Sherri Shepherd doesn’t want to pay for the baby that her surrogate is carrying


Sherri Shepherd’s life is a mess these days. It’s actually quite scandalous, or it would be if more people gave a crap. First, Sherri’s husband Lamar Sally filed for separation suddenly, announcing that he was seeking full custody of their as-yet unborn child, who is currently gestating in a surrogate. Then TMZ claimed that Lamar and Sherri’s marriage was super-bizarre, that he wanted all of these strange (and gross) provisions in their pre-nup and wedding vows. Then, Sherri got fired from The View, so she’s not going to have much money coming in these days. All of those events have led to this… Sherri is not interested (at all) in the baby that the surrogate is carrying. She doesn’t want anything to do with that baby.

Sherri Shepherd does not want anything to do with her unborn surrogate baby … because she believes her estranged husband defrauded her into having the kid in the first place so he could get child support … this according to multiple sources connected with the couple.

TMZ broke the story … Sherri and her husband Lamar Sally each separately filed legal docs to end their marriage. The big complication — a baby will be born this month to a surrogate who signed a contract with Sherri and Lamar.

Now our sources say … the baby was conceived with Lamar’s sperm, but NOT Sherri’s egg. Now here’s where it gets tricky. We’re told Sherri does not want custody or even to be considered a parent … because she doesn’t want to get stuck with massive child support payments.

Sherri wants a judge to rule she has no parental rights or responsibilities — which would shut the door to child support. She claims Lamar defrauded her — that he got her to sign on for a surrogate birth knowing full well he would divorce her and then nail her to the wall for child support.

Our Lamar sources say Sherri tried to get pregnant in vitro and when it didn’t work she got deeply involved in the surrogacy process. Another twist … Sherri has filed for divorce in New Jersey and Lamar has filed in California. This is not a coincidence. We did some digging, and found New Jersey courts generally do NOT recognize surrogacy agreements, which means Lamar would probably be shut down. Not so in Cali.

[From TMZ]

Good God this is messy. I don’t even have any idea what the legal precedent for this kind of thing would be – it seems like it would depend on the validity of the written contract that Sherri and Lamar signed with the surrogate. But it also sounds like Sherri might be right – that this was all some kind of super-shady plot by Lamar to get that money. Well… I hope they have good lawyers. Because this is going to be a trainwreck.


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  1. NewWester says:

    So yet again a innocent child will suffer because of the actions of adults. Did anyone really want this child? The human race is disgusting

    • Roxanna says:

      +1 Poor kid

    • Snazzy says:

      that’s all I can think about too. Who gives a crap about these two idiots … but that poor poor child

      • Chameleon says:

        If Sherri wanted the child and signed a surrogate agreement, then she should be hold responsible regardless of her eggs being used or not.
        Just think about those complaints of men who say they never wanted a child with their wife / girlfriend / one-night-stand … they have to pay, too.

      • delorb says:


        Those men have at least contributed their sperm. This baby isn’t related to Sherri. I can understand her being mad at her soon to be ex-husband. I can see her being mad at herself for falling for this idiot. What I can’t see is her being mad at the baby. The baby had NOTHING to do with this mess.

        Should she be on the hook? I think so. IF the marriage hadn’t disintegrated, she’d have happily raised this child as her own, eggs or no eggs. She needs to chalk up this life lesson, which I doubt she will, seeing as how she talks about using abortions as birth control. Poor baby.

    • Audrey says:


      Lamar may be shady but she wanted this baby and is part of the reason why it exists. It’s so wrong that she just wants to walk away and abandon the kid now

      I’m thinking this is a case of law not catching up with technology. Like there can’t be much of a precedent for this. If it’s not her egg then I’m not sure how much obligation she’ll have

      • Judy says:

        Marybeth Whitehead, a surrogate, changed her mind and wanted the baby she carried. It was her egg and New Jersey court ruled as she was the bio mother she was also the legal mother. The Sterns’ got custody but she got visitation. Since Sherri filed in New Jersey, that precedent would work in her favor. Bio mom and Sherri’s ex would be deemed the parents and she may be out of it. Especially if bio mother is the ex / girlfriend of Sherri’s husband. It smells fishy and I do think its possible that they both planned this and dipped Sherri Shepherd.

      • Audrey says:

        Are they based in New Jersey or California?

        If they aren’t based there, won’t it be tossed out?

        I also feel gross pointing it out. But he waited until the baby was “viable” before filing for divorce. He’s disgusting and I think that helps show that he’s in it for money

      • Sherry says:

        I asked hubby (who’s an attorney) how this would work and he thinks the law is on Sherri’s side since it’s not her egg. Just like if a divorcing woman got pregnant with donor sperm, the soon-to-be-ex husband could state he was not the father and refuse to be put on the birth certificate as such, which means no child support.

      • Judy says:

        According to papers filed against her by her first husband, Sherri and Lamar lived in Nw Jersey, so she had a legal right to file there. I also read that she was smart enough to have Lamar sign a prenup, so he will only get $60k if the marriage lasted less than 5 years.

        It is oddly convenient for him that he waited until the baby was viable before filing for divorce, but I’m not sure who filed first.

        I know this is TOTAL speculation on my part but I think he and his ex planned to bilk Sherri. Who knows how the baby was eve conceived. Is that slanderous? However, I think it’s unethical on his part to use an ex as a surrogate, and even more so use her eggs. So frickin scandalous.

      • Audrey says:

        Well she knew it was his ex and we have no idea if it’s the ex’s egg or a donor egg

        My feelings are pretty conflicted on this. I’ll be happy if Lamar’s plan fails and he doesn’t get her money. But that poor baby is hurt in the end because of these two selfish morons. Baby should be adopted imo. Arrange for a loving couple to adopt and raise it

        Also, Lamar filed first and filed for full custody. Sherri then filed in New Jersey (he filed in California).

      • mayamae says:

        The surrogacy process is a little outdated. The woman who carries the baby is now referred to as a gestational carrier, because she does not use her own egg. It’s probably a reaction to the cases in which the surrogate fights for the baby. Also, in Georgia where I live, they considered surrogacy as borderline baby selling. On the one hand it’s more clear cut that the carrier has no right to the baby, but it also makes the process even that much more expensive.

        Sherri has no biological connection to that baby, and she’s already overwhelmed by her special needs child. She and Sal are toxic together, and I completely believe Sal manipulated this so he could live off the child support. The best thing for that child is if both of them were cut out of it’s life. That leaves the poor woman carrying the baby. If for some reason that woman decides to keep the baby, Sal and Sherri should be forced to pay some sort of support. Everyone acts like this baby is disposable.

      • FLORC says:

        So, Child be damned. The adults changed their minds. Send it back to the factory for a full refund.

        I wonder if Lamar will still fight for this unborn child knowing he won’t get a dime in child support.

        Stories like this… ugh.

      • janie says:

        Sherri knew from day one he didn’t work. She also knew who the surrogate was, it’s only now she decides to whine about who it is. She said on the show this morning that they knew earlier in the year she would not return for another season. That sounds like she was preparing for the baby. No matter what has happened between them, she’s not innocent or unaware of the surrogacy contract. I can’t blame her feelings, but she knew all this upfront.

      • NKN says:

        I think the law has caught up with technology, but we simply don’t know all the details of Sherri and Lamar’s custody battle and IVF agreement. To do IVF with your own eggs, you have to sign forms that say what you want to happen if you and your partner should split, one of you should die, both of you die, etc. Given this, I think there must have been documents signed in this case about what role Sherri would legally have in the child’s life.

      • Sassy says:

        I missed something – gossip wise. Where is the story that Lamar’s ex girlfriend is the surrogate? If this is the case, it seems to lead credence to Lamar being a cheat and horrible jerk!

    • don't kill me i'm french says:


    • Stef Leppard says:

      It really really bothers me that ppl seem to forget that babies are human beings with feelings. I’m shocked at the neglect, disregard, and disrespect I see aimed toward children these days. So many selfish selfish parents.

      • Blackcat says:

        I completely agree. There are so many people who don’t even need to think about having children; these two, possibly three, people are case in point.

    • Shazz says:

      I understand how Sherri might feel, but this is a BABY, not a pizza. Skeezy scheme by her husband.

    • Ag says:

      Ugh, the poor baby, still in the womb, and already unwanted. So sad.

      • QQ says:

        Right?! What a shitshow.. Like you ordered a baby and now is all..”Uh NVM, dont want it”

      • Shelby says:

        This makes me so sad

      • Nicolette says:

        It’s very sad. Children are not to be used as pawns, when will people get that?

      • KC says:

        Well, no. Lamar wants the kid, it’s just that he also expects Sherri to pay child support on the kid since he wants/expects to be custodial parent. If the shoe was on the other foot and Sherri was the one who wanted custody of her child, plus child support from his/her father, then everyone here would be on her side screaming (rightly)… that dad/non-custodial parent needs to man up and support his child.

    • mercy says:

      And this is why the baby making industry needs to be strictly regulated. Child’s rights first. No financial gain or profiteering. No secrecy. Extensive screening of donors, surrogates, intended parents, and anyone involved in making these arrangements.

  2. Sixer says:

    UGH. What is the MATTER with people?

  3. Eleonoy says:

    I am sorry for a child who’s not even born who will be in a middle of a mess since day 1.

  4. Dorothy#1 says:

    I like Sherri, I feel kinda bad for her, she clearly has sh!tty taste in men! lol if the baby is not hers and she went into surrogacy thinking it would be she shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    • embertine says:

      Um… I don’t think she went into it thinking the baby was “hers” biologically. I think she would have noticed the whole thing of getting pumped full of hormones and having long needles stabbed into her ovaries. It’s the kind of thing you tend to remember.

      • Dorothy#1 says:

        Lol good point! I guess I read that wrong 🙂

      • SpookySpooks says:

        Sherri is really really stupid, remember?

      • CTgirl says:

        I don’t know about that, Sherri really isn’t the brightest bulb. Remember when she thought the world could be flat? She is just an annoying twit who is now trying to say that a baby she helped create through the surrogacy process isn’t “her’s”. Well, she just crapped on every other parent who uses a surrogate or who adopts. And what kind of a person turns their back on the baby in the this situation?!

      • Sal says:

        “now trying to say that a baby she helped create through the surrogacy process isn’t “her’s”. Well, she just crapped on every other parent who uses a surrogate or who adopts.”
        Good point, CTgirl. I understand why she’d now want to back out, but she is trashing the process for those who take it seriously.

        BUT; if she can *prove* fraud, that he married her and planned all this she may have a point. And it may invalidate the surrogacy. In order to do that though, she’d need some physical proof, tape recorder, letter, witnesses etc. I honestly don’t see how she can come up with anything like that.

    • Montréalise says:

      I don’t feel bad for her at all! She’s 47, not a naïve youngster, and if she is still making shitty choices when it comes to men, that’s on her. The only person I really feel bad for is the baby.

      • Jaquebelle says:

        + 8 million!!! One love.

      • delorb says:


        She comes across (to me at least) as an overly christian woman who thought that having a man make the decisions for her was a good idea. He’s the head of the family, whether he deserves it or not. Not saying that that type arrangement is always bad, but still. You HAVE to know the man, which she clearly didn’t. Poor baby.

    • Sal says:

      Agreed. I feel sorry for her because everyone gives her shit over the is the world flat thing and though, clearly she is not the sharpest knife in the draw, people treat her like a lesser being. I think she has a good heart and means well but she just doesn’t think about what she does before she does it.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    these two are complete assholes

  6. Tapioca says:

    Haven’t guys have been walking out on unborn children they didn’t want to pay for since the dawn of time? Go sexual equality! #sarcasm

    If she was defrauded into having a child with an eye to eventual divorce and CS payments then I feel sorry for her, but not as much as I do for the poor kid…

    • Eve says:

      I agree, poor child but I am sure a lot of people would do the same as Sherri if they were in her position and their partners proved to be very shady in the marriage, I know I would cut the cord completely in this mess and most men would not even think twice walking away if the child is not biologically theirs in this situation.

    • Marigold says:

      I don’t think she can say she was defrauded. She knew this was happening and entered a contract with this woman and with her own husband. No one can say a marriage will last so she can’t argue “I wouldn’t have agreed to this had I known I was going to get divorced.” It’s like if a guy says “she told me she was on birth control” and it doesn’t matter. You did the things it takes to have a baby and now you have to take care of it. I know biologically it’s not hers but when she signed up for this, that didn’t matter to her because she wanted a baby. Now suddenly she doesn’t because it’s attached to him? I don’t know what the law will decide. Some states have addressed surrogacy issues very well, others not at all. The fact is there was a point where she said “yes, I want this baby. Where do I sign?” And unless she was incapacitated, which I’m sure she wasn’t, that contract is legal.

      • doofus says:

        I see where you’re going, but I think the “fraud” part is not simply that they’re divorcing, it’s that the ENTIRE thing – marriage, surrogacy, divorce – was a plan by him and his ex to get money out of her.

        as in, even the marriage was for fraudulent reasons. and, when you add in the RIDIC things he was asking for from her in the “amendment” to their pre-nup (not to gain more than X pounds, etc.), it seems like he was angling from the get-go for this marriage to end.

        plus, the initial stories about the divorce filing had him asking for sole custody (and therefore child support $$$, red flag right there) and them “fighting over custody”…as in, she initially wanted custody. I’m betting that, somehow, Sherri came across something that made it crystal clear that this entire thing was about child-support payments and that’s why she doesn’t want any part of it now.

        bottom line is, a baby is coming into this world with idiotic jerks for parents. poor thing.

    • mercy says:

      If biology is that important to her, she had no business conceiving a child this way. That child is half her responsibility. If I were her, I’d be very worried that a man with such shitty motives is going to be the only parent this child knows.

    • delorb says:


      Its not right when they do it and its not right if we do it.

  7. Faye says:

    I felt bad for Sherri before, but this is kind of gross. She knew the child wasn’t biologically hers beforehand, presumably. No matter what the husband’s intentions were, she committed to the creation of this child. This isn’t a dress you can return to the store if you decide you don’t like it. I can understand her being upset if the husband cooked this up just to score payments, but abdicating all responsibility isn’t the way to do it. Instead, why not get her act together and sue for at least partial custody? This child was wanted by her for some reason. She should step up to the plate and act like the mother she committed to be.

    I guess if she really doesn’t want the child it’s better not to be around him or her -but I hope this is a temporary madness/panic about not having a job on her part and she’ll get over it. Poor kid.

    • Toot says:

      I wouldn’t want that child with Sherri. One, she doesn’t want it now and two, she probably hates the father and isn’t bio related, so I wouldn’t trust her. Let him have the child and no child support from Sherri.

      He’s the father he can support it.

      • Faye says:

        @Toot – If she really doesn’t want the child, I agree it’s best there should be no relationship. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s shady as hell for her to originally commit to the pregnancy and then be all “Oops! Changed my mind.”

        I agree he should keep the child and support him/her himself, but you know that isn’t going to happen. He seems to be all about the money here.

      • mercy says:

        I wouldn’t trust him, either. But she did, and now there’s a child involved.

    • omarie says:

      I have no respect for this women. Her level of stupidity is unbelievable. This is a women who has admitted to having multiple abortions. Why is everyone so surprised by her actions?
      She entered into a two contracts apparently without much thought. She may be justified in breaking the marriage contract but not the surrogacy. It may not be Her egg, but she entered into that contract knowing so. Legally she may be able to get out of it, but ethically and morally, she is accounrable. Stupid is as stupid does

  8. Kiddo says:

    It’s not a f*n’ accessory. If you were duped, suck it up. Jeez.

  9. Macey says:

    Fun fact about the surrogate is that she is also Lamar’s ex girlfriend and was even at their wedding so she’s not exactly a stranger to either one of these two. I know everyone is instantly going to bash Sherri for this but with all the stuff Im reading, I really think she was duped by these two. I also dont think Lamar ever wanted a baby to have a baby, I think he just wanted the income that came with the baby and planned this with the surrogate (his ex)all along. I dont blame her at all for not wanting to claim the child since Lamar is already fighting for full custody. she won’t even be able to have regular contact with the child to be able to form a relationship. plus the fact that the baby isnt even hers, its Lamars and his ex’s (assuming she is still an ex and there isnt something else going on…can you imagine). I really feel for the baby but at the same time I can’t hate on Sherri under the circumstances. I think there must be more to come out for her to set herself up for the public scrutiny over this move.

    • Kiddo says:

      Why do you speculate that she wouldn’t have gotten at least half custody? Now she won’t, since she made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t want the kid. In essence, this was an adoption process for her. She sure wasn’t committed to that adoption, whether or not there was a nefarious plan to get money. Obviously she has no real attachment to the idea of child, but she sure has an attachment to her money. That’s what makes me not like her.

      • Macey says:

        Only b/c It just didnt sound like it was going to go in her favor. All the surrogate (his ex) would have to do is change her mind after the baby is born, along with Lamar and Sherri is out of the baby’s life. after all, I would think the court would side with the bio parents if they’re both fighting for rights and Lamar and the surrogate are the both the bio parents, it just doesnt seem like she would have a chance to win custody even if she wanted it. and whose to say lamar and the surrogate didnt plan it all this way from the start and Sherri is just finding everything out?
        Maybe she would have a chance at visitation but after all the seems to have gone down, I dont blame her at all for not wanting a permanent tie to this guy.

      • Kiddo says:

        If the surrogate changed her mind, then Sherri wouldn’t have had any rights or obligation, had the surrogate been given full custody. Not wanting to be tied to someone is no reason to skip out on something you committed to. If the roles were reversed, everyone would call the guy a douche.

      • GiGi says:

        Surrogates can’t change their mind. They are gestational carriers and have no rights at all to the children they carry. It would be extremely unusual for the surrogate to be awarded custody.

      • Kiddo says:

        @GiGi, Fair enough. I just don’t buy that Sherri automatically wouldn’t have gotten primary custody, or half custody before she decided against keeping her commitment.

      • L says:

        @gigi-surrogates and gestational carriers aren’t the same things. Traditional surrogacy involves using the intended fathers sperm and the surrogates egg. The surrogate is genetically related to the baby in that case (and is why many folks go the gestational carrier version now) Depending on the state, surrogates in this situation can change their minds. Some states don’t recognize contracts if there is a genetic relation. Hence why Sherri filed in NJ apparently.

        Gestational carriers involve using the intended parents sperm/egg, and the surrogate is not related to the baby genetically. It is more difficult legally in this situation for a surrogate to change her mind.

        If what folks are saying are true, and this is a ex-girlfriend’s egg and she’s carrying-she can very much change her mind. This whole situation just gets even more messy legally.

      • GiGi says:

        @L – You’re right, of course! I just assumed she was a gestational carrier – that seems more common these days… But if she is a true surrogate, then, yes, this gets much trickier!

      • Bridget says:

        @L: I’m amazed that someone of Sherri’s financial means wouldn’t have used a donor egg with a gestational carrier. Granted now Sherri would prefer it if this woman changed her mind and wanted to keep the baby…

    • Jackson says:

      OMG. How did I miss the fact that the surrogate is his EX??? Shady shady shady. I’m thinking there is a whole lot we don’t know about what went down in this situation. I know it’s an unpopular opinion here, but I’m coming down on Sherri’s side.

      • Kiddo says:

        Sherri KNEW it was his ex, and was at their wedding, according to the commenter above.

      • Jackson says:

        Yeah, I understand that. I meant that *I* missed that part of the story. I’m sure she knew it. I still think he is shady and all about the Benjamins.

    • minime says:

      I feel sorry for her and if the story is indeed as told here, she was definitely fooled into this. Still, she is a grown up person that has made a decision that involves the innocent life of a baby, who didn’t ask anyone in this mess to come to the world. As Kiddo said, she started something similar to an adoption process willingly and aware of the consequences. How many couples get a divorce after an adoption. Would it make it right then to give back the children they have adopted since they are no longer together? I pity her lack of judgment on this and that her (ex)husband might make of this a business, but most and foremost I pity this child that has to be born in these conditions.

    • Eve says:

      Well said Macey. After what has come out about Sherri’s shady soon-to-be ex husband, that seems plausible and for that most or all of the blame should go to him.

    • msmercury says:

      I mean Sherri knew and agreed for this woman to carry her child though? She was okay with it until her ex filed for divorced. I don’t believe she can just walk away from her obligations that she made for herself. Although I do think Sherri thinks she can just discard this child because she had an un-happy marriage. This is just a mess.

      • msmercury says:

        Of course he is trash and no better but I was really rooting for Sherry before this!

    • kibbles says:

      Sherri really is an idiot if she agreed to have a surrogate child using the egg of her shady husband’s ex-girlfriend. I always knew she was stupid from the things she said on The View but her idiocy continues to amaze me. I feel bad for the baby but I also hope that Sherri can get out of paying child support for an unborn baby that is not even biologically hers. Her husband is also an idiot. If he really wanted to have succeeded in scamming Sherri, he should have waited to divorce her until after the baby’s birth and Sherri put her name on the birth certificate as the mother. I believe he really wanted to scam Sherri but he was too impatient to pull it off.

      • Bridget says:

        It may not be biologically hers, but she is responsible for the creation of that life. And I’m sure you didnt mean for it to come off badly, but “not biologically hers” may not have been the best way to phrase it, considering that adoptive and other surrogate parents may not be biologically related to their children, but still consider them their children.

  10. Dany says:

    poor child 🙁

  11. Blannie says:

    I always thought Sherri was harmless and sometimes pretty funny (especially on Everyone Loves Raymond). But this is unconscionable in my opinion. You don’t set the wheels in motion for a child to be created and born and then just walk away. Horrible woman in my book, regardless of Lamar’s part in this whole giant mess. Poor kid.

    • PennyLane says:

      Illegal and immoral are two different things. What Sherri Shepard is doing in this situation may not be illegal, but it sure as heck is immoral. She is responsible for this child’s creation, even if it is not ‘genetically’ hers – just because the law lets her off the hook due to a technicality doesn’t mean that the rest of us should. What an awful human being.

  12. jwoolman says:

    It sounds as though it would be considered a failed adoption on her part, since it was not her egg. Planned adoptions can fail as circumstances change. Even the agency can pull the plug – a friend and her husband were all set to adopt a toddler but then she got pregnant and the agency wouldn’t give the child to them, saying it would be too stressful for the child. She was really crushed, they knew the child and had already bonded. She had lost a child to stillbirth, and it felt like another loss. In other cases, the prospective parents no longer feel able to take a child for various reasons and give up their claim.

    There must be some finalization of transfer required after birth, yes? The legal situation is different for the guy because it was his sperm. Maybe he really does want the child even if he can’t get financial support for it. Isn’t the surrogate an ex of his? Messy situation.

  13. Victoria 1 says:

    This is clearly an example of every married couple having kids just because they are married. Perhaps mother nature was not wrong and they had to go surrogacy route as a result. This situation is bad all around. Poor fetus, poor surrogate and both sherry and the dude are bastards. I want to know who will stuck with the baby? Will the egg donor be brought in? Poor kid.

    • NKN says:

      I just want to point out that it’s a misconception to describe infertility as Mother Nature’s doing. In Sherri’s case, her age may in fact be to blame, but the typical infertile woman suffers from diseases/medical conditions of the reproductive system such as endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, etc. The idea that Mother Nature makes some people infertile further stigmatizes infertile women. When a person has cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., no one refers to it as Mother Nature’s doing, but when people have reproductive diseases, somehow it is. I wasn’t born with endometriosis, cervical stenosis or uterine fibroids, so no it’s not Mother Nature. I’m not leaving this comment to attack you personally, I just want to shed light on the causes of infertility. Most people remain unaware of the causes and simply think the process of getting pregnant (or not getting pregnant) is mystical. For most infertile women, there is a physiological condition responsible.

      • Victoria1 says:

        She’s 47, that’s what I meant by mother nature. I didn’t mean to be insensitive about infertility.

  14. daisyfly says:

    Rumor is that Sherri is gay, her future ex was her beard, and the baby was supposed to complete this appearance of normalcy for her. Unfortunately she was brought up to believe that these extremes are acceptable, that the ends justify the means because being a gay black woman is a sin.

    While I feel sorry for her if this is the case, that she is too afraid to love and accept herself to the point of extreme deceit, it’s extremely effed up to bring an innocent child into the mix all for the sake of appearances. That baby deserves better than two opportunists as parents.

    • Jayna says:

      I doubt that. She was a mess after her first divorce for years and was a jealous wife when the first husband cheated on her and it got ugly between them. A gay woman in an arranged marriage would not care if their husband saw another woman if their marriage was just a beard.

    • Sal says:

      For some unknown reason, every single celeb is rumoured to be gay at one time or another these days. Its so ridiculous! She clearly is not gay, (since she’s had multiple abortions which mean she had sex with men before her first marriage), we know that one for sure!

  15. MrsBPitt says:

    I think Lamar was def trying to screw Sherri…that being said…neither of these two has the mental stability to raise a child…just two self centered A-holes….that poor, poor baby ! I hope the surrogate files for custody and wins. She can’t possibly be as horrible as these two people…

  16. lisa2 says:

    I just can’t with these gross people. I could feel for Sherry; but over the years I have watched her on the View and listened to judgmental attitude towards others. She loves to talk about her religious beliefs and how God is so present in her life. Where are morals in this. She use to talk about how she had saved some frozen eggs for later in life because she wanted to have another child.

    She knew the child was conceived with a donor egg. I don’t understand this. If somewhere down the line they had remained a married couple and say in 5 year Sherry was the one that wanted the divorce first would she then too walk away from the child.

    just nasty.

    I guess this will end like that Dean McDermott that is married to Tori Spelling. She I guess would have had to adopt the child and that will not happen. If it is true that the ex of her husband is involved one would think that Sherry would have investigated this more.

    • Maria says:

      I’m glad you brought up her faith Lisa.

      From this point on, I’m a need her to shut up about family/ christian values, it’s clear she (like so many others) doesn’t live by the rules of the faith she claims to believe in.

      I understand the fraud aspect of it and I can empathize with her to some extent, but THIS, this is despicable on her part.

      She signed a contract, agreed to be the mom, and is essentially saying nevermind…

      The only person I feel sorry for is the baby.

      To have a father who’s a gold digger and a “mother ” who values money over a person, just ugh.

      This case has the potential to set new precident regarding surrogacy/ adoption rights, whatever the ruling may be, it’s just a sad situation across the board.

      I can’t help but what the reactions would be if it had been her egg and a donor sperm. I also wonder if the surrogate is using her egg or a donor one–if it’s her egg but Sherry didn’t know, I could at least understand the fraud aspect of it. If she knew from jump and didn’t care then, I hope the judge forces her pay something with no visitation.

      Children aren’t accessories you get to put away because it’s no longer fun to play with them. Shame on them both!

      • Irishae says:

        Sherri needed to shut up about her “values” a long, long time ago. She admitted on an episode of The View about having so many abortions so couldn’t count–I may be pro-choice, but she used it as birth control apparently and remained a willfully ignorant hypocrite. I also liked the bit about using a wooden spoon to discipline her son. But that’s all ok because…fix it Jesus!

        Between this recent mess, the aforementioned, and the I’m-not-sure-if-the-world-is-round incident I can certainly agree that the only person I feel bad for is the baby. 🙁

    • kibbles says:

      Yep, I cannot stand sanctimonious religious people. I’ve met plenty and I just keep them at arm’s length because they will always try to get you to join their place of worship and they will constantly preach to you about their beliefs or insert a comment about their God during a normal conversation. I never watched The View regularly, but I saw enough clips of Sherri to realize that she is completely brainwashed by her religion and delusional about scientific facts.

  17. Luca26 says:

    I was ready to eviserate her when I first heard about this. Then I read that since she’s not the biological mother but her ex is the biological dad she would first have to go through adoption proceedings with his consent before a judge in order to be considered a parent. Since has claimed in court papers that she is an unfit parent what are the chances an adoption would go through? This situation is really sad I only really feel bad for the kid.

  18. lower-case deb says:

    on a shallow note, i don’t like the Coach bag.

  19. GiGi says:

    This is so gross. All around. Perhaps this guy is all about the money, but I used to watch the View and even before this guy was around, Sherri was all about having another baby. IIRC, she had frozen embryos still from her last husband. She also underwent IVF and when that failed she & Lamar turned to surrogacy. So you cannot say she wasn’t really into having a baby or that he duped her in some way. She actively wanted another child (or at least presented herself in that way).

  20. Liz says:

    Lamar is an unscrupulous ass. He was too stupid to close the deal. He probably thought he had her under his spell and began making crazier demands of her. She probably saw the light and refused to go along with it. He knew it was coming and filed for divorce in California. Can’t blame her for trying to bail. If he really cares about this child he’ll give it up for adoption to a family who will be able to provide a warm loving environment. HE needs to do the right thing.

    • Macey says:


      his filing in Ca. says a lot too. I think that was thrown out tho since they didnt meet the 6 month residency requirement. I do hope someone who actually wants a baby gets this baby, I know there are thousands just waiting for babies. I doubt the whole fatherhood thing looks appealing to him any more without the child support payments.

    • Jackson says:

      The fact that he filed in Cali told me oodles about him. Money money money.

  21. Sabrine says:

    Oh they wanted the baby but for all the wrong reasons. She wanted to please her man and had delusions of a happy family all gathered around the fire. He wanted to feather his nest for the next 20 years with substantial child support payments. Since he was whining about his divorce settlement being a scam, it’s pretty obvious he’s after nothing more than to profit. She might get stuck for child support. Courts look to the best interests of the child and the one who can pay.

    People seem to think the surrogate will want the baby. No. That’s ridiculous. she was looking to get paid too.

  22. jmho says:

    I think a lot depends on the situation. If she did not want a child and he did, then he may have pushed for this. And sometimes, people agree to things that they might not normally because they are trying to save their marriage. If she thinks that he did this just to then be able to screw her in a divorce, I can see her point of view.

    I didn’t want to get pregnant, but it was insanely important to my hubby, so I did. If less than 9 MO later he divorced me and then sued me for child support, I’d have been livid. And probably would have reacted similarly (even though it is different because kiddo is mine biologically).

    But that is how I felt prior to bonding with kiddo (probably took me until she was at least 4 months old to bond with her), and now hubby would have a heck of a time taking that child away from me. I am momma, hear me roar!

  23. Jenns says:

    I don’t feel bad for Sherri at all. She knew this guy was shady but chose to have a child with him anyway. She is a dumb mess and now some poor kid who didn’t ask to be born into this is going to suffer.

  24. Talie says:

    I wonder if this ruined Sherri’s friendship with Niecy Nash, who introduced her to him. Wow… crazy.

  25. sunsetsnow says:

    She needs to mother up and pay up. She wanted the kid, and agreed to the whole thing, regardless of how her marriage turned out. What a horrible situation!

    • Tang says:

      She only wanted the child when things were going her way.

      Its funny how a woman being rejected by a man can turn her into a cold hearted monster.
      I’ve been rejected by men, but it didn’t stop me from loving my child. Men come and go, but your child is forever.

  26. Mia4S says:

    This is heartbreaking for the child and a head scratcher legally. I think a great deal will depend on the state the divorce is heard in and where they made the surrogacy contract. Not every state recognizes them.

    My thought? This child would be better off adopted out as a newborn to a parent or parents truly yearning for a child. But that would be the unselfish choice. I don’t see this bunch as capable of unselfish choices.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I agree. It’s like some kind of f<cked up law school exam. Throw in the fact that his ex is the surrogate and (I guess) the egg was donated, and you have a real mess on your hands. I wonder if it was a big scheme cooked up between him and the ex. Depending on the jurisdiction, Sherri could probably invalidate the contract for fraudulent inducement but that is pretty hard to prove. He will never give the baby up unless she has no support obligation, and can't you see him trying to extort and get the baby back from the new adoptive parents?

  27. birdie says:

    You forgot one very messy detail. The surrogate is his ex!!

    • Anon says:

      This entire situation is almost too modern for me. I don’t trust the intentions of an ex being so generous as to carry a baby for an ex and his new wife. How broken up were they ? Gee I can see if you remain cordial but carrying a baby seems much considering she and the man broke up. Hope they get a good judge. I will add that I am 65 and I would not have even went to the wedding, but its a new day, I guess these days you can break up with a guy and be OK with carrying a child for his new wife. To me, him and the surrogate had a scheme. Hoping the outcome is good for the baby who is the only innocent in this situation.

  28. Jayna says:

    I guess if he filed in California, which is where he’s from, he plans to move back to California. If he’s the biological father and she was going to have to adopt the child when married to him to have legal rights, I would assume the child could very well be given to him s primary custodian, even if they agree she still adopts, and then she pays hefty child support and gets to see the baby if flying to California to visit. She has a son with medical issues or developmental delays and a life in New York and who knows where her next job will be. It sounds like she is going to be screwed in this, and he, being the lazy guy he has been their whole marriage, sees a big payday from her. Of course, her job is over at The View, so she’s losing a nice salary.

  29. Sam says:

    This sounds to me like an issue of contracts. There would be some kind of surrogacy contract in place. Didn’t both Sherri and Lamar sign it? If she was fully intending to be a mother to this child prior to the divoroce, she shouldn’t be able to change stream now. For example – if this baby was born and they split a year from now, nobody would be disputing that Sherri is the mother and she might have to pay for the child. She’s exploiting a legal loophole that because the child hasn’t yet been born, she might not be on the hook. She’s also advancing the argument that because she is not the genetic mom, she can’t be on the hook. It might be legal, but it’s a slimy, nasty argument that reveals a lot about her character.

    • Jayna says:

      She has to be approved for adoption. She’s not the legal mother. He’s the legal father because it’s biologically his. She has no rights until adopting the baby I would imagine, even if there is a contract between her husband and herself and the surrogate. With a divorce looming, even if she wanted the baby, without any bonding because the baby isn’t born yet, I wonder what the outcome would be in court if he fought the adoption. I’m sure he still wants her to adopt, though, so he can get child support.

      • Sam says:

        That depends greatly on the state. Adoption generally need only occur in states where surrogacy contracts are de facto void – like New Jersey. In states like California where the surrogacy contract would likely be upheld, there is no need for adoption to occur, since the contract would identify Sherri as the mother from the outset. That’s the issue here. The problem is that the US does not have uniform laws in matters like these.

        My question is whether Sherri went along with this from the outset. Was Sherri a part of the decision-making process to have this baby, or did Lamar go at this more or less alone? Did she sign the contract? If she did, I think that evidences intent to become a mother to this baby and the court should feel free to consider that. If this child was already born, there would likely be no debate. Even if no adoption had taken place, courts are free to impose child support obligations on people who have provided for a child – happens all the time. I don’t think the decision to have a child should be able to be revoked so freely, especially when it would impair the child’s life.

      • Lady D says:

        Good point Jayna. How does he expect her to walk into court and sign papers saying she will adopt this child after his divorce/full custody announcement? The less-than-bright one jumped the gun. All of this is beside the point, which is that poor little baby. I don’t want to see him/her with any of these slimy people. (I might owe the surrogate an apology in the future)

  30. HK9 says:

    Jesus take the wheel…

  31. Liz says:

    It’s not just a legal loophole but an obvious physical one. The fact is that the child has not been born and she has not been the child’s mother for a year. Also, his gold digging (fraud) intentions have to be considered. If I was in her shoes I’d do the same thing. He (not her) needs to do the right thing and put the baby up for adoption. He cannot be absolved of his moral responsibility because of her stupidity.

  32. mkyarwood says:

    Hopefully the surrogate will find a good couple to adopt the baby. This is why there’s no cash involved in surrogate arrangements in Canada — at least I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to be PAID to have a baby, though financial support during the pregnancy is fine.

  33. jess says:

    Who would want their husbands ex to carry their baby? I mean the fact that its the other womans egg and lamars sperm makes the whole thing sound shady. I dont care if the woman was nice. I would never trust her. Sherri is just stupid. This just makes sherri sound like à horriable person and o feel sorry for that baby that no one wants or wants for the wrong reasons.

  34. DaniLakes DDS says:

    Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment here. Maybe, if the situation is as people have states above, and the surrogate is in fact his ex-gf, and her estranged husband and the surrogate plan to be together in the end. Maybe Sherri’s actions here are in the best interest for the child, and will allow them to be a family.

    Full disclosure, I cannot STAND Sherri, and I wouldn’t doubt that if this were the case, it is more a situation of this works best for HER and is a happy coincidences that It will benefit the kid too, but maybe this is a case of the ends justifying the means? Maybe Sherri waiving all rights and walking away is best for all parties involved?

    • Jaquebelle says:

      Exactly!!! If the the surrogate represents an ex-girlfriend, it is very conceivable the estranged husband and ex-girlfriend planned this from the very beginning. He would divorce Sherri and the ex-girlfriend would reap child support payments from his divorce settlement. Diabolical to involve an innocent child into this plan based on pure financial gain. Would never consent for an ex-girlfriend to do anything, let alone birth my child. The estranged husband wanted to reunite with his girlfriend, while wanting to maintain financial comfort that comes with marrying a celebrity. Poof. Pow. Child support payments for at least eighteen years. Problem solved lol. So many women so thirsty to marry w/out fulling vetting their potential life partners. My complete sympathies to the child. One love.

  35. jmho says:

    I think what also bothers me is that he is filing for sole custody, I believe. So, she doesn’t get to be involved (a lot or at least primarily) in the child’s life, nor get to make legal decisions on behalf of the child. Yet she has to ante up the money. I can’t imagine where the birth certificate would have her name on it considering that the egg is not hers AND she didn’t carry the baby, but I’m not a lawyer. If the birth certificate doesn’t have her name, wouldn’t that require an adoption to make the baby hers legally?

    • Lara K says:

      I commented on this below, but I fully agree. Him seeking full custody just makes this reek of fraud. I don think him and the surrogate ever intended for Sherri to have the baby.

  36. Marianne says:

    You know, it really sucks for the child that is sucked up in all this drama…..but I’m glad Sherri is at least being honest that she doesn’t want the kid. I’d rather see the child go to a loving home then be raised (even partially) by someone who holds contempt for them.

    • Ennie says:

      She should have thought of that before.
      absolutely irresponsible. really, first world problems.

      • Marianne says:

        I agree that she should have put more thought into having a child before it happened. Im just saying that she shouldnt be forced to raise or take care of the baby when she obviously wants nothing to do with it now. It sucks for the child either way, but Im betting the child will have a way better life with someone who wants them than someone who does not.

  37. pwal says:

    This, along with the Jason Patric cl^sterfcuk, may result in some serious psychological screening when it comes to sperm/egg donation, IVF treatments, gestation carriers, and all aspects of alternative conceptions. Way to drive up the expense of an already expensive process, all because of selfish, stupid, narcissistic morons.

    I can’t stand Sherri Shepherd, but I can’t say that I’m entirely surprised by her actions. Her attitudes toward adoption by other celebrities (mainly Jolie and Pitt) was a tell. It was always about her genetics being in the mix when she talked about having another child. She apparently changed her mind at some point, but her heart didn’t change. Maybe she expected the money she put into this process would sail her over the finish line, in terms o her feelings-not so much, I guess.

    • jmho says:

      There is nothing wrong with wanting your children to be biologically yours, just as there is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt exclusively. Different strokes for different folks.

      • pwal says:

        No, there isn’t anything wrong with it, unless you talk yourself into it and leave a kid high and dry, especially a child that was created for the expressed purpose of being raised by you.

        At 40+, you ought to know yourself pretty damn well.

      • janeFR says:

        totally with you on this point.

    • Tang says:

      I don’t know why psych screening would be required for infertility patients, when its not required for anyone else who wants to conceive and give birth to a child.

      • BestJess says:

        In my country it’s because taxpayers pay for IVF, at least a certain number of times.

        In relation to surrogacy it seems rather obvious no? You want to make sure if you’re the surrogate that the to-be parents won’t dump you with a kid you don’t want and the parents to-be want to make sure the surrogate doesn’t change her mind and decide to keep the kid.

        For those who get preggers the usual way it’s less complicated. There is ONE cut and dried mother and ONE cut and dried father.

        I’m sure to get yelled at by someone for this view because I’m discriminating against the infertile – I’m not, biology is.

    • Tang says:

      She isn’t using her genetics for this baby. I doubt she has anything against adoption or a non-genetic child. She is using an egg donor.

  38. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Her voice is less annoying than Kelly Ripa’s.

  39. Lara K says:

    Big red flag for me is that he wants FULL custody. It’s totally fraud.

    If he had gone into th surrogacy in good faith, then he would be claiming joint custody and child support for his part. And then Sherri might have gone with it.

    But I can see why she wants to back out if she found out that her ex and the surrogate never intended for her to have the baby and just wanted her money. I mean that’s got to hurt!

    Poor baby though – so many people would give anything to have a baby and these people are just using it as a pawn. Awful.

  40. Ctkat1 says:

    I’m very interested to follow the legal case for this story, that’s for sure. It reminds me a little of Angelina Jolie adopting Maddox and Sandra Bullock adopting Louis- both adoptions began while the women were married, and both were finalized as single mother adoptions. Relationships end during adoptions/pregnancies, and people do decide to walk away from children they planned on raising. Also reminds me of David Tutera (that wedding planner guy): he and his husband were using a gestational surrogate to carry twins, one conceived with David’s sperm and the other with the husband’s. When they split up during the pregnancy, they decided to each take their genetic child only and give up rights to the other one.
    I don’t have enough facts yet to know if Sherri is being selfish or practical about this baby, but this sort of thing does happen.

  41. Cinderella says:

    I think it’s sad, but I can understand why Sherri is doing this. She would have had to deal with his slimey butt forever. He and his ex can go ride into the sunset with their baby and without Sherri’s money. Their plan has been foiled.

  42. RobN says:

    She’s destroyed whatever weird little career her flat earth mind had managed to create. Her schtick was being quirky and likeable, and there isn’t anything likeable about her anymore. She essentially walked away from the first kid because work was more important, and she’s abandoning the second. Regardless of how he/she was conceived, you don’t get to change your mind about something like this, and people are not going want to watch her. She’s made her life a distraction and is going to pay for it.

  43. Hiddlesgirl85 says:

    I don’t know the details of this case, but I think that the only reason both Sherri and her estranged husband were trying to have a child was for their own selfish reasons. She strikes me as an uneducated (earth is flat, never voting, etc.), self-centered and self-righteous person, and the child would have been to feed her ego and serve as an accessory. It does not surprise me one bit that she would want to back out of this (regardless of what is going on with her estranged husband).

    Currently, both Sherri and the husband are not properly planning for the birth of this child (it seems). I hope that this child does not suffer because of the two immature people who brought her/him into the world to serve their own egos. It is also my hope that this child receives the proper care once s/he is born.

    • kri says:

      Holy sh*t, what a bunch of selfish morons. 3 gross adults all screwing around with an innocent life. It’s really sad. As sad as that $5 dollar wig she stole from Party City. Not one of these individuals deserve this kid.

  44. Word Girl says:

    This is terribly sad. I honestly believe that Sherry wanted the Baby, but she just didn’t want Lamar to nail her to the wall. I view it this way, had Sherry stayed and fought for custody, it would have made the child’s life worse because Lamar, who is not an integral dude, probably would have bad-mouthed Sherry to the child. It’s sort of like staying in a relationship for the kids. The kids would have suffered. I believe that if the courts let Sherry free and if Lamar puts the baby up for adoption, Sherry will make an attempt to adopt the baby on her own. I believe that Sherry is making the best decision for the child, even if it may not seem like it now. Clearly this guy is immoral in every way to trick a woman into bringing a innocent life into the world just so he can fill pockets. I hope that the child is raised by a moral parent/ Guardian whomever it may be.

    • RobN says:

      That’s a lot of creative thinking. Net result, after all the “ifs” is that she’s trying very hard to walk away from a baby she agreed to create because she doesn’t want to pay to support him/her. There’s really no way to sugar coat that, although I appreciate the attempt to make Sherri look like she’s only thinking of the child.

      • Word Girl says:

        @ RobN,
        Sherry is thinking of herself as well she should. This was just a poor decision on Sherry’s part, but it is clear to see the scheming behind this one, and I certainly feel sorry for both the baby and Sherry. Although Sherry made a bad decision to create a child with Lamar and his ex, I can clearly Sherry is the one being taken for a ride here. This is my opinion on the matter.

  45. Word Girl says:

    I’m going to add that I see Sherry in this case as sort of like the King Solomon story where the baby is caught between 2 parents. Solomon can’t tell which parent is the real parent, so he offers to split the baby in 2 so each ‘all edged’ parent can have a piece of the baby. The thief agrees to cut the baby in half but the child’s real parent says no, that’s okay, let the thief have the baby so no harm can be done to it. I am not making Sherry into a saint at all, . Hell, I’m Atheist, but this case was clearly contrived by Lamar for his own financial benefit, hence, causing true harm to the child. Sherry has a better chance of giving the child a better home by adopting the baby if Lamar sees he will gain no financial benefits.

  46. Jess says:

    Wait, from reading the comments the surrogate mother is her husbands ex?? What?! If that’s true I hope the judge does rule in her favor because that is obviously a scam.

  47. irishserra says:

    Her reputation with her choice in men, as well as the fact that she was “duped” by these people, PLUS the fact that she’s changed her mind about the baby tells us she would be unfit to raise this child.

    If either of these people truly cared about this child and wanted it, either would willingly raise the child regardless of the expense to them. I agree with the sentiment that these people are dregs.

  48. Hannah says:

    How awful. I really feel for the surrogate and the unborn child in this scenario. People are commenting elsewhere that the surrogate may be able to keep the baby? That’s a ridiculous comment. Sure, she may be able to but she offered herself as a surrogate. She may end up being left with a very difficult decision. Terrible.

  49. Kori says:

    Didn’t her first ex-husband just file for custody of their son? I could swear I read that someplace recently.

  50. Reece says:

    For a half a sec I thought Viola Davis had gone back to blonde when I looked at the thumbnail. Then I read it…I hate myself now.

    As for commentary on this story, I have no words. None.

  51. Francis says:

    What a mess.

  52. lisa says:

    she has been saying she wanted a baby for a long time and tried to get pregnant herself. she cant pretend it was all his idea.

    and yeah, he’s the shadiest shade in shadetown. but she chose him. and there would be no baby without her input. i dont get how you can start creating a baby and then throw up your hands and say never mind w/o any type of financial responsibility.

    poor little dear isnt even born and there is no one really that is good enough for it.

  53. Tang says:

    This situation is NOT representative of everyone who does surrogacy or uses donor eggs. It falls way outside the norm.

    However, its as common as mud for parents to not want to support their children.

    Any Hollywood celebrity should know that their marriage will ultimately fail, so this man wasn’t trying to “trick” her so he could get divorced and get child support. They both knew a divorce was inevitable, all celebrities get divorced eventually.

  54. Tang says:

    About ninety percent of actresses in Hollywood over the age of 35 have used donor eggs to conceive a child, but will never tell). This just goes to prove that vain Hollywood women WILL own up to using a donor egg, if there is money at stake!

    • BestJess says:

      You just pulled that stat from thin air. People with access to good nutrition and healthcare are fertile well through their 30s.

      Almost every single one of my friends who has kids started at or after 35.

      I’m sure many do use donor eggs but 90% nope.

    • Jayna says:

      If I were a celebrity, I would never admit to that, because that’s private and would involve my child and sensitive information being out there public and used in gossip articles, etc. Celebrities’ kids already have their privacy invaded way too much, and adopted children are always called adopted children, never their children in articles. There could always be an asterik after the child’s name if famous in all the rag mags and gossip articles if snapped, with that info repeated over and over. Maybe kids in school hear it from their parents and taunt the child in school, your mom really isn’t your mom. It’s not like telling close friends. And your figures are way off.

  55. Kelly says:

    I think they are BOTH idiots and the child should given to someone who desires to be a parent. It’s a baby not a 401k. Animals act better…

  56. Tara says:

    Of course it’s her egg. Someone needs to review the footage of her speaking about how she had four or five of her own eggs frozen. Many times she stated, while on The View, that she would use her eggs if she were to marry again. Sheri is a fool. Whoopi tried to warn her and guide her but she’s just too foolish for her own good, obviously. Someone should also revisit the video where she says she has had so many abortions she can’t count. The fact that she doesn’t want anything to do with this baby proves what kind of selfish, disgusting person she really is.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t think it is her eggs. They might have tried that with her in vitro and it didn’t work. At what age were her eggs frozen? Her early 40s? She’s 47 now. And I doubt they were going to admit to anybody that it wasn’t her eggs if they then switched to using someone else’s eggs. Most celebrities don’t advertise that and keep it private and pretend it was theirs.

      My boss is Sherry’s age and did in vitro and it didn’t work after several times, and because she was 44, she decided to use a younger donor’s eggs with her husband’s sperm so that the baby had less of a chance for abnormalities. The in vitro worked the very next time using a younger woman’s eggs.

  57. Liz says:

    Sherri is stupid but Lamar is the disgusting one. He’s the unemployed, gold digger who is seeking full custody but wants her to foot the bill. He’s absolute scum. If he wants the child and Sherri does not then he should keep it, along with taking on all financial responsibilities. He was trying to get her to sign a post-nup that she wouldn’t get fat when he’s an overweight goon.

    I could never stand to watch Sherri on the view but in this case I’m on her side. She needs to fight him smart and hard.

    • Tara says:

      You’re right about him, but she knew who she was involved with. She’s even more foolish than most desperate women. The women on the View together with Sheri discussed many times about how treacherous men can be. They spoke many times of how a smart women will get a background check, etc. and be very cautious before getting involved in a serious relationship and especially when children are involved. Yes, and Sheri was certainly doing a lot of the talking with her loud mouth. She gets what she deserves. Unfortunately her children will and are suffering because of her selfishness and stupidity.

  58. Tia says:

    just my two cents, what a situation, that kids a human being…lamar is a scumbag. he only wanted that baby on the condition he would get child support, what grown man wants full custody of an unborn baby? how did the marriage fall to pieces in the 7 months or so when they decided to have this child conceived until he filed for divorce.
    honestly, I can see how sherri must feel, who knows what ploy this was to get her money, on top of that her ex husband is trying to get full custody of their handicapped son. she is trying to cut ties before she even sees that baby and bonds with him and forego having to deal with Lamar at all. not fair to that baby though. if a contract was signed, someone has to be responsible for this child, they shouldn’t just be able to ” cancel the order” . maybe she should fight for sole custody … btw does lamar still want the baby???

  59. Josefa says:

    That is a child that will be born. A human being. You can’t just throw away all of your responsibilities because you don’t want to pay child support to your lazy husband. Maybe she’s right and the guy was plotting all of this, but she should’ve known that before, not now that the bay is almost born.

    Poor thing. I can’t imagine what it will be like for him/her to grow up and read these kind of stories. What a hell it must be to grow up with parents who think of you like that. I have a cousin who ADORES children and would make the most fantastic mother, but she’s infertile and can’t afford having a child now anyway. Reading stories like this while thinking about my cousin makes me so angry. She would give everything she has for that kind of opportunity.