Kim Kardashian: North West says ‘dada’ all the time, but she rarely says ‘mama’

north west

North West has a professional fashion photo in the newest issue of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book. Little Nori is wearing Baby’s First Chanel, although I seriously doubt that that is her FIRST Chanel ensemble. Nori has been wearing Chanel since she was a newborn. Anyway, the photo was taken by Michael Avedon and it’s really sweet and lovely. That little cardigan is adorable. I’m meh on the baby-purse though. Apparently, Nori’s brooch is Chanel, but her diamond stud earrings are from Lorraine Schwartz. Kim recently did an interview with the Associate Press about… everything really. Most of it is just normal Kardashian BS, but there was this interesting piece of info:

AP: Has North started talking? Did she say mama or dada first?

Kardashian West: She’s been saying daddy and dada for a really long time, since she was 7 months. She says mama. She said it the night before Mother’s Day, but she doesn’t say it too much.

[From the AP via the SLT]

My mom told me that I said “dada” first too. I think most babies say “dada” first because that’s an easier sound to form than “mama.” Still, do you think North was saying “dada” at seven months? No. I doubt it. And North is like fifteen months old now and she rarely says “mama”? She probably says it all the time to her nanny (too harsh?).

I’m also including some photos of Kim in a terrible nude outfit yesterday with The Cheban. Why does she dress like this?



Photos courtesy of Michael Avedon/CR Fashion Book Issue 5 and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kiddo says:

    How surreal. lol.

    • Blue says:

      I really hate baby earrings. I used to work in a nursery and I saw a few horrible accidents because of them. At least she’s wearing studs which are less likely to get her hurt, but still…

      • Blue says:

        Sorry I meant to just comment on this post in general, not to comment on your comment haha

      • Kiddo says:

        Well some have said that the aim of Dadaism was to offend, so mission accomplished, I suppose.

      • Jac says:

        @Blue: I completely agree about pierced ears on little ones…who is it for? Not the child, certainly. I imagine they’re uncomfortable to sleep on and risk getting pulled out or infected.

      • mayamae says:

        @Blue, I agree. There’s been heated discussions on this site about that topic. There’s two prime arguments for baby piercing. The first argument tends to be – it doesn’t even hurt, they’re just startled by the noise. Second, you do it at that age so they won’t remember the pain. I call BS on the first argument, and roll my eyes at the second. Not being able to remember the pain does not in any way lessen the pain that a baby experiences. I’m actually horrified that pediatricians are cashing in on this trend – I think it’s bordering on unethical.

      • Jo says:

        I think pierced ears and baby jewelry in general is a cultural thing. Alot of Black and Hispanic people pierce their daughters ears at a young age. My ears were pierced as an infant and I also wore gold bangles…this was thirty years ago…my almost 4 month old daughter just got her ears pierced as well. It is more for the parents because I doubt my daughter gives a shit about her new gold studs but its just something that some parents do as a way of celebrating their baby girls.

      • Jag says:

        As much as my ears hurt while being pierced and while healing, I would never inflict that kind of pain on my child. It also goes to – what if my child didn’t want to ever pierce her ears? I will have permanently changed her. (I haven’t worn earrings in 13 years and they still become infected at times for no reason that I can tell.)

        It’s a pretty picture of North, but baby purses and designer clothes are ridiculous to me. I’d rather spend the money on something else because they’re just baby clothes.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Brilliant, Kiddo. Just brilliant.

    • Lisa says:

      She seems to LOVE nude clothes choices, they are just ghastly, not only on her, on anyone! Yikes!

  2. AuroraO says:

    Isn’t it just easier for babies to say dada?

    • Jac says:

      I think so, my kids always shouted “Dadda, dadda” and rarely uttered “mama” at first. But by 15 months they were yelling for both. But every kid is different!

      • CaliYalie says:

        Yeah, mine was saying “mamamama” just babbling at 3-5 months. “Da” came much later; it just wasn’t a natural progression for him. He learned the significance of both at about 6-7 months, but still “mama” was the easier of the two. He adores his father (maybe more than me), and even calls him “mama” sometimes.

        And I know I’m going to be crucified by this, but I just don’t think North is super cute, and I’m tired of everyone telling Kim and Kanye so. It’s kinda like, get over it, your baby is healthy and moderately cute, her idealization doesn’t need to be shoved down our face. She unfortunately has Kanye’s chipmunk, “I may have just had a root canal” cheeks.

    • MollyB says:

      I’ve always heard that but every kid I can think of (including my own) said “mama” first. But every kid is different. My daughter started saying “mama” at six months and refused to say “dada”, even though she adores my husband. She even said “Elmo” before “dada”.

      • Red32 says:

        My boys are saying “Mom” at 4 months but so far, no “dada”. Actually, it’s more like “Mummmmmmm!”

      • Greyson says:

        Wow! That’s interesting. Every kid I know has said “Dada” first. That was my first word as well.

      • Kate says:

        Mine said dada first. But actually it’s often just a sound they make early on – dadadadadada – which of course parents tend to leap on as saying “dad”.

    • Kaiser says:

      My dad always claimed my first word was “Baja, California” – apparently, I always said “BA HA BA HA”

    • MCraw says:

      It usually takes longer develop the oral/facial strength to make the M sounds. The lip pursing, opening, pursing again to form the word. The D pronunciation takes less facial muscles. I used to study etymology and loved learning the how’s and why’s of not just words, but how letters got their shapes. Has a lot to do with the shape your mouth makes (inside and out) when enunciating.

      • Kattttt says:

        Absolutely. I teach Linguistics and the sound ‘dada’ is, generally, far easier to say. However, just because a child says ‘dada’ doesn’t mean they are referring to their fathers, more often than not it is simply a sound they enjoy making with no meaning behind it at all. I’m not saying that what North is doing, it’s just a very likely explanation if she’s been doing that since 7 months old.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        This surprises me because the ‘m’ sound can be accomplished simply by opening the mouth whereas it is impossible to make the ‘d’ sound without dentition. I would think mama would happen more with babies almost by accident.

      • MCraw says:

        Dame Sharkweek-
        You’d think so, but even if you try it now, the M requires pursing the lips which uses the muscles all around ur mouth (cheeks, chin, nose area) whereas the D is almost like a smile with your tongue doing the work behind the front two teeth. As we know, babies know how to stick out that tongue lol. I must sound so geeky, but I love this stuff lol.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Absolutely. The sounds are much easier for a baby to form. I would venture to say that the majority of children that live with both parents will say dada first.

    • elo says:

      My baby is just a bit younger than North and says dada but hardly ever mama and I’m a stay at home mom! His first words were “hi kitty” and Bella, the dogs name. For two months everyone was either kitty or Bella. Mysteriously he recently stopped saying both.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    I always thought that “mama” was easier to say, because of the m-sound versus the d. But even if that’s the case, I am really not surprised that North doesn’t say it a lot.

    And Kim’s outfit is just beyond horrible. She looks like an ambulant sausage, it’s so tight and unflattering.

    • Jules says:

      She looks like a freak.

    • jwoolman says:

      This is all according to Kim the Pathological Liar. There is no guarantee that Nori is actually using the words dada and mama to refer to her parents. She still acts as though she hardly knows them. Babies babble various sounds but it takes quite a while for them to associate the sounds with people or objects. Doubt that she sees them often enough to make the connection at her age.

    • Bunbun says:

      Looks like she got from Rainbow for 10 dollars.

  4. Ag says:

    my son started saying dada at ca 4-5 months, BUT, at that stage, it was only a sound – “dadadadada.” he only connected it with my husband later.

    and so much for not wh*ring out your kid, huh, kanye?

    she is freaking adorable, though.

    • Leaflet says:

      @AG, I actually won’t give them slack for this because the pic of Nori was done in a tasteful manner.

      • Ag says:

        i think it’s an adorable pic. 🙂 but i think kanye was saying something about not wanting his daughter in the limelight, and this is sort of putting his foot in his mouth.

      • swack says:

        I agree with Ag. Tasteful or not, hasn’t Kanye raged against the drones and the possibility of taking her picture among other worries about the drones? Isn’t he the one that said he wants her childhood to be as normal as possible. That doesn’t happen with pictures like this. I agree she is adorable, but don’t rant against the paps and keeping your child private when you put out photos like this.

      • Leaflet says:

        @ AG ; swack,
        Are you still taking what Kanye and Kim say at face value? Are you still paying mind to what this dude says as if he is going to abide by it? Poor you. Kanye always makes himself the victim no matter what he does or how wrong he is. He flaps out of both sides of his mouth and is beginning to sound more schizo by the day. Nothing this guy ever does can be taken seriously. Shame on you for believing he abides by his own rules. 🙂

      • Ag says:

        @leaflet – HA! you’re right. i guess i give kanye more benefit of the doubt when it comes to what he says (well, minus the really insane things) than he deserves.

      • swack says:

        @leaflet, I take everything celebs/reality stars with a grain of salt and I didn’t say I believed him – just stating what he has done/said in the past. My point is, that he should not be ranting about the paps when he allows things like this to happen. I realize they have their own set of rules, if it benefits them then it’s okay, if it doesn’t time to go on a rant.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Some celeb parents feel that by controlling the coverage their children receive they satiate the public and lower the value of pap pics taken under more unauthorized/stressful circumstances. I don’t know if these are Kim and Kanye’s reasons but it does make sense. If Beyonce didn’t instagram pics of Blu every now and then the public curiosity/interest would be greater and paps would make ten times the money for her pics.

      • Leaflet says:

        @ swack,
        If I was offensive in any way to you, I’m sorry. I was only joking. I know where you are coming from, but I realize it’s almost pointless to point Kanye’s contradictory behavior because it’s clear that this dude is a wack job. 🙂

        @Dame SnarkWeek,
        I thought about that too. This also makes sense because the only thing the paps understand is financial gains from pics. Therefore, if celebs decrease the value by posting more pics, the paps will not harass the children as often.

  5. JH says:

    Spanx Couture.

    • Diana says:

      +1 hahahahaaaa

      The Kardashian posts are some of my favorites on this site. I love being shocked at what they are wearing, love hearing stories of their crazy extravagance and other worldly vanity. Such a train wreck. How long can they go on like this before imploding? So fascinating… The way these people live. An existence based ENTIRELY on delusions.

  6. Victoria 1 says:

    I want to know who pays for her dinners or do they get it comped? Remember when she wore jewel tones instead of bland monotones? I miss her “Reggie” fashion years, less assault on the eyes

  7. Dani2 says:

    North is such a cute baby. And yup, most babies say “Dada” first so I’m not reading anything into that.

    *SIGH* Kim really loves her nude doesn’t she? I feel like she must be surrounded by low-key haters because that’s the only way that she doesn’t know that her obsession with nude coloured outfits isn’t cute, it’s not flattering, it’s not fashion forward, there’s nothing positive to say about it.

  8. BeckyR says:

    The baby looks like HIM. That is all,

  9. Gina says:

    Why would she call the family photographer mama?

  10. emma says:

    And it’s never to early to whore your kid out

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Is that necessary? Every single new parent I know can’t resist photographing, bragging about, talking about, referring to, social media blitzing about their child. Just because Kim and Kanye are abnormal that doesn’t mean that everything they do is abnormal. They are just in the public and we see, read and hear about every little thing. They want it this way but no one is forcing people to pay attention.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think the difference here is that they are selling their child’s picture…but I could be wrong.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        No celebrity should put photos of their children out for public consumption. These children are given no choice, they are over exposed and exploited by their parents. It should be discouraged. Hell, every responsible parent knows you don’t want to post pictures of your children everywhere, what fantasy world are you living in that you think it’s okay to expose a famous baby to this kind of attention? It makes her recognizable to every cuckoo on the planet. Sure, babies are cute, but the public does not need to see them.

  11. Just me says:

    I don’t see Kim in her, she ‘s exactly like her father

  12. Belle Epoch says:

    So the pimping begins.

    • MonicaQ says:

      This. I thought Kanye wanted to give his daughter the option to be famous or not.

    • Chrissy says:

      Exactly Belle Epoch. The exploitation of Nori has begun! Oh, but it’s Chanel, so it’s okay (snark). Kanye especially should be ashamed of himself after all his bluster signifying nothing.

      And Kim talking about Nori at all is only damage control since
      we are pretty certain she spends little time with her. God
      forbid she parent her own child. I’m so sick of these lying

    • Nedsdag says:

      She’s being pimped before she’s even toilet trained. What happened to “not exploiting their child for publicity?” These two wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the behind. If Kimye told me the sky is blue, I would ask someone else to verify it.

  13. hunaww says:

    Oh my god I want to kiss her cheeks so much.I dont know how Kim copes with Nori’s cheeks withdrawal since she travels so much

    • Leaflet says:

      I know. I love Nori’s cheeks and baby far thighs and arms. I would kiss her and squeeze her and never let go.

  14. Audrey says:

    My daughter said dada first and still says dada and daddy way more than mama. But I’m a stay at home mom so she has less reason.

    She started saying dada around 6.5 months but it wasn’t dada, it was dadadadada as she figured out how to copy sounds

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Every baby I know says dada first, right? It’s just easier than mama? I would be annoyed, though. Lol

      • Diana says:

        My baby started with “m” sounds at about 6 months. She would say “mumumumuma” over and over again. She didn’t know what it meant (it was just babble), but my husband was a tad annoyed, lol. The pediatrician said that the “m” sound, in general, is easier for most babies to pronounce, which is why first babblings tend to sound more like mama. Not sure if that’s true, though.

      • Audrey says:

        It’s annoying even though it’s normal

        I breastfeed, I’m the only one who has ever gotten up with her overnight (I still do at 17 months), and I’m home with her and take her to parks and play groups.

        But everything is still daddy daddy. For months, she only said mama in a creepy Darth Vader voice.

        Kids are little jerks

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Hilarious, Audrey. I can hear her now. Little ingrate.

        Interesting, Diana. Trust me to get it backwards. Lol

      • k says:

        i hear you, audrey.

      • Lady D says:

        What Audrey said.

  15. Sea Dragon says:

    Compared to the mess she usually wears (maybe I haven’t focused on her clothes since she was about to burst?) I think this looks looks great.
    I’d never want to admit that sort of thing if I had a reputation for neglecting my child. Does she even listen to what she says half the time?

  16. FingerBinger says:

    I wonder what North keeps in her purse. A pacifier? Elmo?

  17. Jaderu says:

    What the hell would a baby put in a purse? Spare pacifiers? Am I over thinking this?

  18. littlemissnaughty says:

    That baby is adorable but I can’t with the Chanel on children.

  19. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    My son said dada first too all the time before he said mama and I was upset because his father wasn’t in his life at the time lol.. it’s just an easier sound for the baby to say. AND my son’s father is from Bangladesh and the word for grandfather is “Dada” (don’t know if I’m spelling it right – but that is what he calls his paternal grandfather .. they are all involved in his life now).

  20. BendyWindy says:

    As a mother of three, yes, it’s totally plausible that she still doesn’t say mama regularly. First children, especially, talk a bit later than subsequent kids and some just don’t have much to say. Also, while Nori may have been making the sound “dada” at seven months, it’s unlikely she actually identified dada as a person at that time. That comes later.

    I love her little photo shoot. Very cute.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I’ve always thought it was just the opposite, that first children spoke earlier because they have no one else to communicate FOR them and they were around adults more to develop their language skills. At least that’s been my experience. When my youngest son was a toddler, he barely said three words. His pediatrician said it was because he had three older siblings to speak for him, and it was quite normal for babies with older siblings, or twins, to speak later since there was no “need” for them to talk as soon.

  21. Tiffany27 says:

    I’m truly confused. If you want privacy for your daughter (and she can’t be filmed for the show) why is this the second time she’s appearing in a magazine photoshoot?

    • als says:

      Because the privacy they want means they should be left alone when they desire and photographed (in exchange for money) on their terms. I think right now they are trying to raise Nori’s value, they’re putting her on the market.
      Kanye has an interview with BBC’ s Zane Lowe in which he makes it clear that it’s not necessarily the paparazzi that bug him, but mostly it’s the fact that they use his image without any money going into his accounts. He says he dreams of a world where his daughter will become richer every time someone takes a photo of her.

  22. eliza says:

    OMG! Kim is cheating on Kanye with Brad Falchuck! !!!!! J/k

  23. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She’s a beautiful baby, but that picture is sickening to me. They’re using her a prop – as a means to display their own wealth and “style.”

    Look, we’re so rich, our baby has a Chanel purse, isn’t that precious, she’s one spoiled little princess, because we’re so rich!

    They are just gauche beyond words.

  24. Anna says:

    These pictures are so cute! She’s such a beautiful baby!!!!
    No matter what Kim says or does people knock her for it, it’s kind of tiring now. But I guess whatever makes people feel better….. I saw a really interesting discussion the other day about feminism and how Kim and Paris have become examples/role models to young women who have nude pictures and/or sex tapes leaked. I always admired how both women dealt with their sex tapes being on the internet at such a young age but I think this really changed the perspectives of a lot of people and how positive Kim can be for women who think their lives are over. Just thought I would share.

    • Tracy says:

      Both Kim and Paris leaked their sex tapes for fame and attention. So there is that….

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh, honey.

      • als says:

        Yes, of course. I for one learned a lot from Kim about how to manage my own ‘leaked’ sex tape, as I am sure most women have. We all have a sex tape crisis at some point in our lives and it’s good Kim exists to guide us through those difficult moments.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Lol. Oh dear, I’m just speechless

      • snowflake says:

        no, als, some of us have more sense than to let someone videotape us. it’s not a common thing, not everyone does it. actually it’s a stupid thing to do. and those girls got paid for the company to release their sex tape, otherwise your sex tape could be released! YOU HAVE TO CONSENT!

      • Trashaddict says:

        This. Please do not use the Kartrashian name and the word “feminism” in the same sentence. My ears are bleeding.

    • eliza says:

      I am not sure I understand your comment at all.

      You seem to be painting grown women as innocent victims who had no say in those tapes being leaked. Kim and Paris were responsible for those tapes being seen and profited quite handsomely from it.

      Furthermore I am so confused by you saying Kim is a positive role model for women who think their lives are over. Please tell me when Kim thought her life was over? How is she inspirational or a positive role model to other women?

      I am genuinely interested in your take because I am very confused by this post.

    • in_theory says:

      Good to know that some people think feminism is sharing your staged sexual escapades with virtually everyone in the world who has internet access. I think I’ll pass.

    • Nicolette says:

      No. There is a world of difference between a young girl making a tape with her boyfriend and then upon breaking up he leaks it, or it gets out mistakenly. These two purposely put it out there as a stepping stone to fame. Nothing was leaked or stolen, that is simply BS. They knew exactly what they were doing and if anything I think Paris was a sort of mentor to Kim. Of course PMK took the idea and ran with it, drooling at the thought of dollar signs all the way.

      I don’t see either as a role model to young women. Having yourself urinated on and degraded is nothing for women to admire and copy. Cheapening yourself, having no moral compass and calculating every move, including marriage and children, to make more and more money is to me disgusting and nothing I want my daughter to hold up as an example.

    • Cheryl Tunt says:

      I’d love to see that discussion on KK and feminism because I’d imagine it’s seriously flawed! If anything KK has facilitated the “revenge porn” industry. Ok so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she had no involvement in her sex-tape leak whatsoever, she’s still condoned it by receiving royalties from it, she has given her permission for it to be publicly available and consumed. She’s never called out the people who’ve viewed it or distributed it for being creeps, and why would she? She just cares about fame and money. After all these years with all the power and fame she has gotten she could use her position to condemn this type of behaviour, to call out the sexist abuse and sexual bullying women can face and how certain people feel entitled to post revenge porn or just even to view it. How girls are encourage to be hyper-sexualised yet abused for being sexual. Maybe she could use her influence to give a voice to the powerless women who have committed suicide because of this type of thing. That’s what a feminist would do! But no, she gained from it so she doesn’t care. She’s a close friend of Joe Francis for crying out loud!

      Women and girls shouldn’t have to learn how to handle being abused with grace, the men who make and view and upload to these websites should be called out loudly and often and punished by the justice system. KK doesn’t give a shit about feminism.

    • Mb252 says:

      Nice try, Kim.

    • jwoolman says:

      I doubt that her sex tape was accidentally leaked. I saw a tiny bit of it. Kim went right up to the camera and introduced herself by name. Who would do that for a private tape? She wanted it to make her famous. Bonus that she makes so much money on it.

    • k says:

      oh hi, kim. nice try.

    • Mischa Jane says:

      Please. I am sure you are referring someway to her being slut-shamed. In my opinion, there are some things you should be ashamed of, and leaking a sex tape that you made with the intention of leaking it is one of them. Kim Kardashian is NO role model. She’s trash. I don’t care how many people one sleeps with, but to film it so others can view it is vile. Some things should stay private. If that’s slut-shaming her then so be it. I find her disgusting.

    • Jayna says:

      No offense, but I almost fell on the floor laughing while reading your post. You are probably very naive if you believe what you said.

    • Candy Love says:

      “I always admired how both women dealt with their sex tapes being on the internet at such a young age but I think this really changed the perspectives of a lot of people and how positive Kim can be for women who think their lives are over. Just thought I would share.”

      O yes she had such a perspectives influence on young girl remember Laurence Fishburne daughter who wanted to get in to porn just so she can be just like Kim and get famous from having a sex tape.

    • snowflake says:

      the money they got for signing off on the release of their sex tapes probably helped ease the pain.

  25. Chris says:

    I just wish people would stop talking about them. Even the sport of putting Kim down has become boring and predictable.

  26. Lis says:

    Maybe she is saying “duh duh” – thereby mentioning both of them! Ha!!

  27. Mata says:

    Poor baby. She’s so cute and innocent, but already being pimped out. This is her first Chanel photo, but being Kardashian, we’ll probably eventually get her first nip slip, her first sex tape, etc… I was really hoping that Kanye will put his foot down on some of the fame whore antics when it comes to his own daughter, but it looks like he’s going along with the plan, so far.

  28. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    According to my linguistics profs, “mama” is actually easier to say, hence some form of the sound being found in nearly every language as a form of “mother”. But some babies end up saying dada first because that one is easier for them. (I said “dai” first because I was an absolute daddy’s baby, and my main objective at all times was to get the tall one with the funny deep voice to pick me up.)
    I knew a pair of brothers whose first words were “car” and “hot”, respectively. After the second one, the mother was like “seriously? you too?”

    You never really know.

  29. dorothy says:

    A child would have to actually know their mother in order to say “mama”. Spending time with her at photo shoots, while pimping the poor child out doesn’t count.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Does that include the time spent sitting on Kim’s lap while she’s in the make up chair? That’s probably the most time they spend together each day. You know that has to be a good solid hour.

    • Nicolette says:

      Bet she says ‘nanny’ before ‘mama’.

  30. Kim1 says:

    Babies say dada,it has nothing to with the word daddy.Babies in Asia ,Africa, etc say dadada it’s just a sound they make.Parents in English speaking countries get excited because dada sounds like the word daddy.In countries where dada doesn’t sound like any other word it is ignored and treated as gibberish. In America we get excited and praise a baby for saying dada .I personally know babies who have no male figures in their lives yet they say dada.Dada does not mean daddy it’s just a sound most if not all babies make throughout the world.

  31. MissBB says:

    I thought kids say dada before mama, because in the majority of cases the mother is the one who spends most time with the baby and talks about daddy a lot (i.e. daddy will be home soon, daddy will take you out later, etc.), so ‘daddy’ is a word babies hear more often dan ‘mama’ and therefore they can say ‘dada’ before ‘mama’.

    • Erinn says:

      That sounds reasonable to me. I have no idea about the linguistics behind it, but I know I said dad first.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Me, too, and I spent much more time with my mother, who stayed at home with us. So that does make sense.

  32. Dawn says:

    This just proves to me what liars and users both Kim and Kanye are. Say one thing while having something else in the works. I do feel bad for this kid for so many different reasons and I can only hope that it is in her to somehow become a different person from her parents, to see the value of a real education and maybe throw makeup to the curb and dress herself in flannel! No two people are more deserving to have a child that is so different than themselves in my opinion. Nothing against North but this ad is sickening and Chanel just dropped to an all-time low. Shame on that old man Karl. Shame on the brand.

  33. Missy says:

    Mt daughter was saying mama at 7 months but it was because I repeated it to her so much…I don’t think she was aware that I was mama for a quite awhile after that. She learned dada at 11 months. Difference between myself and kim is that I spent nearly every waking moment with my daughter

  34. doofus says:

    that baby is SO beautiful. that’s all I got.

  35. in_theory says:

    Someone needs to call Child Protective Services on this family.

  36. Annika says:

    According to my parents:
    My first word was “baby”.
    My next sister’s first word was “cookie”.
    Next sister’s first word was ” Moweee”, for our dog Molly.
    Youngest sister’s first word was “Hi.”
    They said we all said mmmmaaama & daaadaa sounds before we knew what they meant.

    • jwoolman says:

      I wonder if Karl realizes he spends more time with his cat than Kim and Kanye spend with Nori?

      Usually the first-born starts talking earlier out of self-defense… Also they usually get a lot of attention from the adults. The next kids typically talk later because they now have experienced parents and it’s not so necessary! They also spend more time with another child who doesn’t focus on their language skills. In Nori’s case, though, she has had experienced caregivers (nannies) from the very beginning, so she might be expected to talk later. I was the second child and didn’t talk until I was about three years old. My mother says I had no trouble communicating, though. If I was thirsty, I would just point at the faucet…. I figure my older brother wouldn’t stop talking long enough for me to say anything. He’s still like that.

      I remember one 18 month old I babysat one summer. He was the third child. Even by the end of the summer, he had only two words in his vocabulary: “mmmm” (meaning he liked the taste if something) and “wheeee!” (meaning he saw a car go by). Those were real words since he used them reproducibly. I don’t think he was using names for his mom and dad yet, or for his brothers.

      For all we know, Nori might not be actually talking at all and still be developmentally fine. Saying the sounds mama and dada doesn’t mean she associates them with people she sees rarely. Kim is never a reliable source because she freely lies.

  37. Lucky Charm says:

    Maybe she’s just calling the nanny mama, which is why Kim thinks she rarely says it.

    As far as Kim’s fashion choices go, there really isn’t much else to talk about. Clearly she believes that any attention (even negative) is better than no attention at all. If she wore clothes that fit and looked nice on her, the attention would go away. It’s sad that she has so little self esteem and is so emotionally dependent on her mother.

  38. Leaflet says:

    It’s easier for babies to say “dada” because of the sound. A lot of babies do this. Also, it is possible that her baby said “dada” at 7 months. My nephew was saying a distinctive “hello” at 2 mos. I am not B.S’ ing either. Everyone would say it to him all of the time, so he picked it up. He also had great rotary skills at 2 and did a great job attempting to hold on to his bottle. The pediatrician said that his rotary skills were really advanced for his age when she did his check up. She also said that his sight was ahead of his age. She saw his ability to hold the bottle as well. She said that she’d never seen a baby in all her years advance as fast as my nephew has. He just turned 1

  39. Barbiegirl says:

    My little one is a week older than Nori and he says both mama and dada, but he says dada more often.

  40. fan of angie says:

    The child probably points @ lard ass and goes, “dud!” Aaahh!

  41. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    Kim’s nude outfit is a diet aid. Think about it: would YOU be caught dead eating ice cream, mashed potatoes, donuts, etc. in an out combining spanx, midriff, and semi-sheer? Bonus: the high neck, long sleeves, and maxi length in sweltering polyester/Lycra mean you also lose water weight.

  42. Mylene - Montreal says:

    I’m surprise how much thing she can say about her daughter because she’s NEVER with her …

  43. Elizabeth says:

    The baby I used to take care of said “Kitty” first, then “Dada,” “Nanny,” “Zuh-Zuh-Zuh-Zuh” (for Zach, his brother), and then “Mama.”

  44. halleygee says:

    I am not a fan of either of them, but what an ass for Kanye to say that in an interview.

    I also think it’s really warped to have a baby photo shoot with Chanel. A photo of the baby, OK, if you must, but with a purse no less – so tacky and jeez that poor kid.

  45. PreciousRobicheaux says:

    My “oldest” twin son’s first word in reference to me was Ham! I’d walk in and he’d shout it out. I loved it.

  46. k says:

    oh yes, kanye west, please do tell us more about how you want privacy for your daughter…

  47. Malificent says:

    North looks just like Kanye, with those chubby cheeks. But then, all babies look just like Kanye. He’s the Winston Churchill of his generation….

  48. Dani says:

    In Kim’s defense (god help me) my daughter said dada at 4-5 months and was fully saying daddy and knowing who it was by 7. She started saying mama at 9 months and only if I’m lucky, now at 11 months, will she say it. She needs to be hurt or cranky or something has to happen.

  49. Anon says:

    There sure using North for someone they wanted to keep private..

    She dresses like that because its all she has and its got her a place on your site and several others and it has even the police looking… Now thats talent… LoL

  50. Cordelia says:

    Ignori is perma-sad, just like her father. Also, why does Kim dress like this…? Well, don’t ya’ll know she is ‘avant-garde’? GOSH!

  51. Jenny12 says:

    What a gorgeous little girl…. I think dada is a sound most babies make at seven months. The D sound is easier to make. I don’t get Kim; why stuff yourself into these outfits all the time? Knee length pencil skirt, top with a slightly high neck that accentuates the chest while not stretching across it…. come on, Kim. You’re not doing yourself any favors.

  52. Mixtape says:

    Ugh… it breaks my heart to look at that lovely photo of sweet, innocent Nori and think about the complete mess of a life she likely has in her future. It makes me grateful for my own boring, Chanel-less upbringing.

  53. Lydia Says says:

    Yes, you are being too hard on Kim. She seems harmless. Nori is super adorable. It is possible that her baby said “Dada” at 7 months. Most babies would say “Dada” first because it’s easier to pronounce. I don’t get why some people are giving Kim a hard time for having nannies; a lot of people would hire a nanny if they can afford it, IMO.

    • Gypsy says:

      Totally agreed.
      1. North is a cutie, and I like how curious she seems about her surrondings.
      2. You are so right, the word “Dada” only requires the relaxing of the jaw, the flattening of the tongue and then allow air to flow past the vocal cords,
      3. Nannies: At least she’s giving people jobs, so, does that make North a “job creator”?

    • Nedsdag says:

      I hate when people use the excuse “she’s harmless,” regarding Kim. When young girls aspire to be her with plastic surgery and other unnatural things to “better” themselves instead of building self-esteem, this is where the “harm” comes into play. It’s a shame that many parents excuse this as a phase. It’s also a shame that many young girls do not have enough positive female role models to look upon instead of those thrown at them in the media.

      • jwoolman says:

        I don’t think Kim is harmless, either. She’s said awful things to her siblings and also dragged her ex-husband through the mud with her smear campaign, once she realized he was serious about 1) wanting to try counseling and 2) otherwise getting an annulment. She treated him badly before that also. And now she’s going to cause pain and confusion for a little girl whose only crime was to be born to a lunatic and a totally self-absorbed whatever. Nori is lucky that she does have her great-aunt in her life, who hopefully is taking over the grandmother role Kanye’s mom would have played. But since these two nitwits keep trotting her out for their own selfish purposes, she is going to have to deal with them and wonder why they don’t like having her around except when a camera is on. They will smother her with material possessions but won’t give her their time and attention.

  54. Mischa Jane says:

    It’s fitting that the photo is black and white, since that baby never gets to wear any color. What a colorless world she lives in.

    Kim needs to stop wearing nude. She looks like a camel when she wears that color. It is so unflattering on her. That outfit looks like something she made in a beginner’s sewing class. Hideous.

  55. AlmondJoy says:

    All I see is an adorable baby… I truly don’t understand the outrage *scratches head* Obviously I wouldnt put my baby in Chanel.. But I live a totally different lifestyle than Kim and Kanye. They’re flamboyant, flashy and materialistic.. wearing Chanel is normal for them. And yessss we’ve said 3 million times that her clothes are too small. She will always be this way.

    But back to Nori!! Those cheeks! She is just so beautiful 😍

    • Lydia Says says:

      @AlmondJoySays, I agree. Nowadays, there are a lot of perks that come with being a well known celebrity. Designer are practically begging and paying you to wear their brands because of the publicity they get in return. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Nori is being photographed a lot, she probably already have designers from all over the world sending her free clothes . Besides, her parents can afford to buy her designer clothes. Did they expect her to wear target clothes? Lol

    • word says:

      I think people are just trying to say how hypocritical Kim and Kanye are. They said they wanted North to have a normal life and not to be in the public eye, yet they do this. They need to make up their minds. Anyways, Nori is beautiful !

  56. word says:

    Kanye did an interview recently where he stated he wanted Nori to decide if she wanted to be famous or a celebrity when she gets older…and then they go and do this. How does she have a choice.

  57. G says:

    That outfit is ridiculous. Why does she feel she has to hand cut everything to an oblivion? My kids both said “no” first. Like most babies.

  58. Gypsy says:

    Why do I get the feeling that North Kardashian West will be a self made millionaire before she is able to drive, I’m not talking trust-fund, I’m talking earned dollars.
    I recently did a Internet search for North and one of my choices was baby North West, she has become Media search-able before being able to speak?

  59. Lilac says:

    Da is universally the first consonant-vowel sound that almost all babies make – even in countries where the word for father sounds nothing like dada/daddy. Ask a linguist.

  60. LAK says:

    She’s a cutie. PMK has already began…..

  61. Dena says:

    Dada? Is she sure it was “Dada”
    & not “Nana.” After all, North seems to spend a lot of time with her Nanny.

  62. Gypsy says:

    Boy! The Kardashians really turn them out early, you don’t just stay home and be a lazy baby, you better start earning your keep..
    1. There is the 9 months womb rent.
    2. There’s the baby formulas and breast milk charges – cost will go to reconstruct breast.
    3. The cost of private jet travel – Kanye pays a third, Kim a third and baby North her third.
    4. Nannies don’t come free nor cheap, also your PA and private nurse cost money
    5. Principal and Interest on money loaned for your upkeep while you were sleeping all 9 months in the womb.

    North is going to pretty busy earning her keep, if she wants to stay a Kardashian.

  63. Zooyork says:

    Isn’t the baby purse Strangulation hazard?????

  64. Sad says:

    Sounds so mean spirited but I really feel sorry for that kid. Everyone in that family is doomed from birth! No chance at normalcy.

    • Gypsy says:

      Money buys you a boatload of happiness. Why do you think people aspire to have more money and many strive to achieve the jet-setter life.
      North will never know normal but she also will never have to worry about the rent/car repairs/food/fine clothing/acceptance in the wealthy circles.
      In addition, wouldn’t you love to have her curse, where you could CHOOSE to vacation for a month or a year or just retire before even getting your first job, all because of your trust-fund and then have fun playing model dress up, on and off the Paris Runways?

    • Gypsy says:

      In this commercial world where money determines where you live/How you live/If you live AND if you are master of your own destiny – Those are the things that makes a human happy and money makes that happen.
      It even determines how much respect you get in this society, living respect and death respect.
      When Bill gates dies he will be mourned by the world and mentioned by multiple Media talking-heads reverently BUT when you and I die we will only be mourned by our “caring” relatives and ignored by the world. – Money talks/shouts and dances.

  65. skasgal says:

    I’m not surprised to learn this. She’s a cold looking mommy. The baby always looks happy when she’s with her daddy.

  66. Angee says:

    This kid’s first word was “help” followed by “me”.

  67. Allie says:

    eh, my son didn’t say “mama” until almost 18 months old. Mind you he had a vocabulary of 70+ words, but “mama” wasn’t even on his radar, I was “dada” until one day, I wasn’t. And I am a SAHM, so it’s not like the kid never sees me.

  68. bermudashortz says:

    Poor little kid has permanent WTF on her little face. Run, North! RUN!

  69. Vvvoid says:

    My baby said mama around 5 mos old, usually when crying for me. Then she said baba, dada, daddy and recently she has said auntie. She’s 7 mos. I don’t hear mama a lot unless she’s been away from me all day but sometimes she is clearly calling me mama so she knows the meaning of the word. She calls the cats baba, anything she wants real bad is baba.

  70. mark says:

    Her first words should have been ‘Why did you give me such a dumb first name?