Robin Williams has died at 63 in an apparent suicide

Robin Williams  Leaves Capital Radio
Beloved and prolific actor Robin Williams has died at the age of 63 in an apparent suicide. Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, issued a statement asking for privacy and asking us to remember all the joy and laughter he’s brought us. Williams’ death has unfortunately been confirmed by the Marin County sheriff’s department. They issued a press release stating that he was found at 11:55 am this morning and that the official cause was asphyxia. They will hold a press conference tomorrow at 11 am with more details. People Magazine has the very sad confirmation of this news.

“Robin Williams passed away this morning. He was been been battling severe depression of late,” his rep said in a statement. “This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.”

He was 63.

The Crazy Ones star checked himself into rehab in early July after battling alcohol and drug addiction throughout his life.

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“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken,” his wife Susan Schneider said in a statement.

“On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

[From People]

I don’t know what to say, I’m so shocked and upset. Williams was such a versatile and gifted actor. He had incredible energy and comedic talent along with the rare ability to bring gravitas to dramatic roles. I loved him in Good Will Hunting, Awakenings, Dead Poets Society and Mrs. Doubtfire, but it’s hard to pick just a few favorites. He will be missed and mourned by countless people around the world. What a sad loss this is.

Robin Williams Dead At The Age Of 63 **FILE PHOTOS**

Robin Williams Dead At The Age Of 63 **FILE PHOTOS**

Robin Williams Dead At The Age Of 63 **FILE PHOTOS**

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Here’s one of my favorite scenes from Good Will Hunting:

Dead Poets Society in which he does impressions impeccably:

And the cooking scene from Mrs. Doubtfire:

RIP Robin Williams, thank you for everything. You will be missed.

photo credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. jenn says:


    • Audrey says:

      Celebrity deaths usually don’t get to me too badly

      But he was a huge part of my childhood through his films.

      I’m so sad to hear this

      • guilty pleasures says:

        Audrey, this is exactly the way I felt when my 22 year old daughter told me a few minutes ago. Normally celebrity deaths don’t deeply sadden me, but his has. I was saying to my daughter that I ‘grew up’ with him, beginning with Mork and Mindy. She explained that she was also deeply saddened as she felt she ‘grew up’ with him, with Aladdin and Mrs Doubtfire.
        His battle with depression is widely known, it is so sad that he succumbed to it. Mental illness is very, very real, as dangerous as any other chronic illness.
        My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. I lost my husband only eight weeks ago, so I am also completely raw and know what this pain is.

      • Roma says:

        For the first time, I cried over a celebrity death. I feel like a beloved uncle has died.

      • melissa says:

        @guiltypleasure- That was a great comment.

        Also, I am so sorry.

      • lunchcoma says:

        Roma: I feel the same. Robin is the same age as my parents and was constantly on TV when I was a child, so it felt like he was a wacky uncle or a family friend of some sort.

      • mia girl says:

        @guiltypleasures. So sorry for your loss.

      • Lady Macbeth (Hiddles F.) says:

        Sorry for your loss.

        RIP Robin, other words fail me at this moment 🙁

    • Samtha says:

      Same. There are just no words.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @guilty, my condolences on the loss of your husband.

      • jessica6 says:

        “Just like Pagliacci did
        I’ve got to keep my surface hid,
        Smiling in the public eye,
        But in my lonely room I cry
        The tears of a clown
        When there’s no one around.”

        Sadly and tragically, these words apply to countless people who quietly suffer the ravages of depression.

      • Chris says:

        I’ll tag onto you with those words Jessica
        What a loss, heartbreaking to think of his despair.
        May the earth lie lightly on him.

    • Gea says:

      He was one of my all time favorite comedienne . ..RIP Mork

    • JennySerenity says:


      Heart is broken. There are simply NO WORDS to describe how his death has affected me, I grew up w/ his stand-up, Mork and Mindy and so much more. His “Nanoo-nanoo” from his foray and nominations for Good Will Hunting to Dead Poet’s Society to Good Morning, Vietnam! displayed his deep seated drama capabilities, as well as his comedic talents. I usually never mourn the loss of a celebrity, at least not since the loss of Princess Diana. The loss of Robin Williams, however, I feel keenly. God rest and Godspeed to Ork, funny man, You’ve brought so much love and laughter to so many….time for you to take some peace and ease in the arms of Our Lord.

      May you rest peacefully, at last. My eternal love….


  2. Assistant Rachel says:

    This just sucks. RIP

  3. Mrsjennyk says:

    Shocked and saddened. Hope he’s at peace now.

  4. Whitney says:

    I wish people would take depression and mental health issues more seriously.

    • Adrien says:

      I agree. It is often misunderstood. Many people belittle this illness like if someone experiences this, he is just a sad person. They offer no sympathy for people who take their own lives. It is very serious and can happen to anyone, even to people with sunny personalities like Robin Williams.

      • jessica6 says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Depression is such a crippling, isolating disease, and very, very few people show empathy and compassion for the poor soul who suffers from it. In many cases the afflicted individual is able to portray a sunny, upbeat face and persona to the world, when in fact they are quite literally dying inside.

        I remember when, years back, actress Margot Kidder, who suffers from severe bi polar disorder, was found disheveled and out of it in someone’s back yard in Los Angeles. The cruel and insensitive “jokes” made towards her and her condition just infuriated me and broke my heart.

        One does not, nor can not merely “snap out of it”, or “cheer up”. They are far, far gone, as obviously was the case with Robin Williams. The only way, for them, to cease the pain is, sadly and tragically, to cease living. God love them all, and may they all find the peace and love “over there” that they couldn’t latch onto while here.

        This is just heartbreaking.

      • wolfpup says:


      • paranormalgirl says:

        Depression is one of the only illnesses where the sufferer is told to “get over it.” That’s the problem, someone with clinical depression CAN’T “get over it.” I have patients that avoided all types of therapy for years because someone told them they would get over it.

    • Trashaddict says:

      I’m taking it seriously as I am now officially depressed.

    • Bridget says:

      People took Williams’ depression very seriously.

    • FrenchLily says:


  5. Chris says:

    O Captain! My captain! 🙁

  6. Suze says:

    It’s terrible. There really are no other words.

    Incredible talent. Kind man.

  7. June says:

    A tragic situation, but if it can help raise awareness for depression and suicide, then at least maybe some good can come out of it.

  8. Nev says:

    Awwwww so sad. I feel like crying. I really enjoyed him. Rest in Peace Sir.

  9. Diana says:


  10. Kate says:

    I grew up watching his movies, and while celebrity deaths usually don’t get to me. This one did. I loved his comedic and dramatic range and the roles he brought to life. I will fondly remember him in Patch Adams, Hook, What Dreams May Come and Dead Poets Society as some of my favorites.

    I hope that he has finally found some peace from his personal demons. I also hope that his wife and family can find some peace and are allowed to grieve in private away from prying eyes. Blessings Robin, thank you for the lifetime of laughter.

  11. Miss M says:

    Dead Poets Society! His voice-over in Happy feet. Jumanji, Hook, good will hunting… I even enjoyed his small role in night at the museum.

    This is really sad sad news.

    RIP, Robin Williams. May your family and friends find some comfort in this difficult time. 🙁

    • Amelia says:

      Night at the Museum was my favourite of him. I was quite young when I first watched that, and it completely blew my mind when I realised he was Mrs Doubtfire also.
      I hope he is at peace now, my thoughts are with his family. I like to think he and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are living it up in heaven with the best of ’em, still entertaining people.
      I believe depression is the mental illness with the highest morbidity rate, iirc.
      Hopefully in the future, research will provide us with more successful and lasting forms of treatment. With any luck, people will start to take it more seriously also.
      No, it’s *not* just the blues, you can’t just snap out of it. It is an illness, and we need help.

    • Kiddo says:

      The Fisher King

    • Lady D says:

      Batty in Fern Gully. I still have his song from that movie memorized.

    • Miss M says:

      Patch Adams… I was so excited the past weekend because I saw the trailer for night at the museum the sequel.
      @Amelia: As a scientist, I do hope that one day we find the cure.

    • holly hobby says:

      He had a small uncredited role in Dead Again. It was pretty good and he stood out. Kenneth Branaugh said RW offered to do the movie but refused credit because he didn’t want this advertised as a “Robin Williams movie.” And he wasn’t billed at all. People just did a double take when he popped up in the movie.

      Such a wonderful person. I’m sorry to see he’s gone and I hope he’s found peace.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Oddly “Dead Again” was one of my favorite of his roles. He was awesome in that little gem of a movie. Also Moscow on the Hudson. Where he nearly has a nervous breakdown in the supermarket coffee aisle because there are just too damn many choices. I’m sorry Robin. We miss you SO much.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I’d quite forgotten about “Dead Again.”

      • Amy Tennant says:

        That’s one of my favorite movies.

  12. Fatty Magoo says:

    This is beyond sad

  13. elo says:

    Extremely saddened by this, what a tragic loss of an amazing talent and light.

  14. Olive Malone says:

    So sad…

  15. Kimmy says:

    That’s so sad. When I was little I was obsessed with the Genie from Aladdin and Mrs Doubtfire. I drove my mom nuts watching them over and over.

    • Mauibound says:

      He was so brilliant as the genie, the animator could barely keep up with him. He changed Disney movies with that role. Such a loss. This one hurts

  16. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    This is so heartbreaking. Robin Williams was so funny and seemed like a really cool guy. My condolences to his family and friends.

    • Bird says:

      Until his most last divorce he lived down the street and was such a great member of the neighborhood– handing out glow sticks at Halloween, cheering on the cyclists in Escape from Alcatraz, friendly every time we crossed paths. Such a sad day for his family.

      • holly hobby says:

        His eldest son used to go to school with the grandson of my former co-worker. She had nothing but complimentary comments about him and his first wife, Valerie. She didn’t care for Marcia but I don’t know exactly what the deal was. Marcia kept him sober for years.

  17. Tiffany :) says:

    Oh! I am trying so hard to keep tears from spilling all over my paperwork. I loved this man! As a kid my family watched a lot of comedy, and I remember him on Comic Relief, his movies, his stand up. He had such sparkle in his eyes. He was so dramatically gifted as well, Good Will Hunting was an amazing performance.

    I will miss him so much, I can only imagine what his family is going through. My heart goes out to them.

  18. hoopjumper says:

    He was a brilliant performer—a genius, really. What a sad, sad thing.

  19. truthSF says:

    Damn…depression ain’t no joke. RIP Robin, I hope you can find peace now. I can still remember laughing so much watching your movies as a child. Thank you for that.

  20. Tiffany says:

    Yeah. This one stings. Peace and thoughts to his family.

    • QQ says:

      I agree … This is so sad and awful…it’s always the nice decent ones too..ugh! His poor family… I hope that the way the tributes just exploded on social media and the love being.l shown and the convos about mental health and encouraging people to seek help brings them some solace

  21. Carlye says:

    Wow, it just goes to show, you never know what people are dealing with. We lost a fantastic actor today. We saw his range, his humor, his amazing talent – we didn’t see the demons he was battling. Sometimes I get short sighted and forget that famous people’s lives aren’t perfect. God bless his family.

  22. delorb says:

    Very sad. I wish he’d gotten the help he needed. Jeez

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Not sure comments about “getting him help” are fair to his family, doctors, and others. He had a lot of help. I think there was an article in the New Yorker once explaining that it took a whole team of people to keep him from going off the rails. His genius, drive, and inner despair were just too great to handle. What could anyone else really do?

      A lot of events are called “tragedies” when really they were preventable accidents. This really is a tragedy, based on a temperament like a Roman candle that he could not escape.

      • Esmom says:

        This comment gets at something I have thought about a (very) few people and Robin was one of them, that somehow they were not meant to be here on earth. Their light shines incredibly brightly while they are here but their lives are fraught with pain and they do leave us much too soon, seemingly inevitably.

        That said, I do agree with people who say depression and other mental illnesses are dismissed all too often. I’ve experienced it with my own family and it is indeed lonely when other illnesses have people rallying around you with support but depression is looked at as something you can just snap out of.

      • tabasco says:

        I think this concept definitely has merit. It’s sort of related to the idea that there’s a fine line between genius and madness. It does seem that for some people, extremely bright and/or talented and/or sensitive/kind, they are not meant for this world. Like they were born into a time that wasn’t ready for them yet, a culture that’s not evolved enough yet for that kind of person to live comfortably in. And extreme intelligence, creativity, sensitivity – while completely awesome, honorable traits – can be a terrible burden. I have an uncle who committed suicide. He was just one of those people – extraordinarily intelligent, creative, sensitive and kind and gentle. It was hard for him to find people he could connect with because he was on another level intellectually, he couldn’t tolerate the indelicacy of many people.

        I think of Michael Jackson, someone so incredibly talented – and extremely sensitive – how do you live in a hyperjudgmental, hypercritical world? Then the drugs come. I do recognize that you don’t have to be some wicked talent or Eintstein to have clinical, chemical depression. It seems that for some, “normal” people, clinical depression is a matter of a brain chemistry problem that can be reasonably well-treated. For others, who because of their gift/burden, they sort of live as outsiders — maybe there’s some correlation between the gifted and problematic brain chemistry, or maybe that experience of living as the gifted/burdened outsider can cause it, or just lead to depression without the brain chemistry aspect? I don’t know.

        I also had a therapist say to me, when I was dealing with my uncle’s suicide, because I would say how could someone so smart not know that they needed to force themselves to not hurt themselves and that they needed to get treatment? How could someone who KNEW about treatment and had no problem seeking it do this? The therapist basically said, when someone who is otherwise “with it” commits suicide, you can’t blame drugs, you can’t blame a lack of education about mental health, etc, it leads you to, basically, who can we ever *really* know how painful life was for them? Who are we to say that nothing is *that* bad, painful enough to decide to end your life, when we have never lived with what they lived with? I was really offended at the time because I thought the therapist was trying to tell me it was a-ok that my uncle killed himself. But, I feel like I get it more now.

        I think that you can acknowledge that there IS sometimes an element of “that person wasn’t meant for this world” or “that person lived with such pain, who am I to say what they should or shouldn’t do”, while still trying like hell to help anyone around you with depression, the gifted/burdened, and trying like hell not just to keep them from suicide, but to help try and find a way for them to live in this world that is not incredibly painful.

        Given his enormous talent, and intelligence, and sensitivity, and all of the treatment he DID seek and receive, to apparently little avail, that Robin may very well have been one of those gifted/burdened not meant for this world. That’s the only solace I take from situations like this. Robin is no longer in pain, and he was in terrible pain for a long time.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        When someone dies by something like cancer, people usually talk about how the person fought a long, hard fight, and finally it was too much. I wish people would say the same thing about those who die by suicide.

        For all of you (all of us) who are fighting that fight every day, please keep fighting.

      • tabasco says:

        @Amy Tennant: yeah, totally. with something like cancer, sometimes the sick person says i’ve had enough, between the horrible treatment and the illness itself, i’ve decided to just stop and let go. people (generally) get that, respect it, honor it. it’s easier to understand physical pain. i think it’s entirely possible that robin, after apparently struggling for *decades* with a pretty severe case of depression (and the substance abuse that can come with that), just decided that enough was enough.

        this is not like, say, peaches geldof, who accidentally killer herself with drugs. and i’m not saying that wasn’t tragic, or wasn’t possibly self-medicating for some type of mental illness. this appears to have been a man well-versed in depression, the resulting addictions, the treatments, having made a decision (with an ill mind) that he just didn’t want to suffer anymore.

        i see my uncle’s suicide in it i guess. in his note, he said that he’d tried so hard for so many years to fight it, treat it, etc, but that none of it was enough, that he didn’t want to be a burden to the people around him anymore (which was so awful because the last thing he was was a burden!), and he felt that, at 50, he’d lived long enough, he just couldn’t with the suffering anymore, and asked forgiveness. it was words from someone with an ill mind, but also entirely rational. he was such a funny, bright personality, we all refused to wear black to his funeral and we all wore bright colors to signify the way he LIVED and not the way he died, which is exactly what robin’s wife said too. if i were a williams, i’d be wearing the hot pink he’s got on in 3rd pic to his service.

  23. Stef Leppard says:

    I feel so sad.

  24. MrsBPitt says:

    I have no words…..

  25. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’m so sad. You never know what other people are struggling with even though their life looks so good from the outside. Poor man, and his poor wife. I hope he’s at peace now.

  26. Jess says:

    I’m in shock right now. Mrs.doubtfire was one of my favorite movies growing up. Depression is such a horrible disease.

  27. Kiku says:


  28. Hotpockets says:

    I always loved him in Hook. I feel so sad for his family.

  29. GeeMoney says:

    Such a huge part of my childhood. I’m so sad. RIP.

    • cr says:

      Childhood with Mork and Mindy and then adulthood with his movies. Plus standup.
      While I get sad over some celeb deaths, I don’t normally cry. I am now. Maybe it’s realizing how much of his material I watched/listened to over the years. Also having battle depression. I don’t know.

  30. Tiffany27 says:

    Depression is a monster that can hit anyone at anytime. He was a lovely man. I adored him in Good Will Hunting. RIP.

  31. mia girl says:


    So sad for him, so sad for his family & friends…and so sad for us all. Because he gave us so much joy. Through his pain, he gave us joy.

    RIP Robin Williams and thank you.

    • ickythump says:

      Felt genuine sadness today when I heard the news, feel like Ive lost a friend. So tragic how so many of those who can brighten our lives fail to find happiness and contentment in their own. Rest in peace Robin…we will miss you xxx

  32. FlowerintheAttic says:

    this hurts

  33. aquarius64 says:

    Nan-noo, nan-noo.

    RIP, Mork from Ork.

    My condolences to his widow and his family.

  34. launicaangelina says:

    This is such sad news. My favorite will always be The Birdcage.

  35. PunkyMomma says:

    Robin, you were a genius. I hope you and Chris Reeve are speeding through the galaxy, in peace and joy.

    I loved him in so many things, especially What Dreams May Come.

  36. Sayrah says:

    I just keep tearing up over this. So upsetting. RIP

  37. nothingbutflowers says:

    So unexpected and just utterly heartbreaking. It feels as if a member of my own family has passed away.

  38. K says:

    Rest in peace, Robin.

  39. sigh((s)) says:

    RIP Robin. It’s a shame he couldn’t find the help he so obviously needed.

  40. Nina says:

    Oh my god, my jaw actually dropped and I gasped out loud when I read this.

    He was such a huge part of my childhood in the ’90s. Sesame Street, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Jumanji, and even the stinkers like Flubber, Patch Adams, and Bicentennial Man. What a terrible loss.

  41. Deanne says:

    Depression is so cruel and is such a viscious disease to battle. This is so incredibly sad.

  42. GiGi says:

    Well, f*ck it all to hell. This sucks.

    • JustChristy says:


      If only mental illness came with some kind of physical, easy to see sign, something to let others know. And, if people who don’t have it could at least try to understand that it is a voice in your head and heart that is so relentless, so unforgiving, so dishonest, it’s hard to ignore it all the time. You can tell it to shut the hell up, but you can’t just force it out. It’s heartbreaking that the voice of his was just too loud to ignore this time. He is already greatly missed. There never will be another quite like him. Hope you have peace in your heart now, Mr. Williams. A piece of mine is now gone.

      • jaye says:

        And even the medications don’t silence the noise. I know how it feels…I wish I didn’t, but I do.

      • JustChristy says:

        @JAYE, me too. Me too.

        Think we could all use a hug or three tonight.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        jaye and JustChristy: GREAT-BIG-HUGS to both of you!!! Depression is considered by many to just be that someone is feeling sorry for themselves, and not the heartbreaking disease it really is. We all have moments in our lives when we feel depressed about something, and most usually overcome it or “get over it” without consequence, so I guess maybe that’s why society doesn’t think it counts as something “real”.

  43. Lindy says:

    Really, really sad. I loved ~What Dreams May Come~ and of course ~Dead Poets Society. Among the many others.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      He was wonderful in awakenings. I cry every time I see it. He had the rare gift of being taken seriously as both a Dramatic actor and comedian.

  44. kibbles says:

    This came as a shock. The first thing I saw when I logged onto Facebook…I never knew that Robin Williams was battling depression or alcoholism. He wasn’t like so many celebrities today who leak their personal lives to the media and battle their demons in public. He was an excellent entertainer. It is always tragic to lose someone so talented and beloved.

    • Bridget says:

      He’s been open about his issues with addiction and depression, I’m surprised that so many people were unaware because he was the classic “laughing on the outside, crying on the inside” guy. He has always had major, major demons. I am saddened by his death but not shocked at all, especially since he made a trip back to rehab this summer. Poor guy. He clearly struggled.

      • Illyra says:

        Yeah I wasn’t all that surprised by this either, unfortunately. But it is terribly sad all the same.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        I’ve been feeling guilty about not being that surprised. Definitely crushed though. One-of-a-kind, talented beyond measure.

  45. iheartjacksparrow says:

    What a shock! Such a great actor and comedian. He will always be Mork to me. RIP Robin. You will be greatly missed.

  46. Gilmore says:

    God this is so upsetting 🙁

    It’s sad that he felt this was the only way to find peace, but I hope whatever was troubling his beautiful soul no longer is a problem any more. Most of all though I hope that his family are able to get through this without be heckled and are able to grieve properly in private. Jim Carrey said this once, “For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much.” and I can’t help but think that it’s painfully true in this instance.

  47. Incredulous says:

    This is sad. I am saddened. That might sound trite and crass but it is true.

    • irishserra says:

      Not at all… Sometimes the simplest expressions can be powerful.

      I tried to push it out of my mind when I found out earlier and now that I’m alone in my room, I’m surprised to find that the loss of this man whom I’d never met has moved me to tears.

      Like others expressed, he exuded a warmth that radiated right out of the screen and into our hearts and left you feeling like you’d just shared a tender moment and a raucous laugh with an old family friend.

  48. chrissy84 says:

    no words. he left a legacy and we were lucky enough to have been a part of such an amazing performer and artist.

  49. Frida_K says:

    *Speechless and saddened*

    Sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

    May he rest in peace.

  50. Kit says:

    The end of Mrs. Doubtfire always makes me tear up and now it’s going to be about ten times worse. It’s especially sad because of the cause of death. Feel horrible. 🙁

  51. Sea Dragon says:

    Everything that Celebitchy said. I can’t bare to look at his pics or any of the comments made. I was thinking of him just yesterday, wondering where he’s at and what he’s doing with himself. I loved Mork and Mindy and fell in love with his talent, charm, and range when I saw Dead Poet’s Society. He was amazing! I hate this.

  52. paola says:

    I am gobsmacked.
    It’s such a loss.. one of the greatest talents the world has witnessed and such a gentle soul.
    I can’t believe after all the laughters he has given us he wasn’t able to cope with the darkness of his own depression. He deserved so much more.
    I LOVED him. I truly loved him.
    He’ll be truly missed but hopefully he’s at peace now.

  53. Darcy says:

    I feel like a piece of my childhood died.
    I hope wherever he is now, he feels half the joy that his work brought to so many.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah I can relate to that. I remember seeing him in Happy Days and Mork and Mindy when I was a kid.

    • pato says:

      Exactly 🙁

      • Chris says:

        I was already an adult for Mork and Mindy… late father and I were devotrd fans. I still swear with ‘Shazzbat!’ in polite company. 🙁

    • Dani2 says:

      +1 Exactly how I feel. He’s going to be missed big time, my thoughts are with his family, can’t even imagine how they must be feeling right now.

  54. Adele Rose says:

    We have lost yet another multi talented Icon!:(( He was like no other! Thank u Mr Williams for the laughter & ur generosity in helping others, You gave of urself unselfishly & made us all smile:)) God Bless ur family

  55. OhDear says:

    Oh man. My condolences to his family.

    Not only was he a great talent, apparently he was also an extremely kind man. Hope he’s finally found peace.

  56. iseepinkelefants says:

    This is just depressing. I loved his movies. I mean growing up in the late 80’s/90’s how could you not? There’s so many greats to choose from. He was always a bit manic but man was he brilliant. It’s so sad. To hear suicide is just shocking. I know comedians are usually the most depressed people on the planet, but it’s Robin Williams. It’s such a great loss. #devastated

  57. lizzie k says:

    Thanks for all the laughs, Robin, especially in The Birdcage. May your soul find light, happiness and peace.

  58. Bob Loblaw says:

    Mork! Say it isn’t so. RIP, dear man.

  59. Mischa Jane says:

    This makes me so sad. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of watching him on Mork & Mindy. I loved that show! I think my favorite film of his is Good Will Hunting. I always thought he was the heart of that movie. He was such a great comic and an actor with incredible range. RIP, Robin. So many will miss you.

    • mia girl says:

      I have a personal story about Good Will Hunting (I’m sure many of us have personal stories on how Williams touched our lives).

      I had a tough time nursing my first child at the beginning. In the hospital room I watched the movie and I think the soundtrack and me relaxing really helped. When I came home, I continued to watch the movie in a pretty endless loop. It gave me comfort and In turn would calm my daughter down.

      I have such a strong connection to that film and Robin Williams performance in particular. It was such a part of my first experiences as a mother.

      My daughter turned 16 today.
      I’m stunned.

    • lucy2 says:

      MTE, i grew up watching Mork and Mindy too, but it will be Good Will Hunting that I’ll remember him most for. He was so brilliant in that role.

      My sincerest condolences to his wife, his family and friends, and especially his children.

  60. LeahMommy says:

    Mrs. Doubtfire has been one of my favorite movies since I was 11 years old, I still watch it, to this day, every time I see it on TV. It always bring me back to a simpler time. Thank you for being a part of my life through your work. RIP Robin.

  61. sam says:

    Devastated. Just gutted. We didn’t have much family growing up and honestly the amount of nights my family spent watching old Robin Williams comedy routines and his movies ARE my childhood. I am just beside myself. I haven’t really cried over a celebrity death but this truly feels like an uncle is gone. RIP Robin. At least you are out of pain now. Xoxoxoxo

  62. word says:

    I didn’t know he suffered from depression. He always seemed so happy in public. He was a part of my childhood, I loved Mork and MIndy. This is sad news. I know he suffered from heart disease and there is a link between heart disease and depression. Anyways, I feel sad for his family.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Oddly a lot of comedians are depressed. There’s documentary called The Dark Side of Comedy. Very interesting.

  63. bettyrose says:

    I first saw this on FB about an hour ago, and I haven’t processed it yet. Suicide. I mean, so many talented, troubled people quiet their demons through substance addiction that finally takes them, which I’ve always considered a form of suicide, but the shock of someone who meant so much to the world actually making the choice to take his own life . . .

  64. jasmine says:

    O Captain! My Captain!

    O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
    But O heart! heart! heart!
    O the bleeding drops of red,
    Where on the deck my Captain lies,
    Fallen cold and dead.

    O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
    Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
    For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
    For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
    Here Captain! dear father!
    The arm beneath your head!
    It is some dream that on the deck,
    You’ve fallen cold and dead.
    My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
    My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
    The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
    From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
    Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
    But I with mournful tread,
    Walk the deck my Captain lies,
    Fallen cold and dead.

    I grew up watching all of his movies, he greatly shaped my childhood with films like “Hook”, “Dead Poets Society” and “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Jumanji,” and ” Good Will Hunting”…My parents had just divorced when “Mrs. Doubtfire” came out and as weird as it is my brother and I would watch that film every day and it kind of made us feel better as 13 and 10 year old kids…

    You will be missed greatly!

    • lunchcoma says:

      Thank you for posting that lovely tribute.

      It seems like a lot of people who grew up in the 80s and 90s have fond childhood memories of him, perhaps because he was in so many family movies during those years. He sort of felt like a family friend who’d drop the living room every now and then to say hello, which makes his absence feel a little more personal.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Well I knew him as pretty much a grownup but he had that conspiratorial grin that invited you along to break the rules. Which is what kids love. Except you knew you were still in safe territory. I’m so sorry he got in too deep. A lot of comedians are like that. They feel things intensely and it’s either laugh or cry. They try to laugh while they still can. He made a hell of a dramatic actor too. Alan Arkin and Billy Crystal are like that. They have great comic timing but they’re really good dramatic actors.
        RIP Robin. Thanks for everything.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I’ve heard comedy is harder than drama, Trashaddict, and I agree that Robin was wonderful at both. Even when he was doing comedy, he brought a humanity to his characters that made me care about them and take them seriously (even The Genie!). I’ll miss him greatly.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      :: sobs ::

    • Annie says:

      Thank you, that was lovely. Mr. Williams reminds me of not just my childhood, but of my own father. I felt, towards both of them, reverence and awe at such warmth of heart – which makes me ache for his children. Robin Williams was a captain of our hearts, and I just hope he’s at peace.

  65. InVain says:

    This is heartbreaking. This man was SUCH an EPIC talent. I just can’t…. He made so many people laugh when he was so sad inside. My soul aches for him. RIP Robin.

  66. Ice Queen says:

    Heartbreaking! :'(

  67. Camille (The Original) says:

    This is such incredibly sad news.

  68. lunchcoma says:

    My favorites of his are Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, with a bit of Hook for childhood memories.

    The Birdcage (very funny) and The Fisher King (which I don’t think I’ve ever seen) are streaming on Netflix right now. I might make a double feature out of tonight.

    • PennyLane says:

      The Fisher King is worth it – Robin Williams is great in it – was just telling my significant other recently how good that movie is and how we had to watch it together….

  69. lisa2 says:

    Sad beyond words.

  70. jessica6 says:

    Just absolutely heartbreaking and incredibly sad. I was just stunned hearing this news, as I’m sure everyone else was. I rarely, if ever, cry when a celebrity passes on. This one has me in tears. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to Robin’s family during this horrific time.

    Dear God, the memories of this man through the decades come flooding into my brain…for some reason, scenes and dialogue from the brilliant “Dead Poets Society” are the strongest.

    Depression is without doubt a most crippling disease. Someone called it “cancer of the soul”, and they’re so very right. We, all of us, encounter bright and sunny, upbeat people each day, yet none of us knows what lurks inside their souls. There, for the grace of God, go we.

    God bless, and rest in peace, dear Robin.

  71. aquarius64 says:

    I remember Robin Williams’ movies. No doubt AMC or some network will do a tribute by running a marathon of his work, or do a special. People Magazine and other mags will do a tribute edition. Netflix and Red Box will have a run of rentals of Robin Williams movies. Sales may spike too. He did a lot of good work; he will be missed.

  72. Nessa says:

    Wow. This one hurts. I have loved so many of his movies. Patch Adams. Good Will Hunting. Hook. What Dreams May Come. Good Morning Vietnam. The Birdcage. And, of course… His voice work in Aladdin absolutely made that movie! He truly was a brilliant actor and brought so much happiness to so many people. RIP Robin. You will be missed.

  73. Amy says:

    Oh no. 🙁 As a kid of the 90s, he will forever be the voice of the Genie in the Aladdin movies, especially the song “Never Have A Friend Like Me.” This is a bit more obscure but does anyone remember the movie Ferngully? Another early 90s movie. Robin Williams played the voice of a bat that had been experimented on by humans and also tagged with a tracker by scientists and there was a very clever rap that alluded to testing on animals and how humans were evil that started off with “My name is Batty, the thinking is erratic” (or something along those lines).

    So many great movies. Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, Awakenings, Hook, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, I even enjoyed him in the Night at the Museum movies. He was such a talented comedic and dramatic actor (which is very rare) and I’m sorry he felt his personal demons could only be solved by ending his life. Apparently his last Instagram picture was him holding his daughter when she was a baby. I can’t imagine what his family is going through.

  74. Leaflet says:

    I hope he is finally at peace. Wishing his family well. I hope that people begin to understand chronic depression better because it’s extremely hard to deal with. RIP.

  75. Adrien says:

    Good Morning Vietnam, Alladin, Birdcage, Hook, GoodWill, Doubtfire, One Hour Photo, Awakenings, Fisher King even Bicentennial Man. Those are my favorite Robin Williams movies. Fisher King is still stuck inside our VHS player. Damn, you will surely be miss, Robin.

  76. blue says:



  77. Maple Goodness says:

    This is just so heartbreaking. You always seemed like a person of incredible emotional depth.

    I cry every time I watch Awakenings and felt for your character in One Hour Photo. I mostly am haunted by you in The Night Listener, one of my favorite movies of all time. I am sorry you had to leave so soon, Robin. Who knows what other treasures you might have created. I can only hope you have found at least a little peace now.

  78. Jayna says:

    I am stunned. It’s like it’s not possible. Some of the most brilliant minds (his creatively) are the most tortured. The man could play comedy, farce, serious, creepy, on and on and he was brilliant at all of it. His stand-up was genius. I would have a headache from laughing so hard, but also in awe of his mind while watching him, the split-second shifting to different subjects and where would go. I’ve always considered him one of the best stand-up comedians of all times. He’s right up there with the greatest.

    I saw him in One Hour Photo, playing the creepy guy in the photo department, and was blown away by how believable he was. It’s hard for a famous actor to disappear into a character like that at that stage of his career, so established and had played so many heartwarming comedies, but he did and you forgot he was Robin Williams, but instead was a creepy stalker.

    His poor children. That’s who my heart breaks for the most.

    Rest in peace, Robin.

    • Caz says:

      agree with all in the shared outpouring of sadness 🙁 It’s always sad when someone takes their own life.

      Jayna…everything you said. Couldn’t have said it better.

    • Jenny12 says:

      Perfectly said, Jayna. I said the same things about his kids and the funniest people being in the most pain below, went upthread and saw this. Wish I’d posted it here instead. And I loved One Hour Photo. This man was a genius like few are. What did Byron say about wit to madness being oft allied? Rest easy, Robin. You were respected and loved for good reason.

  79. Dame Snarkweek says:

    No no no.

  80. BlueJay says:

    In all honesty I think that with the problems celebrity brings there is not one and I mean not one of these famous actors and actresses that is healthy mentally.

  81. MissMary says:

    I am literally teary and sad about his passing. He was a huge part of my childhood and later, as an adult, I appreciated his more subversive humor and serious roles. I hope he finally has peace after a lifetime of struggles with mental health issues, and I hope his family is left alone while they grieve.

  82. rlh says:

    At first I thought. he has been fighting his demons for so long why couldn’t he just keep fighting, why didn’t he have the skills in place at 63 to be ok or to know how to be ok? And I guess this really hits home, not just because the loss of this talented man makes me so sad but because I too have had some of the same battles and I thought I would be ok by now and happy by now and instead, well, I can see why someone would want to let go, to finally rest and leave behind all the struggling just to be ok.
    I have never had to go to rehab and have been in therapy continuously for years. Most of the time everything is ok and even very good. But one gets tired…so, so tired of the constant fight to be ok, to be even, to be like everyone else. What does everyone else have that makes them keep going? Sometimes I just don’t know. So it really hit me hard that at 63 he could not keep going anymore.
    I hope he is at peace.

    • MediaMaven says:


    • hownowbrowncow says:

      I’m so sorry you feel this way 🙁 But his is not the only story – many do reach the end of a long, natural life. The struggle is worth it, I promise you. And if he could speak to you right now – he would tell you to keep trying with everything in you. Often, depression makes you unkind to yourself in unimaginable ways and obscures the REAL truth that people who love you, would tell you. You can do this. You are 100% capable. And you WILL be happy. That this too, shall pass. It is often said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Who knows what happiness and loveliness awaited him with his daughter, and grandchildren. Best wishes to you and your health and happiness.

    • Lis says:

      Very well said.

    • jaye says:

      Very well said.

  83. khaveman says:

    Truly a great, instinctive, vibrant comedian, actor and person. I started watching him on Mork and Mindy. I’m so sorry for his family – and for him – that depression and his demons took him from this world. I’m so overwhelmed to hear this sad news.

  84. Tara says:

    So sad. The recent pic (here on celebitchy?) of him taking a picture with a Dairy Queen worker was so sweet. He seemed warm and humble. It was also a bit haunting. Hard to put it into words but I got the impression of someone tenderized by damage. Watched him in mork and mindy as a kid and enjoyed his many movies. He was phenomenal in one hour photo.

    • Bridget says:

      If you go back and watch interviews and stuff with him, when he would drop the manic, crazy stuff he was so clearly vulnerable, amd that he used that humor as his armor. Despite all the fame and success, it could not have been easy to be Robin Williams.

  85. whatevs says:

    He will always be Mork from Ork to me. Nanu Nanu, Robin Williams! Rest in peace! So sad! 😭

  86. hmmm says:

    Just. NO….

  87. Jenny12 says:

    The fiercest and funniest people are often the ones in the most pain. Mourning the loss of this truly talented man and the children he left behind. Rest easy, Robin- may you find peace.

  88. Maria of MD says:

    Mark Twain said this and I feel it’s appropriate for Robin Williams:
    Endeavor to live so that when you die even the undertaker is sorry.
    Rest in Peace, Robin.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Very appropriate, and I think his character John Keating would agree: “Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? – – Carpe – – hear it? – – Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

      And Robin certainly was extraordinary.

  89. maria says:

    thanks for the laughs, sir! sweet dreams.

  90. kitty-bye says:

    I don’t want to believe this! 🙁

  91. Tulip says:

    Heartbreaking, as so many other posters have said. My favourite film of his was Good Morning Vietnam, very dramatic in places but very funny in other spots. His poor family and friends-my heart goes out to them. This is a huge loss for everyone, so sad he’s gone.

  92. melain says:

    So sad and shocking. What a loss. I was a lifelong fan beginning with Mork and Mindy. He gave me so many hours of laughter and entertainment. I can’t believe his life has ended this way. Poor guy. So sad for his family. The sad clown.

  93. ataylor says:

    Absolutely gutted. Thank you for the laughs Mr. WILLIAMS. RIP

  94. Marianne says:

    He had such a great career. So many memorable roles. So many people of different generations grew up with him. I hope he’s finally at peace.

  95. ElleGin says:


    He brought so much joy to the world. I grew up watching his movies. It’s the first thing I saw waking up, and it’s just really sad…

    I hope his family will have the peace they’ve asked for.

  96. Trishizle says:

    I’m so devastated. He was such a fabulous and versatile actor. Amazing in One Hour Photo.
    It’s weird how a celebrity death can affect you so much sometimes.

  97. I Choose Me says:

    I am in tears. I opened up Celebitchy saw the headline and sat here for a good ten minutes in disbelief. Jesus. Here I am lamenting a slow news day and along comes this sad and unexpected news. You really do have to be careful what you wish for.

    RIP dear man. I wish your family strength and healing during this difficult time.

  98. Jayna says:

    Here’s an interesting interview with him four years ago after he was sober and had had the heart surgery. It was interesting when he talked about the death of, his good friend Christopher Reeve and about feeling mortal after the surgery. You could feel the sadness, but he also seemed hopeful too. You could feel what a genuinely sweet person he was, though, which is rare in celebrityworld.

  99. JustChristy says:

    I don’t think I have bawled this much since (or hell, before, even) Michael Jackson passed, as far as celebrities go. Can we all wake from this collective bad dream now? Pretty please?

    • tabasco says:

      I am, and have always been, a HUGE MJ fan. Superfan, really. His passing was the first time I cried at a celebrity’s passing. Just bawled. Even had a few tears on the anniversary of his passing this year. He was my childhood hero and absolute favorite and part of so many memories over my life. I am definitely a Robin fan, but not in that part-of-you way. My heart goes out to his family, for sure, but also to those for whom Robin was one of those part-of-you people, and it sounds like there are plenty, based on the comments here. No matter that it’s not someone you knew personally, it’s an awful thing to lose someone who has been beloved to you and a part of your childhood, adult life, etc.

  100. Goodnight says:

    I grew up with his movies and this was genuinely heartbreaking. I was well aware that he struggled with addiction and depression but this was still a massive shock. I’d heard they were doing a Mrs Doubtfire sequel and was looking forward to that, and I was disappointed for him when The Crazy Ones went off air.

    Even though I found a couple of his movies too schmaltzy for my taste he was a genuinely gifted and versatile actor. As I grew up I came to really enjoy him as a dramatic actor, but most of my childhood memories are of his comedies. All of us adored him in Aladdin, he was the best part of the movie and as kids we endlessly imitated him.

    What a loss. I hope that Robin somehow knows now what a massive impact he made on the world and how many millions of lives he brightened with his wit and talent. He was one of the good ones. RIP.

  101. Lea says:

    No matter how funny he was being, my sister and I always used to say he had the saddest eyes we’d ever seen. He’d been suffering with depression for such a long time – I’m so upset it finally pushed him this far. I lost my father to suicide and you never ever get over it. Really feeling for his children and wife today 🙁

    • Frida_K says:

      My mom committed suicide and you’re right. A person never really does get over it. It’s really hard to say it out loud, or to write it down, or to believe it, really.

      My first thought when I heard the news was of my mother and how painful a loss it has been and to think, like you, of his children and his wife.

      I’m sorry you lost your dad that way. I hope you have some good memories of him that bring you comfort.

      • tabasco says:

        As I mentioned upthread, my uncle committed suicide. It’s been 13 years. My aunt, his widow, has said many times, the biggest lies out there are “getting over it” and “closure.” You learn to understand it a little better, you learn to cope with it a little better so it’s a bit easier over time, but you never get over it, there is never real, full closure. That’s not to say you’re damned to suffer it forever, I think it’s actually helpful to understand and accept that you don’t have to expect yourself to “get over it” or find “closure.” In some ways, it’s worse to keep putting yourself through searching for that rather than just gently accepting that it’s something you will always carry. And people can carry wounds throughout their lives while also living joyful lives.

        Someone put it to me once as being like a great tree that loses a limb in a storm. You are the tree, the person you lost is the limb, the storm is the illness. The tree will never get that limb back and it always have the mark left by the limb. But loss of that limb doesn’t kill the tree. The tree, even without that limb, and with that mark, will continue to grow, it will just grow in a different shape, a different direction, and still be a beautiful, healthy tree.

      • Frida_K says:

        Thank you, Tabasco.

        I’m sorry for your loss, too.

        I really appreciate the Celebitchy community, especially at times like this.

      • Lea says:

        I’m so sorry about your Mum 🙁 Yes, I have lots of great memories of my Dad – he was very much like Robin Williams, in that he was the life of the party and a VERY FUNNY guy, but behind closed doors he was always sad and depressed. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with the way he left this life – there is so much guilt and ‘what ifs’ with suicide. The loved ones left behind suffer so much and no-one can understand what that’s like until they’ve been through it. Thank you for your lovely comment and I really like tabasco’s tree reference below your comment – I thought that was a lovely metaphor 🙂

    • jc126 says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss, it is so awful to lose someone to suicide.

      Robin Williams did have sad eyes, I agree.

  102. Rena says:

    Crying crying crying. So sad.

  103. Lydia Says says:

    So sad. He was one of my favorite actors. A brilliantly funny man who on the outside appeared so happy and upbeat but was sadly dying on the inside. I am sorry that he was in so much pain that he could not find solace. Depression is a horrible and relentless killer. RIP Robin you are Loved and will be missed.

  104. Katie says:

    Super sad news 🙁

  105. jwoolman says:

    So sad. People tend to assume all you have to do is take a pill for it nowadays, but actually it can be difficult or impossible to find drugs and doses that work for some people without worse side effects. He must have not responded well enough to drugs usually tried for depression, and a long-term deep depression must have been just too much to continue to bear. The biggest risk of suicide tends to be when the person is beginning to come out of the depression, because in the depths they really don’t have the energy. But they can’t face another episode. The disease is a real killer and a whole different level from normal “feeling sad”. The biochemical mechanisms just aren’t working right, so episodes typically have nothing to do with what’s going on in the person’s life. It just happens.

  106. dromedary says:

    The World According to Garp

    RIP, what a tragic loss. I hope he’s at peace now.

  107. jaye says:

    I watched a video of him meeting Koko the gorilla and it was so sweet and moving. Koko really took to him and kept asking him to tickle her, lol. The experience seemed to really affect him. It was such an awesome moment, and the fact that it was captured on film is a gift to anyone able to watch it. By far my favorite Robin Williams moment.

    Rest in peace, Robin.

    • MacScore says:

      I just saw the video with Koko. Truly amazing how the two communicated.

      No words, Can’t even type. Going back to bed with box of tissues for the day. This is just too awful. I have never been hit so hard by the death of a celebrity. A huge light has just gone out. How much more bad news can we take??? I hope his family finds a modicum of comfort in the massive outpouring of love for him.

  108. dawnchild says:

    First time commenting…but couldn’t help sharing how sad I feel at Robin Williams’ loss. There are so many mediocre people in the world who seem to live forever and have small thoughts and small lives,…why is it always the daring, the talented, the charismatic who seem to go before their time?

    Yes, I know the humanistic perspective that everyone has an equal share of the divine spark, but still…in some it burns so bright and fierce that their departure makes it seem just that much darker for a while. He will be so missed.

    • Snazzy says:

      that’s the thing, isn’t it? Some people just touch so many – near or far. And when they go, it hurts everyone as though they actually knew them personally.

      so so sad

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      You wrote such a great comment.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        My reply was to Dawnchild but I guess it was published afterwards. And my thoughts resonate with Snazzy’s comment as well8

  109. Nona says:

    Years ago, my best friend and I were young single moms who saved up for weeks to get babysitters on the same night. We blew 10 bucks on a bottle of wine and a Robin Williams video, Live At the Met. We had to keep pausing it because we were laughing so hard we were missing the next jokes.
    Well, now I’m crying as hard as I laughed then. I really loved that man.
    Thank you, Robin Williams. Thank you for making me laugh at a time when life was so hard, I didn’t think I had the strength to get up in the mornings. I wish … I hope you’re at peace.

  110. d says:

    Such sad news, horrible for his family, but I hope he is at peace now. Depression like he had is such an awful business and so many people in this day and age STILL don’t understand it. And it’s already hard to understand because it’s so….I don’t know what. I think it must have especially difficult for performers like him because depression is so exhausting, because he’s so famous, people always want something of him, and you get tired even with treatment, you just get so tired of the depression battle and the godawful time when it comes back…the “taking up of arms” once again when it returns is just … it’s too much sometimes, or it feels like it is. That’s always been my feeling of people I know that have committed suicide…it just felt like too much, and they were so tired. I feel so sorry for RW and people like him, for their pain. People say it’s invisible disease, but I think you can see it in people’s eyes sometimes…there’s just something there that’s done.
    To think about saying good-bye to Robin Williams is heartbreaking, i just can’t, so I think I’m just going to think about all the good times and good laughs he gave.
    I hope anyone with depression knows they’re not alone, they don’t have to carry the burden alone, or that they don’t have to walk through the deep, dark valley of darkness alone. There is always someone somewhere at some point that will take you by the hand and walk with you, and even hopefully take you in their arms to give you a big ol’ hug. I hope they know it’s ok to feel tired and exhausted and to want to rest. And that seeking help is another way of getting that rest too. There are many kinds of help.
    Oh Robin Williams. You will be missed.

  111. Nicolette says:

    Stunned. Jaw dropped driving and hearing this on the radio earlier this evening. A loss of a soul who entertained millions over decades with his comic genius and incredible acting. The irony of someone who had the ability to make people so happy while dealing with depression is huge. So many comics seem to be so unhappy. I wonder if the humor is a way to mask their pain.

    He brought me many laughs and smiles from watching Mork and Mindy, and his films. I thank him, may God bless him, and may his family have the strength to get through this difficult time. RIP

  112. feebee says:

    I wish I hadn’t clicked here and read the comments… now I’m crying again. But I’ll be forever happy that I got to see him live and ‘on fire’ during his last stand up tour a few years back, my cheeks hurt for 2 days afterwards and I’m sure I missed a few jokes. He was incredible.

    Heartbroken he’s gone and that he could no longer cope living as he was. I can’t imagine the pain someone must be in to take this ultimate step. There’ll never be another one quite like him. I hope Colbert is good tonight, I need a laugh. Robin would understand 🙂

  113. Mhjmc says:

    I’m so heartbroken by this news. Like many of you I grew up with him, watching Mork & Mindy faithfully, all of his movies, comedy shows. I love love loved him as the Genie in Aladdin!! That movie never fails to make me laugh. I will miss him terribly and I send my condolences to his family, may he Rest In Peace!! Thank you for being the best!!

  114. Kay says:

    I’m shocked at how this death has hit me. He was one of those performers that didn’t just perform for you, he connected with you. I’m devastated because this man that has brought me so very much joy was in so much pain. I’ve suffered with addiction and depression myself and I loved how open he was about his problems and the witty, dark humor he had about them. I’m not surprised at the genuine grief that everyone is feeling. He wasn’t a distant celebrity to us; we feel we knew him in a way and grew up with him.

  115. TheOriginalPuppy says:

    Shazbot. 🙁

  116. Just Me (and my Bobby McGee) says:

    Dear Robin, I sat in the waiting room of an overseas U.S. Military hospital today, with CNN playing news of your death on the TV. I sat surrounded by the very men & women in uniform that you so selflessly served with the U.S.O. for so many years. I wish you could know how very crushed everyone in the room was by the loss of your presence in this world. I wish you knew how many lives you changed and just how many people loved you.

  117. Jen says:

    I am heartbroken and full of sorrow. I feel like my childhood just died. The fact that a man like this, A gift to the world, A sweet, dear man, could suffer so much, without hope, makes my heart ache and the tears roll. I too suffer from mental illness and …. I’m so scared … if he couldn’t do. It… What chance do I have ?

    RIP To Peter Pan… you are magic.

    • sauvage says:

      Dear Jen,

      please don’t let Robin Williams’ death dishearten you. Just because he couldn’t make it, doesn’t mean you can’t either. Instead, take it as a warning to seek help whenever you feel you need it. I am sure there are quite some people out there who love you and who want you to live and be happy and excel. Robin Williams left a lot of love behind. Stay strong and strive to give all the love you can to both the people you care about AND YOURSELF. Love yourself, nourrish yourself, take care of yourself, accept help when you are in need, and you’ll be fine.

      All the best to you, dear.

    • Jenny12 says:

      Jen, you do have a chance. You do. Let the pain that follows his death show you what happens to the people who love you. Take deep breaths, look into options (therapy, medication) and don’t give up. YOU MATTER.

  118. kri says:

    I am sitting here crying. He gave us all so much for so long. His performances were gifts, his mind was brilliant, and his heart was in everything he did. I don’t think he “acted”, so much as understood the characters he played, and how to bring them to life. He was very special. He was also open about his addiction issues, and maybe by talking about it instead of lying, he may have saved someone who was a fan of his by being brave enough to talk about his issues. He did alot of good in this world, and he made me laugh. I will never forget that. Peace to his family.

  119. Abby says:

    This made me so so sad today. I’m sad that he never found peace and happiness, and wish he could have harnessed some of the joy he gave other people through his work. He will be remembered and missed.

  120. kriso says:

    Robins Williams’s suicide is very sad but unsurprising just because he was always open about his struggles with depression and addiction. But what is really interesting is if you watch his film “What Dreams May Come” in the scenes where he finds his wife who died (suicide? cannot remember) she is in this old house like a skeleton and cannot see her way outside to what lies beyond which is whatever you make( heaven) to be.

    As a student who had studied metaphysics for years earlier, this scene made a huge impact on my understanding of how we create our own cages to live inside when we are alive, and then what we have to work through (I believe) after death to let them go (some people call this hell) . A man who made these states of self so clear from his acting was in the end to succumb to his own cage of thought.

    What insight and compassion he had for others to make that film work so well, and what a shame he could not find that masterful compassion for himself… RIP… Sir, you did the world a great service with your talents.

    • Irishae says:

      Though it is far from a perfect film and heavy on the sap, I always thought What Dreams May Come was ahead of its time. His performance deeply affected me.

  121. Moi says:

    I am so heartbroken. I started crying like a baby. What’s left of my heart goes out to his family and friends. God will get you through this.

  122. Gary says:

    What a great man and a great life. To give so much of himself knowing the world needed the skills he had to offer despite his internal pain and demons. In sport we call these men champions. Perhaps one of the most prolific versatile entertainers ever, bar none.

    I am going out to look up into the evening sky and thank god for giving us this man in our lives and to have a good cry for someone who gave his best so we could have some joy in our lives whenever he passed our way. We love you robin williams.

  123. Selina says:

    Ever since he showed up at the Oscars/wherever with black tape over his mouth I got the sense he’s been feeling very sad about his place in Hollywood, i.e., irrelevant. And his latest cancellation….and now this. Very unfortunate.

  124. mfmaefh says:

    very tragic and sad news

  125. Horatio says:

    Goodnight, sweet prince….

  126. Snazzy says:

    I just woke up and found out about this
    I am heartbroken

  127. BlackBetty says:

    I also feel like my childhood died. I didn’t know he had battles with alcohol and depression.

  128. sauvage says:

    It’s so often the funny ones who struggle with depression throughout their lives, as if giving laughter to others took away too much of their own…

    I am so sorry. Robin Williams, thank you for the laughter, as well as the tears you brought to my eyes through your acting.

    Rest in peace, dear fella, and I sincerely hope that your Heaven, if you believe in it, contains of lots of laughter and love and hope and comfort and easyness.

    You will be remembered. You mattered.

  129. okpan akhigbe says:

    I’m sad about his death but I’m also angry. Here was a man who was so respected in his field and loved by his family and fans and yet he chose to commit suicide. People who commit suicide are selfish. What about the people he left behind,his wife and kids? How does he expect them to get closures. Its one thing to get over the pain of the death of a loved one but it’s a lot devastating to get over the pain of a loved one that chose to end their lives. I know a lot of people might think my comment is harsh but I think there are a lot of options in getting the help one needs and suicide shouldn’t be one of them. Adios Robin Williams.

    • MacScore says:

      I am one of the many people, I am sure, who think your “comment is harsh” (understatement). Unfortunately your comments reveal a great deal of ignorance regarding mental illness and depression.

      • idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

        Well, as someone who has witnessed my Mom for 18 years, multiple suicide attempts which 6 years ago ultimately caused her demise… It IS a selfish thing to do, in fact she was deliberately arranging it to cause me the most pain possible.

        While I understand, very very much so, and have experienced what being depressed/bipolar/borderline/schizophrenic etc entails, and I struggle to keep my own self alive everyday, I know suicide is really the “easy way out”, because it is! Everything is over in a second, you have no consciousness anymore, no responsibility… while your act will haunt your children and make them miserable instead….

        I’m sad about Robin’s death, he was a part of my childhood as well, I know he tried to overcome his addictions, but saying suicide is not selfish and just something people who havent experienced mental illness dont understand is not totally true either.

    • Arlene says:

      They’re not selfish, they’re in pain and not thinking clearly. Depression is a cruel mistress, it completely alters your mind, you own identity even, it removes everything you are, all your hopes and dreams, and replaces it with a never ending hole of misery; sometimes people find a way out of that hole, sometimes the hole swallows them up, but they are not selfish.

      • Eleonor says:

        Depression is awful, plus I don’t know if he could take medication, because of his past as an addict.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      I don’t find your comment harsh, but in a way judgmental and uneducated. I do not mean to offend you, ok? In my pretty much informed and educated opinion, nobody, absolutely nobody, should make comments such as ‘people who commit suicide are selfish’. Suicide is an extreme step taken by people who believe that there is no other way out for them, and what they go through must be a living hell. And how can you know that he didn’t seek help? Based on what it’s been written in the media, Robin Williams himself admitted that sought professional support for problems he had or to prevent problems from re-occurring. Don’t blame the persons who commit suicide, ok? Try practicing some empathy.
      And I find that your line ‘Adios, Robin Williams’ is very offensive.

    • jaye says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but depression is a monster. You stop thinking rationally because the noise in your head is so loud. You get to a point where the noise is all you hear and you just want it to stop. You just want to end your misery.

    • siri says:

      I can understand what you mean. Only, it’s egoistic as well to basically say he should have cared more about the people he was with, and left behind. Because that’s exactly one of the problems he seems to have had: he cared too much about other people, but not enough about himself. And it’s true, even in that, there is a good portion of ego hidden at times. With his suicide, he tried to free himself, among other things, from the cage of ‘responsibilities’ towards others he thought he has, AND towards himself. And it’s a choice we simply need to accept without judgement. He ‘run out’ of other options, he felt. It’s as simple as it is sad.

    • Mischa Jane says:

      I understand what you’re saying, okpan, but depression causes one to not think rationally. So while the act might be selfish, the thinking behind the act was not selfish. A lot of suicidal people think they are actually doing an UNselfish thing by relieving their families of their burden. A person who is suicidal is not thinking like a person normally would.

    • Brittney B says:

      You do realize that depression robs you of the ability to process it that way, right? Mischa Jane is right; every time I’ve contemplated suicide, I spent the previous weeks feeling more and more like a burden & disappointment to my loved ones. Suicide isn’t just about escaping sadness; it’s about hating yourself so much that you honestly believe it’s the best possible answer. If you can’t imagine that, consider yourself lucky.

      What IS selfish… is processing a loved one’s suicide in terms of the suffering it inflicts on yourself. Their suffering, by contrast, was even deeper and darker… and so many people just. don’t. get. that.

      • B Kantor says:

        That was very well said. Couldn’t agree more. Sometimes though, I think they are in so much pain, which makes them not like themselves or their own attitude that makes them do it. Feeling a burden and feeling your just taking up space is a big part of it. When you feel you are just making everyone around you miserable.

    • Lauraq says:

      I think suicide is selfish from the outside looking in. We see the pain and guilt that is left to their family (can you imagine all the ways his wife is now wondering if she could have saved him?). So I understand your point of view.
      But I think when you’re on the inside, you don’t see that. You can’t. The darkness shuts out everything else. And you think that your darkness must be a burden to everyone around you, so it would be better for them if they’re gone.
      So yes, it was selfish of him to do it. But he didn’t see that. He truly thought it was for the best, and that’s the real tragedy.

  130. allons-y alonso says:

    The news completely crushed me. Williams is my childhood hero. Rest well

  131. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Robin Williams is the ONLY ACTOR that I ADORED. What a brilliant man. I am beyond sad that he passed away. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends. I hope he knew that so many people loved and appreciated him. I don’t know what else to say. His memory deserves more than the word ‘brilliant’.

  132. Meme says:

    RIP Mr. Robins. Your demons won but they are silenced now. Sleep the sleep of babies and if there is a heaven, you’re hanging with Richard Pryor and John Belushi and all the others cracking everyone up. Gone, but never forgotten. Thanks for the memories.

  133. Eleonor says:

    once when I was a teenager (it was in the 90’s) I had a summer job in a music shop in my little town, in Italy, one day an American man in filp flops, bermuda and sunglasses came in with his children, and they bought a LOT of stuff. Then he gave me his credit card, and there he was: Robin Williams. At the time I used to watch Dead Poet Society in loop to improve my english (I had this vhs with subtitles, mind that there was no internet at the time) so I was floored, I called the owner “that’s Robin freaking Williams !!!!!!!!!”
    He was very nice, took a picture signed some autographs.
    He gave me the feeling he was such a gentle person. I am very saddened by his death.
    My condolences to his family.

  134. icerose says:

    Heartbroken, So many roles that touched my heart,

  135. Mrs. Darcy says:

    This is truly sad, what a huge loss. Grew up w/him in Mork & Mindy and always enjoyed his dramatic work. He had a great, endearing quality of making everything more human and was probably taken for granted in many ways because he was so effortless. He was able to express profound gentleness in such a touching way, he made me cry many times despite myself with his work just by being so in touch with something real in his art. His capacity for comic invention/improv was so unrivalled, I’m sure there will be many posthumous tributes. Sadly he didn’t live to see how appreciated he was, it shows how terrible a toll mental illness can take even with those who seem to have it all.

  136. Jess says:

    I’m still in shock, so saddened by this news, it felt like a punch in the gut last night. I grew up watching so much of his work and he was so talented, what a loss:( hopefully his family will be able to grieve without the media hounding them, and I hope Robin has found the peace he needed.

  137. Leaflet says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers the movie ‘Jumanji’ also starring Robin Williams, who wittingly played an adult Alan Parrish with much conviction.

    ” I’ve seen things you’ve only seen in your nightmares. Things you can’t even imagine. Things you can’t even see. There are things that hunt you in the night. Then something screams. Then you hear them eating, and you hope to God that you’re not dessert. Afraid? You don’t even know what afraid is. ”
    – Alan Parish, Jumanji

    • Lauraq says:

      My favorite movie growing up, because I was a wild thing that belonged in the jungle. I still have it on DVD and watch it when I need a taste of my childhood (even though those plastic spiders just make me laugh now). Robin was the perfect crazy jungle man. I loved it when he communicated with the monkeys, or when he found the kids in the closet and screamed at them, and in the end when he faced down Van Pelt.

  138. V says:

    I applaud you, Robin Williams, for your bravery in the long and difficult war and thank you for the moments your work gave me some peace in the war I still continue to fight. May I fight as long and as wonderfully as you did, sir!

  139. Gorgonia says:

    Now, Peter Pan is forever in Neverland.
    R.I.P Robin Williams.

  140. siri says:

    I always felt uncomfortable watching him in comedies, because behind his brilliant, fast mind and big mouth, there was this sadness combined with anger and aggression that didn’t feel right. However, in his drama roles, he showed his true colors, softness and compassion for others. But I always wondered why it is so difficult for him to be compassionate towards himself first. He seemingly was struggling to find the peace of mind that can open the heart, and I salute him for that. He made me laugh, but mostly reflect. The angels will be delighted to have this kind of company now.

    • jc126 says:

      Very insightful thoughts; I agree with your comment completely – I never could put my finger before on why I didn’t like him in comedies, but enjoyed his dramatic roles.

    • yoyo says:

      Well said Siri, I’m happy to see I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I really, really, really disliked him in comedic roles or stand up. He got so aggressive, so loud, so out of control… I felt like A-it was a complete lie and no one but me it seemed could see it and B-he was actually screaming his pain. It was so obvious to me I NEVER understood why people laughed at his “comedy” it wasn’t funny.
      He was an amazing dramatic actor though because he had that sensibility, he had visited the dark side of the moon many a time and could show nuance and compassion and ambiguity extremely well. I guess he gave it his all and the dark side of the moon won. It happens. Things don’t always get better, that’s just a fact. I am sad that he never found a way out but am very happy that he is not in pain anymore.

    • Lauraq says:

      I still enjoyed him in comedic roles, but I understand what you mean. I noticed it when he did stand up or improv. It was almost like a desperation.

  141. captain says:

    Rest In Peace. Thank you for everything. You were unique, genial and loved by people around the world. They don’t make them like you anymore.

  142. AG-UK says:

    So sad, he had those sweet smiley eyes. Years ago he came into a store I worked at on the upper west side followed me around telling me I had little people on me??!! I thought WHAT, then realised he was referring to the pattern on my dress. Made me laugh all day..

  143. starrywonder says:

    Nanu nanu Mr. Williams. And may he find peace that he could not find in life. Depression is an unforgiving disease

  144. FLORC says:

    Too many comedians seem to suffer terribly from depression. It’s almost the funnier you are to the outside world the more pain you have inside.
    No words.

  145. Marie says:

    I’m not as sad today ~ I’m rejoicing in the fact that we had Robin for 35 years of wonderful performances.

    We could have lost him years ago to this disease ~ we were LUCKY!!!

    You’re free now …… have a blast with Jonathan Winters and Chris -Dana Reeves ~ you’ve earned it.

  146. Sam H x says:

    I don’t usually get upset about celebrity deaths. This news has genuinely upset me. Crushed. He was a part of my childhood growing up in the 90s with movies such as Jumanji, Flubber & Ms Doubtfire. I remember getting Flubber on VHS and watching it many times as a kid. I wasn’t aware he was battling severe depression and alcohol addiction. It’s so unfortunate that he was battling a crippling illness that consumes every part of you and grips some people in unimaginable ways. Depression is a serious illness that has such a stigma attached to it in our society & communities due to lack of education. I want to say if you are feeling really low, are in a dark place please there is help out there. Please reach out. Below is a tweet I stumbled across on Twitter & thought I’d post it on here. Who knew the power of words?

    RT @aemccarthy: The hardest thing to remember is so simple: people want you around. they do. i promise.

    My heart goes out to his children, wife and rest of his family.

  147. Dawn says:

    R.I.P. and thanks for all the laughs and wonderful movies you have left us. Robin will be missed. So much talent and too little time on this earth. This is truly sad news.

  148. Cel says:

    I know he was a great actor, but for me I will always think of him as one of the best comedians ever.

    I watched him in Mork and Mindy as a child and then a friend’s older brother introduced us to his stand up. There are comedians who make you laugh and then there are those who leave you unable to breathe – Mr Williams was that funny I thought I might pass out.

    Thank you Robin Williams, you filled my life with laughter.

  149. Ag says:

    sads. 🙁

    he was one of the good ones.

  150. Lori-Anne Ferullo says:

    I’m just heartbroken to lose a beautiful man such as Robin Williams there is no one in this world like him an there never will be his life was taking way to soon I’m going to miss him very much so, May he rest in peace now Blessed be. 😪

  151. CM says:

    How tragic and terrible! My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. The world has lost someone truly kind, generous, and in my opinion, one, if not the most, exceptionally talented comedian it’s ever known, and a fine actor. He was the only comedian I’ve ever known, who could make a joke about the national deficit, as funny as one about Kim Kardashian’s behind.

  152. serena says:

    I’m totally heartbroken since hearing this news… it’s just too sad. He was my favourite actor and I’ve always enjoyed his projects. I knew he had a lot of problems, but seeing how he dealed with his addiction made me hoping he was fine.. guess I was wrong.
    I can’t help but cry.
    May he rest in peace.

  153. eliza says:

    I have a Robin Williams story. My parents and I were at a Best Buy and we were in this line checking out. This little girl about 12 comes by us screaming and crying and I looked behind me and It was Robin Williams in line. The little girl was starstruck and he smiled said hi to her and then asked me if the movie I was buying was good or had I seen it yet. My parents and I chatted a few seconds and then as we are getting into our car he walked by and said it was nice meeting us. He was very nice and almost shy.

    I absolutely love The Birdcage and Mrs.Doubtfire.

    I was really surprised, reading up on him last night, that he had a lifelong battle with addiction. I was also shocked he had divorced his second wife and was remarried. He also was very candid in an interview about needing to take the role on The Crazy Ones due to financial reasons due to his two divorces.

    Rest in peace Robin. Nanu nanu.

  154. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    :'( Can’t read the comments or I’ll start crying… One of my favourite actors ever… Thanks for the laughters throughout my life kind Sir…
    Guess now it’s the angels you’re making laugh with your astounding talent… Lucky ones… 🙂

  155. Lis says:

    How many other people out there struggling with depression themselves spent last night and this morning in somewhat of a daze, realizing that the demons that have tortured us most of our lives are not going away? Robin was still fighting at 63 … So sad.

    The part that ticks me off the most are people like my sister-in-law who have no sympathy for or understanding of depression, she has said all kinds of hurtful, ignorant things but OF COURSE she is all “RIP Robin” on Facebook. People like her and Todd Bridges need to just shut up already.

  156. LAK says:

    It’s hours since I heard about this, and i’m still shocked.

    Captain, My Captain!

  157. nicegirl says:

    How sad and heartbreaking to hear that Robin Williams has gone to the great beyond. I am not sure if I shared this story when we heard of his recent stay and fan meeting at the DQ.

    Robin has had a vacation home in my hometown since my early childhood. This man had a truly charitable heart. There are several instances I can recall of him helping our community, as near to anonymous as possible (just showing up on the random Thursday morning to unload the bread truck for the local charity and stunning the rest of us that Mork from Ork is up at 6 am, and in our town!, donating funds, handing out money, coca colas and sandwiches in the 80’s and 90’s to the homeless in our park – I saw him do this, many times), but one of my favorite, and the one that is breaking my heart in memory right now:

    5 years ago a good friend of mine had a micro-preemie. Due to complications, baby was born in San Francisco and spent months in the NICU. It was heart-wrenching. My friend stayed at the Ronald McDonald House while her first born daughter was treated – and she was, largely, alone, due to work schedules, distance, etc. The baby’s father was also devastated and scared, and typically avoided the hospital. He had a hard time. One day, Robin Williams made a visit to the unit to spread the type of cheer he was famous for – told jokes, reminded the dads of future diaper fiasco events they could expect, and left the entire unit, as was customary of him, much better off than when he arrived.

    Nanu Nanu, friends.

    • nicegirl says:

      Forgot to say he also handed out little gifts to the babies. He gave my amigos a little stuffed rattle for their baby girl, which they cherish, along with the memory of his visit and the light he brought into their world.

      • Brittney B says:

        Thank you for sharing these stories about him. He was such an empathetic, compassionate man, and that same sensitivity is what made him so amazing as an actor. It’s just so awful that it also made him even more vulnerable to the demon that is depression.

        I’ve struggled with it my entire life, and it’s heartening to see so many friends sharing suicide hotlines on social media because of his death. I really, really hope this inspires some good in the world, the way he did throughout his entire life. He understood that homelessness was often caused by addiction and depression (the same monsters that plagued him), so he dedicated his career to helping that community. I just wish there’d been something — anything — that could’ve helped him as much as he helped others.

  158. okpan akhigbe says:

    @ mascore and pumpkin pie,this is a forum where people come freely to express their opinions as long as it is non derogatory,non racist,non threatening etc. There was no need to call me ignorant and uneducated but if that’s how you feel,that’s your problem. I’m well aware that I might have sounded egotistical and judgemental but you don’t know me neither do you know where I’m coming from. You don’t call someone uneducated and ignorant cos they do not conform to what you believe. My timing may be wrong but I stand by what I say about suicide. If you have been left in d wake and ruins of a loved one who chose to end their life,you will understand. He might have felt he didn’t have a lot of options but if everyone decides suicide was a way out, where would the rest of the people battling with depression and those contemplating suicide be? Enough said because I adored Robin Williams. I may not have known him personally but I loved the life he brought into his movies. My favourites were Mrs doubtfire, Jumanji and Aladdin. Rest In Peace Robin.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      okpan akhigbe, What you said was lacking in compassion for the person who, overwhelmed by depression, takes their own life. Yes, at that moment it looks selfish, but pain of that kind is so debilitating that a person’s judgement is impaired. They aren’t hurting their families and loved ones on purpose. It’s not an act of selfishness, it’s and act of desperation. Though you intimate here that you have some experience with the suicide of a loved one, it doesn’t excuse your lack of compassion for those suffering from severe depression. As for your illogical question, “if everyone decides suicide was a way out, where would the rest of the people battling with depression and those contemplating suicide be?” your answer is………dead. This why we must not waste energy laying blame or pointing accusing fingers at those who choose death. Your comment is actually accusatory. You are accusing Robin Williams of giving up his fight because of selfishness. How the heck can you, in good conscience lay this on a man you didn’t know personally? You have no idea what he may have suffered. And yes, I didn’t know Robin Williams either, but the fact that he went through with this speaks of profound emotional pain. I glad you got called out for your comment because you needed it. Now suck it up!

    • V says:

      okpan akhigbe – I tried to ignore you the first time, but you just won’t stop. So, as someone who has witnessed a friend’s suicide and been suicidal, as someone who has suffered from major depression for 27 years, I will say that yes, your words do come off as ignorant and uneducated about severe depression. There’s a difference between beliefs and facts and your words are your beliefs, not the facts that others tried to inform you of. Not only that, your words seem hateful and I would deeply hope that anyone who suffers as I do didn’t turn to you for help because your attitude here says you would make it a thousand times worse for them.

      I and Mr. Williams have a brain disease. We aren’t simply thinking, “oh, my life is rough, I guess I’ll end it to make things better for me.” We’re not thinking of punishing people or willing to throw away any tiny chance of happiness because we lost a job or someone hurt our feelings. That’s not it at all. Every hour is a struggle for me. I’m in pain and my brain is constantly telling me that the world hates me and that life would be better for everyone if I wasn’t in it. I’ve been on medicine, treatments and therapy when I could afford it and the only difference it made was that there were weeks without wanting to die instead of an hour or two. Please enlighten me on the other options I have and while you’re at, please provide them too because otherwise your words are glib and hurtful to most people with this disease.

      • xpreson says:

        V, honey… a Big hug to you! I don’t suffer from that illness myself but have lost a dear one to it so my heart goes out to you and all others struggling to overcome it. You’re amazing! don’t give up darling.
        Sincerely, All the best to you. <3

  159. PreciousRobicheaux says:

    He was such a brilliant actor. The Birdcage will always be one of my favorites. What a tragic ending for a fine man.

  160. jammypants says:

    He’s in the upcoming Night at the Museum. I enjoy those movies and now I don’t know if I’ll see it. It’ll just make me sad =( I grew up to all of his films.

  161. okpan akhigbe says:

    Miss benette,gimme a break. You barely knew the man and you sure as he’ll don’t know me. I was merely stating how I feel,how you interpret it is your business.

  162. Haolebunny says:

    I went home, watched The Birdcage, laughed as I always do, then felt profoundly sad at the end.

  163. lylaooo says:

    i adore Robin Williams… im a kid from the 90´s and even if Gennie was in spanish (im mexican) i love the english version… Jack was a movie i could see over and over again. then in What dreams may come i love him even more.. such a beautiful movie and thanks to that i hope thats where we all go when we leave earth, to your own paradise. nothing to say about Patch Adams ♥
    i saw the Crazy Ones because i was hoping i could see him regularly and i was so upset when they cancel the show, something told me that somehow this was a little bit of an opportunity for him because i knew that he was battling with personal problems and i was hoping please dont cancel the show, give him a chance, don´t do that!!! i know thats not the cause of course but this may give him a breath.
    im so so sad, and i hope he can find what he is looking for, i hope he gets the freedom and happiness he needs and i hope he is not in pain anymore. Rest in peace sweet sweet man. !!

    don´t judge people who take their owns lives.. we dont know what´s in their minds, at least for me it’s not selfish it’s a brave thing to do.

  164. CatJ says:

    I am still reeling. I loved Robin Williams. I loved how quick his mind could travel from one point to the next, so creative and brilliant! I remember an interview he did where he said his mother was funnier than he was. He was really tickled to tell that, he admired her so.
    My Mom and Dad kept parrots, a few that could talk, and I always remember my favourite story about Robin Williams telling an interviewer that Robin taught his own parrot to say “Birds can’t talk”.
    What a gem of a talent that we will miss forever. May the angels take over your care, Robin.

  165. Terri says:

    Robin williams was one of the best actors out there, so true and genuine.
    Every year I put up the christmas tree watching mrs doubtfire ❤️
    The saddest thing is that he his behind so many emotions yet so many people could or would of helped.
    The only time I have felt truly hurt by a death of a celebrity.
    My childhood was brought up on any film by him.
    Rip robin williams
    I hope that you have found the peace you were looking for you will be missed by so many, if you can touch the hearts of the unknown like you have then your family are dealing with a huge huge loss.
    My love always.

  166. tabasco says:

    And to his family, and all those who didn’t know him personally but mourn him anyway, I would just say, as someone with experience with a loss to suicide, worry not about Robin. Catholics say that Jesus prepares a place for all of us in heaven. And an extra special place, extra close to God is prepared for those who have suffered terribly. Robin is now in a place where pain doesn’t exist. And he’s held extra close to God, as is his family, because he suffered so much, tried so hard with it.

    One thing you learn if your family is old-school Italian Catholic like mine and somebody commits suicide – which many believe is a terrible sin, you go to hell, all of that nonsense – is that people who commit suicide are not condemned by God. They are held extra close, they are extra comforted, they are given a little extra dose of peace. (If you’re not into Catholicism/Christianity/God/religion, just change the words to “the universe” or whatever works for you.) You fought a valiant fight, Robin, you lived a life that brought joy to millions, rest softly in your much-deserved peace. I’m sure heaven is extra-fun with you there.

  167. Sarah says:

    His death and the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffmam have hit me like rocks this year.

    It’s hard to put into words what someone brought into your life as a character you came to love, and a man you admired.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      PSH’s death hit me hard. He was one of those actors that I had sort of taken for granted…like, OF COURSE he was going to be amazing in such and such movie–he’s ALWAYS amazing. Always. And he was just so charismatic. Like he wasn’t good looking, but he was sexy. He had *it*.

  168. Addison says:

    I’ve gotten teary eyed a few times. I have never been affected by a celebrity death like this one has left me feeling. Maybe it’s that he went the way he went. Or maybe like many have said he has been a part of our lives since childhood. Or maybe a combination of both. Prayers for those loved ones that are hurting far more than us his fans. Heartbreaking.

  169. MyLittlePony says:

    I still cannot believe this is true. I was so looking forward to seeing him in a more dramatic role – Robin Williams was a superb dramatic actor, though sadly not equally appreciated as one. Him and PSH – this has been such a horrible year.

  170. Felicia says:

    I have bawled my eyes out for the 4th time since I heard he’s gone. Im not even exadurating. I can’t believe how much of an affect this man has on me. I feel like I lost a part of my heart. I deeply miss him. I never even met the man. I feel like I knew him so well since I was young watching him on movies. Unbelievable. I can’t even look at a picture of him or I start to cry. I will definitely NOT be able to watch him in a movie again or I will break down. I truly feel a loss in my life and I can feel it that the world is less beautiful meow. Omg robin I love you so much. If only you knew me and reached out to me a day before you took your life. I would have flew right there to do anything in my power to stop it. I wish he was still here. Rest in sweet peace Robin. I can’t stop thinking about where you are and if you’ve found happiness

  171. Donna Sue says:

    Several days have passed since learning about the unbelievable passing of Robin Williams. I’ve limited the amount of reading and researching his life because it saddens me to the point that I can’t pick myself up and move forward with my day. It’s so strange as you’d think I had personally known him but I wasn’t that fortunate. I watched the Bird Cage today hoping to find comfort. It only further deepened my sadness. How could one person have such an enormous impact on so many people around the world. He was like no other actor or comedian and brought enormous joy to all who experienced his extreme talent. He is literally the only artist that I would alert my husband when he were to appear on a talk show. Neither of us ever wanted to miss seeing him delight the masses. I hope that a foundation in his honor will be established to bring much needed attention and financial support to the study and prevention of depression. Heaven will never be the same. Keep em laughing Robin and thank you for working so hard for so long to keep us in stitches down here.