Jenny McCarthy acts like she wanted to leave The View for a weekly Sirius show

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Jenny McCarthy announced yesterday that she’s getting a live one hour weekly show on Sirius radio following her departure from The View. It’s called Dirty, Sexy, Funny, and it will be a “limited run” show that Jenny promises will be raunchy. The PR release from Sirius promised the show would have such guests as Chelsea Handler, Perez Hilton and Jenny’s fiance, Donnie Wahlberg. The first episode will air this week.

When both Jenny and Sherri Shepherd revealed last month that they were leaving the show, they made it sound like it was their idea instead of admitting that they were let go to make room for new blood. (Specifically Rosie O’Donnell and probably someone else too.) That’s their prerogative of course, and a lot of celebrities do that, but it comes off as insincere. Now Jenny is claiming that she had the idea to leave The View months ago, which could be true but I call BS. In a new interview on Howard Stern, she also revealed that she’s marrying Donnie Wahlberg within the next couple of months in a smallish wedding with around 80 guests.

Stern went on to ask the 41-year-old about her stint on the talk show, which ABC announced on June 26 she’d be leaving after only one season as a co-host. “The most rewarding [part of being on The View] has definitely been working with Barbara Walters for a year, I mean work[ing] under her and just … asking her questions backstage has been the most intriguing thing,” she told the radio host.

As for if she was “fired,” McCarthy answered, “Yes and no,” adding, “If I wanted to stay with Rosie [O’Donnell] and I was a Republican, I would still be there right now.”

The former MTV host went on to admit she felt like she wasn’t able to be her true self at the round table.

“I’ll tell you something Howard, it’s like halfway into it, it was probably around February, I went, ‘God I’m not allowed to be the best of me here,’ I feel like to have a voice, to be able to speak without having to interrupt people…It’s very difficult, and I don’t like doing it, it’s very uncomfortable, so I felt like, ‘You know what? Maybe this is just a stepping stone for me to go somewhere where I can actually be my full self.'”
“Since Barbara left, I’ve been able to be more of myself,” she added, “I get a little bit more space, but I still hate, hate, hate the interrupting part.”

[From US Weekly]

Jenny had a talkshow on VH1 with much the same premise before she was hired by The View. It’s not like that went anywhere. Maybe radio is the place for her, though.

E! has more details from Jenny’s interview, including Jenny’s claims that she was celibate for a year before hooking up with Donnie and that “I went through probably 400 vibrators [in that time] No men. Its like the same movie, different actors. I realized I had to reset.” So she found Donnie after her grueling year as a sexually frustrated talk show host and she’s marrying him very soon. That’s going to backfire.

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Jenny McCarthy is shown on 5-20 and on 6-21-14 with Donnie Wahlberg. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Kiddo says:

    I’m not a fan of Jenny, but in her defense, I think I’d prefer a day in line at the DMV than a stint on the View.

    • Krista says:

      Totally! That show is completely obnoxious to watch. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be on it.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      ^This. Being a host on The View is it’s own sort of hell. Not a fan of Jenny either, but she’s better off on Sirius.

  2. Brin says:

    Yep, BS. Didn’t she also say she thought she’d be on there for twenty years? lol

    • Talie says:

      Howard called her out for that comment, but she just brushed it aside.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yup, she just had some print interview where she said that, and it came out right at the time she was being fired.
      Why can’t she just be honest and say she was fired, and is sad it didn’t work out but is moving on? There’s no shame in that, but I guess her ego won’t allow it.

  3. eliza says:

    Whatever gets her through the day, she can believe whatever she wants. Lol.

    I dislike this woman intensely and have never understood how she had a career. There are millionss of big boobed blondes in this world. Nothing special about her. She has zero talent.

  4. Mabry says:

    She’s probably like Pam Anderson in that she isn’t the marrying type.

  5. Abbott says:

    If I take a year off dating, I’ll totally land me a dude from O-Town!

    Just kidding. I’d somehow wind up with polio. Thanks, Jenny!

  6. feebee says:

    Well of course she wants to save face (cue the face tweaking jokes) but I agree it usually sounds insincere and hollow even when a better wordsmith comes up with this one. From Jenny it’s just ok, whatever.

    I sort of see that she couldn’t be fully herself but the odd time I saw a bit of the show with her on it, it really seemed like she was doing that to herself. She totally could have stepped it up. I don’t see why the producers would hand tie her like that, a bit of controversy wouldn’t be bad for the show. I hesitate to say that the topics may have been a little over her head but they haven’t discussed many of those types of topics in any depth since Rosie it would seem. I think the show lost it’s centre when Meredith Viera left.

    She made some crack about maybe View viewers tuning into her show even if it runs at the same time (maybe I read that wrong) but would they really put Jenny McCarthy on live at 11am being Dirty Sexy Funny? Would that be like having a wine (80s cask wine at that too) for breakfast?

  7. Audrey says:

    Her face is looking ROUGH

  8. Luca26 says:

    To be fair to Jenny (though I’m not a fan) no one ever announces they’ve been fired from the View even in cases when it’s obvious that’s what happened .

  9. Frida_K says:

    She could just say, “It was a great opportunity that ran its course. As things developed, the show and I increasingly didn’t mesh. But I’m so grateful for the doors that this experience opened for me…it was very cool to sit at the table with Barbra Walters…and now I’m moving on to other things. I wish them well!”

    But that would take diplomacy, charm, and smarts, all qualities that are sadly lacking in Jenny McCarthy.

  10. Rice says:

    Bowling looks like fun. That’s all I’ve got.

  11. Bridget says:

    What’s with Donnie Wahlberg? He was pretty low key for a long time, and now he’s with Jenny McCarthy. Did he just miss the fame? Is it jealousy over little brother’s massive success?

  12. TheCountess says:

    Isn’t part of her alleged appeal being a “hot” chick who farts and burps? I don’t think guys are going to tune in just for the audible. I don’t know any guy who likes Perez Hilton or Chelsea Handler, either, so exactly who is this show aimed at?

    • ol cranky says:

      that was her appeal but you’d expect some maturation over time. That godawful Blu commercial she does is cringeworthy because its something you’d expected from her when she was first on MTV and targeted to the same audience, not from someone who’s actually grown up a little. I’m embarrassed watching that ad and I’m a girl who still cracks up at a good fart joke, I’m sure her radio show will be her acting like that and targeted to teenaged boys who are wanking off

  13. Lydia says:

    I can’t wait until this HS interview ends up on YT so I can listen.

  14. Trillion says:

    Does she have fans?