People Mag’s latest Amal Clooney propaganda piece is spectacular, blatant


Amal Clooney is back in London after her whirlwind trip to Greece earlier this week. You can see the photos of her in London here. Her travel-wear has greatly improved, right? I think she’s basing her newlywed look on one part Duchess Kate and one part Jackie Kennedy. Anyway, there are even more Amal stories, if you can believe it, so let’s get to it.

First of all, Amal was just named the “Most Influential Woman In London” by The Evening Standard, a reasonably conservative UK paper. Amal actually made #4 on the Most Influential list, but she’s the highest ranking woman, thus “most influential woman.” She’s more influential than Victoria Beckham AND Duchess Kate. Kate didn’t even make the list!

Next, a days-old story that I just never got around to writing about, but it is sort of interesting. Apparently, Amal got her new husband a very special wedding gift: expensive Murano cocktail glasses from Venice. George Clooney (Mr. Alamuddin, if you will) admired the Murano glasses that were used during their wedding celebrations, so Amal ordered him a set of 12 at a cost of $100 each. She also bought him a matching set of 12 silk napkins and napkin holders. Because what self-respecting heterosexual man doesn’t want napkin holders, amirite? Admit it, girl. You bought the napkin holders as a gift for yourself. You so fancy, Amal.

And finally, we have this absolutely spectacular piece of pro-Alamooney propaganda courtesy of People Magazine:

Amal Clooney is many things: a high-powered attorney, a budding fashion icon and George’s wife. But beyond the formidable intellect, impressive career and killer style, she is known among her inner circle for her warmth and wit.

“She has a devastating sense of humor,” a close family member tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

The younger daughter of Ramzi Alamuddin, a retired businessman, and Baria, an editor at Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat, she is also a loving aunt to her sister Tala’s children, including niece Mia, 12, and 6-year-old twin nephews Jad and Sari.

“She’s a doting, pampering aunt,” says the family member. “She has a loving heart.”

When it comes to her career, however, she is anything but soft.

“She’s supremely self-confident,” says William Schabas, a law professor at Middlesex University in London, who knows Amal professionally.

While she incites media mania in Greece, where she has been working on a case involving one of the world’s longest-standing cultural property disputes, those who know her say she will harness the spotlight to focus on issues that matter to her. The case, which centers on a collection of Greek masterpieces known as the Elgin Marbles or the Parthenon Marbles, “is very difficult and shows that she is not shying away from controversy,” a legal source says.

Adds a colleague: “She is picking up where the honeymoon temporarily left off. She is back with a vengeance.”

[From People]

Wow. What a blatant attempt to humanize Amal Clooney. Now that People Magazine’s readers (the Minivan Majority) know that she’s a top barrister with great hair AND she’s funny AND she’s a loving aunt, maybe now people will feel better about this hussy who stole America’s Bachelor ™? As for this whole “she doesn’t shy away from controversy” thing… um, I have mixed feelings. While the marble debate is a hot topic in Amal’s hometown (London), it’s a pretty artsy-fartsy #firstworldcontroversy. If she was really into controversy, she should have taken that UN job investigating war crimes between the Palestinians and Israelis. THAT would have been a hotbed of actual controversy. #NoDisrespectToTheNapkinHolders



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kiki says:

    Why is she treated like royalty? She is married to George Clooney, not the Prince of Wales.

    • Queequeg says:

      Geoffrey Robertson is the one who should be treated like royalty! Why is senior counsel walking one step behind her in all these photographs???
      *shaking my head*

      • Greata says:

        Absolutely, spot on. A more professional Amal shold have at least insisted on walking togetherwith her boss. I do not expect her to behave in a subservient manner, with simple good manners.I wonder is this”brilliant,”lawyer knows that she is being used by Clooney, her law firm, and the Greek government. Nah, too busing looking into the camera, and loving the limelight. SMH AS WELL.

      • Marlee says:

        Yet another People promo piece given to the mag directly from George’s PR team. And some peeps wonder why there are doubts about this relationship.

        At least it’s been confirmed that Amal is the YOUNGER sister, which many of us guessed.

        One thought …. Amal’s father was supposedly very worried that she and her work would be over-shadowed by George. Did GC promise her father to not let that happen? Could all this press about her, from day one, be George’s way of making sure Amal is front and center?

      • Ruyana says:

        Is he the one in the last photo with a grimace on his face and his hands ready to throttle her?

      • Steph says:

        This is the announcement I sent around to all of my girlfriends (we’re all lawyers):

      • Klaw says:

        @Steph, Thank you for the link. I love this article! I am also a lawyer.

      • Dolce crema says:

        Really? Is that a thing, that a lawyer team walks in a specific order? I had no idea.

      • snowflake says:

        i know right? what a hussy! how dare she!

      • I'm sorry but says:

        There is no law that a more junior lawyer can’t walk in front of a more senior lawyer. I’m also a lawyer, and used to do international criminal work (eg. genocide trials) and this is not something I’d ever have considered, nor, to be honest, would my more senior colleagues. This complaint smacks of sexism, to be honest.

    • Enuff Said says:

      Love the outfit in top pic…I’m coveting her DOLCE & GABBANA RED LEATHER LARGE ANNA BAG she carried the other day wearing her Oscar de Renta black & white dress…great style!!!

      • Steph says:

        Nice style but she’s soo skinny, too much if you ask me. I lost 20 lbs with Loaded Gun Diet eating all I want, but I’d never go for more.

      • Vava says:

        Loved that outfit and that bag was great!!! Amal is knocking it out of the park with her fashion. Duchess Kate should take note, Amal is way more stylish than Kate ever has been. (Kate should wear looser clothing, nice slacks, lower heels, and more interesting and functional handbags.)

      • FLORC says:

        I’ve never heard of that diet.

      • Not a fan says:

        I thought I was the only person to think she is too skinny. The camera really does add 10lbs so she must be so so skinny.

      • FLORC says:

        She is very thin. Clooney comes into the picture and she appears to have dropped a lot of weight. And she wuit smoking during that time too. Normally people gain post smoking and not just from eating more. Your body processes fat differently.

        I don’t think she has an issue though. In relationships some people gain and some lose. I loss because I wanted to improve my health for a longer life with my mate. I think she’s doing the same.

      • Kosmos says:

        Well, I kinda love the fact that she’s not all about wearing tight and revealing clothing. I admire her for going for a more chic look. However, by now, I am getting a bit tired of the whole Amal thing. She’s just a woman, who happens to be a lawyer, who happens to live in London and has now has married George. Of course, if she had married someone else, most of us would never have heard of her.

    • nikko says:

      George is America’s prince. Not much fun anymore, now that he’s married. You notice that Amal looks much better now that she’s been w/ Clooney, even dresses better (look at some of the first photos of her).

    • joan says:

      I don’t bother to critique this woman because I wouldn’t want to sound like a petty, jealous, spiteful little person hunched over my computer slamming a rich, famous, accomplished woman who just married a movie star.

      I wouldn’t want people to picture me generating that much negative energy against someone I’ll never meet and whose career I don’t even comprehend.

      • DenG says:

        Who might you critique?

      • Ash says:

        Amal is hardly the only person on this site who gets criticized.

      • FLORC says:

        And Amal is far from getting the worst of criticism

      • noway says:

        Yet you don’t mind critiquing the people who post whom you really have no idea of their accomplishments or beauty. Interesting. You do realize the site is Celebitchy, if you want to fawn over people you might feel more at home at People. Here you get some snark.

      • norah says:

        the expression ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder ‘ comes to mind after your statement. Are we all supposed to fawn all over amal clooney now and give thanks to the heavens that clooney did us all a big favour by marrying this woman? No i dont think so. I dont mind her or gc but the way all the tabloids have been showing them both 24/7 is a bit over the top for my taste – and yes i am currently hunched over my computer typing this while sipping my starbucks coffee and not wearing my white chanel suit either. I am comfortable with saying what my opinion is but i realise that not everybody has the same taste so we have to agree to disagree.

      • aemish says:

        THANK YOU!

    • India Andrew says:

      The media is like a child with a shiny new toy when it comes to Amal. It will die down eventually.

      • Enuff Said says:

        Doubt it…I’d give anything if she took over the Kardashian’s pap coverage…anything! At least she’s stylish, classy and accomplished!!

    • bluevelvet says:

      thank you +100,000,000

  2. Godwina says:

    “Killer style” if by “killer” they mean “where style goes to die.”

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I like her style, but I have to say, your comment made me laugh.

      • Kim1 says:

        Just curious did you like her style 2 months ago? Did you like her casual look when she was photographed walking around London?
        She has looked great SINCE the wedding but I can’t forget the stuff she wore before.Congrats to her new stylist or her new husband.Good job

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        No, I agree with you exactly. Since the wedding, with the exception of that brunch dress, she’s giving me a Jackie vibe, and I love it. Before she married, I cringed at some of her outfits, like the eyelet top and light blue pants, and some of the clown pants, etc.

      • Enuff Said says:

        GNaT…totally agree about the ‘Jackie vibe’ …I love Amal’s style…wasn’t crazy about her style before the big day – but did like some of her brogues…kinda cool they were!

      • J-G says:

        Was it her choice to change her style? Before it had a certain character that was her. Now it’s obvious she has someone telling her what she should wear. I don’t know. I know she’s in the public eye. We expect her to look a certain way and shred her if she doesn’t. I like her clothes now and they for her well, but it looks like someone else’s style.

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      She gets it right sometimes like the white suit was gorgeous. I think her style has greatly improved Since the wedding with major VOGUE fashion assistance.
      She looks great in straight skirts. I don’t like her in the puffy girl dresses for some reason.

      • Uzi says:

        The operative word being VOGUE…It’s pretty obvious to me that wedding guest Anna Wintour is her unofficial stylist.. That’s probably part of the “arrangement;” George gets an intelligent, educated career woman and Amal gets Hollywood glamour, complete with fashion make-over. No way is Amal in the same category as Jackie O or any other fashion icon…

      • Anne tommy says:

        Kinda easy to look stylish when u r are rich and thin- I’ m neither. In fact the amazing thing is how so many rich and thin people aren’t stylish…

    • Lexi says:

      Don’t be so harsh. I love her style. It’s quintessence of modern classic, appropriate and flattering.

      • Aussie girl says:

        I like her style, her hair is amazing and I think she is articulate and love her accent. I think I may be falling for her…

      • Somenestolemyname says:

        Duplicate message

      • Chris2 says:

        I could look at her outfits all day long!
        I did like a lot of her pre-wedding casual stuff, even including the ripped jeans and bovver boots ( more my own style) but wow, as LAK said yesterday, seeing first class ‘grownup’ style is a sight for sore eyes.
        ( I only wish I could carry it off, but it’s deffo the old casual stuff for me, unforch.)

      • Vava says:

        I like some of her pre-wedding style, too.

  3. Stacie says:

    Wow – she seems to have had quite a makeover fashion-wise. I love all her clothes. Still not sold on her though, sorry People.

    • Tanguerita says:

      She is the future politician’t wife in training. Seriously, Oscar de la Renta dress on the flight home – and that from someone who wore pink ribbon made of plastic and torn jeans just two months ago?

      • Somenestolemyname says:

        George is releasing commercial videos of himself in bed with threesomes of himself and Randi Garber, Cindy Crawford , blondes in bed. That is certainly not someone who is seriously contemplating a political run.

      • Tanguerita says:

        the video is almost two years old. The blonde in question is his ex-girlfriend. And yes, something has changed in his life radically since then, some decisions must have been made. He used to say he’d never marry again, he used to say, he was a private person. He is not that man anymore.

      • Somenestolemyname says:

        Can’t see it happening, but who knows with George.
        I also just can’t see him being back by powerful Democrats they have Real Kennedy’s younger already in political offices they can back, if it’s a Kennedy type they want, they don’t need a fake wannabe politician who was just drunk fighting in a Casino with Steve Wynn just a few months ago.
        I still don’t believe this is about politics in the US. Not with Amal his political wife.
        But Maybe something Internationally.

      • Tanguerita says:

        I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think he is the right material either, but does he know? he seems to have lost his touch ( the way he has been behaving lately makes me think that he has never never had one to start with). Another explanation for the hardcore self-whitewashing might be some scandal (I ‘ve read somewhere that Clooney might have participated in Bryan Singer’s parties – this information coming out would probably kill what’s left of his career). Whatever it is – we’ll find our soon enough, probably via People-magazine.

    • Santolina says:

      Right, it’s her Clooney-subsidized stylist we’re seeing, not her style. Her style is that 90’s boho/hipster look.

    • DIANE says:

      Never underestimate the gullibility of the voting public. Clooney found the perfect mate with ‘intelligent’ credentials and heck, people are even starting to talk about how her new style has evoked the memory of Jackie O. Schwarzenegger married a Kennedy (Shriver) and was elected Governor. But the younger Kennedy generation? Aside from Caroline, I hardly even know who they are, except when some drug or marital scandal comes to light.

      • Somenestolemyname says:

        The U.S. has thousands of lady lawyers. she’s is not the only woman to ever go to law school and become a lawyer. Why George’s PR is acting like she is a Unicorn and no one has ever seen a lady lawyer is beyond my scope to understand, but since George has dated wrestlers and waitresses in the past, perhaps he has to show the world that he is attracted to a different sort of woman. all I can imagine is its because she’s with George Clooney and to George she is a Unicorn. A woman he dated/married with an high education.
        Without George Clooney in her life she would not even have registered on the Celebitchy , People Magazine, etc. pages.

        What we are seeing now is George’s PR on her, but the opposition won’t give a crap about credentials or degrees. Amal has a lot of negatives which can easily be exploited by the opposition and if George ever dips his toe in politics even for a second, they will come to the forefront and be hammered. US Politics is not nice or welcoming.
        If George really ever runs the gloves would come off, the opposition’ would exploit his negatives and her negatives and they are already there, they don’t even have to dig.

        That said, there’s nothing that indicates George is running for anything in the US, Amal has set up home in England , that’s certainly not a sign of hunkering down and being a U.S. politico wife.

        IMO. George’s PR ,is Shoving her down people’s throats and people eventually turn off to that sort of heavy handed PR.

        All George can do is make her famous, what he can’t make her likeable or dislikeable.

  4. NewWester says:

    She looks so much like Anne Hathaway

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think she’s dressing really nicely lately. And while I don’t know many men who would be that excited about the wedding gifts, at least they weren’t revoltingly expensive. I think she has a lot of good qualities and wish people wouldn’t try so hard to find reasons to trash her.

    • Kiddo says:


      But then again, this is agitprop.

      Most definitely lacking in BILL MURRAYNESS.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you. Exactly. Potato.

      • Sixer says:

        Kiddo! J’accuse! I’m going to engage Amal in my case against you for cultural (low brow slang is still culture, right?!) appropriation!

        Not really.

        ETA: #NoDisrespectToTheNapkinHolders wins the internet today.

      • kri says:

        Put her in a snorkle mask and flippers at a red carpet event and she will earn my undying admiration. But for now, someone who does not have an abcessed tooth please end game this for me, as I am mostly insensible with pain at this point.

      • kri says:

        Oh. And argle bargle and potato if that helps.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Sixer, I will plead ‘Almost innocent’. Ag is my counsel in the matter.

        Also: Napkin holders= true romance

      • Ag says:

        @Kiddo – i’d like to be paid in potatoes, or the equivalent thereof.

        the napkin holder thing cracked me the f up. it WAS a gift for herself. i’m pretty sure that most (straight) men have zero clue as to what the hell a napkin holder is.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Kri, do you really have an abscesses tooth? Oh, that is so painful. I’m sorry – feel better.

      • Chris2 says:

        About your poor tooth!
        This time last week I had a huge swelling in my jaw from a presumed abcess, and zero chance of swift dental intervention.
        Aside from stonking good painlillers I (ahem) happened to have, I found frequent mouthwashes with very salty water effected a blooming miracle…….the swelling went in 2 days, whereas I had expected surgery. Try it, the relief is tremendous.

      • Kiddo says:

        @kri, what Chris2 said, but also hydrogen peroxide swishes. Make certain you do not swallow it. Also Advil, but overlap the dose toward the end, don’t wait until the pain comes back. Like, if it says x amount every six hours, take it at the 5 hour mark again. A doctor in a hospital told me this a while back. Feel better, baby. I hate tooth or anything head pain.

      • MinnFinn says:

        #kri – Had to add my 2 cents about infected tooth because yesterday morning I had an emergency extraction. I had been scheduled for a root canal next week but things happen.

        1. My post surgery orders from the doctor are to take 600 mil Advil every 6 hours for the next 3 days. (In the USA, 600 mg is 3 pills of the OTC stuff.) Advil, according to my dentist is superior to Tylenol and aspirin for reducing inflammation.

        2. Hydrogen peroxide for debriding infected tissue is controversial. Both pre and post surgery, my doc told me to rinse with only salt water and do not use mouthwash.

        About 4 weeks ago, amoxicillin got my infected tooth to the point where root canal was still possible.

      • Kiddo says:

        @MinnFinn. Oy, hope I caused no damage.

      • Lady D says:

        I got up once in the middle of the night over a bad cold. I went into the living room and felt around on the coffee table for my prescription cough syrup. I took a big drink and realized I had grabbed the hydrogen peroxide instead of the cough syrup. It immediately started foaming like crazy and burning my throat. I ran and woke my boyfriend who shot across the bed and onto the floor when he saw me standing above him foaming at the mouth. That part was funny.(later) Poison control told me that the peroxide would turn back into water and oxygen in my stomach and wasn’t going to kill me. I learned my lesson about taking meds in the dark.

      • Holly says:

        Salt water swishes do wonders. Make the water as hot as possible though. It won’t be repulsive that way. The colder the water – the worse it tastes. The hotter the water – not bad at all.

      • Kiddo says:

        I’ve only ever had an abscess once, used the HP, and it was fine. But it turned out it, through constant tongue manipulation, swishing and flossing, that I had a teeny tiny popcorn shell lodged in my gum. I’m not a dentist, hate dentists, so I haven’t been back in a few years. Take all other advice from people who do not fear dentists.

        I keep the toothbrush in HP to decontaminate, in between brushing, but I do rinse it thoroughly first, FWIW.

      • LAK says:

        KRI: .May I suggest clove oil on your tooth. Use a cotton swab to dab on the tooth, BUT try not to get any onto the gum or surrounding tissues. It contains numbing and soothing ingredients that are similar to anaesthetic in how they work. Effect lasts about 4hrs. Organic, natural better than taking lots of painkillers especially because you can reapply as often as you need.

  6. Tiffany27 says:

    Her posts are getting more comments than Kim K’s. Praise her light.

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      No wonder. It’s been the Clooney/Amal Reality roadshow since the engagement and overdrive PR Wedding!

    • Zoe says:

      “Praise her light” needs to be an Amal Clooney official meme immediately. All photos of her must have the caption “praise her light.”

    • Kitten says:

      I know and I don’t get. I always click to see if I’m missing something and nope, still ZZZZZZZZ.

      And “Praise her light” should be the new “balls” for Alamooney posts.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I find her a lot more interesting than Clooney. I am seriously wondering what she sees in him. If a Douche-Lord-From-Kentucky-Where-I-Had-A-Real-Kentuckian-Job-Which-Was-Striping-Kentucky-Tobacco-In-Kentucky-During-The-Kentucky-Summer-Heat(KentuckyKentuckyKentucky) came up to me, and I was anything like Amal, I’d blow him off.

        Maybe she wants a spouse that’s not ‘on her level’ i.e. she wants to have fun in her downtime, with a ‘less smart’ spouse……like how much fun do you think she’d have if she married another barrister or a judge or somebody. At least with George, we know that pleasure is his forte.

        Now hop on that motorcyle, Amal!

      • Ash says:

        I wonder what these discussions would look like if George had married Stacy, Sarah, or Elisabetta.

        Oh wait. I know how they would look.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Praise her light. Lol I love it.

  7. Seapharris7 says:

    Who is paying these people to write this dribble? I’d like her WAY more if I heard nothing more about her until she’s pregnant or George is running for office…

    Or buying a new pig.

  8. your majesty says:

    Enough already. Ugh.

  9. Darkladi says:

    Can we rewind back to when no one cared about this woman.


    Over It

  10. Birdix says:

    “artsy-fartsy” when talking about ancient artifacts and calling Benjamin Millepied a back-up dancer make me sad.

  11. Somenestolemyname says:

    Her family sure is talking to PEOPLE MAGAZINE a lot!
    The article is nice, a major sweetened puff piece, PR 101, the next image building step( Humanising her more,while never letting the world forget she’s an International lawyer)
    Most Influential list, not surprising, with Her and George’s PR and Media camps working 24-7.

    P.S. I think George did invite Brad to the wedding. There is a video where Brad is asked on the RedCarpet, something about was Clooney upset or disappointed Brad didn’t come to the wedding and Brad says, NO, I’m sure he was fine with it. Then reporter ask him did he send a gift, Brad says, No..and looks both sheepish & humoured.and laughs , then says something about oh I gave him something way before, ….anyway that’s a paraphrase. …..

    • hazel says:

      Mmmm…. They forgot to add something about Amal’s loving to cook. That’s one sure way of making an intelligent, powerful woman ‘human’–at least for PEOPLE & other media outlets (largely run by men).

  12. Alice says:

    I think she was smart not to take the Palestinian position. First, she’s of Lebanese origin and Lebanon has it’s own issues with Israel. Whether or not that would come into play from her point of view is debatable, but what isn’t is that those who don’t agree with whatever conclusions she might come to would certainly play it that way. If she feels strongly about it (and she probably does), it’s very clear that the position (and conclusions) would have more gravitas if the post is filled by someone who is “unattackable” from an ethnic or religious point of view.

    The first whiff of sympathy for the Palestinians and whatever she might have had to say would have been drowned out in a chorus of “but she’s Arab”.

    • Sixer says:

      I concur. Even on a lighthearted gossip site like this one, she still comes in for quite a few shade-casting remarks in that respect. Mind you, I don’t think there are many honest brokers to be had vis a vis Israel/Palestine.

      • frisbeejada says:

        Surely you haven’t forgotten Tony Blair already? (ducks behind pre-prepared barricades and waits for some serious Brit style argy bargy)…

      • Sixer says:

        Do Not Speak Of That Man! The invisible Quartet, you mean?!

      • frisbeejada says:

        Thank goodness I got those barricades up. I never expected Capital Letters! I sincerely wish he was the Invisible Man never to show his skanky, shifty, smug, money grubbing visage (I could go on) again but there are more of them? There is more than one Tony Blair, say it’s not so! Who are these invisible w*n*ers of whom you speak?

      • Sixer says:

        By quartet, I mean Quartet on the Middle East. He’s our Special Envoy on it, you know. What with him being a well known harbinger of peace an’ all!

      • frisbeejada says:

        Oh I see, yes, harbinger of peace – it beggars belief really…:(

    • Tapioca says:

      Another +1 here. You can’t just be impartial in that kind of job, you have to BE SEEN to be impartial, and no person of Lebanese origin would be the latter, unfair criticism or not.

      And the People piece may be propaganda, but then the magazine pretty much is ALL celebrity propaganda pieces, and I will take it over another article on how Kardashian X lost 5lb on a juice diet.

      • wolfpup says:

        I agree, if Angie is *all that*, then why can’t Amal join the club?

        Kim just needs to go the way of the freak show.

      • Leen says:

        To be fair, they do employ people of Arab origin, and Jewish as well to forsee these kind of investigations. Richard Goldstone, a Jewish South African judge, presided over the last Gaza investigation in 2009.
        The UN doesn’t always employ people who have nothing to do with the conflict or feel some sort of identity with either side. They do a good job of balancing it out tho.

      • Alice says:

        Of course they do, they offered it to her. But, she may have turned it down thinking that her origin would detract from something that deserves to be taken seriously.

    • Sunny says:

      I totally agree. She seems competent at her job which is a good thing. I do wonder if all this media attention focused on her is distracting and a detriment to her career and clients?

      As to the People piece, what a piece of fluff. Is it George’s people setting that in motion or her family’s? I get her being comfortable with media attention due to her job but actively seeking it out is kind of gross.

      I hope we get a nice log break from her and George soon.

  13. Heather says:

    These two make me want to puke. Does anyone still care about George Clooney?

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      George seems up to some major Public relations, still not sure why. I don’t believe it’s for a U.S. political office though. Maybe he’s going for something international, but if this press gets too over the top, it may backfire.

      • Heather says:


      • norah says:

        george clooney has a new movie out next year as a way to redeem himself for his lacklustre movies at the box office – if he runs very unlikely – it is very international that he is aiming for rather than the states – unless it is to promote her for a reason but until that actually happens we cant say

  14. Jag says:

    Please, can she just go away? I don’t care about her or George!

    • wolfpup says:

      I like her, but I’ll skip on George. I wonder if they talked about their celebrity status, before she said she would marry him? Was it romantic at all? How much research did George do, before he proposed? In my most cynical thinking, I put would the celebrity aspirations onto George, as he would be most familiar with PR. It almost seems like a “male menopause” thing.

  15. Another View says:

    I’m kinda sick of hearing about her in all honesty.

    She’s already copied one out of Reese’s book by ‘dialing the paps’ – you know, calling them ahead of her being somewhere to ensure she’s photographed. Next thing she’ll cotton on to what Reese also does by demanding half the proceeds of the photos’ sale.

    I give their union 18 months tops – George will tire of her ‘look at me!’ routine pretty quickly.

    • Jen says:

      Do you have proof of this or something? For your to speak so authoritatively on it, you must have some inside info, no?

      • Pepper says:

        It’s well known that Reese is a pap caller. Why else do you think she smiles in all her photos? She had to get her image out there in a positive light after the being-pulled-over-drunk-scandal.

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      I agree, but maybe 3years.

    • wolfpup says:

      If the reports of their prenup are true, then she is worth it. That would be real strategy for her, although don;’t see her parents would engage on that level.

  16. aang says:

    I admire her because she is educated and made a career for herself without relying on famous parents or her own celebrity to get her favors. She does actual work instead of just showing up and being famous while looking sadly at refugees or reading essays to the UN like many hollywood “humanitarians”. I don’t really care about her hair or her clothes.

    • DIANE says:

      It will be interesting to see if her priorities change as her media celebrityness increases. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her spin her international law career into some kind of reality tv show. I already hate both of them, and I used to think he was talented. This whole thing seems so calculated. He’s got the perfect trophy wife now to pursue his political aspirations.

      • hmmm says:

        In the end, no matter what her supposed ‘accomplishments’, indeed, George has a trophy wife, nothing more, nothing less, IMO.

      • SunnyD says:

        Well said aang. I find it refreshing that we’re talking about a woman who is actually educated and not just in a Hollywood pseudo educated way. I don’t see how a respected international career lends itself to reality TV and can we all accept that this woman is accomplished. She attended one of the top universities in the world and now belongs to a prestigious chambers.

  17. Sara says:

    when will publicists learn that building someone up to a perfect image only backfires? let her do her job and impress people with it. reading such stuff always makes me supremly suspicious.

    she is already taking a lot of flack in england for taking the case for the greek marbles. portraying her as this perfect everything from loving and doting aunt to confident super lawyer with fantastic hair wont make people like her more, the opposite will happen.

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      Quite true. Some of These publicists never learn.

      Marrying George and his PR pushing her can make her famous and known ,but it can’t make the public like or dislike her, that’s up to the public to decide and they will or already have on their own, even if she’s still being PR pushed to the hilt.

  18. DenG says:

    What’s going on with her knees in that last pic?

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Ha! That was my first thought too.

    • HH says:

      I think she is pigeon toed. In quite few pics her knees do something odd. I thought it was a leg issue but I think it’s her feet. Pippa Middleton has the same issue, but it doesn’t look as bad because of her athletic shape. Amal has such boney knees it looks weird.

  19. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    You think you know a guy …

    George lives on Capri because he likes his privacy, right? And he dated mostly non-showbiz women because he likes his privacy, right? And he even married a non-showbiz, non-flibbertygibbit woman with bigger fish to fry than People magazine because he likes his privacy, right?

    Ugh. George, you are trolling us.

  20. Megan says:

    The repatriation of looted artifacts is a real issue and one of the many legacies of colonialism.

    • Really says:

      It is. But antique art isn’t considered arty enough but children’s drawings on a wedding veil are.

    • Ag says:

      i came here to say the same thing. it is a “first world problem” in that countries such as great britain and germany (nazi and pre-nazi) looted and pillaged the countries they colonized (or had whatever military interests in), depriving them of their cultural heritage. so, while this issue is clearly is not as pressing as genocide or disease epidemic, it’s not an artsy-fartsy bull$hit issue.

      • hazel says:

        Yeah, although in this particular case, Elgin got the appropriate permission from the local Pasha to remove the marbles. Technically speaking, it wasn’t a case of looting (but only technically, since the Greeks weren’t in charge of their own country at that time, but the Ottoman Turks). And a lot of artifacts from the ancient world went back to England, Germany, France, and the US through archaeological excavation; so again, not exactly ‘looting’.

      • K says:

        It’s kind of difficult in some cases – art in the USA has been purchased from Europe, too, should that all be returned? What about artefacts in the States from various indiginous cultures? It’s easy to cast shade on Europe but this is, by definition, a rich nations issue and not merely a European one. The Marbles weren’t looted, they were bought.

        In point of fact, the Marbles are so inherently part of the country’s heritage that I agree they should go back. But it’s a greyer issue than I think is sometimes appreciated. Half the collections in the Metropolitan Museum should be returned if you take the argument to its logical conclusion.

        There’s also the problem that Greece isn’t currently likely to be able to protect and preserve them that well – same issue as in Egypt, and the artefacts now in Britain. But I’d tend to argue that that is the business of the nation in question and not the nation holding core parts of another culture’s heritage, against that culture’s wishes.

      • Ag says:

        i’m not saying i have the answers – and i see the problems at hand, such as the scope of possible repatriation, the funding needed to safeguard the artifacts when returned to a given country (and the lack thereof in many places), etc. etc. and don’t even get me started on the MET. their basements (and exhibits) are a mess of shady. i was just saying that it’s not a ridiculous and/or esoteric issue.

      • K says:

        Oh, okay. Then yeah, I agree.

    • Hazel says:

      I was going to make this comment myself.

  21. BlueeJay says:

    She is the new it woman for sure. People just love her – the media cannot get enough of her. Just wait until she is pregnant!! Wonder if they will sell the baby pictures?

  22. Nene says:

    This is getting ridiculous.
    We live in an era of celeb worship where every itty-bitty normal thing they do is revered.
    Gosh! Sometimes I feel like hitting my head on the wall. #sacarsm…but still…

  23. Luca76 says:

    I think everyone’s being too harsh. I think most lawyers love press and in this case the press benefits her team of lawyers. I’m more in favor of this kind of attention grabbing than a hidden endorsement for makeup or a clothing line that’s become the norm in Celeb friendly mags.

    Now if she was tackling the Israel/Palastine conflict it would be poor taste to have a circus but it doesn’t hurt anyone to talk a bit more about Greek antiquities and colonialism.

    Oh and until George spends a serious amount of time in the US-months not days people talking about him running for office are wrong. Especially since they’ve bought property in London.

  24. Tiffany27 says:

    LMAO! Some of y’all are so mad and I don’t get why. She’s educated, she has a good job, she seems nice, and she’s dresses cute. So she’s in People mag every other day, she’s George Clooney’s wife of course she is! I truly don’t get the hate. What are you seeing that I’m not?

    • OhDear says:

      I know, right? The women who dated Clooney before never got this degree of dislike.

    • Uzi says:

      That’s the point…”she’s George Clooney’s wife.” Just because she married a celebrity doesn’t mean that SHE is a celebrity. Maybe Amal should have a chat with Matt Damon’s low key wife. At this rate she’s out -famewhoring non-celebrity celebrity wife Hillaria Baldwin…

      • DIANE says:

        You may be right. We haven’t seen an exhibitionistic yoga pose from Hilarious in what…4 or 5 days?

      • don't kill me i'm french says:


      • Gingi says:

        Totally agree Uzi. Amal is a total gold-digging famewhore. The REASON Clooney’s previous girlfriends didn’t cop flack because they were relatively low-profile and not publicity-seeking. Amal is far worse than Hilaria Baldwin and LeAnn Rimes.

      • OhDear says:

        To play devil’s advocate, I think part of the coverage is *because* she was unknown and because G.Clooney is so high-profile (and the fact that Clooney’s PR people are not the subtle types). People are going to want to know who she is/what her personality is like and want to dig up every bit of her life pre-Clooney. My guess is that the rollout is partially because they just got married and partially a means to get that information out there so that people don’t start doing creepy Tumblr-style digging.

      • jane16 says:

        Well, Matt’s wife (whom I also think is lovely) has been busy creating and raising a family since she married him, and I think she was a bartender, not much to talk about. George’s exes, especially the last two, Canalis & Stacy, were certainly out to get as much fame as they could out of their contracts with George, they were always on the pap stroll, and going to every minor function to walk a carpet. But there wasn’t much to talk about. Their clothes were unremarkable, and their careers were boring.

        Amal is actually tailor-made for a group like the Celebitchians. We love great clothes here, most are educated and love talking about political issues, and we all thought the Cloon would never marry. So I for one am not at all surprised that Amal is getting a lot of interest here, and am frankly finding her a breath of fresh air compared to the usual suspects like the horrible K’s or the young dumb actresses of the moment.

  25. Hissyfit says:

    George Klowney thinks he’s the king of Italy so they should be treated like royalty!

    I don’t know why people are surprised for her new found fame and popularity, Klowney over sold her like a pimp before their wedding and made her over. If I hadn’t seen her awful fashion taste pre marriage, I would’ve been impressed by her killer style but it’s all fake.

    But atleast she’s getting the global fame she wanted which she knows she will never reach even if she’s supposed to be the most important, hard working lawyer in Europe. Klowney is her ticket to fame and she got it. Enjoy it while it last!

  26. nemo says:

    yep. a very obvious PR move by Clooney’s team. he’ll probably run for politics at some point. *yawn*

    • Luca76 says:

      It’s looking less and less likely to me that he’s planning on running for anything. She’s still working and they bought a mansion in London. If he had sights on office he’d be methodically getting rid of foreign properties and setting base in the U.S. and she would be working less and bringing less attention to the international aspect of her job. Antiquities doesn’t appeal to the folks in Louisville or Pasedena. There has also been zero rumor from a reputable political source that he’s planning on running for anything and that always happens when a celebrity candidate starts testing the feelers and courting behind the scenes power brokers for support.

      • Somenestolemyname says:

        So true , Voice of reason Luca76.
        The first thing he did with her is set up home in England that’s not a sign of a U.S. run for anything.

        I don’t get where people see a U.S. political run, when he’s doing everything outside of the US. He’d be trying to get firmly planted roots with her in the US , not in England. jMO

  27. Grant says:

    Who. Cares. !?!?!

  28. DenG says:

    I believe she’s the inspiration for that SJP film “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. Note: Hasn’t Clooney always gone all out for his Girls to make sure they have the best stylists, clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, etc.? He ain’t a cheapskate.

    • LAK says:

      He always does. Who can forget Stacy Kiebler’s first outing (at TIFF) complete with bird’s nest hair and awful dress, shoes etc. First and last time she was seen looking a mess.

      GC is like Jen Aniston and JLO, they make over their spouses!!!

    • Angie says:

      He’s a true gentleman–he always buys them new b**bs before he dumps them.

  29. Anon says:

    Just curious, what is the cost of all Amal’s outfits? Because you know Duchess Kate takes heat if she shops or even when she repeats. Even Jackie O was criticized for spending money. I think Amal is very stylish, looks great but she also adores the attention and probably was coached via PR gurus.

    • Dany says:

      since when is Amal a First Lady or a Royal? She´s a private citizen and can spend as much for her outfits as she wants. She doesn´t get taxpayers money for her lifestyle like First Ladies or Royal wives.

    • Guesto says:

      What she spends on her wardrobe is no one’s business but hers. This is getting ridiculous.

      ETA – exactly, what Dany said.

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      Amals a private citizen,she can spend whatever she wants on her clothes.

  30. wow says:

    The more they try to talk her up as the best thing since sliced bread, the more I can’t stand her. She’s on the Anne Hathaway level of annoying to me now. Just stop already. Unless, of course, she comes up with a cure for cancer or ebola, then I will see all of this greateness they are heaping onto her just because she married an ageing actor who’s past his prime .

    • Guesto says:

      I blame the ageing actor. It’s typical of how he operates.

      It’s a real shame that Amal is bearing the brunt of it though.

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      Yup why does George need to play up his ladies.
      This is at ridiculous levels now. Way over the top,

      P.S. When did he see her last and when is their next wedding? Is it this weekend.
      Lord help us if it is.

  31. Guesto says:

    This is all a bit sad and counter-productive, if not actually downright insulting to Amal who, as a professional woman doing a professional job, is really not in need of this type of ‘push’.

    This over-hyping has been relentless since the engagement – the best this, the most beautiful that, on and on it went, employing the most exaggerated and overblown descriptions to make sure that everyone watching and listening knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ‘Gorgeous’ George Clooney had bagged himself a serious prize. And it was all driven by his PR machine.

    Are they both party to this or is it, as I believe, all him and his giant ego? Is this Clooney continuing to feed his own sense of self-importance and ensure that, while he’s busy being busy elsewhere (reshooting, producing, casamigos-flogging, drunkenly hissy-fitting with some randoms somewhere), his wife, the style AND substance half of the partnership, continues to fly the flag (on his behalf) for the most spectacularly all-round brilliant couple to ever walk the earth?

    • Lori says:

      It’s funny — I find the most recent spate of paparazzi photographs in Greece far more confounding and disturbing than the photographs of her before and during the wedding, for some of the reasons that you described. I haven’t commented on the matter before because I haven’t been able to articulate my thoughts on this matter coherently, but I think that the implicit insult to Amal’s intelligence and accomplishments is what bothers me the most here.

      I don’t want to diminish the importance of this issue to Greece and the Greek people. A massive PR push, including the press conference, may very well be the best legal strategy here, as there appears to be a paucity of clear legal authority mandating the return of the marbles to Greece.

      However, I was far more perturbed by the phalanx of paparazzi photographers present upon Amal’s arrival in Greece and at every point thereafter (including the meetings in the private offices of the Greek government) than by the change in Amal’s surname. (No, I’m not trying to start something). One previous poster said that there was a difference between dealing with / tolerating the paparazzi and welcoming the attention. I’ve lived in Los Angeles long enough to know that some celebrities call the paparazzi and actively invite attention of this sort. However, the photographs before the wedding appeared to be taken from a far distance. Amal was not looking directly at the camera, and did not overtly appear to be inviting that kind of attention. Her large smile upon greeting the paparazzi in Greece, and the close-up photographs during this trip, appear to tell a different story.

      In addition, the photographs in the offices of the Greek government suggest, to me, that her value to the legal team as a publicity magnet far outweighs her considerable skills, intelligence, and accomplishment. Although Amal’s CV on the Doughty Street Chambers website is somewhat opaque, I do not think that the United Nations would appoint an ambulance chaser to numerous, high-profile panels as an expert. As a lawyer, though, I cannot imagine inviting photographers to what should be a confidential (?) attorney-client meeting in my private office about a relatively sensitive issue. I wonder if Amal and her colleagues are really taking this matter seriously, or if her colleagues are really taking *her* seriously, apart from the publicity. The photographs and the fawning People profile seem to indicate that the image of her a a high-profile lawyer is far more important than the reality or substance of her legal work.

      *rant over* sorry for the length of this post

      • hmmm says:

        Nice and cogent commentary. Thanks! I agree that this is not doing her any favours with regards to genuine professional achievement, but perhaps the image of accomplishment matters more.

      • Squidge says:

        I think they are taking things very seriously. She has been working on the case with Geoffrey Robertson QC and Norman Palmer QC since 2011 before she met George Clooney. Both QC’s were successful in repatriating Aboriginal remains from the Natural History Museum in London in 2006/2007 which was a huge deal. Is this meeting timed for publicity? Absolutely! And why? Because the paparazzi are all over one of the barristers who is already attached to the case. The publicity is invaluable to help the case. Governments don’t like being embarrassed internationally. They have done the private meetings as they have been on the case since 2011. Last year they were trying to get David Cameron to press the Government to mediate but he is still to answer. Having massive publicity over this will help put the pressure on.

      • Lori says:

        The reports of her firm having been on the case since 2011 are conflicting. I thought that I read somewhere (sorry, I don’t have the source) that the Greek government had first consulted with Doughty Street Chambers about assisting with the return of the marbles at that time, but could not afford to hire the firm due to financial constraints. It’s always hard to gauge the extent of legal representation from news articles, anyway, as journalists are not always well informed about the work behind the scenes.

        I agree that the publicity is an invaluable part of the legal strategy here. These articles suggest that the Greek government is counting on the publicity associated with counsel’s appearance to apply additional pressure on the British government to return the marbles:

        In addition, Mr. Robertson has been advocating for the establishment of a clear legal authority governing the return of antiquities to their respective countries of origin. His continued advocacy on this issue implies that there is no clear legal authority that they might be able to use in a judicial forum to force the return of the marbles from Britain, even if they were successful in facilitating the return of the Aboriginal remains on a previous occasion. In fact, the only international legal body that appears to address the return of antiquities of this nature has no legally binding authority:

        Again, I don’t want to diminish the importance of this issue to the Greek people, or the important role that lawyers might play in facilitating the return of the Parthenon marbles. It appears, to me, that the return of the marbles is the right thing to do at this point, in light of the Greek authorities’ construction of an appropriate facility for storing and preserving their own artifacts. However, I continue to be troubled by the focus on Amal’s celebrity over other legitimate factors in the case. I hope, for her sake and for our sake, that she has become some sort of pawn for others’ PR strategies. It would be a shame if her hair, her clothing, and her association with celebrity overshadowed her legitimate accomplishments in the legal field.

      • Squidge says:

        Doughty Street is not a legal firm but a chamber. Not all barristers working on this are from Doughty Street. The Greeks approached Geoffrey Robertson QC and according to Amal Alamuddin she was present at the initial meeting in 2011 for legal advice which would make her attached to the case. They probably didn’t have the money to fight the case but if she was in that meeting then she has been attached from the beginning

        Geoffrey Robertson QC is an extremely high profiled barrister and was the mouthpiece for the return of the Aboriginal remains, which is why the Greeks approached him at Doughty Street. However if the truth be known the real expert barrister would be Norman Palmer QC from 3 Stone Buildings Chamber who has spent his career on advising and building cases on returning arts and antiques and he is the other QC attached to this case. In this kind of field you use whatever you have to help your case and having someone who can bring the limelight to it helps immensely. In the past it was Geoffrey Robertson QC and I am sure that as someone who will be retiring soon he is not too bothered about sharing the spotlight with a young and upcoming barrister

      • Squidge says:

        By the way Norman Palmer QC was there (not that anyone mentioned it unless they were quoting statements because although the man is brilliant he has always blended into the background no matter what the case) He is the short guy in the first photo peeking over her right hand shoulder with glasses. Every photo there is of him he is looking super excited to be there and seems to be thrilled with all the photographers

  32. Mary Jane says:

    This site is becoming too negative. The hatred against Amal and Beyonce is too much. You chose to read and write comments about these women, and than you complain that they are being forced down your throats.

    • emma says:

      Agree with you, Mary Jane. It’s gotten to be so negative and nit-picky, comment after comment of boring criticisms about every meaningless detail. So much dull personal investment!

    • snowflake says:

      yeah, i mean, i’m no ray of sunshine, but this site’s commentators have become more negative in tone

  33. Mean Hannah says:

    Not to overtly defend Amal and George, but most people’s style improve gradually or drastically (with increased access and funding) when they find themselves in a spotlight. I know a female cantor and when her mega synagogue started web casting their services, she started to lose weight and dress better and her hair and makeup more polished. She never cared about that stuff, but seeing herself on the monitors, well, made her care.

    As for the difference in her style BG and AG – because I have drastically different style depending on my schedule, it doesn’t seem that odd to me. My friends and neighbors in the country would not recognize me in the city and vice versa. I dress like a broke college student with no fashion sense in the country, with flat shoes and boots; in the city, I’m in designer suits, dresses, and jeans with 4″ heels minimum. So depending on whom you ask, I’m either low maintenance or extremely high maintenance. I’m about to turn 40 and it’s funny to see what different people think of me by some of the gifts I received. A handmade, new-agey bracelet; faux fur coat; gift certificate to Sephora; a plate hand painted by an Aboriginal artist; hand made candles and soaps; python clutch; Hello Kitty toaster; Le Creuset Dutch oven; handmade windchime; and glitter nail polish set.

  34. EscapedConvent says:

    1. She looks great in that top photo.
    2. Posts about her every day now?

  35. The Original G says:

    He look reminds me of the French movie star Anouk Aimee. Can anyone ID the bag?

    I don’t care about her one way or another, but it seems that all her employers, clients and husbands are famous.

  36. maddelina says:

    I like her style pre and post marriage. I don’t think she’s going to change at all. She’s the one who scored the trophy husband (rich older man). She’s getting exposure now because she’s recently married to George. I read an interview with George Clooney and he says she doesn’t have the slightest interest in becoming Mrs Hollywood. She’s where she is because of her hard work, her education, her knowledge, not from famewhoring. The camera loves her!! I can clearly see why George fell for her. It may have been unexpected.

    • Vava says:

      I agree. Plus she IS more influential than Duchess Kate – Amal worked hard for her degree, she’s obviously intelligent, and a much better role model for young women than Duchess Kate could ever be. Amal is a modern woman. Plus, she’s stylish. Love her fashions can’t wait to see more casual attire in the coming months.

      • Sara says:

        Give it a rest, Baria. She’s a lawyer, not a movie star. Let’s hope she goes back to leading a private life.

      • noway says:

        Wow you hate Kate!! What has she done to you? This is an Amal Clooney thread and you always come back to Kate. Don’t worry others like to bring in Angelina & Brad, or Kim Kardashian and gang. Seriously so tired of that, it almost makes me laugh as much as the comment someone made on another thread Amal was intended to make us forget about Ebola. That was my favorite because it just illustrates how ridiculous this sounds. Everyone take a step back and just look at it. Very amusing.

        Back to topic this is such a People propaganda piece via George. Still wondering why we are trying to saint her? Maybe we should call Pope Francis.

      • Vava says:

        Sara, you don’t need to call people names.

      • hmmm says:

        She’s influential? How so? And she just came on the scene. In what way has she influenced anyone? What kind of influence does she have? I don’t get it.

      • Vava says:

        @noway, I haven’t ever said I hate Kate. She’s in her thirties, married a rich guy, and is in the public spotlight and so there is a direct comparison there with Amal due to these factors. Both women are hyped up in the press and that’s why it’s fair (IMO) to analyze the situation. If you think that is HATE, then that is your prerogative I guess.

        @ hmmmm……Amal presents a great role model to young women. She’s a professional attorney, intelligent, seems to handle the press attention pretty well, and since I love fashion – I am drawn to her style. I think she’s classy.

    • Olenna says:

      Vava is not OT here or in any other “thread” under this article. Kaiser clearly compares Amal to Kate in style and influence, but apparently some people overlooked that key point in her article. Personally, I agree with hmmm, but we’re all entitled to sharing our opinions here without being attacked for contributing to the conversation.

  37. DenG says:

    …”because she isn’t one of vacant intellectually lazy bimbos they think its better for Clooney.” One of vacant? “Its” better? What’s a ” vancity escort”? Intellectually is spelled correctly.

  38. Aminta says:

    I don’t know why the media is pushing her so hard .. I don’t care about her relation to clooney. But I DO love that a smart, professional woman is getting so much publicity. If only she wasn’t always introduced as an actors wife before anything else…

    • Sara says:

      Why? She hasn’t actually achieved anything of note. She doesn’t have much to say. She’s just your run-o-the-mill prestigious lawyer. All the attention is focused on her looks rather than her work.

  39. Chrissy says:

    The looking up with mouth slightly open in almost every.single.pic is reminding me too much of Kim Kardashian. Not so much a powerful lawyer with a killer sense of humor who loves her niece and nephews.

  40. DrFunkenstein says:

    She seems wedded to media attention more than anything else. I still say two years tops, both for marriage and “fifteen minutes”, after which no one will care what she’s doing or where she does it. Classic example of the Emperor’s Clothes, in my opinion — “She’s spectacular!!!” Demands the media… I think she’s just naked.

  41. maxxhotness says:

    SNOOOOZE…. She’s boring and looks like a Anne Hathaway knock off. They need to quit making her “happen”

  42. Velvet Elvis says:

    I just youtubed her because I had never watched her speak before. Wow. Photos do not do that woman justice. She is a true stunner. I can see why Clooney fell for her.

  43. ladywolff says:

    I would argue that the Elgin Marbles case isn’t just about artsy-fartsy first world problems, hardly at all. While yes, the argument is about how they should be returned to the area of the world they originated and then were stolen from, those marbles are worth money. Do you think Greece would have fought so hard to get them back just because of sentimental attachment? Hell no. They are desperately trying find a solution to their intense economical struggles and those marbles are worth serious money … the amount of tourism dollars England has racked up over the years because of their story is an enviable number. There are very serious socio-economic reasons behind why these countries are fighting to keep/reclaim these marbles, and it’s kind of ridiculous to blow it off as a haute couture hissy fit. So, yeah. In terms of Amal’s respectability, just because she’s not fighting wars with words doesn’t mean she’s not part of something extremely historically and economically significant.

  44. MomofFour says:

    I don’t know if I like her, but I don’t get all the hatred. I suppose it’s because she puts herself out there too much, but I cut her some slack because she’s newly excited to be famous. I like that she’s got her own legitimate career, and I think people always attack successful women, so even though I’m not sure, I’m not so quick to cut on her either. Her style has improved- I’m sure mine would too if everyone was taking a million pictures of me every second.

  45. Sara says:

    Hardly the most fascinating case to take up if one is truly invested in international law, which she isn’t. It’s an old case and the Greek government thought they could capitalize on her new-found fame, and she went along with it. It detracts from her accomplishments in my opinion. She should not buy into all this crap. Ah well…

  46. OhDear says:

    She can’t win, can’t she? She’s deemed “thirsty for fame” if she accepts the paps and media attention and smiles for the camera. But if she acts uncomfortable, people would be on her saying that she shouldn’t have married a high-profile movie star if she couldn’t deal with the limelight and saying that she has an attitude problem.

  47. weegiewarrior says:

    Why’ s she flying solo? Whers th gushing groom? I thout we’d hav lots of pics of them dining out in various eateries near their new home and gazing into each others eyes -theyve only been married a coupla weeks – they done with doin th romantic stuff already? Isnt he th famous one?

  48. Sarah says:

    Forget Kate, the ES thinks she’s more influential than the Queen? Right.

  49. Longhorn says:

    People magazine is all propaganda so don’t get the need to put that in the headline of this piece. Amal style is touch and go. Sometimes she hits it right other times you want to send her back home to change.

    But whatever her style is she’s an accomplished, smart, successful woman. Sure she has faults, what woman doesn’t.

  50. judyjudyjudy says:

    that Chanel suit is worn by Carine Roitfeld in the movie about the making of her magazine. Wonder if Amal bought it used as it is about 4 years old season wise. In any case, it is gorgeous.
    Totally jealous.

  51. Jules says:

    Wow, there is no pleasing anyone. Here is an incredibly talented, accomplished woman – who has attainted success (real life/hard work kind) and people rip into her integrity based on outfit choice and now husband selection. Operative word, ‘choice’. Amal didn’t ‘need’ to marry clooney, or take his name – she chose to, like all of us make the choice. Finally, a real role model for women and what real choice can look like – and we “choose” to be bitter, cynical and down right catty about her. This woman is making her own rules and not dismissing others, and that it’s to be admired not pilloried.

    • norah says:

      actually i am glad that amal is whatever she is – but i personally dislike is this nonstop press abt her all the time. the wedding the wedding prep the wedding photos the wedding certi the wedding the honeymoon the new manor etc etc – the word is too much pr and overkill to build up amal. She is an accomplished lawyer etc – why not let her talent speak for itself instead of constant advertising her 24/7 ? it doesnt matter if she changes her name – thats ok her choice but surely a bit of cooling off press wd be nice as well.

      • norah says:

        also another thing is that every one who comments on this site are different pple. I dont think abt her at all – simply to find all this press coverage too overwhelming but to dismiss others by saying that we are bitter or cynical or just jealous of amal is rather unfair. I am personally glad that she and george are married if they love and care abt each other ( which i dont believe but anyway my opinion ) but do all of us really need to know that amal is the most powerful woman in the uk ?? really?

  52. norah says:

    amal is a lawyer in the uk – she has been there for her entire life i assume. in the public eye defending whoever she has to thats fine. she meets and marries gclooney who is a hw star and all of a sudden this uk lawyer becomes the most influential woman in the uk? is she a qc or a judge or even a relatively winner of cases in the uk. from what i have read she is not – she has always been part of an ensemble not the lead in any of the cases she tries. the publicity is she getting now is not for her law work but rather for the fact that she has ‘ fashion sense’ and is married to a hw movie star. perhaps it is good publicity for her and the case itself but frankly it seems so excessive and too pr related. The wedding was over the top but seeing amal clooney being fawned upon and treated like she is the greatest thing since sliced bread is simply too much imo. If she wants to be a kim type meaning that she courts pr and publicity 24/7 what makes her different than kim k? maybe a better version with hair and a degree but what really is the difference between kim and amal? at least kim is honest in that she craves attention but amal is worse in that she pretends that she doesnt want attention but if u see her face etc she most definitely does. like george clooney as well.

    • hmmm says:

      Yes. If she is a role model (and I hope not), it’s because she is the willing image created by George. If she were so ‘internationally acclaimed’ then why was she unknown before George got his hands on her? All she has done is attach herself to big/prestigious/infamous names all along. We know nothing about her actual achievements, or her helpful connexions.

      Why should the fact that she’s a (junior) barrister and is dressed by a stylist turn people’s heads so? SMH. Like someone said earlier, it’s like George has created a Unicorn and we must believe.

      • siri says:

        At this point in her life, she shouldn’t be a role model, I agree. No doubt she studied hard, and worked, to get where she is. But for sure her parent’s wealth, as well as their connections, helped a lot. Also, did she ever do anything BUT study? And now she marries a multi-millionaire with another set of connections, and is catapulted into the status of celebrity. The way she poses with all these fancy cloth suggests, she enjoys the attention immensely. I get the impression, she is some pampered princess with a strange mixture of naivity, and smugness. And @Norah is right, with Kim there are no doubts about her motives. By the way, a degree is fine, but in the end, it’s what good you do with it, that counts. Meaning REAL results.

  53. Nimbolicious says:

    The Engagement and Wedding of the Century! The Amazing Amal! The Marbles! The Outfits Worn in the course of Retrieving the Marbles! OMG! The Wonder of it All!

    Y’know, I might’ve actually bought in despite my doubts about George’s, uh, home team, had they just gone and gotten married on the down-low and released a photo or two afterwards, in line with their claimed sane, privacy-loving approach to life. I don’t care how opulent the thing was; it’s his/their money. But I gotta say that this neverending cavalcade of ass-kissing coverage of The Most Excellent Couple Ever seems pretty unfortunate. It makes her look disingenuous at best and utterly grasping at worst. And how it serves whatever agenda they have is beyond me. If the goal is to establish any sort of normal, private family life, then they’ve just shot that to hell in a handbasket. Likewise, if the goal is to keep themselves in play as Uber-perfect Power Couple, well, good luck with that. Their Castle o’ Dreams seems perched upon a rather hastily built foundation, and Georgie should know by now that media fawns can in no time morph into a pack of tireless hyenas.

  54. Adora says:

    Articulate, extremely photogenic, smart, intriguingly exotic and now married to a movie star who I believe truly fell in love with her. What is not to admire? All the attention is because this is fresh fodder and a new face for the tabloids. I wish them a happy long married life together.

  55. Leena says:

    She has impeccable style and exudes class. I wouldn’t say she’s a classy beauty. She’s definitely too thin. Having said that it goes to show you that confidence, class and a smile goes far beyond than just good looks. At least she’s not Kim Kardashian who has none of the above.

  56. amelie says:

    I would suggest that Amal bears some responsibility for how she has been marketed. If she really is ‘her own person’ then, she could have stopped Clooney’s handlers from creating the image of the most brilliant, beautiful woman etc,etc… I think that’s where the derision is partly coming from on the part of the public. I don’t see her as special…there are lots of attractive, successful attornies and other professionals in the U.S. and Europe. She had a strong role model in her mother and lots of advantages growing up and obviously took advantage of it. Good for her. I wonder why we don’t hear anything about charity work and giving back? I also hold the media responsible for letting itself be handled and not doing it’s job. She and her family-like all of us-must have some skeletons in their closet (i.e, why have her parents lived apart since she was sixteen?) but none of this information surfaces. Her photos show that she is clearly enjoying the attention. So, I can understand with all of these factors why she would garner negative feelings.

    • hmmm says:

      Agreed! For someone lauded for her brains, they seem to have fallen out when it comes to power in the relationship. It’s easy to blame George. But what about Amal? She obviously is relishing this all and has been an equal partner in her makeover and presentation, IMO. Meanwhile the media have no guts and are happy to be used.

      Kaiser’s right- the selling of Amal is propaganda and it’s blatant.

    • Uzi says:

      +1…Well said!

  57. Sam says:

    OMG, till last month no one even knew she is alive, now we have to follow her to each and every bathroom break she has…who is paying for all this publicity??

  58. weirswalker says:

    Angie is the only one who steps up and supports the worst of the war torn areas and those full of suffering and poverty..I can’t see Amal getting herself dirty, like we have seen Angie get at a refugee camp…

  59. siri says:

    With all this media swirl about her, I start wondering how her collegues feel about this? I mean, they probably do very similar jobs/tasks, some of them have been in teams with her… so is this really a positive happening for the respectability of their profession? I personally don’t think I’d like to be represented by a lawyer who poses like this, dressing in bright red for appointments, with shoes and bags that don’t indicate any common sense, but rather an expensive taste…perhaps I’m just old-fashioned.

  60. Leslie says:

    George’s PR team wrote that press release for People. Or maybe she has a PR person at the law firm she works for.

  61. kafir lime says:

    When are the Arabs in Londonistan going to tell her to wear a hijab?

  62. CK says:

    LOL… Somewhere Stacy Keibler is downing a bottle of whiskey and Elizabeth Canalis is just rolling over in a padded room. Good job, People Mag. They are shilling big time for some for dibs baby news.

    • Somenestolemyname says:

      Both women probably know George better than Amal does at this point.
      Elizabetta has a Doctor husband and I’m sure she was handsomely rewarded for her contract time with George, by George. Stacey is married and I’m sure she was handsomely rewarded for her contract time with George. Both women probably know the REAL score with George and probably know him better than his wife (at this point) and are watching the circus.

      • Jayna says:

        I guess if you call a contract, wannabee low-level celebs/models/waitresses, who were thrilled that a famous actor/producer, handsome, charming, A-lister, who jetted all over the world moved them in and made them feel like the most beautiful girl in the world for about a year, and got great gifts, great red carpets, and their “so-called” careers got a major spike for a while and pulled in the loot. He doesn’t need to put any girl under contract. There’s a million girls just like those in Hollywood who would kill to date him. A closeted man would keep one around if it was an arrangement, not dump them right and left and move on to another girl. That’s called a womanizer. Just ask Terri Hatcher when she was boo-hooing in Vanity Fair over a “nameless” A-lister who chased her and treated her like she his dream and once he got her (slept with her), he dumped her unceremoniously. Oh, the guy gave her a stuffed animal “pig” she dropped as the hint. Everyone knew who it was until he put pressure on her to deny it was him because it made him out to be a bad guy, and she finally said it wasn’t George. Keep on with the contract , though, boring talk on here. George was screwing more women than we will ever know about, like he and Renee Zelweiger. That Carole Radziwill who bragged recently they had had a brief affair years ago. His bigger issue is the typical womanizer, falls hard and loses interest after a few years. and those girls hang on until he dumps them.

      • Somenestolemyname says:

        GC , bi……
        And hires contacts, Amal is just a higher level,married one.
        Like some of the others, she’ll enjoy her time in the spotlight and that $20million prenup, will have been well worth it.

  63. A Fan says:

    There can be propaganda about Kim Kardashian or Amal Clooney.

    [*I know who I’d pick*]

  64. snowflake says:

    glad there’s more posts on her than kk.

  65. norah says:

    the point is that amal was supposed to be different than the other girls like gc. that she was educated a lawyer well travelled etc that was the difference supposedly.But frankly speaking is it really? since the wedding what has amal clooney done differently than the other women who were with gc for 2 years or so. it just seems the same imo. If she had wanted to be treated diff and be considered in a different way wouldnt she have put a stop to all this pr 24/7 biz. The fact that she has not especially everyone says that she is supposed to be an independent strong willed woman etc shows that she is the same level as stacy and elisabeth except with a wedding ring. this pr circus doesnt seem to end which shows that she definitely likes the attention – and makes her perhaps a higher class than a kim k. If she likes the pr and media that she is getting then good luck to her but why pretend that she is different than the other women – maybe more educated better dressed etc with an english accent but at the end of it – same.