellect from the fathers side.”

    @ voodoobetty: Um…he donated the sperm for ALL those kids–just HOW smart can he be?

  30. OXA says:

    I suppose when she returns to school the state will be paying for the kids care and it will deny othe mothers day care because it will be full with her litter.

  31. Chiara says:

    Book? She’s tabloid fodder, and obviously love’s the attention.

    California is expected to pay the $800,000 … plus medical bill on the babies, billing Medi-Cal.

    It’s my understanding the second PR firm/agent has quit.

  32. Jess says:

    China’s one-kid rule is looking better everyday.

    And I’m not big on the government telling me what I can or cannot do with my body…but this is just disgusting. Much like women who use abortion as their only form of birth control, this is unethical and unfair to those children. All of them.

    She’s just sick.

  33. Patrice says:

    “Not allow a doctor to pay God”??? What the f*ck did she THINK she was doing by taking hormones non-stop and having endless amounts of artifcially inseminted embryos implated in her womb???!!

  34. Patrice says:

    By the way, the help she recieved prior to the octuplet’s conception and birth was “temporary”? So, what, she’s going to do away with it now the there are eight new babies to car for???

  35. Annie says:

    He really only needed to do it once.

    There’s like 1 million sperm cells in one load. (Pardon my crassness)

    Or she like snuck all up into his bedroom and doggie-bagged his used condoms….

  36. Baholicious says:

    Annie, LOL! “Load” That word is too funny because only a guy could come up with a word like that to refer to contents that barely fill a teaspoon.

    Patrice, I agree. The woman is delusional.

  37. Jess says:

    “Or she like snuck all up into his bedroom and doggie-bagged his used condoms…. ”

    You really can’t put anything put past women. I once read of a case for child support where the man and the woman didn’t even have intercourse. She performed oral sex, kept the contents that he deposited in her mouth, and inseminated herself with it. She then sued for him child support, and the judge ordered him to pay it.

    It’s women like that who give us all a bad name. Suleman is one, too!

  38. Baholicious says:

    P.S. If it were left up to women, we’d likely have called it a “meh…”

  39. lisa says:

    Damn, those lips are a sin.

  40. veganmama says:

    Gov’t assistance is not the same as welfare. The fact is, those babies are here and they need help. Welfare and food stamps are not the devil, they are in place to help people, and so they should.

    I think this lady is a moron, but let’s not put down gov’t assistance…let’s’ talk about better education, counseling, and other social services that might prevent people from making irresponsible decisions such as this in the first place. I’m sorry to say it, but… only in the USA…

  41. CB Rawks says:

    “Gov’t assistance is not the same as welfare.”

    Oh my GOD.
    If I hear that desperate attempt to split hairs one more time, I believe my brain will implode.

    And by the way, no on was “putting down” govt assistance. How did you even get there?!
    People have been correctly pointing out that she is abusing the system!

    The various welfare programs are a wonderful thing.
    But if you abuse them, and decide to just make everyone else pay for your extravagances, forever, you are a SCUMBAG.

  42. CB Rawks says:

    *no one*

    Hard to type when I’m FUMING.

  43. Diva says:

    Infertility is NOT always an act of GOD.

    And women with fertility issues, who get help in order to have just one or two children, like the rest of you take for granted, are nothing like this clearly mental woman.

    Bitch about this idiot woman and leave the women who responsibly and gratefully utilize fertility treatments out of it.

  44. Maggie Deneault says:

    I hope NO ONE BUYS THIS MAGAZINE as long as she is in it I know I wont

  45. Annie says:

    Most of my friends are male :\ So I have a tendency to use their colorful vocabulary.

    I think it’s despicable what some women do (and some men!).

    And agreed Diva.

    It’s one thing to use IVF when you are completely incapable otherwise and another to use it to have 14 children. She obviously does not have fertility issues, just sanity issues.

  46. KLaw says:

    I’ve always found it strange that men tend to leave the birth control completely up to the women. For instance, if I tell a man that he doesn’t need to worry, he just trusts it, even if he doesn’t know what kind of birth control I’m using and/or doesn’t know me well enough to know if I’m secretly wishing for 8 kids like this woman… If I was one of the crazies, I’d be lying out my teeth just to get him to “commit” to me because I’m hoping to get pregnant. That story about the woman saving the sperm is exactly the scary situation I’m talking about… yikes.

    Makes me glad I’m not a man. LOL

  47. Annie says:

    I actually have a friend whose GF got knocked up because she told him that she was on the pill, and had actually stopped taking it months ago.

    He’s 27 and she’s 20 and had been DYING to have a baby by him, but he was always like NO and he doesn’t love her, cheated on her several times, very messy. After he cheated, he tried to break up with her and she went “So I’m pregnant btw.”

    And well. Bam. Now he has a cute baby boy and has no idea how to pay any of his bills. And is stuck with this girl because at the end of the day (cheating aside) he’s a decent person.

  48. Ms. JK says:

    I think this woman is very mentally ill. The clinic who implanted the embryos should have done some kind of a mental evaluation prior to her procedure. She is obviously very unstable and I worry about those children and her older kids as well.

    Having worked in mental health and law enforcement I can say that I have seen this before. Only the “baby machines” that I saw were just women who slept around a whole lot and continued to have babies to get more services from the government. This is an outrage, but it happens everyday.

  49. Ms. JK says:

    I agree with Diva. I would have to use fertility help if I wanted to have a child, but it is a huge responsibility. My husband and I take it very seriously.

  50. countrygal says:

    Read an interesting comment that she claims NOT to be obsessed with Angelina & hasn’t had surgery (apparently she thinks all prior photos magically disappeared). However, the Jolie/Bitt camp has disclosed that she has sent “adoring” letters over the past year to them. She undoubtedly used her disability payments to get the invitro & all her plastic surgery while she lives with her parents & sucks up payments meant for the kids. I hope everyone stops photographing & interviewing her & she is left with her choices. Alone.

  51. KLaw says:

    Annie, that is awful. I guess this is a reason to always use condoms, no matter what the circumstances, but even then, those can fail!

    Maybe it’s a reason to only sleep with people you really trust and/or would not mind having a child with… How many actually live by THAT rule? EEk.

  52. Kashew_Nutz says:

    she looks like ashley dupre to me to be honest.

  53. Jacob White says:

    leave this woman and her children alone, you people are disqusting.
    who are you to question her choice to parent so many children on her own.
    get a GD life, alot of you should take a good long look in your mirror, before you trash talk a woman you dont know.

    the media,(especially sites like this and tmz) need to leave this woman alone.
    shes not a public figure, she is not a celebrity respect her GD right to privacy.

  54. Jacob White says:

    annie hate to break it to you, but a guy who cheats is not a decent person.
    he is scum sucking low life.
    if you cant even honor a commitment to be faithful to another person then your not decent,
    if he wasnt in love with her, he shouldnt have been sleeping with her.

    and how do you know he is not lieing about saying the girl lied about being on Birth control. i bet you are prob the girl he cheated with.

  55. Jacob White's mom says:

    I apologize for my son Jake. His father and I tried to raise him to be an upstanding citizen. But sadly, he strayed from our guidance. He took drugs while in high school and ran with the wrong crowd. We have tried an intervention but he hates it. He actually told his girlfriend and me to !@#$ off. I can’t believe he did that. Oh well. Nothing should surprise me anymore. I also don’t understands why he swears alot. Perhaps I was too lenient when he was a child. I should have told his dad to beat the crap out of him. *sigh* I am sad to admit this, but I regret having Jake. He is a disappointment. As if that wasn’t bad enough he is a devout follower of Scientology and he endorses violence against Americans in foreign countries.

  56. CB Rawks says:

    “shes not a public figure, she is not a celebrity respect her GD right to privacy.”


    Ahh. Jacob, don’t undermine her desperate attempts to become a celebrity. It’s all she wants in the world.

    And to help clue your feeble brain in to the FACTS of the situation, the concern people are feeling is on BEHALF of those poor babies.
    If you think a person can just bring children into the world and then do whatever the hell they want to them, you are sorely mistaken.
    That’s why there are child protection laws. Children are actually real people, Jacob, and society has to protect them from sociopaths like Suleman.

  57. CB Rawks says:

    *High-fiving Jake’s mom!*


  58. gg says:

    Those photos of her make me absolutely furious. If she had the smallest amount of class she would be in hiding right now.

  59. luna says:

    I love how Jacob White first tells us to leave Octomom alone because we “don’t know her”, and then writes a post bashing Annie’s friend…

  60. kelly says:

    In one interview she said she was paid to carry the babies to fullterm. And now she’s relying on welfare.

    She allowed doctors to play God (invitro-fertilization). And now she says she doesn’t allow anyone to play God to her kids?

    Tell me I am not the only one to be confused with her contradictory statements? May be she is just obsessed with being the only virgin in the world to have babies (or imagining herself to be). Who knows?

    Anyway, may God bless her in everything! She need more than just good luck.

    P.S. I urge ppl not to have kids the “scientific way” unless you want your kids genetically modified like lab rats! (Count the number of kids she has that have disabilities etc.)

  61. kelly says:

    P.P.S. Read all other comments! I’d have to agree with Luna and i am loving Jacob White’s mom’s comments! haha

  62. Annie says:



    I am not the person he cheated with, and I think if you’ve ever read any of my comments on CB, you would know that I do not condone cheating of any kind, I even mentioned that (cheating aside) as in, other than that, as in, that issue aside which I could go into but for the sake of succinctness chose not to. Get it? Or do I have to spell it out more clearly?

    I am a serial monogamist. How about that? Too many syllables?

    You’re ignorant and foolish for making assumptions. And even more foolish for defending a woman who is a hypocrite, a liar, a cheat and a pariah on decent American citizens. Especially Californians! We’re having a hard enough time balancing our budget as it is with the whole us being in $68 billion of debt.

    And anyway, seriously guys, true story. It’s insane. But he’s happy now. Lol.

  63. Goldie says:

    Her nails are not done! She is really budgeting now! Hasn’t anyone found the paper trail one her cosmetic surgeries?

  64. aaron says:

    everyone has been talking about the mother, but what about her children. they are going to grow up having no father, no real christmas, and a sad thing to say but some might not even make it past their childhood. i feel sorry for the children and californians who ahve to raise them.

  65. misty says:

    this woman is a parasitic, mentally ill
    human being should be arrested for the abuse and exploitation of children. I will not now nor will I ever purchase any publication that pays this nut for more of her verbal vomit. By the way des this womans vocabulary sound like someone who is “a year or year and a half” from a Master’s?

  66. Mary Hanly says:

    I agree with those that say they need to STOP taking her picture, stop the interviews – stop ALL the attention. Let reality sink in for this woman that she isn’t a celebrity, we aren’t thrilled for her, and she has alot on her hands. What about her parents that are stuck with this mess she’s made? I’ve heard they’re going into foreclosure! She probably expects someone to donate a house or something. From these pictures she seems to be getting just what alot of us think she wanted – attention and things handed to her. I’d really reather it not be on my dime.

  67. infertilemom says:

    Other ways “we play God”: birth control, plastic surgery, cancer treatments, open heart surgery, limb replacements, using antibiotics, C sections, etc… If you want to see what humans are like “naturally” go back a few hundred years to when women either had tons of kids or died in childbirth, and most of the surviving kids died before the age of 5. I don’t think “playing God” is the right argument for why Suleman is wrong. The plain fact is that she’s wrong because she’s irresponsible and doesn’t even feel remorse for her bad decisions. Sadly, she’s so irresponsible that I think it’s inevitable that the govt. will have to take care of her kids. It’s annoying to me that it will cost taxpayers money but we live in a State with huge deficits and many irresponsible parents, so I doubt it will even make a big dent in our lives. The real tragedy is that she’s going to create so many broken lives for her kids through her decisions. She just doesn’t get it…yet.

    I had to go through IVF to have my two kids (one at a time). This was after trying with my husband (who I had been with for over 10 years) for three years. We were still in our early 30’s. I met along the way other people that were trying to have kids through IVF. Among them were couples where one person had to battle cancer and saved reproductive material before chemo, and couples that met and married in their late 30’s and finally had the chance to have kids inside wedlock (is that really irresponsible?). I don’t think you can fairly judge all the people that go through IVF harshly. Most of us marvel at how much some people take for granted what a blessing a child is. And many go through treatments and see it as a rite of passage to their adoptive child, which they cherish even more after all they’ve been through.

    I also think in general almost all the people that undergo IVF and doctors that perform it would agree that there should be strict guidelines for who is eligible for treatment and how the treatments should be performed.

  68. Annie says:

    I should reiterate something that has been expressed in many posts, many comments and by many different commentators.

    No one is condemning IVF. At all. We’re condemning her abuse of it. And her abuse of the system. Among other things, but this is not a blanket condemnation over all those who’ve used IVF to create a family.

  69. Lisa says:

    I just don’t think very many of you are aware how out of proportion your hatred for this woman is. I mean, I just don’t get it. It’s scary to witness this level of unwarranted hostility from so many people. I feel like I’m surrounded by morons.

    I hope sociologists are paying attention because it’s a good opportunity to study extreme prejudicial behavior in action.

    Other than the medical marvel that she had 8 kids that were all born alive, who cares that she had them and that she has 6 more at home?

    There have always been tons of people who’ve had way many more kids than they logistically could properly care for or afford. And we’re on 3rd and 4th generations of families raised and taught that the government is completely responsible for paying for their existence.

    Maybe working in the medical field, Nadya Suleman saw so many people getting away with ripping off the welfare system she decided to join the club, and why not?

    The attitude some people have over this whole octuplet issue is way more a sign that there are serious problems in our society than some woman having too many kids.


  70. Lorraine Werner says:

    When this women was interviewed she talked as if everything was a fairy tale. Not at all reality oriented she doesn’t even realize she ( the babies) are on state aide unless of course she will pay the neonatal bills related to their premature birth.
    Several commrnts and actions have demonstrated she is exploiting her children The best outcome for these children would be to consider adopting them out. But she is too selfish and publicity seekinng to consider this alternative.

  71. KIm says:

    I’m sure she is getting WIC for each of those kids. WIC (our taxes) pays for milk, cheese, cereal, formula, peanut butter, eggs, and juices for children under the age of 5. The more kids, the more you get. I’m sure she’s getting quite alot more than $400 in food stamps a month. Probably at least that a week. People in CA don’t consider WIC as welfare because most of them have been raised on it.Thank God we are laying off working people of the state so we can pay her hospital bills.

  72. Urlostangel says:

    I really wish everyone will just leave Nayda Alone..Oh and learn how to write the some of You!! She is a Mother that wanted more children Oh well!!! What about the Families that are on TLC (The Learning Channel) for those of you who dont know.? Jon & Kate Plus 8, and the other family of 18 kids and counting. I mean come on there is nothing wrong with wanting kids and it is not her fault the embryos multipled. Now you sit here and say things about her, very bad things for having 14 children but you know what If she was to Murder some of them she would still be in the tabloids for murdering some of her babies. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO MAKE UP YOUR MINDS. At least she did not abort any of these bautiful babies. Also what if she was married and then eventualy her husband did leave or died then she would still have been a single mommy. You people need to wake up and bother someone else. Oh and its also you that is making her famous by leaving her comments and watching her on TV and such. Let her take care of her babies in peace!!!! You have NO PROOF that she has had any plastic surgeries done either.. Pay attention and leave her alone Or if you dont that means you are all JEALOUS because you are not getting the attention that she is getting!!!! JEALOUS ASS FREAKS!!!

  73. Urlostangel says:

    I am Thrilled that she has many children, those babies right there do not need brought in the moddle of this..If one of them was to die (god forbd they dont) then what would you all be saying? what if you all was dealing with something like that? How would you react? You would be soaking it up too… And why not How did the media get notice that she gave birth to 8 babies anyways? I dont think Nayda Called them up and said hey i am about to have 8 babies have the TV stations come here because I want the attention. NO SOMEHOW it got out.. LEAVE HER ALONE

  74. Mommy to 5, wamts more says:

    Who cares if she is getting WIC anyways…I mean if we at one point in our lives worked at some point we all paid into the state also. So there for her money to did pay for the help she is getting. Just leave her alone there is nothing wrong with wanting a big family. The bigger the family the more responsible and they will appreciate more in life than some of you idiots on here.