Razzies 2009: Paris Hilton & Mike Myers are big ‘winners’

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the most nominated film at the Oscars this year, but it will likely only take home a few technical Oscars for make-up and special effects. But under normal circumstances, the most nominated film is usually the biggest contender for awards. Such it was for the Razzies, the annual Rasberry Awards for the worst in film for the year. The early nominations showed Mike Myers’ film The Love Guru and anything related to Paris Hilton for the biggest chance at taking home Razzie gold. Are the award statues even gold? I have no idea.

The biggest contenders actually won! If you can call it winning. Mike Myers and Paris Hilton took home their dual Worst Actor/Actress trophies (though neither showed up…hmm, I wonder why?). Paris won a second trophy for Worst Supporting Actress for Repo: The Genetic Opera, and I pity anyone who actually sat through that. OK! has more, including the full list of “winners”:

Even though most of the entertainment world will be focused on the Oscars on Sunday night, another awards ceremony will be doing the dirty job of calling Hollywood out on all their failures this year.

The Razzies gave out their Raspberry Awards this year to all those who made fans groan, close their eyes or just refuse to head to the theaters to see.

Mike Myers and Paris Hilton were the king and queen this year, both “winning” multiple Raspberries. Mike took home Worst Picture, Worst Actor and Worst Screenplay for The Love Guru, while Paris nabbed Worst Actress for The Hottie and the Nottie, Worst Couple (with either Christine Lakin OR Joel David Moore) for The Hottie & The Nottie and Worst Supporting Actress for her role in Repo: The Genetic Opera.

Other razzed celebs and movies include Pierce Brosnan for his supporting role in Mamma Mia! and Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for Worst Remake.

The complete list of Razzie winners (or losers):


WORST ACTOR – Mike Myers/The Love Guru

WORST ACTRESS – Paris Hilton/The Hottie & The Nottie

WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS – Paris Hilton/Repo: The Genetic Opera

WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR – Pierce Brosnan/Mamma Mia!

WORST SCREEN COUPLE – Paris Hilton & EITHER Christine Lakin OR Joel David Moore/The Hottie & The Nottie

WORST PREQUEL, REMAKE, RIP-OFF or SEQUEL – Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

WORST DIRECTOR – Uwe Boll/1968: Tunnel Rats, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and Postal.

WORST SCREENPLAY – The Love Guru, Written by Mike Myers & Graham Gordy

WORST CAREER ACHIEVEMENT – Uwe Boll (Germany’s Answer to Ed Wood)

From OK! Magazine

Mike Myers isn’t having the best year by far. I feel bad for the guy – heaping all of this hate on the guy seems like kicking him when he’s down. But I’m all for kicking Paris Hilton whenever and however. Pierce Brosnan can weather the Razzie jab too – it’s established that he should never sing, ever, ever again on film or in life. But was it just me and the other people who made Indiana Jones one of the biggest films of the year, or did The Crystal Skull not suck that bad? I actually liked it, especially for Cate Blanchett. Bad Razzie award, I think.

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  1. Leo P says:

    Uwe Boll did ‘In the Name of the King’? I watched a tiny part of it and I was wondering why it felt like Blood Rayne. Now it makes sense.

  2. Mairead says:

    There is no way in hell that The Love Guru could possibly be worse than the Hottie & The Nottie! It just cannot be! Or Meet the Spartans for that matter.

    Although, to be fair, Ben Kingsley deserved that Razzie way more than the lovely Pierce (how DARE they!). That is all…

    Mariskahargitay *bows*

  3. What says:

    But I loved Pierce Brosnan in Mama Mia!!!

  4. DD says:

    Mike Myers, I want my 6 dollars back!

  5. Annicka says:

    I thought Repo was an amazing movie, actually. There was very little Paris to be seen, and there are a few moments of very pleasing comeuppance.. Although I really do wish she hadn’t been in the movie at all. I cannot stand her face and her skinny little dripping wax nose. I just hope movie makers will learn from things like the Razzies and quit casting horrible actors for anything at all. Paris doesn’t even deserve an acting roll as a fast food worker.

  6. Obvious says:

    Crystal Skulls was a decent movie on it’s own. but because they added it to the Indi series it deserves the razzie.

    If they changed the names and it was no longer and indie film it would have done much better-maybe even have gotten attention from the Academy.

  7. maybe says:

    what’s up how it going?