Michelle Rodriguez & Zac Efron have been hitting it since 2011?

Zac Efron

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have occupied the “shock value” category for summer romances this year. I’ve been doing quadruple takes for the past week as they strolled together in Italy and kissed on a yacht. If I were to guess who was more into this romance, Zac would be the winner. Michelle seems like she’s just having fun and enjoying some young(er) tail. But I’m more of a Michelle fan than a Zac fan. She’s so fierce and fun in movies. They’re both messes in real life.

Some fantastic new pictures of Zac and Michelle have surfaced. You can see them here. Zac and Michelle are grinding together in a club, and they went horseback riding. Zac went shirtless “as he and his majestic steed trotted along the sandy shore of a lake, and then into the shallow surf.” People has hilariously compared Zac’s stunt to Vladimir Putin & Justin Bieber (shoutout to the “pure bread stallion“). Zac looks ridiculous and kinda hot too. I am conflicted.

Us Weekly says Zac and Michelle have been hooking up a lot longer than we’ve known. For years: “Whenever they’re together and both single, they hook up.” They first got together in 2011, a few months after he broke up with Vanessa Hudgens. Us says Zac and Michelle have never been serious, and now “they’re just having fun on vacation.” They lean on each other during hard times, and they’re bonding over Michelle’s recent breakup (with Cara Coke Dropper) and Zac’s substance abuse troubles. Huh.

Michelle Rodriguez

Completely OT: Here’s a photo of MRod and Milla Jovovich together at an LA Gay & Lesbian Center event in May. It’s a Resident Evil reunion!

Michelle Rodriguez

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News & WENN

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  1. Audrey says:

    I love Michelle so much.

    I don’t understand his appeal. He’s just not my type at all

    • Erinn says:

      See, I like Zac for the most part, though he’s not my type.

      I don’t understand the appeal of her, actually. DUIs, hit and runs, reckless driving, not completing her community service program, assault. She’s kind of vile in my eyes, anyway.

      • Debb says:


      • Jo says:

        @errin I know right? Rodriguez is an addict who has been arrested for beating her girlfriend. She has several DUI’s. Somehow this makes her “kickass” to some commentators on this site. . Whereas It be lohan, brown, oldman they get torn Apart. Double standards.

    • Liv says:

      I don’t really like both of them, but they make a very hot couple! I’m into them!

    • Brittaki says:

      If I’m being perfectly honest. I would so hit that. And hard.

      Michelle, not Zac.

    • Chi Chi says:

      Her longtime girlfriend must be surprised at this, more than when she saw her and Cara.

  2. Abbott says:

    Those photos of shirtless Zac riding the horse looks like a Robin Thicke Lifetime movie.

    • kri says:

      @Abbott LMAO.. Oh, god, what a horrifying possibilty that could be…Robin would so be into a movie like that-think of the input he would have in casting the actresses.

  3. TheOriginalKitten says:


    No. I totally believe this story. I have a couple dudes I keep on the back-burner for when I’m in-between things. It happens.

    I like Zac a lot and I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t think he’s gay.

    This is just a summer fling and who better to do that will than your eff-buddy. We all have them.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I get way less of a “gay vibe” from him now that he’s older, tbh, but even if he is…meh. I’m not a huge fan of either one of them but heck, they’re both consenting adults and so if they want to have hot fun in the summer time, then why not?

    • Cline says:

      Heres the thing about those gay rumors – I used to believe them. I know every young cute guy gets some rumors but with Zac I buy it. Back when Perez was forcibly outing guys, Zac was a major one and to be fair to Perez even though what he did was nasty, he has been consistently been proved right. Most of the guys on that list have come out over the years since. Yeah, yeah its none of my business but I now find myself sitting on the fence on this issue.

      Anyway, this is the perfect closetting if thats what it is. Most people take these things at face value and are just pleasantly baffled by the connection. Those who tin hat are blown away that anybody would closet two people who are widely regarded (by tin hatters) as gay. I mean its so blatant that it cant possibly be, right? If they wanted to hide, they would certainly have picked better beards/merkins surely. So now even we, proud tin hatters kinda sorta think this is real. Its genius!

      Good for them.

    • Emm says:

      It’s not even about wheter you believe he or she is straight this is so clearly pics that are meant to be out there. It’s PR. Pics are beyond cheesy too looks like the cover of a romance novel. How lame.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        No question it’s PR but why is that such a problem for you?

        They’re both relatively well-know, obviously friends, probably friends who hook up, why not use the relationship to get press?

        It’s really not unusual in Hollywood and I don’t think a lot of people are out there thinking that these two are gonna get married.

    • Tina says:

      @tok are you sure you like him? Shipping him with mrod is like shipping him with lilo. Mrod is one of them celebrities that looks permanently lit up.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh I know and trust me, I feel guilty about it but they just look so damn good together.

      • Katie says:

        @ kitten So basically as long as they have nice abs and you find them attractive it doesn’t matter that they have DUI, domestic violence arrest and jail on record?

    • kri says:

      TOK-true, true. And nothing wrong with having some fun. These two on the surface are a surprise. but when you start thinking about it, they make alot of sense in that they may just be hanging and banging, no big deal. If I were him, tho, I’d be watching that left hook of hers-his jaw can’t take another pounding. So to speak.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Ha ha..true. And part of me is scared that it will end in disaster hopefully it will just be a fun summer fling for Zac.

      • Jaz says:

        They are both gay. Just drinking and drugging together.

  4. AG-UK says:

    I actually like her and her body is amazing… forget those stick VS girls I’d kill for a body like hers

  5. FingerBinger says:

    I don’t really know what to make of this relationship. I think they definitely have been running in the same circles and have been partying together for quite a while. I don’t think this is a PR relationship either. It might be exactly what it looks like, two friends hooking up.

    • Hannah says:

      Disagree. The photographers are really close in the horseback pics they definitely know the photographers are there. Some even looked posed. Maybe they are hooking up idk but they also want people to know they are. Which makes it a relationship or whatever it is that is exploited for publicity.

      • Ana Maria says:

        my feelings exactly; from that first picture, with the billionaire dude in his white speedo, my first impression was that Zac and the dude are the ones in a relationship, and she’s helping them take the heat off of that…

      • kimber says:


        I’m with you on thos one! 🙂

      • taylor says:

        Exploited? Yes. But that doesn’t make it fake. The Italian host is cleary into publicity (you only have to look at his instagram) and I suspect Efron & Mrod returned the favor of the vacation with some pr for him.

        I think it’s just a vacation fling which was played up a bit. Just like 90% of vacation pics from celebs aren’t coincidental. Most of them know they are happening.

      • taylor says:

        @Ana Maria: That Italian guy is not gay. I know it doesn’t fit what most American’s think of straight but he’s really just an eccentric, Italian attention ho; cultures are really different. If you look at the rest of his IG closer, you will see that he’s all over his girlfriend. And if that is not enough for you… he covered Italian Playboy this year and has a long history of romancing beautiful women.

  6. Hannah says:

    Those horseback pictures looks totally staged. How do paparazzi get access to clubs? This looks about as real as Kelly cucko and Henry cavill.

  7. T.C. says:

    I know they’ve been friends for awhile. I assumed they were just having a little fun together for the summer. FWB. No biggie. It happens. It’s the media who was blowing it up as some new romance.

  8. Dani says:

    I iz confused. But I ship it.

  9. Chloe says:

    The horse pics are a photo ops – those aren’t accidental paparazzi shots you can tell the photographers are really close. Wonder why Zac and Michelle are setting up photo ops? Kinda weird he is normally very private?

  10. Kate2 says:

    I don’t really think too much about either one of them but I thought she was straight up gay, not bi. (Not that there’s anything wrong with either, I just clearly had the wrong impression of her, so I was confused when I heard about this.)

  11. WTF says:

    Michelle is one of those women that looks better without makeup.

  12. I Choose Me says:

    But was anybody really thinking that theirs was some kind of romance rather than a friends with benefit type situation?

  13. phlyfiremama says:

    The only thing they are “hitting” together is the bottle and the pipe.

    • gefeylich says:

      Bwah and THANK YOU. This is such a PR generated “relationship” it isn’t funny. Yeah, yeah, you’re both so “het,” yadda yadda, normal, in love, having the missionary sexing, blah blah. NEXT.

  14. Pix says:

    i can’t help it, but i love these two together…even if its fake. They both look so hot and sexy.

  15. Dany says:

    Wow these riding shirtless pictures PURE GOLD LOL

  16. Lisa says:

    Blind Item about them

    Emotionally Stunted and Sobriety Challenged

    [Blind Gossip] We recently told you about a fake relationship between two mature people that was-planned, well-executed, and will benefit both parties. Now let’s talk about the opposite!

    This is a fake relationship between two immature people that was poorly planned, poorly executed, and will only benefit one party.

    This Actor and Actress are both addicts. He has been in rehab three times in the past year alone. She is just a chronic drunk mess, both privately and publicly. We would like to say that they are both currently sober… but we can’t.

    The Actress has been “partying” for weeks now with her older friends. The Actor quickly became a full participant in all of their debauchery. Their recent PDA is nothing but a bid for attention. These two both loved all the attention they were getting for their photos and videos. If they had just left it at the “fun vacation” stage, it would have been fine. But, like most addicts, they just didn’t know when to stop. So they kept ratcheting up the volume to include a “relationship.”

    Although this is a PR stunt, we have to emphasize that their respective teams were NOT involved in setting this up. Her team knows that she is a wild girl, and they know they can’t control her. However, it’s not really bad news for them. If anything, the relationship makes her look better! The Actor is a bigger star – and he’s a guy – which makes The Actress look less masculine. So she does, in fact, benefit from the relationship.

    However, his team is hating this! They have been working so hard to sell him as sexually straight and physically clean. They would have never set him up with a much older, sexually-flexible girl with a history of addiction and public messiness!

    So his team is quietly trying to convince him to extricate himself from this “relationship” within the next few days. However, they have some tough opposition. The Actor is a nice guy, but he is easily led astray, and right now The Actress is totally in charge. She is much older and much stronger and much more manipulative than The Actor. She is benefiting from this relationship, has him convinced that this charade is good for him too, and she is going to keep him in it for as long as possible.

    If she succeeds, get out the popcorn, because a “relationship” between these two is going to be filled with ever-escalating stunts and drama… and eventual messiness and destruction.
    The actor:
    The actress:

  17. kimber says:

    I dont think the source meant “hook up” as kisses and hitting it. I’d believe more of a drug hook up by their reported pasts lol

    No one believes they are really together anyhow.

  18. Nev says:

    They are both very attractive!!

  19. Marie says:

    Michelle Rodriguez seems like a giant attention ho. First she had that well publicised fling with cara delawhatever then 2 min later it’s Zac.

    She is really not that big a star. She could totally keep this a bit more private if she wanted. I totally think she called the paps, the pictures looks staged as hell.

  20. Leslie says:

    “[Zac’s PR team] says Zac and Michelle have been hooking up a lot longer than we’ve known. For years: “Whenever they’re together and both single, they hook up.” They first got together in 2011, a few months after he broke up with Vanessa Hudgens. [His PR team] says Zac and Michelle have never been serious, and now “they’re just having fun on vacation.” They lean on each other during hard times, and they’re bonding over Michelle’s recent breakup (with Cara Coke Dropper) and Zac’s substance abuse troubles.”

    There I fixed it. A statement straight from his PR team.

  21. Belle says:

    I don’t care if the horse pics are staged or not, I think Zac looks hot on that horse!

    So there, I said it. 🙂

  22. BunnyBabe says:

    Has anyone seen Zac on Fallon’s Eww! show?? He must have thought the show was about acting like a fruit loop when you’re supposed to act like a stuck up teenager. Then the dance scene. It is hilarious nonetheless but I’m second-hand embarrassed for him. Looks coked out fasho tho. A must-watch!

  23. tyty says:

    <3 Milla. 🙂

  24. epiphany42 says:

    Ok. For some reason I want this to be true. lol He is such a pretty boy and she is masculine, I don’t know I like it. She would be close to a mans energy he seems feminine enough to make that work. I have seen marriages work for 40 plus years with this energy. kids grandkids the whole works. Anythings possible. I like them together, never heard that Michelle beats her peeps though. Don’t see how you can compare something most might not have heard to Chris Brown and the Rihanna face beating.