Shailene Woodley in Vanity Fair: ‘I do feel like one of my gifts is to be open & lovely’

Shailene Woodley

Everyone’s favorite forest nymph, Shailene Woodley, covers the July issue of Vanity Fair. This is a good moment for her to take this cover. Her movie, The Fault in Our Stars, grabbed $48 million at the box office this weekend. That’s four times its budget. Shailene beat the latest Tom Cruise vehicle, Edge of Tomorrow, which pulled in $28 million on a $178 million budget. (Tom may reach the 250% threshold for breaking even, but it will take international sales to get there.) Translation? Shailene is here to stay for quite awhile. How do you feel about that?

Shailene has dialed it in a little bit for this interview. I had to chuckle when she talks about all of the big issues in this world, and she thinks her particular gift is to change the world with smiles and hugs. To be pregnant with the world. Sometimes I have no idea what she’s talking about with these sound bytes. All I know is that Jennifer Lawrence is somewhere breathing a sigh of relief. Here are some excerpts:

She almost quit acting after The Descendents: “Somebody came to me and said, ‘I can’t wait to see what you do next.’ I took that as pressure–that I had to live up to somebody else’s expectations. There were a few months where I was like, ‘I don’t want to act anymore.’ And then I got over it and realized it’s none of my business what other people think of me.”

Using her public stature: “As much as this industry is a platform for talking about big issues, there’s also so many f—in’ issues. You could talk about Russia, or Argentina, or fracking, or G.M.O.’s. Maybe the only thing that I’m supposed to do is just show up and be me in every moment. Because I do feel like one of my gifts is to be open and lovely–simple things like smiling at strangers and having kind, small interactions. I think that is what’s going to ultimately shift things.”

Getting cut from Spider Man 2: “For a few hours it was literally like, ‘Oh, my God, was I awful? Why did they cut me? What are people going to think?’ I woke up the next morning and I was like, ‘O.K., it makes total sense.’ I’m a pretty spiritual person, so I can just sit back and trust that everything happens for a reason, even if my ego doesn’t like it.”

Does she date co-stars? “I’m never going to say never. I love acting, but I also really love nature and most actors don’t want to get dirty.”

Her special friendship with Miles Teller:“I look at Miles and, like, I’m sort of Julia Roberts in the same way she is to George. Their relationship I could see being our relationship in 20 years, and that really is special.”

George Clooney on Shailene: “We’ll be talking about Shailene Woodley 40 years from now. I’ve never seen anyone so young that has so much together. Shailene can do whatever she want. If she wants to be a movie star, she has it. If she wants to change the world, she will. Her talent and kindness go hand in hand.”

[From Vanity Fair]

And with that … George Clooney has publicly said more about Shailene Woodley than he has about his own fiancée. I do think it’s cool that they have a father-daughter rapport.

I’m also interested in how Shailene calls out Miles Teller, her co-star on The Spectacular Now and Divergent. They’re not romantically involved even though some outlets are going with the notion as a headline. I’ve included some pictures of Shailene and Miles. He seems (like many people) surprised by her habit of sudden red-carpet hugs.

Here’s a photo from Ansel Elgort’s Instagram of himself and Shailene watching The Fault in Our Stars this weekend. Shailene was “in disguise.”


Shailene Woodley

Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair, Ansel Elgort on Instagram & WENN

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  1. Sixer says:

    Hahaha. I have no interest in this girl whatsoever but that headline is HILARIOUS.

    She means “one of the gifts I can put out to the world is…” right? Not “isn’t the world lucky that I’m so…” right? She just can’t talk proper-like, like what I can. Er… right?

    • Chris says:

      Yeah! And *I’m* like, aintcha got no useful gifts? Like speaking? Tchaaa.

    • Liv says:

      I wish she would just shut up and go away. Her publicist must go mad. How can someone talk that much crap in one interview? Plus I was so happy that she was cut off Spiderman. I’m just afraid she will come back in the third one.

  2. QQ says:

    And I feel the Best Gift she can give us is to shut up and go read book and science journals

    • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

      I doubt she knows what Scientific American is, let alone would read it. The powers that be are really working to make this chick happen, And too much photoshop on that cover.

      • Ag says:

        the photoshop IS very strong here. it looks like vaguely-her head on someone else’s body.

    • MsGoblin says:

      AND to learn what “feminism” really means…

      In the meantime, she should STFU.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    And yet, she has no clue what feminism means.

    • feebee says:

      In addition to QQ’s science journals, I guess a dictionary couldn’t hurt.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yeah, the rest of her junk is annoying, but I can’t forgive her for saying she’s not a feminist because she likes men. I can’t see her as a harmless, goofy little airhead after that. She should shut up and sit down.

  4. Breebree says:

    Is she not wearing shoes in the last picture? Whyyy?

    This girl…

  5. feebee says:

    Any time you want to actually open that gift… go right ahead.

  6. Jaderu says:

    “Because I do feel like one of my gifts is to be open and lovely–simple things like smiling at strangers and having kind, small interactions. I think that is what’s going to ultimately shift things”

    Yup, keep smiling at strangers and airing out your open and lovely vag and all those pesky “big issues” will be resolved in no time!

  7. Duri says:

    sorry she just annoys the shit out of me and looks ugly here

  8. Kiddo says:

    I’m bored with her schtick, but WTF in that Vanity Fair cover photo? It looks like they took a separate photo of her head and glued it on to a photo which was much smaller of her body, so that the result is proportions that are tremendously off.

    • kri says:

      If we send her boxes of SPF 50 sunscreen and a 1,000 LUNA bars, maybe we can send her into The Forest for a long vacation of vadge-sunning and truffle hunting.

    • Hannah says:

      IKR?! She doesn’t even look human. What is it with these major magazine that nobody checks these things? HHow can anyone think that picture is fit to print?

  9. lucy2 says:

    Aside from the headline sentence, this interview isn’t as annoying as some of her others. That said, I’ll be glad when her press for this movie is done and she hopefully lays low for a while.

  10. stellalovejoydiver says:

    God, I dislike her so much, she is so arrogant.

    • Anname says:

      Yes! She is basically saying “I have the gift that will change the world!” She is more enlightened than the rest of those actors who don’t want to get dirty, you know. I am all for being positive and putting kindness out in the world, but I don’t think she has any idea how arrogant she sounds.

      • FLORC says:

        Yes and Yes!
        I’m sure she has no clue how her thoughts come across. She lives in a very small world with like-minded opinions. She’ll have to live outside her bubble to grow as a person and expand her understanding of life and concepts (like feminism.)

        On a side note does she understand how much trash and negative impact is the result of every movie she makes? For a person that will collect her own spring water and wants to do no harm to the earth she attaches herself to to projects that produce this negative imapct.
        And she’s not making movies to make money to donate to a cause or help the earth. So, why is she a part of the machine that produces so much waste?
        I think she’s self serving.

  11. Abbott says:

    Dear Jennifer Lawrence,
    I’m so sorry I ever said you were that annoying Golden Retriever who crapped on my carpet and barked at imaginary intruders. I have seen the error in my ways.

    I don’t really mind your fart stories or the way you honk and spit on people when you tell a story only you find funny. I shall now find them funny, too. I promise.

    I think I’ll even take AnnE Hathaway at this point. Just…. make the clay eater stop.

    Yours, A.

  12. Jayna says:

    I saw the promo to this movie weeks ago on TV and have to admit I really want to see it. Just the promo ad alone moved me.

  13. NN says:

    In 20 years?! No one will know you then…I don’t think these new actors and actresses understand; The days of movie stars are over! There will be no George or Julia in 20-40 years.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      Well there may be no people who can open a hit film on their own (and maybe there is nobody no either) but there is still people who, you know, star in hit movies and are talked about.

      And during the 70s the movies stars were not doing that well either, so who knows maybe movies star culture will come back at some point.

      • NN says:

        Of course there will be actors and actresses who are talked about, like she is right now, but she too will fade away in a few years and be replaced with a new starlet and she is still not a “name”. Meaning, no one knows her name other than internet peeps. I am talking about movie stars who people STILL know by first and last name decades later. And I think that will (and has) disappeared.
        Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing by the way.
        Steven Spielberg said the Hollywood we know today will not be the same in a few years….less movies will be made and ticket prices will skyrocket.

    • M.A.F. says:

      You know, I wouldn’t mind if the movie star/ABC list went away. It’s Old Hollywood and that doesn’t exist any more, it died with the Studio System and I like that. When you see a Julia Roberts film (or any of those “movie stars”), you don’t see a character, you just see them. I think there are just a handful where you can actually see the character and not the “movie star”. I would like to see a little bit more trained actors on the screens than just more pretty faces who can’t act.

  14. lower-case deb says:

    Open to the Sun and Lovely to the Trees.
    kind of like a title to a Nordic mythology. Disney story next!

  15. Hannah says:

    Why don’t I trust George’s judgment concerning women? Hm…

    • M.A.F. says:

      He said those same words (or there about) when the Descendents came out. I remember there was a big push for her to get an Oscar nomination for her role and he was her biggest cheerleader. With actors I think you can trust his judgment.

    • Lucinda says:

      Yes, there was a big push for her to be a breakout star of the Descendants and once I watched it, I wondered what all the fuss was about. She was fine. She wasn’t terrible. But she wasn’t great. There are other actresses where I watched the movie that was supposed to show their range and I completely agreed. Some of those films I was blown away. But not so much with her. She played an angry teen. Ok.

  16. don't kill me i'm french says:

    I want to read the article on the grambling queen with Affleck,McGuire and Dicaprio

  17. Miss M says:

    I saw both movies this weekend and like them both. But I would go see Edge of tomorrow again.

  18. Candy Love says:

    “As much as this industry is a platform for talking about big issues, there’s also so many f—in’ issues. You could talk about Russia, or Argentina, or fracking, or G.M.O.’s. Maybe the only thing that I’m supposed to do is just show up and be me in every moment. Because I do feel like one of my gifts is to be open and lovely–simple things like smiling at strangers and having kind, small interactions. I think that is what’s going to ultimately shift things.”

    What the F*ck is she talking about?

    I’m glade thier are others out there who are willing to do more then smile at strangers. If she doesn’t won’t to use her status as a platform fine but this pretentious BS she keeps spewing out is too much.

    • Ag says:

      she’s going to get pepper-sprayed in the face at some point if she continues to babble nonsense, smile like she’s nuts, and hug strangers.

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        Yes, and that quote is gibberish; there isn’t even a point that’s struggling to get out. Words and meaning have long since parted company to paraphrase the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    • Aura says:

      She’s a total throw-back. I can imagine her attitude in an actress from the 1930s. Smile. That’s her contribution. She’s got that earth mother thing, but other than that she is completely non-progressive. She doesn’t read about issues and she doesn’t know what feminsism is. I’m perplexed. She carries box office hits. Her career is thriving in a very sexist industry. I guess she just has a good team or something, because her brain is not there.

      • Ag says:

        excellent point about her being a throw-back. smiling etc is her gig – she’s unwilling or incapable to use her celebrity for anything of substance. which, hey, she doesn’t have to, i guess.

  19. gobo says:

    Jesus. Someone tell this chick that the manic pixie dream girl is a dying trope. Don’t model yourself on a dying trope. Go read a fucking book on something other than making soap and toothpaste.

  20. Patty Cake says:

    I like Shailene. I like that she gives free hugsu to peop. She may not have the understanding of Feminisnm down pat , but overall, I think she is a good person.

    • Beatrice says:

      I totally agree. I really like Shailene and I think people take her words way too seriously, forgetting that she’s at that age where young people think they know everything. That doesn’t make her a bad person; it makes her a young person. I have a niece who’s just like this: young, excited about all her new discoveries, and has all the confidence in the world. It’s a completely normal phase of a young person’s life. At least she’s not obsessed with material goods, caught up in drugs, and acting like the world owes her something. Anyway, I like her movies and think she’s a wonderful actress. I think she just needs to lay low for a bit since she’s obviously getting quite a bit of backlash.

      • Patty Cake says:

        I just wish her parents would have prepared her better for a public life. I’m glad that she’s not internalizing all the hate thrown at her. I like personable people, and Shailene seems to be that kind of warm and loving person. I think she aught to be educated about Feminism instead of being bashed for her lack of knowledge about it.

  21. Gia says:

    This is the first time I have ever read a post on this chick….because, well, I felt like this being the 20th time I have seen an article, I might as well read it. Wish I hadn’t. My synopsis before I read it was, ‘trying to be the new Jennifer Lawrence’ and I was right. Moving on…

  22. Shelby says:

    I always attribute her immaturity to her age but my goodness, this girl is insufferable!

    • Maggi says:

      I completely agree. She sounds like she’s repeating a lot of stock phrases and passing them off as wisdom. Where the original sentiments may have had some degree of truth in them, after passing through her mouth they lose all authenticity.

      Maybe it’s youth but she’s already so full of herself I wonder if there is any place for some humility

  23. Kate2 says:

    Oy. I feel like she’s just this girl who is overly idealistic and naive about the world. I was that way too when I was in my early 20’s (although not THIS bad). The difference is she’s been handed a microphone with which she is able to project her nonsense on the world.

    I have not seen one thing this girl has been in and I have no interest in this new movie. Not really into the crying movies. Especially since they all seem to be written for the express purpose of just making people cry. But the point is, I can see this shtick wearing thin with most people so I don’t buy George’s “40 years” timeline.

    On the other hand, I’ll be 81 by then and won’t give a shit about anything, let alone her.

  24. Darkladi says:

    I was gonna leave a comment, but I decided my gift; being judgemental & bitchy was too precious to be wasted on this green bean from the planet Dingbat.

  25. Talie says:

    She’s really a typical millennial, she just has a global microphone to voice her opinions… most people of my generation want to change the world and typically speak in big generalizations like this.

    • GirlyGIrl says:

      Millennials and their arrogant self-importance are killing the internet for me.

    • SpookySpooks says:

      As someone younger than her. I must say that she’s not typical at all.

    • Isadora says:

      Yeah, she sounds like she’s a tumblr blog.

      That’s of course very annoying but I’m also surprised by the amount of hate… I don’t know her much though.

      • Talie says:

        “Yeah, she sounds like she’s a tumblr blog.”

        Ha… Yes!

      • Lola says:

        No way! Tumblr is feminist heaven. Her character may have a lot of tumblr fans, but she wouldn’t fit there.

      • Isadora says:

        Tell that all the tumblr p0rn blogs. 😉
        It’s a big place and there are quite a few Shailene-people there – big on the sunny-nature-yoga-part but not much about politics, feminism or such things.

  26. GirlyGIrl says:

    She reminds me of the talking “Malibu Stacey” from the Simpsons

    “Let’s make cookies for the boys”
    “one of my gifts is to be open and lovely”
    “don’t ask me, i’m just a girl”

    Shailene’s quote fits right in there.

    The best gift she could give us all is her silence.

  27. Hissyfit says:

    I didn’t cry – not once, while watching the movie. Does this make me a monster? Lol.

    Maybe if she would stop trying so hard to be this unique hipster chick giving weird advices then I might actually like her.

  28. Kenny Boy says:

    “And then I got over it and realized it’s none of my business what other people think of me.”

    I don’t really care for her, but this is a very healthy attitude.

    • Slogan stealer says:

      Healthy attitude? She got that little quote directly from a certain 12-Step group not related to beverages or drugs.

  29. JenniferJustice says:

    The only thing more grating than celebrities pontificating on big issues, is celebritites pontificating on themselves. Girl, pullleeeeeez! Celebrities are entertainers – not politicians, advocates, motivational speakers, preachers, teachers, or for the love of all that is good and holy – sages! Why or why does the most uneducated faction of America think they have the answers to the world’s problems? Think it at night in your bed when you’re alone and can’t bore anybody with your theories, or hurt yourself public-relations wise, but don’t put it out there for the masses. Are they all on coke or something similar that makes them feel enlightened?

    • Lola says:

      Because they are being interviewed and their words are reproduced to be hear/seen by thousands if not millions.
      In a way, it’s not their fault that they are so out of touch with reality.

  30. Bucky says:

    Divergent 2 or whatever is filming in my office starting next week. If I happen to see the world’s most ignorant wood nymph, I will be hard pressed not to toss some Women’s Studies 101 materials in her direction.

  31. db says:

    “Everyone’s favorite wood nymph” — hahahaha

  32. Tig says:

    I liked her in The Descendants, but really didn’t like her, or Miles Teller either, in The Spectacular Now. She needs to quit with the interviews for a bit.

  33. Gilmore says:

    Idk, I get the vibe that her and miles are totally doing it. Or, at least, have done it. The interviews are getting a bit obnoxious though. I get everyone has to have a ‘thing’ to gain everyone’s interest in interviews and such, but it’s become really eye roll worthy at this point.

    • magpie says:

      I think her team wishes people thought that, but she is really not attractive imo.

  34. OTHER RENEE says:

    Who really cares what she says in these stupid interviews? And why does it matter? She’s a terrific actress, way better than most of so called Young Hollywood. And I get the feeling that if the acting offers stopped rolling in, she’d find something else meaningful to do with her life.

    • Sender says:

      Meaningful? She doesn’t know what meaningful is. She is as vapid as they come. Her “gift” is to be such a sweet and lovely young thing. Vomitous. She’ll either look back on this period in her life and cringe with shame or she’ll be drifting into an equally clueless middle-age. My bet is on the latter.

  35. lunchcoma says:

    This is what we get for not appreciating Jennifer Lawrence, and for not appreciating Anne Hathaway before her.

  36. Gretchen says:

    Binge watching OITNB at the moment and whenever I see Brook Soso I crack up thinking Woodley was the inspiration for the character.

  37. Jayna says:

    These ditzy actresses lately and their interviews are boring me. Where’s the Meryl Streeps of this generation?

    • RPG says:

      There’s Mia W., and…well, that’s it, honestly.

      I would include S. Ronan but she’s been on a losing streak since Hanna.

  38. magpie says:

    HWood is so fickle with these starlets. Remember VF a couple of years ago when it was Amanda S, Kristen, Blake and Emma Roberts? One of them was supposed to be “the next big thing”. They are all doing fine, but they weren’t the next Julia Roberts. Add to that pile Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Abbie Cornish, Rebecca Hall, Mia Wasikowska, Evan Rachel Wood, and Anna Kendrick. All these gals are fine actresses, but the super star/ cultural phenomenon/ A list thing hasn’t happened for any of them. A- or B+ at best. Only time will tell which one will be the one to be remembered. Some of it is choices, a lot of it is luck, and I find that fascinating. Actually the only one that has happened for (in this age group, at this point) is JLaw.

    • Jayna says:

      Amanda has talen some interesting roles. I was very impressed in her most recent role as Linda Lovelace. I don’t think she has embarrassed herself in interviews, but I don’t really follow her interviews.

      Emma Roberts never took off, it seems. She probably thought it was a given she would.

      • magpie says:

        They all have had some good roles (ones that could have been nominated but weren’t). I’m just saying they didn’t get JLaw type success.

        I love Anna Kendrick and think she’ll be the Amy Adams of the bunch. Mia will have a great career too because she’s not concerned about the money stuff.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I think Mia will have the slow burn career, where she’s always working with respected people but not necessarily the girl everyone’s talking about – until she has a big breakout role and suddenly she is.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Of that bunch, I think Emma Stone is most likely to go somewhere.

      I don’t know if it’s just the actresses, either. Taylor Kitsch and Armie Hammer were supposed to happen and never did. Same with Robert Pattinson and particularly Taylor Lautner. If you asked me a few years ago, I would have predicted that James Franco would be highly respected and doing prestigious work (snort) and that Henry Cavill would be everyone’s favorite lust object.

  39. ShieldMaiden says:

    The claws are out today. Oh, wait, this is CB, so every day is claws out day. I thought Shailene was great in The Spectacular Now (haven’t seen her in anything else), and I hope she keeps acting for many more years.

    Keep up with the smiles and small kindnesses, Shailene. There is far too much cruelty in the world.

  40. Mel says:

    I love Shailene. She seems so much more authentic than JLaw, whose persona seems manufactured every step of the way.

    • RPG says:

      Are you kidding? She’s just as manufactured as J. Law.

      She wasn’t spewing all this nauseating earth-mother crap when Secret Life was at the height of its popularity or during publicity/her Oscar nom for The Descendents. You can’t be that naive.

  41. Jules says:

    Actually, for me it’s the other way around…Woodley’s personna seems incredibly manufactured to me…I just can’t warm up to this silly little girl.

    Jennifer Lawrence is and always will be awesome. Lawrence is also (in my opinion) far and away, the better actress.