Angelina Jolie has anorexia, National Enquirer claims

Angelina Jolie’s “deadly disease,” as The National Enquirer screams on its latest issue, is the eating disorder anorexia, as several of you pointed out in the comments. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, and was calling it potentially hyperthyroidism, which is common in women after childbirth, includes all of the symptoms listed, and is why many women experience hair loss after having babies. It turns out that The Enquirer is saying it’s anorexia, and that their cover, which was pre-released amid lots of conjecture, was predictably misleading in order to move copies.

The article seems to be entirely speculative based on paparazzi photos and known details about Brad and Angelina, and contains quotes that could be given by anyone who pays attention to the gossip news. There could be a source that told them that Angelina has headaches, is shaking and is losing her hair, but I’m not sure.

They include Angelina’s brother’s quotes about her weight from a British interview that we’ve heard before along with the old news that her mother’s death prompted her to stop eating. The Enquirer then drags out the tried and true “Brad is trying to get her to eat” story:

Angelina Jolie is battling against a deadly disease, say medical experts, and Brad Pitt is desperately trying to save her, The Enquirer has learned.

Angelina’s weight has plunged recently, and her appetitie is severely compromised, leaving her with a bony, sometimes skeletal appearance that has alarmed insiders.

She has suffered from shaking, headaches and hair loss, sources told The Enquirer. What’s more, doctors fear her life could be endangered if her weight continues to drop.

Angelina’s health crisis was set off by the death of her mother Marcheline Bertrand from ovarian cancer in January. The emotional toll of that even has caused the vulnerable actress to lose her appetite and she is said to be “forgetting” to eat.

This is even more ominous because Angelina has struggled with a deadly eating disorder in the past, and this recurrence has those close to her alarmed.

“I came very close to the end of my life a few times,” Angelina has admitted. “I think all the self-destruction comes from wanting to disappear.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, May 7, 2007]

The article claims that Angelina is about 20 pounds under the healthy weight of 130 for her height of 5’7″.

They recount the story that Brad went out for ice cream in a vain attempt to get Angelina to eat something, and say she is losing her hair, as is seen in recent paparazzi photos.

Of course Angelina is worryingly thin, and they could be right that she’s starving herself, but it’s something any of us could claim by looking at her and analyzing the quotes by her brother and I doubt that this is known for sure.

Here is Angelina at the Global Action for Children headquarters opening last Thursday. The organization is trying to increase US government funding for education for impoverished countries. Angelina and Brad have donated $1 million to the foundation and Doctors without Borders.

Angelina is also shown in NY this weekend, where she was promoting the documentary she directed, A Moment In The World, at the Tribeca film festival.

Thanks to IDLYITW and FlynetOnline for these pictures.

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