Calvin Harris refused to let Rita Ora perform their song at the TCAs: spiteful?

Calvin Harris

Rita Ora and Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris broke up a few months ago. Calvin made the annoucement on Twitter and sounded classy about it: “She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best.” See? Nice.

The peace didn’t last long. We heard that Rita’s second album was jeopardized by Calvin. He wrote over half the songs with her and then took them all back in July. Her album was supposed to come out in September but probably won’t. People have speculated that Rita cheated on Calvin, possibly even with Justin Bieber. Whatever happened must have been pretty bad. Calvin’s vindictiveness has come out to play again. He blocked Rita at the last minute from performing at the Teen Choice awards. Calvin refused to let her sing their song, “I Will Never Let You Down.” She’s really upset about dropping out, so she sent a source straight towards the Daily Mail:

They seemed to have ended their year-long relationship on good terms back in June, with Calvin Harris posting a touching tweet about his split with famous girlfriend Rita Ora. But the ramifications of the famous couple’s breakup are still ongoing and looks like the situation has now turned frosty.

An insider tells the MailOnline exclusively Ora was forced to pull out of her performance at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards after Harris refused to allow her to perform their song I Will Never Let You Down.

Harris wrote and produced the track which appears on Ora’s second studio album which is scheduled for release in September. The source described Rita as “heartbroken” and “devastated” at Harris’s decision to pull the plug at the last minute, just two days before her performance at the popular show.

Rubbing salt into the wound, the song penned by the star’s former beau is a love song, which as the title suggests, is about never letting someone down.

Ora, of course, feels very let down as the insider told MailOnline: “She had spent a considerable amount of time and energy preparing for her now cancelled performance of the song and is devastated to let her fans down in this way.

“It is surprising that he has made such a poor choice. This cruel move by bitter Calvin has impacted not only the Teen Choice Award production but the teenage fans expecting to see her perform. He’s let the teens down.”

The producer, it appears, has been calling the shots when it comes to their break up, even ensuring he was the first to announce their split.

[From Daily Mail]

I’m not a huge fan of Rita’s music, but this seems needlessly cruel on behalf of Calvin. If two entertainers decide to work together and date each other, then they should also agree to act like adults if the relationship ends. This vindictive behavior makes Calvin look bad.

Calvin’s been brooding over the situation. He vague tweeted some of his own “Summer” lyrics on Saturday.

Oh, the shade is so cryptic! There’s a lot of bad blood in this split. I don’t see what Calvin gains from refusing Rita the right to perform a song they recorded together.

Rita Ora

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  1. Jade says:

    Well you never know if she treated him more cruelly. A tad vindictive maybe but what is she gonna do? If legally she is within her rights to sing or place the songs on her album, that’s fine. If no, it’s really within Calvin’s rights.

    • Liv says:

      Yep, I totally understand that he doesn’t want her to sing that she never lets him down after she cheated with Justin Bieber. Ugh!

    • Godwina says:

      Yeah, we just don’t know. But I’m biased; I’m a Harris fan, and have never really heard Ora’s music.

    • Jojoann says:

      Oh comeon. Who takes their revenge at the office? This is the equivalent of a work colleague who happens to be an ex sabotaging my career progress. Immature and unprofessional. Take your beef outside, Calvin.

      • Naye in VA says:

        Yea I mean there has to be a line. I’ve always said If I had no loyalty to you after “I love you” is dead and gone, then I had no loyalty to you in the first place.

      • Dani says:

        Uh…a lot of people take revenge that way. The most hurtful way to get to someone is to sabotage something they worked hard for, aka their career.

      • Latanga says:

        I of course don’t know if it is true but I have read gossip in some British tabloids that Ms. Ora is sort of known for “paying” for tracks with means other than money? Maybe he found this to be true and is upset about being used?

    • Mike says:

      Rita Ora is really developing a reputation as a user. She has supposedly cheated on everybody she has ever been with and uses men to get what she needs then moves on. She is dating that son of a billionaire now and I would bet she is doing it to get something from him that she wants. When she gets it she will dump him too. Not saying that these men are all innocent but she should expect that not everybody is going to just go along with her program. That being said it is unprofessional to ban her from playing the songs they wrote together and it does not help him at all.

      • Dubois says:

        I agree. I thinks she’s opportunistic. He however is being petty, vindictive and contolling. Grow up and separate business from pleasure.

  2. Wallamalooo says:

    You know what? I see his point – she is such a blatant starf****er, she’s consistently moved onto someone who could better further her career/improved her visibility. Yeuch. she gives ambitious women a bad name, Team Calvin (and I’m not a fan of his either). What I’m saying is it’s good that she’s suffering the consequences of her own actions.

    • Eva says:

      This is exactly how I see it, she seems like a complete user. I have no sympathy for her.

    • starrywonder says:

      Yeah. I don’t feel bad for her. If he wrote most of the songs on her new album it sounds like without him she wouldn’t have an album. Girl sounds like she was using him for what she could get. I take my songs and go too.

    • Miffy says:

      This. Whatever she’s doing, she needs to quit. Between Calvin Harris and Robert Kardashian getting so vindictive after breaking up with her she’s getting a bigger rep for being the ex from hell than for her music (I’ve really only heard one of her songs but then again she’s not my genre)

    • Latanga says:

      agree totally

  3. Maria says:

    It’s nice to see men be petty, lol.

    She cheated after making a come up off his name…

    Me thinks he did this to help her, got dissed, and is now demanding payment or simply being spiteful.

    Either way, it’s amusing to me.

  4. Dani2 says:

    Eh, seems needlessly petty to me. I’m not a fan of Rita’s at all but he’s coming across as childish here.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Yeah running to the tabloids is not petty or childish at all.

    • Serenity says:

      I don’t think I’d be supportive of an ex, help him out or let him use my work if he had cheated on me. I wouldn’t care if that was being petty or vindictive.

      • Dani2 says:

        Mm, different strokes I guess, I’d want the person to know that I don’t give a f-ck about them anymore, this to me makes it obvious that he’s still not over it. If she’s really the kind of person she seems to be in the public eye, then he can do way better than her and all he needs to do is move on.

  5. Wilma says:

    If someone cheated on me I would be this vindictive too. And from his tweet it seems like that is what happened. Maybe she should start writing some new material.

  6. NewWester says:

    Something major must have happened for Calvin to do this to Rita. That tweet sounds like he is holding back a lot of hurt and anger.
    Also what is it about Justin Beiber that he seems to be connected with these beautiful and ( supposedly intelligent ) women?
    Whenever I look at Justin all I can see is a missing link sub human, who can’t walk upright and likes to show off his name brand underwear on his skinny ass. I don’t get it

  7. Abbott says:

    Let’s blame it on Bieber and call it a day.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I think that could actually be applied to everything. Any time. Blame it on Bieber!

      Do we know she cheated with Bieber? I mean these days it seems like the quickest insult for celeb women. She slept with Bieber!

      Whatever happened here, it’s a bad idea to mix work and relationships. A lot of people do but I try not to sh*t where I eat. There is so much potential for disaster.

    • kri says:

      God, if she banged Bieber, no wonder he’s pissed. The only person as gross as The Tatooed Toddler is KK.

  8. Sandy123 says:

    She seems like such an idiot. I can’t stand seeing her photo. He doesn’t sound like a prize either, though.

  9. Nick says:

    He’s handling this like a bitter b!tch if this is true. Let it go and just make your money off her music.

    • Kat says:

      Bitter bitch or not. Technically its his songs as he wrote and produced them he did the majority of the work and Rita has no ownership over them.

      As for making money on the songs. Rita doesn’t really sell that much bar in the UK. He writes for all the big artists, he can easily give the songs to someone with a big built in audience in the US and make a lot more money.

      My guess is he doesn’t want to be connected to her in any way anymore. If half the songs on her new album was by him it would constantly come up in interviews for both of them. This is a way for him to cut ties completely.

      • MsMercury says:

        I disagree she doesn’t sell much in the UK isn’t she one of the only women to have back to back number 1 albums in the UK? I mean she does well over there but she isn’t known at all in the US. I do think he is a bitter bitch and should think about making his coins and being done with her and leave his feelings out of it.

      • Kat says:

        As i said she doesn’t well much BAR in the uk, my point was she doesn’t sell much in the US and worldwide. He however has a constant stream of hits with other artists and for himself worldwide
        I think he made 47 mill dollars last year. Rita recording his songs doesn’t make much of a difference to him in the bigger picture. She is not the one making him rich, if anything its the other way around.
        If he could give her a hit like “We found love” like he did for RiRi he would break her in US. So you can see who has the most to gain from this

  10. Olivia says:

    This chick seems to have some serious personal problems. The breakup with Rob Kardashian was also pretty nasty, no? So not only does she come off as a user/st@rf*cker, but she also can’t seem to keep the peace….and now it might finally negatively affect her career.

    Whatever. Team Calvin, lol.

  11. The Wizz says:

    This chick seems to cheat on a lot of people!

  12. Chrissy says:

    Rob Kardashian? Justin Bieber? WTF?????

  13. Ickythump says:

    She just used Calvin to try and further her career. Petty or not, good on him.

  14. Harri says:

    Erm….she is basically a serial cheater who sleeps her way to the top. Calvin is probably doing this to teach his sleazy ex a lesson. At the end of the day, he would let her perform it and release the album if he all he wanted was money, but he’s doing this because she has obviously hurt him deeply. Kudos to the fact that he’s not just money grabbing!!

  15. Tammy says:

    So its okay to be petty, unprofessional & a d*ck because someone used you? How about grow the f*ck up, move on & let Rita use the songs already? So many are Team Calvin on here but his actions post split are childish. And this could affect his career, as well.

    • Val says:

      I think it’s a split between “shut up and move on” and “I wanna be Blair Waldorf and RUIN THIS PERSOOOOON”

      Calvin seems to be in the latter camp, whatever Rita did. I don’t know what I would do in that situation…. if someone did something really bad, and I had the opportunity to really f^ck them over…. maybe I would do it. Maybe.
      Either way, people here really hate Rita, not sure why.

      Personally, I hope she fights him legally and gets those songs, because I wanna hear them!! I love I Will Never Let You Down.

      • Bridget says:

        Fights him legally? They’re his songs – he wrote and produced. And then didnt have the common sense to make nice until AFTER everything was released.

      • Kat says:

        Pretty sure she can’t fight him if he wrote the songs because if thats the case its his intellectual property.
        You’ll probably hear the songs anyway, but sung by a different artists.

      • Lana says:

        I agree. I love her voice. She sounds better than whoever he would have to give the songs to.

      • Erinn says:

        “I agree. I love her voice. She sounds better than whoever he would have to give the songs to.”

        Really? hahaha, you have no idea who he’d give the songs to, but you’re firmly under the impression that no matter who it was, Rita would sound better?

      • Lana says:

        @Erinn- Yes. I like the sound of Rita’s voice more than I like anyone else’s at the moment so of course I’m going to prefer a song done by her over any other artist. Chances are he would give the songs to Ellie Goulding or Rihanna and there’s just no comparison for me.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Why give her a pass? She was involved with him personally and professionally and it blew up in her face. You call him the dirtbag all you want, she’s the fool that put her career in that position.

    • Serenity says:

      Nope! Team Calvin all the way.

  16. Sasha says:

    Team Calvin! She used him for his professional cred and now he’s taking it away. Fair in my eyes, and very understandable! Rita should learn not to jump ship before the album drops ;)

  17. Adrien says:

    I do not see Rita becoming a mega popstar.

  18. Doreen says:

    There are so many rumors of her cheating on him when they were together. With men and women. People in the music industry.

    She was using him for songs, and now she can’t have the songs because she treated him badly tough shit, can’t say I feel sorry for her.

  19. Pi says:

    She is a notorious cheater who finally cheated someone more powerful enough to mess with her career.
    Somewhere rob kardashian is laughing…

  20. eliza says:

    Lol@ the dramatic ” He’s let the teens down” comment. The teenage attention span is like 5min. I am sure the “let down” teens survived this crushing blow.

  21. Brasileira says:

    Not gonna lie…. I would do the same.
    What does he gain with it? She’s pissed, she couldn’t perform and the songs were his… he gives it to whom he wants!
    I’ve never heard a song of hers… don’t even know who this guy is, hence, I do not like or dislike…. well.. maybe now, I like him a little bit.
    He must be smiling for all that’s being down… I know I would.
    Team Calvin on this one.

    • Serenity says:

      Yeah, me too Brasileira. I don’t understand the people here saying ‘but oh that makes him look so petty and vindictive’. What, have you guys never been in a terrible breakup? Wouldn’t you have wanted to get some payback if possible? Especially if your ex had been cheating on you? I know I would have.

      Team Calvin!

  22. Bridget says:

    Petty or not, they’re Harris’s songs. If she wanted a better outcome then perhaps she should have treated him better, or at least waited until her album was out.

  23. Jude says:

    Calvin will gain by giving the songs to Rihanna to sing. Rita’s not a thing outside the UK – and why anyone would hook up with Beiber is utterly perplexing and nasty.

    • Lana says:

      Too bad Rita would sing them better. Rihanna would prob make them more popular but I still think it’s a shame.

  24. Karen says:

    I don’t know any of her songs, but girl needs to change the colour of her to something darker. That bright blond so does not work for her complexion.

  25. Hissyfit says:

    I don’t understand. If he pulled out all the songs he wrote and produce (which is his right) then why was Ora allowed to release this single? Why didn’t he sue her for releasing his song? Ora must have a right or ownership (idk if that’s what they call it) with this song so she was able to release it.

    I do not care for any of them but I do like this song. So she cheated? Big whoop! He’s not the first one to experience this nor will be the last one to get his heart broken over cheating gfs. He sounds like a bitter and immature ex boyfriend who can’t let go and move on.

    • Val says:

      I think it was released while they were still together? What I don’t get is that she’s been performing it for months, and NOW he pulls the plug?
      Would love for someone to explain the legal side of all this…

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She could possibly have a percentage of the writer’s share of the royalties, but as producer he would own a much greater percentage. The publisher and the writers split 50%, and then if there are multiple writers, they have to break that 50% down into smaller bits. Many times an artist like Rita would get 10% of the 50% of the writers share (so 5% of the overall mechanical royalty). Producers would get closer to 30% or more, depending on the total number of writers.

      He could also agree to her releasing the song as a single (where he would be paid every time it plays on radio, etc.) but he might have just objected to a one time performance of the song at this event.

  26. Dani says:

    She so obviously used Calvin to get higher on the food chain. She’d never be able to come up with half of the music she produced with him, on her own. I love how everyone is saying omg he’s so petty grow up, but if it were a woman, doing it to a man, it would be all hell yeah girl get him where it hurts. She cheated on him, and used him to get famous. He trusted her, helped produce her record, write her some seriously good songs, and all she can do is screw him over? Sorry, but I’d do MUCH worse than Calvin.

    • Valerie says:

      How does everyone KNOW the scoop? No one knows how she treated him or even how he treated her.

    • Camilla says:

      Dani, I agree. People talk about the high way, but why is it not allowed to feel hurt and refuse the person, who hurt you, to benefit from YOUR work and talent??? One of my ex-boyfriends cheated on me, and if we had collaborated like Rita Ora and Calvin Harris (in theory of course) I would block that cheating bastard from using ANY of my tracks. Vindictive – yes. Unfair? No.

      • Dani says:

        Exactly!! He worked with her to help her because he loved her (and let’s be real, without him she would still be nothing) and he feels scorned. Legally he has every right to do whatever the hell he wants with his music. Mean? Sure. Unfair? Not at all. If you want to be famous, learn to make it on your own.

        It’s just interesting, also, how every guy she openly dated feels wronged by her at the end of the relationship.

    • Brasileira says:


  27. Izzy says:

    He’s being childish and unprofessional. She’s behaved unprofessionally as well in the past, screwing her way up the ladder.

    Regardless, a big chunk of the blame for THIS mess has to go to their management and legal teams, who apparently did not think it was necessary to put ANY legal documents in place spelling out the ownership of the material? Stupid move. Heads ought to roll for that.

    • Valerie says:

      I think her team sucks at managing her career. Even the way they’re marketing her. She has a soulful voice suited for acoustic music & they drown it in autotune pop. It’s stupid. We already have enough of that.

    • Tommy says:

      It’s majorly unproffesional and extremely dumb for her to mix business and pleasure if she is unable or unwilling to stay faithful.
      On another note you women cheered liberty Ross on and ruperts ruined career.
      Why can’t a man be allowed to feel angry when he is a made a cuckhold? I am sure calvin felt as humilated as any woman.
      Why expect him to be generous and give an ex that treated him badly songs that HE wrote. Hypocrisy.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      Heads should roll for this mess. If the album was supposed to come out in September, there’s no way rights should not have been secured and cleared. Her label should share in the blame, not just her managers and lawyers – unless it was a licensing deal. If her team did their work, there’s no way he’d be able to affect the album’s release and in most instances, her performance of those songs. He can still block her from performing the songs if her performance is to be on TV, for example, because that requires a different license. Same as a song being used in a TV show or in film.

      And if her team didn’t do their job right, and he wants to change his mind FOR ANY REASON, it’s not being petty and unprofessional. It’s within his right, however unfortunate it is for her and her label.

      One of my clients covered a Jimi Hendrix tune. All of the rights were cleared, but in the end, the song didn’t make it onto the album because his Estate didn’t approve the version we wanted. They liked another version, though. My client was devastated but had to move on.

      • pleaseicu says:

        Calvin and Rita are both signed with and managed by Roc Nation. Roc/Universal Music (which distributes Roc Nation albums) won’t do anything to push Calvin out the door IMO. He’s the more successful and versatile artist of the two. And by keeping Calvin’s music in house, the songs will just be used for another Roc Nation managed artist and they’ll still make money off the deal.

        I’d be surprised if they take legal action against their own artist. Heck, they seem to have approved the entire move by Calvin since Roc hasn’t said boo about any of his actions in pulling his music from her albums and preventing her from using his work.

    • Scotchy says:

      I write songs for a living, and there is always legal ownership of songs drafted the minute they are finished.
      Clearly she didn’t write much if any of the material because he has ownership of that material meaning he wrote and produced most of it. Usually guys like Calvin also have top liners( that’s what i do) that come in and write the lyrics and melodies. All the Rita’s and Rihanna’s of the world do is come in and sing. Sometimes they add one word in order to earn their 10 per cent share, but they usually do not have much say in the controlling rights of the material.

  28. GirlyGirl says:

    Meh, it’s business. He wrote (co-wrote?) the songs so he has control over who sings them.

    If it’s due to the fact that she cheated on him, so what? People have scuttled business plans for far less than this.

  29. Kate2 says:

    As someone NOT of the teen generation, I only heard of this person on Saturday when Palladium did their “Women of Rock” weekend. She was up after Amy Winehouse’s block. I liked the one song I had stayed tuned in for, RIP. I even added it to my playlist. She has an awesome voice.

    So its strange to now hear all this crap about her. Oh well. Still like the song.

    • Vera says:

      She does have a great voice. It sucks for her that she became famous before her work did. Now people don’t even want to give her a chance because they’re already sick of her. Plus, she has the reputation of someone who sleeps around and that doesn’t work well for a woman.

      • Mika says:

        +1 It’s a damn shame. I’m not a real fan (as in I don’t really listen to her songs that much) but I love her voice and her songs are ALWAYS better when she sing them live.

  30. Sounds says:

    He has to have the majority of the songwriting/production credit to be able to stop a briadcaster to license the performance of the song. He probably did all the work on it and he is well within his rights to stop the song from being performed on TV. When a song is placed on tv even in live performances a contract has to be signed with the publishers (who represents the song) and that’s where things get dicey. Usually it’s totally fine because the exposure is what everyone wants but Calvin doesn’t need it.
    Think of it in terms of the voice/x factor. The contestants can’t just perform any song they want, the production has to get permission and license the song to be performed on tv so that the songwriters/producers can get their royalities, same thing happens when the original artist perform the song as wel. So if you will Rita is licensing the song from Calvin, since she doesn’t write the songs there isn’t anything a legal team can do.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      I replied similarly without seeing your response first.

      Also, this happens all the time in music – I always tell my clients to not to sh*t where they eat, but it never works. Unfortunately, many singers sleep with their writers, producers, and band members, etc. When it ends, as it inevitably does, someone gets fired. And some get shunned from the scene completely and never recover.

  31. Mia says:

    She used him slept with him for songs makes sense for him to take back the songs no?
    Men have feelings too lol

  32. Bianca says:

    I know she has the worst reputation.

  33. Bonnie says:

    If someone cheated on me or used me to get ahead, I don’t think I am a douche if I don’t them to use my work to advance their career.

  34. Tiffany :) says:

    Seestra? I always think that Rita looks like Helena on Orphan Black. ; )

  35. Jenny says:

    I have to say that it looks like every ex she had is completly livid at her. So I don’t buy this innocent poor me act her ” source” ( pr) is trying to spin.
    Rob kardashian famously put her on blast on twitter, cara delevinge refused to talk about her in an interview after they fell out ( they were said to have had a fling). One of the jonas brothers wrote a schatching song about her. James Mcarthur blasted her too.Now Calvins angry.
    Overwhelming evidence is that she is the douche here…

    • Raye says:

      But they never give specifics. I think they just miss her too much. Lol.

      • Jenny says:

        @ raye
        Are you kidding? Rob was very specific some would say graphic. She cheated, not once but multiple times…MacArthur said the same thing. Jonas brothers song was about being played. I think it’s fairly obvious what her flaws are….

    • Damn that’s a lot of bad blood. I knew about Kardashian and now Harris but I guess the more appropriate question is who hasn’t this chick screwed over and why do people still take the time?

  36. Neuron says:

    English is not my first language but is this a case of ” Don’t sh*t where you eat”?

  37. Hanna says:

    I didn’t mean to post twice.

  38. Hanna says:

    I don’t really know her too well, but she seems a heck of a lot more interesting than the other pop stars. I think she should embrace her villaness role and go all out. She can wear a Cruella DeVille coat made out of puppies. Everyone hates her anyway. Funny thing is, girl can actually sing.

  39. Eli says:

    Does she only have 1 song? Could she have not performed another one?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I would think 2 days would be enough for her to get another song. The staging/costuming probably couldn’t be changed that much, but I would think it would be an option to do another song.

  40. Josefa says:

    Rita Ora is still a thing? They are still trying to make her happen?

  41. Scarlett says:

    Apparently she cheated on Rob Kardashian (bad enough) with Jonah Hill and others and she was put on blast. Disgusting. She is suspected to have hooked up with Jay Z the Biebs and others..anything to move her career around. What is it with people these and women who sleep with anyone in the industry just for sh*ts and giggles. It the same with her BFF Ellie Goulding who slept around with Ed Sheeran and turned around and cheated with Niall Horan in the same hotel. Ed wrote a pretty biting song about it.

    Calvin Harris has every right to pull the song and the others since he probably did all of the work anyway.

    • Raven says:

      How would sleeping with Jonah Hill further her career? Maybe she just likes having sex. Nothing wrong with that.

      • eowyn says:

        His brother is important in the music industry.

      • Raven says:

        She was already signed with Jay Z though, what would she need Jonah Hill’s brother for? I just think she’s a young nymphomaniac who slept with multiple people and they fell in love with her and got hurt. I bet those guys had other girls on the side too.

  42. Britt says:

    Puleeze! If the roles were reversed & it were Rita pulling songs from Calvin (not like she is a songwriter, this is hypothetical), all these Wendy Whiners here would still be slut-shaming Rita & say Calvin was right. None of you know the deal. Only that you.don’t like this woman for who she has slept with. She doesn’t behave any worse.than most men but she gets shamed left & right. Who cares? He looks like a vindictive baby who needs to grow the f— up. If she pulled songs from him instead of vice versa, you all would still make it her fault. Get over the fact that she’s no innocent girl. Who is? And who really.wants to be?

    • Raven says:


    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Total horse sh-t. She’s whining to the tabloids like she’s a stupid child and we’re supposed to cheer her on because why? She acted like an idiot, and big surprise, the guy she messed with is pissed off. Boo-hoo. Have a great career going nowhere because you think burning bridges in your industry is a good decision. No one has to make it her fault, it is her fault.

  43. Britt says:

    And another thing, Calvin Harris is not the nicest guy, but that doesn’t matter to any of the shaming wenches commenting here. Always blame the woman, right? It’s always her fault, right? It doesn’t matter that Calvin has been a jerk bully on UK tv (to Jedward on x factor), but it’s always Rita Ora’s fault. Just because of rumours that may have had sex with someone else. And btw, Rob K is a tiny-dicked douche who imagined they were still together after she called it quits-hence him saying she cheated. She picks some douchy guys but we all have done that. I’m just so over so many people-many of whom are.women-slut shaming this girl just because Rita & Calvin-who may be a cute guy but that does not equal nice guy-broke up. Quit shaming women. But a guy can act like a dick & everyone thinks it’s just great.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Hard to take your points about the treatment of women seriously when you are calling commenters “wenches”.

    • Camilla says:

      Uhmm. I get the “you don’t REALLY know what happened, so it’s not fair to ASSUME she cheated”-comments, but taking it to a question about shaming women is a serious detour. My experience is that us readers at this site shame ALL cheaters – not just females. No where did I read anyone saying that it’s cool for guys to cheat but not girls.

  44. Dalovelee says:

    It’s amazing to read so many comments by females so anti Rita by making the assumptions she’s a user. She’s not an indenture servant who must stay attached by the hip to a guy if she is not into him. Men move on from women all the time.
    As for him, Calvin Harris, he sounds petty and juvenile to be UNPROFESSIONAL. What is he 12 or 31 ? This also makes him to be unattractive. I get girls being vindictive but a dude acting that way comes across as as p*ssy.

    • Ickythump says:

      You’re right she’s not, but she could’ve employed some simple moral decency and broke up with him if that’s what she wanted to do. I don’t agree with shaming women who like to sleep around while they’re single, but as far as I’m concerned male or female, if you’re in a committed relationship and choose to do shit behind the others back then you needn’t expect sympathy when you get your comeuppance.

      • Raven says:

        True. But no one KNOWS what she did. People are only making assumptions based on what Rob Kardashian said about her on twitter and making excuses as to why Calvin must be treating her this way. She must have done something. Sure. She has a reputation. She’s a slut. It’s all her fault. She’s everywhere, she must have slept her way up. Never mind that she has an amazing voice. It’s a conspiracy!

  45. Jonathan says:

    Yeah In fairness if the case happened to be that he realised she was only with him to get songs, and he was hurt by this, why would he then sit back and watch a user further their career with songs he worked on? Break-ups are hard, and they’re even harder when the other person is doing well. If it so happens that it’s not on their own merits, and you have a chance to remind them of just how little talent they have, wouldn’t you do the same? I would. Not saying this is what happened but people shouldn’t be so quick to label him spiteful if she may have been horrible in the first place.

    • Raven says:

      She was with him for over a year. If it was only about the songs, they would have never dated and just had sex.