Boy drama: Kanye West omits Jay-Z’s name from all of his lyrics during a show


After Kim Kardashian was bored to fake Botox tears during her sad Irish honeymoon, she and Kanye West decided to go on a “second honeymoon” to Mexico to celebrate his 37th birthday. You know what surprised me? They didn’t go to Cabo. Instead, they’re in Punta Mita and “they’re staying in a private house on the beach,” claims one of People Magazine’s “insiders.” Just before they went to Mexico, Kanye performed at Austin’s X Music Festival. And that was where some MAJOR boy drama went down. You know how Yeezington name-drops Jay-Z in every other song? Well, following Jay’s notable absence at The Kimye Wedding, Kanye has omitted Jay’s name from all of his lyrics. OH NOES. Gurl, that is a subtle shade of bitch.

Kanye West appears to have started omitting Jay Z’s name from the lyrics to his songs. As noted by one of the rapper’s hyper-observant fans, West repeatedly skipped Jay’s name during his recent performance at Austin’s X Music festival.

Have Jay and Kanye fallen out? Less than a month after Jigga and Beyoncé did not attend West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian, rap fans have put forward a theory that West is expressing his indignation by censoring Jay Z’s name. Suspicions were first raised by a user called okstatetw on the online forum Kanye to the (via Consequence of Sound), who noticed something peculiar about West’s X Music gig. “First time he [skipped Jay Z’s name], I [thought], ‘Ehh that’s odd, maybe he’s just letting the crowd finish it whatever,'” okstatetw wrote. “Then [Kanye] skipped his name again … Definitely obvious and intentional.”

Okstatetw found fan videos of two different songs where West had left out Jay Z’s name. The lyrics to Cold normally go, “Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team”; on Saturday, West instead rapped: “Lucky I ain’t had … drop him from the team.”

In the song Blood on the Leaves, the recorded version includes the lyrics: “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z / He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy”. Performing the song in Austin, West again left out Jay’s name, and shouted the second line with a slightly revised lyric: “You need to stop actin’ crazy!”

Our own sleuthing has uncovered a third Jay Z snub: in West’s song Touch the Sky, the first verse usually ends by quoting “Jay’s favourite line”. Again, West omitted the shout-out to his Watch the Throne partner.

The easiest explanation for West’s behaviour could be that he’s angry at Jay Z for weekending in the Hamptons while West and Kardashian were getting hitched in Italy. The two rappers are long-time friends and frequent collaborators, and Jay Z was a mentor to West when his career was just starting. It was on Jay Z’s The Blueprint that West had his first breakthrough, producing four songs.

Jay Z and Beyoncé have yet to explain why they missed West’s wedding. They were allegedly invited, and in the months leading up to the event, tabloids reported that Jay Z had even been offered the role of best man. “[I] just assumed [Jay and Beyoncé] were working,” Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, told E Online this week. “There was so much commotion and excitement, I never really gave [them] a second thought.”

Whether or not West is actually angry at Jay Z, this bizarre self-censorship is definitely a new development. Jay’s name was present and accounted for during West’s concert sets last year. At the very least, Beyoncé’s reps still seem friendly toward West: following an Instagram message with congratulations on the rapper’s marriage, the singer’s official website repeatedly wished him a happy birthday. West turned 37 on 8 June.

[From The Guardian]

I have no doubt that Kanye has omitted Jay’s name from his lyrics. I also have no doubt that the omissions are entirely intentional, and they are the height of BOY DRAMZ. Seriously, #NoDisrespectToBenAffleck, but this might be the Beef To End All Kanye Beefs. Kanye went insane over absolutely nothing while he was promoting Yeezus: what do you think he’ll do when he has a legit grudge against someone he’s known and loved for a decade? #Immaletyoufinish but it’s about to get REAL.

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  1. paola says:

    Oh my gawd this is going to be the best bitch fight of the century!
    *grabs popcorn and starts sipping a mojito*

  2. Lizzie says:

    I know Kanye married trash. But Jay Z could have been a friend and just gone to one of his BFF’s wedding.
    My bestie is dating someone I think is an idiot, but I still make the effort to be nice to him and hang out.

    That’s what you do when your friends. So I’m with Yeezus on this one. Shady and mean Jay!

    • Hannah says:

      Exactly. If Bey didn’t want to go, he should’ve just attended my himself. But I guess that wasn’t an option… Rachel Ray, ahem.

      • feebee says:

        Yeah, he should have gone to the wedding by himself. Bey could have sent her bodyguard with him to avoid any fraternization with who I think you mean is Rachel Roy. Though the thought of Jay-Z and Rachael Ray together…. nope, can’t even get a visual of that.

    • The Wizz says:

      Yep. No Yeezus fan here, but if my BFF didn’t show for my wedding I’d be not too happy either! Kanye all the way on this blow out.

      • lana86 says:

        if that was an actual wedding, not a crappy reality show, he might have come I guess. There is nothing valid or serious or intimate about this marriage, only the circus – and not everyone wants to be a clown.

      • maria says:

        Yes lana86, I whole heartedly agree! It wasn’t a wedding, it was a circus. To make the in laws money.

      • Lizzie says:

        Yeah but the wedding wasn’t filmed for their show. Only the days leading up to it with the kardashian fam. So filming wasn’t even an issue for people.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Kanye doesn’t strike me as someone that has “real” friendships.
        He seems like a distrusting loner who has several business relationships with high-profile people in the fashion and music industries.

      • swack says:

        @Lizzie, yes the wedding was filmed for the show. E! was there filming it.

      • Dawn says:

        Oh come on. It was an event and not a wedding. There was nothing legally binding that happened to these two while they were in Europe. And who keeps saying that these guys are BEST friends? From what I understand they have a business relationship and nothing more. I also read that Jay Z just borrowed Kanye a couple of million to get him out of a hole he has dug for himself. Kanye West is almost forty years of age and needs to grow the hell up. Jay Z can crush this little man like a bug if he wants and KanYe should know that. KanYe West is totally insane if he thinks he can start a war with Jay and Bey and win. Not. Going. To. Happen.

      • Miffy says:

        Kitten, I agree with everything except for the distrusting loner part. I think he might just be deluded enough to view these things as legitimate relationships. He sees Jay as a true blue BFF, not a business associate, he views the Kardashians as family instead of exploitative users who wouldn’t give him the time of day if it weren’t for his status.

        Maybe he’s more aware than that but that’s just the vibe I get.

      • minime says:

        I think Lana said it all. To pretend that this was something more than one more episode of a show is wishful thinking, Also, they do seem to be business associates, but apart from that they don’t seem that friendly.
        So he doesn’t give a crap to the brother of the bride, who allegedly was bullied out of there, but is concerned with someone who chose publicly to be on holidays instead of going to his wedding (what by itself should indicate their degree of friendship)? He’s just pissed that Jay and Beyonce were not there to increase the value of the “wedding”.

    • paola says:

      Yes but are we sure they are real friends? Kanye might consider JayZ a friend but maybe to JayZ their relationship is less deep and he just sees him as a person he works with.
      I’m not taking sides here.. but some people have a weird idea of friendship.
      If a ‘friend’ of mine walked the extra mile to embarass me, himself and my husband in front of the world to a music award i can assure you i would put a lot of distance between me and that weirdo.
      JayZ is probably being polite and he’s maybe been condescending but he didn’t feel like he had to go to the wedding. And kanye blabs a lot, maybe it’s all in his head.

      • Ashley says:

        Right? You don’t even see Jay Z and Kanye hanging out unless it’s something work related

      • Omega says:

        I DO think they are tight but I think this was complicated. One, Jay Z clearly doesnt think this nonsense will last. He also can probably see that the Klan is taking Kanye for a ride. Two, he and his wife dont like the fact that even if they managed to keep away from the cameras, the Klan would still sell tabloid stories anonymously about them. They wouldnt be able to relax there. Three, I actually think that Jay knows some shit about Kim. We all know some shit about her but I think Jay has heard some extra mummerings. 4) The Solange incident sealed it. He cant be in the same space as a rumored mistress without causing his wife great embarassment tbh.

      • kri says:

        @TOK good point, but I’ll bet that Kanye THINKS he has real relationships. Total narcissist trait. He is always getting “betrayed” in his mind. Ooooh, this is just the beginning. Unless Jay phones him and tells him STFU privately, he’s gonna just keep going. LOL! The Kardashian Kurse strikes again.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Jay-Z OWNS Kanye. He has already lost this war. Picking a fight with Jay-Z was NOT a very bright thing to do.

        What about the gifts – the yacht and the gold-dipped bottle of Chianti? Can I have them now?

        I bet Kimye don’t write no “thank you” notes to nobody. She’s greedy and illiterate and he’s nuts. Do you think people’s gifts will be acknowledged?

    • LeahMommy says:

      Bet and Jay fans claims the Jay and Kanye were never really friend just simple coworkers. Even if that was the case they’re been colaborators for a very very long time. So in my opinion Jay should have made an effort. And like I posted last time for someone who does not give a hoot about Kanye, Bey seems to go out of her way to congratulate him on milestones/events in his life.

      • Ollyholly says:

        I know everyone here hates Kanye, but I like him…

        And bias aside, if it were my wedding and my best friend didn’t show to my wedding because he doesn’t like my spouse, I would be crushed. Like, you don’t have to like them, but you do have to support your friends and love them.

      • maria says:

        You don’t have to support the in laws crappy reality tv show. Because that was what the circus was all about.

    • Jayne says:

      I had this dilemma myself when my bff (a guy) insisted on marrying a she-devil user. We had had many talks over it for months and he even conceded that it was a train wreck waiting to happen but she would call him “baby” and he would forget all her drama. It was bizarre! Anyway, I was majorly conflicted over whether I should go along and enable his self-destructiveness. In the end it was his mum that sealed it for me, being a friend sometimes means being willing to get into the firing line. In attending, I and our other friends, would have been sending a subtle message of approval. And while we knew our approval wasnt necessary in his mind, we also wanted to make sure that he would always know that we remained true and authentic friends even when he lost his mind to “love”.

      Long story short, they had a big wedding filled with her friends and family. Less than a year later she was pregnant. Shortly after he filed for bankruptsy, she revealed kid wasnt his anyway and was never seen of again. He spent close to half a million Euros on her plastic surgeries/jewellery/holidays in under two years. We never lost touch, he always knew we had his back even though we refused to enable his idiocy.

      The short version of this post would read as I support Jay. Friendship doesnt come with a manual, you have to go with your conscience)

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Huh? You made it very clear to your friend beforehand that you thought he was silly for marrying this chick, and I’m betting the word “user” was bandied about to his face. Going to the wedding to support him would have been a nice gesture had you chosen to make it. Sometimes the old saw “I support you, but I don’t support what you’re doing” is on the money.

      • Diana says:

        Yeah… I agree with We Are All Made of Stars. Being a true and authentic friend means being a support, good times and bad. It doesn’t include manipulatively withholding your affection and presence because his life choices don’t meet your standards.

      • kris926 says:

        Jayne, this post is a few days old but I hope you get to read my reply….
        I’m in a similar situation only I’m the one getting married in 6 weeks. We only have one attendant, and I chose this friend. Over the past few months her selfishness and really bad life choices were hard for me to support, but I did my best. Recently I had my shower and she was so miserable, and it just hit home this is not someone I want to share this incredible time with. How this applies to you – I’ve been a huge advocate for supporting my friends no matter what. But I also think there’s a line for every person between saying you’re supportive and shaking your head privately. And when those decisions they’re making are difficult to support from a moral standpoint (in my case I’m not able to truly support having child after child – is 2 months with baby #4 -while complaining about money and putting in a state of the art kitchen after the bank was a week away from forclosure. And every conversation we have revolves around that. Her not having money, wanting more kids, her kids health problems and her marital problems), I think it is OK to say “I just can’t. I’ll always be here for you, but right now I have to take a step back and let you do you”. When the person is not happy, the friendship is almost exclusively one sided on a regular basis and attempts to communicate the concerns fall on deaf ears, I think its OK to be honest. If the friendship isn’t helping that person, why have it drag you down too? But if you care for them, when things do fall apart, being there is the ultimate show of love.

    • Detritus says:

      My bestie married a jerk for a family of jerks. I had to try so hard to find nice things in the speech, but I did it. For your friends you grin and bear it.

      • lana86 says:

        come on guys, stop with comparing! It’s not about “somebody marrying an a#hole and his friends being mean to him about it”. No! It’s about being invited to a reality show with an aim to use your name to upgrade somebody’s profiles in the entertainment business. Why on earth would you go.

    • MollyB says:

      Yep. Plenty of people (myself included) can’t stand their BFF’s fiance. We all still suck it up and attend. Unless we’re talking an abusive situation, you just have to grin and bear it. Not attending was classless.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Isn’t it funny how most people supported Jay Z and Beyonce the day after the wedding, but now most people are against the fact that they didn’t go? Very weird.

      • dagdag says:

        If a good friend would make her living of a reality tv show like the Kardashians and her wedding would be either produced or sold to a tv channel for being aired I would not attend this show.

        This decision would not be based on who my friend is going to wed but based on the fact that this wedding is at least to some part a commercial deal for a tv show. It is her way of making money and not mine.

        And if this good friend would celebrate their wedding privatly I would attend.

      • call her nameless says:

        Everyone seems to forget that E! has to have signed consent for the guests of their taping of anything (shows) to be used in TV footage of any kind that is meant to be sold as entertainment. Them not coming was unsupportive of someone who, as far as fans can tell, has been in their inner circle for a long, long time. I suppose Jay and Rihanna aren’t really friends too, then huh? All of you claiming that they aren’t real friends are really quite ridiculous and making disillusion comments. Anyone who is a fan of either of the top three in discussion knows the deepness of how far their relationship to each other has gone. It has not been only just business. Do your research and maybe take a pause before flying off at the mouth. While I am in agreement, Bey and Jay’s name would have inevitably been brought up in relation to something at the wedding, their images would not have been with the exception of any far and away paps that were already stalking out the event, and also, the guests.

    • jaye says:

      They aren’t “besties” though. At most, you can say they are friends and have shared a mentor/mentee relationship in the past. And this is not the first time that Kanye has shaded Jay-Z. I think Jay is used to Whine-ye’s histrionics and has learned to ignore it. If Jay addresses these stunts with King Diaper Baby, he doesn’t do it for public consumption.

    • Josephine says:

      I think the whole “friends” thing is a myth created by the devil head of the K family. They’re business associates. And besides, that was no wedding. It was a tv special for profit. I would feel no need to go to such nonsense.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      When your “friend” wants to broadcast your appearance on E!, you have every right to take a powder. None of Kanye’s friends are under any obligation to shill for the Kardashian empire.

  3. Jae says:

    hahahahaha brilliant

  4. blue marie says:

    Ha, that’s pretty funny. You can always count on Kanye to bring the drama.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ok, I don’t like Kanye, and I don’t blame Jay for not going to the tackiest wedding in history, but… If someone I considered one of my best friends didn’t come to my wedding but went out to the Hamptons instead, I would be hurt. I wouldn’t demonstrate that hurt in a public way, but I would feel let down.

    • Talie says:

      I agree, Jay should’ve at least made an appearance. Beyonce could’ve got out of it either way.

    • original kay says:

      Just because you consider them one of your BBF’s does not mean it’s reciprocated.

      I think Jay Z not going was smart, to distance himself, and his brand, from this disaster in the making. Perhaps they were at one time close, but I rather think over the past few years Kanye has ruined the friendship they had. Not just because of Kim, but his own behaviours.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      No friendship should be weighted on one appearance, if they’re a true friend it doesn’t matter if they miss your wedding,t’s only one day, after all and Italy is not exactly convenient to LA or NY.

  6. Jules says:

    What did West expect when he hooked up with that grifting family?

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    Are they actually that tight though? Kanye didn’t come to Jay’s wedding either. I feel like they’re “industry” friends and Kanye is just making a big deal out of it because Kanye makes a big deal out of EVERYTHING.

    • break says:

      Exactly. I doubt that they were ever real friends, in any sense of the word. It’s all about business and image.

      • Abbott says:

        There are rumors that Kanye is broke and had to sell the rights to some of his songs to Jay. If Jay is controlling the purse strings, I doubt he’ll let Kanye to throw a public temper tantrum for long.

      • maria says:

        oh I get it, he married for money?

  8. Rubber Ducky says:

    Poor dear’s throwing a hissy fit like a child. Excellent.

  9. Loopy says:

    Lol Jay won’t engage in any public beef with Kanye that’s for sure, they may have words behind closed doors but he will leave him to make a fool of out himself publicly all by his lonesome.

    • Alli says:

      closed elevator doors

    • lisa2 says:

      I think it all depends on how far Kanye goes with this..

      *** I think Jay should have gone. I mean it is not like he was dissing Kim or anything. We have seen them at some awards shows hug and such. I’m wondering if it was Jay that said no and not Beyonce. She kind of distanced herself from it a bit by tweeting a congrats or instagram. Jay has made no public show of support. I know the media and gossip sites tried to make it about Beyonce; but I think it was more Jay than her. Kanye is his friend. I don’t feel I have to be BFFs with my boyfriends BFF girlfriend. So when they have spat or beef it is about them not me.

      I think Jay has a problem with Kanye or Kim or something and Kanye kind of pulled the wool off to show that with his actions.

      • Candy Love says:

        Kanye wasn’t at Jay and Beyonce wedding or ether one of Blue’s birthday parties.

        It was only a rumor that Jay and Beyonce would attended which came from dailymail “source” not from B or Jay and all the other blogs just ran with it. I don’t think Jay has to make a public show of support.

    • call her nameless says:

      Jay has always reacted to “beef” with his artists and assumed friends via music. So I’m not sure what you mean he won’t be addressing it if their is in fact something to address. \

      All I’m saying is that he’s not above the fray.

  10. Maria says:

    If true, I get it.

    Jay would’ve swallowed his pride and attended the damn wedding.

    I didn’t like my best friend’s now ex husband but I went….

    • Kitty says:

      Please stop comparing apples to oranges. Most people don’t care what you did with your BFF or your BFF did to you or if you liked your BFF’s significant other or … I could go on and on. As has already been established, they’re NOT best friends no matter how much Kanye would like that to be so.

      • call her nameless says:

        When did Kanye ever say Jay was his BFF? He did look at him as a brother and mentor and anyone who is someone else’s mentor, is usually looked upon as extended family. What exactly gives you the merit to insist that it has been established that they’re not bff as if your opinion is fact and not OPINION?! How bizarre. You established nothing with your opinions. You know nothing, so maybe BTFO Maria.

  11. heidi says:

    Not good for business Kanye, but JayZ rep is getting some scrutiny recently

  12. Jenny says:

    I’m going to the made in America festival and Kanye is headlining which is jayz ‘s festival. Kanye’s donda company is also partnered with roc nation, jay z’s company, so I don’t think it’s that serious

  13. eliza says:

    I am confused as to why Jay Z and Beyonce are expected to explain to the public their absence from this stupid wedding?! They didn’t go. Nothing more to say.

    I am thinking Jay Z could give a flip less about the Tiny Rapper and his tantrums over stuff. I think we all are in the same boat with that.

  14. Kath says:

    I feel entitled to skip “destination weddings” because I’m broke and it pisses me off when people hold their weddings in countries that are way cheaper for the bride and groom, but more expensive for everyone else to attend. Then they act offended because you don’t want to stump up a few thousand bucks and all your vacation time to attend a wedding for someone’s second or third goddamn marriage.

    OK, none of that applies in this case… but for Beyoncé and Jay-Z to go on a separate holiday at the same time was pretty tactless. They should have just pretended to be sick to avoid the inevitable Kardashian cooties.

    • LeahMommy says:

      I agree with your whole post. It’s ridiculous to expect everyone to be able to attend your destination wedding considering all that’s involved.
      And as for the Carters, it’s their prerogative if they didn’t want to attend the circus wedding but posting a vacation picture to show everyone how much they didn’t care is shady and tacky. These celebs know how to hide so the posting of the Hamptons pic was deliberate in my opinion.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:


      I agree with everything you said. Destination weddings should be only for people who can foot some of the bill for their guests, or whose friends have the means and the inclination to go to Jamaica to watch someone get married. I also said the same thing about their being so obvious about going to the Hamptons on the day of the wedding. I found it rather tasteless on their part to flaunt pictures on social media of their vacay. If they had to vacation, they could have been discreet about it.

      • call her nameless says:

        They also could have skipped the phoney support of posting a pic wishing their “beautiful family happiness…” blah, blah, when they don’t really give a fuck. They look as tactless and fake.

  15. Jen says:

    Put them both in an elevator and watch Kanye go all Solange on Jay’s butt…

  16. Zimmer says:

    I don’t believe Kris Jenner didn’t give them a second thought for one minute.

  17. Bedge says:

    Second last image “ilovedumbslu*ts’? Sums it up all quite well, actually!

  18. Jessica says:

    You know what I hate to say it but I can see where Kanye is coming from on this one… no matter how much I dislike one of my best friend’s husband/bf I wouldn’t miss their wedding unless I was working but Jay wasn’t working he was vacationing and his wife was posting all these pics of it too… even if Bey didn’t go Jay could have made a cameo if not for the reception the ceremony and then bounced on his private plane… Just sayin’

  19. db says:

    I’m making some old school home popcorn and cuddling up on the couch to watch this one

  20. Size Does Matter says:

    Jay Z is referred to as “Jigga” in the article. Is that really his nickname? Jigga and Yeezus, they better kiss and make up so they can share the douchey, offensive nickname crown or at least set aside their differences long enough to work out a custody arrangement.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I caught that too, I don’t know the context, at all, but that sounds borderline offensive to this whitey, I won’t be saying it.

  21. Jericho says:

    Is that Twitter handle in the background of the last pic seriously “@ILoveDumbSluts”? For crying out loud.

  22. feebee says:

    Come on Kanye, let it all out. Tell us all about it, now’s not the time to go all shy on us!

    There’s no drama like Kanye drama.

  23. Palermo says:

    But, but this can’t be true cause Pimp Granny told us all that nobody cared that Jay didn’t attend the wedding LOL

  24. floretta50 says:

    Most people are focused on Bey and Jayz not attending the wedding but they were not the only high profile people who did not go. I think that most people would not want to be used by the Kadashian family for fears of what they are going to do with the footage from the wedding. Kanye does not live under a rock his wife family have a bad reputation, the Kadshians are morally bankrupt and money hungry if he doesn’t mind and wants to marry one of the Kadashian clan that’s his business but he is not the only one who has fans and a career to protect. I read someplace that Ryan Cycrest did not attend neither did the woman for Vogue even though they were invited. recently, one of the Kadashian women did not even leave a tip for a waitress in the Hamptons, how low can a person go these people have millions of dollars, at the least the waitress was working on her feet standing up not lying down on her back making a sex tape.

  25. word says:

    Ok so not one person took video footage of this? It was a music festival, everyone there must have had a phone on them.

  26. The Original Mia says:

    The Kardashian BFF, Ryan Secrest, didn’t even go to the wedding.They owe everything to him, so I’m not going to shade Beyonce & Jay-Z for not wanting to participate in this show wedding for E!. If that’s what Kanye wants to do, marvelous, but people (including Kim’s own aunt, Kim’s step brothers) decided this spectacle wasn’t for them.

    • word says:

      Ryan wasn’t invited…he said so in an interview. Kind of crappy of them not to invite him as he is the one who made them rich and famous. But this is what Kim does. She uses people and then dumps them because she’s “too good” for them now. Does anyone know if Kanye was at Jay’s wedding?

  27. me says:

    Are Jay-Z and Kanye really BFF’s? They are seen together for business purposes and making money/work but do they hang out otherwise?

    Anyways, Kanye is too grown for this sh*t. He is a husband and father now…grow up already ! How is he going to handle a teenaged daughter lol?

  28. ChappyR says:

    I kinda agree with posters up top. It’s more probable that Jayz views this friendship as a business partnership, while Kanye views it as a true bffs-manship. Kanye always looks so happy around Jay.

    They’ve always had an uneven friendship since the beginning. When Kanye was starting out, he was primarily a producer (and a great producer) but he still rapped on a lot of tracks. He made soul beats for all the socially conscious rappers. Jayz didn’t support signing him as a rapper and said his only talent was in producing. Kanye worked overtime on College Dropout, drove home late while tired, crashed his car, had his mouth wired shut, still created music with his mouth wired shut. He got a lot of attention for recording Through The wire, & then jayz agreed to sign him after everything was recorded. after through the wire and other songs were received incredibly well, Kanye kept randomly praising jay and rocnation when performing for late registration. It just seemed like he wanted to be accepted, but Jayz still wasn’t checking for him. It never made sense why Kanye ALWAYS paid allegiance to The Roc & Jayz when truthfully he’s more talented. It wasn’t until after Kanye’s mom died, which he never seemed to get over, did his crazy really surface and he also seemed to even further cling to Jay.

    Just my observation, could be all wrong. But jayz has a cold history of throwing people under the bus. And screwing over friends for business (dame, ll coolj). So this narrative seems to fit in line.

    • idsmith says:

      I agree. However even if they are just business partners.. you go to your business partner’s wedding. I hope Kanye amps it up, I’d like to see Jay squirm a bit.

    • T says:

      Good summary. But jay was right kanye isn’t much of a rapper. His main talent is producing. Also the main problem here is the reality show. It doesn’t matter if you are business partners or real friends if you don’t want to be on or be associated with a reality show you shouldn’t have to. Nobody should feel bad for Kanye he knew this when he decided to marry the woman. Its his choice and he can’t expect everyone around him to want to be part of that circus.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Good points and I agree with T, I think the reality show exposure is the main reason he skipped it. Kanye is smitten but others can clearly see the K’s aren’t good for any brand’s street cred.

  29. Her Indoors says:

    It’s a wedding invitation, not a summons. Buggered if I’d schlep halfway around the world to play extra to Kimye and PMK…

  30. idsmith says:

    I’m team Kanye on this one. Good friends or just casual friends it doesn’t matter. He dissed Kanye publicly by not attending and obviously could have gone to the wedding if he wanted to but went to the Hamptons instead. I’m no Kim fan but when your friend gets married you show up. I like my Kanye crazy and worked up. This should be fun.

  31. idsmith says:

    I saw a documentary once about Synthesia, the condition where you mix up your senses and they claimed Kanye West has this condition. Sounds can be interpreted as colors, colors as words or feelings etc. They said someone with this condition would find big drama in a simple trip to the grocery store. That would explain a lot when it comes to Kanye. It might also explain his talent.