Leo DiCaprio parties on $600 million yacht, donates $7 million to ocean conservation


Leonardo DiCaprio has been partying in and around Brazil for much of the past week and a half. Apparently, he rented out a massive yacht, Topaz, owned by “the Abu Dhabi billionaire Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan.” Seriously. The yacht is the fifth largest privately-owned yacht in the world. Leo invited 21 friends to party with him and watch the World Cup. The yacht includes: “three swimming pools, a gym, Jacuzzi, fitness hall, cinema and helipad.” I’ve also read a few stories about Leo “bringing in” some Brazilian girls for the party that never ends (also known as “his life”).

But it wasn’t all fun and games on $600 million yachts (which make gas-guzzling SUVs look quaint). Leo also flew to Washington DC this week (just for a day) to attend the State Department’s Our Ocean Conference. Not only did he attend – Leo also opened his wallet.

Leo DiCaprio, who’s often seen partying on multimillion- dollar yachts, got out his wallet for the waters this week. He pledged $7 million from his foundation for ocean conservation at the State Department’s Our Ocean Conference in Washington, DC.

Secretary of State John Kerry said of DiCaprio’s environmental efforts, after giving the scruffy star a hug: “He doesn’t just lend his name . . . He does his homework. He knows the issues.”

DiCaprio said, “[I’m] here as a concerned citizen of this planet.”

[From Page Six]

Is this hypocrisy? While I think it’s good that Leo is so generous – and seriously, $7 million is a lot of money – I also think that Leo could do a better job of walking the walk in his private life. The yachts, the private jets, the huge, unnecessary “eco-condos” – there’s a lot of waste happening there. I guess you could say that most big celebrities have a big carbon footprint no matter what, and at least Leo is trying to do something to help out the environment?

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  1. Abbott says:

    He could just make a cardboard sign about ocean conservation and hold it over his face!

    Kind of weird we think Stone and Garfield are cutesy but Leo donates $7 million and we’re “meh. Yacht girls.”

    • Allie says:

      Bahaha +100000

    • Jac says:


    • Insomniac says:


    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Ha! Not untrue. But I really don’t think those two kids are cutesy at all. They might mean well but it’s not like they talk about these charities all the time, do they? I could be wrong but … do they? So really, it’s to send a message. “See how horrible my life is with these paparazzi? And how I take the high road? I won’t complain, I’ll use my powers for good!”

      The thing with Leo is that he’s gross to a lot of people. He’s fratty as f*ck and coupled with his crazy carbon footprint, all his pontificating (and even this admittedly huge donation) seems so ridiculous. So what if we all gave money to environmental charities but at the same time increased the number of long distance flights we take every year? THAT is why I’m a little meh about the donation. You can give money or you can walk the walk. Or both. But this just seems stupid.

      Excuse the grumpiness.

    • mercy says:

      They’re not sitting on a yacht with those signs, or flying in just have their picture taken. ;) Free publicity for a charitable cause is good publicty, whether it’s from Emma and Andrew walking around NYC with signs or Leo at a D.C. conference. Unless that publicity is undermined by not walking the walk and giving people who see you as representing the movement reasons to call you a hypocrite.

      We don’t know how much Stone and Garfield donate or not. I doubt either are multi-millionaires, but just because they don’t adverise their donations doesn’t mean they don’t do it.

  2. Bedge says:

    And what’s going on with his eyebrows?

  3. heidi says:

    same here

  4. Happyhat says:

    Yacht shenanigans make me want to vomit. Whilst it’s nice he cares about the ocean, I despise him to his very core. Yacht…blugh.

    “Hey babe…I’m having a get together this weekend. Where? Oh, I’m renting a yacht. Come along! Just a few close friends.”


    Yachts are one of my ‘no sale’ items. Like, if I somehow get super-mega rich I will never ever buy a yacht. If I met a billionare and he asked me on a date on his yacht, I’d throw up in my mouth and walk the other way. (Now, if he bought me a library full of books on the other hand. Or an iPad…)

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Happyhat – yes, give me Apple products, books and an endless source of quality chocolate and I’m onboard.

      • Sighs says:


      • Algernon says:

        Given the conditions in which iPads are made, the yacht is probably the lesser of two evils.

        I wouldn’t want a $600 million superyacht, but I love to sail. If I had the money I’d love a 22 ft sailboat for jaunty days on the water.

    • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

      Yes, and as Lucy2 said below it is hypocritical; not even the slightest effort to reduce, downsize and walk the walk. This is why these celebutards are ignored by the peons when they pontificate. As a poster on a Shailene Woodley thread from a few days ago stated, these people aren’t sages, they’re actually among the least educated in our populace, and should be ignored when they attempt to amble into politics. Our elected leaders are hardly prizes, across the board, but that hardly implies that these self-absorbed clowns would do any better.
      What a bored existence he must lead, all the money in the world, and he’s an empty shell.

  5. Mikeyangel says:

    Ugggh. I used to love him but his personal life doesn’t speak to what he wants to represent. His life I guess. He is a decent enough actor I guess. Although, I don’t think it was much of a stretch for him to play the guy from the wolf of Wall Street. I think that is pretty much his life.

  6. Ahh, Leo–you’re getting kicked off my shamef-ck list….how the hell does someone spend over HALF A BILLION dollars on a freakin’ yacht?!

    Whatevs, I’m on vacation, and I’m just going to go watch some Gabriel Byrne movies and drool…..

    • ScrewStewrat99 says:

      I don’t think he paid that much. He’s renting the yacht and that’s just it’s worth, but he doesn’t own it and I doubt he paid as much as it’s worth to rent it.

      Honestly I don’t view him as a hypocrite for going on yachts and then donating. At least he donates a lot and maybe it would be enough to eliminate his carbon footprint, or at least lessen it. I mean most of us drive cars or ride buses, but how many of us are donating or giving time to eliminate air pollution?

      Oh and Virgilia that second part of my comment is directed towards you, it’s more towards the discussion. I always love your posts! =)

      • Pinky Rose says:

        Yup, he is renting it for the World Cup. The yatch is owned by the Sheikh Mansour.

      • Nope says:

        Yes, those kind of yacht cost that much. Just google superyacht rental cost. Then there is the daily fuel cost, which is huge and it’s not included.. And salaries for the staff involved. They have butler, chef, maitre, and an extensive crew. They surely had Champagne and probably something o snort. For sure he hired a DJ, a party planner, etc…

      • mercy says:

        At least he’s employing people? He’s into electric cars, solar and all that good stuff. Where’s his electric or solar powered yacht? He’s got money, time, friends in high places, and an apparent love for yachts. He should spearhead that movement.

  7. Kelly says:

    Eh, I’m not bothered. He does his job and is by all means a consummate professional while working, if he wants to live extravagantly and has the means to pay for it, great.

    I would love to hear his answers to questions concerning the size of his carbon footprint though.

  8. Tiffany27 says:

    He looks like ten circles of hell.

    • QQ says:

      And Hangover with serious Carb Bloat…and Hydrocephalus

    • Sighs says:

      Yes he does. I’ve never found him attractive, but he’s really starting to look rough. Maybe he should lay off the parties for awhile? He’s going to be like that gross Italian designer that has his 20 year old girlfriend rinsing out his @sscrack with a hose.

  9. aenflex says:

    7 million is a lot of money. It counterbalances somewhat his opulent lifestyle and undoubtedly large carbon footprint.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      No, it does not.

    • Jaderu says:

      No amount of money counterbalances living a selfish, gas guzzling lifestyle. You can’t just throw money at the ocean then get back on a friggin yacht.

      • Ciri says:

        Why not? It’s his money. He can do whatever he wants. He could have not donated at all.

    • Lydia says:

      Nah. Doesn’t.

    • TG says:

      I have to disagree with you @Aeonflex on this one. I feel like Leo McDouche’s actions are the same as someone buying a fur coat and then donating money to an anti-fur campaign to offset the murdered animal they wear on their back. Also is Leo’s foundation his own personal tax shelter and therefore completely funded by him? Or do others donate to it?

      • mercy says:

        I agree. It looks bad for him and risks tarnishing a great cause by association. He could at least be a little more discreet.

    • mercy says:

      I used to go with that line of thinking, but if a person is going to attach themselves to a movement it would behoove them and the cause they represent to walk the walk better than Leo has been lately.

  10. ML says:

    Yep, I feel the same way. I’ve never even seen Titanic.

  11. Jayna says:

    Talk the talk, but never walk the walk.

    • magpie says:

      Perfectly put. Leo can dole out the dough, but can’t make small changes that would inconvenience his life. Like not take a private jet everywhere.

      He is just so out of touch with real humans. Everyone he sees are his boys and his hos. Everyone is Leo’s yes man. He is not a good actor, maybe he was when he was young, but he lost it. You have to be able to go deep and be vulnerable to be a good actor, something Leo is incapable of doing.

    • lucy2 says:

      He has long been an “environmental” guy, donating money and being involved in a lot of organizations and committees. Which is great – he could be doing nothing at all. But if you then see his lifestyle of private jets, private yachts, multiple houses, etc, it’s hard not to feel he’s being hypocritical. I’d like to see him lead more by example in his own life.

  12. Kayl says:

    $7 million IS a lot of money, and you don’t often hear about celebs dropping that kind of cash for great causes. So kudos to him. Deep down he’s probably a pretty good person.

    He’s had a love of sharks since he went cage diving with them, and with the crap Australia has pulled these last few years concerning sharks/ocean conversation in general, any word about protecting is good word. (I’m not saying it’s just AUS, although I thought AUS was developed and smart enough to be above these shenanigans- setting out to bait and kill protected shark species, dumping spoil on the great barrier reef, etc etc.)

    TLDR; Good guy Leo for once.

  13. eliza says:

    Great he donates but all these actors preaching a cleaner lifestyle rarely follow their own preachy rules.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:


    • mercy says:

      I think he tries. When when he’s not on yachts or taking private jets to party, which seems to be more frequent these days. Or maybe it’s just being reported more now.

  14. Jess says:

    Damnit I still like him and always will no matter what. He seems intelligent and has real talent, but I don’t understand the endless line of young Victoria’s Secret models he goes through.

  15. Altariel says:

    So much for his carbon footprint.

  16. Sarah says:

    7 million is very generous, and it’s probably unkind to nitpick someone else’s charitable donation, but Leo strikes me as a guy that would be happy to leave his fortune to save dolphins and sharks.
    I wonder if he ever donates to causes like hungry children or human trafficking.

  17. LondonGal says:

    He looks like he smells and I can’t get past that.

  18. Kaye says:

    I’m not a fan of him or his lifestyle personally, but he can act. His portrayal of Howard Hughes in “The Aviator” was inspiring.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Agreed. His performance in “The Aviator” made me like his body of acting work. Superb.

    • PennyLane says:

      Any time he’s in a Scorsese film Leo can act. The other times….not so much.

  19. kri says:

    I find him revolting. It appears that all the coke (that he NEVER did) and alcohol has settled into his swole head. It looks like a zeppelin at this point. Nice donation, though. But how much fuel does a boat like that use? There’s a dolphin somewhere rolling it’s eyes, I’m sure.

    • mercy says:

      “There’s a dolphin somewhere rolling it’s eyes, I’m sure.”


      I used to defend him with the ‘At least he’s doing something” card, but it seems like he’s doing more harm than good these days. The optics on this are terrible. 7 mil is a drop in the ocean for him.

  20. Grumpycat says:

    Ok while he does seem to be douchy and excessive, at least he is balancing out what he does by very strongly supporting environmental causes. Can’t say too many other rich people do the same. Look at a**holes like KK and Kanye and their ridiculous over the top wedding and excessive consumption with absolutely no charity. They are so selfish and ridiculous. They have an opportunity to enact positive change with their money and public platform and instead look what they are doing.
    I like Leo more now. I hope he keeps this up. I am a diver and ocean conservation is an important cause to me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Ok yeah, I was skimming the comments to find the one that most closely reflects how I feel and this is it.

      It would be better if he didn’t own a yacht, but at least he’s doing SOMETHING to offset it. Keep in mind, my standard for celebs are very, very low.

      • Pinky Rose says:

        Me too. I like how he does not only raise awareness by talking about it, but he is also investing in making the cause possible. That speakes volumes to me.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I wouldn’t want to hang out with him, but I don’t find the idea of renting a yacht for a few weeks all that terrible. I think $7M in the right hands could do a lot of good.

      When you compare it to KK’s ebay sales and her only giving (the required by ebay) 10% to charity, it makes Leo look positively saint-like. A jowly, bloated saint. ;)

  21. lower-case deb says:

    that’s a lot of money!! kudos for giving generously. i’m sure there’s enough to pay for carbon credits and have a lot to spare to go to the conservation efforts. i don’t like him in Titanic (ironically one of his more “ocean oriented” films), but i like him in most others.

  22. Liz says:

    If he puts up most of the money for his foundation then 7 million it is incredibly generous. Other so called charitable celebrities will put limits (100K) on how much they will donate. Or they fund their foundation from the money they “earned” through the sale of their children’s photos.

  23. heebeegeebee says:

    It says he “pledged” 7 mil “from” his foundation. I could be wrong but a pledge isn’t a guarantee and if it comes from the foundation then it is donor money, no? I could be wrong.

  24. Jaderu says:

    Officially over this pasty, bloated schmuck.
    I’m off to drown my sorrow in pictures of Hardy, Bana, and maybe a smidge of Fassbender.

  25. Kate2 says:

    I’m only going to say that ocean conservation is a great cause and $7 million is a lot of money and leave it at that.

  26. Skins says:

    Starting to look like Jack Nicholson

  27. Lydia says:

    He is so gross-looking. His best days are behind him. Gag.

  28. Samtha says:

    Yep. Another eternal man-child.

    • Anne tommy says:

      Said it before, will say it again, I like – but don’t fancy – Leo, great actor, and only doing what 99 percent of men would do if they had his money, fame and looks. He’s not married and is having a good time while at the same time doing some good. Good for him.

  29. TeresaMaria says:

    I seriously thought it was Jack Nicholson on that first photo …

  30. Jilliterate says:

    Well, I’m considering this blind solved:


    • mercy says:

      Was Jonah Hill at any of these yacht parties? Sounds like him. If there’s any truth to it.

  31. Kim1 says:

    Leo has dated at least six models who have posed nude or topless.I doubt he is nervous around nude women.

  32. Chris says:

    At the risk of sounding like a conservative Leo is epitome of the Limo Lib.