Heather Mills Supports Alec Baldwin

Heather Mills was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show again (really Ryan, she was only on a few weeks ago, talk about recycling the guests) and she has offered her view on the whole Alec Baldwin turning into Tony Soprano voicemail thing that happened last week.

Alec already is unpopular enough at the moment without Heather offering her support, so I am pretty sure he won’t appreciate her airing her views on his domestic situation on Seacrests’s show.

From People:

Seacrest also took the opportunity to ask Mills about the topic du jour: Alec Baldwin’s fiery outburst toward his 11-year-old daughter Ireland, which was captured on a voicemail.

“It is wrong to speak to your daughter like that, but I am not someone to go, ‘Ooh, that is terrible, and we are all perfect, it’s all wonderful,'” said Mills, who has a 2-year-old daughter, Beatrice, and is going through a divorce from the child’s father, Paul McCartney.

“I would never speak to my daughter like that, but what you have got to remember is that his daughter lives with Kim [Basinger, Baldwin’s ex-wife], and we have no idea what goes [on] behind closed doors. I respect Kim, I respect Alec for his incredible Animal Rights Campaign, and we have no idea what’s going on.”

Mills added that she didn’t think Baldwin should be judged on the recording alone. “You know when you love somebody and it is your only child, people lose it. Forgive him. Don’t throw stones at glass houses. We are not here to judge and criticize what other people do unless you are a saint. And none of us are a saint.”

It physically pains me to write this, just because I can’t stand Heather Mills. My fingers are curling up in a severe arthritic attack just typing this sentence. Heather…Mills…is…right.

There, I said it. I’m going to go hell for saying that now, aren’t I?

Seriously, Mills has a point. Baldwin had no right to speak to his daughter like that over a voicemail recording. But Basinger is no better, hiring a big bodyguard and flaunting him around all over town to guard Ireland from Alec, as if it were really necessary. I doubt Baldwin is that stupid that he will disobey a court order and fly to LA just to hand out his brand of discipline to Ireland–he’d rather take cheap shots at his ex-Mrs. in the press instead.

I can’t believe I just agreed with Heather Mills about something. I’m going to have to scrub my hands with bleach after typing this. I am really hoping that her finally having some sense about something is a one-off, or it could be detrimental to my future career working as a hand model for QVC.

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