Cover of OK! ‘Jen & Brad Reunion’ (update: more tabs w/ same story)

OK! Magazine has a very compelling exclusive this week with the photos from dying reality star Jade Goody’s wedding. Jade’s story has received a lot of attention in her native England, where she’s well known. The 27 year-old mother is dying of cervical cancer which has spread throughout her body and doctors give her only months to live. She just married her younger partner, Jack Tweed, 21, who was recently released from prison after assault charges and is wearing an electronic monitoring device. Jade is publicizing her illness and letting cameras film part of her struggle, not her death, so that she can earn enough to leave a legacy for her two boys. Her story is a moving one that brings up many moral issues, and was covered in a recent profile in the NY Times.

Jade isn’t as well known in America, though, and nothing quite sells magazines like the unholy trinity of Brad, Angelina and Aniston. OK! is featuring Aniston’s presenting duties at the Oscars as some kind of huge event on their cover. It reads dramatically “Jen & Brad Reunion: Her Smile Was Only For Him.” I think at one point I saw her smile in Brad’s general direction and it’s possible she was making eye contact with him, but it’s also possible she was smiling at her boyfriend, John Mayer, just one row back and a few seats over. It doesn’t matter, though, they’ll focus on poor Jen and how she can’t let Brad go:

After four years of daring comments, “uncool” quips and suggestive remarks, the long anticipated face-to-face meeting between A-list adversaries Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston at the 81st Academy Awards was quietly anti-climatic — with good reason.

“Jen couldn’t have cared less whether Angie was at the Oscars,” an insider tells OK! of their Feb. 22 run-in. “Her mind was fixated on her ex-husband Brad Pitt.”A radiant Jen seemed not to notice her so-called rival Angie, focusing instead on the man who has become a father of six since leaving her in 2005.

And although Jen, 40, appears to have found love again with John Mayer, 31, she is still troubled by the past. “Once her eyes met Brad’s that night, it rekindled all the old feelings,” the source tells OK!. “She has never stopped loving Brad.”

And the feelings may be mutual! “Just because Brad was swept off his feet by Angelina, it didn’t mean he stopped loving Jen,” says the source. “He has this obsession with Angelina and he felt he had to explore a relationship with her.”

However, the 45-year-old star of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button did not intend for his relationship with Angie to become so serious, so soon after his split from Jen.

“Things just seemed to snowball and the next thing Brad knew, he had six kids,” the insider tells OK! of the shocking romance that blossomed on the set of the Jolie-Pitt action flick Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. “There was no turning back.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Maybe when these type of covers stop selling as well the tabloids will stop beating this long dead horse. Jen looked great, she was at the Oscars with her younger lover, who does seem serious about her despite any misgivings we may have about the guy due to his public persona, and everyone has moved on. Brad has a family and a long term partner and it’s more than just an “obsession” with Angelina, the mother of his six kids. He’s not trapped or anything and seems genuinely happy to have a family. It kind of makes your head spin to think of the ways that this whole thing has been blown out of proportion for years.

Both parties have continued it in their own way with their own quotes, though, and these stories about them continue to get plenty of interest and comments. We’ll stop running them when you guys stop paying attention, so if you want us to quit just don’t comment, stop those fingers from typing and don’t hit “submit.” It’s hard to not interpret over a hundred comments as a key that people want to talk about this story. OK! gets that too.

Update: Thanks to Cover Awards for these covers from US Weekly and In Touch, which are all running variations of the same story this week. The National Enquirer, Star, and Life & Style are running Rihanna pregnancy stories and you can learn more about that on Cover Awards. Let us know if you’d like us to cover it. I have a feeling we’ll learn more about that sad story very soon.



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  1. kol says:

    Is this cover supposed to make Angie mad?

    So much drama..geeze

  2. becca says:

    Oh dear lord, this needs to be dropped. I bet the three of them are marveling at the asinine behavior of the media with their past.

  3. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Oh my GOD this needs to stop. I bet you a MILLION DOLLARS that she’s over him and that none of them sit around brooding about any of the other people in this triangle that the media desperately wants everyone to believe is alive and well.

    They have all moved on.

    Maybe the tabs should, too. How long are they going to milk this? It’s four years now. Ten, maybe?

  4. czarina says:

    I don’t mind stories about Brad and Angelina or about Jen Aniston–I am just tired of stories about the “triangle” (as if there were one), or ones that are insulting to everyone’s intelligence (like the OK cover above).
    So, I’m not sure if I should be commenting or not!!!LOL

  5. Renee says:

    Poor Jen, they’re going to put “uncool” on her grave marker.

  6. crab says:

    OMG give me a freaking break!! They are going to milk this to death!!!

  7. cee says:

    These rags are best used as toilet paper or to wrap old fish. What is wrong with them other than they are trying to take peoples hard earned cash by printing this foolishness. I am tired of the triangle. So is most of America except for those who will always be jealous of Angie’s life. She has a man who loves her and a family she loves. Angie did not chase Brad around the world, Brad chased Angie. Tell the truth if you were Angie would you have kept running. “OF COURSE NOT!!!!! He is Brad Pitt and he wants me.

  8. Ash says:

    I’m just happy Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green split up.

  9. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh lord these magazines are getting desperate for sales-I’ve never seen a celebrity break up story go on this long! This shit happens all the time in Hollywood and it’s big news for a while and then it’s dropped. Seeing them drag it out this long makes me sick of all of them-and feel bad for them at the same time.

  10. Kaiser says:

    Good Lord, what did Aniston do to piss off US Weekly? That’s the worst pic I’ve seen of her in a loonnng time. So UNCOOL.

  11. Sauronsarmy says:

    Can anybody tell these people it’s 2009 not 2005.

  12. mamafogle says:

    Kaiser, the InTouch photo of her was worse. But the both make Angenlina look a little smug. I’m sure that was the idea….

    The tabloids just can’t handle the idea that two people who used to be married would be civil, courteous, or *gasp* warm towards each other across an auditorium after being divorced for four years. If they have indeed moved on and are happy with other people now, then it wouldn’t be so crazy for them to feel secure being polite to each other if they so chose.

  13. The Old KC says:

    I don’t mean to accidentally step on a land mine here – I know weighing in on one side of the Jennifer vs. Brangelina fence on this site can mean everyone starts pouring on the Haterade – but just observing Jennifer’s facial expressions and body language while she was presenting with Jack Black at the Oscars, she came across to me as very tense and almost angry. Almost like she was talking through clenched teeth. I did not think their banter was carefree, witty and relaxed as it should have been – although I’m sure at least some of her tension came from Jennifer feeling that people like me would pick apart her facial expressions and body language! But although I agree with everyone that this whole thing is so 2005, I think this continues to affect Jennifer today – probably more because of Jennifer’s sensitivity to all the tabloid coverage than it really being Jennifer refusing to let go. Getting up out of my fake psychologist armchair now – it’s an annoying habit of mine, sorry.

  14. kap says:

    The reason we’re still talking about this over 4 years later is that JA and her PR team want us talking about this. They’re the ones keeping this triangle alive. Why did she have to present this year? So that all anyone would be talking about is her, not the Oscar winners. It keeps her relevant and she’ll never let it go. Liz Taylor didn’t take this much heat and Debbie Reynolds had two little babies when Fisher left her. Heard she’ll be filming in NY for the next couple of months (just like the JPs) so that no story will be about them without including her somehow. Trust me, it will never end!

  15. MSat says:

    Of course she was nervous. She knew that everyone would be dissecting her every word, facial expression and movement while she was on that stage. But if she had declined the opportunity to present, people would have dogged her for that, too. It’s hard being the jilted wife. You just can’t win. Either people look at you as a victim and feel sorry for you, or they revile you as the “woman scorned.” I don’t think Jennifer is either of those things anymore. She should be allowed to get on with her life and not be scrutinized. But it won’t happen.

  16. PJ says:

    For someone who’s allegedly still in love with Brad, Jennifer did a great job of pretending to be in love with John Mayer, whom she was cuddled up with all evening. Mayer looks way cooler than Brad these days, and he’s a lot smarter and more interesting.

    This line made me ROFL: “Once her eyes met Brad’s that night, it rekindled all the old feelings.” Straight out of a cheesy romance novel!

  17. NotBlonde says:

    Nonsense and more nonsense.

    Some of the comments here: wow. Still trying to keep that triangle going, huh?

    Celebitchy: thank you for not having a biased tone. This is how you write an article about the UnHoly Trinity, Kaiser.

  18. I refuse to believe that Aniston is still hung up on Brad Pitt due to the fact that the Octo-mommy has a monopoly on crazy & there’s just not that much stupid to go around right now.

  19. Annie says:

    I’m over this. Can we please cease and desist? LOL

    Damn tabloids are just grasping at straws now.

  20. IvyMades says:

    @ PJ:
    “Mayer looks way cooler than Brad these days, and he’s a lot smarter and more interesting. ”

    Seriously? Seriously?

    This is John Mayer, the fame whore. Last summer he publicly dished to the Paps about his breakup with Aniston. He kisses and tells on all his exes. He is a talented musician, but more interesting and smarter than Brad Pitt?

    I’d have to disagree with you there.

    Anyway, I though Angie and Brad looked great. I though Jen did good as a presenter. I don’t think she smiled at Brad.

    Let it go people!

  21. Lord of Thunder says:

    NotBlonde – completely agree…and I’ll say it again :

    Celebitchy: thank you for not having a biased tone. This is how you write an article about the UnHoly Trinity, Kaiser.

  22. raven says:

    Why did JA present at the Oscars? That’s like asking why did the chicken cross the road? She presented because she was asked.

    I watched this and didn’t see anything other than an attempt to be funny with Jack Black. The camera panned to AJ and she was laughing appropriately at the joke.

    It’s been 4 years since Brad and JA split up. I can’t think of any other triangle that has lasted this long in the eyes of the media. In my former profession, we would call this perseveration.

  23. torietee says:

    This is just getting silly . However, the OK! article makes Jen look really sad. I bet she’s not though. What can the girl do? No matter who she hooks up with we will still be hearing stories about Jen being so in love with Brad.

    Obviously, the Jen , Brad and Angelina story sells and sells. And as long as it’s shifting magazines we will be hearing about it for some time to come.

  24. Autumm Leaves says:

    I guess you can get blood from a rock. The tabs are squeezing the life out of this “triangle”. Thank you for your unbiased tone of this issue Celebitchy. The tabs sure use eye catching and provocative headlines to sell, but this story has nothing left.

  25. Lizzy says:

    Too true MSAT, she’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Just look at what kap said. Jen presented at the Oscars just so that that everyone would talk about her and AJ and BP? And she’s filming in NY specifically to annoy AJ/BP? Please. She’s just living her life. They all are. And I 3rd that:

    Celebitchy: thank you for not having a biased tone. This is how you write an article about the UnHoly Trinity, Kaiser.

  26. Christina says:

    man i wonder how utterly annoying this must be for the trio…

  27. Mairead says:

    Oh Sweet Suffering Jesus! I don’t know whether those covers make me want to set fire to every single last one of them or poke my eyes out with a rusty paperclip or both!

    I mean, in the history of made-up horseshit, this is a surreally big dung-heap of the stuff – aside from the fact that the quoted article is woefully written – seriously, since when did passive-agressive jibes become “daring comments” or whinging become “quips”?

    My support of Aniston is dwindling (I’ve traditionally held a fairly neutral opinion of her), but to make her out as this pathetic is beyond character assassination and I hope she sues them for defamation of character and wins just to hurt those morons and their profit margins.

    CB, I am not enjoying the unbiased tone of this articel. Please take notes from Kaiser *rolleyes*

    (not being nasty at you CB, but I’ve no patience with ganging up on Kaiser).

  28. michelllle says:

    “Celebitchy: thank you for not having a biased tone. This is how you write an article about the UnHoly Trinity, Kaiser”.

    here here!

  29. Kaiser says:

    Thanks, Mairead!

    Team Aniston chicas: If you don’t like it, don’t read it. There’s not a gun to your heads, sweethearts.

  30. Granger says:

    The Old KC: I agree about the tense, clenched teeth thing. Aniston already has that habit of not opening her mouth very wide when she talks (she holds a lot of tension in her jaw), but it was much worse at the Oscars. I’m sure she was nervous — god knows I would be. It’s a strange habit, though, that I’m surprised she hasn’t worked harder at correcting.

  31. NotBlonde says:

    Kaiser: I like my celebrity gossip. I can read what I want and I can criticize your choices in how you write your articles if I want, it’s a free country.

    Apparently a lot of people agree with me. You don’t have to do anything about it, as it is a free country, but I can also continue to be annoyed with it and talk about it.

  32. michellle says:

    With all due respect to the following ladies…

    Criticizing biased writing distorted by bogus information hardly makes one “Team Aniston”. Rather, it’s merely an attempt to point out the annoying commentary in an article, (ie. Brangelina/Mayerston Smackdown thread.)

    Heated exchanges among posters is one thing, actually it often makes the thread. Although, the slanted perspective of the article itself is not worthy of a relatively thoughtful gossip blog like CB. What’s next, articles by Ned? God help us all. Save it for D-listed or Just Jared.

    Perhaps you should take your own advice, there’s no gun to your head either. If it’s too much for you, don’t read the posts that follow your articles.

    “(I’ve traditionally held a fairly neutral opinion of her)”.

    As someone who often looks forward to your input, I’ve got to ask; you’re joking…right?

    For the record, I like both actresses for different reasons – apples & oranges as far as I’m concerned.

  33. Lord of Thunder says:

    Kaiser,honey,I don’t think you understand the point here. It has nothing to do with Team Aniston or Team Jolie or Team Whoever(I, for one, couldn’t care less)
    When you write an article, when you report something, it should stay neutral.If I wanted a biased opinion, I’d read the article directly from the tabloid reporting it instead of coming here. If you want to share your own opinion, I believe that’s what the “Comment” section is for.

    Celebitchy, I used to love coming here just to browse through the articles, look at the photos and enjoy a break but now it’s just turning into a place where “if you don’t like it, just don’t read it” rules.It’s getting so tiring that I’m starting to skip all the articles signed by certain people.It’s not as fun as it used to be.It’s a shame.

  34. Mairead says:

    Michellle – Mairead:
    “(I’ve traditionally held a fairly neutral opinion of her)”.
    As someone who often looks forward to your input, I’ve got to ask; you’re joking…right?

    No not at all – sometimes I defended Jennifer Aniston, sometimes I criticised her. I’m pretty confident that a reading of my comments over the past couple of years will be consistent with that – sure often I’ve made a wisecrack I couldn’t resist, but I’m sure she’ll survive. In fact I’ve been known to lambaste Angelina when I didn’t agree with something she was rumoured to have done (she supposedly told Brad to give up his art or some crap).

    Well, I’m assuming it’ll read that way as I didn’t mind her, per se, until quite recently. But I DID mind how she allowed her press to be handled, to the point where all these “friends” constantly bleating on about AJ wearing mascara would make her cry because she couldn’t wear non-waterproof mascara for crying over Brad so much, blah blah blah.

    And her fans acting like the worst thing in the world was an alleged affair – I pointed out on at least one occassion that there were much worse things he could have done… like beat 7 bells out of her after an awards ceremony and just before her birthday in a public place.

    But lately – since about October – I’m finding her interviews especially in print as being very passive-agressive and i’m not much more fond of her live interviews either, so whatever limited support I had is fading. But in the interests of fair play if I think she’s being treated unfairly by the press then i’ll defend her – like I did in this post.

    Oh – and thanks for the nice feedback 😀

  35. MSat says:

    I’m not team Aniston or Jolie. I’m team common sense. I think it is possible to like both actresses for various reasons, and leave all of the stupid messy love triangle BS out of it. I honestly don’t think either of these women are trying to play this up in the media. The media is doing all the heavy lifting there – because even after all this time, people still flock to it.

    Once upon a time, feelings were hurt, hearts were broken, and people were less than honest about what happened. I do believe that. But I also think that all of the parties involved are over it. We should be, too.

  36. Bodhi says:

    Team Kaiser!! Team Mairead!! :mrgreen:

    There are WAY too many people who take this shit WAY too seriously. Chill out

  37. Maritza says:

    I know that most of what is said about JA and Brangelina are mostly lies but I just can’t get enough of them. Part of me wishes Brad and Jennifer would at least be good friends again, somehow I think that is what they both miss, their friendship. Angelina has him tied down with the kids and know he’s not going anywhere but I bet she does not like him talking to Jennifer.

  38. Lem says:

    maybe just a sticky post over in the corner so all the fine folks can get whatever they need to out of their system. They could take a month or two and rail about the trinity (really we’re calling them a trinity?)At some point there has to be nothing left to say about the three of them as the three of them (which I think we passed a few years ago)
    Personally I like the articles about them as czarina said. And have had more than enough of the articles that link them. I usually don’t read the comments though as even a Tim Gunn post turned into JA/AJ debachle
    Since we have MSAT Kaiser and CB on the boards; it somehow is still a hot topic. SO I say have at it people, go wild and for the love of all things gossip get it out of your system once and for all. Think of how much room we’d have for something juicier.
    I’m still going to mostly skip trinity comments until the sex tape comes out.

  39. Christina says:

    i’m pretty thrilled to see how many proficient mind readers we have in the world since these “insiders” seem to have insight into every thought and emotion unfolding in these peoples’ heads *eyeroll*

  40. Lem says:

    more half naked Matty McC
    more Pink/carey hart
    Less of that douche JA is pretending to date
    less of the original unholy trinity Paris, LL & Brit’s bit’s
    Don’t ask us, we like your site, that’s why were here.
    Keep up the good work, all the writers!

  41. DD says:

    jolie looks like a wax figure on that US cover. how the hell does she get herself to look so waxy these days?

  42. geronimo says:

    Bodhi – “There are WAY too many people who take this shit WAY too seriously. Chill out.”

    Bodhi – true voice of reason! 😛

  43. RAN says:

    I wasn’t going to post because the article said not to if I was sick of this nonsense, but I’d like to clarify. I don’t mind the articles about any of them – what I DO mind is the stupid stuff — “Angelina painted her nails. Jen was devastated about it and is throwing a ‘pity party”, “Jen still wants kids with Brad, Angelina wants to watch”, etc… It’s just dumb.

    Let’s hear about some actual gossipy (strive for intelligent and witty) news – not made up stuff to get us to the thread and then irritate the crap out of us.

  44. daisy424 says:

    I’m with Lem, I’ll wait for the sex tape also.
    Good to see you back on Bodhi!

  45. j. ferber says:

    Has anyone on this site heard from vdantev lately? I miss his pithy comments.