Paris re-hires Elliott, fires lawyer, files appeal that is likely to fail

Paris Hilton has re-hired her more than gracious publicist, Elliott Mintz, according to In Touch Magazine’s website. (No permalink available). Just two days ago Mintz parted ways with Paris after she blamed him for not telling her she wasn’t supposed to drive. While he didn’t admit guilt in his letter to the media announcing their split, he did say he took “personal responsibility” for his “part in this matter” and that he was sorry for the miscommunication. To me it sounded like he was taking the high road and that resigning as Paris’ publicist was the way he was communicating his dissapointment that she blamed it all on him.

Now Paris seems to have shifted blame to the lawyer who failed to get her a lighter sentence, as she’s fired the guy. She also predictably filed an appeal of her sentence:

Just two days after Paris Hilton and her publicist Elliot Mintz went their separate ways, the soon-to-be-jailed heiress has hired him back, In Touch has learned.

When Paris was ordered to serve 45 days in the slammer on Friday for breaching her probation by driving with a suspended a license, it was veteran spin man Mintz who took the flak. The judge called his evidence “completely worthless.”

But now insiders reveal that Paris, 26, realizes the decision to have her locked up wasn’t all Mintz’s fault, and the two have made up.

Paris is planning to appeal the sentence, and has decided to change lawyers, In Touch has learned. This time, she plans to go with an attorney who specializes in driving cases.

Elliott Mintz driving Paris in late March, before her second bust for driving with a suspended license

Mintz was seen driving Paris around before her second bust for driving with a suspended license, so it’s more than likely that he told her well ahead of time that she wasn’t allowed to drive. He may have been trying to teach her a lesson by quitting after she tried to blame the oversight on him. In a carefully worded statement announcing their split, he said that he took “personal responsibility” for his “part in this matter” and that he was sorry for the misunderstanding. To me it seemed like he was taking the high road and was trying to teach Paris a much-needed lesson that she couldn’t lie and blame everything on him.

Here’s Paris saying her sentence was “cruel and unwarranted,” which she surely practiced ahead of time, and that she “told the truth [in court] yesterday.”

According to experts, Paris doesn’t have much of a chance with her appeal. People cites a DUI attorney and a law professor who both say that “it’s a long shot” and that “her chances of winning an appeal are little to none.”

There was too much evidence that she violated parole, the experts say, and that prosecutors have an airtight case.

Now that I’ve seen her haughty practiced speech I don’t feel quite as sorry for her. Maybe she’ll be brought down a notch in jail and emerge profoundly changed. Who am I kidding? She’ll spin it a publicity opportunity like she does everything else, and she needs Elliott’s help for that.

Thanks to TMZ and BuzzPhoto for the video. Here is Paris out with her mom looking sad. [via]

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