L&S: The Queen thinks Duchess Kate is too flashy, spends too much money

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This might be the best Life & Style cover ever!! Duchess Kate – TORMENTED by the Queen. Why is Queen Elizabeth tormenting poor Kate? Well, for all of the reasons that we’ve already covered time and time again. The bum-flashing, the inappropriate clothes, the endless shopping, the expensive (and at times unnecessary) renovations. The only thing that would make this story better is if the Queen also had some thoughts about Kate’s hair-twirling. As is, the Queen thinks Kate is too flashy and too petulant. Off with her head!

Since tying the knot with Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton has been criticized by Queen Elizabeth II for her high profile wardrobe malfunctions and even parenting methods.

Now sources tell Life & Style the queen is coming down hard on Kate for her “excessive overspending” on renovations to their 10-bedroom Anmer Hall house in Norfolk, England, which the Duchess of Cambridge plans to turn into her family home.

“The queen is famously careful about not being flashy,” a source tells Life & Style. But thanks to Kate — and a $2.5 million overhaul — the estate now boasts new roof tiles, $800,000 in fresh landscaping and a sitting room. The duchess also shopped around for new fireplaces and William’s grandma isn’t happy.

“She’s shocked about Kate’s overspending. She thinks it doesn’t make Kate or the royals look good to be splashing out millions on redecoration.”

Kensington Palace — where William and Kate have been assigned a four-story flat — can feel like a fishbowl, with much of it open to the London public. So, against the queen’s wishes, Kate’s moving her family to the countryside estate, which is two-and-a-half hours away from Buckingham Palace — and the royal family.

“The queen feels it’s important for William, Kate and [Prince] George to be based in London. But Kate is completely going against her wishes,” adds the source. “It really gives them a lot of privacy,” royal expert Yvonne York tells Life & Style.

[From Life & Style]

If William does end up taking that royal ambulance job, he and Kate will probably be moving to Anmer Hall for a while, which means all of those Kensington Palace renovations were rushed for no good reason, and there was no need for that second kitchen because no one will be at KP but staffers. And I could totally see the Queen being legitimately mad about it. Plus the bum-flashing and too-short skirts. Kate’s been with the Firm for more than three years, there’s no reason for her to keep getting it so wrong.

PS… Please look at this close-up of Kate’s makeup job. That eyeliner is so sloppy!! Good God.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Faye says:

    God knows I am no defender of Kate, but all these tabloid stories about Kate being so profligate, especially with the renovations, is kind of ridiculous and yes a wee bit biased against women. She and William are in this together, and I don’t for a second believe she does anything he doesn’t approve of. Call them both out equally.

    As for this story, I’ve come to the conclusion that QEII really does not care what K and W do or spend, or what K does (or doesn’t do, to be more accurate). If she did, she would do something about it.

    • Olenna says:

      I don’t believe the Queen is upset about anything they do. She’s set them up to live the high life and that’s exactly what they’re doing, social consciousness be damned. Anyway, I think these recent stories about Kate and Pippa are PR ploys to garner sympathy for them since they’ve both been getting a lot negative press lately (which is their own fault).

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think HM let’s people make their own mistakes, as has been stated by members of the family. She also plays ostrich and refuses to step in when she should. She is reactive not proactive.

      HM spends loads of money too, she just does it discretely (all bespoke clothing from her in-palace team, race horses, food). She sets her family up with lavish homes – but expects them to be subtle and quiet about it. Anne didn’t get into too much trouble with Gatcombe (an existing home), the PR problems came with the expensive building of Sunninghill Park for Andrew and Fergie.

      It is the public nature of the W&K spending that is the PR problem. The honeymoon costing $500,000, the Maldives trip costing nearly the same. The proof in the reports that the majority of the $6.5 renovations were NOT necessary (the asbestos and plumbing were taken care of in the original $1 million, etc.).

      HM is old money discrete, W&K (and Andrew and Fergie) are new money flashy. That second one is a big problem when the money belongs to the taxpayers.

      • Faye says:

        @NOTASUGARHERE -You raised another point I was going to make bit forgot about -the Queen herself is a big spender. God knows what the horse bills alone cost. She gets away with it because 1) she actually does the work of a royal, 2) the people like and respect her and 3) discretion. The latter is something Will and Kate do not have – they both spend and vacation like new money.

      • PennyLane says:

        Faye, I think you’re right – it’s the lack of discretion rather than the spending itself that’s an issue.

        There’s no way to hide that garish new roof….

      • hmmm says:

        Wait a minute here- the taxpayers pay for the Queen’s horses?!

      • Faye says:

        @hmm – Some of those horses are used for “ceremonial” occasions, so they are paid for by taxes. I think some are officially considered property of the Crown so they are also paid for by taxes. As for the rest, I’m not sure. I think there’s never been a clear accounting of who pays for what re the royals, and even some of the allegedly private money actually stems in ways from public properties. There’s a lot of, let’s say, mystique surrounding their accounting.

        This is all second-hand info I get from my British in-laws, but it seems to be the consensus there.

      • taxi says:

        Mmm, it’s “discreet.”

      • notasugarhere says:

        I mess up its and it’s all the time too. I think I have “there” vs. “their” vs. “they’re” down pretty well. :)

    • Audrey says:

      Basically what I came to say.

      Kate doesn’t have the resources or authority to do this on her own. She gets the blame while this spending is endorsed or authorized by William, Charles and the Queen.

      This isn’t just Kate.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree with you, Faye. I highly doubt Kate is overstepping her boundaries. And she does recycle her wardrobe so there is evidence that she is watching costs and public opinion. I don’t blame her for wanting a family kitchen – I’m sure their official staffed kitchen is massive. I would want a place where I could make an egg or a bowl of cereal, cup of tea for myself in my home. I’m sure the staff would be uptight having her come in to make her own stuff in the official kitchen and she’s “normal” enough to want to do it.

      • Kata says:

        I see your point Pandy, but to be part of the royal family is comming with this. If you want a normal life with bowl of cereals and privacy, than don’t marry a royal. Sorry but even they can not have everything, or if they think they can, wel lthan do not be suprised if the public holds it againts them.
        The whole they are so normal thing is just so dishonest. Just be a royal and stick to it.

      • SJF says:

        She bought a BOATLOAD of new dresses when she first married William, and coats, etc. that have NEVER been re-worn.

    • Maria of MD says:

      I’m not buying all this outrage in the tabloids. The Queen and the rest had YEARS to get to know Kate and what she was like.

      • FLORC says:

        Not really Maria
        The Queen is too busy. It’s not like she meets Kate once a month for family dinners.

        And leading up to the engagement many thought William would remain single. Harry even stated in a seperate interview he was looking forward to getting to know Kate. He hadn’t much chance in the 9 years his brother dated her.

        All together I don’t think the Queen cares past immediate issues. Kate needs to wear the correct clothing when with the Queen and follow protocol. Past that it would take Kate actively trying to take down the monarchy for HM to lift a finger.

      • Megan says:

        Harry made many positive comments about Kate to the media before her wedding she referred to William and. Harry as “her boys.”

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Harry used to crash at their apartment all the time. Kate was a very good cook and Harry played bartender. They all three were close.

      • LAK says:

        Megan: the interview FLORC is referring to is on youtube (google walking with the wounded North pole). It was made a month before the wedding and Harry is very clear in it that:

        A) he didn’t know Kate – his actual words were ‘looking forward to getting to know her’

        B) he states that the family didn’t think William would ever marry – ps: I don’t think this was a dig at Kate. Only an observation about how people can view their family member’s attitude to marriage in general.

        He is widely quoted in the media as describing Kate as ‘the sister he never had’, but i’ve never seen any interview in which he has ever said those words. It feels like an urban legend similar to the urban legend of WK’s grace period granted by HM ie media quote that’s been repeated so often and implies a close relationship throughout the previous 8yrs, but no one can pin point exactly when or where he was supposed to have said it.

        The interview FLORC is quoting from is out there for all to see, timed and dated. There is no mistaking his words.

      • Francis says:

        True LAK

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        It is impossible to take Harry’s statement seriously if you know how much time he spent hanging out casually with Will and Kate. This is also documented. They had their own sets of friends but these circles overlapped and there’s even an occasion of a hunting weekend spent in the country with friends. Kate and Chelsy also got along quite well for a short time before a parting of the ways. And incidentally, even direct quotes/interviews are discredited as intentionally misleading when someone wants to stick to their opinion like glue.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, anyone can take a quote out of context to prove a point. FLORC and LAK offered direct quotes from a source anyone can check to see the context for themselves.

        Where is the documentation as to how much time he spent “hanging out casually with Will and Kate”? What proof is there that they spent loads of time together? Or that he played bartender? Or that Kate and Chelsy ever got along, other than photos of them once sitting in a car together during a polo match?

        That is all speculation – which is a lot of what we do on here – but the direct quote from Harry indicates that he spent very little time with Kate Middleton in the decade his brother dated her. As she says above, his actual words were ‘looking forward to getting to know her’. W&K started dating in what, 2002? She wasn’t even introduced to HM until Autumn and Peter’s wedding in 2008, six years into the relationship. W&K confirmed that themselves in an interview.

        For whatever reasons – royal protocol, William’s privacy obsession, the nature of their relationship – William and Kate Middleton do not seem to have spent much time at all with his family prior to the engagement. Or frankly, much after either.

        Yes, they’re seen together at the occasional polo match. Are they ever papped out having dinner with Peter and Autumn? Mike and Zara? Bea and Dave? Harry and whomever? No. HM and PP were papped going to the theater with Peter and Autumn, but no one got photos of the multiple trips to the opera that Middleton and Charles were supposed to have done? Considering she gets photographed buying Starbucks every other day, I think someone would have offered up photographic proof of trips to the opera with Charles, etc.

        This leads to the conclusion that 1) they don’t spent much time together in public outside of polo matches and 2) due to statements from Harry, they didn’t spent time together in private.

  2. Nashville Girl says:

    So all legitimate complaints, but shouldn’t William also have a share of the blame?

  3. Scal says:

    Please, the queen’s not exactly thrifty. Also if she was ‘anti’ kate anything it would get nipped in the bud. Kate’s not that powerful compared to queenie. And where’s William? They are a team-call them both out if you’re going to call out anyone.

    And frankly Kate’s not that bad compared to other female royals. Look at at Crown Princess Mary-4X the wardrobe budget, other than a few evening gowns never ever wears the same thing twice, spent 3X the amount on her new apartment with Fred (which looks cheap and horrible), doing the bare minimum of projects, and most of those are about fashion.

  4. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    Consider starting “RoyalBitchy”. Or “The Bitcharchy”. Like this site but just royal news from around the world. I’d visit that site. Hell, I’d apply to write for that site.

  5. Greata says:

    Life and Style….yes definitely a source with integrity…..PLEASE!!!! I doubt that Kate has as much autonomy in the Firm as these tabloids suggest.

  6. yuck says:

    Here’s what I don’t get: Kate’s parents are supposedly worth about BP 50mm or so. So why wouldn’t they want to pony up some funds in order to take the heat off Kate’s supposed “excessive” spending? Not that I necessarily buy this L&S story, but it just seems like the obvious move. After all, they’re the ones likely to be spending quite a lot of time at Kate’s residences–not so the royals themselves.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      No way would I provide my own money if the rf has more than enough. Let the rf waste taxpayer money. And what a public sht storm we would have if the Mids were directly sourced for any official renovations, refurbishments etc. if Carole so much as bought a lamp for George’s nursery the critics would raise the alarn.

      • wow says:

        For reals!

        Can you imagine? Lol. As if The Midds need yet another reason to be hated. That would be such a s*** storm. Yikes!

    • SJF says:

      They’re not worth that all

      • pippa middle says:

        Agree +1000 the Middlekardtrash are not worth BP mm. The few million they had already spent on schools for title n money marriages, n lazy workless waity doolittle dormat n ma carole hunt ‘strategy’ for P Willnot in the decade.

        Reading someplace, Willnot spent millions for their home in the name of security n that he PGtips will be there; n for years of luxury vacations yatching and events for all midds! Hence hanging on _ what a waste.

  7. Word Girl says:

    Too many wayward articles. I think these mags should just take a stance on the Queen and Kate’s relationship and stick to it. Otherwise, the articles and rumored “sources” become blah.

  8. notasugarhere says:

    “The Queen: Kate is too much like Diana.” Nope.

    Kaiser. Thank you for using the photo of Middleton breaking protocol and walking AHEAD of HM.

  9. A:) old prude says:

    God help me i’m going to defend Kate and William!

    Queen have no right to criticise Kate given how offensively obscenely lavish lifestyle she lives. She is old so media will dare not criticise her for her expenditure. She have a personal cook make steaks for her dogs, she crores about being broke while still having net worth of millions, she received 5% increase in income for celebrating her own reign while our country is down on it’s knew and I can go on and on. The fact remains she is herself Vertu lavish, and entitled who believes heirs are supposed to live a certain lifestyle. No body is forcing her to spend this much money on William or give him so many properties. She is doing so winningly because as I said she believes as a future king he deserves and entitled to all of it. Also are people really that stupid to think William and Kate went on this spending spree without her or Charles knowledge? She and Chuck have to put approve all the renovations ABCs their costs beforehand. It’s all being done with their full approval and support IMO, there is no conflict in RF re these expenditure IMO because they are all entitled, spoiled and so far removed from reality including Queen. It’s ridiculous that any of this had taken place behind get bank or without her approval and support.

    I think media is making a big deal out of the renovations because 1) they don’t work regularly as royals 2) William is increasingly seen as a very reluctant royal when it comes to work but a very willing royal when it comes to all the perks and 3) because their PR tried so hard to paint them as so down to earth, normal, thrifty, independent (i.e. Without staff), and oh so different then the previous gauche royals but multiple mansions, huge no of staff, millions spent on their mansions don’t really go with this manufactured image. It’s the above reasons and their own false, manufactured PR that’s coming back to bite them in their arse.

    • hmmm says:

      Indeed, old prude. Waity, as the outsider, will always be the scapegoat, but they are all equally complicit in this divine right nonsense and the obscene entitlement, for are they not gods? It’s not a defence of the Dolittles, it’s just adding the other culprits to the list. The BRF is all about the BRF first and foremost.

  10. Jaded says:

    The article is typical L&S, utter fabrication. However the fact remains that Kate’s behaviour, dress and lack of focus on her role will continue to draw negative attention. Until she puts on her big girl panties (and I mean that literally) and embraces her position with the firm in an active manner instead of lounging around enjoying all the perqs, she’ll bring more and more ridicule and derision to herself and William.

  11. aenflex says:


  12. Beatrice says:

    I think someone needs to “torment” Kate about her endless wardrobe malfunctions, hair twirling, and propensity to avoid work. Renovations are costly and things can add up, but who wanted to rip out that beautiful kitchen in Anmer Hall?

  13. ickythump says:

    I have heard from someone who worked in BP that the Queen went round switching off lights in rooms that werent being used – she is notoriously thrifty – I imagine she is rather annoyed at Kate and William’s extravagant renovations … I know that sounds a bit ridiculous given her lifestyle and wealth but she is concious of the fact that her subjects will be footing part of the bill for these excesses and I dont think that will sit comfortably with her. She is aware of how the monarchy is perceived by her subjects and wont be pleased at this negative press. And I do think Kate and Wills’ duties are limited by Prince Charles being heir-in-waiting – there is a protocol which is strictly adhered to in the monarchy and he takes precedence. All seems a bit uneccessary and outdated in this day and age tbh but it is what it is.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      The queen signs off on these purchases and an $8M helicopter isn’t exactly thrifty.

      • hmmm says:

        To be fair, the Queen is reported to be only leasing it, but it is a second helicopter for the BRF’s use (why is 1 not enough?). And who know how much $$$ is really involved.

      • ickythump says:

        Its th quickest way for them to get about without clogging up th roads. I assume they wont b th only people in london who use thus mode of transport.

    • Francis says:

      And the Queen knows how to get her dislike across quite pointedly,just look at the wedding dress display video, where she says it’s Horrid, Horrible and Kate seems taken aback by Her Majesty’s honesty.

    • pippa middle says:

      All due respect, I don’t bite that P Charles limit PWillnot n workless Waity Doolittle doormat assignment events! There is more than enough worthy causes without brown nosing with the likes of Beckhams celebrities.

      How do you explain hardworking Prince Harry n his carryout so MANY events on diff continents, , sometimes stand in for his dad!??

      PCharles IS King in waiting and only if the monarch is crazy to skip him for a couple of workless doolittlers (unles he die bef QE2). I PC have the longivity of the monarch at heart like his mom QE2 his grand QE1 n Q Mary all in his lifetime to drill that duty dedication home. Something Willnot haven’t seem to learn oir forgotten during his mix with middskartrashion.

  14. Dena says:

    New money versus old values? *Shrugs shoulders* There was an article months back in the Daily Mail where the writer came right out and called Kate the Queen WAG.

    As pointed out, if u look at the pic of Kate in red, she is walking in front of the Queen. There r a lot of rules Kate has to learn in order for her to be successful in the public side of her role. She may be an excellent wife & mother to William & George and may be just what PW needs in a mate. That’s personal. But she is really underprepared for her public role. If she were a regular employee, she would have been fired by now. Too many missteps. Too much of a lightweight. This is why I think she doesn’t do/perform as many duties as she should. She is just not good at it and neither has she learned what she needs to know. It has nothing to do with Charles or the Queen holding Kate & William back. Their own ineptitude does that. And Kate I think hides at her parents & behind being a wife and mother to avoid this. Most people avoid what they aren’t good at. She is no different. Only her role isn’t one where she can hide. She is no longer his carefree college girlfriend she is a Princess of the Realm (or whatever nonsense that was written on Prince George’s birth certificate).

    I think the stress of the public side is what has her looking like a Q-tip nowadays 2. Just my opinion.

    • Megan says:


    • bluhare says:

      I’m inclined to agree. Other than the tour she’s had some bad press this year. It might be getting to her; it would me.

    • Sunny says:

      I agree with this 1000%

      • pippa middle says:

        Doormat waity Doolittle is a workless don’t care to learn anything in past decade , except shopping dress up/down n wear P Di ring!

        To think she n ma carole hide her failure as a newborn mom with PG feeding by keeping poor PG hungry after her rushed crash dieting to play best dress up/down. She could take a page from Princess Zara n her newborn before getting pregnant again.

        No wonder P Willnot scared of PG tipers ‘good pair of lungs’. Its the Middskardtrashions ineffective care.

  15. LAK says:

    L&S want to start a ‘duchess is a spendthrift’ narrative without alienating their royal fans/readers so what better way to introduce this than to say it’s out of HM’s mouth……..

    Soon there will be multiple covers on different tabloids and eventually the HM bit will be dropped.


  16. HH says:

    I always knew Kate was heavy-hands with tr eyeliner, but I never bothered with the close up. She applies her eyeliner *corner to corner* on both *top and bottom*…?!

    • mayamae says:

      I did as Kaiser advised and enlarged that pic. I can see her eyeliner being called – harsh, heavy, too dark, but I don’t get “sloppy”. Would I ever wear my eyeliner like this? No way. But I’m extremely pale with green eyes, and I can’t go much darker than taupe. I also don’t line as thoroughly.

    • Bex says:

      I’ve always wondered if she has her makeup like this because Diana did. There was an interview where Diana talked about Charles,Camilla and the divorce and her eye makeup was just like this. Maybe it was something She thought William would like.

      • Emily C. says:

        Actually, it’s a super-common look among idle rich English women. I hate it, I think it looks utterly hideous, but it’s the style for her social set.

  17. Tiffany says:

    For all the money that Kate spends on clothes, she never really looks great. Just because they are designer brands does not mean you will look the best. I just don’t understand why there are women who want to dress like her. With her clothing allowance, you would think her clothes would be better.

    • ickythump says:

      You could say the exact same about the Kardashians… and I always laughed at the money Elton John used to spend on clothes – and look like that.LOL

    • Francis says:

      Kate’s clothes are never really impressive IMO. All the hype she gets for being a great dresser and I see women on the streets of. NYC with little money who dress amazingly. Part of the problem is Kate has no style. IMO

    • wolfpup says:

      Rather than Elton John & the Kardashions, I like the parallel to Queen Letitia better. Kate is so sloppy compared to her.

  18. Penny says:

    Holy Mother of Photoshop, that cover!

  19. wow says:

    But they wouldn’t be able to have Anmer Hall or any of these renovations without The Queen giving her approval, right?

    I call BS on this L&S article. I wouldn’t be surprised if the truth is that The Queen is fond of Kate. Of course that doesnt sell magazines though.

    • LAK says:

      HM’s public face/posture says everything one needs to know how she feels about Kate or any other member of the family.

      For someone who is publicly silent, she’s a mistress of the public gesture/face that betrays her feelings.

  20. eska says:

    A** or face? She did chose the right answer.

  21. Penelope says:

    Honest question: What is Kate not doing insofar as “work” is concerned that she should be doing? It seems like she’s always making appearances. And why doesn’t she have a royal expert or whatever advising her on how to act and what to do?

  22. tmbg says:

    Someone needs to take a gallon full of Lancome Bifacil and go over Kate’s face with a paint roller. That isn’t eyeliner – she looks like she’s been in a coal mine!

  23. Alice.H says:

    As if royal sources would discuss this with a tacky American magazine….lol.

    • wolfpup says:

      You know what? I get tired of the tacky American comments! I could make some serious shades on the English monarchy as a government, but I do not, because I don’t want to offend anyone. I will say however, that you wouldn’t find the public money that is given to the royals, handed to any body in the US, just for having been born! Snobbery is institutionalized in GB, and I find that sickening. In our break from King George, our Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

  24. Jaime says:

    I don’t think the Queen is mad at Kate but I can believe that Kate is selfish which may cause her to spend too much money to pamper herself. I feel sorry for the poor people of that country the way all of the intire Royal family slash through money. I don’t think too much can be asked of Kate because I feel she was chosen for her looks not her brains. William should share the blame in spending too much money. Lord knows how much his stuff cost.

  25. P.J. says:

    Here’s what I don’t get: The Queen has to sign off on any and all renovations or financial plans for renovations that happen at any of the government owned palaces. It’s not like Will & Kate have a private account with millions of dollars of tax payer funds dedicated to said cause just sitting around that they can access at their leisure.

    As such, as much as I would like to believe them, I just can’t/don’t buy all these reports about the Queen’s apparent “disapproval” of all things Kate (her spending, wardrobe and its many malfunctions, lack of work ethic, obnoxious entitlement, etc) yet NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    This is all very much starting to feel like parents who constantly “worry” and complain that their young teen daughters clothing is “inappropriate” or “too revealing” yet THEY are the ones buying all of those very clothes for and often alongside them! At this point, my attitude towards Buckingham Palace is either intervene or shut up about her. Kate does not run the show there. She is only getting away with what she is being allowed to get away with. (And I do still believe wholeheartedly that any time Charles or the Queen’s people may have tried to step in early on that William pulled the “Diana card.” Despicable yes, but I think Charles is tired, desperate to inherit the throne and is totally operating from a place of guilt hence his radio silence about his son & daughter in law’s living like spoiled children.)

    • LAK says:

      It took HM a decade to stop the damage the Waleses (Charles and Diana) were doing to the monarchy, and that was relentlessly tit-for-tat-hold-the-fort-at-all-costs stuff seemingly on a weekly basis.

      The public were practically pitchfork-ing to the palace gates at Diana’s death before HM was persuaded to do the right thing ie break protocol and show public regret at Diana’s passing.

      This stuff (WK) barely causes a ripple in comparison so unless they (WK) make a wave Charles/Diana style, it’s all Meh! To HM.

      Now IF the media start playing this stuff up and it starts a conversation about monarchy in a negative way like they did Panorama interview (Diana), adultery interview (Charles) or Diana’s death, THEN HM will intervene because that will deemed an attack on the monarchy and she doesn’t want it to end on her watch.

      • HappyMom says:

        Yep. The Queen does not like confrontation-and has left “family management” to Prince Philip. There is no way this is getting communicated to William and Kate.

  26. Beechie says:

    I don’t believe this story!

  27. Bohemia says:

    This doesn’t really make sense because wasn’t Charles based at Highgrove during his marriage to Diana? I thought I remember reading that Diana preferred London (obviously his affair with Camilla played into that feeling), but Charles preferred the countryside. I don’t remember hearing about the Queen having a problem with that, so why would she suddenly have a problem with them staying at Amner Hall?

    Anyway, it’s L&S. If it was in the Mail I might believe part of this story to be true. Not because the Mail is an example of excellence in journalism (lol) but because we know the reporters there have at least some connections with the Royal family.

  28. Abby_J says:

    You know, I don’t usually feel sorry for Kate at all, and I don’t really believe this story, but the one thing I will say is that the girl can’t win.

    If she buys new clothes, some news place is reporting on how much she spent. If she buys something from a “regular” store or designer, then she is budget. If she re-wears something, everyone has to point it out.

    I don’t know anything about their house renovations though, so I can’t comment there. :)

  29. Dany says:

    don´t think the Queen is interested in Kate/William´s privat life and their spendings. All her children and grandchildren do as they want, the Queen doesn´t “rule” over them. She does her own thing. The courtiers and PR people contact the family members, they direct the royal-show.

    There is zero chemistry between TheQueen and Kate. I really think they see each other maybe 4 times a year for a photo opportunity or christmas and that´s it. No family bonding.

  30. Jocelyn says:

    I’m more interested in Justin & Selena’s supposed proposal on the same cover. She should run and get a restraining order. Anyway, onto Kate. I don’t think the Queen is as bothered as the press would like us to believe. This has been going on for awhile and I’m assuming if she was really mad about it she would have done something instead of quietly stewing about it. It’s been about 3 years already. How the heck is Kate like Diana anyway? And you’re right, the eyeliner on her right eye looks sloppy. I don’t really mind though. That’s why I don’t like eyeliner.

  31. empiregirl says:

    First of all the Kate has been apart of the royal family life for 10 years in some form or another. It is naive to think that all of a sudden Kate decides to go against the Queens wishes. The royal family work together and they do understand the importance of keeping up appearances. In regards to Kate’s wardrobe, the majority of the pieces she wears are given to her for free by designers because they know that the second she wears their piece it will sell out in minutes. Also don’t forget the Middleton’s are a wealthy family from their business venture. The majority of Kate’s clothes pre-engagement were paid for with their income. The Queen and Kate are not mortal enemies like this stupid magazine says. Kate is well aware of her duties and understands where the line is.

    • Francis says:

      Did you see the cheap looking crap Kate wore as Williams girlfriend? Most all of it were freebies from Issa and a few other designers mixed it and even her hats for several occasions when a girlfriend were RENTED not purchases. Also Kate’s first car was a used car, not new, the new spiffy Audis came as Williams girlfriend gained prominence in the press and Rumours were these were deals made through William. Almost every vacation in Mustique were a borrow from their friend. Sorry but I just never saw the supposed wealth as Williams girlfriend. I think the press inflates this families wealth to NOT make Kate look like not only a social title climber but also a goldigger. I find it telling that the Middleton’s could not afford to move into a Millions pound manor Home until AFTER William & Kate married. I still think something does not add up with this family. I don’t believe the wealth hype and never will until some Party Pieces statements come to public domain showing the supposed massive wealth they have. I think UncleG fronted the London flat I really do and I am not sure where the sudden. Millions came from for a Manor home After the wedding, but they didn’t seem to have it for years when they purchased the fixer upper they were living in for around 650,000 and from records not even sure if they paid that much for the Berkshire house. I’ve seen photos of the original home when they purchased it and it was not lavish. Something very strange with this families money. Which I believe will come tumbling out one day , with the public in disbelief when it does.

      • Olenna says:

        Francis, ITA with everything you said. I’ve never believed the Party Pieces wealth story and for the media to think that we’re all that gullible is a joke. I have to give Uncle G and Carole are a nod of admiration, though. They’re one heck of a business team. BTW, Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans and to everyone else, have a glorious, happy day!

    • notasugarhere says:

      “In regards to Kate’s wardrobe, the majority of the pieces she wears are given to her for free by designers because they know that the second she wears their piece it will sell out in minutes.” No, it has been stated by Palace officials that she does NOT take freebies, she’s not allowed to.

      There is controversy around this, because she accepted many freebies in the past (Issa dresses, demanding the “royal discount” on an Audi lease long before they were engaged). Now people send freebies to Pippa, and Pippa gets them to Kate (ex. necklace about PGTips). She’s not allowed to accept freebies, so she’s found a way around it.

      All that stated, for the bespoke pieces she is probably getting steep discounts. She’s not getting those discounts on all the off-the-rack stuff she shops for daily.

  32. Idontthinkso says:

    People nothing in this story is true, just another tabloid rag.

    • Francis says:

      They use to say the same thing about the Tabloids in the US for YEARS and YEARS when they were reporting Diana’s unhappiness in royal life with Charles and other royal family members. They said the same for years and years that US tabloids were ridiculous, reporting trouble in Charles and Diana’s marriage and their unhappiness, but it emerged years later that the US Tabloids were right. The US Tabloids were being fed the truth from Palace insiders making money for their stories. The Palace insiders tried to sell their stories to the UK papers about Charles and Diana but the UK Press would NOT print it, they wanted to keep up the facade of the golden royal couple and happy Diana and Charles. This came word for word from James Whitaker in a PBS Special on Diana and the Press. He said he was getting news early in the marriage that it was falling apart, Diana was unhappy, Charles was unhappy but the British press refused to believe the Palace inside sources or refused to print these stories so they were transferred and sold to American tabloids because no one would believe it anyway, but the sources still made money on their stories. It wasn’t until late in the game that the British press finally told the truth about the marriage, only because they couldn’t hide it anymore. So I wouldn’t completely write off what these American Tabloids are saying. It may be in hindsight One day we see many of these articles had a lot of truth to them.

  33. Kristie says:

    Kate is so lavished and spend every taxpayer money… What’s wrong with the horses being fed by the Queen, the horses need to eat… not like Kate so showy and spends the peoples money and that’s wrong, shes lucky prince william marry her rather than the girlfriend from Africa…. Shes not even pretty. LOL!!!!!

  34. Francis says:

    I think. Kate is not only a Wag and unsuited for the role she took on, but I think she got into this for the wealth surrounding being THE royal wife. I don’t think she’s above that. She strikes me as a bit of a goldigger on top of everything else.
    The Queen is a sharp woman. I believe she is bothered by Kate’s behavior and one thing For sure the Queen knows how to throw shade or out rightly give a honest dig when she feels the need.
    Just look at the video of the Queen asked about Kate’s wedding-dress display, the Queen said it’s Horrid, Horrible,It’s Horrid. This is on camera. This was the same day Kate didn’t seem to understand what Faberge was , you can hear the dismay in the Queens voice. I don’t think the Queen would hold back on Kate, if she felt she wasn’t performing properly, but she might let it be known through Kate’s handlers. Something has gone on concerning Kate’s longer skirts, so evidently someone is saying SOMETHING to her. No way Kate lowered those hemlines on her own. Imo

  35. ickythump says:

    Every story we heard during th diana days was denied by th press in th uk. Everything turned out to be true so I woud keep an open mind but at th moment this isnt much of a story. I think peeps in th uk r a wee bit pi$$ed that now that williams in his 30′ s he’s stil faffing about and hasnt taken on th amount of royal duties expected of him – he coud b doing a lot more than he is.

  36. iseepinkelefants says:

    And all I can think is hahaha she waited so long for this. Because she knew once she was Princess No More Waity she could do whatever she wanted. You gotta admire the cojones. She has and never will give 2 f’s what anyone thinks. It’s pretty genius.

    But don’t get it twisted. I can admire her being an over indulged deluded Stepford wife, but I still can’t stand her.