True Blood finale: did you expect that character to meet the true death? (spoilers)

Major spoilers for previous episodes of True Blood follow
True Blood ended its seven year run last night with a finale I found frustrating in many respects. I’m sad that True Blood is over, I was so attached to the characters and I devoured every episode of that show. That’s not to say that it was excellent or consistent throughout the years, it wasn’t. It still had wonderfully campy, brilliant moments and I will miss it like an old friend. I’ve already watched the first two seasons twice. I’ll probably rewatch the entire series at some point.

Here are my highlights/recap from last night’s episode.

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To open this final episode, Bill pays a visit to Sookie and asks her to help him commit suicide. “You’re choosing to die because I have no self respect?” It was unexpected and I found it out of character for Bill. That whole plotline pissed me off so much, and I guess that was the point.

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Next our Nordic hero Eric decides to kill Mr. Gus and take control of New Blood. Pam and Eric first let Sarah Newlin escape, having fed her Pam’s blood so she can be tracked. Then they let Mr. Gus go after Sarah, quickly dispatching his bodyguards and setting fire to the tunnel through which he was leaving. Mr. Gus gets fried. “Humans are slow.”

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Sarah Newlin, devouring leftover fast food and sitting on a merry-go-round, begs Pam to make her a vampire and promises to be her bitch. Pam’s answer is priceless. “I wouldn’t go down on you for a billion dollars.”

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Jessica brings Hoyt to visit Bill to tell him she will be ok after she dies. Bill promptly guilts Jessica and Hoyt into getting married, claiming that he didn’t get to give his daughter away at her wedding. Jessica tells Bill she’ll marry Hoyt that day.

Sookie sits at her table in her PJs, having a flashback to when she was a child, sitting with Tara at her kitchen table. In her memory, Sookie tells Tara she never wants to have a family, prompting Gran to say “you can have anything you want, there are no limits on you if you don’t put them on yourself.” I took this to mean that Sookie was going to save Bill somehow, but it was in fact a reference to her faerie powers.

Sookie goes to Jason’s house and meets his new piece, Bridget. She approves because Bridget is thinking nice thoughts about Jason. Jason and Sookie both get calls from Hoyt and Jessica telling them about the wedding.

Guests Andy, Arlene and Holly arrive at Bill’s for the wedding. Bill calls Andy into his office and tells him he’s his oldest heir and he has to leave the house to him. Bill asks Andy to rent the house to Jessica and Hoyt for a dollar a month and Andy agrees. Arlene wanders around Bill’s house amazed at how fancy everything is.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.23.35 AM_edited-1

Jessica and Hoyt get married in a non-legally binding ceremony with Andy officiating. Bill walks Jessica down the aisle. It was sweet but seemed a little contrived. Sookie hears Bill’s thoughts for the first time. He’s thinking how much he loves her and wants to die.

Sookie gives Jason her blessing to see Bridget and urges him to sleep with her before she goes back to Alaska. “I ain’t gonna be no girlfriend f*cker again.” Sookie reminds Jason that Hoyt just got married.

Sookie visits Reverend Daniels with some existential questions. This was where I finally understood that if she killed Bill with her faerie light, she might be sucked of her powers. I found this part pretty dumb. Sookie gives the Reverend advice on what he should include in his sermon, and it’s a reference to the end of the show. “Tell them help is on its way. Tell them it will all be over soon.” Damnit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.29.16 AM_edited-1

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This is the scene that really, truly upset me. Sookie meets Bill at the cemetery at sundown, where his old Civil War era grave is sitting open and has a coffin in it. Bill goes into the grave and opens the coffin, finding a photo of him with his daughter taken just before he went to war. I kept expecting Sookie to save Bill, I kept expecting Eric and Pam to swoop in with Sarah and cure Bill. That didn’t happen, instead Sookie played with her faerie light for a while and decided she couldn’t part with it to kill Bill. Every part of this f*#ing scene was a total tease. Sookie said “This is who I am, it’s part of my truth… You Bill, you’re a part of me too and you always will be but I can’t do this for you. I’m sorry.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.30.21 AM_edited-1

SO with that line I expected Sookie to tell Bill that she loved him, that she couldn’t kill him, that she would be devastated if he met the true death but NO, she went and broke the handle off a shovel and crawled into the coffin, straddling Bill. She kissed him for the last time, hovered over his chest with the shovel handle and then he shoved it in, exploding all over Sookie. I kept thinking how sh*tty this must have been for Sookie, how she had lost so many people and this wasn’t fair. She was covered in blood and crawling around like Carrie after the prom.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.34.02 AM_edited-1


Then we saw an infomercial with Pam and Eric shilling New Blood. It was delightful and I would love it if producers could put out a more complete clip. The camera panned back to show author Charlaine Harris at the controls, which was a nice cameo.

We saw Pam and Eric working at Fangtasia (where was Ginger?!), with Sarah Newlin tied up in the basement. Too much time was spent with Sarah being haunted by her past. We don’t care!

In the last scene we got to see Sookie having a huge Thanksgiving party. She was pregnant by some dude who wasn’t shown except for the back of his head. Jason and Bridget had three kids, Sam and the activist had kids, Andy and Holly were still together, Lafayette and Drake were a couple, and Arlene was with that hot vampire, Keith. It was a sweet ending, if not a satisfying one, and I just kept wondering who was Sookie’s new man. Will there be a movie, will we ever find out?! Why the hell didn’t she end up with Eric?! I wanted her to end up with Eric. Now I’ll have to finish the book series. This wasn’t enough closure for me.


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  1. Cricket says:

    I just watched it this morning. I loved the Eric and Pam storyline but felt short changed bc I wanted to see Sooki and Eric at least have some final scene. The writing and acting of the infomercial was the best part of the finale IMHO. I loved how Eric commented that researchers from Stockholm invented the formula.. Too cute.

    • Jen says:

      They did have a final scene – the last episode when he says to her “goodnight Miss Stackhouse” outside her house.

  2. Wilma says:

    Don’t finish the book series. You will be sorely dissappointed.

      • claire says:

        The books are the last place to look for anything about Eric. Put it this way, CH spent a whole series writing about Eric and Sookie only to basically hardly mention him in the last ones. Very unsatisfying.

      • blue marie says:

        I heard from a friend how the book series ends and refuse tio finish reading them, it’s complete crap.

      • starrywonder says:

        Yeah don’t read the last book or the compilation. There were a lot of ticked off fans.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Oh that last book was totally fu*ked. Don’t read it.

      • lucy2 says:

        I’ll chime in too – I thought the books started off fun, got repetitive after a few, and then got really boring and the ending was lame.

      • Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

        All this being said it was still a better ending than the show. The show was f*cking horrible.

      • JustChristy says:

        That pretty much sums it up. Shit.

    • A. Key says:

      Agreed, the book ending is even worse.

      Damn so much disappointment all around…

    • Dorothy#1 says:

      Yup!! I hated the ending 🙁

    • original kay says:

      I didn’t mind the end. I think the author stayed true to eric’s real character.

      remember the line, when eric tricks sookie into presenting him with the Ceremonial Dagger? he says something like “I have your best interests in mind” and she replies “I have no doubt you have my best interests in mind, as long as they march right along with what’s best for eric”.

      and that’s Eric, to a “T”.

      I admit, I got tired of the “everyone wants to kill sookie” themes in the series. still love them though.

      • Jen says:

        Eric’s true character doesn’t involve being sold off to some queen as basically a sex slave.

      • original kay says:


        it’s a BOOK Jen. Simmer down.

        He chose it. He unmarried Sookie. He tried to blackmail her into using her magic to save him because he was too weak to do it himself. He tricked Sookie into a blood bond, tricked her into marriage.

        So yeah, let’s not paint him as a saint who was taken advantage of. He wanted the power of the marriage to Oklahoma.

      • claire says:

        I don’t even mind what happened to him. I didn’t think it was that farfetched. It’s that she spent all this time focusing on him and Sookie, then just writes him off as insignificant towards the end and Sookie is like, yeah Eric, whatever, as if he wasn’t some big part of her life and the story.

    • Beth says:

      Very disappointed. I wanted to stake Charlaine Harris for the way she ended the book series.

    • Racquel says:

      I disagree, the book never departed from Eric’s true character. He wanted Her but he wanted power more. I thought her ending with Eric was fitting.

    • kcarp says:

      the last book was so bad and such a f-you from the author I won’t read anything else she writes.

    • pru says:

      I can’t believe how upset people are at how these books ended and who Sookie ended up with. It was hinted at in the first book, maybe even in the first chapter of the book, and continued to throughout all 13 books.
      Even though I would not describe the book series as great, it was still much better than the tv series.

  3. Jen says:

    Thanks for this recap. I had no clue what happened since I only watch the Eric/Pam scenes.

    Bill deserved to die, and of course he did it like a b***h, guilting Sookie into killing him. I hate him and Sookie though so I don’t really care what happened.

    Don’t finish the books, they’re even worse. Sookie ends up with Sam and Eric basically gets sold off into slavery.

    • Mars says:

      Very true, don’t read the books. Eric basically is forced to marry someone else and live in another state and Sookie all of a sudden just ends up with Sam after all of that??!! Made no sense. Someone please write some great fanfic because we need it.

    • Olenna says:

      You are so right about Bill’s death. And, Sookie, being the sap that she is, went right along with him. I didn’t like Bill from Day One, but it took 7 whole seasons to get rid of him. BTW, I saw a great Tweet this a.m. Some guy thanked the producers/writers for giving HIM the True Death with such a crappy finale that he never has to think about the show again.

  4. FingerBinger says:

    The finale was disappointing. Then again the last two or three seasons have been disappointing. Another thing, why was the guy Sookie ended up with a mystery? That didn’t make any sense.

    • Racquel says:

      Probably because in the books she ends up with Sam, and they already f****d that story line up.

  5. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Spoiler! Sookehs husband is Dexter.

    +1 to everyone saying don’t read the books, they are just painful.

  6. mia girl says:

    Yeah, I was disappointed. I thought because he was slowly becoming human-like again because of the virus, that Sookie’s magical fairy light would like somehow turn him human all the way. Then they’d ride off into the sunrise and have little Bill-babies.

    I wouldn’t have like that either but it sure beats having Bill die the truth death. That just seemed so forced and not satisfying at all.

    So yeah, TB went out with a whimper. It didn’t even feel like season ending, much less a series ending.

    RIP True Blood

    • Pamela says:

      I thought the SAME thing Mia. Absolutely thought that somehow her light would render him human . Not a perfect ending–but better than what happened.

      The worst part for me was that Bill was dying either way. The virus was taking hold FAST. Why did he have to traumatize Sookie by making HER kill her kill him? He could have just waited in his bed to die via the virus. She would be just as free of him–but w2ithout having to KILL him. That was just so forced in there.

      • lucy2 says:

        He also could have just strolled outside after the wedding and burned up in a flash. Asking her to do it was cruel and selfish, IMO, but I never liked Bill anyway.

      • Chrissy says:

        Or maybe Pamela, Bill could have just killed himself by meeting the sun like Godric. Totally manipulative of Bill to involve Sookie at all IMO.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      I really thought Bill was going to “splat” during the wedding ceremony all over Sookie. I wish he had.

      • Gretchen says:

        Hahaha so did I PunkyMomma. I was sure he was going to pop all over Jess and Sookie just as they were finishing their vows. It would have been a camp-tastic way to go.

  7. ReturnoftheMac says:

    The book series ending truly pissed me off. Don’t do it. You’ll never look at True Blood the same.

  8. Eleonor says:

    All I want are Pam and Eric minisodes with their adventures, all the rest can disappear from planet earth.

    • Cricket says:


    • Jen says:

      omg yes, they could do a web series whenever they have time off from other projects lol.

      Their minisode back before season 3 was amazing (when they hired that dancer Yvetta)

      • Chrissy says:

        OMG Jen, remember the guy in the gold shorts in the minisode. I just LOL’d thinking about it – the expressions on Eric and Pam’s faces were priceless. Good times……

  9. Talie says:

    I would’ve loved to have seen how Alan Ball was going to end things… the show sucked after he left, right?

  10. K says:

    I can’t believe True Blood is over. I was OBSESSED with it for the first four seasons. It’s how I found this site – I may have been a little crazy googling Alex, back when he was still with Kate. I was never into Twilight. True Blood was *my* show. I’m sad it’s over – even though the last few seasons were a campy mess.

  11. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    I am the only person who liked the book ending. I acknowledge it.

    • Bex says:

      I liked it too. Always hoped she’d end up with Sam.

      • JustChristy says:

        I’m still mad the Quinn story line was never visited (unless it was, and I just haven’t seen it because I don’t have Hbo.) I could have put up with a lot of the foolishness, had Vin Diesel or the Rock been him. Even the constant use of “babe,” I could have overlooked. Eric and Pam were really the best parts of the show, so +1000 to all suggestions of minisodes starring those two.

    • Dany says:

      I loved her with Eric and hated Bill, but it was clear (i think the Author said it n the beginning) that Sookie would end with a non-Vampire so i wasn´t that surprised… just a little bit disappointed.

    • pru says:

      I like who she ended up with, just not how it was done (I think CH had a pacing problem throughout the entire series). But shockingly, I may be only one of a few who saw it coming.
      Through the whole series Sookie thought of Sam as her best friend, had lusty thoughts for him, continually trusted him, etc. Sam was in love with her and thought way more about how her telepathy effected her and the danger she was in.
      Eric was a great character – the hot, bad boy girls want. But he was manipulative and self centered and never a forever guy, imo.

  12. blue marie says:

    The episodes this season were really good but they pretty much crapped on the whole thing with the last 10 minutes of the finale episode, I was highly annoyed. Plus, what’s up with not showing the husband’s face, total fail.

  13. Chocolate bunny says:

    WTF is up with LaLa not having one line in the finale???? He was the best character on the show!!!

    • mia girl says:

      So much this!!!^^^^^
      Not one line?!!

      I’ll miss Lafayette most of all.

    • pru says:

      The writers really did a disservice to Layfayette’s storyline. For some inexplicable reason, they had no idea how the audience felt about him and didn’t use him nearly as much as they should.

    • JustChristy says:

      Dafuq?! Consider me triple pissed.

    • Anna says:

      I haven’t watched since after Lafayette hooked up with James, so what happened with that?

  14. Jen34 says:

    The ending was meh. I am sad that it is over, but there were too many characters on the show that i just didn’t care about. Jason/ Bridget and Jess/Hoyt, Sam/Girlfriend. Everything was tied up neatly and they were given a HEA. .Pam and Eric were back to doing what they did best. I love those two. As for Sookie and Bill… I just thought his line about her lighting up around kids and wanting them came out of nowhere. They never ever brought up kids before., so boo to that. I didn’t hate that Bill died, just that Sookie killed him. He was the most human vamp, and by dying he became human again. I thought the part about her being free of Vamps if she lost her powers was not clear . So she kept her powers and she still hangs with vamps? I bet Eric visits her. Bye TB. I will miss you so much.

    • Camille (The Original) says:

      +10000. Completely agree with you.

      I will miss that show, even though it was utter crap 85% of the time.

  15. Kay says:

    Well now I can pretend Sookie ends up with Quinn, since that was huge missed opportunity.

  16. original kay says:

    I liked the books, even the last one. It had it’s stupid moments, of course.

    But Sookie could never be with Eric. She didn’t want that, she loved him but said through the whole series she did not want to be a vampire- and how else could she be with him?

    He was selfish, always. Sookie and Sam makes perfect sense; she always loved him, it just took a few boyfriends and some heartache to realize it.

    I think she lost the plot with the Fairy thing, completely. It was stupid and not needed, Sookie as a Fairy.
    The first 5 or so books of the series were fantastic.

  17. cr says:

    Isn’t it Laffy and James, not Drake?

    While the ending wasn’t as hideous as it could have been, I still wasn’t happy with the Pam and Eric ending.

    And the process of getting there was terrible. While Ball wasn’t the greatest showrunner, Brian Buckner was beyond terrible.

    And no, don’t actually finish the book series, I’d stop at around 8 or 9. Charlaine lost interest in it, and it showed. That, and I do think she ended becoming resentful of the popularity of Eric’s character and that showed as well.
    @original kay: I understand that about book Sookie not being with a vamp. But CH transitioned terribly to that ending, I think that’s what really pissed people off.

    • Jen says:

      What is with authors hating their most beloved characters? Like that Charlaine dumbnut has actually said she’s never understood why people like Eric. Uh, lady, YOU WROTE THE CHARACTER. GAHHHH.

  18. Tig says:

    I bailed on the show and the books long ago- but morbid curiosity made me check out the ending- pretty pitiful. Good grief- Bill and Sookie ended up like Angel and Buffy-surely they could have thought up something more original than this!!

  19. eliza says:


    What a boring ending. Glad it’s over. The best part was the Led Zeppelin song at the end.

  20. BadAssCompass says:

    gods, that was an awful cringe worthy finale, and I quit show first episode into season 7. so much wasted time on sobbing and pathetic sentimentals that this show was not about in the first place. I really expected them to go with a bang. such a waste.

  21. bellenola says:

    I just wanted to say that back in the early days of TB, I was managing a boutique in the French Quarter, a HUGE fan of the show, and through the shop made friends with a lovely costumer on TB named Sarah. I always pumped her for good gossip but all she would ever say was how great everyone got along and how they were all like one big family. One day out of the blue I’m in the shop by myself and Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin pop in! They knew my name and that I was a fan! Needless to say, I was in shock but they could not have been nicer, chatted and took pics while I stood with my mouth hanging open. 🙂 I will really miss that show!

  22. GiGi says:

    I hated it way more than I hated Dexter’s last episode.

    For a show that was completely based in camp and sex and gore… this series finale completely fell flat for me. Except the scene where Sookie/Bill kill Bill. I loved the scene where she was covered in blood. I felt they spent WAY too long on certain plot lines (Hoyt/Jessica & Bill/Sookie) while leaving key players completely out. My favorite part of the entire thing was the Eric/Pam promo.

    • Irishae says:

      That was my biggest complaint: the overall lack of fun, camp, or yes, sex! I didn’t even enjoy the Eric/Pam promo all that much. I wanted the show to go out with a bang and was disappointed that it went out with a whimper instead.

  23. Arhodo says:

    Not a great finale. Still better than Dexter’s though. My favorite scene was of Eric driving the car and bopping his head to the music.

  24. Mela says:

    I watched it this morning. Horrible and booorrriiinngggg. And so this end show comes to an end with a very boring final season. The finale was the final reminder that this show needed to end. Best parts of the epsiode were Pam and Eric, hands down. It sucks that they were limited into subplot when their storylines were the most interesting and entertaining ones of the season.

    I didn’t care about Hoyt and Jessica’s wedding. Their relationship this season seemed really OOC, and I don’t get where the “pure and true love” label came out of. Bill guilt tripping them to get married before he died was stupid too.

    But that was Bill’s MO this entire season. Bill asking Sookie to kill him was definitely the most selfish thing he’s ever asked. Of course, they got a ton of screen time together to show how much they love each other (including Sookie being able to read his thoughts). I don’t understand how stabbing him to death after making out was a less painful way of killing him, but that’s Sookie logic for you.

    The conclusion was really cheesy. Thank God there was a new episode of Ray Donovan to watch after that nonsense.

  25. lucy2 says:

    For the most part I have enjoyed the whole show, but the ending was fairly predictable and kind of boring. I couldn’t believe how much time the whole Bill dying thing took up – the graveyard scene lasted FOREVER. Just die already! I also HATED that he guilted Jessica and Hoyt into getting married – WTF! That was terrible. He should have just been proud of her for growing up and being OK with him dying, that should have been enough.
    All those bad flashbacks, and we didn’t see him actually reunite with his family in the afterlife? Lame.
    The Eric and Pam stuff was great as always. I imagined they’d roll credits and then have a New Blood commercial pop up – wasn’t expecting it to be cheesy infomercial style, but I could totally see E&P snidely knowing that would sell it. Sookie always annoyed me too much for her to end up with him. Pam is his soulmate.
    No Lala? Bad. And I still wish they hadn’t killed off Tara.
    I don’t care so much about not seeing the husband’s face, he was just symbolic of her moving on with her life and having what she wanted, and what Bill wanted for her.

    Overall the show was often a mess, but at times very entertaining, and it introduced me to some actors who I will continue to follow. The cast was always better than the writing, so I hope many of them have good opportunities come along.

    • grabbyhands says:

      This is why I could never understand why so many people creamed themselves over Bill as some kind of hero. Not only was he a whiny, tormented bitch most of the time, he and Sookie had one of the worst relationships ever. Everything he did was so manipulative and selfish and no matter what, all he would have to say was “But I did it for your own good, I did it for us!” and she would come crawling back. The episode when Tara told her she was like the dumb women in country songs was one of the truest things they ever wrote. Too bad they didn’t pay more attention to it.

      They really should have kept it closer to book Sookie.

  26. Haley says:

    How could Jason have three kids “about a year later”? And one that looks like it’s 5-6 years old? Did i miss something?
    I’m glad Sookie didn’t end up with Eric though. If she did there wouldn’t have been any point in Bill dying (if she was going to end up with a vampire anyways)

  27. Kate2 says:

    Yeah, wasn’t wild about this finale. I hated how they rushed Hoyt/Jessica. He doesn’t know who she is and then all of a sudden he’s dumping his fiance and marrying her? It just seemed like they were cramming that in there because they didn’t know how else to end it with them.

    I thought Bill was being a little bitch. I hated that whole storyline. I would have told him I would hate him forever if he went through with it if I were Sookie. Not to mention, while I don’t generally look for the misogynist angle, in fact they fly right over my head most of the time, it seemed rather obvious to me that this was an instance of the man (Bill) having to save the woman (Sookie) because she was too weak mentally to do it herself. I’m not really down with that.

  28. YvetteW says:

    So the moral of the story is that traditional family values was what the whole town needed the whole time? Even if there were only 2 or 3 human/human families present? I expected more from TB.

  29. Aly says:

    Sookie is an annoying idiot, I’m glad she didn’t end up with Eric. The best part of the (terrible) finale was seeing that Eric continued on being completely ruthless, badass and wicked along with Pam. Eric and Pam were THE pair on the show for me. They were the most trusting, loving and interesting relationship in the series IMO.

  30. Dany says:

    “The Adventures of Eric & Pam” would make an awesome spin-off

  31. Andrea says:

    I have read everything but the last two CH books and must say I preferred Sookie and Eric and next Bill and Sookie. How can Charlaine Harris be surprised we prefer Eric/Bill over Sam? Sam is boring in the books and boring on TV.

    I strongly disliked the last few seasons but there was always hope she might get with Eric, but instead she helps kill Bill (wtf) and then gets pregnant by some random. Boring, boring, boring. If we wanted that, we could have watched a chick flick. Hello??? This was a show about vampires!!! Extremely disappointed with the ending, like others have said, first 4 seasons were great but then it took a bad turn much like the books did around book 9 or 10.

  32. grabbyhands says:

    Reading everyone’s comments makes me so glad I gave up on this train wreck two seasons ago. What a crappy payoff fore the fans. It started to derail once Alan Ball’s ego got so huge he and the rest of the writers decided to just start phoning it in. Especially since he absolutely couldn’t seem to let the whole “Beel is the best because of his humanitah!!” obsession he had developed. Such a shame, because the show had been so fun to watch.

  33. PattyHewes says:

    I’m disappointed by the series finale. It seems Bill’s entire reason for wanting to die is to allow Sookie to be able to have children (and it all stems from one fever dream he had). Sperm. Bank. Sperm bank. It’s all I kept thinking. It’s completely within the realm of possibility for Sookie to have children, even her own biological children, without Bill dying. Ugh. I hated the direction this season took. The Sookie/Bill plot line did not seem well considered, especially given how so many other aspects of this season were done to make the fans happy. Also it is Lafayette and James, not Drake.

  34. Maureen says:

    Bullshit ending to what once was a great series. I can say the same about the books-disappointing at all turns. Really?

    Spoilers if you haven’t read the books……

    Why not have Sookie end up with Sam? They used to have such a connection and chemistry in the show, why not focus on that for the last season. I’m glad I didn’t pay much attention the last few seasons. What a freaking cop out.

    End of spoiler…

    What drove me nuts is how far they took Sookie from her character in the books. Plus…I don’t know how you can make a show with vampires, fairies and werewolves boring-but they somehow managed to do that a few seasons ago.

  35. Lauraq says:

    I was glad to see Bill die. He was obviously missing his family from his human life fiercely. Plus, after the Billith BS he was probably tired of life. And even if he was sorry, I don’t think that he and Sookie could be together after all of the shit he put her through (nearly draining her, cheating on her with Lorena, their entire relationship being based on lies, telling Warlow he would kill her if Warlow didn’t feed him, etc.) It was time for him to go. I didn’t care for how she ran back and had sex with him in the second to last episode, though.
    I hated Jess/Hoyt. I was rooting for them in seasons two and three but I felt their breakup was for the best in the end. Plus they get back together and MARRY in two episodes, while leaving unresolved the whole Jess/Jason mess? And just randomly throwing Hoyt’s ex at Jason…naw.
    I liked Eric and Pam getting richer together, and I was fine with Sarah being their slave. They kind of made Sarah into the ‘big bad’ of the series, didn’t they?
    I really would have preferred Sookie with Eric, but if they didn’t want her with a vamp couldn’t they have NOT killed Alcide? It was kind of cheap hooking her up with some stranger, even if in my mind it’s Quinn from the books.
    Poor LaLa spent the entire season being everybody’s rock and then got Jessica’s sloppy seconds. Why would he want to date a cheater anyway?