Jennifer Lopez vs. Reese Witherspoon: who worked red better at the Variety event?


Here are some photos from the Variety 2014 Power Of Women event held on Friday. Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and Viola Davis were all honored, and they all came out. There was a definite “ladies’ night” feel to the event, but it was nice. The fashion? Not great. First up: Jennifer Lopez in Valentino. I’m okay with the red and black. I’m okay with it being a minidress. I’m more than okay with the sleeves. I’m even okay with the animal print. But it feels like the collar is overkill, right? It’s just one styling trick too far.


Here’s Reese Witherspoon in another red – this is Dolce&Gabbana. Believe it or not, this might be my favorite look of the evening. That’s not saying much, I know. But I like this a lot. I tend to like Reese in either very clean, minimalist looks or very vintage-y 1950s stuff. This feels vintagey too me.


Viola in Escada. This looks like a half-assed version of a Roland Mouret design. I would love to see Viola rock some clean Mouret styles, because this Escada isn’t cutting it. I like her in pale blue, but I’m not feeling the darting or the neckline. The shoes are kind of bad too. I hate to say this about my love Viola, but she could do way better than this.


Easily my least favorite look of the event: Lizzy Caplan in Elie Saab. All of this is just NO. The white lace panels look horrible, and I’m sorry but the only time white lace panels are allowed is on wedding gowns. The lace on the skirt is unnecessary and I have no idea what’s happening with that collar and faux-blouse effect. It’s like she’s wearing a “work dickie” with an ugly wedding dress.


Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan. Her body looks crazy. The dress is surprisingly cute, mostly because the bubble-gum pink feels refreshing. The fit is great too.


Eva Longoria in a lovely burgundy Cushnie et Ochs dress. Great color on her, kind of boring silhouette.


I just wanted to include Teri Hatcher because chica needs to PUT DOWN THE BOTOX.


Photos courtesy of Fame/flynet.

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Words I thought I’d never say – I think Stacey Keebler looks the best. Viola next. I guess Reese next, though I have never liked the combination of red and black except on little girls’ red coats with a black velvet collar. JLo looks tacky, the styling is awful – those claws, the hair, the earrings. She just has the most amazing body combined with the worst taste. What a waste.

    • Frida_K says:

      I think that J-Lo looks frighteningly like Paula Patton in that dress, what you think?

      I agree with your assessment of who looks best and worst and I, too, am a little taken aback to think that my first pick of who looks best is Stacey Keebler.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yeeeees. I completely see it!

      • Betty says:

        Yes, I could totally see PP rocking J.Lo’s dress. I agree that Stacy looks the best, but even her dress underwhelmed me. All of these looks are either ugly, overdone or boring. Yikes.

    • Fan says:

      I think Stacy Keebler looks amazing most of the time. She has one great body.

    • JEZ says:

      She’s tacky and a slut as well.

  2. Esmom says:

    Viola for the win. I love Reece’s dress, just not on her and not with those shoes. Stacy’s dress is pretty, I love a nice sleeve and those embellishments.

    Eva Longoria looks different, maybe refreshed a bit? Teri Hatcher has looked overly tweaked for a while now, so sad.

    • eva says:

      I hate those shoes with the tiny strap, they always look as though their feet are about to slide out the front, and toes never look good in them.

    • Froggy says:

      Yes! I didn’t recognize Eva. Face looks so different.

    • hadlyB says:

      I was just going to say that! Her face looks very different … like her but not her. I wonder what she had done. She’s not scary looking but obviously had something done.

  3. Tig says:

    I love Reece’s dress, Viola’s and Stacy’s. So agree with prior assessment of JLo- incredible body and bad taste in clothes. Eva’s smile really lights up a room.

  4. Abbott says:

    I love Viola but her dress looks like the one that all the Housewives own and wear in their interviews. The one with the asymmetric collar?

  5. COSquared says:

    Eva tends to turn awesome gowns into something…Miss USA-ish. She needs to learn that certain silhouettes don’t work for us petite girls.

  6. Lucy2 says:

    I like Reese’s, Eva’s and Viola’s.
    Wow, Teri.

  7. zut alors! says:

    I like what Viola Davis is wearing, but I wish she had selected a different style of shoe. I thought the hoof style was passe and they look a tad too big.

  8. Nene says:

    This is kinda harsh but Teri looks like a mannequin of her former self. I can’t believe she is the same woman in Tomorrow Never Dies with Pierce Brosnan. Yes, age happens but it’s better to do it gracefully or do the ‘tox very subtily.
    In the famous words of Juliette Binoche “Botox makes people look older. You look at women who have had it and you see the fear of aging on their face.” She couldn’t be more right.

    I hate black and red combo, it looks kinda weird unless on Halloween then it’s totally ok.

    And am so over J.Lo and her constant pulled back hairstyle.

    • redvixen says:


    • Lucinda says:

      Teri started overdoing the Botox years ago during Desperate Housewives. The last couple seasons. Yikes! She was a really beautiful woman but not so much now.

    • hadlyB says:

      JLO does it, Reese does it, so many have Botox and have had for years. Whoever is doing the Ps on JLo I want his number because she looks great. She has had work done over the years but it looks good and she still looks like herself!

      I wonder why Teri looks so scary? It can’t be JUST Botox … her face is odd like its melting.

  9. Luca76 says:

    Maybe it’s a wierd pic but Eva looks like she did something to her face.

  10. katP says:

    Maybe it’s too early on a Sunday morning but I really like Lizzy’s dress on her. I think it’s pretty and feminine and looks flattering on her. Although I will say it would’ve looked better without the blouse-y collar. Then again I love Lizzy and might be biased here.

  11. Brionne says:

    Stacy Keibler looks the best. Jlo looks good but I agree the collar is too much. I feel like Viola could’ve chosen a more flattering color. That shade isn’t doing it for me. The wig is too much as well. A tame wig would be less overpowering. I like the cut of Reece’s dress but not the color combo.

  12. Someonestolemyname says:

    Stacey Keepler, Viola Davis and Eva Longoria all look great.
    JLO’s dress is pretty but is a tad too short for her and somehow doesn’t work on her great figure, not sure why though?

  13. Ag-UK says:

    I thought Hatcher was Janice Dickenson scary. Just stop people with fillers and Botox.

  14. whatsmyname? says:

    I like Stacy the best, nothing intresting here. What’s up with all the ugly shoes? ughh

  15. sesame says:

    I love Lizzy Caplan’s look. The dress is not white, but a pale green/mint color …

    Also like J.Lo’s collar, it adds something unusual to an otherwise serviceable look.

  16. OTHER RENEE says:

    Eva looks great. Teri looks terrifying, like a zombie.

  17. Dee says:

    I need some of that J.LO vampire blood. Bloody hell she DOES NOT AGE at all!!!

    • dipptydo says:

      JLO is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful women on the planet but JLO is hitting the Botox heavy for this outing. The top of her face is not moving.

  18. serena says:

    Another frozen-face.. thanks botox. I wonder what they think when they see these photos.. do they see themselves as beautiful or like the hot mess they are?
    So sad.

  19. Nina says:

    Yet another bizarre fashion post; Jennifer looks fantastic. I hate black and red AND animal print yet it all comes together beautifully in this outfit. The collar is what pulls the whole look together; it takes it from boring mini dress to cool girl sophistication.

    Eva and Stacy look beautiful as well.

  20. Gina says:

    I don’t need to look at any pictures. 45 year old JLo wins any who wore it better contest. The girl is fit and fab.

  21. A Fan says:

    Can we talk about the blocks of cement on Jennifer’s and Viola’s feet?

    Lizzy Caplain’s dress may be awkward, but the shoes are great.

    Stacey Keibler’s dress is cute on her, but the hair needs some help. Blah hair. I give up hair. Housewives of somewhere hair. Bangs would be flattering for her face and the wide expanse of forehead.

    [*No real winners; no real losers*]

  22. Reece says:

    Viola and Stacey look best.
    Hand to Buddha’s Belly I said a little prayer before I got the bottom on JLo picture. I prayed that that thing wasn’t full length. I weirdly like the peter pan collar and slight puff in the shoulders.
    Hate Reece’s dress.
    The rest are boring.

  23. melain says:

    They’re all pretty gals. But none of these dresses are notable in my opinion. I want a break from jlo and Reese. They’re boring me and I want to be entertained. It’ all I really want from entertainers. Everyone seems so boring lately. I’m ready for someone new and awesome and genuine.

  24. dipptydo says:

    JLO Beautiful , but face looking a bit botoxed.

  25. Birdie says:

    I don’t care if it’s Botox or not: JLo looks stunning for freaking 45. She looks so young and her skin is beautiful!

    • dipptydo says:

      Yes beautiful absolutely, just getting a bit of the early days Nicole Kidman shiny stretched botoxed look to her skin, but still stunning.

  26. Shantal says:

    I don’t like JLo’s dress, but her body is on point.

  27. Lex says:

    Question: was Viola the one who used to wear wigs and such? Is that a wig there? I cant tell. But if not, whats wrong with her hair that she’d need to cover it?

    Update: nevermind – I looked it up. She said she has alopecia from stress and still wears wigs sometimes. I thought Id remembered her saying she wouldn’t wear them anymore a while back but I have clearly misremembered. She’s so beautiful she could shave her hair off if she wanted and still be stunning

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      She wouldn’t be the only one in Hollywood with a hairpiece of some kind on her head, the rest are just blended in as extensions on “some” of the others.
      Many in Hollywood wear extensions or hair pieces of some kind, on occasion, from Gwyenth Paltrow,,Beyoncé, Rhianna, Jennifer Anniston,Halle Betry, Angela Bassett ,Niki Minaj,JLO, JessicaLange, etc on and on the list is endless, they just don’t talk about it.
      Just saying.

  28. siri says:

    Stacy, by far. A bit over-tanned, like most of the time, but she looks healthy, and radiant, good pick of dress. Eva, beautiful color, but her face…And I love Viola, just that color does nothing for her. JLo’s dress for me is too short, her thighs look kind of heavy, but I don’t like the whole dress anyway.