Zachary Quinto steps out with his boyfriend of 11 months (?) Miles McMillian


I remember when Zachary Quinto first came out in 2011. It wasn’t really a surprise or anything, but I liked that he came out on his terms, in his own way. That being said, there were some swirling rumors and blind items about Quinto’s (then glass-closeted) relationships. Since coming out, Quinto had one big relationship with Jonathan Groff which ended after less than a year. They announced their split last July. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Quinto and Groff seem to have split because of another man – a model named Miles McMillan. There was some reporting that Quinto was fooling around with Miles at the tail end of his relationship with Groff. Scandal!

So… that makes these photos very interesting. Zachary and Miles were photographed walking around in NYC over the weekend. Zachary even had his arm around Miles for a bit. Homewreckers!!! Just FYI: Quinto is 37 years old. Miles is 23 years old, maybe 24. Is that too young? That’s the kind of age difference we see with Jake Gyllenhaal’s dating patterns. Leonardo DiCaprio too.

Anyway, it looks like Miles and Zachary have been quietly dating this whole time, ever since Zach and Jonathan broke up 11 months ago. They’ve been spotted on occasion, but for the most part their romance seems very low-key. More low-key than Quinto’s thing with Groff. Miles is pretty – I can see why he’s a model. He looks a bit like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, right? They make a cute hipster couple. PS… Quinto’s sweatshirt made me eye-roll.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. The New Classic says:

    Dear God those two men are gorgeous..

    • doofus says:

      HA! My thoughts exactly. I was like, DAYUM, get it, boys!

    • MsGoblin says:

      I saw the boyfriend’s image out of the corner of my eye and thought it was Selma Blair! Then I thought…”Hmmm, I thought Zachary was gay.”

      • Dee says:

        I swear to god, his boyfriend looks like Michele Rodriguez to me. From the face to the hair to the complexion.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    If it was a guy and a girl (Cumberbatch springs to mind as he’s been papped with younger women) people would judge the hell out of it.

    I liked him and Groff together :(

    • jinni says:

      Yup. Miles would be considered a golddigger looking for a come up and Quinto would be going through a crisis or would be seen as trying to hold to his youth or immature and won’t grow up.

    • LadySlippers says:


      I’m still kinda side-eying both. And pretty boy looks *young*.

    • T.fanty says:

      Yeah, but make gay culture is different. The Ganymede older-younger dynamis is very common. It’s certainly a patriarchal dynamic, but the power balance is very different. I also think that a guy who has gone through the process of coming out is in a different position via à vis his identity politics and his sexual autonomy. I’ll probably get flamed to hell with that, and possibly for good reason. Debate away!

    • Lindy79 says:

      LS, and you’d be right. That was kind of my point, if this was Fassbender or Cumberbatch, the thread would be full of comments about gross it is and how they’re so typical going for models etc.

      EDIT: Yes I suppose the dynamics are very different in the gay culture so that argument makes total sense. I reserve the right to partake in side eye equality for all though ;)

      • LadySlippers says:

        Here here •Lindy•!

        Let’s make a stand for side-eye equality!!!!

        (Shall we create posters too????)


      • NN says:

        Um…how are “the dynamics different” in “the gay culture”? What?
        If we want equality and acceptance it must go all the way…none of this “but ze gay men are different”.
        That’s exatly why people have a hard time taking gay rights seriously and you’re not helping with your “but they’re different”. No, it’s just as gross as if it had been an older man and younger female.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Different cultures do indeed have different dynamics but that in no way should change their rights.

    • Wren33 says:

      Totally, but as a woman, I can see how hot Miles is, and I’m much more sympathetic to why an old guy might want to date him. No one is immune to hypocrisy :)

    • pru says:

      Probably, but I’m not sure this particular age difference needs to be judged very harshly, IMO. Gay, straight, older man or older woman, 13 years is not too radical of an age difference when the younger person is 24. When someone makes it a habit of dating people of a certain age as they get older, I’ll definitely get judge-y.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      I’m still kinda judging. When I saw the pics my first thought was “Jesus what highschool did he pick him up from” and I’m not too far off. I’m 29 and I barely like 23 year olds. He just like his arm candy I guess … he’s pulling a Decaprio …

  3. QQ says:

    Jesus! What a pair of heartbreakingly pretty men!!

    • Kiddo says:

      So agree on Miles, Zachary not as much. Miles has a similar look to a younger Joseph Gordon Levitt.

      • Madi says:

        I would say the opposite. Zachary, yes gorgeous, but Miles kind of looks like he belongs in my 16 year old son’s class and so I can’t see past a nice looking little boy. I can see JGL in him almost with a touch of Orlando Bloom

  4. Frida_K says:

    Good-looking fellers but the younger one looks like he could be Zach’s little brother.

  5. jinni says:

    Miles looks like the love child of Michelle Rodriguez and Joseph Gorden Levitt.

    • Lori says:

      ^^^This a 100%. I was thinking he looked like a male Michelle, but you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    • Leftovers says:

      … With a little Selma Blair thrown in the mix.

    • AG-UK says:

      I was just going to say that looks like her brother. He is cute I can’t even say handsome as he seems like he is only 19/20

    • Kiddo says:

      Add in a sprinkle of a younger Rufus Wainright too; at least in profile.

  6. MediaB says:

    Quinto makes me eye-roll too – have you seen him on Instagram/twitter? Makes no f!cking sense half the time, in that oh so arty way. Yes you’re cool and artistic Zachary we know…

    I give him a passing grade for Spock though. He’s adequate.

  7. kri says:

    Ah, men. They are the same gay or straight-most of them like their pieces as young as they can get ‘em. I think Miles looks alot like Stephen Moyer. Or maybe Kristen Stewart with the pout face.

  8. Just me says:

    He’s too young for him.

  9. Sullivan says:

    Quinto dresses like the male Taylor Swift. His boyfriend looks like a teenager.

  10. PunkyMomma says:

    Can I say I’d like to watch?😜

  11. LadySlippers says:

    Look! Pretty boy is drinking kombucha! And it’s one of my fav flavours too… Synergy’s Trilogy… YUM

    *looks at empty kombucha bottles and decides to get more*

    • katy says:

      Funny story about kombucha:

      My husband loves it, I’ve never had it (I’ve even worked for a while at Whole Foods and never went near the stuff). One day, my husband finally convinced to get a bottle with him. He opens the bottle, goes to take a drink, and a huge, goopy clump of that bacteria stuff (“the mother?”) comes out and hangs out of his mouth for a few seconds before he choked it all down.

      I didn’t drink mine and I’ve never been able to look at kombucha since.

      • LadySlippers says:



        I adore kombucha but IF you ever decide to try again, try the grape or strawberry Synergy first. Or experiment with other brands because they all honestly taste different.

        I love how they make me feel, if I’m getting a mild migraine, a Synergy can honestly kill it. Not very many other things can even come close to that so it’s awesome in my book.

  12. Tig says:

    I second the view expressed above with the age difference- and man, he is one very young looking 24 year old. On a more positive note, Z and Matt Bomer looked so cute on the Tonys last night- esp the joke about them both wearing the same glasses!

  13. Leah says:

    His boyfriend is super cute! Lucky man!

  14. Mia4S says:

    Both very good looking , too young for him, etc .etc.

    Is the sweatshirt something? Just curious as I don’t recognize the logo. I’m curious about another reason to eyeroll. My eyeroll was simply for the Hollywood star and much younger piece cliche. ;-)

  15. Dani says:

    I’m side eying Quinto. That’s a significant gap, male or female.

    • qwerty says:

      Yeah but still better than Leo’s models. 25 (like sb here wote Miles is) or even 24 is WAY older – mentally – than 20 which is how old Toni Garrn was when he started dating her last year. Plus the age difference is even smaller here since Leo is older than Quinto.

  16. Intro Outro says:

    I don’t find either of them to be particularly attractive, to be honest. Guess they’re not my type. Also, Miles looks rather haughty in these pics, imo.

  17. serena says:

    I like them together but the age gap is too much in my opinion.. also he has a kid face so it’s even more creepy.

  18. AryaMartell says:

    Miles looks like he’s 14. That’s all I’m going to say.

  19. Izzay says:

    I went to NYU with Miles – same year so he’s 25 years old. He’s actually a quite talented artist and I think he just happened into modeling on the side once in nyc because he’s just seriously beautiful. The age difference is still a little much for what I would be personally comfortable with, but yeah, he’s not a 23 year old.

  20. Maggi says:

    Miles is absurdly good looking. I can’t stop looking at him.

    • Mauibound says:

      I know I feel creepy looking at him he’s so young. I will bet once he hits thirty he will be a striking man

  21. katy says:

    How is Quinto 37? I’m 25 and look older than he does.

  22. Kim1 says:

    Miles is cute Quinto is homely.Since Miles is 25 it’s fine with me.

  23. S says:

    I actually think Quinto and Groff broke up before the Trek press tour or during, which was in April. I like Trek and spend too much time on Tumblr. He and Pine give good interview. Anyway, people on there starting talking about him and Groff possibly being broken up around that time since they were hardly spotted together & he wasn’t at any of the 838474585 premieres. I think he started seeing McMillan in the summer bc I distinctly remember a tumblr meltdown based on some twitter siting of the two holding hands.

  24. I Choose Me says:

    Not going to side-eye ’cause a twelve yr difference means that Zach’s not old enough to be his father. They make a cute couple.

  25. Matty says:

    I am a gay man and guess what? We have
    scandalous home wrecking drama as well!
    (Eyes rolling) get over it.

  26. Chris says:

    It seems everyone who is rich and famous likes to get themself a hot partner who is significantly younger than them. But isn’t that what the media conditions people to aspire to?

  27. zabimaru says:

    ^_^ Ultimate yaoi!! *lovestruck