Miley Cyrus bf Justin Gaston grabs crotch, quotes Bible in interview

Miley Cyrus’s public image is still smarting from her racist photo scandal, her subsequent non-apology, and then finally, her real apology. You’d think that coming out of the firestorm, she and everyone around her would be on their best behavior for a few months to let the media cycle run its course. Unfortunately, the people around her are morons.

Miley’s 20-year-old boyfriend, Justin Gaston, is the cover boy for the magazine VMAN. In the photos, Justin is seen grabbing his rather large, bulging crotch in a crude way. But no fear! He’s still a “Christian”! We know this because Justin quotes from the Bible in the interview. Radar Online has the exclusive:

Miley Cyrus may be the bigger name in the relationship, but her model boyfriend Justin Gaston is hot on her heels. A source gives some exclusive details behind his racy spread for VMAN magazine.

“It took place in mid-December in Los Angeles and Justin was very personable and free of handlers.” says the source. “He was clever, funny, had lots of energy and was up for anything!”

In the photos, Gaston- in a retro, red track suit- straddles a tennis net and playfully grabs his, well, bulging nether region. Shot by photographer Doug Inglish, Gaston was apparently a “real pleasure to shoot” and was simply “lovely” to work with.

As for the theme behind the edgy pictorial, the source says “[Justin] reminded us of 90′s gorgeous Versace-type models so that is how we decided to treat the shoot with Doug’s certain spontaneity and easiness.”

In the interview, Gaston opens up about being Miley’s man. “I look up to her,” Gaston revealed. “It’s nice to have someone there who already knows what’s going on. It helps you plan your next steps.”

In fact, Cyrus was at his side during his spin in the spotlight, even chiming in during the interview to add a quote from the Bible. The source adds: “The interview took place on New Year’s Eve while Justin and Miley were in Nashville.”

Read the whole interview in the magazine’s Spring 2009 issue which hits stands later this week.

From Radar Online

To be fair to Justin and Miley, this photo shoot happened before the racist photo scandal. And yet, I still think it’s a bad idea, but maybe not Miley’s bad idea. I get the argument that she’s a naive, bratty, self-absorbed 16-year-old, and how was she to know, blah, blah, blah. It’s totally possible that Justin is using her to establish some sort of half-assed “career”. But the people around Miley should be vetting this stuff. Justin looks like a track-suit-wearing pseudo-pimp, and Miley looks niave and used for being with him.

Here’s Justin out with Miley and her family on 1/4/09, out with Miley on 1/21/09 and on the runway for Christian Audiger on 2/18/09. Header image via RadarOnline. Other photos credit: WENN

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  1. gg says:

    Is it just me or does every new clothing line look like shitty graffiti. I’m so tired of the played out Ed Hardy clothes. It was cute for a little while, but now it seemingly WON’T GO AWAY!

  2. Tia says:

    Are you kidding me?????????????? A 20 year old dating a child, and he is quoting the bible.. this is what organized relgion looks like .. A bunch of FREAKS!!! It is really sad the turn religion has taken. WHAT A SICK WIERDO HE IS.

  3. I Choose Me says:

    You call that large? Pffft

  4. Ricci says:

    Thats not large haha!

  5. Murmur says:

    Miley thinks she can distract us with God and the Bible so we won’t see that she’s a disrespectful, self-entitled whore. That just shows how stupid she is on top of it.

  6. Annie says:

    You can’t judge a religion based on the crazies that abuse it.

    You overlook those who’ve brought good to the world through their faith. (Whatever faith that may be :) )

    Anyway, why does this turd even get coverage?

  7. Robin says:

    Well at least Miley has some talent and has worked hard for her money. He is a nobody from nowhere and is just in it for her money and fame. Oh Miley – love is blind. Was the photographer a man or a woman? I’m highly suspicious of male models – especially underwear models!!

  8. john says:

    This guy is going after a minor because he cannot handle girls his own age not to mention miley has lots of money. The people that are to blame here are billy ray cirus and his real responsible wife! Shame on them for allowing any of this stuff to go on. I have two daughters and any grown man that attempts to get to them as minors would get his butt kicked up between his ears. Shame billy ray! Your no father!

  9. rarahrarah says:

    so.. he’s getting a lot of gigs just cuz he’s miley cyrass’ boyfriend? UGH.

  10. the original kate says:

    if a 20 year old guy tried to date my my 15 year old daughter i would knock his ass into next week. does he realize he could be charged with statutory rape if he has sex w/ her? and where the hell are miley’s parents? they are just as bad as the lohans and the spears, so when miley ends up either pregnant at 17 or in rehab by 18 (or both) we will know who to blame.

  11. lurker says:

    He looks up to her…WTF? I understand what he’s saying but seriously.
    First octomom now this – why do I keep clicking on links that make me! (And how pathetic is it that I get angry over Miley Cyrus…)

  12. lol my frend says:

    lol thats child abuse ps dats not large

  13. MomInNH says:

    So just today I read a news article about a 15 yr. old girl arrested for posession of, distribution of and some other felony charges of child pornography for taking nude and semi nude photos of herself and posting them on her myspace.

    Yet Slutty Cyrus does it and… where’s her felony charges? Where’s her man-friend’s statutory rape charges? Oh, I forgot that she’s a celebu-tard so she doesn’t have to follow the same laws as everyone else.

    And how pathetic to be quoting bible versus as if that somehow means their relationship isn’t wrong, not to mention illegal.

  14. Larson says:

    It is not in anyone’s place to judge others. Be accountable for yourself; first, last and always.

  15. Stephanie T. says:

    Look, I’m a firm Christian, and I know: Christians just don’t do photo shoots like that. They just DON’T. The fact that he did makes me seriously doubt him. Yeah, nice going, guy. Just totally ruin it for yourself and the rest of us.

    Oh, and I’m seriously hoping that Miley doesn’t end up with a drugg-addicted, totally-messed-up life, but if she does… Wow, I hate to be kind of cynical, but if it happens, then I’ll say once and only once “I knew it’d happen.” And I’m just tired of hearing so much about her. What happened to Dakota Fanning, after all? Wasn’t she Hollywood’s princess not too long ago?

  16. yes, miley, becauae all moms are ugly and huge and have lost their figures. we all hate our lives, too. that\’s right.

  17. brittany speerz says:

    justin’s hot…. but he should never open his mouth again.