Are Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin living together already?

Jennifer Lawrence

I’m down with more Martin Lawrence speculation to end the week. None of it may be true, but this relationship rollout lends itself to fun gossip. I have no problem believing that the romance is real (although Jennifer Lawrence choosing Chris Martin is still a shock). They happened very fast, but perhaps the public has pushed them together in a way. That’s only a theory. When one attempts to avoid the paparazzi, there’s little to do but seek out private moments. Private gyms & at-home pizza pigouts meet little interference from the outside world. This could have cranked up the intensity and timeline up for JLaw & Chris.

This week’s issue of Star says that JLaw is living with Chris in Malibu: “No one has seen Chris this smitten in years. Moving in together makes sense.” I doubt Jennifer has moved in with him. There’s a huge difference between sleeping over for days at a time and having one’s mail forwarded. With the paps watching, it’s probably easier to spend the night, you know? Like I said, public interest could cause these two to move faster than they otherwise would.

Radar also has a tasteless story about how — unlike what we’ve heard already — Chris really wants to introduce JLaw to the two children he fathered with Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s a massive amount of shade about Goop turning 42 and feeling “stunned” by this revelation. This story makes me feel sorry for Goop:

As Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday looms this Saturday, the Goop founder is shocked after estranged husband Chris Martin has told her of his plans to introduce their two children, Apple and Moses, to his girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence, is exclusively reporting.

Despite dating for only two months, “Chris has fallen hard for Jen, and they are having a lot of fun together,” an insider told Radar. “It’s happened very fast, and it’s extremely intense. Apple and Moses haven’t met their dad’s girlfriend, yet. Chris hasn’t been discussing the relationship with Gwyneth, out of respect.”

But the Iron Man star allegedly was shocked to learn that Coldplay’s lead singer would be willing to introduce his kids to his Oscar-winning girlfriend so soon!

“Gwyneth was absolutely stunned when Chris told her he wants to introduce the kids to Jennifer,” the source revealed. “It won’t be happening right away, Chris wants to make sure this relationship is going to just fizzle out before taking such a big step.”

“He sees this relationship going the distance,” the source says. “This has been a huge blow to Gwyn’s ego because she has always bragged that she has Chris wrapped around her finger.”

On Saturday, Paltrow will turn 42, and will most likely spend the day with her children and estranged hubby. “[Paltrow and Martin] will put on a united front for the kids,” the source added.

Gwyn’s ego has also taken a hit because “Jen is just 24, almost twenty years younger than her! Being the hottest actress on the planet doesn’t help Gwyn. But Gwyn has something Jen doesn’t, two kids with Chris, and she won’t let him forget that,” the insider claimed.

[From Radar Online]

Ugh. Chris shouldn’t be introducing JLaw (or any woman he dates) to his kids yet. He and Gwyneth aren’t even divorced yet! Kids shouldn’t be exposed to a revolving door of significant others. That’s not fair to them. There’s no way for Chris to know if this relationship with “go the distance” after a few months of dating. Plus … Jennifer will be departing soon for the Mockingjay tour. She’ll be on the road for months. We’ll see if she and Chris stay hot and heavy when they don’t see each other all the time.

Kaiser covered the recent story that Goop drew up a strict schedule for Chris to split his time between his family and his girlfriend. Good. On most issues (mostly the Goop food and cleansing fixation), I giggle at Gwyneth for being so strict with herself. She’s correct here. JLaw doesn’t need to meet Chris’ kids for a long time.

Chris Martin

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  1. Ag says:

    i’m sure this is all going to go very well. (no, it isn’t.)

  2. mia girl says:

    I agree that it’s too early to introduce… but I imagine their kids know already that he is dating her. I can see at least one kid at school asking Apple or Moses if their dad is dating Katniss.

    • Charlie says:

      Yeah, the relationship is so public, the kids must know everything, so why not introduce them?

      I’m still annoyed by the fact that everyone acts like she’s too good for him.

      • minime says:

        she IS too good for him 😉

      • Charlie says:

        Why? Coldplay is super successful, and he comes across as really funny and self-deprecating in interviews. Plus, I think he’s very good looking.
        She on the other hand seems like a handful, she has said so many problematic things but everyone ignores them and her only really great performance was in Winter’s Bone. She’s one of the most overyhyped celebrities out there.
        She is very pretty, that is true.

      • minime says:

        I was kinda of kidding but I do think he is as obnoxious as Goop is, if not even more. I don’t find him funny or interesting. And talking about overhyped I think that serves as well to Coldplay. But well, opinions are like armpits and so on…I understand people differ in their opinions. I find Jennifer Law. a pretty good actress though overhyped for sure. Still, she is very young (and I do find her funny and interesting), and I think she could do better than a guy that was never a catch with such a baggage. I think it’s funny when people love to shade Goop but always paint him as a saint that endured a horrible wedding. He chose Goop and he liked the ride. It says as much of him as of her.

      • Aura says:

        I don’t think she’s too good for him. If they had met pre-Goop, or if he was single and no kids, they would definitely be on a par. But he comes with a *lot* of baggage, and as someone who has a *lot* of options, it just seems strange that she has chosen him

      • Charlie says:

        Oh, just to be clear, I also don’t mind Goop. She’s an elitist snob, but at least she doesn’t pretend to be something else. Plus, I though she was stunning when she was young.

      • hopy says:

        she comes off as a pathological liar

    • LK says:

      Give JLaw some credit here. I doubt she even wants to be introduced to the kids. If she is, i imagine the first thing she’d do upon being introduced is facepalming them like she did Emma Watson.

  3. aims says:

    Do not introduce the girlfriend to the kids!! I can’t say that enough. It’s a really bad idea. Keep things separate until you’ve been dating for a while. Don’t introduce the kids to anyone who’s only been dating for a very little while.

    • Linn says:

      That’s certainly the right way for non-famous people but I’m not sure if that would be the right idea in this case.

      The children possibly know that Chris is dating Jennifer due to the media reports so meeting the actual person instead of reading distorted stories in some magazine or hearing about her from friends might be a good idea.

      Who knows, maybe the children actually want to meet her.

      That is if the story is true, which doens’t seem very likely to me.

  4. LadyMTL says:

    Yeah, if this story is at all true then I would agree that it’s way too soon. I remember after my parents split it was a good while before I met my dad’s new gf, and that was fine with me. I knew about her, but that was it.

    Kids need time to adjust to all of the changes going on, the last thing they want is to have to play nice with “the new girl” when they’re probably still confused, sad, and etc.

  5. Hautie says:

    I see that Goop has her phone set for quick dial to the tabloids. She needs to go have a seat and let this be.

    Again I ask… how is it that so many stories are getting out about Chris and his dating life. That some how always tend to make Gwyneth the star? And I find it hard to believe this new “story” about him wanting the kids to meet Lawrence.

    The man spent his entire marriage… running from the paps. Avoided getting photograph with the Goop the entire marriage. But now… somehow… his personal life and dating habits with Lawrence is all over the weekly’s.

    (IE: the paparazzi knew exactly what airplane hanger… that private jet with him and Jennifer was going to drive in, last weekend.)

    Goop is determine to ruin what ever is going on with Lawrence. Or at least control 6 days out of 7… of Chris’ life.

    • Alex says:

      I agree. For notoriously private people (both managed to keep long term relationships under wraps) we seem to know everything about this relationship. And the first “confirmed” sighting is from a private plane hanger leaving into two cars. It just reads like massive PR wave.
      Not that it’s working because Jen looks worse and worse with each new story

    • Tristan says:

      Like Mila and Ashton and now they are happy and people like them. Or like Angie e Brad. people dating even before files for divorce

  6. Josefa says:

    I still want to believe this is all just the media pulling a prank on Goop.

  7. rollmyeyes says:

    Both are riding this PR wave really hard. Both are so annoying.

  8. Kiddo says:

    I dedicate this song to Kitten (original and extra strength) for her love of this coupling:

    Peanut butter, ham or brie, live together in perfect harmony. Side by side on a sandwich, why can’t we?

    • blue marie says:

      Is the extra strength with jelly?

    • SuperDuperKitten says:

      Peanut butter, ham, and brie, sometimes things should never be. Roast beef and nutella don’t get along, sometimes two things don’t belong. Salami and butterscotch are never friends, sometimes two things just cannot blend. Delicious sandwiches are really swell, but terrible sandwiches should rot in hell.

      • Alex says:

        *applause* 🙂

      • KickassKiddowhoisfriendswihExtraStrengthKitten says:

        Oh come on, You always reference them (Chris and Jen) as peanut butter and ham. I took some liberty with brie so it would rhyme. Now I know the fact that you put those things together in your mind, peanut butter and ham, it had to have happened in real life, where you had some wildly stoned munchy misadventure, at some point where you thought, “Hmm, not bad”.

      • SuperDuperKitten says:

        The Scientist and Hunger Games, together they are very lame. Farting jokes and Goopy wives, offending all our peasant lives. Ticking Clocks and Winter’s Bone, make me want to scream and moan. Uncoupling and bad rape jokes, Martin Lawrence give me a stroke. Although it sounds irrational, these two are worse than George and Amal.

        PS-I don’t get the munchies from weed anymore, friend. In college I did eat beans covered in vinegar right out of the can one night though. In my defense, it was after several gravity bong hits.

      • Kiddo says:

        SuperDuperKitten, good job. I think we should sell of our songs to Taylor Swift. Just think royalties!

        That’s not even the weirdest thing I’ve eaten while completely sober. I feel like a freak now.

  9. QQ says:

    Sounds like a crock of sh-t but i’m gonna get my life couns laughing like a witch if it’s true

  10. Birdix says:

    This really reads like fiction… but one of the hardest things about divorce, and it tends to make people a little nutty, is introducing new significant others. A friend’s ex had the kids hanging out with the new side piece and lying about it to their mother for a month–all while they were meeting with a therapist to try to make the divorce easier on the kids. It can be the worst intersection of ego and desire for freedom with loss and desire for control. Ack–this is the second time this week I feel for Goop! Hopefully she’s behind the scenes, pulling our puppet strings, trying to get sympathy.

  11. Wilma says:


    This just feels so wrong.

  12. kri says:

    The more I think about this the more weird it seems. I’m thinking this will be a quick fling. The power of GOOP is too might to overcome.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I could see JL getting pregnant very quickly, if she isn’t already….this baby will overshadow the Goopster.

  13. Candy Love says:

    I’m calling BS on this story. For one if The kids have meet Jen Goop would have made some type of comment. Lady week there was a story that the kids haven’t meet Jen because they both thought it was too soon.

  14. Skins says:

    She must be one of those chicks who gets all ga-ga over a british accent. Can’t see what else she would see in this guy. Looks skelator-ish

  15. InvaderTak says:

    This whole thing makes me feel sorry for Goopy. Is that what this is about? Making her more sympathetic? She’s really taking it from the press. I’m surprised Jennifer’s people haven’t said anything because she’s becoming more unlikable with every story. I guess that could be different on other sites, but around here she’s getting a bad rep from all this. Her Americas sweetheart image is waning.

    • Alexis says:

      Her people never comment on these stories. She said on the red carpet during SLP promo that she once had to choose between “dating” Bradley Cooper or Sam Claflin. And since she knew Sam’s wife she picked Bradley. That PR romance lasted for months until SLP red carpet when they both shot the rumors down

      • InvaderTak says:

        Her people have manufactured stuff before and she admitted it? Thats interesting. My point was that her people might want to throw Goop some sort of bone somehow to make jennifer look better and GP not so stuffy. It’s starting to reflect badly on JL that Goop is taking so badly in the press. Go with a story like JL is taking all of Goops advice and directions about her kids. Or they did a cleanse together and are totally cool with each other. And maybe its just the sites I read where the backlash is happening. She isn’t doing herself any favors in some peoples opinions.

      • Alexis says:

        No I’ve seen backlash in multiple sites. Its there for sure. I just put that comment for the people who say Jen doesn’t do PR. She has before. Everyone does it

    • Rita says:

      i don’t see a backlash toward JLaw. The media and pubblic love her very much

      • Lauren says:

        Jen is very savvy and doesn’t seem easily intimidated. Chris is very intelligent and comes from an upper class – educated family.
        It is disturbing when Chris is constantly being disparaged. There is no damn way Goop would have got pregnant and married Chris if he wasn’t exceptional.

        Jen and Chris both have a goofy sense of humor, and Chris’ ego must be stoked by Jen’s affections.
        Gwyneth must be livid – she is accustomed to controlling everyone in her life. But Chris has his freedom now, and is shagging the confident-athletic-dorito Princess of Hollywood whom has an insane body.
        Goop ‘ s shackles are gone for good.

    • Susan says:

      Most of “backlash” is on just jared (a site full of crazy people) and joshifer fan.

      • Alex says:

        I don’t even go to that site. But I’ve seen it other places like US for one. Some people don’t like when married people jump into new relationships. Combine that with people being tired of Jen already and yes there is some backlash

      • Susan says:

        But on US there is hate toward Goop and her PR team. There are the same people who write comments about divorce. No, for me there isn’t a backlash. Now people love her more because they feel that she suffers from pervs hacker

      • Alex says:

        They can hate Goop too but Jen has been pretty clean in her career so far. This is throwing people off in dislike. Just saying I have seen it…Its not outright negative but this is a mixed bag reaction
        But I agree people do feel sorry for her (as they should) because of the hacking

  16. Jules says:

    Baloney to this fan fiction. C’mon…this is fan fiction possibly created by Goop, and of course, Stephen Huvane.

  17. Steph says:

    Every story about these two reads like bad fanfiction. Jen didn’t even move in with her long term bf so I doubt she’s living with Chris at this point. And she lives in Malibu herself! So all that crap about her leaving his place (no evidence of that she was spotted at a store) could be her leaving her own house…shocked I know.
    I still think these two are taking advantage of PR at this point. The sheer amount if stories about them is ridiculous at this point and no one knows if they are actually dating. And if they are…Chris you’re a douchebag if you introduce her to your kids. You’re not even separated from your wife yet. The kids are young and this would be a hard time. This whole thing makes Jen look pretty terrible IMO. She’s in the middle of a mess PR or not

  18. Hannah says:

    This couple is about as private as George and Amal. Every day there are 20 new stories about them. Jen was never this public with nick. It’s just weird.

  19. Cinderella says:

    I still think this is PR stuff.

    I thought he was in love with Alexa Chung? That just vanished into thin air. Are his “people” replacing Goop with another A-lister since Alexa is not on that level? If so, that would be sad.

  20. tump says:

    I agree that the intensity of the relationship may be driving it hard and fast, especially if Martin was good to her during the first mega- wave of phone leaks. I can’t stand his music, but he’s smart (first class degree in Classics from London Uni – not very usual in HW, I would have thought) and presumably more mature than most of JLaw’s other options. I also don’t think it’s terribly bad PR for her – the general reaction is incomprehension, not condemnation. She’s still too good for him, though – and hooking up with a dad with two kids while under media siege may not be the best foundation for a stable relationship.

  21. Tristan says:

    The attention on this couple is because Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest star on the planet and this is the first time that she is with someone that not is Hoult. Then public and media are curious and maybe in a morbid way

  22. Autobot says:

    “No one has seen Chris this smitten in years.” Oh really? Compared to his decade with Gwyneth or his many flings?

  23. Lux says:

    I only skim read but didn’t the story the other day say she hadn’t met his kids? How can you be living with someone if you haven’t met their children?

  24. Nicole says:

    Well now supposedly someone took photos of her moving into a new place…supposedly with photos. So I guess we will find out this weekend. I don’t foresee this going well for her if she moves in with a married man after a couple months. People already are not into this situation and people are getting tired of these two and Jen herself.

  25. Mary Jane says:

    I don’t see the big deal in introducing his kids to his “friend?”
    I find it more disturbing that they would be considering living together aftre only two months.