Jennifer Lopez: I used to be ‘thickish’ but lost 10 pounds by going vegan

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez covers the newest edition of Us Weekly. I adore JLo’s image and body, but I’m still calling this the “Casper Who?” issue. Why? Two months ago before the latest Casper Smart breakup news broke, Jennifer was giving interviews about how she was newly vegan but missed butter. Two months later, JLo says she’s dropped 10 pounds. She chalks up the weight loss to both the new diet and (maybe) “daily six-hour dance workouts.” Jennifer claims she cut out dairy, meat, and gluten, and she believes that’s the main reason for dropping from size 4 to 2.

I don’t mean to make light of JLo’s weight loss. She’s happy, and that’s a good thing. What I take issue with is Jennifer claiming that veganism transformed her body after admitting that she’s also been dancing for 6 hours every day. 6 hours. If that’s true, she’s probably burning off 3000 calories every day. That’s probably the biggest reason JLo has lost weight instead of her new diet, but she’s pushing veganism anyway:

She used to be “thickish”? “You got to work out, you got to watch what you eat. It’s a job – you’ve got to buckle down. I’ll be honest with you guys, since I had the babies about six years ago, I had that really stubborn 8 to 10 pounds on me. People are used to seeing me be kind of thickish, but when I started eating [vegan], right away I dropped like 8 to 10 pounds. It was a real change, but more than that I felt better and people were like, ‘Your energy’s better’ … everything’s better.”

You got to do this vegan thing: “I feel great mentally and physically! I feel better when I’m in shape and taking care of myself. I did full vegan for almost four, five weeks, then I just started incorporating proteins for myself. The truth is, even if you’re 70-80 percent vegan, it’s so much better having those vegetables, greens, plant-based stuff. It’s going to change your life and health.”

Her kids went vegan too: “When I started doing this, I got the whole household on board. They won’t love everything right away — when you go from regular milk to almond milk or rice mike, it’s a big change — but little by little they get into it … sometimes my son will be like, ‘I want American cheese, I don’t like this vegan cheese.’”

More diet, less fitness: “I’m not an exercise fanatic. I don’t love it, but I do dance a lot for the shows, so that helps.”

[From Us Weekly & Extra]

Vegans are hardcore, and I admire anyone who can stick to the lifestyle’s restrictions. I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years; my diet hasn’t changed too much, but my weight has been high and low. Mostly because I can only lose weight through exercise and don’t have enough self control to diet. Anyone can gain or lose weight on any diet … depending on the total amount of calories consumed (and expended). JLo’s enthusiasm for her new way of eating is infectious, but it’s a turn off when people push their diets onto others. Everyone is so defensive about what they put into their mouths, and I wish we could all agree to eat and let eat.

Here are some photos of JLo doing reshoots on The Boy Next Door and meeting up with Leah Remini on a break. These pictures were taken a block away from the CO$ Celebrity Centre. (Run ladies, run!) Also in the mix are some pictures of JLo visiting BET’s 106 & Park show. Those hoop earrings remind me of late 1980s Jodi Watley.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Photos courtesy of Us Weekly & WENN

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  1. GiGi says:

    I’ve always been pretty indifferent to her, but I saw her on Watch What Happens the other night – and she was great. Candid, funny, and legs to die for. I’m coming around.

  2. Eleonor says:

    She always had a great body, she didn’ need to drop ten pounds, and if she looses too much weight her face at a certain point would look worst.

  3. Esmom says:

    I don’t think she looks any different, she’s never seemed “thickish” to me. But wow, what is up with her facial expression on the Us cover? She looks like a zombie.

  4. Dorothy#1 says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 22 years, I need to drop a few pounds I eat waaaay to many carbs. but I could never go vegan, I tried and lasted about a week.

    • me says:

      Yeah I’m a vegetarian but I also eat too many carbs. Veganism seems really hard…but for Jlo to just quite meat, dairy, gluten cold feet and dive right into Veganism seems a little crazy. She should have eased into it. I think the real reason she lost the weight is due to 6 hours of dancing a day. Once the dancing stops, she will notice some weight gain. Not all vegans are thin.

    • Kristen says:

      I’m also wondering if she knows that you can’t be 70-80% vegan. That’s like saying, “I”m a vegetarian except for when I eat meat.”

  5. Amanda says:

    Working out 6 hours a day has to have far more to do with dropping the weight than going vegan. Who has 6 hours a day to devote to exercise though, so lets prop veganism as the magic cure to drop weight.

    • Krista says:

      Yeah. I don’t believe that it’s the “veganism” that helped her shed those 10 pounds. I think it probably has more to do with the exercise plus cutting out processed crap.

      • Mel M says:

        After my son was born and he was super colicky my husband and I said we had to change something because we had zero energy and 2 kids to care for. We decided to go vegan and the change was amazing. We both lost weight and gained energy. We did this last summer and he’s lost close to 30lbs with no exercise. Did he need to loose weight? Yes, but no one thought he was overweight, he’s now 5’10 and 147bs. We did do a lot of paleo over the horrible winter since produce sucked in our area though. We make sure we are doing it right and rarely eat processed or gluten and are both healthy and feel a lot better. So I guess what I’m saying is yes, it’s possible, but I’m sure the dancing helps her too.

    • my234 says:

      I don’t think it’s 6 hours every day. When she is on tour maybe. Casper once told some magazine that she wakes up super early and heads to the gym.

    • mg says:

      I’ve been thin ever since I went vegan 17 years ago. Now I’m just vegetarian b/c I eat an occasional egg or a bit of dairy, but for the most part I eat a whole food-based (lots of vegetables, grains, beans, and savory spices) mostly vegan diet. I eat all I want and never ever worry about my weight. I don’t exercise, but I know I should for health reasons and am planning to start tomorrow. :-)

      I’m 36, but strangers regularly tell me I look like I’m in my early 20s. I suspect my youthful body has a lot to do with that b/c realistically my face probably looks ~28. Maybe this 2-min video starts to explain why:

      People often talk about how hard it would be to go veg/vegan, but eating plant-based is so easy and delicious. If it gives you a better body, more energy, and protection against certain cancers (due to high dietary phytochemical, nutrient, & antioxidant content) then why not do it?

      • GoNatural says:

        I was vegetarian for 20 years. I was always hungry and ate way too many carbs, beans and other things which interfered with my digestion. Then I found out that I had thyroid problems and nutritional (mineral + vitamin) deficits and went back to eating meat.

        It’s very, very difficult to maintain proper mineral levels through a vegetarian diet. I eat much better now, mostly paleo following the principles of Weston Price and I’m much healthier, lost weight, etc. It’s not for everyone.

  6. elo says:

    She is beautiful, however I hate it when people act like veganism is a quick way to drop weight. It’s a lifestyle choice not a diet. I’m all for people wanting to be healthy and if that includes vegetarianism, that’s great but it’s not the sole answer.

    • Esmom says:

      +1 It almost makes me think she doesn’t understand what vegan means.

      • elo says:

        Right, I wonder if she has given up leather, fur, and is using animal free beauty products and hair dye. Veganism is so restrictive of your life style, if you are not doing it for animal rights and going all the way, what is the point? Say you’re not eating meat and get on with it, but don’t praise your own veganism and slip on your mink to go home.

      • jwoolman says:

        You can eat vegan without any other agenda. Really, the word just means you don’t eat animal products such as meat or eggs or dairy. Some people extend that to sugar filtered through bone char and honey, but that’s usually tied with other beliefs about other animals. Yes, you will find people insisting that you can’t be vegan unless you believe exactly as they believe- please just ignore them, just say you eat vegan and be done with it. Humans don’t need to eat animal products, all our essential amino acids are plentiful in plants.

        You also can eat mostly vegan – if most of your meals are in the vegan category, that would be an easy label. Eating mostly or all vegetarian generally means eggs and dairy are included, otherwise no animal products. You can eat mostly vegetarian as well. It’s just food. I figure even just cutting down on consumption of animal products is A Good Thing for people, animals, and the planet… So although I do have religious objections to eating cows and chickens and fish especially for humans who don’t need to do so- I’m fine with people mixing and matching for any reason, even if just thinking they can lose weight by eating vegan more often (whether it’s true or not).

        A lot of people do experience increased energy when they cut out animal products and also sometimes gluten. They might accidentally have eliminated an allergenic food or a food intolerance. But they also might have just seriously upped their fruit and veggie intake. More green veggies especially can take us from marginal to optimal in the vitamins and minerals abundant in fruit and veg (absorbed best from food, not pills). So the body can really be functioning better and cravings for low-nutrition carbohydrates (sugar sugar sugar) can decrease or vanish. Anybody with such cravings might experiment with a big boost in fruit/veg. The body may be screaming for a bag of Oreos because it thinks carbohydrate when vitamins/minerals are low, but a bag of romaine lettuce and a little more fat would do the job a lot better.

        Anyway, I’ve eaten vegan for many months at a time with no problem. There is no deprivation required. I just occasionally eat hard cheese (allergic to eggs and dairy) but really can live without it. It’s easy to get enough protein eating a varied vegan diet also. If you really want a cheesy flavor, nutritional yeast has it. Parma! Is commercially available (ground walnuts, sunflower seeds, hempseeds, plus nutritional yeast) but it’s not hard to make your own concoction. I like it better than dairy Parmesan cheese. I wouldn’t bother with “vegan cheeses” otherwise, they’re usually too strange for me so I’m with JLo’s son on that one. But I’ve had stuff made with Daiya brand vegan cheese shreds and they’ve been quite good. They melt like dairy cheese. I’d rather put Parma! or something similar on a sandwich, though, it’s higher protein. Or just enjoy all the different beans and nuts and seeds and fruits and veggies.

      • mg says:

        @Jwoolman I make an incredible basil or cilantro pesto with miso instead of cheese. It tastes almost more cheesy than regular cheese pesto and people absolutely love it. I use walnuts or pumpkin seeds, but pine nuts or almonds would probably work, too.

        The other ingredients are ~2 TB light or dark miso (maybe a little less if dark), ~2 TB olive oil, 1-2 TB lemon juice, & 2-4 cloves of garlic per one bunch of cilantro or basil in a food processor. I add more lemon and miso to taste. Best served just after making.

    • kri says:

      Meh. Great body, always. Terrible taste in men, always.

    • eulalie says:

      My son was vegan in his late teens/early 20′s and he was way too skinny, ate constantly because he couldn’t get full and always had dark circles under his eyes even though he was still living at home then and I supported it and did my research and cooked healthy meals (I was vegetarian so it wasn’t too big of a switch). A few years later and now he eats paleo and seems much more healthy.

      I’ve been vegetarian for 10 years. About six months ago I added back in seafood (so now pescatarian) and also eliminated wheat and I feel better than I have since I went vegetarian.

      I guess I’m just saying that I think that everyone is different and veganism/vegetarianism/gluten-free etc work for some and not for others.

    • lisa says:

      yeah i want to see her give up those fox fur eyelashes and apologize for the ridiculousness of them

  7. Yellowshaba says:

    Vegan, exercise yadda yadda….All I have to say is that if I had a professional cook a professional trainer a professional makeup artist and stylist, I would look like J Lo too. Shad up

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She will always be thickish in the brain area. Can’t stand her.

  9. Ellie66 says:

    She looks good (but has she ever looked bad?) i love the idea of being a vegetarian but Bacon.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Just be a vegetarian who eats bacon! :)

    • Tiffany :) says:

      A Bacotarian! That is very tempting….

    • jwoolman says:

      I do believe the correct term is baco-vegetarian (as in ovo-lacto-vegetarian)… :) At least that’s what I suggested to someone else years ago. Her only problem was confusing her friends.

      What really makes bacon is the spices, though. Upton has a nice bacon-like strip product that is vegan. There are lots of others to try. I actually like Morningstar Farms veggie bacon strips but the egg white knock me out (allergic). I just discovered Phoney Baloney’s coconut bacon. Really good but not in dishes where it would get soggy (loses the flavor somehow). They’re just thin short pieces of coconut, smoked and sliced, best eaten straight out of the bag. I’ve seen recipes for vegan bacon on the net also. By the way, Betty Crocker Bacos are accidentally vegan and relatively high protein (though very salty).

      There are also loads of vegan jerkies available. Some have bacon flavor.

  10. Liz says:

    She looks so youthful in the photo with the black top.

  11. Original Tessa says:

    She’s beautiful. Always has been, and I’m thinking always will be. She’ll let herself age gracefully.

  12. Nope says:

    If you eat vegetarian and keep milk and dairy into your diet, you won’t lose one pound.
    Plus, she cut gluten, therefore she is not eating bread, pasta, pizza…
    Apparently she didn’t talk about fish, maybe she’s still having some proteins from there.
    All in all I think she is right and she lost weight because of her diet.
    I have been following a similar scheme for a couple of months, now, because of a number of intolerances, still eating fish, but no meat, milk, dairy, gluten, eggs, and I lost 10 pounds without hitting the gym. I was not overweight before, but now I feel much better.

    • here's Wilson says:

      if you eat fish you are pescatarian….pet peeve of mine when someone who eats fish claims to be veg…and SMH if she is calling herself vegan and eating fish for protein!

    • Brown says:

      “Maybe she is still eating fish and getting some proteins from there.”

      Facepalm…… plenty of protein to be found in non-animal based sources that include a much more healthful overall nutritional makeup. I am not vegetarian or vegan but I haaaate the “you need meat because protein” line. It sounds like even JLo doesn’t understand this since she says after a while she “started incorporating some proteins back in for herself.” If you were doing veganism (or vegetarianism) right and eating the right fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, etc. you were already getting protein.

      • Nope says:

        I agree, however I am not vegetarian, nor I said I am. I limit my range of food because of my intolerances. And she is doing the same to drop some weight. I don’t see any religion dogma to fight for, here.

      • Nope says:

        I know there are non-animal based protein sources, however you can’t deny that fish is an excellent protein source, as well. Exactly what I said.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Brown, I have had several vegetarian friends who in recent years have been told by their doctors that they need to incorporate some kind of meat, because the lack of a certain kind of protein was causing health problems. One of these friends is a cross-fit fanatic, so for her it was probably because of all of the weight lifting that she does, but she was having heart problems because she wasn’t getting enough of the right kinds of protein. Her doctor said she was going to have to cut way down on the exercise, or start eating meat. (She chose to eat meat)

        My 2nd friend who received similar advise doesn’t exercise that much, so I don’t know why her doctor gave her that advise. My overall point is that for some people consuming only plant-based proten will work for them, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Listen to your body and your doctor.

    • GByeGirl says:

      What? No matter how you eat, if you keep your caloric intake below your TDEE, you will lose weight. Plenty of vegetarians eat eggs, dairy and gluten and still lose weight if they count their calories.

  13. Kate2 says:

    Pescatarian for two years here. But I have to say I cut out about 90% of my dairy and that’s helped me feel a lot better. I can’t have soy but I love almond milk. I also eat oatmeal for breakfast but only eat bread very very occasionally and I can’t remember the last time I had pasta.

    But exercise is key. I just got into running, and I still suck at it, but running/walking 5-6 days a week plus my diet has allowed me to drop 20 lbs since the end of April. I still have about 15-20 to go but I feel so much better. I quit smoking in March so I added another 20 onto the 20 I already had to lose… Eek.

  14. Alexandra says:

    She’s got an amazing body but in no way is she a size 2. I hate when celebrities lie and make up their own size, like the public will believe anything that comes from their mouth. Don’t even give a size! Just say that you’ve lost weight and feel good!

    • Jayna says:

      She’s not lying. In high-end stores and boutiques where she shops, their sizes are like one size smaller compared to like a Macy’s she would be a size four. These places are catering to the delusional rich women who want to say they wear a zero or a two or a four, when in reality it’s not true.

      But she does look the thinnest I’ve seen her. I have to believe it is her change in diet, because she worked out like crazy getting reading for it and the choreography when she toured a couple of years ago. She looked great, naturally, as always, but she had more weight on her than now.

    • Original Tessa says:

      She looks like a commercial size 2 to me. She’s pretty tiny if you really look at her. Now that’s dress size mind you, when she has to squeeze into pants, she probably goes up a size or two.

  15. Jayna says:

    In her 40s and hot as ever and nothing weird done to her face. She was on Wendy Williams and she looked tired, and you could see that she had lines but still beautiful. Thank God, she’s not falling prey to the overfilled look. She was adorable on WWHL the other night with Andy Cohen.

    She’s off promoting the hell out of it. She’s not lazy that way, but the album is HORRIBLE.

  16. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    What, is everyone a white girl now? Is she seriously using thick as an insult, because it’s considered a compliment meaning that you’re voluptuous with just the right amount of meat on you. Does everyone need to lie and say that they’re a size two? I would be shocked to find that she was even a size four.

    • Jay says:

      Why bring race into this? So so ignorant.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        I’m white and I’m being sarcastic. And no, the word “thick” was not invented by white culture and it was NOT intended as an insult, or something to be dieted away. It’s a way of saying that a woman is curvaceous or voluptuous in an attractive way. And yes, that is a good thing in a culture where skinniness is overvalued as the only standard of beauty. Jennifer Lopez got famous off of having a body that definitely fit this kind of ideal, so why does she need to change now and worry about being a size 2? I find it sad to see her use this term as a derogatory term instead of a celebration of her body type. So so sorry if telling the truth hurts your feelings.

      • Jay says:

        I don’t think you know what sarcasm is. My point is there are plenty of white girls who don’t think of “thick” as an insult and plenty of non-white women who do think it’s insulting. So again, why say “is everyone a white girl now?” That’s not sarcasm, it’s just dumb.

        And like you said, we live in a culture where skinniness is overvalued, so I’m not sure why you’re so puzzled by JLo worrying about being skinny. Of course she’s worried about it, just like everyone else in Hollywood. Or is she supposed to be immune to such concern because she’s Latina? PLEASE.

  17. Em says:

    Vegans abstain from using any and all animal products, and she seems pretty honest that she’s not consistent with her diet so “plant based” is really the most proper term I can take away from this. Surprise, not just diet and not just exercise will help you lose weight, it’s a balance of both, I’m glad she acknowledges that. She found a diet that works for her, she’s not preaching, it’s not unsafe, I don’t really see the problem here. She didn’t even make the interview TOTALLY about her, is hell frozen over I’m defending JLO here. I think this interview is one of her better ones.

  18. BendyWindy says:

    I don’t know that there’s such a thing as 80% vegan…

    • Pookie says:

      I agree! You`re either a vegan or you`re not. Veganism isn`t a diet, it`s a lifestyle choice. To be a vegan means that you don`t eat or wear anything that comes from an animal.
      I`m 58 years old and have been a vegan for most of my life. If you truly want to be a vegan, it isn`t hard. The hard part is getting others to understand veganism. If you eat fish or a little bit of meat or eggs, you aren`t a vegan. If you wear fur or leather, you aren`t a vegan. You can eat a mostly plant based diet but that doesn`t make you a vegan.
      And I`m tired of everyone equating veganism with skinny. Veganism isn’t a weight loss program!. I`m not skinny or sickly as most people believe vegans to be and my calcium and B12 levels etc are excellent. Some vegans who don`t eat properly can be skinny and sickly just as people who eat meat can be skinny and sickly if they don`t eat well. The vast majority of people in hospitals are meat eaters and nobody says they`re there because of their diet.
      Anyhoooo…my little rant. :)

    • GIRLFACE says:

      I get what people mean when they say they eat a partially vegan or plant based diet. If you use vegan substitutes most of the time, for example, drink only Almond Milk, don’t eat butter, don’t eat cheese except nutritional yeast based products, eat whole soybean products, etc. those foods are classified as vegan. However, if you still have greek yogurt in the fridge, honey, etc. you’re not vegan. You can say you mostly eat vegan/plant based but not that you are completely vegan-thus 80% vegan or plant based. Vegans need to lighten up and realize they don’t have a monopoly on dietary terminology and that if they want to feel smug about never so much as licking a piece of beef jerky or exchange horror stories about the time they mistook a fried shrimp for a French fry, they can talk amongst themselves because no one else cares at all. Seriously no one cares. At all.

  19. Frida_K says:

    “–Now friends are setting her up with Maks”

    Oh, please. Let’s not deflect this to “friends” as though J-Lo, who cannot be alone for five minutes, is somehow not responsible here. This headline makes it sound like they want to pretend she’s been single for a good long while and–thank goodness for friends to give a gal a boost and a push in the right direction–now she’s ready to do a little casual dating. Hooray for friends who will give encouragement and nudge things along! Poor J-Lo might end up a crazy cat lady, all alone, if she didn’t have friends to look out for her.

    When in reality, J-Lo seems like a barracuda when it comes to finding herself a new boyfriend before the corpse of the last relationship has even stopped twitching.

  20. bella says:

    the woman is gorgeous.
    she eats well, be it vegan or not, exercises, AND, a point not covered…
    this is why she looks so good and has so much energy,
    in addition to heathly eating and exercise.
    jlo gets better with age…and it’s not accident.
    her lifestyle is why…

  21. Tammy says:

    She’s thickish at a size 4….what am I at a size 6/8? Obese? Celebrities need to be more careful with their words.

  22. Irisjen34 says:

    Veganism isn’t a weight loss program. Our neighbors are vegan and the whole family is overweight. My daughter loves going over there because she gets Oreo cookies. Lots of Oreos.

  23. Granger says:

    “I did full vegan for almost four, five weeks, then I just started incorporating proteins for myself.” Uh… last time I checked, vegans eat protein. Beans, quinoa, tofu… Is she saying she didn’t eat ANY protein for four or five weeks? Or does she mean she started eating meat after four or five weeks? That’s a very strange and confusing comment. (Because if she didn’t eat any protein, but she was dancing for six hours a day, then the ten pounds she lost was almost entirely muscle, not fat. Sounds really unhealthy to me.)

    Also, as silly as it might sound, I am really sad that a size 4 woman would think she looks “thick.” I don’t even care if she’s lying and she was a size 6. That’s just… awful.

  24. GIRLFACE says:

    I am mostly vegan, try to eat gluten free, can’t remember the last time I had a muffin, drink water constantly and work out regularly-and can just barely maintain my “average” weight on my petite frame. Losing animal products and gluten is great if it makes you feel healthier but it does not help you lose weight! Her six hour workouts probably help.

  25. G says:

    Love Jodi Watley! So what’s up with Leah? Looking good girl!

  26. my234 says:

    I think she looks better than when she was younger! And that weight loss gave her a beautiful jaw line. She has always had a pretty face but she is truly stunning now.

    I also believe in “more diet, less fitness.” It’s always 80% your diet and 20% exercise. You can’t eat whatever and work out an hour everyday and expect to lose weight. You’ll be fit and strong, but not skinny or even thin.

    • Disingenuous says:

      She used to have really dark hair, pale skin, and awful liquid eyeliner when she was just starting out. When her career took off she changed her look to a softer one with less harsh eye makeup and no red lippy except for special occasions.

      • Francis says:

        She was never pale. JLO has always had Olive skin. In the movie with Wesley Snipes , Money Rrain I really thought she was African American a mix. I’ve never seen her as pale, maybe lighting was different, and heavy 90s Matt makeup used, but JLO was never a pale chick, even from her in living color dancer days.
        That said, she’s a gorgeous woman, gorgeous figure. TERRIBLE taste in men, I just don’t get her on the men she desires even Marc Anthony was married. Her choices always have some kind of drama, they are never easy sweet, lovely romances.
        I love her though, she’s a wonderful show woman.

  27. Davy says:

    She looks incredible and always has, it’s inspiring to see someone age so gracefully. I agree it’s great she hasn’t overdone it with Botox/fillers she looks great.

    Like most celebrities, health & fitness is not their expertise so their explanations of their diet regimes are always inaccurate – she is eating plant based and cut out dairy, starches and (likely, cause she didn’t mention it), sugar.

    From a biochemical perspective I cannot support veganism for most people whose biological makeup would not respond optimally to a lack of key animal derived amino acids. Many people who try on veganism like Jlo feel better because they dramatically increase their intake of vegetables and cut out glucose (sugar) from starches (grains, potatoes), dairy etc. A major diet shakeup like that will lead to positive results, but most people will eventually need to incorporate some good (grass fed, free range, high quality) animal protein for optimal health & function.

    Some people function very well as vegans so if this works for you, by all means continue. But there’s no such thing as “80% vegan” so I wish the health professionals that work with these celebrities would educate them more as many people listen to these celebrities, who constantly get the message wrong.

    Jlo looks like this because she eats mostly plants, she gets well sourced high quality protein, she doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke or do drugs, she moves her body often in a full range of motion (dance), she is rich as hell, she doesn’t have to stress about finances or even cooking or cleaning, she is catered to constantly and has a ton of help, and maybe most importantly – she is living her passion, having fun and getting paid an absurd amount to do it. And young (albeit questionable) dick.

    All these factors add up, she’s got a good life and it shows, she looks dope.

    • jwoolman says:

      Davy- I am a chemist. There are simply no amino acids only available abundantly in animal products that are required for humans. None. Zero. Nada. We are not obligate carnivores.

      Every protein ingested, regardless of whether it is from a cow or fish or plant, is first broken down into constituent amino acids. Our bodies then use these amino acids to build up our own proteins needed for cell membranes, muscle tissue, enzymes, and other vital purposes. We can do this just as easily on a totally non-animal diet. We don’t even have to carefully combine foods in one meal to get a specific ratio of amino acids – we will get what we need over the course of a few days.

      We also can get all the fat we need from plant sources. We do not need animal fat. Vegans shouldn’t skimp on fat, that’s a problem some people have when they switch from carnivore to vegan, they think fat is bad from their carnivore days and restrict it too much.

      It’s much harder to become B-12 deficient than people realize, if they listen to all the viewing with alarm over not eating a hamburger. The only person I knew who needed B-12 injections was a dedicated carnivore. Stress can deplete you of B vitamins in general but there are plant sources for all of them. If you’re worried, get a sublingual B-12 supplement and take it once or twice a week.

      • Davy says:

        @jwollman I’m not disagreeing I just obviously didn’t communicate my thoughts well . You can get these amino acids from plants but some, like choline, are far more abundant in animal sources, like eggs.

        I suppose I’m referring to optimal health – choosing foods that will provide you with the most abundant nutrients, and I still believe some essential amino acids are easier to acquire from animal sources. I didn’t mean to imply it was impossible only more difficult and for many, potentially not a great option for their optimal functioning (not everyone who attempts veganism understands how to balance their nutrient intake).

        Thanks for your response and remarks about getting enough good fats :)

  28. Savanna says:

    J. Lo has always had a beautiful fit body, no matter what size. I definitely prefer her a little thicker, just because she gets more of that hourglass shape and it’s gorgeous.

    Could you imagine exercising six hours a day?! Sure, dancing is fun, but I’d be bored after ten minutes.

    I’m confiding here, hope it’s okay – I’m DREADING when I’m older and have to exercise to keep myself healthier. Now I’m active but make no effort to exercise “on purpose”. I’m 21, 5 foot 5 and never been able to get over 120 pounds. I also had kidney issues as a teen that stunted some growth, so I have a “boy body” – broad chest, decent waist, then really narrow hips. Even when I gain some weight, I’ll never have an hourglass figure just because of my structure.


    (Sorry for spilling all the feelz, I have my period and apparently wanna talk about my body insecurities.)

  29. Meg says:

    this reminds me of faith hill turning 40 and posing in a bikini on the cover of some magazine, saying she works out for hours each day.
    this is why women are so competitive with each other. we’re running to target to grab something after work before going to night class, or running errands after work before rushing home to get the kids dinner and to bed and while waiting in line to pay seeing a women on a magazine promoting ‘health’ saying she works out 6 hours a day.
    not promoting moderation, not talking about walking everyday with the neighbor to encourage each other to stay healthy, not taking turns watching each other’s children so each of you can focus working out without kids distracting you-
    the rest of us have jobs honey, clearly you, gwyneth paltrow and faith hill don’t need to work. if only we all could afford personal trainers and chefs we could all look like this. this isn’t about health-it’s about showing off. saying to women-’yep, i JLo look better than you.’

  30. Debutante says:

    Size Two ? No way. Unless her assistants and stylists are changing the tags on her !

  31. GIRLFACE says:

    She looks like a size 4 to me, easily. Also she is obviously shopped a bit in the orange dress.

  32. Jenny12 says:

    A size 4 is thickish? Good lord. I like unsweetened almond milk instead of dairy, though I can’t get into their yogurts. Earth Balance instead of butter. When I have eggs, I try to buy cage free, but I try substitutes instead. Eating vegan is easier than it used to be, but I saw her diet and there’s little to no protein in it. I think she doesn’t know what to do with herself- 45, single mom, dependent on her looks, unwilling to age gracefully. Pity, because she’s a decent actress and performer, though a terrible singer.

  33. Disingenuous says:

    She said she only did it for a few weeks…she’s not vegan.
    I’ll never like JLo because by all the accounts before her reality-TV roles, she’s narcissistic and up herself. Also she’s a horrible actress and can’t lose her nasal twangy accent.

  34. kkk says:

    I laughed out loud reading this interview, size 4 to 2? in ya dreams j-lo! try 8 to 10! why do celebs lie about their size and weight, it gives people a wrong perception of general height and weight, ive honestly met people who think the likes of gisele bunchen (nearly 6ft tall!) is 90-100 pounds…wtf?!! just for her height and frame alone she must be AT LEAST ! 135, and thats at the least amount of weight…no wonder young girls have such a messed up perception these days! skinny women arent just to blame!