Are Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson together again?


Evan Rachel Wood really has unusual – and unsettling – taste in men. Though she’s been an actress for a long time, she really became famous when she dated Marilyn Manson two years ago. She was 19 at the time while he was 38. A fairly significant age difference, which is sorta creepy. Oh yeah, and he’s Marilyn Manson, which is really creepy. They broke up this past November.

Wood was most recently linked to Mickey Rourke, who played her dad in “The Wrestler.” That’s right, she likes ‘em old and crazy. I don’t want to play shrink here, but it seems like Evan has some serious daddy issues. She also dated Ed Norton before Manson, and while he’s 39, he strikes me as a better choice. Anyway, rumor has it that Evan and Marilyn are back together again – he even referred to her as his girlfriend.

ARE bizarre couple Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson an item again? They were seen leaving the W Hotel in LA together Sunday morning before Wood walked the red carpet at the Oscars. The 21-year-old actress recently denied rumors she was hooking up with her “The Wrestler” co-star Mickey Rourke – and now we know why. Our source outside the hotel said Manson emerged first and “said he was waiting for his girlfriend.” Then, she came out and they climbed into a waiting car.

[From Page Six]

Ordinarily I’d kick and scream and pitch whatever fit I could muster. But Evan Rachel Wood clearly has such poor/messed up taste in men that I’m not going to bother. Keep on making bad decisions, let’s see how well that works out for you.

My mom once gave me some really good advice. She said, “You’ll never look back at your life and wish you were drunk more often.” I think something similar could be said here, and it’s very easy to argue that Manson is a lot worse than being drunk. “You’ll never look back at your life and wish you were having sex with Marilyn Manson more.” Obvious advice, but clearly something Evan needs to hear.

Evan and Marilyn are shown in 2007. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.


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  1. Baholicious says:

    Well, as my Mom says: “There’s a lid for every pot…”

  2. kiki says:

    maybe the sex is normal to them

    who people fall for and be with well its just a mystery

  3. Annie says:

    Funny. My mom says “Love must be real blind in some cases.”

  4. Baholicious says:

    LOL Annie, “and blind, deaf, dumb and stupid”…Moms are so very wise, aren’t they??

  5. Trillion says:

    I’m gonna hazard a guess that he’s about 100 times more interesting (and intelligent) than the actor boys she’s around most of the time.

  6. Lem says:

    good lord it’s hard to find a man you can share lipstick with. Usually it’s all- you like red he wears mauve. I think, lol, she’s just being smart. Think of all the cash she’ll save at the MAC counter.

  7. Cletus says:

    I hope they have lots of babies together and that all the boy ones get breast implants. Marilyn Manson is EW, and the really bad part is that he looks BETTER with all that shit on his face. I wish he’d buy himself a chin. I don’t care if he has a dick to his KNEES, there is no reason for this. There is no hope for this girl.

  8. Codzilla says:

    That cooler-than-thou look on his face is laughable.

  9. EnKay says:

    O she clearly denied involvement with Mickey Rourke. She seemed horrified by the suggestion.

    (Annie – you’re so cute!)

  10. Mark says:

    Let us all pray that they do not reproduce.

  11. texasmom says:

    OK, Marilyn physically grosses me out, but I remember years ago he was on an MTV show where fans wrote in who they most wanted to meet, and there was a segment with a teenaged guy who admired Marilyn Manson.

    Most of the celebrities on the show who met fans smiled a lot and were pleasant but really impersonal, mostly just posing for photos. But MM went way, way, WAY out of his way to make it a special experience for his fan. He arranged for the kid to sing his favorite song with MM’s band backing him, and gave the kid torn-out pages from his personal journal. I was very impressed with how thoughtful he was. He treated his fan like a real person, not just a photo op. It was clearly something personal, not just showing up where his manager told him to.

  12. TinaWithPom says:

    MM grosses me out, but, eh, to each her own.

  13. ugh says:


  14. mojoman says:

    Ok, he definitely not my cup of tea but saw him a few years back on an interview about children’s education in music that he was involved in, he sounded very educated, professional and very approachable..I was impressed! so maybe there is something Evan Rachel sees that we dont see.

  15. 88modesty88 says:

    Well, he’s not much to look at — but beauty is in the eye of… yada yada yada

    He does, however, come across as an intelligent, scarily well-spoken man.

  16. sissoucat says:

    I had never heard of the guy before I saw ‘Bowling for Columbine’ – and I have to agree that what he had to say, and the way it was told, was very impressive.. I could understand the fascination. I’d rather spend time (on a friendly basis) with him than with any good-looking idiot.

    As for romance – Dita did choose him, so somehow there must be something. Still, I have a thing for commitment, so I wouldn’t go for him.

    • michele says:

      I like how you did not dog on their attraction to eachother. I have to admit I find Marlyn Manson sexy, but I don’t find Brad Pitt sexy, should not mean I sould condemn them or talk crap about their attracion to that person. So thank you for not being like the others and saying how beauty is standardized by a certain criteria. Thank you

  17. Hel says:

    I can’t imagine wanting to get up close and personal with him, but having seen him interviewed on several occasions I think he is a very bright and thoughtful man.

  18. Tia says:

    Let’s face it, nowadays the cool thing is to be different. She doesnt want same ole, same ole. I don’t get it but if they are happy then that is wonderful. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to be like a Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or a Spence and Heidi… ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  19. Dingles says:

    Marilyn Manson is one of the most intelligent and interesting “celebrities” out there. Yeah he wears makeup and likes to cause a stir, because he lives his art. I don’t blame Evan, or anyone, for finding that attractive.

  20. for_realz says:

    MM may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I applaud him for being his own brand of weird!

    I caught him on an episode of Graham Norton (with the oh so sexy Nigella, and Rhianna), and he was hilarious! Very articulate and you could tell that Nigella was really getting his attention! 🙂

    To each their own~

  21. ChristinaX says:

    The less the media acts shocked about anything these two tools do, the less satisfaction they’ll get.

    Seriously. Without people acting shocked by these two idiots, they would probably just shrivel up and die.

    Fakes. Both of them.

  22. Kat says:

    Well, so much for the make over. I guess she will be going back to that dark, gothic look.

  23. FF says:

    Eh, whatever. I sort of feel that apathy: date whoever, it’s hard to care anymore.

    Just no more Dita imitations.

  24. Aimee says:

    I first heard that Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood were dating back in 2006 and I know they have been on and off together so are they together now or not and I am a huge fan of Marilyn Manson love his new the high end of low cd, hope he makes a new album soon.

  25. Oh man says:

    That dude looks like Lady Gaga!

  26. Isabella says:

    I Love marilyn manson and everything about him. he’s educated, a good singer, and he has the guts to do his own thing. people who hates his for that, Ignore him.