Lana Del Rey: ‘Heavy criticism leaves no route other than to be entirely yourself’

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey covers Fashion magazine. The clothes in this shoot are meh, and you can see the photos here. It’s just one more moody Lana editorial, but that’s the Lana image. Have you seen her new Ultraviolence video yet? She plays a bride without a groom, and the vid is heavily stylized like everything she does. Lana has been dating the vid’s director, Francesco Carrozzini. Poor Barrie O’Neill thought Lana only broke up with him to promote her album, but I think she’s with Francesco full time now.

In this interview, Lana talks about Barrie and why they broke up after three years together. She admits that they are both “unwell.” She says it was a rewarding relationship (especially since she cribbed her “Pepsi Cola” lyrics from their bedroom time). Lana still sounds pretty depressed, but I sense a light at the end of the fabricated tunnel. Here are some excerpts:

On the future: “I would love to find someone I could share my life with and be married to. I would love children, too. Hopefully they’re not as bad as I am.”

Her sudden split with Barrie James O’Neill: “It’s been a tenuous and tumultuous three years. It was very rewarding, but very difficult. Trying to get consistency and normality within the dynamic of that relationship has been impossible. He’s unwell and I’m unwell in some ways, and psychologically we’ve been through a lot together.”

More on criticm: “I’ve seen so many ups and downs in my life already. I do think I may have made peace with some of it, but hoping that people don’t misunderstand the message of Ultraviolence is an impossible hope. Heavy criticism is freeing because it leaves no route other than to be entirely yourself. There’s actually less pressure [this way] because you’re left to your own devices.”

[From Fashion]

Lana’s coping better with criticism if these words are to be believed. Sometimes I wonder if Lana Del Rey even knows who she is. Is she still Lizzie Grant? Who knows. I think Lana has climbed so deep into her current identity that she can’t even remember who she is, other than apathy personified.

One more thing: James Franco wants us to think he’s Lana’s new BFF and possible love interest. He’s been plastering her photo all over his Instagram. Lana attended last week’s NYC screening of Child of God (Franco’s take on the Cormac McCarthy novel). I bet she ends up writing some music for his upcoming butchering of The Sound and the Fury. They’re SO not dating, but I wish they were. Lana and James would make the most pretentious couple ever.

Lana Del Rey

James Franco

Lana Del Rey

Photos courtesy of Fashion mag, James Franco on Instagram & WENN

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27 Responses to “Lana Del Rey: ‘Heavy criticism leaves no route other than to be entirely yourself’”

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  1. Lady Macbeth (Hiddles F.) says:

    It is just me who finds this woman obnoxious? Why is she even given a voice in all these magazine interviews? And with James Franco… just ugh!

    • Erinn says:

      I find her insufferable.

    • Jules says:

      She wants to be herself? She can start by getting her old nose and lips back.

    • joan says:

      I have the ultimate bad thing to say about her:


      I barely know who she is and thought her 1 song I saw, on SNL, was hideous, and don’t get why she gets any attention at all.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    God, that makes me angry. That fake little twit, with her constant hinting that she wants to kill herself and her ennui and life’s not worth living, and now she wants children? What a healthy environment they would be welcomed into. Ugh. I cannot stand her.

  3. Darkladi says:

    This moody little twit needs to have a seat. In a closet. With a lock.

  4. Jenny12 says:

    Who are these people!?

  5. Kiddo says:

    So when is that going to happen? Or do we need to criticize further to get the ball rolling?

  6. QQ says:

    God She is THEE Worst… i hate that I like her Music….But then I Remember I dont like it enough to BUY it!

    • Adrien says:

      I love some of her songs but you can never make me watch her gigs.

    • Jayna says:

      I do love the new album as a must listen to album all the way through, not just listening to one song. She never makes sense in interviews, half character, half herself, but I still like her because the clips of her on the street show her being so sweet and affectionate to her fans, the least pretentious singer I have ever seen that way, that it offsets her boring put-on interview persona.

      I have never seen a singer embrace and talk and laugh with her fans the way she does and shows interest in them and remembers the ones that show up to more concerts. She is a true sweetheart. It’s every clip you see on youtube, so it is the way she is, so sweet to them. She comes out to see them from her hotel or at concert and always leaves her security away from her, not interfering with the fans, so engaging with them. Take that Little Monsters who think Gaga is the best to her fans.

  7. Adrien says:

    What’s this magazine? Fashion magazine? Not search-engine friendly. Anyway, Lana and James, yeah. They make a perfect couple. Her interviews sound like they could be James Franco’s interviews. They both like to quote/reference Walt Whitman and Nabokov. Sometimes her lyrics sound like they were taken from James Franco’s fic. There shoulds be a quiz called ” Who said it: Franco or Del Rey?”

  8. Eleonor says:

    Sorry the most pretentious couple ever must involve GOOP.
    Landa and Goop, James Franco and Goop.

  9. Izzy says:

    Which is why she goes by a completely different name?! I know lots of people have stage names. It’s just that I’m having a moment of cognitive dissonance here. Or maybe it’s just the overwhelming scent of ‘eau de fake twit.’

    • Lola says:

      Correct me if I am wrong, it is not only one name, she has had a couple. Plus, yes …. Her true identity is of a latina woman!!! …. Lana is slang for money in some latinamerican countries … Del rey … Of the king…. So, the king’s money? Now that is her true identity!

  10. Diana says:

    She needs to get out of her own headspace. Walk away from the celebrity game for a while, get some treatment for depression, travel, volunteer/do good works for others, and/or generally pull herself together.

    The wah wah wah wore is me thing is grating when she leads such a privileged life.

  11. smutwriter says:

    She makes me feel old.

    And by “makes me feel old” I mean she makes me want to roll my eyes, heave a sigh, and mutter something about “you don’t understand anything about criticism or life or difficulty. Stop b****ing and grow up.”

    I aggressively loathe this woman with the fury of a thousand suns and I don’t know *why*, but something about her pushes my rage button. Normally I’m really forgiving of or indifferent to this kind of inanity.

  12. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    Says a marginally talented pop star that gives manufactured a bad name. Who is buying her all these mag covers?

  13. Trillion says:

    She comes across so forced in interviews. It just feels so schtick-y. Too bad, because I want to believe her. I want to like her. Just can’t.

  14. siri says:

    I find her music boring and fake, she can’t convince me of having any real feelings. There’s no life in it, just some sort of manufactured ideas about it. If you watch this interview, you notice that she’s either acting, or has multiple personalities.
    She ACTS as if she thinks highly about herself- but I doubt that, looks quite sick to me, sorry.