Hilary Duff’s comeback video: disgustingly sweet or worth the wait?

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is preparing to release her first album (with RCA records) since 2007. The album is still untitled, but Hilary has released a video for the first single, which leaked a bit early. The song is called “Chasing the Sun” and is co-written by Colbie Calliat (that much is obvious). The sing-song tune is almost laughable in its unremarkable nature. How old is Hilary now? She’s 26, and this song would be right at home in her Lizzie McGuire era.

The video is equally sunshiney. Hilary plays a harried office worker who raises a gerbil in her cubicle and dreams of sunning herself on the beach. She seems to be doing for a dorky Katy Perry video vibe. There’s a hilarious, hairless Justin Theroux doppleganger who romances our heroine. He shows up pretty quickly in the video, so you needn’t watch the whole thing. I challenge you to see how long you can make it before giving up:

What do you think? There’s something to be said for Hilary not going full Miley and straddling a wrecking ball for her big comeback. Although (as CB points out) Hilary does give product placement for Eos lipbalm (Miley did the same in her
“We Can’t Stop” video). This is sunny and carefree and wholesome music fare. Hilary sounds upbeat, and I have no problem believing this is who she is. She’s not fronting some dark, dangerous persona to sell records.

At the same time, this music is pretty underwhelming for a big “comeback.” I didn’t expect mindblowing tunes from Hilary or anything, but guuurl, all of those daily pap walks and stern warnings were to sell this?

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

Photos courtesy of RCA records; screencaps courtesy of YouTube

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34 Responses to “Hilary Duff’s comeback video: disgustingly sweet or worth the wait?”

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  1. Diana says:

    She looks amazing!! It’s hard to believe she is the same age as LILO!

  2. mebee says:

    Did she mess with her face? In the header pic she looks like a completely different person!

  3. kri says:

    What has she done to her face. She looks like Kendra now. And Calliat is awful. I would almost rather see the foam finger make a song.

    • QQ says:

      Caillat is Truly one of the most insipid thinhs out there..her music is like chewing cotton candy flavored gum with a massive cavity

      And Hillary’s voice is thin and reedy enough that I dont see how they let her make this cd let alone a song!

  4. ray says:

    57 seconds

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      2:28! Whoo-hoo!

      But I admit I started scrolling down to read comments well before I clicked “stop”.

  5. Eva says:

    This video is hilarious! It culminates with her going nuts, almost smacking a hamster in a plastic ball across the office (do many offices have an office hamster?) and then dumping water on her coworkers at a very important business meeting because she was hallucinating that she was on the beach!

    Maybe you should rethink the dark persona…I think “Chasing the Sun” might be a euphemism for ingesting peyote.

  6. Julie says:

    Song is too repetitive. She looks great though.

  7. Happy21 says:

    She is cute I’ll give her that and she’s not an awful singer but she has nothing at all that separates her from anyone else.
    Doesn’t she have enough money to just STOP now? I understand she probably loves to perform and what have you but I am almost embarrassed for her…

  8. Leslie says:

    Not my type of music, but I’m sure her young fans will like it. I must say she has an amazing body. She looks healthy and in great shape.

  9. JessSaysNo says:

    I really disliked the song and video. I mean, she is a pretty woman so of course she looks great. The song is boring and meaningless and the video is circa 2002 and not funny. Of course is it not my style of music and Hilary isnt even a natural singer so why is she doing this?

  10. Clara says:

    She really is the worst singer out of that Disney bunch (Britney, Christina, Demi, Selena, Miley)

    • Poe says:

      I think, personall, that Miley, Selena,and Hilary have boring singing voices. Haven’t really heard much, but from what I’ve heard of their music I could fall asleep, and I always turn the radio staton when they come on.

      I barely made it through this song. I liked her shoes.

  11. Emma13 says:

    1:00. That was terrible. I like her and I loved Lizzie McGuire, but that was bad.

    • HH says:

      It was very bad, which is just ridiculous to think about because I actually liked some of her early stuff… And those weren’t exactly works of musical genius.

  12. ek says:

    This is God-awful. I made it about 10 seconds, maybe 15. And the veneeeeeeeeeeers.

  13. sofloaf says:

    11 seconds. That’s all I could handle…

  14. penelope says:

    She’s short on talent and she’s obviously messed with her face.

  15. Dani says:

    She has a slamming body but this song. My ears. Make it stop. So monotonous and underwhelming, even for Hilary.

    (that said, she needs to take it easy on the facial works. Her lips are so deformed)

  16. amanda says:

    ugh my heart hurts and I taste throw-up in my mouth every time I see product placement for ANYTHING as blatant as this video has, but especially when it’s this stupid round chapstick stuff…

    what is the big ‘effin deal? it it really that great?

    • Happy21 says:


      I got some in my stocking at Christmas from my sister and it’s nothing special. Use it enough and it totally dries your lips out and it’s waxy as hell. I dislike it and am pretty sure it’s found its way into the garbage can by now.

    • aenflex says:

      That lip balm is awesome!

    • kimbers says:

      Eos ?

      Never tried the chapstick because it’s kinda bulky, but I swear that’s the kind of shave creme I use. Hate the gels and girl version of shaving foam/cream but love my lavender air pump creme!

  17. Reece says:

    About :54. When she hit the glass. The clearly delineated glass.

  18. serena says:

    The song is really too boring, video pretty blah, but I appreciate that she didn’t go full Miley or dark and is true to herself. Also she has naturally a nice voice so she could definetly do better.. at least I hope so. This was a snooze fest.

  19. Britt says:

    This video is a cross between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift…and it doesn’t work. It also reminds me of So Yesterday so it’s kind of like she regressed.

    Don’t like the song either

  20. Isa says:

    That voice doesn’t seem like it comes out of her mouth.

    Which btw she gets lip injections and everytime she gets the plumped she takes a photo and they gross me out. Her mouth doesn’t move normally anymore.

  21. Fan says:

    Nice, I like it.

  22. Ryan says:

    I happened to pause the video when she was in full on Pringles duck bill lips mode. I had to take a screenshot.

  23. metallicwow says:

    This is a really bad song and video! Wow. My prediction is it will come and go pretty quickly, along with her “comeback.”

    And it’s hard to believe someone as young & pretty as she is would need to mess with her face that much.

  24. Jarredsgirl says:

    She’s very pretty, but… just… no. She can’t act.. like… at all. There’s no feeling or expression in her, or her voice. If you watch her other music videos she has the same expressions and movements and little head flicks and she’s always looking up to the side… i’m sorry Hilary.. I just think that you kind of act like a wooden stick. I get the feeling she thinks she is really stunningly gorgeous and so she doesn’t have to do anything else cos her beautiful face is enough… it IS a beautiful face, but no… you actually have to put some effort honey!!!!!

  25. Lil' Sausage says:

    I thought that was Naomi Watts in the top photo. Wow. I know my face changed a lot during my twenties, so I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but methinks somebody’s been hitting the Juvederm. Those cheeks! As for the video… ugh. Her vocals are perfectly cloying, ick! Maybe I’m just too old for this s@!t.

    And please, the little eos ball gets its own shot? Give me a break.