Star: Jared Leto is so method that he insists upon having sex in character

Jared Leto

Star magazine went all out this week with a very amusing series called, “I dated an A-lister.” Kaiser is covering the stories about Ryan Gosling and Leo DiCaprio, and I’m filling in the blanks with Jared Leto. The same guy who grabbed a stripper’s neck during a lap dance for Jared’s brother. He has been known to stare into journalists’ eyes and describe them as “beautiful” and “they’re, like, golden.” He probably thinks of sex in a twisted, artsy way. The Star insider says Jared likes to do it in character. He’s so method, you know. Check it:

Talk about method acting! A former galpal was dating 42-year-old Jared when he was preparing for the 2004 film Alexander — and even between the sheets, he insisted on staying in character. “I said I was OK with it,” she says. “But then when he started speaking in a Macedonian accent, it was hard for me to take him seriously.” What’s more, she reveals, the Oscar winner insisted that she not use his real name during sex. Laughs Jared’s ex,” I’ve never seen anyone more into their work.”

[From Star, print edition, August 11, 2014]

If I didn’t know so much about Jared’s gross, Uncle Terry-loving tendencies, I’d probably think his “method” sex was kinda hot. There are movie characters (perhaps a Marvel one) that I’ve fantasized about and wouldn’t mind bedding. Some of Jared’s characters have been suitable for a few moments of imagination. I’m talking about Jordan Catalano, of course. Here’s an honest question — do you think Jared ever used his Rayon character in the sack? I bet he did. And I bet it was amazing.

Hey, we never talked about Jared’s weird pants and cowboy boots combo at Paris fashion week. Talk about destroying the fantasy.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

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  1. eliza says:

    I am in the minority, because I know everyone loves Leto and are part of The Echelon (ugh) but he seems like a huge tool to me. I just can’t with him or his crazy doll eyes.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I find him so repulsive. I agree that this could be hot under certain circumstances, but not with him. God, those pants. Ugh.

  3. raptor says:

    See? It wasn’t Jared Leto treating those underage groupies terribly. He was just playing the role of violent douche in a rock band.

  4. Abbott says:

    Yep. I’d still let him into my Panic Room. Wait…

  5. Frida_K says:

    I sat here at my keyboard for a few moments and then finally gave up.

    What can be said about this? And what can be said about those pants?


  6. Dee says:

    I don’t think he is amazing. Isn’t there tons of groupie stories about how he is creepy and mean in a uncle terry way?

  7. NewWester says:

    Those pants should have their own reality show

  8. original kay says:

    glad you said it first Bedhead lol!

    there are a few characters I’d like in bed, not the actor but the character.

  9. Talie says:

    Kind of random, considering he didn’t act for 7 years. I wonder if Lilo screwed him when he put on 100 pounds to play Chapman in the Lennon movie no one saw.

  10. enya says:

    Yee-uck. No man should be that skinny. Bleah.

  11. T.Fanty says:

    I would be okay with character-named-Macedonaian-accented, as it would enable me to close my eyes and imagine that I was with someone other than Jared Leto.

  12. PunkyMomma says:

    He looks like one of the Solid Gold Dancers in those pants.

  13. adrien says:

    If he’s so method, I hope he plays Jesus Christ in the future so that we can truly nail him on the cross.

  14. Jenny12 says:

    Oh, Jared…. act your age.

  15. Lilacflowers says:

    When I read the title, my mind immediately went to him as Rayon and the logistics of that. Who would he even be with? And that’s just too weird.

  16. mia girl says:

    His methodness is lacking because I thought his accent in Alexander was terrible.
    In fact, IMO most of the the actors’ varying accents in that movie were pretty bad.
    In fact, IMO the entire film was pretty bad.

  17. Zipster says:

    Jared should stop skipping leg day. I realize he is naturally very slender but those chicken legs are ridiculous.

  18. ramona says:

    I’d like to thank you all for being so “meh” or even “yuck” regarding Jared, because I adore him and the less competition, the better! I think he’s quirky and lovely and I love the gold trousers. I LOVE the skinny. Let me at him.

  19. Izzy says:

    He’s just so gross. Makes me want to hose him down with a can of Lysol.

  20. Swordspoint says:

    Those pants are the worst pants in the entire world history of pants.

    And he needs to cut his hair if I am ever to view him as hot again. (Physically hot, that is. The eau-de-douchebag is so strong I can smell it through my screen.)

  21. Angel L says:

    His outfit looks like it was designed on Barbie Fashion Plates (anyone remember those? just me? okay). The top half doesn’t match the bottom half at all (and that might be a small blessing because that bottom half is just awful)

  22. Bobby says:

    the older he gets, the more repulsive he gets. nothing to do with looks.

  23. FLORC says:

    I knew someone that banged him when he did a festival I worked on. He was in character of sorts according to this person. He was really f-ed up and wanted some kind of forcing fantasy. This girl felt awful afterwards. Not like someone who just banged their celeb crush.
    Leto is a really messed up guy. I think the more we hear of Terry their more it seems they’re soul mates of a sort.

  24. Sunshine says:

    I’m a tad ashamed, but I would… I SO would.

  25. marta says:

    bhwaaha ha ha holy shit those trousers… I sooo hate his sense of “style”

  26. Suckmyfarts says:

    I can’t help it! I would do that all day errday! Dirty or not! His face is gorgeous

  27. mazomazohyst says:

    Aw man, I used to like him a lot when I was a younger. Does he think he’s Jesus now? Get a haircut, get a shave and drop those pants, Jared. You look as crazy as I think you are.

  28. Dinah says:

    Ahahahahaha- He looks so bizarrely disproportional in the skinny pants/ boots, omg, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah(gasp)ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!